seriously tony stark is so in love with steve rogers i mean just look at his face look at it

Art Class 101

This is my gift for easydrinkingenergy for the SteveTonyGiftFest.

After the third time Tony drops his pencil, Rhodey and Pepper exchange a Look.

“Whoa, no,” Tony says, recoiling. “No. No, no, no, no, no. You’re not allowed to look at each other like that. It means you’re gonna gang up on me.”

“We wouldn’t have to gang up if you’d stop being so pathetic,” Pepper says sweetly.

Rhodey nods at her. “Seriously, Tones, just go talk to the guy.”

“I don’t even know if he swings that way, thank you very much.”

“He weighs 100lbs soaking wet, if that. I guarantee you’ll survive a punch to the face if he doesn’t.”

Tony tries to glare at his so-called best friend, but the effect is ruined by the exaggerated face Rhodey makes back and he ends up having to look away before he cracks a smile. That, of course, brings his attention right back to Steve Rogers and the way his heart does that weird little flutter when he sees Steve smiling and laughing with his friends.

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