seriously we know that they look alike

Armin Reiss

This theory could easily be wrong of course, it’s called a THEORY for a reason, but it’s fun to write about these things. This one is about the famous theory that Armin is royalty, that he is Armin Reiss(or Fritz). No, this is not based on the fact that him and Historia look alike, this goes much deeper. 

Let’s begin with the very start, before Armin was even born. Who were his parents? We know nothing about them, but what’s strange is that we know everybody’s parents except for his. We’ve seen the parents of jean, connie, eren, mikasa, levi, erwin, annie, Sasha, historia, grisha and so on, which makes it weird that Armin has been left out since he is a main character. But we do know his grandfather well and I found something interesting about them, please look at Armin and the grandfather well and tell me what they have in common… Go Google them and then come back to this… Take your time, look at them well. Got an idea? Cuz I don’t. They look nothing alike! Armin is blonde and has blue eyes and the grandfather has brown eyes and hair. This might just be a genetic thing, but from a writer’s point of view, it could mean something. But the grandfather himself is very odd. We know that he was the one who named Armin and was with him until the very end and even gave him the outside world book, but I’ll back to that later. All this made me realize that Armin was closer to him than he was with his parents. To be honest, I think they didn’t care for him at all. He was constantly bullied but they did nothing at all, they left him behind, they even allowed him to go out with the book that could get him in trouble and even Armin spoke about them harshly, saying “You’ll die in a stupid way like my mom and dad,” Which is not a good way to speak about the dead! Especially about your parents! You may argue that his parents died differently in the manga, but don’t forget that every change done in the anime was by isayama himself, so that can’t be used as an argument. So about the book, where did it come from? Shiganshina is the poorest place in the walls, so how could they get their hands on the book about the outside world? Remember who else had books about the outside world? Grisha, and where was he from? Far from the walls. That’s a hint, but a little one. Speaking of, Grisha was told by Dina (royal blood) that her kind is hiding somewhere, that royal blooded people are lost, so maybe we could use that info too to explain why Armin’s parents ended up there. (ps: those couple in ch55 aren’t his parents, because there were no confirmations). Where would his parents go? I’m sure hey knew that the world outside was full of titans! Were they idiots? Leaving their son to die? Maybe they’re alive, or dead as we were told. Not sure. They left before the attack, did they run? But why the hell would they ever encourage their kid to want to leave the walls where hell is waiting? I wish I knew. About the similarities between Historia and Armin are many, besides their looks, the main one being childhood. Other kids beat them up daily, their parents abandoned them and yes, they look alike, so alike that Armin once even was mistaken for her and kidnapped, remember that? I do! That scene couldn’t be there for no reason! Every scene in aot is a hint to the future events (or isayama just wanted to draw armin in drag lol)

Another argument I hear often is “But Historia makes Eren remember things when she touches him,” And yes, that is true, and so does Armin. It’s very silent, but once you notice, you’ll understand why I’m taking this so seriously. First, we know that if they make skin contact, Eren remembers things, so let’s begin with episode 5, where Eren grabs Armin’s wrist to save him. Eren remembered nothing there, why? Because when he grabbed Armin’s arm, he grabbed his sleeve. It’s a tiny detail that could be missed, but they didn’t touch skin. Next ep where they did was the ending of ep 8, where Armin holds Eren’s hand. How does the next ep start? Eren remembering being inside the titan which he forgets when Armin lets go. Next is ep 13. People ignore the fact that Armin woke up Eren! He entered in consciousness and woke him up, which only a Reiss could do. Then in the manga when they once again hold hands, the panel is drawn as if their hands are glowing (he didn’t remember anything cuz right before Historia already helped him remember his past), crazy right? It all fits, or I’m just overthinking. How come nobody ever talks about the fact that Armin freaking heard his titan talk in ch 85?? That has never happened before and we’ve seen every other shifter talking about how their titans work, but this has not once happened!!! That scene creeped me out! The titan cried too! Some said that it might be Bertholdt, but even if that’s true, we’ve never seen Eren talking to Grisha(the previous owner)!! It’s like something only royal blood can do, because nobody else did it in the entire story. And don’t forget that the Owl said to find Armin and Mikasa! so there’s something more the world needs from him, because rn the war/attack is starting (maeley vs eldians) and it’ll be a bloodbath. Armin rn is the colossal titan! Imagine if he’s royalty too. They could win the war. But why am I fighting so hard for this theory? Because of what isayama said about ch 89,  This is so important!

 See how in ch 89 he corrected his writing from “eating royal blood,” to “Touching the royal titan” and right after that scene, the panel shows Armin looking at Eren zoomed in. (so to activate the coordinate, eren must touch a royal titan, not a human) I wonder who that titan could be that eren could use for the coordinate… Nothing can save the main characters rn, except maybe this. IF Armin ends up actually being royalty, then it means that they can use titans to fight against the Marley and actually survive and even win. Armin could save them all, because nothing else can. This is the only hope I have left to see my characters win against the world, because them alone is not enough for the war they’re in. and don’t forget that the story is ending, we’re reading the finale arc, so something like this could bring the story to the big climax, the main one being ”freeing the wall titans” as armin said would one day happen. That WILL happen and this theory is how I think it’ll be. Armin and eren working as one. We know zeke wouldn’t be the one to do it because the marley are afraid of the walls being broken down and the titans escaping, and can zeke even control the titans? Probably. But so can eren, but not without the help of a royal titan. These hints were dropped for a reason. Look at how his titan looks just like the other reiss titan we’ve seen. Isayama never had unnecessary details in his story. All we can do is wait and see what will happen next.   

Mystic Falls Gang Groupchat

Author: @werewolfmutant

Author’s Note: Just something I did because I wanted to.



Elena: Hey guys

Caroline: Hi!!

Damon: What is this??

Stefan: *confused*

Matt: it’s called group chat guys

Y/N: let’s not forget we’re dealin wit ol peeps

Stefan: Not old

Y/N: ur right

Y/N: let’s not forget we’re dealing with seasoned people

Stefan: -_-

Tyler: Step 1: Damon, do u know wat a keypad is???

Damon: Screw you Lockwood

Elena: guys dial down

Y/N: I don’t know

Y/N: this is pretty good

Jeremy: my money’s on Ty

Bonnie: Damon easily

Alaric: r we seriously betting???

Caroline: five seconds into this and the 2 of u r already fighting

Damon: Not my fault he’s a total arsehole

Tyler: look who’s talkin


Matt: XD

Stefan: I think we already got the hang of this

Y/N: with as much responding Damon’s doin

Bonnie: I’d say u got it underwraps

Tyler: Did u 2 just finish each other’s sentences

Y/N: YEEE!!!

Bonnie: TWINS!!

Elena: Great minds think alike

Matt: ^^^

Caroline: wat r u all doin now

Elena: in my room talkin 2 u guys

Y/N: eating ice cream

Matt: at the grill

Stefan: I’m in my room as well

Caroline: ^

Tyler: ^

Jeremy: ^^

Bonnie: ^^^^

Alaric: I’m at the grill wit Matt

Damon: I just finished feeding from a girl

Damon: In an alleyway

Y/N: wait so ur just standing in the alley way wit blood drippin from ur mouth group chatting wit us???

Damon: Yep

Elena: unbelievable

Matt: seriously Damon??

Damon: I compelled her memory away!!!

Stefan: wat do u expect

Stefan: its Damon lol

Bonnie: ooh Stefan learned text talk

Y/N: Yoda I was

Jeremy: wat???

Caroline: ^^

Bonnie: ^^^

Elena: ^^^

Matt: ur weird Y/N

Y/N: oh come on!!!!

Y/N: STAR WARS!!!!!!

Damon: ???

