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If you say anything bad about Kihyun, just unfollow me right now. Kihyun doesn’t steal all the lines, he does not deserve to be called racial slurs, and he does belong in Monsta X. He does not get a choice in how many lines he gets so how is that his fault? If you guys want to complain about how many lines he gets and how he’s “stealing” them from other members, go complain to starship, don’t slander Kihyun for doing his job and what he loves.


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Dating Benny Weir would involve…

  • Finding out about his magic
  • Having dirty ideas about said magic
  • Holding hands in the corridors around school
  • Becoming close friends with Ethan- who wasn’t sure about you at first because he thought you might take Benny away from him, but soon grew to love you and now sees you as a sibling
  • Fighting zombies, evil vampires, Egyptian gods and Cyberdontists with the gang
  • Surprisingly amazing sex- wow, that boy knows his stuff
  • Playing video games together
  • Studying Trigonometry with him- because ‘he is good at Trig’
  • His grandma treating you like a second grandchild 
  • Benny getting jealous over everyone and anyone because he’s so protective of you
  • Quick kisses when Benny leaves you for his class
  • Becoming close friends with Sarah and Erica- who are both glad to have another girl around here ‘because seriously there are too many dorky guys’
Idol (Snowbaz)


Simon Snow is a pop star. Basilton Pitch is a lesser-known singer and violinist. Obviously, Baz loathes Snow. Or does he?

“Bloody Simon Snow,” I say for the umpteenth time. “He doesn’t know the first thing about music! I’m so sick of seeing his stupid face in every channel on TV,” I continue as I turn off the telly.

“Stop ranting, Baz! You’re obviously jealous that he’s famous and you’re not!” My sister, Mordelia, she fucking adores him. Mother has bought her tickets for next week’s concert and wants me to babysit her. Outrageous. I think I’ll wear my headphones.

“He looks like a nasty copy of Troye Sivan to me,” I complain. “And, for your interest, I do have some fans, too. Not as many, but more loyal. Snow would be jealous of my fans. None of his snowflakes is as devoted as my rosebudboy61.”

Seriously, I think this guy has been stalking me. He has an insane amount of pictures of me on his blog.

“Sure, Baz. I think you secretly love him. You never stop talking about him.”

“I never stop complaining about him. And rightly so,” I say. “Anyhow, do you still want that ice cream?”

“Yes!” She shouts.

“Then let’s go before I change my mind.”

“I don’t understand how you can love pistachio ice cream so much,” I say, as we leave the ice cream stand.

“Says the guy who only eats pumpkin mocha ice cream,” Mordelia replies. “Like, how did anyone come up with the idea? It’s disgusting.”

I stick my tongue out at her. How ungraceful. I hope rosebudboy61 isn’t around to photograph me.

Suddenly, a mysterious person appears out of nowhere and bumps into me, spilling my ice cream on my new jeans. Great.

“Hey!” I yell at them. But they’re already running away. I didn’t even get a chance to see their face. Only a glimpse of their eyes. Blue.

“I think this belongs to that person,” my sister says, picking up something from the floor and handing it to me. An ipod.

“Well, it’s not like I can return it to them,” I say, dropping the rest of the ice cream in the nearest trash can. “Let’s go back home, so I can change into clean clothes.”

After my daily hour of practice, I feel a bit unsettled. It hasn’t been my best performance. I can’t stop thinking about the strange person with blue eyes.

Out of curiosity, I decide to go through the playlist on the stranger’s ipod. There are only ten tracks. I press play and put the earbuds on. The first song is Freckles and Constellations, by Dodie Clark. Wow, one of my favourites.

Next one is BITE, by Troye Sivan. I love this one, too. And Troye is ten thousand times better than Simon Snow.

The following song starts with a violin solo. One of my violin solos. Ice and Fire. And then, the sweetest voice starts singing my song. It’s a male voice. It’s the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard.

I keep listening to the tracks. More of my melodies sung by this brilliant singer. Until I reach the last track. It’s not a song, it’s a recording:

Hi, Basilton Pitch. I hope you are listening to this. What a stupid thing to say. Shit.” I laugh despite myself. “Anyway,” the voice continues, “I want you to know that you are my inspiration and the reason I am a singer.” There’s a brief pause. I can hear the boy heavily breathing. The next words are said so quickly I have to press replay to understand it. “If-you-want-to-meet-me-I’ll-be-every-day-from-four-to-seven-p.m.-at-Bea’s-of-Bloomsbury-back-table-I-love-you.

I look at the clock. Half six. If I take the Tube I can be there in twenty minutes. I don’t think it twice and dash out.

It takes me five extra minutes because I lose the first ride, but I’m there at five to seven. I go straight to the back table, and there he is. The stranger from before. Blue eyes. Where have I seen them before?

“Hello,” I say, as I sit on the chair opposite from him.

“Hi,” he greets me through his red scarf. It covers most of his face. I can only see his eyes. And a mole right under his left eyebrow. “I thought you wouldn’t come.”

