seriously what was that noise he made


Characters:  Dean x Reader

Summary:  Drabble about Dean and reader sharing a bed on the job.

Word Count:  877

Warnings:  Smut/Language

The semi-trucks rolling down the highway make the windows rattle in the motel room. The room is dark, the mattress lumpy. For the last three weeks, I’ve been on the road, staying in motel after motel. We haven’t been to the bunker since we started this case. For three weeks, I’ve shared a bed with one of the Winchesters, alternating beds every night to make things fair.

For the last three weeks, something has been happening in the bed I share with one of the Winchesters. Dean, specifically. Tonight, I’m  hyper aware of his body next to mine, of the way his foot touches mine, the way his hand strokes the small of back. His breath ghosts over my neck for a moment, just before his lips meet my skin. I’m also completely aware of the fact that Sam is in the opposite bed. I listen to his breathing, waiting for the reassuring sound of his sonorous snores. I know Dean is waiting for the same sound.

We haven’t once talked about it, about what we do under the cover of darkness. Not in the bright daylight, not over coffee and research. The topic is mutually and silently agreed upon as taboo. When the sun comes up, we go back to being us - coworkers-slash-friends. I guess that I should add ‘with benefits’ to that list, because it definitely seems like a benefit, what we’re doing.  

It all started by accident, I guess. I woke up in the middle of the night to find Dean pressed up against my back, an arm slung around my waist. I must have been having one hell of a dream, because I woke up seriously aroused. Like panty-drenching arousal. Maybe the dream was inspired by his closeness, the intimacy of our nocturnal cuddling. Even now, I don’t know if he was awake at that moment, or if he only woke up because I shifted to face him.  

I didn’t have any ulterior motive or any intention, it just…happened. Dean made a quiet moan-like noise and pulled me closer to him, his chest pressed to mine. We laid there in silence for what seemed like an eternity, our mouths a fraction of an inch apart. There was so much tension in that moment, his breath mingling with mine, heat filling the space between us.  

I remember that feeling, that anticipatory feeling. Would he kiss me? Should I kiss him? Will we remain in this stand off until we both fall asleep and pretend this never happened?

And then we kissed. It began as a soft kiss, graduating slowly to something more explosive, a deep, searing kiss. Dean’s hand slipped under the waistband of my shorts, his fingers slipping into me. Everything was fast and urgent, his fingers pumping into me, his mouth smothering my gasps. We didn’t speak, we tried to not to make a sound, aware of Sam’s presence only feet away.

When his fingers withdrew, slick with my arousal, I slipped my shorts off. He followed suit, removing his pants before climbing on top of me, my legs parting to welcome him.  In the heat of the moment, I was only dimly aware of the slight creaking of the bed springs as Dean moved inside me, his mouth next to my ear, whispering encouragement.

Dean, as a lover, was far more tender than I expected. He took his time, he moved with me, his lips blazing a trail of kisses wherever they met my skin. Nearly silent sex, it’s seriously fucking hot. It’s a challenge, trying not to gasp or moan or sigh or scream.  

When we finished, there was more silence. We didn’t talk about what had just happened. We didn’t talk about whether or not it would happen again. Dean cuddled up behind me and gently ran his hands over my ribs, down my arms. Eventually, he kissed my temple and rolled away, drifting off to sleep.

Every other night, for the past three weeks, we’ve done this.  In complete and total silence.

So I lay here, now, with Dean at my side. Sam’s not yet snoring, so the fact that Dean’s hand is down my pants and mine is wrapped around his cock makes things more exciting, more dangerous. It’s like a silent dare, who can stay the quietest. I bite my lip to hold back a moan and feel Dean’s lips on my earlobe. “Shh,” he whispers, so faintly that only I can hear it. I’m trying not to buck my hips because I’m greedy for more.  

God, I’m so fucking horny right now. All I want to do is climb on top of Dean and fuck the shit out of him. But that’s what makes it all the more desirable, the sex, I have to wait. I have to hold out until we’re sure Sammy is asleep. Jesus, what’s taking him so long?

Like I said, we won’t talk about this tomorrow. I don’t know what’s going to happen when we get back to the bunker, back to our own beds. I don’t know what Dean is thinking. I don’t even know what the hell I want out of this.

All I know is I want Dean deep inside me, and I want it now.

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j-j-leroy  asked:

Painting a room and things end up in a paint fight

Between the seven of them, the Voltron team was incredibly busy.  There was always training to be done, the castle to fix and clean, information to absorb, machines to build, fights to prepare for- easily two dozen people’s worth of effort split between less than ten.

However, once in a blue moon, certain conditions struck.

Projects were on pause until proper supplies could be found.  Repairs were holding for the moment.  There were no local distress signals, no messages from their allies.  No immediate battles to fight, nothing they knew to prepare for.

There was always something to be done, but those tasks weren’t always the most pressing.

Or interesting.

“This whole room?” Lance asked in dismay.  He held the handle of his paint roller in one hand, the other sulkily pushed into the pocket of his jacket.

It was hard to argue the room didn’t need a good layer of paint.  The previous coat was cracked and faded, giving the whole area a shabby feel.  While nearly all of the castle was bare-walled, relying instead on the inlayed lights for decorations, this seemed to be some sort of fancy meeting hall.

It was the sort of place that hadn’t need to be touched up when they were only fighting for their lives.  As they gained allies and prestige and took part in more political battles, well..

The room was needed, now.

But it was big.  And all of it needed painting.

(Read More Below)

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Happy Birthday, Bucky!

Summary: AU! Bucky comes home from work to a celebration in his honor.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader, plus some dad!Bucky feels

Word Count: 982

Warnings: fluff and cuteness overload

A/N: This is a one-shot (my first one on this blog!) in honor of Bucky’s 100th birthday (and in honor of me reaching 2k+ followers). I was in mighty need of some Time After Time Bucky, so that’s the family I used. I wrote this in like fifteen minutes to try to make up for my previous story’s angst.

HBD Old Man!

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a Connor Murphy x reader, please? Could reader be really shy and blush a lot and wear oversized sweaters? I just really love oversized sweaters and Connor Murphy-

Title: Don’t Fight
Words: 1,177
A/N 1: I feel like my writing is getting worse with every post lmao sorry. IDK WHAT HAPPENED AT THE END. If you see any mistakes let me know!

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anonymous asked:

I am on my knees begging please write a neighbor!au for ju-ne of ikon! You mentioned them in your poll and mother their comeback might have just killed me. I LOVE YOU (btw)

i have never written for ikon,,,so bare with me!!!
i feel bad though because i had written for winners comeback and not for them,,,here’s my contribution to ikonics!!!!!