Stefan: ^^^

Y/N: y'all r dead 2 meh

Stefan: I’m already dead

Elena: ^^^

Damon: ^^^ XD

Caroline: ^^^^

Tyler: XD

Jeremy: XD

Bonnie: XD

Matt: like I said before

Matt: Y/N ur weird

Y/N: -_-

Y/N: whatever


Damon: Y/N

Y/N: wat

Damon: what’s a Stiles????



“THeE GhOSt BoY IZ JAcK’s SON??????!!!


Vlad you’ve known about halfas for 20 years because you are one.

You know about Danny Phantom from Amity Park, the same town that Jack Fenton, the one responsible for your powers, lives in.

Jack comes to visit, along with his son Danny Fenton. Suddenly, this teenage boy Danny Phantom appears in your castle.

Even taking out the fact that they look and sound so much alike…

You’re seriously surprised????!?!?!??! You…didn’t even suspect???? For one moment???!????!!!

We make fun of everyone else, but this brief moment of Vlad’s is really hurr-durr.

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hey so i have a stupid funny prompt that popped into my head, could you write sanvers watching taxi brooklyn together, cue alex not seeing the uncanny resemblance between her and cat, maggie continually telling her, and maggie criticizing everyone lol

Here you go! It’s also posted on AO3 if anyone would prefer to read there (or if other folks have watched Taxi Brooklyn and want to commiserate there in the comments). Fair warning for spoilers for the show and pure crack ahead.

It had all started with Maggie coming home from work excitedly declaring that she had found a new show for them to watch. “Babe! I found your TV twin!” she had insisted, holding out her phone to a skeptical Alex, who had refused to admit any resemblance. “When you see her in action, you’ll see it,” Maggie maintained.

Which is how they found themselves curled up on their couch one rainy Saturday morning, intent on binging several episodes. During the first episode, Maggie insisted, time and again, that the resemblance was truly uncanny. Refusing to budge on her position, Alex shook her head. “Absolutely not! Look at how short her hair is!”

“Babe,” Maggie whined, “you’d look like her with short hair.”

“I don’t wear that much plaid.”

“But how great would it be if you did? Also, maybe you should give that open-flannel over sexy ribbed tank top thing a shot…just saying, it’d be hot.”

“It’s hot on her. On me…no, I’d look funny.”

“That’s so not true. Also, I’m totally shipping your character with the ME. I think they’d make an excellent couple.”

“You’ll ship any two pretty women who talk to each other,” Alex retorted, feeling more than a little proud of herself for having remembered the definition of shipping after learning all about fandom from Maggie. “Plus, she’s not my character!”

Maggie just sighed loudly and rolled her eyes; she’d get Alex to see it eventually. As she focused more on the plot, though, Maggie grew increasingly frustrated with their depictions of police work. “You can’t just commandeer a taxi!” Then, a few minutes later: “You don’t just go with your gut! God, Alex, your character is a terrible detective!”

“She’s not me!” Alex shot back.

By the time they got to the third episode and Annabella was introduced, Maggie cackled, “Oh my god! Cat even has her own Vicky Donahue!”

“What do you mean? They’re just friends, Maggie.”

“Yeah…just like you and I are gal pals that share a bed and casually fuck but just like BFFs do, right?”

“Not the same.”

“They’re talking about practicing kissing, for god’s sake!” Maggie yelled, nearly upending the popcorn in her excitement to make her point.

Alex paused, rewinding to hear that scene again. “No!” she countered. “They were practicing kissing the same neighbor boy! That’s totally different.”

“You know it’s just one stop short of turning to each other and cutting out the middle man. Literally.”

“Speaking from experience?” Alex asked, arching an eyebrow as she paused the show and turned to regard Maggie more closely.

“What? No…”

“That’s a big yes.”

“It’s a no…just, well, a nuanced no? There are a lot of straight girls in college who really want to know what it’s like to kiss a girl and all.”

“And you were only too happy to satisfy their curiosity?”

“I satisfied something.” Maggie preened as Alex scowled. “C’mon, you love me.”

“You’re okay.”

“It’ll do. Now hit play! I need to find out what happens.”

By the sixth episode, both Maggie and Alex had grown quite vocal in their commentary. It helped that they had begun drinking after lunch—just beer, but enough to loosen their tongues.

“You can’t just take your friend to interview a serial killer! No captain would allow that!” Maggie yelled at the screen, tossing a handful of popcorn, even though she knew she’d be the one to vacuum it up later.

“It’s a show,” Alex whispered, pressing kisses to Maggie’s temple and stroking a hand through her hair.

And to her credit, Maggie did let that particular point go in favor of complaining as soon as she first suspected that the new serial killer might be a woman. “Statistically that is so unlikely. And are they really going to make the killer a queer woman? That’s so rude. I mean, yeah, I’d be in love with Cat too.” In response to Alex’s glare, she added, “Because she looks so much like you, duh. But we’re not all villains! When is television going to do right by us?”

“I thought the biggest problem was all of the shows that kill us off.” Alex tilted her head to the side, trying to remember the list of dead lesbian characters Maggie had once rattled off to her—Dana, Tara, Lexa, probably more names ending with ‘a’s too.

“Well, that’s its own separate issue. But also TV shows somehow think it’s gonna be a big plot twist to have some crazy jealous, possessive lesbian who goes crazy and murders her ex or some girl she’s in love with even though they’ve barely met or something. It’s rude. I hate it.”

“Do you hate it more than the bury your gays trope, though?”

Considering it for a moment, Maggie shook her head. “No. If they’d get a little more innovative with it, I wouldn’t mind the gay villains. Very campy. Lots of history there. But stop having us do the same damn thing over and over again. We literally fill the halls of English Departments and MFA programs and art schools! We’re more creative than they give us credit for,” she huffed.

Once Maggie was vindicated in her suspicions about the show, they took a break to get themselves another round of beers and make out for a while to “make up for the lack of overt queerness on the show,” Maggie had insisted, though as they let the seventh episode play, she went back to insisting that Cat was quite clearly a lesbian.

Alex laughed it off, until the show cut to a scene of Cat making out with Rhys and looking terribly uncomfortable as she pulled away, finding that she just couldn’t do it. “Well…that is a bit familiar,” she chuckled, rubbing the back of her neck awkwardly.

“Danvers, she is literally you – those are your mannerisms!”

Alex shook her head at Maggie and looked back at the screen just in time to see Cat transition seamlessly from aggressively making out with Rhys to pinning him on his stomach. “What the fuck?” Alex laughed.

“Oh my god…was she trying to peg him?” Maggie cackled. “If this isn’t proof that Cat is as gay as you are, I don’t know what is.”

“I think she was trying to arrest him?”

“That’s not fun. Unless it’s role play,” Maggie added with a wink.

“But they wouldn’t really imply that she was trying to, you know…would they?”

“It’s based on a French film,” Maggie shrugged. “Plus, I bet Gregg was into it.”

“Ew, he’s so gross.”

“True. But also you and your doppelganger are also both so gay.”

“We don’t look alike,” Alex huffed. “Seriously, she’s got more freckles than I do. And her hair is lighter. And shorter. Also, I feel like we’re built differently.”

“Freckles can be covered with makeup. Hair can be cut and dyed different colors. And as the person who is perhaps most intimately familiar with your body and your build, I’m telling you, you’re totally twins. Also, you act similarly.”

“You were just calling her a bad cop!”

“Okay, not like that. I mean, she’s not following procedures, but I’m talking about your temperaments. You’re both a little…angry?”

“You’re not helping your case.”

“I meant to say passionate!”