“I came,” I say, stupidly. There’s something about this bloke that has me smitten. He’s going to think I’m a freak. “And I listened to the songs. You are amazing.”

“They’re your songs. You are the amazing one. I’ve been your admirer since you started your career.”

I blush. Jesus. Me, blushing.

We start chatting about music. It turns out we have very similar tastes. We keep talking about films, football and favourite food. He loves sour cherry scones. That’s why he comes here. He’s so awkward. I love it. God, I’m falling for this guy. Hard.

We keep talking and talking.

He makes a ridiculous joke about a vampire named Gampire, and I burst out laughing. It’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard, but I can’t stop smiling like an idiot.

I wonder if rosebudboy61 is here to capture this.


I can’t believe my thickness.

“Are you…” I start.

“Simon Snow,” he says at the same time I say, “rosebudboy61?”

What? Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Of course, it wasn’t real. Of course, I should have known it was a prank. Fucking Simon Snow. I hate him. I storm out of the cafe without saying a word.

“Wait!” I hear him saying. But I don’t stop. I don’t turn around until I’m home.

I spend the following days locked in my room. Mother comes to bring me lunch and dinner, but she doesn’t ask anything. I’m grateful for that.

I can’t stop listening to Snow’s songs. To my songs, with the painfully beautiful voice of Simon bloody Snow. I can’t stop listening to the last three words of the recording. “I love you,” I say at the same time. Replay. “I love you.” Replay. “I love you.” I throw the bloody ipod to the wall with all my strength.

At that moment, Mordelia comes into my room. I don’t know how she does it.

“Baz, you have to see this,” she says. “You won’t believe it.”

She carries her tablet with her and shows it to me. It’s a youtube video.

She presses play and I see Simon Snow. “This is an apology for Basilton Pitch. I never should have lied to you. I’m sorry. Everything I said was true, though. It was all real,” he says with his perfect voice. And then he starts singing one of my songs. A Charmed Life.

“There are dozens of them, Baz,” Mordelia says. “I didn’t know you knew him.”

“Neither did I, ‘Delia.”

The day of the concert I’m a wreck. I don’t know what to make out of this bloke.

Mordelia finds us place at the front row. Grand. I’m a bag of nerves.

After a few minutes, Simon Snow appears on stage. My stomach flips.

He starts performing without noticing me and I let myself enjoy it. His voice. Until, suddenly, blue eyes lock on mine. He seems lost for a second and forgets the lyrics. Then, I do something very unexpected. I smile at him. That seems to give him confidence to continue with the show. But he doesn’t stop looking at me.

At the end of the concert he says, “I would like to introduce you to someone very special to me,” I’m mortified. “Basilton Pitch. Please, come up.”

I do, because Mordelia forces me to.

Snow turns to his public and says, “This boy here has been my inspiration to become a singer. He’s an extraordinary artist and human being. He’s my idol,” he looks at me again and adds, “and I want him to be even more than that. Will you be my terrible boyfriend?”

“Yes,” I whisper. “I’d love that.”

He drops the mic and takes my hands. My heart skips a beat. He squeezes them. I squeeze back. Then, he places a hand behind my neck and pulls me into a kiss. And I kiss him back. And kiss him. And kiss him.

The public cheers agitatedly. Mordelia is ecstatic. I can hear her from here.

After a few moments, we break the kiss. He takes his phone out of his pocket and takes a picture of us. “This one is for my blog,” he says, “I’m rosebudboy61.”

I laugh.

The crowd is shouting for an encore.

“Go on, then,” I smile at him. “Carry on, Simon.”


Ari: I don’t know why I wrote this. Hope you like it! I think I’m going to write a snowbaz one-shot every week or so. I feel the need. I’m so not over Carry On.

A Special Day (M)

Genre: smut/romantic AF fluff

Summary: It’s your birthday and Jackson gives you a lovey dovey, amazing time.

Word Count: 3635

Written by: Admin Smutty Woozfairy

Warnings: This is hella fluffy, so here is your warning.

A/N: First I want to apologize to @hannah-martinezzzz for taking so long with this request. I didn’t expect my summer to be as hellish as it was. Secondly, the request was a smut, yes, but it just didn’t want to happen that way. If you want another, more smutty, story, Hannah, please feel free to message me. I hope you like it anyway~~.

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Hope your having a chill Sunday lovelies.😊 I wanted to spend the afternoon in my studio before I leave on my trip and get some work done on this little guy! ☺🎨 I’m custom painting a Huck Gee Skullhead vinyl!🖌✨ He’s a new project I’ve been working on and I decided to bring out all the paints hee hee. 😄🌈 It’s gonna be rainbowtastic because everything is so much better with lots of colors 😜 I can’t give too many details right now but keep an eye out later for more info! 😘 I’m off to paint before I have to seriously start packing 😆 Hope the rest of your weekend is colorful and happy too my loves! 😙💞

Anonymous said: Hello! Love this blog, it’s super cute! I was wondering… How do you think Aoba, Sei, Mizuki, Koujaku, and Clear would react to holding their newborn child for the first time. (Is that too many? I’m sorry if it is ^^“ )

Nope nope, It’s all good my love. 

