seriously watch that video you guys

…I had a day pretty recently where I spent the whole day playing video games to avoid crippling depression from sneaking up on me. And I felt pretty guilty about it, because … well… You know the stereotype. Fat, unwashed loser in his mum’s basement who plays video games instead of having a Real Life. No one wants to be that guy. 

But then I thought about it for a minute. And I realised- playing video games (or reading, or watching movies/shows, or engaging with any kind of art really) keeps artists alive.

Like, seriously, if no one played video games, a lot of artists, writers, and programmers would be out of work. If no one watched TV, there’d be a lot of actors, writers, designers, props managers, and so on who just didn’t have anything to do anymore. If no one read books, novelists (like me!) would have to find something else to do.

…so, like… even if all you can do is lie in bed and play Pokemon, you’re doing something good for the world. You’re helping people be able to make good art.

These are listed in no specific order! The following channels have seriously helped me better understand biological concepts and get great grades :) Enjoy!

CrashCourse (Biology)

Suitable for: Honors, AP

If you’ve been on youtube to find educational videos, especially if taking an AP course, you’ve most probably come across CrashCourse. Run by John Green (yup, the guy who wrote tfios), his brother Hank Green, and a couple of other teachers, CrashCourse is an amazing channel full of beautifully animated videos that illustrate concepts ranging from the Ancient Roman’s to the moon. In particular, their Biology videos, featuring Hank Green, are my go to videos for biology. I watch videos regarding topics we’re going to cover in class as soon as I find out what our next unit covers. All around a great, entertaining way to learn biology!

Rate: 10/10

Bozeman Science

Suitable for: Regular, Honors and AP

I first found out about the Bozeman Science channel run by Mr. Andersen in my Honors Bio class. It’s a great way to get informed about biology, as well as a superb way to learn examples of different concepts. He’s a solid teacher!

Rate: 8/10

Khan Academy (Biology)

Suitable for: Honors, AP

I’ve known about Khan Academy since the fourth grade, but didn’t know that he covered biology until August this year! He has really informative videos, so if you’re in an Honors class and want extra detail, or in an AP class, this channel is perfect for you!

Rate: 9/10

MocomiKids (Biology)

Suitable for: Regular, General understanding for Honors and AP

These videos are perfect for students in the regular biology course. The videos are informative and help to consolidate ideas. I find these videos to be good in studying for Honors Biology because they give me a general idea as to what a concept is, and from then I can get all the small details. 

Rate: 8/10

Great Pacific Media (Biology)

Suitable for: Regular, Honors and AP

I actually just found out about this channel, and I’m so glad I did. It has specified videos on basically every biological concept. Every one. It’s a splendid resource to use when you have specific concepts that you need to fine tune and nail down before a test.

Rate: 9/10

just watched Glitchtale from Camila Cuevas 
OMG guys just check it out! the animation and the story is seriously awesome!
the battle scenes tho! ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ 


my personal favorite is Yet Darker (ep. 2) and Your Best Friend (ep. 4

so have some Glitchtale! ヽ(´ω`○)ノ.+゚*。:゚+

(if you watch it start from the first ep. Megalomaniac!) 


ClexaCon photos and stories, grouped by fandom.  Wayhaught!

I know you don’t want all my words ruining the pretty, so I’ll post the panel photos separate…after every one of you have read this post…; )  
Guys, I can’t say enough about these three women. Just by watching the videos from their panel, even looking through my photos, you can see how very much they care about their characters, their fans, and each other and how seriously they take representing queer stories.  

Dom. I was absolutely captivated by Dom.  The only chance I had to talk to her much was at the Cocktails for Change event. I offered to stand in line to get her a drink so she could go socialize…she was NOT having it, she made it very clear (to me and every one else who offered) that there was no reason for her not to wait for her own damn drink. After a bit of small talk (and after a few drinks on my part, blame Mandy Musgrave for giving me her drink tickets)  I had worked up the courage to ask her old she was (while pointing out that she has no obligation to answer random rude questions) I even told her that I was especially curious because Dom seems a good bit older than Waverly. She told me to guess. It’s especially tricky to guess the age of someone in their 20s because there is the possibility of offending if you guess too high or too low. Luckily I correctly guessed 26 (27 in the coming weeks I think). Then my socially inept ass (I mentioned the whiskey right?) blurts out “oh good, 25 is my cut-off”.  Doh! There was no taking that back, so I just explained that I refuse to be attracted to anyone under 25, so I was cool with having a crush on Dom, but not on Waverly. So anyway…beware of the risks of putting gorgeous women who play gay in a room with a bunch of fan girls and giving them alcohol.