As the credits for the twelfth episode rolled, Alex clicked play to go on to the next episode, only to find that an entirely new show began. Grumbling, she clicked back to the main menu to get back to their show, only to find that episode 12 was apparently the last episode of the season. “Mags!” she yelled to Maggie, who had gotten up to find some dessert. There was nothing like staying on the couch all day to tire them out.

“What?” Maggie yelled back, making her way into the living room balancing a box of cookies and a carton of vegan ice cream.

“Where can we stream season two?”

“There isn’t a season two.”

“Excuse me?”

“It got cancelled.”

“So you’re telling me that we’re never going to know what happens? Will Gregg get arrested? Will Cat get arrested? Is Leo’s roommate okay? Is his family okay? Is Cat’s mom alive? Was she on the boat? Is Annabella going to jail? Oh my god, there are so many fucking questions! Why would you let us watch a show that got cancelled?”

“You said you didn’t even like the show that much,” Maggie tried by way of a defense, though she had to admit, she’d expected a more satisfying ending too.

“Just because it’s not my favorite doesn’t mean I don’t want to know how it ends!”

Maggie’s face suddenly lit up and she nearly threw the desserts in her excitement as she began gesticulating wildly—one of the surest signs that she had crossed the line from tipsy to drunk. “Oh my gosh! Wait! You already look like Cat, then we can get J’onn to shapeshift into Leo and find people who look enough like the other characters—no! Wait! J’onn can play them all! Except Cat, because you already look like her. And we’ll create our own finale to answer all the questions!”

Alex burst out laughing only to find that Maggie had dropped off the desserts and already had a pen and notepad in hand. “Okay, first question,” Maggie began. “How long into this finale do we have to wait for you to come out?”

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This might only be a theory of mine, but me and my girlfriend have been looking at some pictures of Pablo, because he is such a cutie. And then we’ve seen a picture of “The Eastern Dragon” next to Pablo.

Alright, and here goes my theory.
What if that guy is Pablo’s father? After all, we know that Pablo only has his mother.

Also, on Hugo’s shirt it says “Pablo Escobrawl”. So yeah, what if Pablo was named after his father, or his fathers alias?

And finally, they kind of look alike:

Or is it just me?

Someone points out that their child is basically a replica of them (SUPER JUNIOR)

Y/S/N: your son’s name

Y/D/N: your daughter’s name

Leeteuk: -he got giggly about it. He looked at your son and then you seeing very little that looked like you.He was proud to know Y/S/N looked like him. So he pulled the little guy close smiled- “do you think you look like appa? Many people think you do buddy. And I couldn’t be happier because your sister looks like your eomma” 

Heechul: -your daughter looked and acted so much like him and even in her teens. She looked like her dad and had his talents. Everyone seemed to realize it other than you and him. Even his talent on the drum were passed down- “now that the fans mention it. I really think Y/D/N is amazingly a lot like me even more perfect than before”

Yesung: -he didn’t really care if your daughter looked like him or acted like him. He wanted her to be happy. But yes Y/D/N was exactly like him. She had a lot of his interests. She had her father’s eyes, nose, and lips making her just a cook cutter of her father. People pointing it out and he would smile and thank them- “thanks I realize how alike we are. But she’s her own person though and I’m glad she is”

Kangin: -your daughter would giggle at him then make a face. Then he would make the same face. Then you pointed out that they looked so much alike. He sat there for a second before realizing it.- “oh gosh Y/D/N, I am so sorry you’re blessed with perfection. Heh see what I did there babe? Because she looks like me and I am perfect, according to you”

Shindong: -he didn’t believe it and you never noticed it til he made your son make the same face as him. And your son being the willing 5 year old he was did as he was told and you both saw it- “oh honey they weren’t lying at all. He’s a mini me. Now is this a good or bad thing? Can you handle two mes?”

Eunhyuk: -he thought it was amazing that your son actually looked like him. He never thought any of your children would look like him because your other two looked like you. But he finally won and got his look alike- “I can put a point in the win column boo. I haven’t been this happy since he walked” 

Donghae: -he’s been trying to see it so your daughter had to sit there and be bored til he finally saw it. She kept sighing and pouting all because it was getting a bit difficult to stay still but then he finally saw it- “there right there the face you’re making Y/D/N, I finally see it. She really does babe come look at this!”

Siwon: -he’s always thought your son did but he never was sure, so over the years he let it slip past him until one day his son actually pointed out he had the same jaw structure as his him- “you know I used to think that when you were little Y/S/N, before you lost the baby fat and hit puberty. Now I think you look better than me”

Ryeowook: -he got cocky about it and then went home to brag to you about it. He looked at you and just said she looks just like me and not you. Which confused you because you felt like she looked more like you anyways- “well ask the fans they’ve been saying it for awhile now. Finally saw how we look and act alike. Are you jealous?”

Kyuhyun: -he really didn’t think so, so he asked you. You thought him and your son had similar personalities but overall Y/S/N looked like the perfect mix of you two- “either way he took after me one way or another. Nothing could be better”

Zhoumi: -you sat there in disbelief you were someone who never looked at your child and thought that he looked anything like either of you. But there you saw he kinda looked more like you than him. But he kept fighting you on the topic now that someone else had told him- “babe we should take a pole and I am pretty sure I will win in this contest of looking alike and acting similar” 

Henry: -he looked at you then gestured you to your daughter, he had been telling you that according to more than one person your daughter was him but in female form. But you weren’t having it at all- “I mean seriously she is my daughter. Children tend to look more like their dad so you know, why would our daughter be any different”

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We don't know if they will ever meet, but what kind of dynamic do you think Kaneki and Arata would have??

Mod K:

Arata gonna have to go full kakuja since this guy knocked up his baby girl.

But seriously, Ken and Arata would get along great. They are very similar and apparently even look alike which is pretty hilarious. They could probably sit and talk about books for hours until Touka gets bored and calls them both nerds.

Ayato is gagging in a corner.


It’s all about having fun, isn’t it? I personally love designing MCs and figuring out how relationships with each of them would work with the group. It’s part of the reason I like doing headcanons so much, since I’m basically exploring traits and how they interact with the other characters on the fly.

Sidhe was based off of the ‘eyeless MC’ I’d seen in fanart, and it made me think of someone who - due to embarrassment at their own appearance - insisted on covering their face. What spawned out of it was a very fun character to doodle lmao.

  • Sidhe is just the name she uses on the messenger. Her real name is very plain.
  • Her luck is horrifically bad, but somehow, things always seem to work out for her in the end. For example, if she’s mugged and sent to the hospital with a stab wound, she’ll recover with no problems and be gifted an exorbitant sum of money by the person she cheered up in the ER.
  • This leads her to take a very ‘eh, whatever’ view of life. When she’s lead to Rika’s apartment by a strange hacker, she figures it’s just her luck and everything will be fine in the end.
  • She’s very interesting and funny when you get her relaxed enough to talk, but she only really opens up when she’s on her own turf. (Read: she has to be at home and if you see her face, she will emotionally shut down.)
  • Despite her small stature, she is actually extremely strong. She likes lifting weights and doing physical activities, though when it’s summer, this can lead to some pretty embarrassing instances of heat exhaustion…
  • Other people assume she needs protection because of her small stature and meek demeanor, but if she puts her mind to it, she can actually kick a lot of ass. 
  • The ‘6′ on her hoodie is a reference to her strange claims about being under a cat’s spell. As she tells it, she was in a terrible fire as a child and almost burned to death. However, in the flames she met a cat who offered her a deal. He would offer her all of his nine lives to live out as she chose, as long as - at the end of her life - she gave it all back of him. Thusly, she considers herself a “reflection” of that cat - another form of it - and so wears a ‘6′ which is a reflected ‘9′… the 9 lives that were given to her by the cat.
  • this is all stupid confusing bullshit and everyone around her considers her a bit peculiar and eccentric for believing in it so strongly. (seriously she was probably just hallucinating due to oxygen deprivation or something)
  • she swears really cutely. ‘oh, crumbs!’ ‘fiddlesticks!’ ‘that just butters my parsnips right there…!’

