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You know what I think is EXTRA telling about the 'I Love You' scene? Mycroft! Seriously! He shows more emotion for what's going on than even the ever-sentimental John Watson! And why shouldn't he? He's Sherlock's brother! He's the 'smart' one! He especially knows how hard that was for Sherlock to do that to Molly. And after we see that he likes classic romance films, could it be possible that all this time Mycroft was a *dramatic close-up* secret Sherlolly shipper?!?!?! Dun, Dun DUUUUUUUN!!!

It’s nice to HC that. Have fun with it. :)

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Hi! I've seen a lot of very sad things on your tumblr such as when someone asked what you wanted to be when you grew up and you said happy, and I wanted to tell you that you are wonderful and precious and I know you'll get through this. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel 😊😊 I hope this helps you even just a little bit. Stay strong ❤️ you have value in this world. Don't forget you are loved.

oh, thank you ^^ though a lot of them are just jokes don’t take them too seriously, my humor tends to be like that~ I’m not in a constant state of sadness dw but i appreciate your concern

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what happened?

Basically, as international fans, our efforts at streaming songs on those music sites might not be counted due to the block in INTERNATIONAL IP ADDRESSES that they have. 
It doesn’t matter if you paid for it or not, as long as we’re not IN Korea, all or any streaming of songs on those sites would not have been counted to their charts.
As Enrica ( @tranquies ) said, “ So even if we streamed with passes, if we’re not in Korea - our completed streams might not be counted.” VIXXSUPPORT is trying to verify the news though, so nothing has been confirmed thus far.
Let’s just see how this pans out. ^^

I miss Isak and Even so much I am actually this close to writing an evak wedding drabble.

Seriously I will do it. 

It would be so corny and bad tho

I think it’s best if you guys just send me some prompts instead. 

Are so-called “fans” SERIOUSLY getting shit to Louise Brealy for doing her job (and in a wonderful way) in the last Sherlock episode? Because, what? Take your shit together and go away. She’s an actress. Even if you disagree with what Moffat and Gattis did to her character, she’s in no way responsible for that. For my part, I think her acting was top-notch. She’s a sweetie, don’t be arseholes.

The worst argument.

“Why can’t two men just be friends? Why does it have to be gay?”


I feel like I don’t even need to adress the first part of this statement, because seriously? Have you seen a television show ever? Two men are just friends in every major television show out right now. When you turn on the TV, literally the only thing you see is men just being friends. What you don’t see much of, is two men in a relationship. So when you ask that, I have to assume you have never seen a television in your life.

The second part of the statement I also feel like I don’t need to talk about, but here goes anyway. First off, why does it have to be straight? Have you ever thought of that for a moment? Why can’t everyone be gay? 

To answer your question simply: because it just does. 

Because representation of LGBTQIA+ people is severely lacking these days. Because being a stereotypical gay man or woman is used as a running joke in some series. Because young kids deserve to see themselves on television and know they are not alone. Because being represented is one of the most amazing experiences. Like, yes, that is me. I matter. I am here.

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What if some of your family members come to your blog someday and see what you said about this? What will you do then?

:’D funny thing is that none of them knows english except for my brother and i am not handing him my laptop in any way.

and he is too lazy to even scroll down through my blog.

believe me

none of them would even take all of this seriously 

If anyone’s holding out hope that their radio silence is a good thing, check out how Louise Brealey is embarrassing herself on Twitter and basically forcing the feminist movement to kick her out of it

In S3 she claimed that Molly slapping Sherlock made Molly awesome

In S4 she claims that Molly being a pathetic, discarded sad sack is not anti-feminist and then proceeds to condescend “go fucking read Chekov”

And of course that tantrum she has against Stats Britain

Who would even give Loo a career after this

Maybe a career of pining whimperers, but that won’t last since the kind of people who write women like that can see she’s about to hit 40, and you know what those kinds of people do to women of that age

Who would take her seriously now when she spouts “feminist” bullshit

I personally would rather NOT see women on television at all if it were a choice between that and the likes of Loo’s Molly Hooper showing the world what a woman’s inner life supposedly looks like

Hey Loo, you don’t have to drag the creators, you could have remained shut up like the rest of your prudent cast members and creators, but your cringe-y defense of Molly is TRULY GROSS AND DISGUSTING and an embarrassment to women

We loved Molly Hooper far more than you did

We believe she deserves better and we can see how cruelly she was used and how UNREALISTIC she is

Apparently you think that’s ok and worth defending

Who would even respect you now

ok so i never thought there could be such people here sending me messages about not posting lgbt aesthetics anymore. first of all it`s my fuckin` blog and i can post whatever i want so just gtfo you`re doing me a favor. i`m not even going to publicly answer you because i don`t want your stinky shit on my blog. and secondly fuck you and go get a decent human life. thanks bye.