Kat and her dimples. Kat just has this incredible warmth about her, no matter who was talking to her, or what nonsense they were going on about, she always seemed genuinely interested. Every interaction I saw between her and a fan looked like the person felt heard. She seemed to establish an honest connection with everyone she met.  The couple of chats I had with her all immediately became deep heart to heart convos. She honestly cares so much about everyone she comes in contact with.

Emily Andras, I’ve said about 1000 different ways and on every blogging and social media site there is what I think of Emily over the last few weeks. The large majority of my weekend was spend by Emily’s side (as a  volunteer asked to be there, not because I’m a stalker), and I can assure you, every wonderful thing that we think about Emily is true. She’s painfully  humble (I said painful because when someone you admire that much is so self-deprecating, it’s tempting to want to shake them until they see what you see)  and attempts to deflect any praise she’s given toward her cast and crew. She is fiercely protective her cast, I don’t know why anyone would, but if you fuck with her cast, you’re not going to know what hit you. And her commitment to telling stories that represent the queer community in a positive way, that tell everyone that women can be heroes, and to making sure that girls know that they can be the boss in an industry that is still a boys club, her commitment is unmatched.

So…that’s a glimpse into what it was like to spend some time with these awesome people. If you have a few minutes to spare and want to make me feel good about myself (ok, maybe not GOOD, but better), please read this thing I wrote about how my interactions at ClexaCon completed at 16 year long journey from self-loathing gay teen to someone who loves everything about being queer.  

When I get a boyfriend, I don’t want us to be kissing all day. I want a relationship where we can just sit back and relax on the couch playing video games or watching an old movie or eating popcorn together. It doesn’t have to be perfect. No one and nothing is perfect. I just want someone who will make me smile so big that my cheeks hurt or make me laugh until my stomach hurts too much. Someone who I can be around with whether I’m donning my pajamas or random home-wear or an elegant and fancy dress. Someone who makes me feel so lightheaded and carefree that I can’t even think of anything that bothers me. Someone who can make me forget all my problems with just one smile or one cute little thing.
—  a pensive girl feeling lost in her thoughts

hi my name is noot and i watch anime while intensely sick and unable move

here’s some hot takes for you

drifters: drifters is anime about historical figures getting sent to to an alternate reality, with elves and magic and shit. it’s by the guy what did hellsing. you will spend the entire time entranced by gore and excited by good fight tactics and good op, but also incredibly upset that there’s only two historical lady figures. where my ladies at, hirano. where are you hiding them.

izetta: izetta: the last witch is anime about a cute girl who flies around on a sniper rifle, and her girlfriend, the archduchess of austria. Together They Fight The Nazis. it is good balance of war epic, spy thriller, and cute girls. you will spend much of your time hoping sweet darling baby izetta doesn’t get hurt and also gives princess the smooch.

yuri!!! on ice: yuri!!! on ice is anime about yuri, who beefed his skating career. then he made a viral video and his idol becomes his coach, also boyfriend. other yuri is young and russian and mad and wants to fight our sweet boy yuri. mens figure skating is a sport about appealing to the female gaze for points. you will spend much time cheering for all the skaters and wondering if yuri will kiss the boys. he does.

bbk/brnk: bubuki/buranki is anime that asks what if we took eureka seven, but gave the main character even less personality and worse design than everyone else. also cg, but The Good CG. you will spend the entire time wondering when it will focus on those other characters again, so you can go back to trying to enjoy the show.

flip flappers: flip flappers is anime about girl named cocona who goes on adventures with a girl named papika in a dreamland called pure illusion to collect fragments that will grant wishes if they get all of them. there are secret organizations, lisa frank aesthetic, and a story that just seems to run with it. you will want to spend time asking where it’s going, but can’t because you are having Too Much Fun.

i don’t remember what else i watched cause i was hopped up on A Lot of advil but tell me an anime you want me to watch, and i will give you the hot takes
Colours of the Emotional Roadshow - Twenty One Pilots (Alexandra Palace 11.11.16) - YouTube
PLEASE READ: '"I see a whole room of these mutant kids ". After seeing Josh and Tyler perform their 'Emotional Roadshow' in Alexandra Palace on the 11th ...

