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Cotton Candy

Pairing:  Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,864

Summary: Jensen tries to get the reader’s number but she wants nothing to do with him.

Ah, Comic Con in San Diego.

What a shit show…a cool, awesome shit show.

Thankfully your best friend Mike is a promoter so your adorable ass gets in for free. You also have a VIP pass that lets you go wherever the hell you want.

It would be fucking fabulous if you ran into Chris Pratt or Stephen Amell or really any cool celebrities at this point.

So here you are walking around the crazy cool green room pretending you’re not a huge ass dork.

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How about lazy mornings with the chocobros?

Yes, definitely, I need this in my life! Also I am so sorry I took so long, wow. I’ve sucked so bad today.

Noctis: Let’s face it, with Noct every morning is a lazy morning. You wake up somewhere around mid-morning, a tangle of limbs and blankets, neither of you giving any inclination of your consciousness, but you’d each be aware that the other was awake. For the most part, you’d just lay there, happy enough to just pretend to sleep.
“We should probably get up before noon.” you whisper.
Noctis tightens his hold on you, burying his nose in your tangled hair. “Don’t want to. Too comfy.” he groans. His fingers snake up the back of your camisole, drawing lazy swirls along your spine in an effort to lull you back to sleep.
You purr, arching your back. “Noctis.” you mewl, cuddling back into him. Damn, this man knew you too well. He went right for your weak point and you almost fell for it. “No, c'mon. We need to get up.” You weakly push his hand away, momentarily mourning the loss of those soft fingers on your back.
Grumbling to himself, Noctis tries to curl his arms around you and pull you back into the bed as you roll out of his reach. “(y/n), no, don’t be this way!” he whines.
You tumble over to the curtains, yanking them open and flooding the room with light. You watch in amusement and Noctis hisses dramatically and pulls the blankets over his head.
“(y/n), you traitor!”
You laugh to yourself, shaking your head. “Oh, stop being such a drama queen.” You pick up his clothes from last night and throw them at him. “Come on, if we’re lucky maybe Iggy’ll come over and make pancakes.”

Prompto: Prompto’s an early riser by nature, so he’s always awake before you. He’s not against laying in bed, curled around you until you wake up, just once in a while. After almost an hour, though, he gets bored. He begins gently nibbling on your collarbone, stopping when he feels you stirring, only to start back up again once you’ve resettled yourself. “Quit it.” you whine, pushing weakly at his chest.
He chuckles, pulling you back and kissing your forehead. “Breakfast?”
You crack one eye open, glaring at him with pursed lips. “I’m not your breakfast.” you grumble.
“Are you sure about that?” Prompto smirks, going back to nibbling your collarbone. “You’re just so tasty!” He pins your wrists to your sides, keeping you struggling and shrieking with laughter as he nips playfully along your neck. When he finally relents, he tucks his face into the crook of your neck and laughs along with you as you calm yourself. “Seriously, though,” he says, laying a kiss on your jaw. “What do you want for breakfast?”
You hum in thought. “I kinda want French toast.” you mutter. “With honey and bananas. Sound good?”
Prompto sat up, humming to himself with a smile. “Yeah, that sounds great.” he replies. He snatches last night’s tank off the floor of your bedroom and pulls it over his head. “C'mon, time to get up.” he says.
“Yeah, yeah.” You pull the blankets further around yourself. “Just gimme five more minutes.”

Ignis: Lazy days with Ignis are rare, and when they do happen, you hardly ever end up staying in bed past 10. By then you have migrated to the sofa, bringing your pillows along with you, a mug of ebony in hand, naturally. “Ugh, morning TV sucks.” you growl, flipping through the channels. Tedious talk shows and so-called “reality” TV made up the bulk of morning scheduling. You were seconds away from just putting on some cartoons. You eventually settle on a light news channel.
Ignis doesn’t seem to care what was on television. He, instead, focussed his attention on you. On raking his fingers through your hair, twisting the tips slightly and letting them fall back into place.
You lay your head on Ignis’s shoulder, letting out a heavy sigh. “Should we just watch a movie?” you ask.
“Are you prepared to leave the sofa?” he replies with a raised eyebrow.
“We have Netflix,” you remind him. “I won’t have to.” You log into your Netflix account through your console and start flicking through the various movies. Maybe a nice, chilled out feel-good movie?
Ignis acknowledges your point with a nod, going back to playing with your hair. “We’ve not yet eaten breakfast.” he mutters to you.
“Ah, yeah.” You lay down the controller on your lap. “We should probably do that.”
“Dippy eggs?”
“Dippy eggs!”

Gladiolus: While more commonplace than with Ignis, lazy days are infrequent with Gladio, too. Mainly because you’re both highly motivated people, you live for a purpose, sitting around doing nothing can be extremely frustrating for you. That said, on the odd day where you allow yourselves the indulgence of a lay-in, you can spend hours talking, sharing deep, meaningful conversations, or just chatting casually. And, occasionally, you just liked to wind him up.
“So, like, are all stars just giant balls of fire, or is it just our sun?” you ask.
Gladio sighs deeply, not even turning to look at you. “(y/n), for the millionth time, the sun is not fire. It’s plasma.” he grumbles.
You shrug, pretending to be interested in your nails. “Well, plasma’s just like, super hot fire. So, technically, I’m not wrong.” You smirk, feeling him tense. Surely, he knows by now not to take you seriously?
He glares at you out of the corner of his eye. He knows full well what you’re doing, but still, he allows you to get the better of him. “No, there’s no technically about it. You’re wrong. End of story.” Gladio rests his hand atop your head, stroking through you hair absent-mindedly. “And yes, all stars are made of plasma. And that’s my last word on it.”
You open your mouth, then close it. Okay, no more sun banter for today. Maybe you could find something else to irritate him, instead.
“Are we thinking fry-up for breakfast?” he asks.
“Oooh, fry-up!” Okay, maybe you’ll ease up on the teasing for today.

Monday : College!Ashton Blurb

College, you’ve learned, is definitely not like high school. In high school you could miss the entire first week of a new year, come back the following Monday, and still be reviewing material that you’ve learned from previous semesters. In college, you’re expected to come to the opening class having already read the first chapter of the textbook you paid for yourself, and then take a quiz on it before barely catching your professor’s name. Missing even a portion of a first-day lecture could throw you of course for the rest of the class period, which is why it’s so crucial for you as a freshman to make it to Calculus on time. 

Unfortunately for you, the mathematics building is light years away from the Classical Mythology class you’ve just been let out of, and unless Hermes wants to drop down and let you borrow his shoes for a minute, you have no idea how you’re going to pull this off. When you took the university bus to school this morning you were under the impression that most of your classes would let out early, giving you plenty of time to walk from building to building and maybe even stop for a snack along the way. Now you’ve got ten minutes to travel from one corner of campus to the diagonal other and only a pair of legs to take you. 

The building you’re walking out of leads to the bordering sidewalk of one of the campus parking lots. You sigh as your eyes glance over every idol car, envying those who won’t have the same dilemma you’re facing today. Now that you think of it, you’re not even sure you’re heading in the right direction. This damn school is too big for its own good. 

A few feet in front of you you see a fellow student throwing his leg over the seat of an unmoving motorcycle, helmet in hand ready to envelop his head. The parking permit stuck to the small windshield looks different than the ones on the rest of the cars, indicating that it probably came from last year. You hope that means he’ll be familiar with the area. 

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What about a friends with benefits blurb? Like in the movie friends with benefits which I happen to be watching right now lol. Harry and or her realize they actually do have feelings for each other

Friends with benefits anon here again…I feel like a harry is a little emotionally repressed so I can totally see him taking on a situation like that. Also with his work he might feel like it’s too hard to keep a proper relationship up so that’s a good alternative.

Enjoy, sweetness. ;)

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Spontaneity - Lucky Blue Smith One Shot

Request: hey! I was wondering if maybe you’d do a cute little fluffy imagine with either lucky blue smith or neels visser where the reader and one of the boys just drives around for a while and then they stop in the middle of nowhere and just sit on the hood of the car together, thank you!
We took the liberty of adding both of those babes in, hope you like it xx

Overall it had been a typical Thursday.  Classes had gone by excruciatingly slow and it was a struggle to even complete the homework the teachers had assigned without ignoring the urge to scroll through Tumblr countless times, but the torture was finally over and the comfort of the couch was finally sucking me in.  My eyelids felt heavy and I was almost asleep, the darkness starting to creep in and a pleasant numbness running through my body.