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Hey guys. It's me. The one that made Izzy admit that they were dating for a little. No need for applause. *bows* thank you, thank you. (No, but seriously. I'm so happy that you guys have such an amazing relationship. Even when you guys stopped dating still besties. A++)

It’s you, friend. You made the dream happen.

BUT YEAH THANK YOU I’m really glad we’re still super close. She kept saying she felt bad but I’m like ‘nah dude like a day or two and I’ll be good’

Guess what it’s been a day or two and I’m good.

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jyn or cassian (in terms of who you like more as a character)

This is a really good question because I genuinely really like both characters. Taking away the actors and the performances and all the other factors that would bias someone I think I enjoy Jyn’s character more because we’ve been given a woman character with a story and personality that’s different than what we’ve seen before. That’s not to say Cassian isn’t a unique character as well. As you should probably know by now I love Cassian a whole lot. Jyn just kind of resonates with me more. As I’ve said in other posts we see a woman who has been seriously beaten down by life. In the Imperial camp she’s done. She’s expecting death. She’s tired of running and now she doesn’t even have anywhere to run to. Her family has been stripped from her and she pretends she doesn’t care because it’s a defense mechanism. Even Saw left her alone and it wasn’t even her fault. Jyn has become hardened and arguably selfish and I like it. She feels real to me because she has real human reactions. Not everyone is like the ever hopeful Rey who sat on a planet doing the same thing every day waiting for people she didn’t truly know to come back and get her. Not everyone would be like that. Jyn just feels more real to me. Rogue One feels more real to me and it gave the Star Wars universe more gravity and made it feel less fantasy and less removed from the way things are in our world. The movie definitely had flaws, but it really stuck with me. I’m going to stop now before I keep rambling.

Sherlock, man...

It had an okay run this season.

It had its ups, and it had it’s downs.  I think that we can all agree on that.

Downs include:

  • No ships happened, and queerbaiting happened (I’m not sure I understand what that means yet, but apparently it happened)
  • It was sloppy writing.  I can see the intent, but I was very disappointed with how it turned out when I examine it scene by scene
  • It wasn’t emotional enough. Either I’m just numb to all things emotional in this world, or it just wasn’t emotional.  Even Mary’s death didn’t make me cry.
  • Queerbaiting was a thing this season.  Again, not sure what that means, but I’ll get back to you guys when I figure it out.  All I know is that it wasn’t good for our LGBTQ+ community.
  • What the fuck did they do with Molly?! Like seriously, this pisses me off.  I know that Sherlock was obviously very upset about what he had to do to her.  I was too.  Anyone that can see the friendship that those two have, with or without the ship, could see how much pain that conversation brought the two of them.  They show on camera what it did to Sherlock afterward, but what happened to Molly?!  One of the creators even stated  “She probably had a drink and went and shagged someone, I dunno.  Molly was fine.”  Okay, she may be fine, but I need to know that in cannon, not creator headcannon.  Not only was that sloppy, but that was just plain bad.
  • Mary fucking died.  And then that happened.

But!! It wasn’t all bad this season!

For example:

  • The hug scene happened.  Does more need to be said about it?
  • We got to scare the shit out of Mycroft.  Hehe.
  • We got to see that Sherlock does, in fact, hold feelings of love in cannon.  Maybe not romantic, and maybe not for John or Molly or your preferred ship, but the sibling love was strong in this season.  Remember, cannon.
  • Mary may be dead, but she’s not gone.  I, for one, liked the little discs that she left for the boys.
  • Mrs. Hudson called Mycroft a reptile, among other things.
  • Mrs. Hudson was a badass.  We can all agree on that.
  • The end end of the finale wasn’t all that bad.  I didn’t mind the end, simply because it wrapped most everything up nicely.  It left just enough wiggle room for a season five, but wrapped it up with a pretty enough bow that we can be (somewhat) satisfied with the end.  The Mary voice-over was good.
  • Rosie is cute as a button.  Even we don’t see her a whole lot, she’s cute when we do see her.