  • you’ve known jinhwan since you two were in high school together and he was the older senior who took you under his wing
  • and it was cute u guys would go shopping together and just talk for hours after school and jinhwan basically became ur best friend
  • but in his first year in college he met,,,,,,june his neighbor and fellow college student,,,,,,who he introduced u to and immediately,,,,,,you guys hit it off
  • because guess what??? you both love jinhwan and also both love being dramatic
  • plus u basically live down the block from each other 
  • like seriously u guys were watching some horror movie and at the beginning had bragged that it wasn’t even that scary
  • like twenty minutes in u had clutched a pillow to your chest and june had brought the blanket nearly over his head because,,,,,,,ok,,,,it was scary
  • jinhwan even suddenly made a loud noise and u and june basically fell into each other’s arms in shock and fear
  • and jinhwan just liked @ u two like “seriously.” 
  • but it isnt like u and june arent humble half the time jinhwan is making the good decisions when u hang out because both u and june r like “,,,,we’re,,,,,,,,,,dumb,,,,,,,,jinhwan u gotta do it”
  • and jinhwan is like all we’re doing is buying tickets to the amusement park so I KNOW this is a ploy to get me to pay for all of our tickets and ITS NOT GOiNG TO WORK
  • (it usually does and u and june highfive behind jinhwan’s back but also,,,ur really thankful for him like all the time)
  • but at some point u start seeing june,,,,a bit more romantically??? just because jinhwan goes away for a month on study abroad and is sending u updates of him having fun in spain while
  • and u and june are like ,,,,please we’re having fun tOO
  • but ur not and so ur like june we gotta do something,,,,lets try idk,,,,bowling
  • and for the whole month jinhwan is gone u and june keep doing spontaneous random things,,,,for one night u go clubbing another u try ur hand at archery (which june is really bad at and u find hilarious)
  • and the day before jinhwan is coming back ur over at june’s place because ur making a lil banner to greet jinhwan at the airport with
  • and somehow,,,,like halfway into the night because the window is open and the warm air is coming through and u and june ordered takeout and are comfortably sprawled out in his living room
  • somehow,,,,you end up in june’s lap and the banner is abandoned for the time being and u dont know but this whole month has felt more like,,,,,,,,dates,,,,,,than just two friends hanging out
  • and june,,,fells the same with his hands slightly shaky on ur waist
  • ALL u do is kiss,,,but it’s something u can’t forget,,,,,and june even walks u back to ur place even tho its like down the block,,,,and the usual handsome, aloof expression on his face is absolutely gone
  • boy is obviously sheepish and,,,,,,,,,,he wont say it but his stomach is just BUTTERFLIEs
  • but then u two realize that ur picking up jinhwan in the morning and breaking the news,,,,,to him,,,,,,oh no
  • but it’s amazing the minute jinhwan gets off the plane he strolls up to u two,,,,,smiling at the banner ur holding up
  • but he slides his sunglasses down in absolute jinhwan style and is like “so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,u two are a couple now?”
  • and ur like HOW DiD YOu kNOW
  • and jinhwan is like did u really think june could resist telling me
  • and ur like JUNE and he’s like scratching the back of his neck and ur getting red and jinhwan just throws his arm around u two and is like
  • “im happy for you kids,,,,,,,but now u know i have to give u the tal-”
  • and u and june are both like nO THANK yOU,,,,ur blESSINg is enOUGH leTS go GEt u UNPACKED 
  • june running away with jinhwan’s luggage as u chase after him and jinhwan is like SIGH you two are cute,,,,,,but still such kids 
Two Men, Three Angels, and a Baby

From this request: being turned into a baby on a witch hunt and the angels and Winchesters have to take care of you



The Winchesters dusted themselves off, searching the room for you. The witch had disappeared, but not before beating the shit out of you three.

“Y/N?” Sam noticed one of your shoes peeking from behind the couch; he poked his head back there. What he found was… not what he was expecting.

A small child, probably less than a year old, was sitting behind the couch. It was wearing smaller versions of the clothes you’d been wearing earlier and was staring up at Sam with large, curiosity-filled eyes.


The baby made a small noise and held its arms up to Sam. He bent down and carefully picked the child up, studying it. The hair and eyes matched yours and Sam couldn’t help but be drawn to the child in the same way he was drawn to you.

“What the hell?” Dean asked.

Sam turned, holding the baby close to him. “I… I think this is Y/N.”

Dean stepped forward, staring at the child. “Seriously?”

The baby made a noise and nodded its head.

“Shit,” Dean said.

“Dean,” Sam chided.

“What? It’s not like she’s a real baby. She’s heard us say much worse. Hell, she’s said worse.”

You squawked at Dean, a small indignant frown on your face.

“Please,” Dean said. “You know it’s true.”

“What are we going to do?” Sam asked.

“What can we do? I guess we’ll just… take her back to the bunker and… see what happens.”

“Dean, we don’t know how to care for a baby!”

“It’s not that hard, Sammy. I took care of you, didn’t I?”

“Fine,” Sam said, holding you out to Dean. Both you and Dean made a noise of disapproval.

“Nuh-uh,” Dean said, stepping back. “She’s your responsibility.”


“She’s your girlfriend.”


“Come on, Sammy,” Dean said, stepping towards the door. “We’ve got some baby supplies to buy.”


Even though Dean seemingly wanted nothing to do with baby you, he’d gone almost overboard at the store. The trunk of the Impala was filled with clothes and toys and food, a car seat was strapped into the backseat.

You started to get fussy just as Dean pulled into the garage.

“Hey,” Sam said, stepping from the car and carefully unbuckling you from the car seat. “Hey, it’s okay, Y/N. No tears.”

You buried your face into Sam’s chest, something you often did as an adult. Sam carefully held you to him. “Dean, can you…”

“I got it, Sammy,” Dean said, popping the trunk. “Take her inside.”

Sam was treating you as if you were made of glass, afraid that the smallest things could damage you. He tried to set you on the floor in the living room but you were having none of that. Sam watched helplessly as Dean made trip after trip into the bunker, setting bags of stuff in his room.

Sam found a soft, footed onesie sticking out of one of the bags. “Okay, Y/N,” he said, grabbing the garment and ripping open a package of diapers. “How about we get you cleaned up, huh? Would that make you feel a little better?”