Relationship Dynamics


  • they are two cute optimistic puppy children like seriously they’re both innocent, naive, easy to tease balls of sunshine and happiness. she legit believes in ‘pass out after drinking caffeine syndrome’ . she’s a moron.
  • Yoosung totally gets her into LOLOL and gives her the warm support of her guild. they are gaming bros. she probably roleplays and babbles to him about writing.
  • (i’m sorry yoosung but unless rika was also a severe burn victim i can promise u we look nothing alike.)


  • Sidhe really doesn’t know how to break it to Zen that she’s not pretty, and it causes her a profound amount of anxiety as this Greek god is super into her. like. how does she tell him. how does she break the news to him that she’s… uh….  really not a good looking lady
  • zen doesn’t give 2 shits. tells her that scars don’t mean she’s not pretty and damn does he want to pick her up and spin her around.
  • There’s actually a lot of interesting stuff with her weird cat thing and Zen, because he also has weird unexplained powers… he is suspicious as hell of this dubious demon sounding creature and really thinks she ought to not quasi-worship it…


  • Jaehee is perplexed by everything about her, and she continues to be perplexed even as she falls horribly in love with this weird shut-in’s bubbly optimism and genuinely good life advice. They do Tae Kwon Do together. Jaehee can’t help but think her messenger name is appropriate, because she feels like she’s fallen for a fairy.


  • hey y’know we could get surgery for your face i have tons of money
  • Jumin actually references reading black magic books in a phone call so he might secretly be interested in her weird bullshit? he is, at the very least, into the cat theme.
  • She is a very upbeat, optimistic, cheerful person with a great deal of empathy, which really helps Jumin with his emotional issues. He pushes her not to give a single flying fuck what other people think about her and her appearance and just live her life.


  • When they started talking on the messenger, he thought she was joking and played along. When he figured out she was serious, he found it hilarious, and he thinks she is absurdly fun to tease because she is gullible af. She has 0 fear of any of the danger surrounding his life, which he finds both charming and unbelievably frustrating.
  • she really freaks out about being constantly observed on the CCTV’s, and when Seven mentions doing background checks, she gets really anxious. This makes her seriously discuss her history with him much earlier than with everyone else…


  • look, V believes all of that weird ‘souls meeting in heaven and being reunited on earth’ crap, he would at least be moderately sympathetic to some bizarre chick who thinks she’s promised her soul to a cat. He actually helps her with her absurd anxiety, working her through social situations and helping her practice speaking. Him seeing her face isn’t a problem, but she eventually lets him touch her scars.


  • Saeran loves hearing her babble about witches and wizards and curses. They actually seriously discuss all this weird stuff. He is actually genuinely worried about the ramifications of her promise to ‘give the nine lives she was given back’, because she says that is exactly how it was worded to her. How, exactly, can you give a life back once you’ve lived it..?
  • This makes him real defensive of her. like he is totally ready to fight an imaginary cat spirit if he needs to.


  • Thinks she’s completely, absolutely bonkers, but they really can’t leave shy, timid people alone and she’s so sweet and supportive. They can’t help but start to believe in a little of her crazy occult bullshit after witnessing all of the absurd things that happen to her. She’s fun to tease, so they do it a lot to cover up their Feelings. She frequently hides behind them in social situations.

Well, I know this is an unusual post, but thank you for reading about one of my MCs! I know she’s bizarre, but that’s how a lot of my personal work is, lmao…

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79. "Did I say that out loud?" Lucaya please?

Thanks for the prompt :) Hope you like it.

“Earth to Lucas.” Zay waves a hand in front of his face and he snaps himself out of the downward spiral he’s sure he’s headed for. Still, he can’t bring himself to look away from the pair across the hall. His eyes are on her and more specifically on her with him. He moves in closer to her and it kills him to see how comfortable she seems with the lack of space between them. He goes to brush a piece of hair from her face and something deep inside of Lucas’s stomach lurches.

 “What does she see in that guy?” He asks, shaking his head in genuine confusion. “He’s a pretentious know it all jerk. And what kind of name is Sawyer anyway?”

 “I don’t know, normal?” Zay says, giving him a look like he’s being ridiculous. “I mean you do realize we’re friends with a guy named Farkle, right? Besides, if you weren’t so caught up on hating him than maybe you’d see that he’s basically the guy version of Maya.”

Lucas laughs, shooting a dismissive look his way.

 “What? No. They’re nothing alike.”

 “He’s an artist with a sarcastic sense of humor who likes to push boundaries. Yeah, that sounds nothing like Maya.”

He turns this time to glare at Zay but Zay only shrugs.

 “All I’m saying is he’s not such a bad guy.”

“For someone whose supposed to be my best friend, you sure are taking up for this guy. I thought you were on my side.”

“I am” Zay says, slapping a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “But Maya’s my friend too and she seems to really like him.” Zay gives him a sympathetic look. “She’s finally over Josh and it’s nice to see her happy. I thought that’s what you wanted?”

“Of course, it is. I would always want that for her. It’s just—“

“You want to be the reason she’s happy?” Zay asks, knowingly.

Lucas sighs, turning away from him for a moment to look back at her. She’s laughing, her hand draped lightly on Sawyer’s arm and she does look…happy. It looks good on her and he would always want to see her like that even if it was killing him.

 “Look you know I’m all for you and Maya being together,” Zay says, moving to stand beside him. “But if you’re not gonna tell her how you feel then maybe you should let her be happy.”

Zay gives him one last pat on the shoulder before taking off down the hallway and he’s left standing there watching the girl he loves be happy with another guy. But Zay’s right. Who is he to stand in her way if he isn’t going to tell her how he feels? And he isn’t. Sure, he’s thought about it, maybe even dreamed about it but it’s been a long hard road for him and Maya to get back to being friends and there’s no way he was going to mess that up.

He watches them a little longer, Sawyer planting a kiss on her cheek before taking off down the hall and he can’t decide what he feels more, relief that he’s gone or guilt for feeling that way. He knows that he should probably get to class too but as she heads for her locker he finds himself going that way too.

“I think it might be time for you to clean that thing out.”

She’s bent over a mess of books and papers and glances over her shoulder at him and smiles.

“You might be right.” She stands up with a sigh, brushing hair from her face. “I can’t find my history book anywhere.”

He struggles to hold back a laugh, a goofy grin plastered on his face because he knows exactly where her book is.

“You mean this history book?” He opens his bag and pulls it out. “You left it at my house the other day.”

“Oh yeah,” she says, shaking her head at herself and taking the book from him. “Thanks, but you couldn’t have told me this before I tore my locker apart?”

“Well I would’ve but you seemed busy.”

For a second, she doesn’t seem to get what he’s talking about but then realization colors her face.

“Oh.” She shrugs, kneeling down to pick up her stuff. “I guess I was.”

“So, you and Sawyer huh? You two seem to be getting serious.”

She laughs, looking up at him, her eyebrow raised and an amused smile on her face.

“Yeah, you could say that,” she says, stacking books and stray papers in her arms. “It makes sense. We do have a lot in common.”

 He nods, swallowing down what he really wants to say about Sawyer and her relationship with him. Like his mama always says if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. So, he doesn’t. Instead he kneels beside her and helping to collect the rest of her books and papers from the floor.

“Here let me help you with that.” They both get to their feet, each with a pile of books stacked in their arms, hers overwhelming her tiny frame.

“You really need to clean out your locker.” He looks from their stacks of books to the tiny locker. “There’s no way all of this is going to fit back in there.”

