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Wow, your blogs (and you, also your writing) is awesome! Holy God 707 I have no words to describe my love for you 😭💞💞💞 !!!

And I am speechless on how to respond to your immense kindness, anonny!! Monday’s are my longest days (basically I’m at school for 12 hours) and today especially sucked for reasons so reading this really brightened my day! I’m always stealing your saying and will now start saying “Oh my God 707” and see what people say xD But seriously, thank you for being so sweet, you’re a very nice person who deserves God 707’s blessings!! ;D

Thomas Brodie-Sangster Appreciation Post

Aww he looks so cute

I wanna give him cuddles

I really love his hair in here 

Let’s not forget his silly playful side

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Now that we got this out of the way….

woah HELLO



Okay but this is legit one of my favourite gifs of him

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Okay that was the last one hhahah

I just want to say that to me, Thomas is a talented actor as well as an amazing person. I seriously look up to him for his modesty and his passion for acting. He truly deserves all the attention, love and support he’s receiving, if not more. He’s a kind-hearted soul doing what he loves and I know that I’ll be supporting him through his career and for the many years to come and I’m sure all of you can agree. 

Hardest Placements That Help Us Grow

Because no placement is a ‘bad’ placement

These are in no order

Sun in the 12th, 7th or 6th House

  • Sun in the 12th usually find it very hard to express themselves and often get lost in their surroundings but they are chameleons and they can adapt to things very well, they need to learn to put their foot down and make their presence known.
  • Sun in the 7th usually feel like they are only defined through their relationships (not just romantic) and they can sometimes feel lost on their own but they are incredibly caring and are great at mediating, they just need some time to establish their independence.
  • Sun in the 6th usually feel that it is their purpose to serve others and that their self worth depends on how hard they work, this put immense strain on them but they are very diligent people who find joy in helping others, they just need to put some time aside for themselves.

Moon in Gemini, Aquarius, Pisces

  • Moon in Gemini find it hard to actually face their own emotions, never mind show anyone else. It’s not necessarily that they are scared of these emotions but rather, they usually can’t make sense of what they feel and they don’t feel it’s valid. They can be very refreshing people to be around but they need to stop thinking and just feel.
  • Moon in Aquarius over analyse everything and think they must come up with a scientific explanation for what they feel. The Saturn element of this sign restricts emotion and the need to feel, this person might feel that expressing themselves is a sign of weakness. On the Uranian side, this person usually has very strong and chaotic emotions bubbling beneath the stern exterior of Saturn.
  • Moon in Pisces are incredibly intuitive people but they are often very sensitive and this brings them a lot of emotional distress. This placement tends to take things to heart even if they know there was no harm intended. These people are very prone to escapism which makes reality and tough situations hard to deal with.

Mercury in the 12th, Scorpio, Pisces

  • Mercury in the 12th House makes a person “easily walked over”. These people may feel invisible or unheard. They also may have a very muddled state of mind. They lose concentration quite easily and aren’t very organised. However, they are very dreamy and almost have an ethereal vibe about them.
  • Mercury in Scorpio finds it hard to connect with people or make small talk. They enjoy talking about things considered taboo and are not afraid to do so, however it is hard to find people that will feel comfortable with such. Their mind may be a dark place at times but this only makes them more empathetic and capable of looking after others.
  • Mercury in Pisces creates the same kind of affect at the 12th House Mercury. Not many people may take them seriously and they may feel taken for granted a lot. Their opinions are rarely listened to and they need to fight in order for people to really listen to what they have to say. However they are incredibly understanding and kind, they will always try to help those in need. 

Venus in Aquarius, Scorpio, Cancer

  • Venus in Aquarius may find it hard to maintain a relationship. Not because they don’t love the person, but rather because they value their freedom just as much and it takes the right person to understand and respect that without taking offence. They may find it hard to express romantic feelings which may be taken the wrong way. These people make loving partners once you break through their shell, they are intellectual beings and will always keep things interesting.
  • Venus in Scorpio gets quite jealous quickly which can be detrimental to them, their partner and the relationship in general. They can be quite intense and may come on too strong to quickly. They can make dedicated and loyal lovers who love others very deeply.
  • Venus in Cancer may become too dependent on their partner. They are naturally insecure and clingy, depending on the partner this can be a problem. They may rely too much on their partners opinion which may become a toxic situation. These people can make their partners feel at home just with a look and are very protective of those they love. 

Mars in the 7th, Cancer, Libra

  • Mars in the 7th creates a lot of potential tension with personal relationships. This person may find conflict within romantic relationships, or may even feel like they need it.  Because this is the house of relationships and open enemies, it is not uncommon for someone with Mars in the 7th to have a fair few enemies. These are the people that will fight for love and fairness. They are protective and will fight anyone upsetting the people they love.
  • Mars in Cancer finds it hard to be assertive with their temper so they resort to passive aggression. These people may become manipulative when hurt or unhappy and may be unable to communicate this productively. These are also the people who are incredibly protective of their loved ones.
  • Mars in Libra is a very tricky placement as Libra is the sign of justice and peace, they do not like conflict. Mars in Libra may find it hard to fight for what they want as they mainly like to keep others happy and prevent fights before they start. These people are good at resolving fights and taking the high road when making decisions.