Aoba:  Holding his child in his arms for the first time as his partner finally got some much needed rest, would be a seriously emotional experience.

Looking from his partners sleeping form, to the newborn yawning in his grasp, he’d smile to himself.  Kissing the top of his childs head, he’d make a promise to them.  

Having grown up without a mom and dad, he knew the struggles.  Now he had a family of his own and he promised to never let that go.  Promising to never leave his child.  

Sei:  Would be super nervous, he’d freeze when his s/o asked him if he wanted to hold his child.  Of course he wanted to, but what if he held them too tightly, or they cried, or god forbid, he dropped them.  

He would state that he didn’t know if that was a good idea but eventually find that he wouldn’t have much choice in the matter, as his partner would just place the child in his arms.  

Koujaku: He would be unsure about it when his partner placed his own flesh and blood into his arms.  Seeing his reaction, his partner would reasure him.  

He would fall in love with his child in that moment.  Looking down at their small and innocent features, as his childs hand curled around one of his fingers.   

He’d tear up a little bit at the though of finally getting the chance to have a family again.  

Clear: He would be so excited to finally get a chance to hold his child.  Like most new situations, he would be practically bouncing off the walls, barely able to hold his happiness. 

His partner would probably ask him to sit down before he held the newborn.  He would immediately calm once the child was in his arms.  Marveling at the beauty of his baby.  

Mizuki: He’d ask his partner if it was alright, which they would gladly agree to and place the small child in his arms.  

He would smile, tracing the little ones features softly with the tips of his fingers.  

150720 Baekhyun fan chat [full trans]

- hello this is EXO’s Baekhyun!!!!!!

- it was supposed to start at 7:30pm but because i wanted to talk to you a little longer so i tried my best to start as early as i can!!

- i am really working out very hard!! 

- da jia hao! [’hello’ in chinese]

- hi!

- konnichiwa! [’hello’ in japanese]

- my room is still the living room

- everybody, there is still nutella (tummy) left!

- my roommate..? i am sleeping alone in the living room..

- sawadeekap! >< [hello’ in thai]

- i didn’t take any mongryeongie’s picture…

- i have a secret. i too started liking EXO-L ever since debut ^^ hahahahaahahahaha

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Today marks FOUR MONTHS on this blog, and I never thought my Carl would get so much love. There over over a thousand of you following me and it’s a brand new record for me to have one of my blogs get this kind of attention. I just wanted to give a quick shout out to the baes and those I stalk, and thank all of you for helping this blog last this long <3

@klllerwithin is such a doll, in character and out. If you aren’t following Rain, you’re missing out on an amazing Carl and some incredible headcanons, threads and even fandom trash posts. I love you.

@ofparasomnias hasn’t been on tumblr much but that doesn’t mean Satan means any less to me. I can’t explain the love I have for him and his muses. You will forever hold a special place with me and all of my muses, no matter which blogs we’re on.

@lastprcttygirl is another of those I love to harass (although, Marie does her fair share of poking as well.) Her Beth is one of my absolute favorites and I love all of the threads and aus and memes that we have going on between us.

@ofredisms I didn’t know which blog to tag Arya on, but she’s my salt buddy. The Bonnie to my Clyde. If I ever stop having fun with you, it means I’ve lost all sense of just what fun is supposed to be. Wonderful writing and so many great muses.

@toosweetforthisworld Again, didn’t know which blog I should tag xD I love Kezzy and I’m so happy to have her back again (even if we don’t do much yet.) I will never forget that you were my first Sophia, and your muses are always so on point.

@hastodosomething @zenofrping @fallenkiingdoms we go way back and you both mean the world to me. thank you for being my rock, my friend (and, for Zen, my mommy <3) 

@thisisaninsaneworld @dcntopen @kxllercolt @officerdxddy @thecondemnedandhunted @theiirfather @ingriimes @deputyricktator @theres-us-and-thedead are just amazingly written Rick blogs, with some of the greatest muns that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with ooc (or just plain stalking.) I love you all so much, and your attention means more than you know to myself and Carl.

@mightybigpill @gottapay @its-negan-bitch @gottapick @easystrxxt @sancct @illbetheirgod @ruledroost I didn’t know I had this many Negans on my radar omg. Well, they all deserve to be followed because there is so much talent in these blogs. The muns understand their muse so well and have brought my dash to life with their brilliant portrayals (seriously. peek at my blog. it’s like Negan heaven – or hell – and it’s all these lovely people’s fault xD and there are actually more Negan blogs below that I stalk)

@sufferawiitch @fadedliar let me bother them at will and make far too many eye jokes than should be allowed, but I love them both lots and wouldn’t give them up for anything.