“Wanna bet?” She challenges.

She turns to her locker and stuffs her books into it before taking his and doing the same. Somehow it all fits and she closes her locker, a satisfied smile of her face.

“Okay I’m not gonna lie. That was pretty impressive.”

She shrugs.

“What can I say? I’m pretty impressive.”

“Yes, you are,” he says, and he couldn’t agree more. She gives him a small smile before taking off toward their history class and he easily falls into step with her. For a while they walk in a comfortable silence but then he turns to her.

 “So, you know how you’ve been dreading movie night since it’s Zay’s turn to pick? Well I think I finally convinced him to pick something other than The Notebook.”

“Now that’s impressive,” she says with a laugh. “But I actually won’t be there tonight. Sawyer’s taking me to that new art exhibit at the MET.”

His stomach sinks a little but he tries to hide his disappointment behind a smile.

“Cool.” He says. “Very cool.”


Movie night isn’t quite the same without Maya and although Zay doesn’t make them watch The Notebook, he makes them sit through The Longest Ride which for him somehow ends up being worse. He leaves Riley’s house soon after the movie is over and when he makes it to his apartment, he can’t bring himself to go inside. A restlessness is settled in his chest and he knows that if he goes in now he’ll spend the whole night pacing his bedroom floor. So, he keeps walking, wandering further into the city with no idea of where he’s going. Eventually though, he comes up on a familiar window, light peeking out from behind it and he doesn’t think twice about going up to it. He gives a light rhythmic tap like he’s always down and when she answers she’s wearing an old paint stained t-shirt, her hair pulled into a messy ball on top of her head.

“Hey Huckleberry. What brings you here at—“ She glances back at the clock on her wall. “1:27 in the morning?”

“Uh…I was in the neighborhood?”

It’s not completely a lie and even though her eyes narrow in suspicion, her face quickly relaxes into a smile.

“Sure okay,” she says, motioning for him to come inside. She moves to the side, giving him enough room to climb through and when he gets in, he sees the reason for her appearance; an easel set up in the middle of the room, a half-painted canvas propped up against it. He isn’t exactly sure what he’s looking at but there’s something familiar about the way the red and orange swirls in the center of the painting.

“So, why are you really here?” He turns around and she’s still standing near the window, watching him. “Something interrupting your cowboy dreams?”

He tries to get his brain to come up with any other reason for why he’s here than the truth. He can’t exactly say that he couldn’t sleep because he couldn’t stop thinking about her being on a date.

 “No reason,” he finally says. “Just couldn’t sleep I guess.” She doesn’t seem to buy it but she doesn’t push him on it.

“So, how was movie night?” She asks suddenly, and he’s thankful for the change of subject.

“It was good. We didn’t have to watch The Notebook. Zay made us watch The Longest Ride instead,” he says with a tight-lipped smile.

“Hey—“ She gives him a light tap on the arm. “Don’t make that face. I actually like that movie.”

He holds his hands up in surrender.

“Sorry, I didn’t know. Who knew Maya Hart was such a sap?” He laughs and she gives him another tap in the arm, harder this time.

“Oh whatever.” She rolls her eyes, but there’s an unmistakable smile of her face. There’s a moment of silence between them and all he can think about is asking her about her date. A part of him doesn’t want to know but another larger part of him has to.

“So, how was your date?” He asks, before he can talk himself out of it.

“Good.” She nods, moving over to her painting. Her back is turned to him, but he can hear in her voice that something’s bothering her.

“Maya, are you okay? Did something happen on your date that you want to talk about?”

She turns back to him.

“Nothing bad if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s just that me and Sawyer broke up.”

He thought he’d be happy to hear her finally say those words but all he can see is how unhappy she looks and he can’t stand it.

“Why? What did he do?” He asks and can feel himself getting angry at the thought of Sawyer hurting her in anyway.

“He didn’t do anything wrong. He was great. The whole night was great but then he walked me home and when he kissed me you know what I felt?”

Lucas shakes his head; not sure he wants to know.

“Nothing,” she says. “I felt absolutely nothing. And it’s crazy because on paper me and Sawyer make so much sense. We’re so much alike, we care about the same things, see the world in the same way. But it’s just—“

“Not enough?”

“Yeah.” She nods. “Seriously, what’s wrong with me Lucas?” She plops down on her bed. “I keep picking the wrong guys. Sawyer, Josh…” She looks up at him and even though she doesn’t say it, he can hear the you in her pause.

“There’s nothing wrong with you.” He goes and takes a seat next to her on her bed. “You’re great.”

“Yeah well you’re just saying that because you’re my friend.”

“No, I’m saying it because I love you.”

The words come easily, leaving his mouth like it’s the most natural thing in the world. But then he realizes what he’s just said and time stops. It literally stops. He closes his eyes, hoping that if he’s lucky the floor will open up and swallow him whole.

“Did I just say that out loud?” He chances a peek at her and she’s staring at him, wide eyed.

“…you did…” She pauses. “You love me?”

He considers telling her no or that he loves her as a friend, but the way she’s looking at him melts away any resolve he has to save face. He doesn’t have it in him to hide how he feels for a second longer.

“Of course, I do Maya,” he breathes out, turning to face her. “How could I not? You’re the most selfless, bravest, most amazing person I know.”

The surprise on her face fades away into a smile and suddenly she’s on her feet moving over to her painting.

“You know right after he left I started to paint. I was so confused about how I felt and in the process of figuring it out I ended up painting this.”

She motions over to the half-finished painting and he’s more confused than ever about where she’s going with this or why she wants to talk about her painting when he’s just told her he loves her. But then he takes a closer look and he sees what he couldn’t quite put together before.

“The campfire,” he says softly.

She nods. “Yeah, you and me. I realized that I felt more in that moment with you than I ever have with anyone else.”

His heart pounds as he stares back at her and before he knows it, he’s standing in front of her, pulling her closer and he does what he’s wanted to do for so long. He kisses her. Three years of unexpressed feelings pour out into that kiss and when they pull away both are a little breathless. They just stand there for a while, wrapped up in each other’s arms.

“Lucas,” she says softly, staring up at him, her smile easy and content. “By the way, I love you too.”

It’s the most beautiful words he’s ever heard and he pulls her closer to him, wishing that they could stay like this forever. He thinks about the long hard road it took to get here with her but he knows now that it’s exactly where he’s always wants to be.

Exo Reaction to Finding Out Another Member is Their Girlfriend’s Brother

I am going to handle this request a little differently than just pure embarrassment on the part of the members. I hope you don’t mind. 


He was bragging about having sex with her again but this time he could see Chanyeol was starting to get just a tiny bit irritated with him. “I’m talking too much about it, I’m sorry.”

“It’s not that,” Chanyeol said as he crossed his arms and looked at Baekhyun with a raised brow. “She is my sister. Why do you think it was me who introduced her to everyone?” 


How had he not noticed? She was even short like Minseok and they had the same eyes. He had talked so inappropriately in front of his bandmate about her on multiple occasions and now he was slowly starting to understand the wide array of expressions Xiumin would give him when he did.  


“Kai is my brother,” she told him seriously, for the third time. 

Chen continued to laugh as he shook his head. “You look nothing alike.” 

“I’m telling you,” his girlfriend said with a roll of her eyes. “We have the same parents on our birth certificate. Jongin is my brother.” 


“I don’t know why I hid this so long,” his girlfriend said as she twiddled her thumbs, “I guess I was embarrassed.” 

“What?” Kai asked her softly, encouraging her to tell the truth. 

“Jongdae is my brother,” she told him as she pursed her lips. 


“Is that why you’re so tall?” he demanded as he covered his face with his hands, clearly remembering the conversations and pictures he had shown pretty much everyone. Including Tao, her brother. 