Saturn in 1st, 3rd, 6th

  • Having Saturn in the 1st house makes a person quite self-conscious. They find it very hard to be comfortable with themselves and can come across very serious or strict. They usually have had a lot of responsibility thrown on them at a very young age and need to learn how to move on from it. These people mature very quickly, choose their battles well and make sure everything is working how it should. 
  • Saturn in the 3rd makes a person find it very hard to communicate. They may have some learning difficulty that restricts this communication and may cause a lot of conflict as a result of bad communication. These people are usually very creative and may find that they communicate better through creative means.
  • Saturn in the 6th may indicate a lot of health problems or even the likes of hypochondria. These people are stressed out easily when things aren’t in order and are usually quite hard on themselves. They work incredibly hard to make sure everything is how it should be and health is usually a big thing for them. 

This is that fic I was talking about the other day, the one I wasn’t sure I wanted to post. I ended up writing TWO similar but distinct fics (different POV, different ending) based on the premise of this fic because I just kept tinkering with it, so this is the second version. The first one… idk, maybe I’ll toss it or maybe I’ll post it later for the curious among you.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sterek high school AU, G, 1.7k words

Stiles thinks Scott is joking at first, mostly because he’s laughing so hard he can barely get the words out. “There’s a guy backstage asking for you by name. He’s got flowers.”

Stiles rolls his eyes and goes back to wiping the lipstick off his mouth. After four performances, he can get in and out of the dress and the wig in no time flat. He can even walk in heels without too much wobbling. But the lipstick? Bane of his existence. It still takes him a good five minutes of careful wiping and rubbing with petroleum jelly, and even then his mouth always has this odd orangish-coral tinge by the time he goes home for the night. By that point he’s usually too frustrated by the whole thing to even begin to bother with cleaning off the mascara.

Thank god this is closing night, and in a minute they can all go out for tacos and Stiles can set to work forgetting about lipstick for the rest of forever.

Scott’s still hovering at the door, anticipatory. “I think he likes you. Like, like-likes.”

“Ha ha,” Stiles says flatly. He tilts his head to the left and then to the right in front of the mirror, angling his face up into the lights. “Do you think I got it all?”

Scott gives him a careless glance. “Yeah, sure. Looks fine. But no, seriously, the girl who sells the tickets told me he’s shown up to every single performance.”

Scott isn’t joking. He’s laughing at Stiles (and okay, if their positions were reversed, Stiles would totally be laughing at Scott, too), but he isn’t joking. Fuck. Not even Stiles’ dad has come to every performance. 

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i’m physically incapable of accepting any non-happy ending Supercat fic or WORSE any fic that has Supercat as Kara’s previous relationship that ended badly and broke her heart (usually because Cat is such a ~horrible person~ but the portion of fandom that characterizes her that way is a whole other topic) because like


it’s so UNREALISTIC to me like??? Cat and Kara??? leaving each other for any reason at all??? and you can’t say “cheating” because neither of them would EVER so like…..lmfao….

Cat and Kara “breaking up”?? a truly impossible concept, the very peak of impossible concepts

Kind and Goofy

I thank (and blame) @pixletta for this. This is based on a short story they gave me and I just- 


Au where your world is black and white until you kiss your soulmate

Jeremy had always thought of his life as simple. For years he only had to focus on three things: his music loving best friend, his obnoxious teenage bully and the love of his life - the main ingredients for a teenage boy. He had grown used to the black and white surroundings he had grown up in. However this all changed when he got the Squip. 

 The little computer in his head was adamant on him becoming more than his nerdy persona. He insulted him, manipulated him into getting what he wanted and soon Jeremy found himself rising above his ranks. He was talking to the popular kids, he was wearing more fashionable clothing and his once teenage bully was not practically his best friend. All he wanted now was her - his soulmate.

But apparently, that was too much to ask. 

 "What do you mean it might not be Christine?“ Jeremy questioned his Squip out loud in his bedroom where no one else could hear. His dad had gone out to get groceries (thankfully with pants) so the house was his for the time being. 

 "I’m saying,” the CPU stated, taking his physical form over to the end of the bed, “that soulmates are not the result of science, therefore I am unable to calculate who the particular human will be, given that there are roughly 7,500,000,000 people roaming the Earth at this given moment. It is very unlikely that your soulmate is Christine." 

 "But it has to be!” Jeremy interjected. “Soulmates have a bond, and I can feel that bond between us." 

 "You don’t even know her Jeremy.”

 "I don’t need to! When I close my eyes, I can picture us together, and we’re happy. Whenever I see her, I just want to kiss her and tell her how much I love her. I want her to tell me how much she needs me… I want to know that I’m her favourite person.“ Jeremy was soon lost in his own daydream and failed to notice that the Squip had suddenly taken interest. 

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Okay so like a lot of my friends seem really insensitive about LGBT+ stuff. Like a lot of them joke around about saying stuff like ‘Autism is my gender’ and that there’s ‘only 2 genders’ and it really pisses me off. Whenever I tell them to shut up they just joke about that too and idk what to do. A lot of people would tell me to get new friends but I’m really introverted and don’t like talking to new people. They won’t listen to me when I try to say something about it either. What should I do???

what i’d do is take them aside and be like “look i know you’re just getting your kicks or whatever but like… these jokes actually hurt people. you might think that silly, but why would you go out of your way to hurt somebody? what kind of person does that make you?”

if you’re anythin like me, you’ll either eventually wear them down and they’ll concede and change, or they’ll get sick of you telling them that they’re in the wrong and find somebody else to make gross shitty jokes with.

i say give them a chance seriously, like i said before, try and convince them rather than just telling them. but honestly, i’ve found that sometimes it’s better to not have friends than to have friends who hate trans people/disabled people.

