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Ivar Ragnarsson x Reader (Requested by Reader)

Hello! How are you? Can I request a jealous ivar fic? The plot is up to you because you’re an amazing writer!

You loved Ivar, you really did; but sometimes, he was too difficult to deal with. He had his anger issues and his insecurities, just like every other viking. He had a way of ‘throwing a fit’ when he didn’t get what he wanted and sometimes, he was just too much for you.

You weren’t dating him or anything, although you sometimes wish you were. You had grown up with Ivar; going around as kids. You would pull his little wagon that he sat in behind you as you went and scared other children or followed his mother around. You had grown up like siblings and were still incredibly close.

You stuck through with him and helped him cope with his disability and his brothers always picking on him because of it. After the death of his mother, you seemed to be the only one who was truly there for him, besides his father. But eventually, his father had died too. You were with him when he got the news and you will never forget his reaction.

You seemed to be the only consistent thing in his life at the moment. So, when Sigurd had started to hit on you, you couldn’t help but notice Ivar starting to act strange. You had tried to confront him about it, but every time he would just ignore you and crawl away. Until today. He had tried to crawl away and had gotten a pretty far distance when you shook your head and ran for him.

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Season 7 Thoughts, Non-shipping edition

The Good:

  • Little.  Finger. Is. Dead.
  • Sansa Stark is equal parts pure and savage.
  • Arya and Sansa saying Ned’s words together.
  • Three Starks alive and in Winterfell.
  • Gendry is back on my screen.
  • Lena Heady just continues to kill it.
  • Seriously, she’s amazing.
  • Euron Euro Trash Captain Jack Sparrow on Coke Greyjoy
  • Olenna Tyrell’s final slay
  • Tormund and the Hound discussing Brienne
  • The Hound and Brienne discussing Arya

The Bad:

  • The massive gaps in logic, including, but not limited to:
  • Jaime floating down a river in ARMOR
  • Ravens, Gendry, and Dragons traveling at about 170 miles per hour
  • Inconsistencies with what weapons kill wights.  (As far as we know, Tormund and the Hound only had standard weapons and killed like fifty wights. The very next episode, we’re shown only obsidian kills them)
  • If wights can’t swim then how did they wrap chains around a submerged dragon!?
  • Why would anyone, ESPECIALLY TYRION, ever trust Cersei?
  • When I first read about the wight hunt, I thought it was to convince Dany, and I was like ‘well that sounds stupid and OOC but maybe?’  It’s purpose being to convince Cersei?  NO DAMN SENSE AT ALL.
  • They needed a dragon to get zombied and the wight hunt was the best they could come up with.
  • Seriously, trusting Cersei?
  • This is going to be an unpopular opinion but the two characters who got screwed the most this season were Tyrion and Littlefinger.  They used to be the two smartest characters, but this season Tyrion just bumbled from one bad decision to the next.  Littlefinger was irrelevant for most of the season.  He deserved a better swan song.

The Ugly:

  • Even though they cut back on the on-screen violence towards women (I was so relieved  that the Elia Sand/Sandsnake scene was just poison, I thought for sure we were going to get something awful) their misogyny was still there this season.  Not sure how to add suspense to the Winterfell plot, they decided the best way to do it was to have Arya threaten Sansa.  These men are paid millions of dollars, and the best they could come up with was ‘she threatens her life over a letter that she wrote years ago while a prisoner.’   
Not Today StevexReader

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Request (perf3ctporc3lin​): I just found your blog and your stories and omg your blogs perfect and you’re perfect! I was wondering if you could write a Stevexreader where the reader and Steve go on a mission and they both go different ways and they keep the reader hostage but as Steve goes the save her they shoot her but she lives in the end?

Words: 2387

Warnings: Lots of language and violence (like a looooot)

A/N: THANK YOU FOR THE REQUEST! I hope you enjoy it, it was super fun to write! Reader’s power is that she can manipulate the time density of people around her to make their time move slower or faster while she remains at her own time in a protective bubble - i thought it was kinda cool!

“Are you nervous?” Steve asked you, concern etched in his face as he flew the Quinjet.

You tried to play it cool, your fingers tapping against your thigh. “No way, I’m totally excited…”

You knew that Steve was looking at you worriedly and you let your eyes travel along the skyline, admiring the way the clouds mixed together with golden sunlight. When it came to the physical battle you’d be fine, it was just the thought of killing people that made you nauseous.