@obituariies @s-a-m-m-y Why does Carl get me into these weird crossover ships? I can’t get over how hard I ship him with each of you, and he has no intention of leaving either of your muses anytime soon.

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slowwshoww  asked:

cook ok adam/ronan 'is that my shirt' fuck me up xoxo

Consciousness gripped Adam a sliver of a moment before the alarm clock on the bedside table went off. He shut his eyes tighter as the shrill sound broke the quiet stillness of the room. Soon after the clock began to ring Chainsaw woke and began to caw loudly along with it. Beside Adam, Ronan grumbled and pressed his face into Adam’s shoulder.

“By the power of all that is Holy, please make that stop.” Ronan mumbled, lips moving against Adam’s skin, “Or end this suffering some other way. Kill me, I don’t care.”

Adam leaned away from him, reaching for the source of the blaring sound. He poked at his third-hand flip phone until it stops shrieking and buzzing. Ronan’s arms wrapped around his waist and he felt a kiss pressed to the space between his shoulderblades. Adam gave himself permission to swivel around and meet Ronan’s next kiss with his mouth. Adam sighed into Ronan’s mouth as they kissed. They continued for a few moments but Ronan was still mostly lying down, making the angle difficult. Adam could either lie down with him like he wanted to, or he could get up and get dressed for work like he should.

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“How much longer do you think we have to stay?”

“We only just got here, Tony.”

“So? Engagement parties are the pre-party anyway; they’re the appetizer of the matrimonial banquet.  Wedding’s the entree; reception’s after-dinner drinks; honeymoon’s dessert, obviously.”

“You have given this a lot of thought.”

“Does that mean we can go?”


“Whhhy nnnot?”

“Enough whining! We are here because McGee and Delilah are our friends. Besides, it is good practice.”

“Practice for—oh.  Seriously?”  

“Tony, I love you.  We are committed.  Why would I not want to marry you someday? Unless you feel differently about—”

“No! I mean, I love you, too, and of course I want…I just didn’t know you felt this way.”

“Now you do.”

“Now I do.  Just promise me one thing, honey.”

“What is that?”

“We’ll let guests leave our engagement party whenever they want.”

“Or, we could simply have a small dinner and then a long dessert, yes?”

“And that is one of the many reasons I’m going to marry you, Ziva David…”

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Official statement: Leo Messi confirms return to Argentina NT

“I see many problems in Argentinian football and I don’t want to become another one. I want to help in every way I can.”

“We have a lot to fix in Argentinian football but I want to help change it from the inside and not criticize it from the outside.”

“Many things went through my head on the day of the final, and I seriously considered leaving, but I love my country too much.”

“I want to thank everyone that wants me to continue playing for Argentina and I hope I can make them happy soon.”

Half of My Heart

This is a very belated birthday fic for my dear dear friend and partner in crime who for some weird reason I can’t live without, @yespleasehawkeye. I really really hope you like this because I had no idea what I was doing while i was writing it. 

This is from the same verse as Here Without You. The events of this fic happen before Devan is born or conceived. 

A/N: this is the censored version, it’s been censored for reasons, and no, there’s no smut in the uncensored version. I’m sending the link to the private post of the uncensored version to Sammy. If anyone would like to read it just shoot me a message but be warned you need to be very open minded about certain things, for those who know me should know exactly what I’m talking about. 

Summary: He’d never felt this way about anyone before. In the beginning he’d tried to fight it, brushing it off as a small, innocent crush on someone he spent a lot time at work with. But the more time they spent together, the more deeply he fell in love with her.

Read it on:  AO3   |

Half of My Heart

He’d never felt this way about anyone before, not even his wife. He couldn’t deny that he was in love with his wife or he would never have married her. But his feelings for her weren’t this strong. No, this was a different kind of love. One that he was unfamiliar with and one that scared him.

In the beginning he’d tried to fight it, brushing it off as a small, innocent crush on someone he spent a lot time at work with. But the more time they spent together, the more deeply he fell in love with her.

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DARA - Meg (July) Magazine Interview!

Switch On: Dara

In this exclusive cover feature with meg, Sandara reveals what she believes is her secret to success, how difficult it was to break through in Korea, what she still wants to achieve in her career (Clue: it has something to do with the Philippines!), and even how she was almost removed from 2NE1. We re-introduce you, Sandara Park.

Soundtrack of her life

A lot of 2NE1 songs may scream girl power, but Sandara shares what her personality is more like. “Almost all of our songs, like I DON’T CARE— they’re about independence. But its the opposite of my personality.”

I’M THE BEST— “maybe because I want to be that way, the lyrics are very confident but I don’t have that much confidence when i’m not on stage. That’s my dream song.”

LONELY — “I can relate to it.”

GOOD TO YOU — “its a song that is included in our new album along with COME BACK HOME. I can very much relate to it because it is about a good girl singing to a bad boy. It seems like I always fall in love with bad boys. So, its very relatable (laughs).”