You said nothing (well, duh), watching as Sam ran some water into the tub. He carefully checked the temperature, making sure it wasn’t too hot or too cold. Then he carefully stripped you from your clothes, making soft noises and conversation to keep you calm. You let him wash you, gently rubbing your shower gel over your skin. He carefully covered your eyes to wash your hair, earning the smallest of whines from you.

“I know,” he said. “I know. We’re almost done, I promise.”

He rinsed you off and lifted you from the tub, wrapping you in a towel that was way too large for your tiny body. He patted you dry before laying you on the floor.

“Okay,” he said, looking you in the eye. “This… is going to be a little weird, but we’re going to get through it, right?”

You simply stared at him. Sam took a deep breath and lifted your legs, carefully slipping the diaper under you. Sam tried to tell himself that this was normal, that all babies wore diapers, but it still felt a little strange. He then slipped you into the pair of pajamas.

“Better?” he asked.

You wriggled and managed to roll over.

“No, you don’t,” Sam said, picking you up before you could crawl away. “You could get hurt, Y/N. You can’t wander off.”

You grunted slightly but calmed once you realized that now you could cuddle into Sam. Sam kept a tight grip on you as he wandered back out into the bunker to find Dean.

His brother was not alone. Castiel was standing, talking with Dean.

“What do you mean, Y/N is not the same?” Cas asked.


“She’s a baby,” Sam said.

Cas peered around Dean, his eyes finding your new, tiny figure in Sam’s arms. “What happened?”

“The witch did something,” Dean said. “We don’t know what or how to fix it.”

Cas stepped over. “May I?”

“Um…” Sam looked down, seeing if you would be okay with being handed off to the angel. You didn’t seem upset and allowed him to pass you off. You looked up at the angel with wide eyes.

“She says you’re a good caregiver,” Cas said after a few moments. “She trusts you.”

Sam couldn’t help but feel accomplished. But would it last? After all, you had only been a baby for a couple of hours…

“Any idea what to do, Cas?” Dean asked.

Cas shook his head. “I cannot tell what was used to do this. I will do my best to find an answer, but I’m afraid that the only thing you can do at this point is take care of her.”

The brothers shared a look. This was going to be the most difficult thing they’d had to deal with.

Lifeisaloha (Harrison Osterfield x Reader)

Hey everyone! This is a lil something I wrote on Sunday, the day after those amazing comments Jacob posted on Haz’s insta. This is my first Haz imagine, so I hope y’all enjoy!! 

Pairing: Harrison x Reader

Word Count: 946

Warnings: Cursing, mentions of cheating (ig??), Harrison (as always, he’s a warning)


“No! Who the fuck is this person?”

Harrison jumped from the seat he was sat in in his living room. Tom, who was walking out of the kitchen, a cup of tea in his hand, looked at Harrison.

“What happened?” He mouthed, scared that if you heard him you’d come for him next.

“Babe,” Harrison called out. “What’s wrong?”

You came storming down the hall, your phone in your hand. You tried your best to keep your smile off your face so you didn’t ruin the joke.

When you stepped into the living room, you saw Tom staring at you wide-eyed. When your eyes met his, he quickly ducked his head behind his cup. You yell at a guy once during your period and suddenly he’s terrified of you.

With the instagram app open, you shoved the phone in Haz’s face. “Who is this?” You asked, without giving him time to look before you moved the phone away from his face.

“Who is who?” Haz asked, looking more and more worried. “Babe, are you okay?”

“No! I wanna know who’s this commenting on your pictures.”

“They’re just fans, Y/N. Whatever they say is just them being supportive.”

“Not this bitch. No, they just seems chummy with you. Care to explain?”

“I don’t know wha-”

“Listen to what this bitch said. ‘I remember the last time you were bent that low’. And then a bunch of pretty flirty looking comments.”

Tom snorted from where he stood.

“Oh, this is not a laughing matter! Listen to what they said on the picture before that.” You noticed Haz smiling behind his hand.

He, of course, knew you were joking. He knew that you followed Jacob on instagram, so you knew what his username was. But he kept quiet; he wanted to see how long you’d continue with the joke.

“‘On me’, heart emojis?” You asked, scrolling to see the next comment.

“Babe,” Haz started, trying to keep his laughter in. “I can explain-”

“Oh and my favorite! Three heart eyes emojis. Not one. Not two. Three. If someone sends more than two of the same emoji, they’re flirting with you. Who the hell is @lifeisaloha and why are they commenting on your pictures?”

Tom laughed out loud. “Oh my god!”

“Why are they acting like they know you?”

“It’s not what it looks like.” Harrison chuckled.

You let out a little breath, almost letting out your laugh. You quickly got back into character. “What does it look like to you then?” You struggled to keep your lips together to keep from laughing.

“It-” He laughed. “That’s-” He couldn’t finish his sentence before he started laughing.

“Are they who you hung out with last week?” You asked.

“Yeah, babe.” Haz said standing up. He wrapped his arms around you. “But I love you.”

“But surely, this person means something to you if they’re commenting so comfortably on your pictures.”

“I have to tell you something, love. That’s… That’s my best friend.”

You gasped loudly, stepping out of Haz’s embrace. “What?”

Tom stood up also. “You’re cheating on me?” He asked, holding a hand up to his heart.

Haz smiled. You moved next to Tom. “I’m sorry. I thought he was lying to me, but he was lying to you instead. I’m so sorry you had to find out this way.” You said, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“I can’t believe this, Harrison. I can’t believe you would do something like this.”

“I’m sorry, Tom. But this is the way this had to be. He just… He treats me right.” Haz said, putting a hand on his own heart.

“Don’t listen to anything else he has to say, Tom. Look at me.” You said, turning Tom’s face to yours. Looking at his face almost made you break character. Tom, who was an exceptional fake crier, had tears in his eyes. He smiled for a second when he saw you smile.

“We-” You paused to hold in your laughter. “We can be friends. We don’t need Harrison.”

“You’re right.” Tom said, swinging his head towards Haz. “We don’t need you.” Tom gave a flourish of his head, grabbed your hand and you both walked out, heads held high.

In the kitchen, you and Tom heard Harrison clap his hands.

“Bravo, encore, encore!”

Still holding hands, you and Tom stepped out and bowed.

“Thank you, we’ll be here all night.” You said. You walked up to Harrison and wrapped your arms around his neck. “You both need to work on getting into character quicker. Y’all were just laughing it up the entire time.”

Harrison smiled. “Yup.” He kissed you. Tom made a gagging noise behind you.

“Then get out if you’re gonna be disgusted about it, mate.”

“Wha- I shouldn’t have to. It’s my house too!” Tom shouted, although he was already walking out to his room.

“Okay, but seriously, who was that commenting on your instagram pictures?”

