seriously watch this speech


I now have a head canon where the Archeron sisters all make up and get super close after the war. And when Feyre and Rhys get the wedding they deserve, Nesta and Elain give a bridesmaid speech like this.

(But seriously. Everyone needs to watch this cause it’s AMAZING)

TCA 2014

So I finally wrote a thing. It’s not very long and the ending is super cheesy, but it popped into my head so I wrote it down. I dunno. It’s nothing epic, but Z won her style icon award at the TCAs tonight and it’s late and just… yeah. Here ya go.

I’m putting it under my drabbles/answered prompts because it’s pretty much that- drabble. Yay.

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Absolutely amazing. This gets me through exercising, revision, work when I want to give up. Seriously listen/watch this, absolutely amazing. Full of positive and inspiring quotes from speeches, films etc


NCECA 2015: Providence, Rhode Island.

Emerging Artist: Roberto Lugo

If you were unable to make it to NCECA or missed this, stop what you’re doing, and watch this. Roberto Lugo’s emerging artist speech is seriously worth your time. An amazing artist and human being.


Emma Thompson’s entire acceptance speech. Watch it, seriously. 

Also I apologise for the little EmmaSpam that seems to be occurring on my blog right now. I’m not that sorry though.