“MAHAL KO KAYO (I LOVE YOU [plural])” 

She captured every Pinoy’s heart in the first ever Star Circle Quest in 2004 and enjoyed a fruitful television and movie career, reportedly made up to one million pesos a month worth of commission from her KTexts (an ABS-CBN text messaging service pre-Instagram days), and dubbed the Pambansang Krung Krung of the Philippines. She loved and owned the title so much that to this day, her twitter ID is @krungy21. She makes it a point to watch Filipino movies via Star Cinema DVDs sent to her by fans—with this, Sandara actually improved speaking Tagalog despite living in Korea for the past eight years.

MEG: Sometimes you go to the Philippines in secret and for fun. What is it about the Philippines that makes you keep coming back?

DARA: I like the place! i like the beaches and the food. There are so many good memories from the Philippines that I won’t ever forget.

MEG: When you’re here, you prefer doing interview in Tagalog. Why?

DARA: Because at first, in SCQ, I did not know Tagalog. And people were telling others to not vote for me because I did not know how to speak Tagalog. Once I learned, I became comfortable in speaking Tagalog. And for the fans as well, they are happier that I did not forget how to speak Tagalog.

MEG: Aah, okay! I am curious about it because before in SCQ, your fan base was purely filipinos . Now your fans are from all over the world! Yet you still hold your filipino fans so dear to you…

DARA: I’m not sure, but I think my biggest fan base is still from the Philippines. Of course, its because we were together for a long time. They’ve been supporting me for 10 years already. They’re like my friends.


With absolutely no Filipino blood, she joined a program in search for a celebrity just for the experience. Cute, charming, but not a legit performer— that was the people’s impression of her back then. They say it was because she showed her vulnerability that endeared her to the judges (a tough trio composed of Boy Abunda, Gloria Diaz & Director Laurenti Dyogi)  and to the fans.

MEG: I don’t know if you remember the feeling, but let’s go back to when you joined SCQ. When you auditioned, did you think you would win?

DARA: No, i didn’t even imagine

MEG: What did you think? What were your expectations?

DARA: Its like…Okay, I’ll try it for the experience. But I never imagined that I would enter the top 50, then top 20, and top 10. I really didn’t imagine/expect it at all.

MEG: Did that experience change you? Did you become more confident? Imagine, it really exceeded your expectations.

DARA: At first, I was really a cry baby! At top 10, top 5, I was always crying. But because of my fans, I became more confident. I saw their banners that had my name on it, their screams. I realized that I really can do it.


With reality shows , you quickly get thrusted into fame but you can also just quickly fade from the limelight. As the Philippines showbiz industry got more cutthroat and new talents started to gain popularity, Sandara decided to take things a step further by trying to make it in the K-pop world.

MEG: You decided to move to Korea around 2007, and then you started training for dancing and singing. And you were saying that you did not have any allowance back then. It really was just training only. When you started there, did you think you would make it this big eventually?

DARA: Not even, I didn’t even think about it. But I really thought to myself that I want to be like this, on stage. I think that is the secret to success.

MEG: Did you used to visualize singing & dancing on stage?

DARA: Mmm, that’s all I could think about.

MEG: So after all the training, all the hard work. You have to acknowledge to yourself that you’ve made it?

DARA: When we started recording, I wasn’t even sure. (At that time) They could still take me out after recording. But I felt it when we started shooting for our first commercial as a group with BIGBANG. And then finally when we shot the music video for FIRE, I said to myself, “This is it! Its really happening!”.

MEG: Do you remember the first time you heard your song on the radio or saw your video on TV? What did you feel at that time?

DARA: I can’t believe it! When I heard the song, we were walking and we stopped abruptly. I said, ‘Wait! let’s listen to it first!’, Its really like a dream come true.


Making it in the Philippines is extremely different from making it in Korea. In Sandara’s local career post-SCQ, she used to sing and dance novelty acts. In Seoul, she is an artist who performs international pop hits and does sold out world tours. It took years of training and intense discipline for Sandara to get where she is now, complete with six-pack abs.

MEG: No doubt, all the public sees is when you’re made up in magazines or performing on stage. In short, they just see all the glamour. How tough, or how difficult does it get behind the scenes?

DARA: It was very hard. Because if you’re a trainee, you do not know when you’re making your debut. You do not know when you will become successful. It was really hard at that time, and I was really scared. In Korea, it was cold. So lack of sleep, hunger, cold weather, almost every type of hardship it was there.

MEG: You mentioned to me that before you arrived here in Manila, you did not sleep for three days. Why is that?

DARA: Ah, we were shooting a music video for a Japanese album. Then after that, we had the photoshoot for the Japanese album. I went straight from the studio to the airport.

MEG: Wow I can imagine how tiring it was, but with your work, when you’re on cam, you are expected to look 100%. How do you deal with that?