Haz’s smile fell from his face. “What do you mean? You don’t know who’s instagram that was?”

“I’m just joking, babe. I know that was Jacob.” You giggled, kissing him on the cheek. You started giving him small kisses all around his face.

“Oh. God I thought you were serious.” He chuckled. He stopped your kisses by giving you his own on your lips.

Tom walked back out of his room. “Oh God. I thought you guys would’ve stopped by now. This is fucking disgusting.”

“Bye, Tom.” You and Harrison both said. Sticking his tongue out at you, he walked back into his room once again.

“Now where were we?” Harrison asked, going right back to his favorite part of any day: kissing you.

Thieving Hearts - Breadcrumbs (KRIS, pt.1) [Chronicles of the Wolf series]

A/N : Welcome, Alpha! ♥

[ Yifan | Thieving Hearts ]

  \ Breadcrumbs


It was the middle of the night as you stumbled your way through the dark forest. You shook the guards off within minutes after you waited long enough for the werewolf and the two girls to get to safety.

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Don't Have Sex, Because You Will Get Pregnant...And Die.

@kieren-fucking-walker - Hi, I’m sorry if this is too fluffy! BTW NO this is not mpreg/omega!verse! I just love mean girls!

by @jadorehale

Really, the best thing to ever happen to Beacon Hills High School was Stiles Stilinski. He was a star pupil. The very best in his class. Student of the Month year round. On the fast track to Harvard. And outshined all the other kids in his class with his pure awesomeness on a daily basis to the point where it was downright embarrassing. He didn’t want to jinx it but he was pretty much a shoo-in for valedictorian. Sorry, Lydia Martin! And he never caused any trouble at all. Not ever.


Did he mention he was every teacher’s darling?

Stiles stood at his locker after the last bell and frowned down at the all too familiar pink slip in his hand, questioning why the world was so unfair. Sure, most of these infractions were one-hundred percent his own doing, but in his defense, Harris had made two very implausible and inaccurate statements in the same class period, basically begging Stiles to make a mockery out of him in front of everyone. Stiles just hoped Harvard recognized what a scholarly and academically enriching extra-curricular activity detention could be.

“Seriously, another one?” A voice behind him said. A voice that Stiles had not been expecting seeing as he was the only one left in the hall. The voice also sounded highly amused when Stiles jumped and shrieked then whirled around in surprise.

“Jeez!” Stiles said, clutching his heart. “Can we make noises before we scare people to death? Heavy breathing! Tap dancing! Anything would be great!”

There wasn’t an ounce of guilt on Derek’s ridiculously handsome face and Stiles couldn’t even pretend to stay mad. He should be used to this by now. Derek liked to sneak up on him when he least expected it all the time. Which made sense seeing as he was Derek’s concubine. Sneaking around just happened to be a very essential part of their deep dark secret relationship.

The halls were empty but Stiles still checked to make sure they were safe. It was too risky if anyone saw them. Derek was the super popular basketball god and his social status would perish if he were to be associated with Stiles, the school’s biggest loser. Some would even liken it to the fall of Rome.

“Don’t you have practice?” Stiles asked, letting Derek press him up against the lockers anyway, his arms hanging loosely around Derek’s neck.

“I can skip it,” Derek murmured, nibbling on his ear.

“But it’s tryouts and you’re co-captain,” Stiles noted.

Derek lifted his head at that, pursing his lips. “You know, I’ve been meaning to quit basketball.”

Stiles leveled him a flat look. “You are not quitting basketball just so you can make out with me.”

“Why not?” Derek pouted, brushing the tips of their noses together. “I’ve decided that this is a much better use of my time.”

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Lucky Charms and Sleepless Nights - Nightwing x Reader

Prompt: hey :) can you do a dick x reader where they’ve been friends for a long time and they’re both really flirty and one night she’s sitting on her roof and Nightwing ‘happens to come by’ and she’s like ‘Dick you can take off the mask I know it’s you” and when he asks ‘How?’ she says ‘Honey you can’t mask that ass, i’d know that ass anywhere’ and something really cute,funny and fluffy :)? (requested by anon)

“That’s dress looks really nice on you, [Y/N].” Dick mentioned casually while you were hanging out with him and his brothers at the manor. You were good friends with all of the boys but you and Dick had been friends the longest and your relationship was certainly odd to people who didn’t know any better.

“Yeah, that’s kind of why I bought it.” You said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“It could be improved though.” He shrugged with a devious smirk playing at his lips. You knew he was baiting you but you decided to play into his hand.

“Oh yeah? And how is that?” You asked with a quirked eyebrow.

“No!” Tim jumped up covering his ears realizing where the conversation was going.

“Don’t you fucking say it, asshole.” Jason warned, glaring at Dick when he caught onto the direction of the dialogue. Dick winked out you, clearly defying the mood of the room.

“Just my honest opinion but I think your dress would look spectacular on my floor.” He grinned. The room erupted in disgusted groans at Dick’s flirting. It was a common occurrence with you and him and it never really meant anything but that didn’t mean that it didn’t annoy the others. Oftentimes you think that’s the reason why he flirts with you most of the time. If only you knew the extent of Dick’s feelings for you.

“Grayson, you wish you had the charm to get me out of this dress.” You rolled your eyes playfully.

“Don’t I?” He smirked.

“God! Just get a fucking room.” Jason groaned, throwing his head back towards the ceiling. He pinched the bridge of his nose, realizing his complaints were falling on deaf ears.

“Seriously. There’s a million of them in this house. Just pick one and get it over with already.” Tim cried throwing his arms up in the air.

“Perhaps another time then.” You laughed taking pity on the others in the room and switching the topic to something that wouldn’t give you too much temptation to relentlessly flirt with your friend.

Eventually you went back to your own home in Gotham and settled in for the night. You tossed and turned much of the night not able to fall asleep. It was one of those nights where a million different things were running through your mind and no matter how hard you tried to quiet them, the came back. With a sigh you threw off your blanket and got up from your bed. You figured some fresh air might do you some good so you went up to your building’s rooftop. Technically speaking you weren’t supposed to be up there but no one’s stopped you before.

You sat peacefully at the edge of the building with your feet dangling off the sides and just watched the lively city bustle around you despite the late hour. It was calming in a way to be an onlooker, just taking in the sights and sounds Gotham had to offer. Every once and awhile Gotham would reveal her best kept secrets if someone was looking hard enough. After plenty of long nights on top of this roof you can say that you’ve seen your fair share of masked vigilantes. One vigilante in particular always made your night whenever he graced you with his presence.