That is, until now.  

A slight buzz from my phone broke my silent reverie and I groaned until I saw who had messaged me. A smile bloomed on my face despite exhaustion still wracking my bones and I squinted at the screen’s brightness. It was Lucky, and the message beaming up at me made me roll my eyes.

Wanna do something spontaneous?

My thumbs sent off a quick reply.

I just woke up from a nap lol so…rain check.

As much as I liked Lucky I didn’t have the energy to entertain or do anything.  With anyone.  In fact, sleep sounded pretty great right now and the caress of the couch had felt amazing… Right as you hit send three dots appeared, and another message appeared within seconds.

So…yes? ;)

“Silly boy,” I grumbled. Before I could even text back a reply, a horn blared outside the front door.  He couldn’t…. he wouldn’t….

“Y/N!!!!” A voice outside yelled.  I knew that voice.  

More aggressive honking ensued and I had no choice but to walk out the door and face the man of the hour.

“Lucky?? What the hell are you doing here?”  I squinted through the darkness to see him and…Neels?  In the backseat?

Lucky’s laugh carried above the music that was blasting from the car, clearly happy with himself that his surprise had worked.  Neels popped his head out of the car with a wide grin, “Don’t make us carry you into the damn thing!  Get in!”

I looked at the two gorgeous boys who had come into my life so unexpectedly as I stood there in my old hello kitty pajamas and couldn’t help but laugh at the randomness of it all.  I ran to the car, the boys whooping and hollering as I finally clambered in and shut the passenger door behind me. Apparently a little too harshly as Lucky let out a protest.  “Hey! This is vintage!”  He put out his hands dramatically for emphasis, but he winked at me to affirm he wasn’t completely serious.

It was well past 9pm and my parents hadn’t come back from their dinner with friends, so I wasn’t concerned about them disapproving of this late night rendezvous with my…well, I’m not quite sure what we were at that moment, but I’m sure it was a little more than friends.  At least, that’s what it felt like.

The purr of the engine strolled along and soon we were cruising through Santa Monica on Ocean Boulevard, the distant crash of the waves barely perceptible, but still there.  I needed this, I thought as the wind blew through my hair.  He was good for me, I realized.  I felt a burning sensation prickle the back of my neck and I turned my head to catch Lucky’s gaze.

“Eyes on the road Lucky,” I teased.

“If I wasn’t banished to the backseat we wouldn’t have this problem,” Neels pointed out.  

Lucky groaned, his head dipping back slightly against the seat.  “You guys are the worst.  Let me live!” He shouted defiantly to no one in particular, the wind catching his voice and carrying it away.  I laughed blissfully after that, there was no particular reason, but maybe that’s why it came so easily.  Lucky once more looked over to me and gave me a smile that was so natural, wider than the smoldering looks he’d give to the camera, and more…boyish. More Lucky.  He suddenly grabbed my hand, humming in contentment when he gently stroked the tops of mine with the pad of his thumb.  We ignored Neels shouts of disgusting!  And save me! to random passerby’s on the street (particularly groups of teenage girls), and I laughed when Neels almost fell out the window when Lucky sharply turned the car through a side street that wound up one of the mountains.

“Wait, where are we going?” I asked wondrously, I’d never seen this place before and I hadn’t even questioned getting into the vehicle long enough to think about what Lucky had planned for us.

“There’s a spot up here I wanna show you,” Lucky smirked, and I jumped a little when Neels rubbed my shoulders from behind.  

“Relax Y/N, we’re not going to murder you,” Neels laughed at my awkard “ha…ha” and his hands dropped once Lucky leaned back and punched him in the side.

“Stop scaring her, I’m trying to have a nice night with my girl here,” Lucky complained. “Shouldn’t have taken the idiot,” he added quietly.

Neels’ and mine eyebrows rose up, but for entirely different reasons. He’d called me his girl.  I couldn’t help the cheesy smile that was tugging at my cheeks and a warmth spread through me at the thought.  We hadn’t defined anything up until this point, just a lot of flirting, and talking, and just getting on really well.  But that was fine by me.

“You say that, but I know you love me,” Neels murmured.  He thought for a moment, “And y’know there are tons of girls that would be dying for my company right now.  So you know what.  Your welcome.”  His smug tone left me wondering if he was actually joking and I mumbled a “cocky bastard,” under my breath.

Lucky caught my words and playfully gaped at me in shock, “Y/N!” he exclaimed.  The hand holding mine suddenly disentangled itself and started attacking my side, causing me to let out a stream of giggles.  “You have a dirty mouth don’t you?” he said in between laughter.  “Lucky!  Stop!” I breathed, continuing to squeal and writhe in the seat.  Lucky’s eyes were glowing, torn between looking at the sight beside him and the newly exposed skin your shorts revealed as they’d ridden up in your wriggling, or the winding road in front of him.

“For the love of God Lucky keep your eyes on the road!  You might be my best friend but I will sue you if we get in an accident!” Neels practically screamed, the only voice of reason in the car.

“Don’t mind him, he’s just jealous,” Lucky assured me, finally stopping his attack.  I was absolutely panting at this point and was seriously thinking about punching him, but Neels words ran through my head and he was right - a car crash was the last thing I wanted right now.

I hadn’t done all that homework for nothing damn it.

One last turn of the car and I realized why we’d driven so far up. Lights glittered the city below us as Lucky pulled closer to the edge of the cliff.  When we hopped out, we admired the black ocean that was scattered out in front of us like an abyss we couldn’t even hope to see through.  The contrast between the busy lights scattered along the tucks and juts of the hills and the darkness of the obscure beaches long abandoned by tourists that were devoid of movement was simply captivating.

“Wow,” I whispered.  A light couple thuds sounded and I moved to the spot on the hood of the car where Lucky had patted beside him.  He extended a hand and helped pull me up, his large hand easily enveloping my smaller one, and the way he squeezed it ever so slightly once I’d settled in right next to him made me feel safe and warm all over again.

“I love your small hands.” He murmured, as if reading my mind.  And if I hadn’t been that close, those words would’ve been lost the way the wind was lapping against us as it passed.

I smiled and nudged him a bit with my shoulder, a shy smile spreading on his face and, if there wasn’t such a lack of light, perhaps I’d be able to detect a blush.  This shy side of Lucky had been making appearances lately, ever since things had just felt so right between the two of us, since we’d been walking the unspoken line between friends and something more.  I expected to hear a gross or a get a room when Lucky wrapped an arm around me to draw me closer away from the cold, but Neels was surprisingly quiet and when I looked to find him, I saw he’d walked closer to the edge and was taking photos of the scene. I didn’t know why though.  Photos could never quite capture moments like this.

“I’m glad you dragged my lazy butt out of napping again,” I hummed quietly against his chest.

“Hm?” he pondered.  His head bent down slightly, plump lips grazing my temple and I could’ve sworn I felt them instinctually pucker and press into a slight kiss.  My heart instantly accelerated and I thought it best not to acknowledge the show of affection, choosing to nuzzle closer into the crook of his neck instead.

“I said-” I cleared my throat “‘M glad you got me out.  You tend to do that.”  

I felt his smile, and his arm slightly tightened around my waist.

“I’m glad you’re glad.  That’s all I could want,” he stated.

There was a moment of silence where neither of us seemed to move.  The warm, soft material of his jumper against the side of my face was enough, and the sound of his steady heartbeat that was racing just a little faster than normal, made me think I’d be content if that was the only sound I’d hear for the rest of my life.  A few more moments like this passed before I slowly but bravely lifted my head to gaze up at him. The moon was hiding tonight, but I could still make out some features, his sharp jaw, his plump lips, and the silhouette of wind-tousled hair.  It would be a downright lie if I ignored the fact there was a bit of fear to be so close to someone so beautiful.  

He finally caught my stare, looking down at me so his lips were now a mere inch apart.  I couldn’t see his eyes, but something sparked between us that didn’t need confirmation.  We just knew. He tilted his head down, lips close to capturing mine-

“Hey!  Are we leaving soon?  My ass is going to freeze off!” Neels shouted, jogging back to the car in a huff.

Lucky groaned at the interrupted moment, at our almost kiss that would now have to wait for another time.  But I almost didn’t mind.

There was strange satisfaction in knowing it had almost happened.