Edmund Kemper is a seriously underrated human being. Okay, he committed heinous crimes and raped his mothers headless corpse BUT he also went on camera and urged people who were watching to seek help for their violent thoughts and he recognizes he should never be let out of prison. Oh, and he reads books for the blind and acts as an unpaid tutor for inmates who cant read or write.

Im in no way saying Ed is a good person, or that we should overlook what hes done. But hes a rarity among his kind, and hes smart enough to realise the danger he poses. Unlike Ted or Richie or even Jeff, Ed Kemper has used his circumstances to help others and further research. He gets nowhere near the amount of recognition he deserves, imo.

Dream Boyfriend

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Pairing: Tony Padilla x Reader

Request: “Hi, do you thing you could do ‘dating tony would include’ please”

Words: 486

A/N: Hello guys! This is my first Tony head canon and I hope that you like it. Tony is such a bae and he needs more imagines, seriously!
I am not that good at making these canons, but I still hope that you enjoy it. Thank you so much for requesting Tony imagines, I will post more soon, but please specify the gender you prefer if ever. I AM BEGGING YOU PLEASE, BECAUSE I CAN ALREADY HEAR PEOPLE SAYING THAT I AM HOMOPHOBIC FOR WRITING A STRAIGHT TONY HEAD CANON. Thank you.

EDITED: I’ve been called homophobic by some people for making straight Tony head canon and it surely made me sick and anxious. I care for what people think of me and I seriously hate it, I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE JUDGE ME AS IF THEY KNOW ME PERSONALLY, so to avoid furthermore prejudices, I decided to make this gender neutral.

If you ever request Tony imagines specify the gender you want, if not your request will be deleted. Thank you. Someone might attack me again, because I still considerate Straight!Tony imagine request, but please be kind on saying stuffs because I can get easily hurt too. Thank you.

“I think sometimes you judge people. We all but I think sometimes you live to regret it.” - Alex Standall, 13 reasons why.

- G. x

Dating Tony Padilla would include:

  • Relationship goals, because Tony knows how to treat people right.
  • He really has a great taste in music and, usually, music is one of your daily topics
  • He sings you to sleep
  • Him giving you different tapes every week
  • Listening to his mixed tapes together
  • Mixed tapes full of love songs surely
  • He picks you up every morning with his beloved Mustang
  • He drives to let you see something new before driving you home after school
  • Him driving for hours just to show you the stars
  • You helping him fix or take care of his car
  • He explains you how to use the tools and, every day, you learn new tool names
  • Him talking to you in Spanish to annoy and to tease you
  • You threatening him that you would scratch his car with your keys if he doesn’t stop
  • “No, no, no perdón, perdón!” He panics as you laugh loudly for his facial expression
  • You miffing him with your bland jokes
  • But then he would laugh, because he couldn’t resist your contagious laughter
  • Him giving you cute nicknames in Spanish: amor, coràzon, tesoro, etc.
  • You love teasing him with provocative nicknames
  • “Te amo, Papi Chulo”
  • “Te amo también, mi amor.”
  • Then you both laugh like there’s no tomorrow
  • Him helping you with your Spanish homework
  • Sometimes you fight because you can’t pronounce a word
  • But you always make up quickly
  • And he is proud of you whenever you get a high grade
  • But you know that he’s always proud of you, because he never forgets to remember you about it
  • Him telling you about the tapes when he couldn’t handle them anymore
  • You being by his side when he discovered the tapes
  • You cheering him up every time the tapes would come into his mind
  • And you will always hold his hand whenever he would listen to them, which is a thing that you never understood because he suffers, but he keeps on doing it
  • Rock climbing together
  • Or maybe sight-seeing
  • Sometimes he brings you on a hill to watch the sunset
  • And you always fall asleep as you rest your head on his chest
  • Meeting Clay because of Tony
  • You and Clay being friends and you have to cheer him and Tony for the tapes
  • Playfully shipping him with Clay
  • Clay sometimes being the third wheel during your dates at Monet’s
  • “Amor, your boyfriend is waiting for you.”
  • “Idiot.”
  • You both help Clay with the tapes
  • “Clay, listen to the tapes.” You mock Tony whenever Clay would ask a clue
  • His hugs and cuddles are your favourite things
  • Forehead kisses
  • His parents approving you and you receive compliments in Spanish
  • Tony translates everything for you word for word
  • Him playfully teasing you that you should get serious Spanish lessons
  • But he ends up teaching you everything
  • Because he loves you so much
  • And he will never get tired assuring you

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So basically everyone in Austen novels has some faults (I think that's what makes them so fun to read). But what would you say are the faults of the male heros? I'm having an especially hard time with Henry Tilney, maybe he is making to much fun of people?

Colonel Brandon: Like Marianne, rather too much romanticism in his nature. Once he’s settled and happy he’s fine, but he shows an unfortunate tendency to wallow privately in his misery, even if he continues to go about his business in other respects just fine. (As Anne Elliot points out, men have the activity of their careers to draw them out of themselves after a disappointment, whereas she and Marianne have nothing to stop them from dwelling on their pain except the exertions of their own characters for enduring. Anne…does okay, but it kind of eats away at her, anyhow. Marianne is immediately consumed by it.) Also the duel with Willoughby is so pointless and unnecessary. Bloodshed and conflict as recompense for men’s honour is barbaric, and Austen (via Elinor’s inward eye-rolling) seems to feel this.