At that thought, your eyes caught a dark figure traversing the rooftops across the street from you. Eventually he got close enough for you to distinguish an unmistakable blue avian symbol.

“Hey Nightwing!” You called out across the street, waving your hands in the air to get his attention. “You have an amazing ass! What’s your secret?” You asked. He stopped where he was and looked towards you. He leaned over the edge of the building across the street and called back to you.

“Lucky Charms and far too many sleepless nights!” He answered back. You could see his brilliant toothy grin from here. You couldn’t help but to laugh.

“So what does it take to get a guy like you to help a damsel in distress out?” You asked curiously.

“Are you in distress?” He inquired.

“There’s a suspicious looking shadow over here. It’s deeply distressing.” You lied with a grin.

“Stay where you are ma’am. I’ll save you.” He said with a flair of deep bravado. He effortlessly grappled over to your building. Standing side by side with you, he towered over you but not in a menacing way. He had a charming grin and a familiar crop of messy dark hair that you just wanted to run your fingers through endlessly.

Nightwing turned away from to inspect where you said the suspicious shadow lurked. You had to admit that his backside was just as glorious a sight as the front of him. As you watched his hips sway back and forth as he sauntered around the rooftop all the puzzle pieces clicked in your mind.

“There doesn’t seem to be any evil lurking about here miss.” He said with a forced deep voice. You couldn’t help but to smirk knowingly to yourself.

“What a shame!” You cried dramatically.

“Well if that’s all that you needed, I should really be on my way. City to save and all that.” He grinned with one foot already poised on the ledge of the roof.

“Nightwing, wait!” You cried reaching your hand out to grasp his gloved hand. “There’s is one more thing you could do for me.” You mentioned slowly. He stepped down from the ledge and stood closer to you.

“And what would that be?” He asked, stepping even closer to you. You place one hand intimately on his cheek and the draped the other across his shoulder. You leaned in closer to him so that you faces were just inches apart.

“I need -” You whispered, your lips hovering over his.

“Yeah?” He asked leaning closer, tilting his head slightly in expectation for your kiss.

“I need you to take off that mask, Dick.” You said. There was a moment of shock as he realized what you had just said. When it did sink in he separated himself from you, looking at  you in pure shock.

What?” He asked. “How did - how could you … Who told you?” He stuttered incredulously. You laughed and crossed your arms over your chest.

“No one told me.” You rolled your eyes. “Dick, you can hide your face behind that mask of yours, mess with your voice, hell even change your entire appearance but sweetie, there’s no masking that ass. I’d know your ass anywhere, Grayson.” You said with a wink. He recovered from his shock and a bright grin grew on his face.

“So you do look at my ass while I’m not looking.” He teased.

“Honey, I look at your ass even when you are.” You joked with a broad flirtatious smile on you lips.

Knew it.” He swore with a dramatic snap of his fingers. “Well I really should be hitting the old dusty trail. Bossman will have my hide if he finds out I spent all night flirting with a beautiful goddess.” He said, once again making his way to leave the rooftop.

“Wait there actually is one more thing this time, Dick.” You say in all seriousness. He turned around expectantly.

“What is it?” He asked with a concerned furrowed brow.

“You were about to kiss me weren’t you?” You asked. He gave you a brief panicked look before he brushed it off with a smile.

Errrrrrr.” He made an obnoxious buzzing noise. “Oh I’m sorry folks, that’s all we have time for today on How Far is Too Far. Be sure to join us next week for another stirring game filled with awkward eye contact, morning after conversations and everyone’s favorite: ruined relationships. Farewell and have a good night!” He saluted you and dove off the building. Before you could stop him, he was already halfway down the street.

“Dick wait!” You called. “I wanted you to kiss me, you idiot!” You shouted. You could vaguely hear his distinctive boyish laughter echo from further down the street.

“Asshole.” You whispered to yourself with a small smile.

Colonial Puppy Corps

Pairing: Tony x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Summary: Tony’s been neglecting your relationship, and offers an adorable solution.

A/N: Sorry it’s taking me forever to post. School’s really kicking my ass (and pissing me off).

Requested: “First I have to say you’re my favourite blog! Can I request a fic? The reader brings a pet to the tower and everyone loves it and she’s aloud to keep it? Thank you!”-Anonymous and “Hello! I love your blog! If you’re still taking requests, can I get a Tony/Reader where she’s threatening to break with him if he doesn’t spend more time with her and he agrees? If not, that’s ok, thanks anyway!”-Anonymous

A/N 2: So I changed the ‘threat’ part, because I feel Tony wouldn’t appreciate an ultimatum. He’d just be like, ‘Ok, don’t let the door hit you on the way out’, you know?

“What do you mean you don’t think this is working? I thought… aren’t you happy? With me?”

Looking across the table at your possibly soon -to -be ex, it took every ounce of strength not to cave at the forlorn look he was giving you.

“Yes, when you’re with me. I love you, but you’re never around. I understand your work is important to you and the world needs you, but I need you, too.” You paused, waiting for him to say something, sighing when he didn’t. “I haven’t seen you in weeks, Tony. I had to make an appointment with JARVIS just to talk to you today.” He visibly winced at the words. “That’s not all. I know you’re worried about me, and you only want to protect me, but I can’t stay locked up anymore. I can’t leave the tower, yet you and everyone else are always busy or away on missions; it gets lonely.”

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Hotel California (2/2)

Originally posted by tuanbun

Title : Hotel California

Pairing : Mark x Reader

Genre : Fluff, Romance

Summary : Mark is a night-shifts receptionist in his own hotel and it sucks, until one of his client turns up to be a pretty, annoying girl.

There will be an Epilogue :D Thank you for the messages and notes everyone ! 



“So you’re here to sell a software? How is it going?” Mark was munching on his slice of pizza, legs crossed on one of the small chair in the office.

The girl wiped her mouth, trying to swallow the huge piece she was gulping down with hunger “Yes. If I succeed, it will be my biggest collaboration. It didn’t go as planned though.” She put the slice down, tapping on her chest to help the food go down.

Mark opened a water bottle and handed it to her, nodding “How come?”

“I had a horrible hangover, and I might have, you know, crashed one of their computer. A super expensive one.” She made a face and he chuckled.

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Can’t Help It

Pairing: Spencer x Reader
Words: 858
Requested by @lovers-on-call-13 (It won’t let me tag you):  The reader is friends with Spencer and works at BAU and is spending a weekend at his home but does not have the courage to say what he feels. When she goes to play with his hair she listens to him moaning like a puppy and thinks it’s cute and they kiss.