He raised an eyebrow curiously, “Seriously Y/N, are you ok? You look really pale…”

“My powers are just acting up a little today. I tried to shower this morning and the water kept slowing down and it was really frustrating.” You babbled, biting your lip. “I’m normally fine with missions, I honestly don’t know what’s going on with me…”

Steve grabbed your hand, rubbing soothing circles against your skin. The two of you were close and he always knew just what to do to make you feel better - but today something felt off. Regardless of his supportive gesture, you still felt like something was wrong.

“Everything’s going to be fine.” He told you firmly, “We’re going to go in, do the job and get out. You just need to focus on staying at my side while doing your thing and then we get home in time for dinner.”

“You know what?” You grinned suggestively, “It’s taco Tuesday.”

“Exactly, no one wants to miss taco Tuesday. So let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“Deal.” You laughed.

Though you were nervous, you pushed the feelings away as far as possible. If you and Steve were together then everything would turn out just fine. Hopefully.

You sat together, Steve piloting and his spare hand tightly gripping yours. Steve, being the adorable boy he is, tried to distract you by pointing out figures in the clouds that he thought were funny. But even Steve grew silent as you guys got closer and closer to the enemy building.

“We can go back.” He told you, turning to glance at you quickly.

“No.” You replied firmly, “No that’d be a waste. Everything’s going to be fine, just like you said - get in, kick ass and get home in time for tacos.”

He smiled, flipping controls and preparing to land the jet. The two of you geared up in silence; Steve doing his weird pre-battle prayer thing, while you were trying to bring your powers back into full focus. 

It would be awkward if you couldn’t include Steve in your time bubble - mostly because that would ruin the entire plan and get the both of you killed. Gripping your gun tightly, you focused on your little bubble and walked out of the jet, Steve following closely behind you. 

So far it was working.

You and Steve walked normally through the compound, the enemy guards moving so slowly it was like they were moving through honey. No one took any notice to the Avengers walking through their compound because in their eyes you were simply moving too fast.

“This never ceases to freak me out.” Steve mumbled from behind you, looking around at the people your spell effected. “I don’t understand how you do it.”

You shot him a look over your shoulder, then turned back around, dodging someone with a gun. “This freaks you out, but Pietro doesn’t?”

“His is a personal thing, it only effects him! How you can do this to other people is weird…” He chuckled, looking around as we walked directly inside without anyone asking questions. “Wanda can get a little weird, sometimes I can actually feel her sifting through my brain and it feels uncomfortable.”

“You have to shield it,” You replied understandingly, “She can’t get into your mind if you don’t - “

You stopped both talking and walking abruptly. The people near you were picking up speed, and your eyes widened. “Fuck! They must have a magnetic field, it’s throwing me off! I won’t be able to hold it…”

You turned to Steve, not knowing what to do. 

His eyes hardened, “Head back to the jet! I’ll split off, find Dr. Wu and get the file.”

You narrowed your eyes and huffed indignantly. “That’s even assuming that the hostage and the file are in the same place! No! I know how to fight Rogers…”

He hesitated, eyeing a woman with a clipboard who was actually starting to move significantly. “Son of a bitch…I don’t like this…Ok, we have to split up then. Find whatever you can and meet back at the quinjet in 20 minutes.”

You nodded and as you turned to walk away Steve’s hand around your wrist pulled you back. With one arm around your waist and the other against your cheek, he pressed his lips against yours. You kissed him back just as lustfully, kneading your fingers through his hair and praying to every God out there that you would get the chance to kiss him again.

As he pulled away he placed his forehead against yours, “Please be careful.”

“I promise. Now go, before they speed up!” You urged, turning around and running in the opposite direction that you’d come in.

Your gun was still grasped tightly in your hand, finger on the trigger. You really didn’t want to kill anyone - not on taco Tuesday. 

You carefully broke into any door along the hallway that looked significant, checking everywhere for HYRDA symbols or Dr. Henry himself - the Korean bio-chemist who’d been kidnapped while he was at a convention in Paris.

“Dr. Wu?” You whispered inside a room that looked a lot like a library, feeling slightly stupid that you were talking to no one. When it was apparent that there was no one there you pressed forward.