Edward Ferrars: Not aware enough to realize what he was doing to Elinor, when he thought it was only his own feelings he was risking in liking her when he knew himself to be engaged to Lucy Steele. Of course this is like the perfect storm of Elinor’s self-control making it extra-difficult for Edward to be clued in to how she’s really feeling, but still, he ought to have at least considered that if he was falling in love with this lovely young woman, she might be feeling more than friendly, too.

Edmund Bertram: He gets hero-worshiped by Fanny for simply not being a negligent dick to her like most of his family; but then once the first young gentlewoman who isn’t related to him turns up he is charmed by her and all too happy to neglect to notice that Fanny is dying inside. A recurring theme with some Austen heroes is that when it comes to the feelings of ladies, they are dense. On the one hand, yes, courtship rules about keeping composure and distance compounded this problem, but on the other hand…c’mon, lads.

George Knightley: Condescending and creepily paternalistic in the tone he takes with Emma, sometimes. Yes, Emma needs someone to stand up to her, but with the age-difference and him knowing her since she was born and then kind of replacing Mrs. Weston and even her own ineffectual but loving father with the guidance of himself as a ‘friend’ and then as a Husband just…eh. Also, again, it’s not like Emma is spoiled for choice among the eligible men of Highbury.

Fitzwilliam Darcy: Proud, obviously. His ivory-tower awkwardness and initial sneering tone are what place him at a disadvantage in society; and while it’s all very well that he strives to change for Elizabeth and be better to other people, progress is not a straight line so I doubt even after the events of the novel he’s Mr. Perfect all of a sudden. And then there’s nothing like marriage to really acquaint oneself with the flaws, large and small, of one’s partner.

Henry Tilney: He does make light of people (and even mocks Catherine,) but I’d say his personal flaws might also include a kind of smug superior sense of pride, rather like Darcy, but without the awkwardness. He teases Catherine, yes, and it’s never really mean-spirited, but she’s not on his level, so it’s not really a fair fight. Also he doesn’t seriously start to love her until he becomes aware (thanks to her artless inability to conceal anything,) that she’s really into him. So the flattery of her attention is what charms him, which…I don’t know how I feel about that, exactly. He’s a funny guy, and in the end his care and concern for Catherine is genuine, but up until that turning-point of maturity he kind of reads like that guy in one of your first-year uni classes who has a smart answer for anything and knows exactly how clever he is and wants you all to know it, too…and it kind of makes you want to punch him in the mouth.


I’ve talked a bunch about Elthina and Anders, but can I talk about Sebastian for a second? 

Yes, this guy. 

I honestly really like this character, because he manages to embody everything that the Chantry is supposed to be (in a game all about the way the Chantry fails) while also displaying some really serious character flaws of his own. He strives to be kind, loving, and accepting of all people, even those who don’t believe in the Maker. And that’s a big deal in this world, because they’re still at that point where fantasy crusades are a thing that happen against the heathens. 

He openly acknowledges that the Chantry has failed certain populations more than others, and refuses to condemn people who flee to other religions rather than to the Chantry. He instead takes it as a sign that the Chantry should be doing better, and he tries to make it better, even if that means directly confronting his beloved mother figure, Elthina. 

But even with all this desire to do good and be kind, he also has a reoccurring issue with revenge. When someone seriously crosses him, he loses all sense of perspective and resorts to disproportionate violence no matter what his morals say. He goes through all this struggle to deal with the mistakes he made while seeking revenge for his family, trying to learn and be a better person… and then he does it all over again as soon as someone else he loves is killed. 

Sebastian doesn’t get enough appreciation. He’s a character that desperately tries to be good, but will always be dragged down by revenge, much like the very man he vows to kill. 

OP: (while Wonwoo is drawing) What kind of person is Junnie~?
Wonwoo: Even though he’s a little silly, he’s really a very nice person, our relationship is especially good.
OP: Oh? Yet you say he’s not good-looking?!
Wonwoo: Who told him to look at me? If he hadn’t I wouldn’t have said so, he’s silly.
OP: (after Wonwoo finishes drawing) Who’s this?!!
Wonwoo: Junnie!
OP: Are you sure that’s not me??
Wonwoo: It’s Junnie from a few years back, don’t tell him.

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Hello!! Can you do the MCs online presence please?

that’s a good idea! i like that

Aries MC: likes to post a lot. likes to post about positivity and their passions. may passionately ramble or rant when they are angry. they use a lot of exclamation points and seem really excited or angry

Taurus MC: they like to share funny videos and photos, tagging their friends in things they think they’d like. can be very stubborn about their thoughts or opinions, but usually is more laid back in their posts.

Gemini MC: likes to over share and comment on everything. they like to be up to date on all the trends and new memes, and always wants to be cool.

Cancer MC: lots of song lyrics and quotes. likes to talk to people and make friends. also likes to talk about their feelings and things going on in their life

Leo MC: takes social media very seriously, always wanting to keep a theme and wanting to be relevant. they only post cool or interesting things, and usually posts a lot of selfies

Virgo MC: usually very private and are very careful with what they say or post online. they can be very picky about what they post as well, wanting it to be perfect.