I saw Twenty One Pilots at Alexandra Palace on 11.11.16, and was blown away. Not only by Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph, but also by the clique. You guys seriously taught me a lot. 

This is just a little video to hopefully try and capture the build up to a Twenty One Pilots concert, but also I hope it captures a little bit of the spirit and kindness and brilliance of the clique that I experienced on this day.

If you could share this, that would be magical. You’re all amazing. Thank you for watching and taking the time to read this. |-/

Screenshots from THIS WAS A BAD IDEA | True Or False #4! :D

I learned one big thing about Sean in this video guys… His face is still super expressive even with 7 clothes pins on his face, WHAT THE FUCK?! xD 

Okay but in all seriousness though I had so much fun with this video. xD Yes I was having a semi sick enjoyment out of Sean causing himself pain with adorable tiny Santa clothes pins. :P 

This is my life right now guys! This is what I did with part of my day today is watch and screenshot some silly green haired potato stick clothes pins on his face! But you know what? I enjoyed every moment of it! ;D 
Like I said before I had so much with this video I loved it. Haha! :) 

Also thanks to this game and video I figured out that my eye color is the rarest eye color around the world. Which is pretty frigan cool! Yay for having green eyes! :D 


Just wow. Jack, Robin. You guys have blown my mind. What an incredible journey from start to finish. You guys are seriously mad geniuses. I’ve love love loved being able to watch all the videos associated with Anti. I loved that I had to make sure I kept my eye out for any clues or tricks so I didn’t miss them. I really feel like I just watched professionals put together a short horror skit from start to huge amazing finish. I am so incredibly thankful for the two of you. Always working your hardest day in and day out and also taking an idea from the community and literally running away with it. I just can’t say enough good things about all of your hard work. Thank you guys for everything. You’ve made this crazy Halloween obsessed chick incredibly happy all month long! Xoxo

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Guys, seriously, check this guy out. If you saw the post I reblogged yesterday, you know this dude is gonna binge watch all BAP MVs after having discovered them through Skydive.

He saw Warrior and Power before this one, and he’s saying some amazing things during No Mercy. Him saying he’s familiar with BTS from earlier makes me especially happy to see how impressed he is by these guys, screaming things like “these guys are legit!” and “this is so dope!” He looks about to cry during Jongup’s break dance scene tbh.

Just go watch & like his videos. They’re really funny. He’s trying really hard to learn the members’ names so go help him out. Welcome him to the fandom.

Have you guys watched these old Danger Days transmissions videos? I don’t even remember seeing half of these, but apparently they were all on MCR’s website at some point. There’s some seriously weird and eerie stuff there, akin to the old Twitter accounts. Definitely worth a watch. It gives you a glimpse into what DD was like at the very beginning.


SCREAM | My Friends Are Heathens 

You guys should really watch this video because not only does it have one of my favorite bands and favorite tv show rolled into one but it’s seriously epic and the lyrics go really well with the plot of scream. 

 Creds to P. Parker on youtube
shy artsy boy

requested? yaaaa


warnings: fluff, mushy, smolness, yada yada, etc.

Y/N’s POV:

It was the first day at a new school and it’s absolutely terrible so far. I couldn’t really make any friends and I felt super lonely. Not to mention I tripped and fell in front of a really cute guy who I bet was on the football team.

I was in history and I was seriously dreading it. I just wanted to go home. We were forced to watch some long video about the WWII and take notes while we watched it. I don’t really learn from watching videos. I prefer reading about it. But you know I have to deal with it.

I glanced at the kid to my left and he was fast asleep. I understood why. It’s sort of dark in here, the video is boring as hell, and I’m super tired. I glanced at the kid to my right and he was cute as far as I could tell. I looked down at his paper and saw he was drawing something on his paper but I couldn’t see what it was.

Then the video was over and the teacher flipped the lights on. The bell soon rang and everyone swarmed the door. I gathered my things and put them in my backpack. I stood up to start walking out but the kid next to me dropped his notebook in front of his desk.

Papers scattered everywhere. They were all drawings. I bent down and helped him pick up the drawings. I observed each of them. He certainly had talent. I found myself looking at one of a tree. A boy who wore sort of raggy clothes sat under it. He had his head tucked into his knees. Another boy with a cloak stood in front of him. Water surrounded the tree.

I realized that I was looking for too long and blinked a few times. I looked up at him. When I saw him he was cute. His hair is chestnut and his eyes are a beautiful green.

