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I need more Boueibu in my life

Seriously there’s not a lot of new contect recently… and I miss the days in which everything I checked on tumblr was Boueibu posts… now I can go a week without checking the tag and there are not a lot of stuff… it’s kind of sad… we should be given love everyday(?)

ok but seriously…. we need more Boueibu

who’s with me? XD

Thoughts On 8th Ed. Thus Far

So with all the teasers coming out about 40k 8th, and the very interesting (and welcomed) feeds from the developers via the community website, I figured I’d drag my thoughts onto here real quick to test the waters rather then reading the shit storm of hyper polarized views on all the news sites and blogs.

I’ll keep this in a nut shell of Likes, Fears, and Hopes.


-I dig the fusion of 2nd ed rules and stats with AoS straight forward simplicity. (and that’s coming from some one who hates AoS. Sorry old school fantasy vet.)

-We need an complete washout and overhaul. Just like what happened with 2nd going into 3rd, its about time we put the breaks on the codex/supplement power creeping and equalized everyone.

-So far, SO FAR, it doesn’t seem like a lot is actually changing in terms of game structure. They are just washing out a bunch of grey areas we didn’t really need (Seriously, do we need flow charts when 90% of the time its always the same fucking number you need to roll?) 


-Please for the love of the dark gods don’t get rid of the expanded force armories. WHF 8th cut a whole shit ton of customizing out of the game and AoS took it even further. I’m so tired of GW erasing the RPG elements of its “Characterful” hobby game. If i wanted vanilla leaders with vanilla units I’d play Warmahodres.

-Three ways too play sounds great. I hope I get to play the ones I like. Unfortunately I’m cautious about this. I live in Colorado, right near the Denver area, which is considered by many to be the wargaming capitol of the US. This means lots and lots of hyper competitive meta gamers, who, will mostly demand tournament style gaming only. EVER. 

-No over simplification please. Look some times you need to clear out some rules noise and cut some shit back a bit. But seriously, do not take this game down another ‘We have to appeal to new and more people out there by making this game so easy a 5 year old can play it!” Fuck off. So fucking tired of the games I love being baby seal clubbed just so bratty Mc-shit pants can play with his daddy, and because Jimmy Shit-for-brains doesn’t like adding numbers together or remembering a couple of extra rules. Its a fucking HOBBY WARGAME. Not a $60 COD video game.


In all, I want 8th to succeed. And, to be honest, i am starting to think it will. Just keep the armies in line with each other this time, don’t kick out the customizing and item equipping. Bring us back to the Grimdark, don’t PC-ify the fucking story. Help Me GW-Kanobie….your my only hope. Sorta… I can still play older editions.

Dean - Unreleased Songs
Dean - Unreleased Songs

Among Dean’s unreleased songs are Can’t Say Goodbye (ft. Karina Pasian) and We On (ft. Kevin McCall). I need these to make it on the upcoming EPs! 🙏

Seriously major props to Sasha, Valentina, and Shea on tonight’s RPDR.

We need to hear about males being affected by eating disorders. We need to have this discussion and dialogue to show men and women that they’re not alone. I was so fully prepared to hate this episode because of the Kardashian stuff, but it ended up being about way more than that. I’m so glad that these queens opened up the way they did. RESPECT.

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my taxi driver a few days ago was a Syrian-British immigrant originally from Damascus and his fam is currently living under gov controlled areas. 

he was telling me though they don’t support the government and have never **liked** assad, they are religious minorities who would likely be killed or jailed by various members of the “opposition” should they ever leave–members of his fam had been abducted by unknown factions before and they still hadn’t heard from them and were presumed dead. 

but he was telling me that he couldn’t have these convos in canada without immediately being labeled an “assadist” or “pro-syria” lol even though he literally doesn’t like assad. he was telling me about his non-syrian roommate who was chiding him for not immediately supporting the opposition. 

it had already hit me while ago, but definitely in that moment, i realized how thoroughly we’ve taken this conversation away from Syrians. this guy, who doesn’t even support Assad, who is actually syrian, is being condemned by his non-syrian, never-even-been-to-syria canadian roommate for saying “the opposition will hurt my family” 

we need to seriously take a step back and accept we don’t know better than the actual Syrian community, no matter how many ABC News articles we read, and let them lead this conversation. 