Libra MC: super kind to everyone and tries to keep the peace. won’t start any fights and will keep to themselves. puts a lot of effort into their social media but it always seems so effortless

Scorpio MC: doesn’t reveal a lot of personal information, but likes to post about things they are passionate about. they let their weird side out on social media, and they like to get deep or post about their thoughts

Sagittarius MC: likes to post inspirational and motivational quotes and likes to feel inspired. they love funny videos and memes. they usually love to rant and ramble

Capricorn MC: they treat their social media as if it was professional. they are very careful with what they post and always think about how it will look or about what other people will think. always has correct spelling and grammar

Aquarius MC: likes to post about justice and opinions. they love hopping on internet trends and the new memes but get bored with them quickly. always moving on to the biggest and newest thing

Pisces MC: they can be a bit scattered when it comes to posts or posting, but they like to talk. they use a lot of emojis and smiley faces, and they love to make friends and comment nice things on people’s posts

Marshmallowfury is a TERF.

As much as i HATE HATE HATE callout culture. I decided i want to make this post, because the current post on this comes off as very child-like, and i worry that not everyone will take it seriously. 

However, the truth is that like that post says. Marshmallowfury is indeed a terf. I had hoped that maybe this was a misunderstanding, but it was not. 

Their new sideblog is this, (however it may change again later)

They had changed their url.

I had a private discussion with them, however i am not going to reveal the chatlogs publicly, i am not the kind of person to do that. I told them i just wanted a conversation. And i will keep to my word. (But in summary, it generally had them telling me that what i told them was homophobic, even though I have a girlfriend myself. And That trans women aren’t real women.)

Instead of using links like most call out posts do, im going to use screenshots directly from their sideblog, of things they have said, that way the links can’t be deleted or break. I’ll started with the first most popular picture of what started this, and the other images will be under the cut. There might be transphobia under the cut, obviously

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Hey! First off I just want to say that you're art is probably one of the best things I've ever seen. Like seriously, I was feeling kinda down and it put me in a great mood so thank you so much for that. And you're also such a kind and sweet person like???? I think you're just such an amazing person. Second I saw you say that when draw you use the default ink pen on paint tool sai with noise. What does 'noise' mean? I'm just curious. Thank you again and I hope you have a fantastic day!

Aw thank you so much. I’m always hyper critical about my own art and this made me feel a lot better. thank you for the kind message. Also, I was referring to this setting in SAI.

thank you again!

Taiwanese Magazine Interview - Mingyu


Q1: What kind of existence do you have in the group?

Ha, everyone says i’m the cleaner, cook, handyman. For example, if the light bulbs in the dorm are faulty or when the shower heads are spoilt, i’m in charge of fixing them. Even when the member’s computers have problems, I also will help them fix it!

Q2: Describe yourself!

When faced with a lot of issues I will think over them seriously, I’m a conscientious person.

Q3: What are your charms in your opinion?

I may look aloof, but actually i’m livelier than the others, I also like to laugh a lot. My appearance and personality are miles apart, my charm may lie in this fact.

Q4: When do you feel the happiest?

When foreign fans sing together with us in korean, it always makes me feel very moved.

Q5: What do you do during breaks?

I’ll meet 3-5 close friends for a meal or go watch a movie.

Q6: Fashion/clothing style that you like?

I prefer black clothes.

Q7: Before your debut, what kind of student were you?

I was a lively student, I liked to play outdoors and I like sports. I also joined the soccer team while I was in middle school and represented my school in national competitions.

Q8: If you were a carat now, which member of seventeen would you be a fan of?

Myself, the differences between the me on stage and during my daily live is very appealing!

trans cr: me
picture cr: ろん


I requested MC with selective mutism a while back but just for vanderwood and saeran, could I get that same prompt with the whole RFA + V? - Kas

✿ Oh wow you’ve stuck around for a long while! That was ages ago! Thanks for your support, and double thanks for contributing to my Ko-Fi!

Here’s the original!


  • He doesn’t care. Like he just - doesn’t care. Like he’s been forming these complex, indepth relationships on LOLOL and yeah, sometimes he voicechats, but half the people don’t so he’s completely comfortable with navigating a conversation where he speaks and the replies are all in text. It makes for some hilarious logs later, and sometimes you go back and laugh about them.
  • He gets you into LOLOL, and it’s freeing to be in this entirely text-based world where you don’t have to speak. It doesn’t matter. For once? Everyone is on your level!
  • When you join in on raids and people voice-chat to communicate, it’s easy enough to accommodate you and your particular needs. If you don’t have the time to type something you need to say, you macro it! Yoosung shows you how. It’s easy!
  • What a world of wish-fulfillment, far from the noisy and chaotic one where everyone just wants to hear your voice.
  • Your text communication with him is very nuanced. Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a meme is worth a thousand more, and when he asks you what for dinner and all you send is shrug.jpg?
  • Well, he snorts and has his answer.
  • On the voice-chatting program, you become the “guild robot” who occasionally pipes up using text-to-speech. You often use the artificial voice to stay things that are absurd yet hilarious. There’s an entire five minute bit where you all die laughing over how it pronounces kumquat.
  • (Every time you think of it, you snicker.)


  • With Zen, it’s a lot of tugging on his jacket sleeve and pointing.
  • He’s shockingly good at silent communication; is it his skills as an actor? He’s used to projecting so many emotions that he’s amazing at interpreting them in others. To him - your face is an open book, and gosh, does that make things easier.
  • When you’re overwhelmed, he’ll take you on a motorcycle ride. He’ll order for you at the counter so as to not make a big deal of things, and he’s fine with the silence and with texting you under the table. It gives him a chance to look at your face, anyway, to star at you lovingly and watch you squirm as he calls you his cute babe♥.
  • It kinda… freaks everyone out, honestly? People ask him if he’s a mindreader, because half the time, you don’t even need to tell him what you’re thinking. Sometimes, he doesn’t even need gestures, he just looks at you and knows.
  • He says it’s because he knows you well; they say it’s some kind of advanced telepathy device.
  • it’s not ‘they’ it’s seven it’s seven who’s saying all this
  • Zen likes it when you rely on him, and he’s wholly and entirely supportive as you go to therapy and as you slowly, carefully start to come out of your shell.
  • He’ll be there, he says. You’re my precious angel; how could I do anything else?