“These are really nice drawings.” I said looking down at the papers I held then flickering them back up to him.

He looked over at me.

“Thanks.” he said smiling shyly.

He had a British accent. It made him a lot cuter.

“I’m Y/N.”

He was silent for a moment. He seemed a bit hesitant.

“Robbie, it’s nice to meet you Y/N.”

He helped me stand up. He was a little taller than me. I handed him the papers and he put them back in his notebook.

“I should go uh… to my next class…” he said.


Then he smiled before turned and walking out of the class. I sighed and scratched the back of my neck. I smiled to myself before walking out of the room.

5 days later

It was lunch and didn’t know where to sit since I hadn’t made any friends yet. Yes, I still haven’t made a single friend yet I know, sad. I mean I only talked to Robbie a little during history but it wasn’t a lot. I don’t know if were considered friends yet.

I looked around the cafeteria and to my luck I saw a table. A person sat there. They had a paper in front of them and an apple in one hand and a pencil in the other. As I walked a little closer I saw it was Robbie. I walked up to the table and looked down at him.

“Could I sit here?” I asked shyly.

He looked up at me and smiled.

“Yeah, of course.”

I smiled and sat down in front of him. I took out my sandwich and put my lunch bag back in my backpack.

“So what are you doing?”

“Just uh drawing.” he said looking at me.

“Cool.” I said looking at the paper.

He was drawing a dragon eye. It was so detailed and you could see the scales and everything.

“You know you are a really amazing drawer.”


I looked at him as he went back to his drawing.

“So do you just draw or do you paint also?”

“Yeah I paint.”

“You are one artsy dude.” I chuckled.

He kept drawing for a second then looked back up at me. He put his pencil down.

“So what do you do?” he said resting his arms on the table and leaning forward.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Like… hobbies.”

“Oh. Well… I kind of write a little. And I like to read. I also like video editing.” I shrugged.

“Oh that’s cool.”

“I guess. But it’s not as cool as you’re drawings.”

He paused and looked down at the paper then me.

“Can I show you something?” he asked putting his things away.

“Yeah. What is it?”

“Something. But we have to leave if you want to see it.” he said standing up.

I looked up at him hesitantly.

“What if we get caught leaving?”

“They don’t care what we do at lunch as long as we’re on campus.”

“Oh… okay.” I shrugged.

I stood up and stood next to him. He guided me out of the cafeteria and through the halls. Occasionally we’d see a few people walk past us. I also saw one kid sitting on the floor reading a book. It was sort of peaceful in the hallways during lunch.

“So where exactly are we going?” I asked as we approached a door.

“The art room.” he said as he opened the door and held it open for me.

“Thank you.” I smiled as I stepped in and saw the art room.

No one was here. The light came in from the windows near the back of the room. Soon the lights flickered on. There were multiple tables with chairs around them. There were little buckets of art supplies at each table. Numbers hung from the ceilings indicating the table number. There was a ton of artwork everywhere. Robbie quietly closed the door and stood next to me.

“So why exactly are we in the art room?”

“I come here everyday after school. I have a lot of my best works here. I-I mean if you’d want to see them.” he stuttered.

“Of course, I’d love to.”

He gently took my hand and guided me to a little corner. There were a bunch of paintings and drawings scattered on the wall and a small table. An easel and a chair sat in front of a window.

“Mrs. Green gave me my own little corner of her room.” he said letting go of my hand and walking toward the table. “I came here all the time and she liked me a lot so she figured I could take my own little corner of her room that she never uses.”

“That’s nice of her.” I smiled then looked at all the artwork on the wall.

“Yeah. Although my dad doesn’t really like the fact that I’m into art. He wishes I was into football like him but I just don’t like sports very much… He wanted me to try out for the high school team so he could coach me but I didn’t want to.”

“Oh I’m so sorry, Robbie.” I said looking back at him.

He turned and faced me with a picture in his hands.

“It’s fine.” he said looking at me then down at the picture. “But anyways, this is one of my favorite pieces I’ve made.”

He handed me the gigantic paper. I looked down at it. It was a water color painting. There was a boy and a girl. They sat in front of a lake that was surrounded by trees. The girl leaned her head on the boys shoulder as he wrapped his arm around her. The sun was setting so the sky was an orange-pink.

“This is beautiful.” I said looking up at him.

“Thanks.” he smiled.