“Hello Barbie.” A scratchy voice replied, a tall man with a gun stepping out of the shadows. 

You didn’t hesitate, your gun raised and you shot him in the head. Without a moment to even compose yourself, you keep going.

You found a small staircase towards the end of the hall and hesitated before making your way down the crumbling stone steps. The bottom was another poorly lit hallway, a couple large metal doors scattered down the way. After pushing through the first few it felt like it was time to give up.

You’d promised Steve that you wouldn’t take any longer than 20 minutes, and that time was about to run out. You decided to turn around and head back up the stairs when someone appeared at the top of the steps, kicking you backwards. As you flew down the steps your head smashed against the ground and the pain was so intense you were seeing stars.

You noted that the person was dressed in all black as they marched down the steps towards you. It was a man; a sick, deranged, smiling man who leaned down and wrapped his fingers around your neck. You clawed at his hand until it felt like your nails were being ripped off, trying to make him let go.

Steve was the last thing that flashed through your mind as your oxygen deprived brain lost consciousness.


Your skull felt like it was splitting in two and your wrist was throbbing, probably broken. A small whine escaped your lips as you opened your eyes, the dim light not hurting your head too much. “Ow.”

“You’re awake!” A man boomed, making you look up. It was the man in black, the one who took the time to push you down the stairs and then suffocate you. It was clear to you as you looked down, that you were sitting up on a chair, your hands and feet bound together.

It seemed like you were in a security room, footage of hallways and offices appearing on screens all around you. You watched Steve take on several people at once in one screen, kicking the soldier’s asses before moving on.

The man walked over and stood in front of you.

“Urgh,” You groaned spitting out the blood in your mouth in the direction of the man’s feet. “Listen pal, I don’t know if anyone ever told you how to treat a woman, but that is not how you sweep her off her feet…”

“So snappy for the one who’s all tied up.” He smirked, circling your chair. When you scoffed, he walked forward and grabbed your wrist. The scream that escaped your mouth sounded almost inhuman - yeah your wrist was definitely broken.

“Fuck!” You gasped, giving the man your worst possible glare. “That really hurt you asshat! Fuck you.”

He seemed happy with your reaction, “Sweetheart this is just the beginning. I’m going to make you beg for mercy until you’re pleading for death. And then I’ll keep you alive just long enough for the Star Spangled Man to witness your downfall. I imagine it’ll be hard to watch his girlfriend die right before his eyes.”

“We’re just friends.” You deadpanned, locking eyes with the man. 

He laughed and produced a remote control, pressing a button and turning his attention to one of the screens. On loop was the footage of you kissing Steve over and over again.

You refused to go down without a fight. “Are you only keeping me here because you have a weird fetish for watching other couples? Because you might want to reconsider - “

A shot rang through the room and a bullet ripped through the skin of your bicep. You screamed again, biting down on your lip as hard as you possibly could, more blood pouring into your mouth.

“Literally fuck you.” You gasped.

He laughed, stepping forward to caress your face in his hands. “You have no idea how much I want to kill you right now, you stupid little bitch. But I know the look on his face will be priceless; knowing that you were suffering right under the ground he was standing on, watching you die the second he walks through the door - I’m genuinely excited.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, your head injury and the loss of blood starting to effect you. The man wasn’t paying any attention to the monitors anymore since he was leaned over to talk to you. You spotted Steve getting closer and closer to the stairwell and you knew you only needed to stall for a little while longer.

“You’re one sick fuck, I’ll give you that.”

“Thank you, princess.”

“Ew.” You mumbled, trying to pull your face away him his grimy hands. “That’s perverted. Do you often call 20 year old women disgusting pet names?”

That one made him angry.

He pulled a small knife out of a sheath on his belt and stabbed it into your abdomen, making you scream out louder than before. He just left the rusty knife in the wound, not bothering to take it back. Even though the plan was to lead Steve towards you as quickly as possible - you had been hoping it would’ve been less painful than that.

You were gasping through the pain now, trying to focus on the one man in front of you, instead of the several outlines of him that your mind was trying to convince you were there too. 

“Go to hell.” You spat, “Fucking creep.”

He pulled back, smirking. “ We’ll see - ”

The sound of the door being kicked off it’s hinges cut him off. Steve and his shield beelined for your captor, a look of indescribable anger on his face.