  • Briefly, Jaehee is disappointed, and admittedly a little perplexed. You don’t talk? she thinks, her fantasies of sitting beside you in front of Zen’s musicals and singing along crushed with a single sentence. She tries not to be sad. She tries to understand. But -
  • She can’t help it. It’s there, it’s unavoidable, but she doesn’t blame you, and she reorganizes her fantasies and moves on.
  • Instead, it becomes the buzz of her phone when she’s stuck late at the office, a message from you or, perhaps, a picture. It becomes your smile on a moonlight night, or the way you giggle at one of Zen’s hammy lines. the milky white fuzz of a whipped-cream mustache on your upper lip and how she wants to reach out a thumb to wipe it awa- 
  • (Jaehee pauses then, adjusts her collar, and gets back to work.)
  • It doesn’t occur to her to ask why; she figures if you want her to know, she’ll know in time, and if you don’t - well. That’s alright too. Your history is your own to share as you please, and she certainly knows how painful it is to let others know about what’s happened to you. 
  • She becomes used to finding notes from you. Good luck, Jaehee! slipped into the tax forums. Today’s going to be great! lying on top of the coffee beans, and You look pretty today! taped on the mixer she uses to make her cakes. She smiles, and makes you a latte with a heart formed from the cream.
  • Jaehee learns the sound of your footsteps, the particular way your shirt rustles when you walk by her. Jaehee learns the difference between a sniff of amusement and a sniff of disapproval, and when it’s an alright time to hold your hand.
  • After what feels like no time at all, she’s forgotten even the possibility of her old wishes, like they’d become so unimportant she’d forgotten they’d ever existed in the first place. What remains isn’t silence - it’s filled with a million small things she might not have noticed otherwise.
  • Jaehee’s entire life has been about rushing and doing things as fast as possible, and now that she has a chance to slow down and listen…
  • It feels good.


  • When he says that he wants to hear your voice, your heart shatters because you know you can’t speak, even for him. But when he says that just hearing you breathe is enough - just knowing you’re alive, knowing you’re listening - it’s put back together again, and you have to press your hand to your mouth to keep yourself from crying.
  • You’re an odd pair, the shiny, pristine businessman and his partner, the one that won’t talk. But you’re also a good pair, as what Jumin needs isn’t really validation… but to be understood. And you do. Sitting by his side, letting him pour out all of the feelings that no one else will listen to… you understand.
  • Exhausted, tired, worn down from trying to untangle the ugly knot that’s overcome his heart, Jumin feels a buzz in his hand, and he checks his phone to see a message from you.
  • ‘I love you.’
  • He smiles because he knows you do.
  • Jumin doesn’t need you to speak. He doesn’t have any ‘romantic aspirations’ of how one day you’ll feel comfortable enough to vocalize your thoughts for him, nor does he particularly mind the silence as you walk by his side. All he needs is to look you in the eyes - those eyes filled with such compassion - and he knows, in his heart, everything that you want to tell him.
  • To him, your ‘voice’ is the click-click of your phone’s keyboard. To him, your ‘voice’ is the way you’ll tug on his sleeve and smile, and the sound of his phone binging softly during a meeting with a message of encouragement and support.
  • Sometimes, he thinks of the mindless way his stepmothers used to prattle on, and he thinks of you, quiet and sincere and afraid to assert your own presence, and he smiles. To know what you’re thinking, he has to slow down and look for it, and he likes it, being the person who can always understand you in return.
  • Jumin doesn’t worry. He doesn’t fret. He doesn’t feel insecure, because sitting next to you, the both of you on the messenger and occasionally looking at each other and smiling…
  • That’s perfect for him.


  • It both takes him forever and no time at all to notice. Or, rather, perhaps a better way of putting it is this - he snoops into your personal information and finds it pretty easily, but doesn’t really understand the ramifications of it until much later in your relationship.
  • You’re energetic in the chat-room. You have time to moderate everything you say, and you don’t have to hear your voice when you’re typing. You joke and laugh and spam memes at each other. Seven feels like he’s walking on air.
  • And in phone conversations…? Honestly, he’s noisy enough for the both of you.
  • He knows - like, it’s clear he knows. It’s hard not to, when you don’t say anything in response to him. He jokes that he knows your true heart, and therefore you don’t have to say a word! Which in a way is… a nice thought?
  • In a way it’s not, because you know it’s not true. You’re filled in a world inundated with conversations and you acknowledge that, you’ve been dealing with it for so long, but some part of you appreciates Seven saying so.
  • It’s a bit shallow, but it’s fun, so you don’t complain.
  • It hits him one night at around three a.m., while he’s thinking about you because he’s so disgustingly in love but doesn’t know how to say it. It’s just this profound, shocking moment of revelation that you are not the way you are because of some quirk.
  • You are the way you are because the world has silenced you.
  • And it just - tears him apart inside.
  • He gets a lot more sensitive after that. He asks you… what it’s like. If you need anything. Are you okay? And you’re surprised, because you didn’t really figure him for the kind of person who took things so seriously, but he does because it’s you and he can’t help it. he asks if it hurts. He asks if there’s anything he can do.
  • When you’re hanging out… should he talk to you? Or type to you?
  • It’s weird, being asked your preferences so forthrightly, and not being made to conform to a world that wasn’t made to fit you. But Seven is so sincere about it all, and you don’t forget about that, even when he goes right back to laughing afterwards. 