“Next time remind me to drop off Neels before we do anything again. Ever,” he grumbled.  He pressed a quick kiss to my cold nose before effortlessly sliding off the hood of the car, and I was suddenly glad for the cover of darkness the way my cheeks raged like a fire.  I hadn’t noticed the cold the way Lucky warmed me up.

“Still glad we came though?” I asked, slightly breathless from what had almost been.

“Most definitely,” he assured me, taking my hand in his and holding it all the way back home.

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Thirsty Thursday - Part 1

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,671

Summary: The reader wants Dean to go out for Thirsty Thursday, even though he needs to study for an important test. 

“Come on, Deannn.” You whine dramatically.

“Y/N, I can’t!” He says just as dramatic.

“But dude…it’s Thirsty Thursday! What kind of college kid are you?!”

“The kind that’s failing metaphysics class. If I don’t get at least a B on the test tomorrow, I’m screwed.” He groans.

“Meta what?” You say confused.

“Exactly!” Dean throws his hands up in the air. “Some stupid philosophy bullshit.”

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The Lich's Haunt

The Lich’s Haunt

The crooked skeleton of the lich let out another shriek, cackling as it whirled up into the darkness of the chapel’s ceiling.  There was only so much that could be done against such a foe.  The holy water had been carelessly spent, and Gwalth’s great sword had been brutally beaten in the melee.  He had been warned by his companions that mundane tools would be of little use besides comfort, but Gwalth had failed to properly understand the threat.  Magic… he needed magic.

There was not much time until the lich swooped again.  The air had grown thick with darkness and deafening shrieks.  The shroud was difficult to pierce, but Gwalth knew where his salvation lay.  Now the lone survivor, he wasted no time in retracing his steps. 

A band of four had entered this chapel tonight with the purpose of extinguishing the vile being within: a twisted manifestation of shadows writhing around bones long rotten and bleached.  When they had been first contracted by Duke Rypus, their employer had described the lich as a once honourable man some two hundred years ago, but had fouled his mind with pursuits of immortality and then dominion.  It had been supposedly sealed, but was now loose, with reports of fifty-two deaths inside the last month.  Now it was fifty-five, and Gwalth would not allow it to become fifty-six.

He slowed his pace and stopped at the sight of a hand stretching out from behind a crumbling statue.  It belonged to Saltor, his body now lay twisted and lifeless on the cobbled stone; the Lich had spared no expense in tearing his throat out, having taken advantage of a shield arm weary from the relentless beating.  His plated armour now reflected rogue shards of light, scattering in the dark despite the new crimson streaks. 

“Sorry I dragged you into this, kid.”  Gwalth leaned down to rescue the kite shield Saltor had lugged in.  If the boy could see only see this, he would have had some quip for Gwalth finally taking his own protection seriously.  There was a brief smile that marked Gwalth’s scarred face, but it was irrelevant to the job at hand.

Pooled blood splashed beneath Gwalth’s hurried boots as he moved on. Cracks in the floor works left by Saltor’s iron sabatons directed him forwards.  He crossed Vina’s hand, lying in the middle of his path, recognisable by the golden rings adorning each of the fingers.  Those same crooked fingers which were curled in agony as though to escape.  Gwalth banished the thought of what might have happened to the rest of her, and ignored the spray of blood straying from his path that might answer the question, clenching his sword tighter.

Vina had deserved better.  They all had.

Gwalth could see the light of the full moon peeling away the darkness inside.  A beam shone onto Liul’s blackened husk as he raced towards it.  She had been the first to die tonight, wreathed in flames as soon as they had entered this accursed chapel.  The vision of flesh boiling and screaming surged in Gwalth’s mind. 

He forced all sense of remorse to one side, and focused on the fact that it had been the desire for gold much more than anything else which had bonded these four beings for just over a year now.  He hadn’t known his three companions well, truth be known. None of them had been with him when he first began work as a mercenary, and Gwalth had not considered staying in any form of contact with them after this job either.   

He hesitated over the sparse remains of his former companion.  Smoke was still rising off the thickened charcoal, mixing a foul smell in the air.  Cautiously, he started to fumble through what remained of her equipment and clothing for the only thing he could think to assist him.  

“Sorry I’m looting your corpse”, he whispered, as though he might provoke Liul’s regular sigh and look of displeasure at anything he had to say.  He fumbled around her remains.  “You know it’s not my style.  I just need a little help … Damn it! Where is it?!” 

Immolation always seemed like an unpleasant way to go in Gwalth’s eyes, and he was honestly sad for the loss of Liul, despite her being an imperious Elf.  But this?  This was downright inconvenient. 
The charred remains of her cloak offered no results as he struggled to remember what she had done with the Duke’s gift, given as a send-off for this mission.  It had adorned her neck when they set out from Tarl a week ago, but she had come to call it “too precious” soon after.  As if having it tucked away in her magical sleeves was useful in the heat of battle.

Realisation struck with a stupendous shout.  “Her sleeves!”

He grinned with relief as he reached for what was left of her arms.  “You may save me yet, Elf!” Yanking them off, he reached down Liul’s dainty sleeve.  Gwalth had never liked the sensation of extra-dimensional compartments.  They felt like fluid jelly, reaching, shifting and grabbing at whatever would probe inside them, but he needed to set aside any squeamish thoughts.  The magic had been explained to him before… 
“Just think of what you are looking for… Envision it in your mind…” 

Footsteps echoed from the black. 

“That’s new,” Gwalth murmured to himself.  Surely it had been flying earlier? Never mind that, he had to ignore the thought.  “Envision it quickly!” 
Something fell into his right hand as he whipped it out of the sleeve; he just prayed it was what he had wanted. 

He left his sword on the ground, gripping the shield firmly with the left hand and stood to face the darkness. The matter required a strong arm. 

“My name is Gwalth!  Of the House Temblin!  Son of Lord Gerard Temblin!” He bellowed as loud as his body would allow, clenching his hope in his right fist.  “And I refuse to yield before you Shade!”
“You think nobility will delay your demise?”  A hissing echo rattled forth, as a skeletal foot emerged from its obscuring shelter beyond the moonlight.  “Death has embraced your friends. Why should it spare you?” 

Gwalth smirked.  “I was never very good at following everyone else.”  At least he would die having the last word in the matter. 

The Lich hastened towards the lone figure, standing firm before the ruined structure.  He had not allowed the moment to check his hand for fear of breaking eye contact with the monster charging, but in that instant Gwalth channelled everything he had remaining into throwing whatever had fallen in his right hand against his foe.

The faintest glow flying forth from him let Gwalth know he had been lucky.  Raising his shield and turning his head away expectantly, he smiled to himself at the idea of a tiny bead such as that capable of achieving greater results than his great sword ever could.  

A second passed before Gwalth turned back in dismay.  He saw the bead bouncing into a roll on the ground as the lich continued advancing, and though he could see no lips, Gwalth could swear the Lich smiled.

Why didn’t it break?  He had thought that it was supposed to burst on contact… 

Gwalth remembered the bead being clasped around Liul’s neck by Duke Rypus himself, as they were setting off.  There were words to go with the bleached teeth in his smile, what were they? 

There was something about a temple?  That wasn’t relevant.

Something about bringing the judgement of Gods upon the victims?  Not helpful.

There was a word, a phrase…  The image of the Duke leaning in to whisper in Liul’s ear shot forth, stirring a bitter feeling of contempt in his stomach.

The Lich reached past Saltor’s shield to grab Gwalth’s throat, lifting him well into the air. 

Stupid Elves and wizards and priests, he thought, never trusting the rest of us with their secrets but still demanding we die defending them, or despite them.

“With your last words, puny human,” the hissing echo emerged from behind the skull’s moving jaw, “you will yield to me.” 

There wasn’t much breath left in his chest to snap something back.  But as long as there was breath, there was hope.

“Fuuuuhh…” The grip on Gwalth’s throat was too tight for even mediocre cursing.  To hell with it, he thought.

He released the shield from his left hand.  It made a solid clang as it hit the ground.  And with all speed and strength that he still possessed, Gwalth grabbed for the dagger on his belt and swung it up over his head before striking down on the skeletal arm holding him. 

The crunching of bone was as loud as the thud with which Gwalth landed on the ground.  Fear and panic was fuelling his adrenaline rush, as he scrambled forward and away from the looming figure.  His heart was thumping in his ears.

The gleaming target was easy to mark.  Little more than a metre ahead of him.  With dagger outstretched, Gwalth dove forward, landing the pommel squarely atop the bead.  It felt like he was trying to crush a pebble, like the bead was grinding the dagger down and not the other way. 