DARA: Maybe, I was born to do this. (Laughs) Cause I’m really happy when I am in front of the camera. When we’re shooting, its like…magic.

MEG: What do you love the most about your job?

DARA: I love photoshoots. I like tapings too. But what I really love the most is if the live show has an audience. The energy is really different. 

MEG: Do you get nervous? For example, during countdowns (seconds) before going on stage?

DARA: No! Those are actually my favorite moments, when you hear their screams. Its the most exciting.

MEG: So you don’t get nervous anymore? That’s so interesting!

DARA: Not anymore. But I was nervous earlier before entering the PBB house as a visitor.

MEG: Is that so? Why?

DARA: Its cause I do not know what will happen. On stage, I know what I need to do. If there is music, I don’t get scared. But if there isn’t any, I am a little bit shy.


Then and now, Sandara has her fair share of bashers (antis). From non-believers when she was starting, to this who continue to bring her down.

MEG: Now you have so many fans, but when you were starting out, of course there would be haters. When you started in SCQ, there were a lot of people who did not believe that you can do it. They felt that, you’re not going to make it. What is your advice to girls like you who have a dream but people would tell them ‘You can’t do it, why are you still trying?’

DARA: Before, I remember I really had a lot of haters. But I think I did it/made it because I know that I had fans who would always support me. I really believe that I can do it, even if its just one person who believes in you, that’s enough. Just try your best to improve.

MEG: But what is your attitude towards bashers (antis/haters)?

DARA: I don’t read them. When I know its not something nice, I just don’t read it at all so it won’t affect my mood.


This year, Sandara along with CL,Bom & Minzy celebrated their 5th year as 2NE1 with their All Or Nothing concert tour. How did Sandy transform into Dara? According to her, she just dreamt it, visualized it, and worked for it. At 29, Sandara is living the life of her dreams. 

MEG: What else do you want to achieve in your career?

DARA: I want to go on tour to different countries. I want to go to Europe, and Brazil.  To far places. I also want to go back here (Philippines) to make a movie. Its one of my many dreams

MEG: That would be great! You think its possible, even with your very busy schedule?

DARA: Yes, well…when i’m not that busy anymore. Because there are always times where we’re very busy and then times when we’re not busy at all. So that’s what I always imagine.

MEG: What kind of project would you want to do if ever? Your movies before were romantic comedies.

DARA: Like those too! Romantic comedies is really my favorite genre. The ‘kilig’ (giddy movies/movies that leave butterflies in your tummy)  here is really endearing.

MEG: Who will you be paired with? There are too many new actors here!

DARA: Seriously, I need a new partner. If possible can it be John Lloyd! (Laughs)

MEG: How about your personal life? What else do you want to achieve?

DARA: Personally of course, I want to have a love life in the future. But right now, I’m not really interested in getting a boyfriend because I’m still enjoying what I do. When I stop being busy, maybe I’d want to.

MEG: Are you allowed to date right now?

DARA: Mmm yeah, well our boss told us that after 3 years (into debut) its okay. And we’re already on our 5th year anniversary so…it should be okay? (Laughs)


When you come across Sandara in person, she is the same sweet, charming, and down to earth girl that she was before. She is unassuming when she enters a room and doesn’t draw attention to herself— its her amazing outfits and glowing pore less skin that do that. So how does this soft spoken girl transform into a super fierce pop star the moment she steps on the stage? “I don’t know, its like there is a switch, like magic,” Sandara says. She also says she was almost booted out of 2NE1.

MEG: If you were to give life advice to a young girl reading this, what would you want to tell her?

DARA: Like what I always say, “If you want something, try until you succeed. Never give up,” Like me, before I was just being sweet, but my dream was to have swag, to have charisma on stage. So I really tried hard to be a member of 2NE1. Before, I was cut by our boss. He told me it was because all I could do was look cute. So you should really try your best.

MEG: Ha?! What convinced him to put you back in 2NE1?

DARA: At that time, I sang Jlo’s Get Right. Its a bit hip hop so I practiced it every day for two months. With almost no sleep, I practiced so I can perfect it. So once I performed it in front of him, he nodded his head (in approval) and told me, “Okay you can practice together with them again.”

MEG: Looking back at everything you’ve been through, if you were to give an advice to the 20 year old Sandara, what would that be?

DARA: Be Happy. Don’t get too crazy, behave. Like that. I want to tell her to become confident, Its the only thing I didn’t have back then. Believe in yourself.


She may be an international superstar but her basic needs and favorites reveals that she’s still the same Sandy we always loved.


DARA: Blush— so it looks like you’re always fresh. Not too pink, but the right amount.


DARA: CAP OR HAT — Its my favorite item to complete my look.


DARA: SPICY NOODLES WITH SOUP — But I can’t eat that these days, it’ll ruin my abs (Laughs)


DARA: Running on the machine — Even if its just 5km (3 miles) or running for 50 to 60 minutes is okay. It has to be everyday!