  • Being a man who communicates in photographs, it’s only natural that he would accept someone who doesn’t want to communicate with the spoken word.
  • Honestly, he gets a little - mmmn. How to put it. Romantic about it? V has problems, and one of his problems is idealizing people’s suffering to make it “beautiful”. When you first get to know him, he is a little weird about this in regards to the “you not talking thing”.
  • Like - like you’re some kind of “silent princess” or whatever.
  • Which is a bit… alienating? And pedestal-y? And while it’s nice to not be made fun of or to be pressured into speaking (it’ll be good for you!) it’s also strange for him to weave this elaborate emotional tale about your suffering.
  • no dude.
  • you just don’t talk due to your wide assortment of crippling anxieties. don’t get weird about it!
  • You’re not beautiful because you suffer; you’re just a person trying to get through life while carrying your own blend of burdens. And he starts to realize that once his own burdens really start impeding his communication with you. 
  • V… can’t see very well. It makes logging into the chat-room hard, along with reading messages from you. You both struggle with this, because you like each other, but it seems like you keep not being able to match up with your own problems. 
  • He feels guilty. If he’d gotten the eye surgery earlier, maybe his vision wouldn’t be this far gone. You feel guilty, because - well, because of everything, because if you just “got better” faster this wouldn’t be a problem, and it’s Seven that suggests you both try to bridge the gap through technology.
  • You learn to write in braille. He starts getting the courage to navigate resources for those who have difficulty seeing, and your relationship becomes one of mutually acknowledging and finding a way around your troubles.
  • It’s oddly empowering, in a way, as you both figure out new strategies to reach out to each other. You get how the world doesn’t really feel made for you, you get the feeling of struggling, and by the end of it, V has stopped seeing you as this delicate ice princess and he, the worthless, sad man who’s ruined his life.
  • In the end, you’re just two people trying to make things work… and it does.
I Think I Love Her (plus size reader x Peter Parker)

The reader stand up for a girl who is getting bullied. Peter realizes it’s finally his time to confess his feeling to the reader.

Notes; I know Liz isn’t actually like this but it just worked for the story. Also gif isn’t mine credits to owner. Hope you enjoy. 

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Y/n’s Pov

I had been standing by my locker with my friend Ned Leeds and my friend and kind of crush Peter Parker. I always liked Peter from when we first met and he was super sweet to me. He always tried to fight out the people who would comment about my size, but then slowly realized I could handle my self.

We were talking about our next Spanish quiz when I noticed Liz Allan, my least favorite person, walk up to some girl that was standing a few lockers behind us. My mind left the conversation with my friends as I started to listen in on what Liz was saying.

“You seriously need to start losing some weight if you want to wear clothes like these.” I turned my head around to look at the poor girl Liz was talking to. I watched as the girl turned red from embarrassment.

“Y/n? Y/n?” Peter tried to get my attention.


“We just asked you if you wanted to go to Peter’s tonight to finish the lego death star.”

“Oh yea, sure whatever.” I continued to listen to Liz talking to the girl.

“You know what would help? Trying to make your self throw up.” I heard enough and started to walk over there, but Peter grabbed my shoulder.

“What are you doing?” Peter frantically whispered in my ear.

“Showing that bitch some over due justice.” I continued to walk past him.

“Y/n, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” I turned around to look at Peter.

“Don’t tell me what to do.” I then turned around to see Liz and her friends gone, but the girl still standing there tears staining her cheeks. I walked up to her. “Hey don’t listen to what Liz has to say she’s just a bitch. She wouldn’t know the first thing about beauty.“ Kaidy looked up at me and smiled “And hey I think Charles does know beauty when he sees it.” I motioned over to Charles who was walking up to both of us. He began to talk to Kaidy and ask her on a date, when I began to walk away.

I walked up to Peter and Ned “My work here is down.” I smiled triumphantly.

“Wow what we do without you y/n?” Peter rolled his eyes.

“Oh don’t act all bitchy cause I was going to talk to your little crush, telling her she’s a bitch. Honestly I don’t get what you see in her.”

“I don’t like her.” Peter mumbled, as you rolled your eyes and left your locker to go to class. ’‘I like you.” He mumbled to himself.

It was lunch and me, Peter and Ned were getting our lunch when I heard Liz talking to Kaidy again.

“So I heard Charles asked you out, he probably only did that because he pities you. I mean he probably could like you if you lost a few pounds.” 

I balled my fists up and closed my eyes taking a breath, trying not to punch the shit out of Liz. We all got your food and walked back to our table. As got back to the table I slammed my tray on the table.

“What the hell has gotten into you?” Ned asked.

I faked a smile “Nothing.”

I watched as Kaidy walked away from Liz not listening to her which made you happy. I then saw Liz walk up to Kaidy again and sit next to her at her lunch table.

“Are you seriously going to eat that? You need to lose weight as it is don’t eat that. And if you lose weight more guys will like you.“ I heard Liz tell Kaidy and that was my final straw.