Gwalth peered over his should and could have sworn that he saw the faintest glimmer of panic from the Lich, as pealed white fingers grasped out at him.  With new determination and defiance, he gripped one hand firmly around the blade, clenching the other on the handle, and beat down on the bead in a final effort. 

Like the water breaking from a dam, the first crack was faint but all the same deafening.

The light was blinding. 






It was nine days before any soul dared to investigate the ruins of the old chapel, so far beyond the walls of Tarl.  When a farm hand finally worked up the nerve, he discovered the site obliterated.  He could find no bodies or remains, nor could he find any trace of the walls and ceiling that had so long stood in place. 

The four adventurers had not returned, nor sent any word.  And when Duke Rypus finally received word of the chapel he elected to spend the allotted reward on a grand funeral and to rebuild the chapel.  

They see me as a real teddy bear (raph x reader)

When you walked with Raphael out of the room which was one of those rare places where you and Raph were a thing, the first thing that invaded your mind was the weird feeling. A feeling like something was wrong, like you were naked in public, or that you had a swim suit on in school. The thing was, Raphael was holding your hand.

You gazed at his face then quickly lowering your gaze on your connected hands, trying to sign him that this was not the place to get clingy. Only thing that Raph did, though, was smirk. You were just about to pull your hand away, but he tangled his fingers firmly on yours and with a really tight grip. You tried to shook his hand off, but to no avail. He just grinned at you.

You almost started to feel desperate, like everybody would see you two.

Raphael pulled you to the kitchen, knowing everybody was there, maybe even staring at you two when you arrived. But when you walked in, Donnie, Mikey and Leo had their faces on their food, not even bothering to raise their eyes.

You gave Raph an evil smile of victory. Raph only narrowed his eyes, before smirking again, signing he had a better idea, like the game wasn’t over yet.

So when the two of you sat down, Raphael pulling his chair close to you, you knew Splinter saw you. He only eyed you for a second, a little pleased smile on his face, but then just returning his attention to the food.

“Open up, (Y/n)” You heard from your left. Raphael had a spoon in his hands. Was he going to feed you?!

“I can eat by myself thank you…” You tried to say quietly, not wanting anyone to pay attention, which was late already.

“Come on, sweetie.” Raph teased.

You wanted to narrow your eyes at him but decided just to open up and let him feed you… Damn it was embarrassing…

Couple hours later you wanted to leave. Knowing that this would only get worse you headed to the exit, but Raph took a hold of you, stopping you from leaving. 

“You’re not going home yet, princess?” He asked smugly.

“Raph, if you really want them to know we two date, why don’t you just tell them? Why do you have to go through all this?” You reasoned.

He only had to respond with his smirk but he decided to talk too.

“You told me I can’t show them my ‘sweet side’ right?” He was seriously twisted.

After about ten minutes of you trying to get away from your now super clingy boyfriend, you gave up. So when you two went to watch tv, you shuddered. It was pretty cold out here. You were underground so, yeah.

“You cold, baby?” Raph asked with childish tone. 

“Yeah, I am…” You muttered. 

Suddenly Raph got close to you, pulling you to sit on his lap on the couch. Everybody was watching now.

Raphael nuzzled the crook of your neck lovingly.

“You two couldn’t be any obvious…” Donatello muttered, face palming himself while he walked past you.

“Obvious?” You asked, trying to act dumb. 

“Yeah, it’s like crystal clear you two date!” Mikey’s voice getting irritated, even he knew what was going on.

“We’ve actually been dating for a month now.” Raph chuckled, pulling you closer.

“A month?” Leo almost yelled. Wow, he truly didn’t think Raph could keep a secret or to be this gentle.

“Yeah… Well, we have a secret relationship actually… Well, at least we had!” You growled, looking at Raph over your shoulder.

“You two are like made for each others…” Leo muttered.

“What?” You gasped.

“Well, you two are so proud and stubborn, but look at you now.” Leo chuckled. You knew even Raph was blushing now.

“Yeah, Leo’s right. You two just try to hide the need of love and kisses but even you two can’t escape it.” Donnie laughed. You felt your stomach getting sick.

“This is why I didn’t want you to tell them!” You snapped. Raph narrowed his eyes at you, like it was your fault.

“Yeah well you were the one who dared me to let them know!” He yelled.

“I told you I didn’t mean it like that!” You yelled back.

While you two fought Leo looked at Donnie and said: “like made for each others.”

I Like Your Face (Steve/Stiles)

yuhavash said: I was sitting at lunch from my friend and you sat across me from me and you keep looking up at me and hold on, are you drawing me? (Stiles + Steve)

This was a lot of fun to write! I like the dynamic between Stiles/Steve quite a bit! I hope you enjoy how it turned out, bb! Fic #18 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

I Like Your Face. Steve Rogers/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3. Crossover with MCU.

Stiles and Kira are having lunch in Manhattan when Stiles notices that a good-looking guy sitting nearby keeps staring at him.

“How can you be so wrong? I didn’t even know it was possible to be as wrong as you are right now.” Stiles shakes his head and gives Kira a sad look. “You disappoint me greatly.”

“I didn’t disappoint you enough to refuse my offer to pay for lunch,” Kira points out, smiling sweetly as she motions at the plate appetizer he’s been noshing on for the last ten minutes.

“I’m a broke ass grad student living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. I might be disillusioned by your utter lack of taste, but I’m not turning away a free meal,” Stiles scoffs. “Besides, I bought last time.”

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Unexpected firsts and games.

A/N: I spent all day writing this so y’all better like it. Hahaa just kidding. Enjoy, though! ;) x


Harry hated the game Never Have I Ever.
He’s said it before, and he’s saying it now for the 10th time.

That game just never ended right. The name itself told you it was about dirty questions. It’s all everyone wanted to know, to pry those things out of you. Now, Harry’s played this game twice for international TV Shows. And they kept the questions mild, although still uncomfortable. He knew it was going to be different and more R-rated in his friend’s house, where no camera was filming his reaction or answer. Still, it was annoying for him.
You were sat across from him on the sofa, holding the famous card of the game. The game had started about five minutes ago, and already his friends had no filter. No small, innocent questions asked. Everyone was a little tipsy, except Harry, since he was driving tonight. You had only drank two cups, and were giggling along with one of his friend’s girlfriend, cheeks pink and eyes twinkling.

The next question was too personal, it made Harry’s breathing stop and heart pound.

“Never have I ever eaten my girl out…”

A few ‘oooh’s and ‘aaah’s filled the room. Obviously the boys immediately raised their cards in the ‘I Have’ side, laughing like teenagers.
Harry, though, had some trouble giving his answer. As soon as he heard the question, his eyes dropped to yours, a silent ‘sorry’ passing from his lips for how inappropriate his friends were. Your blank stare should have given the answer away but no one was paying attention to you.
All eyes were on your boyfriend.

“Seriously, who invented this game?”

“C’mon, mate.” Jonny laughed as he nudged Harry’s shoulder.

To lie of not to lie. If he did lie, everyone was going to ask you if it was true, or even worse, ask you for details, which made Harry cringe internally.
He could just do it, say the truth, or rather, raise that damn, stupid card and ignore the gasps or laughs. Honestly, though? How dare they ask that question? Of course, they were tipsy. But Harry wasn’t. He felt the back of his neck heat up, fingers start to sweat.
Truth was, no. He hasn’t eaten you out, yet. You’ve been dating for 8 months and have had sex only once. Plain ol’ vanilla, missionary sex. Which you, in fact, enjoyed very much. Harry had nothing in mind to go down on you that night. Since it was your first time he thought it wouldn’t be right to do it, thinking he might make you uncomfortable. Just cuddles and warm, deep kisses. It was the best night of his life, so he is not regretting it for one bit.
Looking at you one last time for an answer or reassurance or permission to lie, he found none. Your eyes were digging holes on the carpet.

Well, fuck it. Harry thought. And I hate this game.

He raised the card to ‘I Have’.

Pats on the back and nudges on the shoulder is what Harry received next.
“My man.” Someone said. But Harry’s eyes were on you.

Just as quick as he lied, everyone forgot about it.

Harry hated the game Never Have I Ever.


“Dinner’s ready!” Alex said from the kitchen.