So, you see, while season 4 definitely had its not so good moments, it had its good moments as well.  Please, try to remember that when talking about the season.  I understand that a lot of you are upset about this and that.  I am too.  But remember both sides, the good and the bad, when stating your opinion somewhere.

Goodnight everyone.  Please, don’t blow up the fandom while I’m away.  My mom powers need a rest.


ok but can we talk about stephanie corneliussen please? she’s perfect, seriously. she’s beautiful, but she’s even more beautiful on the inside, i learn that she’s vegan, she knows how to speak in like four languages she fights for animals rights, cares about representation on hollywood, talks about really important issues and even better, she’s always tweeting fans and follows them, she’s so kind, she even defends her castmates against bullys, and have you seen her acting on mr robot? she’s amazing. what are you doing with your life?! you should stan stephanie corneliussen. 

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I honestly don't know much about League, but your blog is one of my favorites. Rin is ridiculously cute, and your drawings of her are always so expressive.

// That…. god, you guys. You stick around even not knowing much about League? Just for Rin and her adventures and what I draw of her?? OKAY THAT SERIOUSLY.. HUGE. Freaking huge for me. THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH.

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"I don't know... a week or two maybe. It does it matter, I'm fine." One look at Will's face told Nico that he wasn't convinced. The fact that he was out of breath after talking to Will probably didn't help his case. "Look Nico, I know this is uncomfortable and that you've got other things on your mind right now, but you need to tell me if the pain gets any worse. I can't help you if you don't talk to me."

Will was horrified at Nico’s confession. “You’re supposed to take it off every night. You can seriously hurt yourself if you even sleep in it let alone leave it on for a week. You can’t do that to yourself.” Nico simply shrugged though, trying to get his breathing back under control. Will could only imagine what kind of damage hid under Nico’s skin undetected. “As soon as we get out of here, I’m taking you to the infirmary for X-rays.” Normally, Will could simply detect injuries with a simple touch, but he wanted physical proof so that he could show to Nico that what he was doing wasn’t safe. He was probably going to ignore Will, instead insisting on wearing his binder without giving his body a break. When it came to body dysphoria, Nico took the cake. “Do you have any other symptoms?”

I haven´t posted in this blog for a while, but the hate messages towards the cast and makers of BBC Sherlock left me sad and angry at the same time. I used to think this is a great fandom, but today i am ashamed. Saying horrible things to the cast and people involved about their work, even hate mail and death threats, looks like too much. If you cannot cope with the fact that a work of FICTION didn´t take the turn that you expected, what are you going to do with real life? Kill everyone that does not fulfill your every wish? If you can do it better, go on, write or produce your own show with a cast and crew as professional and talented as BBC Sherlock. And start therapy, you seriously need it.

You know what the one good thing about all this is? I genuinely think this mess will bring a lot of motivation to our writers and artists, if not because we need to fix this, then out of spite because we know we can do so much better.

Like I’m not even an actual writer but I seriously consider (after I have had a bit of time and distance and can bring myself to watch S1 - TAB again) writing a huge fix it fic for post TAB. I really want to take on all the things they started and never went through with in the end (villain “Mary”/Moran, twins, proper end to the Moriarty arc, …) and make them the way I would have handled them, also knowing and taking into account all the brilliant stuff the fandom came up with.

Not only do I want some piece of mind and my personal proper ending for the wonderful show that S1 - TAB was, but I also now know anything we have and can come up with would be so much better than S4.

This fandom is so good and creative and clever, and I think there are still wonderful things to come. We won’t stop now. 💖

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Kara's bishie eyes = confirmed murder eyes. Seriously though, what's the context behind this? His image isn't darkened, so I'd say he and Totty are screaming at the same time, but Totty's making his Angry Face, so. Why is Kara making his Eyes?

even with the context, it’s not going to make any sense, but let’s just say the virgin heroes are… determined to battle those normies.

and unlike his brothers kara’s sprite doesn’t really have an angry expression so I think they just went with the ugly shoujo eyes for the hell of it

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hi! i just wanted to thank you. i identify as genderfluid but a lot of my friends act kind of weird about it, even those that are expressly supportive, and after a long couple weeks of friends and family saying "I highly doubt you're actually genderfluid" it's really nice to get such positivity from you guys. seriously, thank you so much.

You’re very welcome! And the people in your life will either come around or not, and based on who does what, you’ll know who to keep around. Surround yourself with positivity and people who respect your gender and pronouns. Always remember, you’re valid and deserve to be treated as such. <3

- Jan