“I don’t know exactly why I haven’t told you before now,” his girlfriend said as she looked down at her food in front of her, not touching it. He could see the nerves in her eyes. “Yixing is my brother.”

“I know,” he said with a smile and a nod. “You look so much alike. I figured it out about a week after I met you.” 


“Why do you think it was him that introduced us?” she asked him as she pressed her lips together. 

He was clearly still stuck on the fact that she had said Luhan was her brother. 


This was the fourth time this week he had caught her hanging out with Suho. She laughed with him and they got along so naturally. Luhan knew he was jealous, but just focused on not saying anything. 

That didn’t last long. 

“What?” she asked with widened eyes. “I thought I told you. Suho is my brother.” 

His displeasure did not disappear now that they were both laughing at him. 


“I told you ages ago that Kyungsoo is my brother,” she told him as she raised her brow. 

“I think I would remember that,” he insisted, his tone snarky. “You’re just upset I caught you in a lie.”

“No, Sehun, I told you on our first bubble tea date.” 


He saw the resemblance now that he looked and Sehun seemed to be mortified that the fact that Suho was dating his older sister had come out. Suho laughed and covered his mouth, mentally scolding himself for not seeing it sooner. 


Tao held onto Kris’ shoulder and pointed to his head sassily. “You should have told me she was your sister ages ago. You know way too much now.” 


He tried to recall if she had ever told him Chen was her brother and the longer he thought about it, the more positive he was that she never had. He was sure of it. He just couldn’t figure out why she had never told him, but also found it slightly amusing that he didn’t recognise the resemblance either considering all the time he spent with Jongdae. 


today in the stream I mentioned that I know two guys who look exactly like ransom and holster and I thought I’d post pics in case anyone doubted me. it seriously messed with my head the entire time we were together. they acted like them too, although much more bro and much less charm. they told me the secrets to a good party were good people, lots of alcohol, and super smash brothers + they also explained the drinking game buffalo to me in a way that SCREAMED ransom and holster. the ransom-look-alike also talked for like 20 minutes about how the holster-look-alike basically saved his life and was his best friend. in case you couldn’t tell, there was a lot of alcohol involved…

Harry Styles; Against My Protective Brother

Requested by Anon:

“I don’t understand why you feel it necessary to curl your freakin’ hair.  We’re going to a carnival where it’s going to get blown around and messed up anyways,” my brother Lee complained.  He looked at his phone as he leaned against the bathroom door and waited for me to finish curling my hair.  I twisted the last strand around my straightener and watched as the curl formed and fell to my shoulder.

“I’m done.  See?  That didn’t take long,” I said, turning to face Lee. 

His blue eyes looked me up and down, the left one twitching as he looked at my hair.  I liked to watch his eyes because it was like looking in a mirror.  We looked nearly exactly alike, but with different hair colors.  “You can’t put on longer shorts or something?” He finally asked, running his hand uncomfortably through his blonde bangs.

I groaned.

“Seriously Morgan, you know guys are going to be all over you,” he said, standing up straight and crossing his arms.  I knew he did that just to show me the muscles he thought he had.  He was so stinking protective, which I loved sometimes but hated most times. 

“Uhh… yeah… that’s what I’m aiming for,” I mumbled, pushing past him to get my phone from my room.

“Is that why you curled your hair too?” Lee asked, close on my heels.

“Yes, Lee! I like to look good, okay?? I’m 17 years old and I’ve been single all my life, no thanks to you.”

“That’s really not as old as you think,” Lee said, looking down at me.  He had inherited my dad’s height, standing tall at about 6’1”.  I, on the other hand, inherited my mother’s shortness, only ever reaching 5’4”.  I know that was pretty average for girls, but I still felt short.  I groaned again and stuck my phone into the pocket of my shorts before pushing past Lee to the front hallway.

“Are you coming??” I asked, closing the front door on him.  I heard him swear loudly as he ran into it.

Lee was only a year older than me, but he had his license and I didn’t even have my permit yet.  He drove the two of us to the carnival in the huge field on the side of the highway that ran through our town, parking in the grass just outside of the fence that kept the carnival in one area of the field.  I grinned as I watched the lights of the rides begin to flicker on as the night grew darker.  The lights flashed all different colors.  I walked beside Lee and watched each individual ride, spinning, swirling, bouncing, hypnotizing me…  I glanced around occasionally for the group of Lee’s friends who we were supposed to be meeting.  We found them eating a large funnel cake coated in powdered sugar at one of the tables.

“Lee!” Miguel shouted, jumping up onto the table and then dropping to the ground in front of his best friend.  Lee and Miguel exchanged their “secret” handshake before Lee greeted Lindsay, Craig, and Noah, three of his other close friends.  Lindsay smiled and hugged me hello. “Your hair looks beautiful!” she said, playing with one of my curls. 

Lee rolled his eyes. 

Noah greeted me too, standing behind me and wrapping his arms around my shoulders until Lee glared at him.

“Sorry, man,” Noah apologized, lifting his hands off of me defensively.  When Lee began to talk to Craig, Noah pinched my elbow and winked at me.  I giggled.  I loved being around Lee’s older friends.

“I saw Evan Dorsey and his gang around here a little while ago,” Lindsay told the boys as she pulled the funnel cake toward the two of us and offered me some.  She took a bite herself and tossed her long, blonde ponytail over her shoulder before looking up at the group and waiting for a reaction to her observation.

“Well just keep your distance.  Don’t look for trouble and it won’t come,” Miguel said, running his hand over his short, black facial hair. 

“I hate those guys,” Craig mumbled, pulling off a strip of the funnel cake and sticking the chunk in his mouth.  I glanced into the crowd around us, searching for Evan or one of his “gang” members.  Evan used to be a part of our group until one day when he stole Lee’s favorite signed baseball and sold it for drug money.  I can’t remember who the baseball was signed by, but it was someone famous.  I mean really famous.  When Lee found out what Evan did, he was pissed and nearly killed Evan.  Evan ran off and started a “gang” which made him look and sound tough – but really… he wasn’t at all.  He just played the part.  I hoped we didn’t see him.  Aside from the fact that I knew Lee would lose his mind, I knew Evan had a crush on me because he was constantly trying to touch me or talk to me.  I prayed we didn’t see them.

Craig, Miguel, Lindsay, Lee, and Noah continued to talk about things that happened that week at school.  I listened to parts of the conversation and zoned out of others, watching the rides or cute couples that would walk by.  My heart fluttered when I saw anyone kiss.  I “ooh”ed absent-mindedly as the SlingShot suddenly started about twenty paces away from where we were all seated, releasing a chair with two people in it straight into the sky where the moon and stars were beginning to appear.  My blue eyes sparkled as I watched the seat stretch to it’s full height and then begin to fall back to the Earth.

“I have to ride that,” I blurted, still watching as the ride bounced back up once more and came falling to the Earth again. 

Lee watched the cables attached to the seat as they stretched upward and stretched downward, catching the seat before it could hit the ground.  “Eh… anyone want to ride with Moe?” He asked. 

Ugh, he was such a wuss.  Tough as nails when he was protecting me.  But a total wuss otherwise.  Scared to death of rollercoasters of any kind. 

“Girl, I would totally go with you but I just ate like that whole funnel cake,” Lindsay said, patting her perfectly-flat stomach over her gray tank top.

“Same,” Craig and Noah said simultaneously.

“Hello?” Miguel asked, picking up his cell and turning away from the table. “Mom, are you there?”

I rolled my eyes and stood up.  “I’ll go alone then.”

“What? No,” Lee said, looking back at the ride.

“Leeeee!” I pouted, slapping my sides. He grumbled and stood up reluctantly.