The table filled with boys chanting and grumbling like hungry cavemen, leaving just one chair for you and one for Harry across from you. You both hadn’t spoken yet after the game. Harry stole a few glances at you between conversations here and there, to make sure you were fine. And you were; sipping your white wine. The table was small enough you and Harry’s knees bumped against each other. He smiled, reaching for your hand to give it a warm squeeze.
“You okay?”

You hummed, interlocking your fingers through his for a second then placing your hands in your lap.
Halfway through dinner, everyone fell into a comfortable silence, just the sound of forks and plates. One of your sandals slipped from your foot, and you slightly raised your bare foot until it touched Harry’s ankle, red colored toes absently tracing circles on his skin. It became a little game for the two of you. Harry’s legs trapped yours between his, making you look up from your plate to his playful eyes. Eyebrows crooked, you tried to wiggle out of his grasp. He was pinning your leg quite hard, you had to shift on your chair.
Stop it. You silently begged. He just smirked at you.
When you went to pull your leg hard, Harry quickly let go and your knee hit the table, shaking the food with a loud bang.

Heads turned towards you, then at a red faced Harry, lips sucked between teeth to prevent from laughing. Your mouth was open in a silent scream, or curse.
Fucking, fuck, damn it! You wanted to shout. Across from you, your boyfriend was apologizing, but all he said fell into deaf ears. You wanted to kick his balls.
Thinking about it, the distant of your foot from his balls wasn’t too far. Just a few inches. Hm. The idea of kicking him nice and hard was too appealing now. But, another idea popped in your mind.
Sitting up properly on the chair, you masked your pain with a smile.

“Are you okay? I’m sorry, baby.”

“Yeah, I’m okay, babe.” Your fingers massaged the sore spot, keeping that smile while you planned to torture him.

Minutes later, when everyone ate dessert, your other leg (not the one injured), stretched towards Harry’s legs. Bare toes rubbed his pant covered calf softly. You bit your lip as he looked up at you, eyebrows furrowed. That was all you needed to keep going.
Slowly, oh so slowly, your foot brushed up and up, between his legs, passed his thighs. Then stopped for a moment for you to see his reaction.
His eyes had widened as he realized what you were up to. Your foot planted on his muscled thigh, moved a little further, and this time Harry gave you a warning glare.
His breathing was deeper, heart beating faster. He clutched his water bottle, taking a shaky sip as he shifted in his chair.

It was then, when your toes were hovering over his crotch that Jonny decided to talk.

“Harry, do you remember that time we went to the zoo when we were little, at the lion gate, when I dared you to touch that sleeping lion’s arse with your  foot?”
You took this opportunity to rub his crotch once. His reply was breathy and hesitant. Point for you! You mentally punched the air.

“Erm, yeah,” cough, “it didn’t end nice, did it?”

Would he just stop talking? Or better yet, would you stop rubbing his dick? Harry cursed under his breath.

He felt himself relax a little when Jonny went back to eating his food. Now Harry didn’t know what to do with his hands. Place them on top of the table? Finish his dessert? Or rest them on his lap? Push your foot away or press it down nicely on his cock?
The latter sounded tempting. But damn, it. He was a his friends house! At his friend’s table! No way could he enjoy this. And it was obviously not for his pleasure. More to like a pay back, to what he did to your knee. He wanted to apologize again, make you stop torturing him. Your foot was massaging his member up and down, so good Harry moaned, quickly covering it with a cough.

Someone asked him a question then. Who was it? What was it? Harry’s mind was a puddle, fighting from falling into your trap.

“Harry.” Oh, it was Rita. This time he grabbed your foot, stopping the delicious rubbing for him to be able to concentrate on what Rita was telling him.
You wiggled your toes, trying to get out of his hold, but he gripped harder. Oh he is suffering. You smirked.

Thank god for tight pants! You could feel the outline of his hardening dick resting rather painfully to the left. His hand had released you a minute ago and you were back to teasing.
You gently pressed a toe to what you thought were his balls.

He cursed. Loud and clear.

Yup, his balls.

He covered his curse with another cough, picking his water bottle and drowning half of it.

It got too much that Harry rested his forehead against his fist, eyes closing for a second. “Stop…” his posture spoke volumes. He was close.
Crap, now what do you do? Stop? It was enough torture. There was no way he would orgasm in front of everyone. A patch of dampness brushed your toes. And you began to put your leg down when fingers closed around you, pressing you deeper to his bulge.

You gasped. Harry had closed his eyes. You looked at everyone on the table. They were engaged in a conversation, no one paying attention to the two of you.
No way was he doing this. Seeing him flustered was sexy. But you were afraid of getting caught.

“Harry…” you whispered. He raised his head, exposing his dilated pupils to you. Oh boy. Look what you’ve done.

And without a warning, your boyfriend covered his mouth with his palm, elbow resting on the table, and eyes fluttered half closed, he came quietly. You felt his body tremble against your foot. His penis twitched.

No words could describe the sight in front of you. Hot. Harry having an orgasm in public. No one noticed but you.


Another thing Harry hated: Air conditioner hitting his wet pants.

Right after coming in his underwear, Harry took the nearest towel, placed it on his crotch, got up, grabbed your hand, and left. Without a second glance, just a ‘goodbye and see you later’. You followed him warily.

So now it was 8pm and Harry drove his Range Rover in silent.

You spoke first. “I’m sorry. I was going to lower my-”

“I know. And I wanted you finish what you started. Case closed.” Eyes on the road, hands steady on the wheel, mouth tight.

Oh. Was he mad? You didn’t know.

“Does your knee hurt?”

Your hand touched your still sore knee. “A little. But it’s fine. It’ll go away soon.”

“It’s probably bruised.” Harry sighed, fingers brushing his hair back, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were gonna pull your leg back that fast.”

“It’s okay.”

“About that stupid game and that question…”

“You did the right thing. It shut them up.” You rested your head against the window, looking at the darkening sky and passing trees.

“I want it to be book worthy.” Harry looked at you, “What do you mean?”

“The first time you eat me out, I mean.”

That seemed to steal his breath. Your first kiss had been book worthy, Harry remembered you saying. Now to go down on you…to be book worthy?
“I read plenty of those sappy books you read to understand how a book worthy kiss is. I don’t recall reading an erotica one?”

“I’ve got some on my bookshelf.” You mumbled, making Harry smile and shake his head. “Of course you do. You and your filthy fantasies. Now, explain to me how can I go down on you and make it a 10?”

“That’s up to you to find out.” You shrugged.

He looked back at the road, eyebrows cocked. “Alright. I will give you the best oral that it won’t be a 10. It will be a 20 and no erotic book will compare.”
You clenched your thighs. Man, his raspy voice did things to you.


Harry turned the engine off, clicking the gates closed with a button. He got off the car and opened your door. “Thank you” you whispered, walking pass him. He clicked his alarm, tucking the keys in his pocket and used his other free hand to clasp your hand in his, pulling you into a kiss.
Skin warm and body relaxed from the few drinks you had, you molded into his body, arms wrapping around his neck.
You both sighed, lips tickling one another, teeth gracing skin until your lips parted further and he slipped his tongue inside you. Running your hand through the little hair on his neck, you whispered his name. Breath tingling and smelling like the apple you ate. You sucked his tongue and he moaned deep.

The hot sounds leaving your mouths and the feel of your bodies pressed tight was overwhelming, you clutched the front of his shirt.

“Harry…” you breathed against his mouth. The sound of your voice urged him to push you back against the car. He slightly bent down to grasp the back of your knees and lift you on top of the hood of the car. You quickly folded your legs around his waist, never stopping the kiss.
The taste of him was intoxicating, you breathed in the faint smell of his cologne. The kiss deepened, tongues moving wetly to the beat of your hearts.
He leaned back to look at you, and the sight of your red lips was enough for him to crash his mouth harder to yours. You yanked him down on top of you and he held his weight on his arms on each side of you.

Seeing you spread out on his car, stomach heaving, eyes dark and hooded; his dick ached for touch, to be wrapped around your heat again. It’s been a while since your first time. He missed the feel of you.
But this wasn’t about him. Not tonight. He wanted to give you a damn book worthy oral. Or whatever you call it. He wanted to go down on you good.

He leaned back again, making sure there were no cameras or people hiding behind the trees. It was almost 9pm. The neighborhood was silent. Cars sounded in the distant. The moon shone bright. Coast clear.

Gripping the sides of your jeans, he popped the bottom off, then pulled your pants down until they reached your ankles. He shoved them off your feet, shoes slipping to the floor along the process. He pulled you to the edge of the car.