I got up from the table and grabbed Peter’s smoothie.

"Hey!” Peter yelled as I took his smoothie.

“Just buy another one," I grumbled and started to walk away "cause trust me you aren’t getting this back.”

 I walked up to Liz and Kaidy “Hey guys what are you guys talking about?” Peter and Ned watched as you went up them.

“Oh y/n perfect we can get your opinion on this too. Don’t you think Kaidy here needs to lose some weight.”

I clenched my jaw “No I don’t think she needs to lose any weight, in fact I think she perfect." I smiled over to Kaidy.

"Well I mean that is coming from you.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean.”

“Well I mean you are someone who could also lose some weight. I mean maybe it would help, with your insane crush on Peter. He would notice you more if you were skinny like me.”

“Why do you always have to be such a god damn bitch.”

“Why don’t you go back to your friends and not bother me anymore.”

“You know what you’re right Liz, bye!” I threw the smoothie into Liz’s face. Everyone then turned to me and started laughing at Liz. “You’re dead bitch!" I heard Liz yell. I turned around and put up my middle fingers. I then quickly walked out of the cafeteria only making one glance at Peter who was also looking at me already.

Peter’s Pov

We were sitting down at our table when I looked over at y/n. Her fists were clenched and he looked so pissed off. God she’s hot when she’s mad. Fuck Peter don’t think of your best friend like that. Her plum lips were in a straight line. I wonder what those lips would feel like to kiss. No Peter stop that’s weird. But I bet she tastes good like strawberries. No Peter stop don’t think of her like that. She’s just your friend and that’s all she’ll ever be.

I looked over a Ned who also realized something was off with y/n. He nudged my shoulder and I just shrugged my shoulders. Then got of nowhere she just got up from the table and I looked over to her.

I accidentally looked at her at the wrong moment as she got up from the table and her ass was basically in my face and I couldn’t help but stare. Then I quickly looked away as she started to grab my smoothie.

"Hey!” I yelled over to her.

“Just buy another one.” I rolled my eyes and watched as she walked over to Liz and the girl she had been picking on. God what did I ever see in Liz she’s so mean, but y/n still thinks I like her but I just use her as a cover so y/n doesn’t find out I like her. I mean she could never find out. I’m weak and a nerd compared to the other guys she’s dated. She always dated the super strong guy with muscles, I’m not like that. Then I saw y/n sit across from Liz. “Hey guys what are you guys talking about?” I heard y/n say

“Oh y/n perfect we can get your opinion on this too. Don’t you think Kaidy here needs to lose some weight.” I heard Liz say in her bitchy voice. God this is going to be a shit show.

“No I don’t think she needs to lose any weight, in fact I think she perfect.” Y/n is so nice she’s always sticking up for people and- “I mean maybe it would help, with your insane crush on Peter. He would notice you more if you were skinny like me.” I was brought out of my thoughts by what Liz said. Omg is that true does y/n have a crush on me. Holy shit this can’t be happening I have to tell her I like her too.. Right now Peter. Do it Peter.

I was about to get up when I saw y/n throw my smoothie in Liz’s face. I started laughing and watched her as she left the cafeteria. She caught my gaze and looked over at me and smiled. I got up from the table and followed her out the door. I walked towards the bathroom and watched as she just walked in. I waited out there for a little until she came out. As the door opened and she came out.

“Having fun stalker?” She asked. I chuckled.

“Shut up.” You both stood there awkwardly “What you did out there was pretty cool, I mean like totally badass. I’ve never seen you like that before.’' 

"Thanks. It’s just that what Liz was saying to that girl pissed me off.” You looked down at the floor. As I walked closer to her. Ok Peter this is your chance. I walked closer and closer till our bodies were almost touching.

“Y/n.” I whispered and she looked up from the ground, and into my eyes. I then in and captured her lips in a kiss. After a few seconds I pulled.

“Umm so is what Liz said was true? That you had a crush on me?” I asked.

She bite her lip and rolled her eyes “You know for being some math genius you seriously aren’t that smart.” I laughed at her response.

“And what Liz said wasn’t true you don’t need to lose any weight to gain my attention, you already have it.”

“Yea I know, I’m not going to listen to that bitch.” She said confidently. She’s so confident that’s why I love her. Wait did I just say love? Holy shit. I think I love her. 

I want sheith to become canon eventually (after a timeskip ofc) just cuz I’m curious to see what excuses the haters are gonna use to complain about it haha

Like the upset kla//nce shippers who are anti/s could not cry “ heteronormativity ” and “homophobia” or “queer baiting”

They couldn’t complain about the ages either cuz Shiro and Keith would both be in their 20′s or even 30′s, and until then the relationship was platonic. They will be just two close friends that ended up falling inlove with eachother later in life.

No one could cry “But there was no chemistry and development! It didn’t seem like they like eachother at all, and it came out of nowhere!!” cuz holy mother of buildup…

No one could say “bad representation”, because wow such a tender loving relationship, based on love, trust, respect and support between two male characters that so many people and kids admire.

Like what could they complain about?? haha


BUT HE SAID HE WAS LIKE A BROTHER TO HIM!! TTATT there’s not enough brotherly relationships between men in popular media!!!

haha seriously what? If sheith happens eventually. ppl will just have to accept it and shut up about it or admit they are homophobes or hated on it just cuz they personally didn’t like it and used all kinds of dumb excuses to justify their hate.

Like just for that I want it to become canon, to see the haters struggle haha