  • Lance: Idk how I'd survive without water.
  • Keith: You wouldn't.
  • Lance: Haha. I feel like that sometimes too. Glad someone loves water as much as I do!
  • Keith: No, you seriously couldn't survive without water, it's something that everyone needs. WE HAVE TO HAVE IT TO LIVE YOU FUCKING IDIOT!
  • Lance: Reblog if you feel the same way about water!

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Well the age of consent in Japan is 13. That doesn't mean it's morally ok. But by bandying about the 'consent laws of that country make it okay' you've just allied yourself to pedophilia. Congrats. Creep.

woo it’s like the first time I posted something Otayuri and already my first anti!

ooh boy, let’s go then, shall we?

  • pfft I’m a 22 yo girl from Russia and believe me, I know far better than you (whoever the fuck you are you coward) what’s okay and not okay in my culture. 15-16 year olds dating people of 18-19 years is pretty common. some may disapprove but unless someone gets knocked up, people generally don’t care.
  • both of them being guys would gather much more shit than 3 year freaking “age gap” (lol)
  • we seriously need to stop pretending that people under 18 don’t do anything sexual. like how stupid and ridiculous and divorced from reality do you need to be???
  • I was not so into everybody’s business so I can’t be sure but judging by people dating, at least ¼-1/3 of my year did something sexual before 18
  • age of consent in Russia is 16. in Kazakhstan too.
  • “paedophilia” lol. people just love throwing that word around nowadays. do you even know what that means? “Paedophilia is when a person sixteen years of age or older is primarily or exclusively sexually attracted to children who have not begun puberty (generally eleven years old or less)” who the hell is supposed to be under 11 here? I don’t think we even have those characters in YOI except for the triplets. and no one’s shipping them as far as I can see
  • I know our culture is super obsessed with sex but since when dating = sex, especially when you’re a teen??? I know plenty of people who dated and then split up all without doing more than making out occasionally
  • you being anon and not even trying to defend your ridiculous notions to my face just discredits what you said by like 50%
  • why do I even argue? it’s pointless. I can write 50 more points and it won’t make a difference to someone like you.  if you ship hate then have the balls to admit it. no need to try and justify your shitty  treatment of others in the fandom by taking an imaginary “high ground”

MJ out :)


Thor: Ragnarok [Fix-it Canon AU] - Jane Foster is worthy

While on Earth, Thor is attacked. His hammer is destroyed and he’s taken prisoner. But Mjolnir is no ordinary hammer. It’s capable of reassembling itself. But now, without Thor to wield it or Odin to command it, Mjolnir is free to choose its own Thor. And after years of spending time with mortals, there is one in particular it knows to be worthy. Mjolnir chooses none other than Jane Foster as the new Thor, Goddess of Thunder.

Jane is then transported to the gladiator’s arena where she finds Thor - who is now going by the name ‘Odinson’. When he sees her, he realizes his vision hadn’t been about Loki, as he suspected, but about Jane. Together, they escape back to Asgard where Jane has to fight for the right to keep Mjolnir. Odinson, disheartened by the loss of his hammer, decides to leave Asgard and travel the Nine Realms in search of redemption.

While on Asgard, Jane finds an unlikely ally in Loki. He seems bound and determined to ensure that she’s allowed to keep the hammer. Jane suspects he has some ulterior motives, but it’s still nice to have someone on her side. So she and Loki come to an uneasy truce, much like they did when he helped save her from the Aether.

But their alliance is put to the test when Hela invades Asgard. She is hellbent on revenge and will stop at nothing to punish Odin. Even if that means completely destroying Asgard. Jane and Loki barely make it out alive. After the loss of his home, Loki becomes depressed but Jane knows if they’re going to stand any chance of victory, she’s going to need his help.

Finally persuaded by Jane, Loki takes up arms against Hela and her forces. They are later joined by Odinson and those who escaped Asgard in time. Together, they manage to defeat Hela on another world. And somewhere along the way, between bickering and battling, Jane and Loki find that they have more to offer each other than just an alliance.