The pulse on your neck beat unsteadily. Harry kissed it. Hands gliding up and down the back of your thighs until they got to their destination.
You were a breathing mess, staring at the dark sky and closing your eyes then opening them again. His lips kissed and licked a trail down your neck to your chest while his hands skimmed the skin under your panties. The pads of his fingers left goosebumps in their wake. You shivered.

No more teasing, Harry thought. And his fingers hooked around your underwear and slid them down, exposing you. Your shirt rode up, revealing pale skin, and he wasted no time and dove down to kiss and lick your bellybutton.
His tongue dragged down happily. When your hands started to shake, he stopped.

“No…don’t stop.” He smiled.

At the first lick, you were seeing stars. His mouth was warm and wet.

At the first lick, Harry began to question why he waited so long. You tasted exquisite. He voiced his thoughts.

Looking up, he whispered hoarsely. “You’re exquisite.”

That made you clash your thighs around his head, muscles quivering. “Harry…”

“So damn gorgeous.” He teased your center with the tip of his tongue.

You didn’t know why, but somehow doing this outside was more sexy. It had all your senses on high alert. Afraid of being caught. But the sight of Harry’s head between your legs made you not give a damn. You gripped his hair, tugging.
He licked up and down then in circles, lips holding your clit captive then popping it off. In the heat of the moment, Harry spat on your center, playing with the trail with his finger then moving it upwards, his tongue following its movement, hands going back to hold your hips down.

Yes…this was definitely a 20. Book worthy. Fucking damn it. Your thoughts were a mess.


Soft and spent, you laid on the hood of the car.
Harry leaned to your mouth. “How was that?”

You mumbled incoherently.

“What was that?” he laughed and you captured his lips with yours, tasting yourself in his mouth.
“Was that book worthy?” he smiled down at you.

“What is a book worthy?”

He tilted his head back and laughed. You took that moment to sit up and kiss his neck and chin while unbuttoning his pants. His zipper went down. Then his pants, hitting his ankles.
“Hm, what are you up to?”

You bit his collarbone, hand slipping inside his boxers, gently stroking his hard cock.

“I want to watch you get off. Here. Touch yourself.”

Well, it was going to be a long night.


Part 2 (just a sexy added scene!)


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“Imagine: Audrey invites you on a surprise date by the lake and is surprisingly nervous.” [thanks to audreyjensen76 for the idea!]

Inspired by Leather Jacket by the Arkells

warnings: please note this has somewhat detailed sexual content and ya’ll have made me a sinner. how does it feel to corrupt your friendly neighbourhood ace?? :D

[i do not own the gif above]


The text came while you were brushing you teeth, almost ready for bed. It was Audrey, as usual, except this time she had a very odd request. Why did she want you to meet her down by the Oak Lake? You hadn’t been there since your cousin had taken you fishing once when you were ten. 

It was a popular place for students to hook up or do drugs a few years ago that you knew of, but you hadn’t heard of anyone actually going down there in a long time. In fact, you were almost worried that someone had stolen Audrey’s phone and was trying to pull a prank on you. 

You texted her back and told her you would just be a moment to get ready, deciding to trust that Audrey had a good reason to want to go down to the lake. It sounded like it was supposed to be a surprise by the short text, so you changed out of your pyjamas and into shorts and a pretty blouse you had gotten for Christmas. The air was warm but not suffocating, allowing you to wear the outfit without being attacked by the weather.

It was only a fifteen minute drive there with the radio keeping you company. You pulled into a small dirt parking lot by the lake where you saw Audrey’s vehicle parked. Hopping out of your car, you noticed that she was just sitting patiently, doing nothing. You were surprised to see she that she wasn’t even using her phone to pass the time. 

Was anything wrong?

You walked towards her and when you opened the passenger door, her head jerked up in surprise. You hadn’t meant to startle her but at least she didn’t look upset. 

“Hey, Auds. Fancy meeting you here in the dead of night,” you joked while curling up in the seat, facing her with a smile. 

“Very funny, Y/N,” she said with a strained voice, though seemingly attempting to sound amused. 

She pursed her lips as she searched for the right music on the radio station. Your lips instantly spread into a smile as you watched her deep concentration and the way her hair bounced slightly as she moved her head. You could tell she was trying to stay calm in your presence but was secretly nervous. The fact that she was trying to hide it was adorable. 

“Are you going to tell me why you brought me out here in the middle of the night for this secret rendezvous?” Your tone was teasing but that seemed to do nothing to ease Audrey’s nerves. 

She finally picked a radio station and put it on low, letting the soft rock music fill the car. 

“Can’t a girl just want to surprise her girlfriend?” 

You nodded thoughtfully and reached for her hand, hoping to calm her nerves a bit. It was endearing to see her so nervous but you still wanted her to know that there was nothing to be nervous about. She pulled her hand away from you and your lips formed an ‘o’. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I just wanted to grab this,” she said apologetically while reaching into the back behind her and grabbing a shopping bag. It looked quite heavy and when you curiously glanced into the bag you raised an eyebrow. 

It was full of coolers and junk food? Your night was looking a whole lot better. 

“I know you’re a fan of peach coolers and I brought your favourite chocolates as well. I just wanted you to know how much you’ve helped me this year. Ever since Rachel, I’d been a ghost of who I once was. I changed and not for the better. And yet when I met you, I became something better. Someone better than who I used to be.”

Your throat felt thick with emotion and you just blinked at her, unknowingly holding back tears. Audrey reached up wiped a single tear from under your eye and then leaned back in her seat. She stared straight ahead and was obviously trying to regulate her breathing. 

It had taken her a lot to admit that to you. 

“I don’t think anybody has ever said anything like that to me before,” you said in a low whisper. “You have no idea how much that means to me.”

She turned her head towards you with a smile and you swore she was blushing. Had you ever seen Audrey blush before? You had a strong desire to reach for your phone and snap a picture despite the dark sky. 

“I was thinking we could sit by the lake and just see where things go,” she whispered back. You nodded and the two of you exited the car, her carrying the bag full of goodies. 

She seemed less nervous after admitting her feelings towards you which made it easier for you to snuggle close to her once sitting. You fit perfectly next to her, your head resting in the crook of her shoulder. Some days it felt like Audrey was made for you, no matter how cheesy that sounded in your head. 

“I can’t believe you bought me coolers,” you choked out between laughs, realizing how absurd it was once she handed you a can. “I thought you hated this ‘prissy alcohol’,” you quoted. 

She scoffed and opened a can for herself anyways, taking a long sip like she was trying to prove you wrong. “It’s not that bad,” she argued. 

“Well I’m not the person you need to convince. Obviously I’m the one who loves them.” You drank the entire can of sickly sweet peach liquid in under five minutes. You had an addiction to sugar, but especially sugar mixed with alcohol, no matter how small the amount. 

Three cans later, you were feeling the alcohol begin to affect you in small ways. Sure, you’d have to drink two packs of four to actually get smashed, but three was sure enough for you. Audrey only drank one, presumably because she was driving home and also because she definitely hated them. 

“Everything feels great,” you commented while studying different ripples and movement in the water. It was a peaceful area surrounded by trees and covered in moss, protecting the small area like barriers. 

“Y/N? Can I ask you something that might come out as a little bit awkward?”

You pulled back from her shoulder and wrapped your arms around your knees that were drawn to your chest. “You can always tell me or ask me anything, don’t be silly Audrey.” 

She nodded and lightly chewed on her lip, clearly conflicted again about what to say. You wanted to tell her, again, that there was nothing she could say that would make you upset but she already knew that. You decided to just give her a moment to collect her thoughts. 

“We’ve been together for a year now, and I know we both agreed on waiting for anything serious because of everything that has happened in the past. I was always so scared I’d wake up one day and lose you. But I’m not anymore and I’m ready to be with you like I wasn’t before.”

If her soft, passionate tone wasn’t enough to make your heartbeat speed up, the way she licked her lips certainly was. Audrey had a habit of turning you on with one look, but you had always kept your thoughts under control by taking care of things yourself once you got home from dates. It was becoming a guilty habit of yours to think about her while you were alone so that you wouldn’t have to talk about sex face to face. 

Though if you were hearing her right, then you wouldn’t be going home and imagining her body against yours. 

“Would you like to be more specific,” you taunted lightly. You could tell Audrey was trying to stop herself from smiling and stay serious, but she was failing miserably. 