“I’ll freaking go with you then-“ he mumbled, leaving me at the table and walking to the line.  I giggled with excitement and ran after him, dodging people left and right before I caught up to him.  We were almost to the line when I heard a deep “Morgan!” from somewhere in the crowd around us.  I glanced over my shoulder and spotted a red mop of hair that I knew could only belong to Evan.  I shoved Lee into a large group of people and forced him forward into the line before another large group of people got in line behind us. I turned and looked for Evan again but was glad to see that I managed to lose him in the crowd.

“What the hell was that, Moe?” Lee asked, irritated with my pushiness.

“Nothing,” I lied. “Just excited for the ride…”

Lee and I watched each time the SlingShot released the chair into the night sky, Lee wincing with each time the seat fell back to the Earth but was caught and slung upward again.  I got the goose bumps thinking about how the wind would feel on my skin, thinking about how high we were going to be above the rest of the park, just staring upward at the night sky before we fell back down and were slung upward again.  Lee became more and more pale with each step we took toward the front of the line.

“Shit, Morgan-“ He swore when the couple before us stepped onto the platform and sat in the chair to be strapped in.  “Oh god, please don’t make me do this.”

I scoffed. “You’re the one forcing yourself to do it.”

Lee huffed. “Can we please just not do this?" 

I crossed my arms. "I’m doing it with or without you." 

Lee paled again and shook his head.  He put his hands on his knees and hung his head low. "Shit… shit shit shit…." 

“I’ll go with her,” a cool voice interrupted behind me.  The slight accent caught me off-guard. 

“Yes… yes please go with her…” Lee heaved a sigh of relief, but then got choked up again. “Wait, who?  Who is going to go with her?”

Lee and I both turned to look at the tall individual standing behind me in the line.  His brown hair curled around his face and his green eyes were lit up like the lights of the rides around us.  I was instantly mesmerized.  He was taller than Lee by a few inches, but that didn’t stop Lee from sizing the stranger up.

“Look buddy,” Lee said through his teeth, his face reddening as he puffed out his chest. “She’s not doing anything or going anywhere with you.”

The couple in front of us screeched as the chair was flung into the air.  Lee’s chest deflated and the blood rushed from his face.  I giggled when he gulped.

“Shit,” he sighed under his breath.  The stranger had his hands shoved in the pockets of his black jeans and a peach tank top on.  His hair was secured back with a black scarf.  It was messy… but a really sexy messy. He looked like he could be no older than 19.  He watched my brother patiently, an honest look in his face as though he was seriously just trying to help Lee out of a situation he didn’t want to be in.  Lee was too dense for that though.  All he saw was that I was a “little girl” and the stranger was a guy.  For Lee, that was enough reason to hide me away from the guy forever.

As the couple on the ride squealed again, Lee turned green.  “Okay.  Okay, please go with her.”  He started to slip under the chain that blocked off the line.  He ducked under it, stood up and spun around quickly, and grabbed the stranger by his loose shirt. “Look man, any funny business with my little sister and I will kill you.  Got it?”

The stranger chewed the inside of his lip as though he was bored but nodded. “Yeah okay.  Whatever you say…”


“Lee,” the stranger repeated. “I’m Harry.”  He stuck out his large hand to Lee, who shook it hesitantly.

Finally, Harry turned to me. “And you are?”

I grinned. “Moe.”

“Moe,” Harry repeated again, shaking my hand.  When the handshake became too long for Lee’s liking, he growled.  I frowned at Lee and turned to face the carnival worker who was ready to take us to the ride.

“Ready?” Harry whispered to me, his body lining up behind mine.  I nodded and bounced excitedly.

We were led to the chair where another carnival worker strapped the two of us in.  We sat side by side in the giant seat.

“So your brother-“

“Scared of rollercoasters,” I said.

“I could tell,” Harry replied, watching the man buckle him in.  As the man moved to my buckle, Harry studied me, his green eyes scanning me intently. “But you?”

I grinned at him. “Let’s just say if I could ride roller coasters for a living, I would.”

Harry laughed. “Same.”

Finally, the seat began to tilt backwards.  I gripped the handles on my chair tightly as I was laid back beside Harry. I couldn’t control my smile as we faced the stars above us, waiting for the ride to let loose and sling us toward outer space.  I tilted my head back and could see Lee standing at the exit of the ride watching Harry and I, his eyes searching for any reason to give Harry an ass-kicking when we got off the ride. 

"I like your curls,” Harry said, staring straight up at the sky.  

I grinned to myself. “I like yours.  You better hold on to that scarf on your head,” I said, looking sideways at Harry. 

He chuckled and turned his head to look at me too. “It won’t come off.  Even if it does, I have a million more at home.”

His smile was so warm.  I couldn’t look away from him and he didn’t try to look away from me.  Shit, just go already, I urged the ride silently.  Harry must have recognized that he was making me nervous because he asked, “Moe? Do you want to hold my hand?”

I don’t know why I did it.  Well actually, that’s a lie.  Of course I wanted to hold his hand.

I allowed Harry’s long fingers to curl around mine and squeeze, and just as I heard Lee lose his mind from the ground behind us, the ride took off.

My stomach was doing flips, but not because I was flying through the air on a seat attached to a bungee cord.  It was because of this handsome guy beside me.  Where did he come from? I had never seen him around here before.  Did he usually take girls on rides and ask to hold their hands?  Was this a trick?  I could hear my brother screaming at us every time we neared the ground, but then we would spring up into the air again and it was just me and Harry.  The sky looked so cool from that high up in the air.  I dared to look at Harry one point, giddy to see that he was admiring the stars and sky around us as well.  His grip on my hand hadn’t loosened at all.

We both laughed breathlessly as the ride stopped bouncing and the bungee cords slowly lowered the seat down to the platform.  It was over too soon.  The seat shifted upright and Harry and I waited for the carnival worker to unbuckle us from our seats, giggling at each other’s wind-blown hair. 

“Is my headscarf still on?” Harry asked, crossing his eyes to try and see his head.   I laughed and nodded.

“You’ll be happy to know it’s still there.”

When we exited the ride, Lee was the first person to greet us.  He was fuming, partially because we were still holding hands.  I hadn’t noticed.

“What the fuck are you trying to do to my sister?” He asked Harry, getting up in his face and spitting on the ground in front of Harry.  Harry frowned and looked at me.  I rolled my eyes and shrugged.

“Mate, we just went on the ride together.  Like you agreed to…”

Lee turned a deeper shade of red and pulled me away from Harry. “Look, mate, I appreciate that but you can leave-“

Suddenly, someone grabbed my free hand and dragged me away from Lee’s grip.

“Morgan, you’re looking stunning, as always…” Evan said before kissing my hand.  His gang of brainless gorillas behind him snickered.  I tried to yank my hand away but Evan pulled me to him and tucked me under his arm before looking at Lee and Harry. “I can take her from here, gentlemen,” he chuckled, slapping my butt hard.  I winced.  I saw Lee tense up, which I was expecting.  His jaw clenched as he watched his arch-enemy groping me.  The thing that surprised me the most though was that Harry tensed up too.

I punched Evan in the side. “Let me go-“ I grunted, struggling to get away from him.  He allowed for me to escape his grasp for just a moment but then snatched my hand and yanked me back into his body again, hugging my head to his chest.  This was a game to him.  He smelled like he hadn’t showered in days.

Lee stepped toward Evan. “Let her go, you bastard,” he said through gritted teeth.

Evan seemed scared for a split second until three of the guys from his “gang” stepped in front of him to protect him.  I groaned and tried to push Evan away again. “Baby,” he said to me, clutching my shoulders tightly and not letting me get away from him. “Don’t squirm, okay? I’m trying to do business.” He pressed his dry lips against my forehead.  I grunted and punched his chest again, but he ignored me. 