Before he could reach the man in black, a shot rang out in the room.

Steve stumbled and you both looked down at your chest to see blood gushing down your ribcage and pooling in your lap. You looked up and met Steve’s eyes, watching the man you’d come to love completely lose his mind. Your consciousness was fleeting but you had to fight to stay awake.

Steve grabbed the man in black by the face, twisting his neck until he heard the satisfying crack under his fingers. The last thing you remember was Steve throwing the man’s dead body across the room before you lost consciousness completely for the second time in one day.


Beep. Beep. Beep.

“That’s really fucking annoying.” You whispered, wishing more than anything that the beeping would shut the fuck up. “Turn it off…”

There was laughter and - you were pretty sure - the sound of crying around you. You peaked open your eyes slowly, blinking rapidly past the white lights. 


You turned your head, a dull throbbing spreading through your skull. A blond with beautiful cheekbones was staring down at you with a hopeful smile and teary eyes. 

“Steve?” You grinned lopsidedly, the drugs making your brain fuzzy. “Steve look at you, you’re still gorgeous!”

The room erupted in a chorus of laughter and you giggled too, not really knowing why. You recognized the people around you - your team.

Wanda stepped forwards, her eyes brimmed red. “Y/N…I thought… Your mind - You stopped…” She sniffed and Vision stepped forwards to grab her hand supportively. “I couldn’t read your mind and then you died and I didn’t know…”

You sloppily rolled your eyes, letting out a very over exaggerated sigh. “You should stop looking in peoples brain-minds Sokovia. It makes Steve feel all icky and - “ You sat up abruptly, looking around the room in awe as Steve tried to gently push you back down on the bed.“ - You know what is so cool?” You answered yourself quickly before anyone else could, “Ducks!” You looked up at Steve, “Can we get a pet duck?”

“Uh…” His face was a mix of concerned and confused, “Why are you asking me?”

You sighed, laying back in bed and crossing your arms against your chest. “Fine, I see how it is Star Spangled jerk! First you kiss me and then I get tortured for you and now you won’t let me get a duck? You really know how to woo - “

He silenced you with a kiss, the room watching in surprise. He pulled away and smiled, pecking your cheek.

“That was a really nice way of telling me we can’t get a duck.” You giggled, laying back down, letting Steve intertwine your fingers as he sat beside you. 

“How about you get better,” Steve proposed sweetly, his eyes gazing into  yours. “Then we can talk about getting you a duck.”

Let’s play, “how many times did Jaiden use the word fuck”!

I probably haven’t loved something I’ve written from a literary perspective this much in a very, very long time. It feels nice to really like something I’ve written, wow!!

My requests are open so message me anytime babes!

I Will Love And Protect You... [Daryl Dixon x Reader]

~ An imagine when Daryl witnesses Pete hitting you, and gets his revenge. You then confess your feelings to one another after holding them back for so long. ~


- requested by @musermallate

“Pete, I don’t understand why you’re being like this. Rick is a good guy! Why are you acting this way?” I spoke sternly, trying my hardest not to raise my voice as I attempted to reason with the man who believes our leader is trying to hit on his wife, Jessie.


Pete and I stood outside, just in front of the gates as I tried to tell him that Rick has no intentions of stealing his wife. Although I know that Rick and Jessie have chemistry, I also happen to know that Rick has too much respect for people and wouldn’t just wreck their marriage for the sake of his own happiness or satisfaction. It’s hard to keep up a relationship now, especially as you never know how long you’re going to get with someone before something happens and they die or you die. I guess that’s why Pete’s so afraid, but he’s a tough guy, we’ve seen the way he hauls Jessie around like he owns her. Occasionally it seems controlling and possessive, so I doubt Rick would go out of his way to challenge him.


I don’t know how I got into this conversation with Pete in the first place, but he doesn’t seem to be taking it too well. One minute I was with Daryl discussing the armoury, the next minute I was battling it out with a (most likely) abusive husband and obsessive control-freak who hates us. I wish Daryl hadn’t walked off to go help Aaron, he’d have so much to say to Pete. I’m no match to how tough Daryl is… I guess that’s why I admire him so much. Where is he when you need him?