“Well, I guess I was a little vague…” She pushed her bangs out of her eyes and appeared to be in deep thought. “Maybe we could start with buying a place together considering we’re going to the same college next year. I suppose then we could think about where we want to live after school. Would you want to move to a different country, perhaps? And then one day I’d be the one to get down on one knee, and ask in the most passionate way possible, ‘Would you–”

“Take me by the lake?” you interrupted calmly. Audrey’s head jerked back to you and she completely lost all seriousness, letting out a gasping laugh. You began to laugh as well before grabbing her hand and kissing it affectionately. 

“I love you,” she said, sobering slightly to say the impactful words you had never heard her say. Those words were not what you had expected to hear that night. Who knew that begrudgingly forcing yourself to meet her at the lake instead of sleeping would lead to Audrey confessing her love for you? 

Perhaps you had known she loved you, but the way she said them out loud made your entire body hum with happiness. 

“I love you too.”

And then she was finally calm, every nerve released from her body so visibly that you could have sworn you saw her nerves floating away. That was what she had been so nervous about and you hadn’t clued into it. 

You pushed her gently against the elevated ground, her hair falling over her green eyes that were illuminated by the moonlight. It was a breathtaking setting to be apart of, but you couldn’t be more thankful that Audrey was apart of it too. You took a moment to appreciate the memorizing sight beneath you; your girlfriend perfectly calm and beautiful you. 

You wanted your hands to explore every part of her body and never have to leave the little piece of heaven by the lake. 

Your hand grazed the hem of her shirt and you looked up at Audrey questioningly. She nodded and she shrugged out of her jacket before you tugged her shirt over her head. The jacket was like a blanket beneath her and you couldn’t help but smile at the realization that you were going to have sex on her damn leather jacket. Not that you had ever fantasized such a thing.

You tugged down on her simple black bra, having no time to fumble with claps, and gingerly touched her skin, cupping the warm swell of her breast. She fit perfectly in your hand as your thumb skimmed her hardening nipple, earning you a sharp intake of breath. Her skin was as soft as flower petals and just as mesmorizing too. Audrey was hardly a patient person though, her hands grabbing your waist with a sly smile on her lips. 

“May I?” Her voice was low and the words came out in a rumble that resembled thunder. Her fingers were playing with the waistband of your shorts and you held your breath while nodding a little too enthusiastically. It was a pure feeling, watching her so willing to give you pleasure. 

She sat up effortlessly and your knees settled on either side of her thighs. As her hand slipped further down the front of your shorts, you shivered in anticipation.

Her grazed the damp fabric of your underwear and pushed it the side with two fingers. “Your shirt,” she said, the words coming out more like a demand than a suggestion. 

You pulled your shirt off in a singular motion just as her fingers swept through the wet folds at the centre between your legs. Your back arched and Audrey took the reaction as an invitation for her to put her lips on your skin. Her lips pressed against your ribs and kissed your body gently. You fingers became tangled in her hair as she focused on swirling her fingers in a circular motions, teasing you. 

Please,” you begged in a breathy whisper. You could just imagine the smirk on her lips as she realized the absolute control she had over you. 

Just when you managed to catch your breath, she slipped a finger inside of you while gently biting your skin. You gasped loudly and tugged on her hair, not minding whether or not it hurt her. She certainly had it coming. She inserted another finger and moved both of them in and out slowly. The motion was tantalizingly slow and frankly, mocking. She was trying to frustrate you.

“Is it more fun when I’m the one inside of you?” It was another thunderous rumble of words that matched perfectly with the hammering heartbeat in your chest and the lightening of thoughts in your mind. 

What had she said? Oh, fuck. “How did you know?”

“You told me once when you were drunk how much you love–” She was cut off by the moan that was released from your lips. Her voice seemed to make everything more excruciatingly vivid. You heard, felt and saw every single detail so clearly that it felt as thought your mind was never going to stop spinning. 

“I love you,” you promised with a hint of guilt. 

Her free hand slipped under your bra, palming your breast and humming in appreciation. There was a short moment where she just stopped. “You are the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt in my life,” she swore soothingly. 

Oh,” you whispered while her fingers continued to glide in circles, rubbing agonizingly slow. You tugged on her hair again and she laughed almost breathlessly. Her hand squeezed your breast in a gently way and you felt electrified, like every cell of your being had been waiting to feel her skin against yours. 

She finally gave into your body’s pleas, curling her fingers in a beckoning motion in just the right spot. You came gasping her name, your thighs tightening around her and your body completely void of a single rational thought. 

That was what heaven felt like. 

You watched her carefully with half lidded eyes, your pupils blown. She pulled her hand from your shorts and licked her fingers clean without any hesitation. Watching the pure adoration written across her face was poetry as she placed a soft kiss on your lips and smiled. 

You wanted to frame the look she gave you; it as though she had experienced the best thing in the world when she had been giving you pleasure. Knowing the incredible feeling she had given you with just her fingers and lips, you found the energy and confidence to say just two words. 

My turn.”


NOTE: Another reminder that I haven’t even romantically held a person’s hand so do not freak out at me for how pathetically terrible this was. Also, listening to Sex Yeah by Marina and the Diamonds doesn’t help apparently?? I want a refund.


AN: To my tumblr wife @flappyhappyhiddles / @frictionandfluff. I’m sorry I’ve been flaky lately. It’s for real reasons, but that hardly matters: you stuck by me in the worst of times, and I hope you’ll take this humble offering of porn as apology, and believe that one day soon I will be back. You’re one of the main reasons I made it through the past year, and there will never be enough nsfw fic to repay you, in the world. <3

Apologia (noun): In which the orator persuasively explains and defends his actions and himself against an accusation, and earns vindication from and re-acceptance to the polity.

The lights are all off when you get home, except for the one light under the range hood that you leave on in the kitchen, just to give a pool of light when you crash in, late, from your closing shifts at the wine bar, and you push the door shut behind you. Tonight you weren’t at the wine bar, you were at a book signing, to catch a glimpse and a signature from J.K. Rowling, to be the seven billionth person to tell her how much you loved her books, and he was supposed to be there–

Henry was supposed to be there–

It wasn’t often you had time to be normal, regular people together, and here in the far corner of town, twenty minutes from where he lives, he was going to pop in and out of the little creaky bookshop with you, and then maybe a coffee and a stroll by the inky river, and then to the pub for a few pints and watch a little football… Not much to ask, really, and he had seemed into the idea, and then you showed up, clutching your book, and nothing.

No call, no text, no Henry.

You sent one text, telling him where you were in the small crowd so he could quickly find you. And then, after craning your head over the crowd for the next twenty minutes to spot him, something hardened in you.

Fuck that guy. He didn’t have to promise to come if he wasn’t going to. I mean, not fuck him, exactly, but fuck all of this, like, fuck all the effort and the waiting. Fuck all the nights you wish he were there, with the rain on your windowpane, his big burly arm, tight around you, heavy warm hand on your bare hip as he sleeps, as you try to sleep…

You can’t sleep, and that’s half the problem.

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Iwaoi dialogue 7, iwa being the drunk one ❤️

Hello anon! :D Thank you so much for sending me this prompt, and I hope you didn’t think I’d forgotten you! I’ve gotten way more prompts than I thought I would, and I promise I’m doing all of them, no matter how long it takes me!!

Prompt is from here, Dialogue 7: “You’re really drunk right now” - “No I’m not, you’re just blurry.”

Holy heck, I had a LOT of fun with this one. Warnings/Tags for this include: drinking, College AU, and a whole lot of sappy fluff. ENJOY!


Oikawa doesn’t know what he was expecting when he entered the bar, heading for their usual spot near the back.

He knows he’s even later than anticipated, but this is so not what he thought he’d walk in on.

“…and h-have you seen his legs? Like, damn, who wouldn’t wanna f-” Iwaizumi interrupts himself with a hiccup, and slams his hand down on the table. “…‘n then he waited s-so damn long because he thought I wouldn’t like him? Seriously?”

Oikawa steps up to the table, incredulity spreading across his face. Matsukawa notices him and waves, evidently trying hard not to burst out laughing. Oikawa sees Hanamaki holding up his phone, and at Matsukawa’s nudge he grins over at the newcomer and gives him a thumbs up.

“I mean,” Iwaizumi continues, very involved in the conversation they’re apparently having, “I was s-sure he knew that ev'ryone with eyes had a cr- a crush on him. He could’ve had ‘nyone, y'know? And he p-picked me?!”