I continued to look at the picture looking at the details.

“So where’d you move here from?”

“Hm?” I asked looking at him.

“Where’d you move here from?”

“Oh, Denver, Colorado.”

“That’s a bit far.”

“Yeah, my dad was promoted so we had to move.”


Then I noticed there were some photos on the table. I handed him his painting back and walked over to where I saw the photos. There was a black and white one with a bunch of palm trees. I picked it up then looked at Robbie.

“I didn’t know you were a photographer.” I said looking at him.

“Yeah. I’m into photography too. Another thing my dad doesn’t approve of.” he said as he rubbed the back of his neck. “But now that you’ve seen my stuff I’m going to have to see yours.”

I sighed with a small laugh.

“Well I can’t show you now… I don’t have my computer.” I said with a giggle.

“One day I’ll see it.” he said with a mischievous grin. “You’re showing me your awesome stories and video stuff one day.”

“Oh boy.” I chuckled scratching the back of my head.

“Robbie is that you?” a voice said.

I turned and saw a women who I am assuming was Mrs. Green.

“Yeah it’s me.” he said casually looking at his photos.

“Who’s this Robbie?” she asked teasingly.

“Oh, this is Y/N.” he said turning around and smiling.

“Nice to meet you Y/N, I’m Mrs. Green.”

“Yeah Robbie told me about you.” I said as we shook hands.

“So what are you doing in here instead of being at lunch Mr. Kay.”

“You know I don’t like lunch.” Robbie chuckled. “But I was also showing Y/N some of my stuff.”

“Well alright, I’ll be in the teacher lounge.” she said grabbing a lunch box from her desk and heading out of the room.

“Okay.” he said as the door closed.

Then silence filled the room for a moment. I looked at Robbie and he was already looking at me.

“So any other masterpieces of yours you want to show me?” I asked getting rid of the silence.

“Oh I have plenty.” he chuckled as guided me to another part of his little corner.

He showed me all kinds of drawings and paintings. He wanted me to try to create something but I didn’t want to.

“Come on. You can do it.”

“I’m not artistic.” I laughed as he guided me toward an empty canvas.

“Well you don’t have to be perfect at it. Just try.” he said handing me a paint brush with a little bit of green paint on it.

I turned toward him.

“Robbie–” I laughed.

“Just try.” he laughed.

I looked at the paint brush then him. I wiped the paint of his cheek and ran away from the canvas. I looked back at him and he narrowed his eyes.

“Oh it’s on!” he said and chased after me with blue paint.

I ran behind a table and he stood at the other side. He ran around the table and wiped the paint on my cheek. I got his forehead and he got my nose. We chased each other around the room for about 10 minutes. Mrs. Green walked in and neither of us noticed.

“Robbie? Y/N? What are you doing?” she asked raising her voice over our laughter.

We turned and faced her. That was when all the laugher turned to silence once again.

“Are you having a paint war?” she asked.


“I am so sorry Mrs. Green I was just messing around and then we just started to–” I was saying when she cut me off.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s okay. Now go clean up.” she chuckled.

We put our paint down and walked toward the sinks. I helped him get the paint off of his face and he helped me. As I was wiping his face I couldn’t help but stare at him for a moment. We looked into each other’s eyes.

“Did you get it all?” he asked flashing me back to reality.

“I– uh… yeah.” I said wiping his nose one last time before turning to throw away the paper towel.

I turned back toward him.

“Is there any still on my face?”

“Yeah, just on your cheek.” he said and gently wiped the paint away.

He softly smiled down at me. I returned the soft smile.

“You two cleaned up? The bell is going to ring in a minute.” Mrs Green asked as she put the paint back in the corner.

“Almost.” Robbie said.

“Well hurry up, can’t be late for your next class.” she said.


“Wait Robbie but we are finished.” I whispered.

“No, we’re not.” he said.

I tilted my head in confusion. He cupped my cheeks with his hands and pressed his lips upon mine. Shocked by his actions I remain frozen for a moment then I kissed him back. We pulled away from each other and made direct eye contact. I blushed as Mrs. Green walked over to us.

“You ready now?” she asked.

“Yeah.” Robbie said looking back at her.

Then we both walked away from the sinks and sat in chairs until the bell rung. When it did we stood up and walked out of the room.

“Robbie, what was that kiss for??” I asked looking over at him.