“Rick and your group and you, you’re all trying to steal her. You’re trying to steal everyone here! You think you’re so much stronger than us, all because you’ve had to kill a few dozen walkers. Well unlike you, we’re civilised, we don’t pick a fight for no God damn reason!” He yelled, taking a couple of steps forward and getting too close to me. I swallowed a lump in my throat before looking the sadistic bastard dead in the eyes.


“You say that again…” I spat, teeth gritted as I balled my hands into fists and tried not to punch him square in the face for raising his voice at me, “Go on… I dare you. Say we’re not civilised. Say we’re killers… Go ahead.”


He chuckled slightly, shaking his head before sighing, “I don’t think so,” he said, before raising his arm and hitting me across the face. I fell back with shock, collapsing to the floor as my hand immediately flew up to my cheek as I pressed at the sore skin from the sudden blow. He looked down at me, his eyes boring into mine evilly as I breathed heavily, fear overtaking my body as I attempted to find the energy to stand up. My legs wouldn’t move, and I certainly couldn’t take my hand off of my face as I felt the heat from the already developing bruise on my cheek.


I heard a rustle behind me before something dropped onto the ground beside me. I looked down and saw Daryl’s crossbow sat on the grass, before he appeared above me, “HEY!” He shouted at Pete. Pete looked at Daryl and his eyes widened. I couldn’t tell what he was feeling but he began to back away, stumbling a little over his own feet, “Don’t you dare walk away from me. Come here… Come back if you think you’re so damn tough!”


Daryl stormed towards Pete, grabbing him by the shirt and holding him directly in front of him as they glared at one another, “Are you gonna tell me why you just hit her? Why you just hit her across the face, sending her flying onto the ground? Huh?!” Daryl shoved Pete hard, causing him to fall onto the ground opposite me. He glanced over at me and for a moment I thought I saw an apology in his eyes before Daryl leant down and grabbed him by the chin, “Don’t you even look at her you son of a bitch!” He landed a punch beside Pete’s eye, and I could almost feel the pain rushing through my own body as the sound of Daryl’s fist colliding with Pete’s cheekbone made my spine tingle.


“Daryl…” I whimpered. He turned to look at me, and I could see the sheer hatred in his eyes for Pete as his eyebrows were furrowed and his pupils were dilated. His mouth hung open as he panted, his hair sticking to his forehead as beads of sweat trickled down his face. He walked over to me slowly before crouching down and moving my hand away from my face. He grazed the skin with the back of his fingers, making me wince from the pain, “What are you gonna do?” I whispered, leaning towards him so our faces were inches apart. I desperately wanted to kiss him in that moment, not only to thank him for protecting me, but to show him what I’ve been dying to tell him since we met.


He took in a deep breath before exhaling. His breath hit my face, making my body shiver as he stood up and wiped his face on his shirt.


“Wait and see,” He smirked, before going straight back over to Pete and kicking him. Pete cried out in pain as Daryl thrashed him in the side with his foot, his boot colliding with Pete’s ribcage over and over again, making the man writhe around on the floor and beg for him to stop, “This… Is what you get… For hurting… Y/N!” He squatted to the ground and grabbed Pete by the throat, pushing him into the dirt, “You don’t know how much I wanna kill you right now…” Daryl almost laughed before standing up and kicking Pete one last time, “You hit anyone else here and I swear the next time we talk I’ll shoot an arrow through your skull, you got that?!… Come on Y/N.”


Daryl helped me up off of the floor before grabbing his crossbow and slinging it over his shoulder. We walked to my house, leaving a bloody and whimpering Pete on the floor. Daryl put his arm around me and helped me inside, sitting me down on the couch before disappearing.


He came back into the room with a towel and some ice. He wrapped the ice up inside the towel before he gently pressed it to my face, making me flinch and cringe as he moved it over my cheekbone, trying to prevent a giant bruise from forming anytime soon. We sat there in a comfortable silence, his heavy breathing the only sound in the room as he looked after me. I watched as the perfectly rugged man took care of me, softly pressing the ice to my wounded face, and hushing me whenever I whined at the pain. He finally pulled the towel away as the ice began to melt and became ineffective. He left it on the coffee table as he shuffled on the couch to get closer to me.