           “Spencer, seriously, thank you,” you said, looking over at Spencer as the two of you walked into his apartment.

           “I told it, it’s no big deal,” he said.

           Your apartment building was going through some repairs and renovations. You could have stayed, but the constant noise and uncertainty of electricity with everything going on, made you want somewhere else to stay.

           “I just can’t sleep there most nights.”

           “You can stay here until they finish with everything,” he said, “I really don’t mind. Here’s the extra bedroom.”

           You happily put your bags in the room, “Thanks.”

           Spencer left the room to let you get settled. The two of you had been great friends ever since you had started working at the BAU. He was the first one to offer you a place to stay and you were definitely grateful.

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Nanny Daycare

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

Summary: Y/N is a single mother who is struggling to find a nanny for his son, until he meets Bucky Barnes.

A/N: Since you guys loved the kid in Fixing the Broken, I decided to write another one. Also, please donate to my paypal for my tuition .

‘’MOOOOOOOOM!’’ your 5 year old yelled from inside of his room while you struggled to put on pants.

‘’Just get dressed AJ, I’m gonna go meet your nanny,’’ you yelled back and heard a muffled ‘okay’. Being a working single mother was hard and you just could not deal with everything by yourself. After months and months of research and many interviews with many, you finally listened your colleagues Steve and gave his friend Bucky a chance. You didn’t know him but you would trust Steve with your life so you decided to try and see for yourself.

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Behind the walls (Chapter 12)

Behind the Walls Masterlist

Pairing: Professor!Bucky X Reader

Words: 1,895

Warnings: Cursing!

Summary: You are currently getting your PhD in Art History, your dissertation being about The Power of Nudity in Art. Your advisor recommends you switch from being her TA to another professor because she feels her health is declining and wants you to get the best help/advice from someone new. She recommends Dr. James Barnes and believes he will be of great help to you. Things don’t turn out as you plan.

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged please!! Thanks for the feedback everyone. Also, shoutout to @bellejeunefillesansmerci for suggesting The Rape of Persephone by Bernini. Totally forgot this sculpture exists. Amazing artwork..

Tagging: @amxwxxld @shamvictoria11 @vashanatasha @your-puddin @gatorgal94 @dreeams-unwind @maece-rette @sandycoelho @bellejeunefillesansmerci @confidentrose

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I Hate You, Trashmouth

[you know i had to do it to em’, Stozier is up there for favorite ship even though I really can’t decide I ship all the Losers??? Anyways enjoy!]

“Whatcha lookin’, at, Stanny?” Richie pestered, leaning into the curly-haired-boy’s shoulder with nonexistent grace. “See any hot girls through those things?” Richie grasped at Stan’s binoculars with a childlike “gimme!” urgency, but Stan seemed to have a death grip on them.

“No, Richie, would you stop-” with a grunt, Stan yanked his binoculars away from Richie’s hands and quickly put them back up to his eyes. “I hate you, Trashmouth. That was an indigo bunting you made me lose track of.”

Richie paused for a brief moment before starting to make obnoxious beeping noises.

“Richie, seriously, what are you-“

“Sorry, Stan,” Richie interrupted, genuine regret in his voice. Almost immediately after the apology left his mouth, a sly grin spread across Richie’s face. “It’s just, my virgin alert doesn’t have an off switch.”

Stan moved as if to throw his binoculars to the ground in frustration, but he stopped just before letting go - they had been a gift from his dad at his Bar mitzvah, and Stan cherished them deeply. Sighing heavily, Stan slung the binoculars’ strap over his head and picked up his bird book, shaking off the dirt.

Shifting his position to face Richie, Stan set the book in his lap with a smack that made Richie jump. “Why do you always have to bug me, anyways? The only thing I’ve ever done to you is- I don’t even know, be Jewish?”

Richie snorted at this and gently slapped his hand across Stan’s knee. “Stan the man makes a joke for once in his life!” Richie laughed, but quickly stopped as he noticed that Stan wasn’t smiling. Maybe that’s it, Richie thought, I need a reaction out of him. He doesn’t even crack a smile at his own jokes!

The two boys stared at each other for a moment, both seemingly deep in thought.

“Well damn, Stan, you might have to let me take a look in your Torah so I can see if it says anything about not being able to laugh,” Richie finally said, and, to his utter delight, a small smile crept across Stan’s face.

“I laugh plenty, Richie, you’re just insufferable,” Stan said, the grin still on his face.

“Jesus, is it just your personal goal in life to pretend not to like me? Because - and maybe this is just me - I feel like I’m growing on you. I’m right, right? This is just an elaborate act because you secretly want me to bother you, because maybe it pisses you off that I never clean my glasses and my shirt’s always untucked, but you love me and you’d be lost without my wit and good look-“ Richie ranted, watching Stan’s face for a reaction.

Suddenly Stan was in Richie’s face, touching his face, and his hands were in Richie’s shaggy hair and their noses were bumping and their lips were together and then it was over, Richie wide-eyed, flushed, and breathless, Stan still smiling that same sly smile with only a hint of blush on his ears and nose.

“I really do hate you, Trashmouth,” Stan said, his tone light and his eyes sparkling with mischief. “Keep trying, though. You flatter me.” With a completely uncharacteristic wink, Stan picked up his bird book and stood, binoculars still swinging around his neck, and started crawling through the bushes out of the Barrens.

Richie sat in the dirt for what felt like hours, touching his face where Stan’s curls had tickled his cheeks and furiously cleaning his glasses until not a single smudge remained. He had something to go on now, something to accomplish, and he’d be damned if Stan didn’t fall head over heels for him and his loud-mouthed, strangely loveable self.

bunny-lou  asked:

Jaylos and harlos prompt! If you'd be so willing, Jay and Harry have been flirting with Carlos and both are on the tourney team. At the next game, Carlos doesn't know which one he should cheer for! Thanks love :)

(so it might not be EXACTLY what you asked for, it sort of got away from me and became a monster lol…I hope you like it! )

“Carlos! Carlos, hey, wait up will you?” Carlos paused in his steps as Gil called out to him, brow raised as the ex-pirate came to a stop beside him panting as though he’d run from the Tourney field, where he had been heading to for practice, to find him. The blond hadn’t been avoiding Uma’s gang since they’d made their way to Auradon Prep at Ben’s insistence, but he hadn’t exactly gone out of his way to seek them out either; still wary of their gangs ex rivals, he was riding on the side of caution with them even if the now-trying-to-be-good pirates made it difficult as they continuously seemed to seek him out.