“I don’t know. I guess I haven’t felt this way toward anyone before.” he stopped for a moment since the halls weren’t full of people yet. “When I saw you in history class when I dropped my papers I wanted to talk to you but I was too nervous because you were just so beautiful and you seemed kind and sweet and all things good.” he paused. “I know that we haven’t known each other long, but I feel like you’ve known me forever… and that feels… really good.” he said looking down at me.

I smiled at his words. I felt a special connection to him too. I haven’t ever really had a friend like him. I felt happy when I was around him.

“Robbie. That’s so sweet. I don’t know what to say. I mean I feel–” he cut me off by hugging me.

“You don’t have to say anything.” he said resting his chin on my head.

“I feel the same way Robbie. I just don’t know how I could say it like the way you did.” I chuckled.

Then people started to fill the halls. We let go of each other. We then continued to walk.

“So where are you heading to?”

“Math. Eek.”

“Well I will walk you there.” he said playfully nudging me.

“No Robbie you don’t have too.” I said.

“I insist. Plus it’s not even that far from here.”

“Well okay then…” I shrugged as we continued walking.

We were silent for a minute. We were almost to the class. I wanted to stay and keep talking really bad but the bell was going to ring. Finally Robbie broke the silence.

“I’m sorry if I overwhelmed you with that kiss… I kinda just got caught up in the moment and–”

“Its okay Robbie. Don’t worry about it.”

“Are you sure?” he asked as we walked up to the classroom door.

“Yeah…” I paused.“I had a lot of fun.”

I softly smiled up at him. He opened the door for me and held it.

“I guess we’ll just have to get into another paint war again.” he chuckled.

“Yeah.” I chuckled.

Then I noticed that some people from inside the class and hallway were watching us. The girls were giggling and awing whereas the guys were whistling, clapping silently, or saying ‘AYE! Get 'er Robbie!’.

“I should go…” I said looking at him.

“Yeah.” he said looking around us then at me. “Bye Y/N.” he smiled.

“Bye Robbie.” I said and walked into the blushing.

I sat down at my desk almost like nothing happened. I felt all warm and fuzzy on the inside. People were looking at me and either smirking or smiling.

“Why is everyone looking at me?” I asked.

They all mumbled silently and turned to talk to other people. Class began and all I could think about was Robbie.

To all those who upload Con Videos.


No, like, seriously!!! Thank you so much.
I don’t know you but you guys are awesome and thanks for uploading the panels so we (people who can’t afford to go there or can’t go because it never happens in their country) can watch and enjoy and I really really appreciate that.

I wish I could hug you in real but just sending virtual hug and lots of love.

Stan Talent™

Hey if y'all like kpop (of course you do) and love to laugh then I seriously suggest you watch this group’s new video. It came out today and they have a lot of references and classic kpop tropes. High quality and everything.

It’s already trending #1 on the kpop charts on iTunes, guys, just watch it.
You need to watch it, to experience it, because I can’t really explain the video and do it justice

And if you remember them from last year, then let me just say that it’s more serious. It’s actually coherent and the lyrics make sense and have a message behind it.


An international breed competition in IPO trial, levels 1-3.

Who Bites the Best is a team competition, with the team score calculated as the sum of the scores of the best three dogs in each team. A team may include dogs of all three levels. The best three teams will be awarded. One team / breed / country may be entered to the competition.

Doesn’t beat last year’s video though if you guys want to watch it out. Seriously, it’s crazy good! I absolutely love how they really nail competition invitations!

chamomeowltea  asked:

Hello! I'm Emily! Can I have a matchup please? ^^ I'm 5'4, a leo, 21, and ENFP. I have shoulder length blonde, curly hair and blue eyes. I tend to be a little quiet at first due to anxiety but I really love to laugh and tell stories! I'm loyal to a fault and I can't stand bullies. I love animals, reading and video games, and watching bad horror movies. I value my friends and their trust more than anything. Sometimes my anxiety gets the best of me, but I try not to take myself to seriously.

I ship you with: Seven!

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A Leo is very compatible with a Gemini! This Choi sibling loves you to death because of your loyal personality. He loves that he can joke around with you and you guys have the most fun watching really horrible horror movies because you guys make fun of almost everything. The both of you will spend most time indoors, whether it be quietly hanging out or even yelling at the tv screens while playing video games. You don’t have to worry about your anxiety so much because Seven will definitely be there to help you.

hope you like it! sorry if you didn’t get who you wanted :-)