He placed his arm around my shoulder, pulling me into him for a one-armed hug. I wrapped my body around his, craving his touch as I forced everything in me to not cry or show weakness. I need to show that Pete can’t get to me… “Daryl, why did you defend me?” I asked suddenly, not controlling the words spilling out of my mouth as he tilted his head to look at me. I looked up at him as he raised his eyebrows, thinking of a reply.


“Why wouldn’t I?” He simply asked as if it was obvious.


“I… I don’t know. I just thought that -”


“You thought I’d just walk past and watch him beat the shit out of you? Y/N… You know I’m no passer-by, he wasn’t gonna get away with that…”


I looked at him for a moment, taking in his every feature as I searched for an answer in my mind but couldn’t find one. I sighed before sinking into his grasp again, burying my face in his chest and breathing in his scent. He coughed loudly, and I instantly saw it as a sign of discomfort, so I pulled away and moved to the side, away from him, “No… I didn’t mean -” He started and I just shook my head.


“It’s fine Daryl. I get it.”


“No you don’t,” He stood up and began to pace the room in front of me, his finger and thumb squeezing the bridge of his nose before he stopped and stood directly opposite me, staring at me, “I didn’t just protect you because I thought you needed my help… I did it because, well… I was scared. I was scared he was going to seriously harm you or even worse - kill you. I couldn’t let that happen! I’d feel empty for the rest of my life without you here. I wouldn’t be able to cope, everything happened so fast over there. I knew I had to show him that he’s not the boss or I would’ve regretted it until the end of time. You don’t know how hard life would be without you Y/N… You don’t know. That’s why you don’t get it.”


“I… I don’t understand. Daryl, y… You’re so strong what do you mean life would be difficult without me?”


“Because I love you!” He blurted out, his eyes widening as he obviously realised what he’d just said. I was relieved I hadn’t stood up from the couch or I would’ve fallen straight back onto it after hearing those words leave Daryl Dixon’s mouth… “Well, there! Now you know.”


“Daryl… I…”


“I get it, you don’t feel the same. Spare me the sympathy speech Y/N, I kind of saved your life let’s just leave it at that, yeah?”






“I said no. We’re not leaving it at that, we’re not leaving it at anything. If you would just give me a second to speak you’d know that I was about to say I love you too.”


“Y… You do?


“Yeah, I do. And you don’t know how terrifying it was for me to watch you fight with the guy! He could’ve hurt you too but he didn’t which I’m so glad of but… I don’t know, the same things you’ve just said were the exact same things that went through my head too.”


I stood up from the couch and walked over to him, placing my hand on his shoulder, “You really do love me?” He asked, and I nodded. I pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek before feeling his arms wrap around my back and pull me close, as he too kissed me, his lips softly brushing my temple, before he whispered, “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear that…”




Hey everyone! Sorry for not writing any imagines lately, school work is totally killing me at the moment! I hope you like this imagine!
The Hug That Killed Me

This is the worst thing I have ever seen.

Someone posted something about hugs tonight.  I don’t remember who.  I’m sorry.  And I thought of this one immediately.  But Louis fingers are digging into Harry.  And he turns his head into his neck and smells him.  No he seriously is inhaling him like he smells so good, I just wanna lick him.  But I can’t because we’re in public and he’s only my BFF.  So I will just hold on extra tight and maybe nobody will notice if it’s an extra second or so so I can smell him a little longer.

And I am not okay.  



anonymous asked:

i think youve said that Jerza would be the first of the biggest ships to get together, right? what do you think the rest of the order will be?


I expect ships will become canon to coincide with plot points. I suspect that the Silver-Gray showdown coming up will be huge for Gruvia, maybe even pushing them up to the boundary of “official”. Even if Gray and Juvia don’t verbalize it as, “Now, we’re going out”, I think that afterwards they will be unmistakably together. Gray will continue to still be tsundere, and Juvia will still fangirl, but it might end up being a better, non-caricatured version of the Ren-Sherry relationship (who are, by the way, engaged). 

Gale: Two possible big plot events that might push them into canon territory: Gajeel’s upcoming battle with Torafusa and then much later on, Gajeel’s reunion with Metalicana. Mashima’s already shown them kissing in Juvia’s hallucination, so I think they’re very very close.

Nalu: *sigh* The last to become canon. I think Natsu’s realized how he feels about her, but Lucy is clueless about her own feelings (it’s actually a nice break from the usual pattern in which the guy’s the clueless one). But we have all of Natsu’s backstory still to explore, as well as Lucy’s connection to Zeref through her magic/mother.

