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Mmmm I'm here for lumberjack Louis...

Anon, I’m really happy to hear that because let me tell you both @taggiecb and I are stoked about it. Don’t be fooled by all the amnesia/blind Louis fic talk, Lumberjack Louis is my priority now and if you like angst I promise you’ll be in for a treat. I feel like all of you don’t really grasp how painful it is going to be so let me paint you a picture. Are you ready? Here you go.

This is Louis. He lives in “Middle of Nowhere” Canada as a Lumberjack. He’s a 34 years old man who practically lives like a recluse in a cabin he built with his own hands 15 years ago. If it wasn’t for a weekly movie night with his childhood friends that he’s forced to attend, he would have turned into a caveman years ago. He can go days without talking to anyone but his beloved horse Jasper and that is just as well. He likes his peace and quiet, thank you very much.

 Louis hasn’t always been like that. Losing Teddy turned him that way. No matter what his mates say, no matter what Niall - Teddy’s brother- say, there’s no moving on after this. They were supposed to be in love forever. Teddy was supposed to be there forever. And now he’s left with a hole in his heart in the shape of his late husband.  

Louis only has his memories. And the pictures on the walls. And Teddy’s plaid shirts in the closet that stopped smelling like him a long time ago, Louis slept in them so much. It barely hurts anymore to look at Teddy’s guitars on the wall with all the maths signs engraved on them, symbolising key moments of their relationship. “+” for when they got married, “x” for when they decided to have children, he doesn’t want to think about the one with a  “-”or a “÷”.

Niall keeps asking Louis to empty the closet. That it can’t be good for Louis to live like this. Niall would know better, he’s Ed’s brother, He’s more of a Sheeran than Louis he says to shake Louis out of his slumber.

Niall can fuck himself for all Louis cares. This is the house he built for himself and Teddy when Teddy was in college, studying for becoming a veterinarian, Louis will damn do what he wants in his home.

On his way back from a long day of Lumberjacking, Louis stumbles upon a trespasser, camping in his woods. Louis can’t have that.

The trespasser ends up hurting his ankle, trying to gather his things hastily. He happens to be named Harry, which Louis learns rather quickly since the man doesn’t stop talking all the way to Louis’ home perched on Jasper’s back. He also learns Harry is the new temp principal of the local High school, where all Louis’ mates happen to work.

The trespasser -Harry- is everything Louis despises. Chatty, clearly comes from a big city, chatty, enthusiastic, chatty, never built roots anywhere, chatty.

Niall suggests Harry stays in Louis’ home until his ankle is healed since he doesn’t have a place to stay.

Niall thinks it’s a great idea. Louis seriously considers depriving the world of another Sheeran.

Bonus pic: The Sheeran clan for their last new year’s party together.

Self-insert headcanon

So, I was thinking just now about how Lia is half-dragon. My mind wandered to the question, “What would be in her horde?” 

And I came up with: 

Things Found in Lia’s Horde: 

  • Gold
  • Precious Gems
  • Swords
  • Demonic Artifacts 
  • Demonic Spellbooks
  • Potions 
  • Food (non-perishables only, because otherwise if she forgets to eat them it’s a mess)
  • Human souls
  • Eren’s nudes
  • Eren’s dick pics
  • “Seriously Lia, where did you get all these photos of me?” 
  • Plushies of Eren
  • “Okay Lia where did these come from” 
  • Money
  • Feathers
  • Fortunes from fortune cookies
  • Neat looking stones (these last three I actually have a lot of just lying around irl)
  • Necklaces (not shiny jewelry, but like bone necklaces and ones with a single pendant)
  • Eren’s clothes
  • “How did half of my shirts get here?” 
  • Paper cranes (that she made)
  • Lego sets (assembled)
  • Pictures of her and Eren
  • Anything that Eren has ever given her, including flowers (preservation spells or something)
  • Art supplies
  • Black hoodies and leather jackets
  • Candy
  • Stuffed animals
  • Things that remind her of good times (especially if Eren was involved) 

Yes, Lia definitely has an entire lair dedicated to her horde. It’s somewhere in Hell and hidden, but she’s working on moving the entire thing to a cave in the mortal realm to be with Eren. It’s not easy, needless to say. 


More. BABIES!!!! Ummm. First two pics are Fili. Third pic is Fili with his twin sister Kili. Last two are Rapunzel and Jasmine. Photo set featuring baby goats, shirt eating, and my brother and I making strange faces. I seriously need to start a photo album for our goats. We were out there today like, “okay, who does that kid belong to?” “Wait wait wait. Where did that one come from?” “How many kids did this nanny have this time/last time?” “Have we named that one yet?” It’s a giant mess.