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Transcribed & Translated by: cami@ygfamilyy


imagine liam and zayn going to the shelter to get a dog (even though they already have too many) and liam seems the most excited but when they get inside zayn is nothing but wrinkled nose, tongue behind the teeth smiles and giggles and every dog they look at he is like “liam, this  - this is the one” but when they are getting ready to leave zayn can’t make up his mind and he tells liam seriously that that means there is no other choice but to bring every one of them home

Rainbow Direction Report for Nashville

I am still going through my vids and such but wanted to go ahead and do my post for Nashville (actually I’ll mention Detroit again too) for takemehomefromnarnia.


My friends I was with didn’t want to be involved with Rainbow Direction, so I left them a little early to meet up with daysundercover and moss4peace before we did the big Rainbow Direction meetup!

We caught a cab to the Hard Rock Cafe and waited FOREVER to get in, but we finally got seated and the place was FULL of 1D concert-goers. The restaurant played 1D videos 3 times while we were there and everyone was singing along and cheering, and we were pretty dead center in the area where we were seated, so there was a LARGE Rainbow Direction presence there for that even before the show!  (Oh my gosh, you guys, message me so I can keep track of any of you I met and tag you in here too, you were all lovely!)

I gave out the rest of my beads and cards to the others for them to pass out since I’d been doing it the previous two shows, and there weren’t actually that many left, so hopefully there were a few spread around further than they would’ve been with just me.  I don’t know what their experiences were, but both Detroit shows for me were WONDERFUL, people were asking how much I was charging for the beads and were willing to pay for them (!!) so they were easy to give out.  I had the most fun at the Nashville show because we had the big group meetup.  It was a very warm and welcoming, loving and accepting group of people. Rainbow Directioners are absolutely 100% the type of people that I want to keep in my life as friends.  :)

In Nashville I saw a rainbow sign across the venue from me that just said OOPS/HI,  so they likely weren’t participant of Rainbow Direction, but it’s still heartwarming to see a rainbow anywhere.  I know there are lots of varying opinions on this, but again, I personally would rather see a subtle message like ‘Oops/Hi’ on a Rainbow poster than see an underage girl hold a sexually suggestive/creepy sign or someone holding up a hateful sign to Harry. And there was another sign that said “We stand by you no matter what,” (I think! - Watch the video, it’s a bit easier to get a good look. Responses from the boys looked positive if they were acknowledging them - they did kiss and wave in their direction.)

(My opinions are not those of TMHFN so if you have an issue with that, come to me, do not smear them.  They are doing a beautiful and positive thing for the LGBTQIA fans.  This isn’t about ships, it is for the greater good. I left feeling like I really made a difference.  It is not about getting the boys’ attention, it’s about supporting OUR fandom.  Any positive attention from the boys is a bonus, and a bonus I was lucky enough to experience.)

When we were leaving the venue, I saw another Rainbow Sign and another Rainbow Love You No Matter What sign too, so we had quite a presence there!

TMHFN, you may see a few more posts from me as I go through my pics and vids, I will tag you and keep you posted!

Seriously, if you’re still unsure, PLEASE sign up for Rainbow Direction.  It filled my heart, and hopefully others’ as well, particularly those who are unable or afraid to participate.   I ended up sitting near many LGBTQIA fans at each show, there are more of us than people realize, I think.  Any of them who said something to me either said they loved my shirt, or said it was nice to see 'gay friendly’ signs!  <3 

an incomplete list of things i love about being a reader and writer of fanfic:

  • it’s free; it comes from loving these characters and this community
  • it’s self-published, which means anything goes–wild sex, weird cults, crazy magic, all the tropes… stuff that publishers might dismiss as too corny or too risque or too whatever
  • it’s like building a home; you can stay with the characters you love and the world you love, and even in AUs there are all these little nods to that world, things that make it feel familiar and strange and new all at once
  • it tends to be so much funnier than traditionally published fics? i mean, i love the serious fics (SO MUCH) but i also love that so much fanfic doesn’t take itself too seriously; it can be ridiculous and fun
  • i can subscribe to WIPs, and then it’s like christmas every time i get an email update
  • i can see, roughly, how many people are reading my fic and if they like it, and as soon as i’ve posted it i can start hearing what people think
  • sometimes my favorite fic authors read a fic of mine and rec it and leave comments and whatever. like, how cool is that??? I’ve even had it happen that I’ll be reading a fic and then look over at my phone and see that the author of that fic just liked one of my fics on tumblr. CRAZY COOL.
Knifey Wifey - Oneshot

Giveaway fic for l0chn3ss  ! Sorry it doesn’t fit your prompt exactly. This is my take on the ubiquitous fake relationship AU. Canonverse, slightly inspired by my fav sitcom. Enjoy!

Maka had only met Soul’s parents once when she received an invitation on weighty cardstock to their 25th wedding anniversary celebration. Soul normally eschewed all Evans family gatherings, but they were in the area for a mission anyway and couldn’t stay away.