I think it’s going to take Natsu getting seriously hurt (emotionally or physically) for Lucy to realized how much she loves the adorable dork.

Elfever: I’m not sure how they’re going to fit into this at all, especially with their recent lack of development. I’m so disappointed that Elfman’s recent thoughts have all been about his sisters, and not a smidgeon of concern about almost killing the girl he loves when he blew up the guildhall.

To sum up:

Jerza and Gruvia in the Tartarus arc (Gruvia will get the important fight first, but I’m really hoping for a Jerza wedding when the dust settles. It’s a big stretch, but I’m crossing my fingers!)

Gale and Nalu in the dragon-centric arc (I’m assuming that’ll be the next big arc)

And Elfever shoved in there somewhere.

This is a racy topic; don't like, don't read

Before I begin, I would like to point out that I am Hindu, extremely religious, and this is in no way meant to insult anybody.
Today I had a mini family reunion. So there I was, with my cousin Trisha, socializing in a corner as the women gossiped and the men watched the children. I’m not sure what caught my attention but I stopped mid sentence and listened in on the gossip. My aunt began telling of a story she read in the paper. Apparently this Hindu girl fell in love with an Islamic man and they got married. Of course, this made me incredibly happy. Growing up in a traditional household, being told all my life that I had to marry a Hindu man, it is a rule I do not plan to follow (unless I fall for one). She continues to say that someone was so against the union that they lit the man’s house on fire, killing the entire family with the mother-in-law as the sole survivor.
The initial response was shock.
While the rest of us let it sink in, this one woman stood from her chair, nose in the air, and exclaimed: “That girl was stupid for making such a mistake.”
I was amazed. Seriously, amazed and disturbed. I never thought a person could have such blatant lack of compassion for a tragedy. I opened my mouth to say something, but my mother made eye contact with me and put a finger to her lips, silently telling me to be quiet. 
I snapped my mouth shut. Watched as my mother recited a quote from the Gita, our holy book, and calmed the woman. What she said was quite simple: No religion, not a single one, tells us to kill a person for believing in something else. To hurt another soul. To cause pain and suffering to others.

We, as humans, use these beautiful words written in these books, twist them, and use them to manipulate people into what we think is right.
I feel so sorry for this woman, I really do. She is ignorant. To not have an ounce of sympathy for these people who died and immediately turn to blame… It’s sad. I don’t even know why her reaction bothered me so deeply, but it does. 
Love is a beautiful thing. It is something that this world lacks severely. Religion should not bind you. It shouldn’t bring hatred. Traditions shouldn’t restrict anyone, but should be used as an asset to gain greater happiness. No god is forcing us to do anything. It’s people who come up with these wicked concepts, that we have to murder and bring forth tragedies for…. What? To get someone’s point across? What is so wrong with loving someone who practices a different religion?  Who is different, in general? Is it a crime? Does two people’s love for eachother hurt anyone else? Of course not. So, why is it wrong? 

Nothing can be said that will make murder okay. No religion, no tradition, not even capital punishment, but that is another thing altogether.

Bottom line:
DO NOT USE YOUR TRADITIONS OR RELIGION TO MANIPULATE PEOPLE. No one should be forced to do something they don’t want to because of traditions and religion. It is not meant to bind. It is meant to be something beautiful. I am sick and tired of people using these two things to dictate. Stop. Just stop. 


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Prompt: Killian gets really nervous about proposing to Emma that when he finally gets around to do it, she thinks he’s breaking up with her.

Emma was curious as to why Killian insisted they had dinner at L’Amour Vrai, a new fancy restaurant which had opened up a few months ago. She hadn’t had any reason to go there, but she had heard great things about it from her parents.

He picked her up exactly at 7, at the door with a dozen roses. She had been mesmerized at the sight of him, seeing that he was wearing a perfectly fitted suit, and his hair was combed and styled. He had a dash of cologne sprayed on him.

When Killian caught her staring, he grinned, and placed a kiss on her lips, “See something you like, Love?” he asked, wagging his eyebrows, and just like that, her pirate was back.

She had blushed slightly, but kissed him after she grabbed onto the black tie around his neck, and pulled him in. “Oh I definitely like.”

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