“Hello, Gil. Is there, uh, something I can do for you? Shouldn’t you be at the field already?” He still winced when one of them spoke too loud, unused to their brash humour being directed at him out of anything but spite or malice, and Gil always seemed too eager to talk to him whenever he approached to make any conversation with him completely comfortable.

“Yes, and yes actually there is!” Gil’s cheerful response was followed by something being shoved into his hands, and Carlos took a moment to give Gil a confused look before looking down.

“Is this a…Tourney jersey?” His confusion, he felt, was warranted; he’d left the team about three weeks prior to join the cheer squad with Jane, finding himself much better at the jumps and flips than he had been on the actual field. Holding up the jersey, he noted the number and name on it; 64, Harry. “Gil, is this Harry’s jersey?” Gil nodded, a wide grin on his face, and Carlos wrinkled his nose as he held it back to the older teen. “Why are you giving me this? It reeks, is this the one he’s been keeping in his locker?” Gil’s grin fell some, and Carlos felt a small tinge of regret at his words.

“I mean yeah, he’s got his other practice one on today but he told me to come find you and get you to wear this to the game tomorrow. I guess I could see about getting you the clean one though,or ooh, I’ll go wash it!” Carlos’ brow furrowed, and he reached to grasp Gil’s arm to prevent him from running off.

“No, Gil, dude you have practice in like ten minutes. Why does Harry want me to wear his jersey to the game?” It made no sense to him- the only people who wore the practice jerseys on game day were those dating the players, not their once rivals. Gil gave him a frown, turning on his heel and grabbing Carlos by the arm to drag him towards the field, the younger teen stiffening in his grip as he was pulled along.

“Ben says that when you like someone in Auradon, you gotta give them presents and stuff to make sure they know you like them. Harry doesn’t have a whole lot, so he thought the jersey was maybe a good start. Plus dude. You’d look really adorable in it! Like, you look really cute in clothing too big for you, everyone saw you in Ben’s jacket that day you got caught in the sprinkler. Precious.” Carlos glared at Gil, attempting to tug his arm free of the ex pirates grasp as he gritted his teeth.

“Please stop manhandling me, Gil. I don’t like being grabbed.” Gil released his arm as though burnt, and Carlos felt some of his irritation melt away at the distressed look on the other teens face. “Thank you. And…what? Harry doesn’t like me, he can barely tolerate being in the same room as me!” Gil snorted, and the two began walking again, the field coming into view as the approached.

“Dude, yes he does. Harry’s totally had a crush on you since we all lived on the Isle and you showed him how to mix pitch that one time. How do you not know that?” Carlos paused in his walking to stare at Gil a long moment before shaking his head, continuing towards the bleachers the cheerleaders were crowded around.

“Well…I had no idea. I’m barely getting along with him, wearing his jersey seems like a big deal.” Gil’s face fell, and Carlos sighed, cursing his soft heart. “You can tell him I will consider it. Now go away, we have practice and if the coach catches you over here we’ll both get in trouble.” Making a shooting motion, Carlos turned to the bleachers and moved to approach where Audrey and Jane stood, seeming to have a heated discussion between them.

“Carlos! I was just about to come find you!” Jane’s usually bubbly voice held a slight edge of panic, and the urge to run swept over the boy as two pairs of eyes focused on him.

“Uh…okay? What’s up?” Audrey let out a loud groan, moving to lean against the rail of the bleachers dramatically.

“Over half the team forgot they signed up for the bake sale today. It’s pretty much just us, and we can’t have practice with three people. You might as we head back to the dorms, that’s what we’re going to do.” Carlos shrugged, nodding towards the field as the girls moved to gather their belongings.

“I’ll do a few laps, I’ve been inside all day and I’m going to be waiting for Jay to go to supper anyways, we’re going to Tiana’s place. His treat!” He beamed, and Audrey made a cooing noise, leaning to lightly pinch his cheek.

“I think it’s so cute when he pays for your dates!” Carlos frowned, swatting at her hand as she giggled and stepped back, Jane giving them both a fond smile behind her.

“It’s not a date, Audrey. You know as well as I do that Jay wouldn’t be interested in me. He’s the star Tourney player and the co-captain of Swords and Shields, he could have literally anyone he wants.” Jane reached out a hand to touch Carlos’ arm, giving him a sympathetic look.

“He wants you, Carlos. Anyone can see that.” Carlos scoffed, and Jane used the hand on his arm to turn him towards the field. “Look at how he’s always hyper aware of where you are. And that dopey grin as soon as he spots you, like everything’s fine because you’re here. He shows off for you when he knows your watching for pity’s sake!” Carlos frowned, but took note of the fact that Jane was at least partially correct. Jay’s entire demeanour changed as soon as he spotted him, going from seriously discussing something with Ben, Chad and Harry to waving at Carlos, the goofiest grin in place. Carlos couldn’t help but wave back, and was startled when Harry beamed at him and waved furiously as well, earning a small shove and a scowl from Jay. Audrey made a noise of interest, shifting against the railing to hip check Carlos, regaining his attention.

“What was that all about? Is Harry Hook into you?!” She looked a cross between scandalized and intrigued, and Jane perked up as she looked from Carlos to the foursome of boys standing on the field.

“According to Gil, Harry Hook wants me to wear his jersey at tomorrow’s game.” He held up the jersey, showing off the name and number and just barely catching the gleeful smirk Harry shot at Jay.

“What about poor Jay!?” Jane asked, her tone distraught as Audrey took the jersey to measure it against Carlos.

“Jay’s never asked me to wear his jersey, no.” Carlos stated teasingly, and Jane swatted at his arm with a frown. “Well it’s true! No one’s ever wanted me to even be seen with them in public before you agreed to go with me to cotillion, Jane.” The two girls made noises of sympathy, and Carlos waved them off with a scowl. “Stop that, ugh. Look, no one is flirting with me, no one actually wants me to wear their jersey, I’m pretty sure this is all some elaborate prank that I’m the butt of, because no one wants to date me. Okay?” His tone was sour, and he turned to slump against the rail as Audrey and Jane exchanged a look.

“Carlos…I know we tease you, but you have to know that you’re attractive. I mean, I had a crush on you, didn’t I?” Jane’s words were soft spoken, and Carlos glanced at the girl before giving a soft sigh.

“I don’t know why. I’m just…” he gestured to himself, and Audrey frowned.