The event took place in a grand ballroom ablaze with gold and dark red. Party goers were mostly the old and the wealthy, making Maka and Soul among the youngest in attendance. Soul’s father was remarkably absent at his own party, which, according to her weapon, was pretty usual behavior. Knowing no one, the partners said hello to Soul’s mother the moment they arrived.

Their exchange of niceties with Soul’s mother was interrupted by a rotund man in a gold waistcoat and blazer clapping her weapon on the back. The sudden contact clearly surprised Soul, who flinched.

“Congratulations!” the man boomed. Soul stared, clearly confused. Why would this man, who Maka took to be one of Soul’s more eccentric family members, congratulate them? The battle on the moon occurred almost four years ago. “Ariana and I are very happy for you. Best of wishes! Find me a bit later, and I might have a little,” he leaned in and shot Soul an obvious wink, “gift for you.”

They watched the man stride away and towards a waiter bearing champagne flutes. “Hem, hem.” Soul’s mother wore a tight smile. “Can I quickly talk to you to over here?” Cressida linked her arm with her son’s and pulled him to the side of the ballroom. Her beautiful face was mired with stress and anxiety.

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like we’re in a crime scene | daryl and beth {au}

HD is your friend!

So I won’t comment here about Coda (I’m pretty sure my lovely followers know exactly what my opinion is =D), so I’m just gonna leave this here, this little non-zombie AU fanvideo that I loved so much to make! Seriously it was like a holiday to me, with so many ideas in my head, expect more of these coming! So this goes for you, guys, because you deserve a little different happy thing after these rough two weeks! And I really hope you like it =) I love you all!

And I’m tagging ‘beth green lives’ and 'team delusional’, too, because I know how hard these days were for us, and I really want to bring some happier stuff for you =) Brick fans/non-shippers/anyone, if it bothers you, just message me, and I’ll take it down immediately!

Fangirl (by Raindow Rowell): Sentence Starters
  • “In new situations, all the trickiest rules are the ones nobody bothers to explain to you."
  • “I don’t trust anybody. Not anybody."
  • "And the more that I care about someone, the more sure I am they’re going to get tired of me and take off.”
  • "I'm a complete disaster.”
  • “I choose you over everyone.”
  • “Just... isn't giving up allowed sometimes?"
  • "Isn't it okay to say, ‘This really hurts, so I’m going to stop trying’?”
  • “It sets a dangerous precedent.”
  • “For avoiding pain?”
  • "For avoiding life."
  • “Happily ever after, or even just together ever after, is not cheesy.”
  • “It’s the noblest, like, the most courageous thing two people can shoot for.”
  • “You’ve read the books?”
  • "I've seen the movies."
  • “I’m not really a book person.”
  • “That might be the most idiotic thing you’ve ever said to me.”
  • “Real life was something happening in her peripheral vision.”
  • “I miss you."
  • "I saw you this morning."
  • "It's not the time."
  • "It's the distance."
  • “I feel sorry for you, and I'm going to be your friend."
  • "I like that we're not friends."
  • "I'm sorry you ruined it by being so pathetic.”
  • "How do you not like the internet?"
  • "Have you been watching me sleep?"
  • “To really be a nerd, she'd decided, you had to prefer fictional worlds to the real one.”
  • "Are you awake?"
  • “You give away nice like it doesn't cost you anything.”
  • “But you're so helpless sometimes. It's like watching a kitten with its head trapped in a Kleenex box.”
  • “Sometimes writing is running downhill, your fingers jerking behind you on the keyboard the way your legs do when they can’t quite keep up with gravity.”
  • "Seriously. Look at you. You’ve got your shit together, you’re not scared of anything."
  • "I’m scared of everything. And I’m crazy. Like maybe you think I’m a little crazy, but I only ever let people see the tip of my crazy iceberg."
  • "I’m a complete disaster.”
  • “It's okay if you're crazy."
  • "I'm rooting for you."
  • You’re never going to find a guy who’s exactly like you—first of all, because that guy never leaves his dorm room.”
  • “I don’t just kiss people. Kisses aren’t... just with me.”
  • "You know that I'm falling in love with you, right?”
  • "There are too many people. And I don’t fit in. I don’t know how to be. Nothing that I’m good at is the sort of thing that matters there."
  • "Being smart doesn't matter—and being good with words. And when those things do matter, it’s only because people want something from me."
  • "My plan is to do things that make you want to hang out with me again tomorrow."
  • "What's your plan?"
  • "I'm going to try not to make an ass of myself."
  • “You look so blindingly cute right now, I feel like I need to make a pinhole in a piece of paper just to look at you.”
  • “You can’t take back texts. If you come off all moody and melancholy in a text, it just sits there in your phone, reminding you of what a drag you are.”
  • “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow."
  • “That's the ultimate kind of broken. The kind of damage you never recover from.”
  • "I love your glasses. I especially love the moment when you take them off.”