Of the two boys watching me struggle, I would have thought Lee would be the first to break, but to my surprise, it was Harry who threw the first punch.  With one, swift hit to the gut, he sent the first gang member to the ground and had grabbed a second by the collar or his dirty shirt before my brother had even taken the third gang member out.  Either way, two from the gang were curled up on the ground and the third was shaking in Harry’s fists within the minute.  Evan’s grip hadn’t loosened on me, but I could tell his cocky confidence was wavering.

“Let my sister go,” Lee said, taking a step toward the two of us.  People in the crowd surrounding us were beginning to stare.  The guy in Harry’s hands began to struggle and tried to fight back, but once again, a swift punch in the gut sent him to the ground.  Harry stepped over the groaning body and stood beside Lee in front of Evan.

“Didn’t anyone ever teach you to respect women?” Harry asked smoothly. 

“Who the fuck are you?” Evan asked, backing up defensively and moving me in front of him like a shield.  To be honest, I was thinking the same thing.  Who was this Harry?  He was amazing.

Harry’s eyes flickered to mine.  He looked so sincerely concerned for me.  I glanced down at his hand hanging beside Lee’s, both of the boys with their fingers curled tightly into fists.  Evan chuckled and pressed the front of his body against my back, allowing me to feel all of his body parts.  Normally, I would have been disgusted, but this time I was thankful he did that.  I knew exactly what body part to aim for when I quickly swung my fist downward into him.  He let go of me instantly and instead clutched his privates while he sunk to the ground.  “You BITCH-“ He yelled, earning us much more attention from the surrounding crowd.  Lee rushed up beside me and delivered a direct hit to Evan’s face.  Before Evan could fall to the left of me and hit the ground, Harry caught him and punched him again, causing him to fall to the right instead. 

Evan whimpered when Lee spit on him and started to shout profanity down at him.  Harry wrapped his body around mine and led me to the tables where Craig, Lindsay, Noah, and Miguel happened to be sitting watching the whole thing.  “Are you okay?” Harry asked, forcing me to sit at a bench and crouching down in front of me to look at my face.  I nodded and looked at him, his green eyes wild with energy. 

“Unfortunately that’s not the first time that’s happened…” I said.  Harry frowned and looked over where my brother was still screaming at Evan.

“Well it’ll be the last.  I promise.”

When I giggled, Harry looked offended.  He fell back onto his bum in front of me and looked up at me like a little boy.

“I mean, that’s just a heck of a promise coming from a stranger…” I said quietly, suddenly feeling bad.

Harry’s small pout turned back into a warm smile. “We’re not strangers.  We held hands on the SlingShot.”

At that point, Lee was done screaming at Evan and had returned to my side.  He was moving my head all different directions and looking at my legs for scratches or bruises. “Are you okay? What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

I swatted his hands away.

“She’s fine, I already asked,” Harry said, standing up and sticking his hands back in his pockets.  He grinned down at me.  Lee shifted uncomfortably as he looked at me and then at Harry. 

“Did you even know that guy?” Lee finally asked Harry, referring to Evan.

Harry shook his head, his curls swinging across his face as he did. “Nope.”

Lee shifted again and looked back to me like I knew something he didn’t. “Well why did you beat him up then?” He asked.  

“I was raised by women,” Harry laughed. “I can’t stand a bastard who treats women like shit.”

Lee was frowning hard.  I had never seen him look so puzzled in my life.  He glanced up at the table where his friends were and then blinked back down at me before clearing his throat. “Well I suppose you two would want to go on more rides, yeah?”

Harry laughed. “You don’t want to go on just one with us?” He asked.  I couldn’t help but giggle.  That was the same thing I always asked Lee.  Every single time.

“Nah, I just come to carnivals for the food,” Lee said, landing his eyes on a corndog stand nearby.  Harry’s eyes met mine and arched as a smile spread across his face.

“Wanna take off?” He asked. 

I looked at Lee. 

Lee’s face softened and he shrugged.

I squealed and hugged Lee tightly before following Harry into the crowd of people and off toward another ride. Behind me, I heard Lee swear again and say, “Just text me in 5 minutes okay? And then call me in twenty!! Dammit Moe, do you hear me??”

I heard him.  But I was too focused on that curly-headed angel in front of me.  Harry looked back at me and smiled, extending his hand out to me.  I gladly took it and grinned back at him. He pulled me through the people to one of the larger spinning attractions called the Hurler.  His eyes twinkled as he watched the cars spin around, and finally he grinned down at me.

“Ready to go lose your mind?” 

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How would the boys react if they found out the reason he never met your family is because your two sisters are die hard, hard core bts fans (like know all the lyrics,dances,like even personal stuff)

Jin : “at least I’m sure they’d compliment my dancing unlike SOME people here” judging stare

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Yoongi : would take this really seriously and prepare a speed quizz about him for the day he will meet them “they better live up to my expectations”

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Hoseok : “do you know how much fun we could all have together !?I want to meet them ~~~~~~~”

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Namjoon : “and if you tell them I’m just a look alike ?” proud of his idea

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Jimin doesn’t see where the problem is

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Taehyung : I feel so honored !”

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Jungkook : “of course they stan me us ! how couldn’t they ?”

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Anna this is bad 

I really hate when people theorize about my non existent biracial children. “your kids will be so cute! omg maybe they’ll have blue eyes! and you know they’ll have such great hair!” cause all biracial kids look alike? they all have “light eyes” and “good hair?” what if my kid is dark skinned with kinky hair? what if we adopt? will they be “so cute?” or are biracial kids only cute when they fit some narrow definition of multi racial? we’re talking about human beings, not designer dogs. this shit isn’t flattering or cute. like. please don’t fetishize children that don’t even exist yet.

seriously this shit makes me so mad. but also really sad. this idea that whiteness or partial whiteness is better is really disgusting. and I really hate that people assume I buy into that because my husband is white. I don’t. take that mess elsewhere

IF we have kids (seriously get out of my uterus) they’ll be cute because kids are cute, not because they’re biracial. uuuugh.

I’ve decided to make a video about this but I’m struggling with how to do it. this topic is still difficult for me, especially since there are corners of the Internet dedicated to policing my relationship & my blackness. I swear I can’t fucking win.

me on a date
  • me: so do you think chris motionless and kuza look alike?
  • him: yeah but I think people should stop pointing it out so much because it gets annoying to chris and kuza
  • me, leaving the breadsticks on the table: ...continue

1. Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azealea and Nicki Minaj among others have extremely elaborate (and expensive) โ€œbootyโ€ videos out today. Herโ€™s was shot in an apartment. No crazy lighting. Her own wardrobe. Her own weave.

External image

2. Every female from age 2-100 is, is planning to or has contemplated learning the choreography. SMACK IT, SMACK IT IN THE AIR.

3. The mess in her bedroom/bathroom? GWORL, ME TOO! Likeโ€ฆshe was probably getting dressed to buy Blue some Pull-Ups or something but she didnโ€™t want to wake up, so she turned the music up, called the girls over and made a music video to #BreakTheInternet.

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Magi 227

Now that Solomon is king and has Magi, and we know who’s going to betray him (just look at the outfit! And the hair! Kinda simple, I think… Unless Ohtaka is being a troll again) and the war against Elder David is starting, there’s a new question bothering me:


Seriously guys, let’s talk about it… Maybe IT’s just me, but I think they’re completely alike and this is kinda creepy… Ok, Sinbad is not a good character like Alibaba or Aladdin could be, but he’s not even bad and David… Gosh, David is like an old Sinbad indeed! He’s just… They’re just… WHY!?