“Just what, a total hottie? Apparently the guy all the bad boys want? Oh, my god, Carlos. They are literally fighting for your attention out there. Seriously. Turn your face around and actually look at the two idiots who are trying to get your attention.” Carlos let Audrey turn him, taking in how though the team appeared to be doing suicide drills (something Carlos 100% did not miss) Jay and Harry seemed to be in some sort of competition with each other, the two occasionally glancing towards the bleachers to see if Carlos was paying attention. Carlos wrinkled his nose, tilting his head slightly as Harry attempted to trip Jay, the ex-thief jumping over the extended foot and flipping the other off.

“Maybe they’re trying to impress one of you.” He offered, eyes following as the two continued their run, the rest of the team trailing behind some, before returning his attention to the girls. “Maybe they’re trying to impress…hum. Ben.” Audrey snorted, giving him a delicate shove as the Coach blew his whistle, calling the team in.

“Oh, they’re coming over here.” Jane grinned as Carlos glanced back towards the two, brow furrowed as they made their way over.

“Hey, C! You guys not doing cheer practice today?” Jay barely spared a look at either girl, leaning against the railing that separated the bleachers from the players benches.

“No, there was a bake sale interference so I’m just going to run some laps while I wait for you today. Hi, Harry.” Harry grinned, half draping himself over Jay as his gaze focused in on the jersey still in Carlos’ hands.

“Carlos. Gil said he gave you my jersey and you said you’d think about wearing it.” Carlos gave a small nod, and Harry leant forward some, grin widening. “Have you thought about it? It would make me very happy to have you cheering for me during the game.” Jay scowled, reaching to snatch the jersey from Carlos’ hands to shove back at the ex-pirate angrily.

“It he wears anyone’s jersey it’ll be mine, right C?” Carlos gaped at the two, and Jay turned back to look at him, a worried look on his face. “Carlos? You wouldn’t wear his jersey over mine, right? He’s been nothing but a jerk to you our whole lives!” Beside Carlos, Jane frowned, shifting awkwardly as she raised her hand to catch their attention.

“From what I’ve been told, you also were a jerk to Carlos for a long time. You changed, whose to say Harry can’t?” She recoiled slightly at the dark look Jay sent her, and squeaked outright when Harry clapped a hand on her arm, positively glowing at her comment.

“Yeah, Jay! You changed, who says I can’t change? I never stole his books, unlike someone.” Jay scowled, reaching to give Harry a shove before turning pleading eyes to Carlos, who simply stood between the two girls, head tilted curiously.

“I didn’t really know you then, that’s not fair. He use to try to push you under the barges when they came in! I always made sure you got onto them!” Carlos hummed, and Harry balked slightly at the accusation.

“Better than what Uma wanted me to do to him! I was protecting him best I could without raising suspicions!” The girls exchanged a concerned look as Harry shoved Jay back, the long haired teen growling as he raised a fist. Carlos leant over the rail, a frown darkening his expression as he grasped Jay’s fist in on hand, Harry’s shoulder in the other to prevent a full fledged fight from breaking out.

“Stop it. I’m not worth getting suspended from the team due to fighting over, idiots.” The words were spoken nearly whisper soft, and Jay dropped his hand immediately, ashamed of his actions. Harry let the tension leave his shoulders, biting his lower lip a moment before glancing towards where Ben stood, looking ready to intervene.

“I do like you, Carlos. You’re smart, and cute, and feisty. But-” he hesitated, wrinkling his nose slightly as though the words physically hurt him to say, “- I know that I can’t force you to do something you don’t want to do. Ben’s been very…adamant about that particular rule. And personal space.” He shrugged, taking a small step back from Jay, giving them both space without really moving away from Carlos. “I would like you to wear my jersey but I understand if you don’t want to. But I would like to try to be mates…if that’s agreeable. Until you’re comfortable with me, and might consider being together with me.” Jay glanced from Harry to Carlos, who had flushed slightly under the attention.

“And it’s not fair of me to just assume you’ll cheer me on, C. But I’d really like it if you did. I like you, I thought we had something but…was I wrong?” Carlos’ stomach dropped at the downtrodden expression on his best friends face, and he shifted awkwardly, unsure what to do.

“I…I don’t know what to do here. No one has ever shown an interest in me before? I…of course we have something Jay, you’re my best friend. And you’re incredibly attractive, like you don’t know that jerk.” He offered a shy smile as an idea came to him. “Couldn’t I cheer both of you on for this game? I was going to be cheering you on anyways, Jay, but Harry did ask me…” the two older teens exchanged a wordless look, silent for a long minute before both nodded, serious looks on their faces.

“That seems fair, and really the two of you can’t expect him to just pick one of you suddenly, the boy didn’t even know he had options until Jane and I pointed it out. So maybe give him a chance to figure it out?” Audrey’s tone was almost bored as she slung her pink and blue duffle over her shoulder, brow raised as she gestured for Jane to get her own bag. “Also, come on Carlos, we’ll go into the gymnasium and practice vaults, you’re clearly too much of a distraction for these two since Coach is coming over here now.” All eyes turned to where the coach was stalking across the field, and Jay chuckled nervously.

“Seems fair. I’ll come get you in the gym to go to Tiana’s after then?” Carlos nodded, and as the boys turned to head back out onto the field, the three remaining teens heard Harry hiss ‘you’re taking him on a date today? That’s cheating!’. Jane giggled, linking her arm with Carlos as the trio started towards the gym. Carlos paused halfway, letting out a loud groan as the two girls gave him a questioning look.

“Now I have to figure out how to wear both shirts!”

Cotton Eye Joe vs Noisy A-hole Neighbors.

(warning: long story)

Background: Growing up, I lived with my parents in a three bedroom condo unit on the second floor. There was only three condos in a unit so we had only one apartment above us and one below us. The unit is apart of a few blocks worth of condominiums and it’s like its own little community. All the neighbors know each other and were always around to offer a helping hand. It was an awesome quiet little nook filled with families in what was otherwise a very busy part of a large city. My parents still live there after 25 years since they bought the place when they first immigrated to America.

My parents are for the most part very friendly people, and had good relations with all our neighbors. Below us lived a nice Eastern European family and above us, a large Asian family who despite the sheer amount of people living there, we never heard a peep from them. They were all on friendly terms, but it was very much a situation of ‘I won’t bother you so don’t bother me.’ My entire childhood, there was never any bad blood between any of the neighbors and for the most part everyone just did their own thing and lent a helping hand once in awhile.

As a side note: my father worked in construction since he was a young kid, and building codes are essentially his bread and butter. Within the Department of Buildings and Fire Department in my state, he cultivated a reputation over the past 30 years as being one of the foremost experts in understanding building codes and spotting potential issues on any job site instantly. This is important to remember.

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