“…yup, pretty unbelievable,” Hanamaki supplies, before going back to biting his lip to refrain from laughing.

Oikawa is rooted to the spot, still fully dressed in his coat hat and scarf, and stares at his boyfriend, dumbstruck. “Wow, okay. You’re really drunk right now.”

Iwaizumi giggles (giggles!) and leans forward against the table. “No, ’m not,” he slurs, “you’re jus’ really blurry.”

Hanamaki blurts out a laugh before slapping his own hands over his mouth, and Oikawa makes a mental note to thank him later because Iwaizumi has started mumbling again, “…I gotta find- y- d'you know where Tooru is?”

Oikawa opens his mouth but Matsukawa is faster, he reaches over and takes Iwaizumi’s hand and nods at him. “He’s right here, look! Just arrived.”

Iwaizumi’s eyes follow the direction Matsukawa is pointing in and focus on Oikawa, who tilts his head a little and smiles.

“Hey, Iwa-chan.”

Iwaizumi’s face lights up like they’d just won nationals.

“Tooru, hey, hey-”

He nearly trips over himself as he tries to stand up, and Hanamaki’s hand shoots up to steady him.

“Whoa, okay, watch it-”

“Tooru, I need-”

Iwaizumi stumbles around the table, grabbing Matsukawa’s shoulder for support, and practically throws himself into Oikawa’s arms.

Oikawa staggers back under his weight, a nervous laugh tearing from his throat. “I-Iwa-chan?”

But Iwaizumi doesn’t seem to be listening anymore, he’s burying his face in the crook of Oikawa’s neck and breathing him in, his entire body relaxing against Oikawa’s.

“Hey, are you okay? What did they make you drink, huh?”

He looks over to find Matsukawa and Hanamaki grinning widely.

“Us? We’d never!”

“We totally didn’t order him more cocktails than he can handle, who do you think we are?”

Iwaizumi giggles again, and he manages to disentangle himself for long enough to give Oikawa a wide smile.

“One of them was pink, Tooru! L-like Makki’s hair!”

Oikawa raises his eyebrows as Hanamaki descends into a fit of silent giggles.

“…why?” he asks, turning his eyes on Matsukawa.

“Those who are late shall be punished,” Matsukawa says simply, grinning.

“But I’m not the one who’s gonna have a skull-splitting headache tomorrow-”

“Tooruuu,” Iwaizumi whines, tugging at his shirt when he realizes that Oikawa’s attention isn’t on him anymore. “W-why’re you so laaate?”

“No,” Matsukawa agrees, as Oikawa threads his fingers absent-mindedly through Iwaizumi’s hair, making him sigh and nuzzle closer again, “but you’re the one who’ll have to deal with an Iwaizumi who regrets all his life choices. And you can be sure we’ll be mailing him these videos. You will suffer.

Oikawa groans. “No fair, Mattsun-”

“Also you’re not getting them,” Hanamaki supplies, evidently over his giggling, but still grinning widely. “That’s your punishment. I have at least twenty minutes’ worth of dear Iwa-chan talking about how much he loves you, and you’ll never lay eyes on that footage.”


“Tooooruuuu,” Iwaizumi says, louder this time.

“…what is it, Iwa-chan?”

Hanamaki lifts his phone a little higher just in time to capture Oikawa’s face as Iwaizumi pulls back and says: “D'you know how much I love you?”

Oikawa nearly chokes, staring at him in disbelief. “Uh-”

“Guess,” Iwaizumi says, and he squeezes Oikawa’s arms through his coat.

Oikawa is sure he’s blushing scarlet, and the knowledge that Hanamaki is recording all this doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.

“Uhm. I don’t- I don’t know? …a lot, I hope?”

Iwaizumi’s eyes actually focus on Oikawa’s, and for a second, he looks like he knows exactly what he’s doing, and what he’s saying. And then his goofy grin is back.

“M-more than volleyball,” he says happily, and Oikawa’s heart jumps up into his throat. But Iwaizumi isn’t done. “M-more than when y-you hit a spike just right 'n destroy the other team’s block. More than beating Ushiwaka. M-more than anything. More-”

But Oikawa can’t take another second of this - he surges forward and throws his arms around Iwaizumi, burying his burning face in his shoulder with a wail that drowns out even Hanamaki’s and Matsukawa’s laughter.

This time Iwaizumi is the one who staggers back, fingers twisting into Oikawa’s coat, and they lose their balance, toppling over on top of each other.

Oikawa groans and pulls back, finding himself somehow in Iwaizumi’s lap, who looks strangely unperturbed by this whole situation and is still beaming up at him, his eyes practically sparkling.

“Y-you know I say ’m annoyed when you complain too much 'n stuff but I’m actually not? I love listenin’ to you. 'N I l-love when you surprise me, 'n kiss me in front over ev'ryone, even though I pretend I don’t like it. B-because then ev'ryone knows that you’re mi-”

He stops himself and his eyes widen, like he’s just realized something. “Oh, y-you can’t tell Oikawa! He’ll m-make fun of me, 'n use it against me for sure! Tooru, you gotta promise you won’t tell him-”

But the rest of his sentence is lost under Hanamaki’s hysterical laughter, and Oikawa swears this conversation just robbed him of ten years of his life.


It’s not until he shows Iwaizumi the videos the next morning though (and Iwaizumi buries himself in his sweater and refuses to resurface for all of ten minutes as he apparently goes through all five stages of grief, mourning the loss of his dignity) that Oikawa fully appreciates the value of Hanamaki’s filming skills. He opts for calling him right away and telling him that he’s the best friend he could ever have hoped for - at which Iwaizumi’s head pops back up and actually pouts, muttering: “I thought I was your best friend.”

Oikawa stares at him blankly for all of five seconds before he very rudely hangs up on Hanamaki, drops his phone and lunges at Iwaizumi with a scream, knocking him over onto the bed and proceeding to pepper kisses all over his face.

“Oh my god, Oikawa, remind me why I’m dating you-”

“Because you love me,” Oikawa trills, thoroughly enjoying himself. “You love me, and you want everyone to know it-”

“Well what’s wrong with that?” Iwaizumi cuts in, defensive despite the angry blush all over his face. “It’s not like you didn’t know that?”

Oikawa beams. “But now you’ve said it!”

Iwaizumi shakes his head and mutters: “I can’t believe I let them get me that drunk. I can’t believe you let them get me that drunk!”

“Aw, Iwa-chan, we all knew you were just too shy to admit how starstruck you are from dating me-”

“That’s not an excuse for letting them humiliate me!”

He pushes him off and sits up, but Oikawa is still beaming as he follows suit.

“Ah, but you didn’t deny it!”

Iwaizumi groans and buries his face in his hands.

“See, this is why I don’t say things like that! This is why I don’t tell you you look adorable when you sleep, or that I couldn’t stop staring at your hands-”

“Ooh, you like my hands, Iwa-chan?”

Iwaizumi throws his arms up in surrender, and Oikawa flops sideways into his lap, chortling gleefully.

“Ahhh, you should get drunk more often!” he says, grinning up at him.

“…most certainly not,” Iwaizumi says, but he lets his arms drop and starts threading his fingers through Oikawa’s hair.

And then, almost as an afterthought, he adds: “…it’s so soft. How do you get it so goddamn soft?!”

The most smug and delighted expression he has probably ever worn in his entire life stretches across Oikawa’s face.

“You love me,” he says, practically glowing.

“…you know, I thought you were insufferable before, but this just takes the cake.”

“You loooove me,” he repeats, reaching up and poking Iwaizumi’s cheek.

“Oh my god, Oikawa.”

“You’re not denying it! You love me, and my legs and my hands and my hair-”

Iwaizumi shuts him up by bending over and smashing their lips together, hard.

“Stupid, ridiculous Shittykawa,” he mumbles angrily, and Oikawa cackles.

“You’re adorable!”

“Shut up.”

“So sappy and mushy and disgusting, Iwa-chan-”

“Please, please shut up-”

“Who knew you were so in love-

“I swear to God, I will end you-”

But Oikawa just laughs, huffing out air into Iwaizumi’s face. “Oh, you’d never! You’d be miserable without me!”

Iwaizumi stares at him for a moment, frowning, before he gives up and folds down over him, resting his head on Oikawa’s chest.

“…just, please. You’re never gonna let me live this down, are you?”

Oikawa laughs again, easy and light.


“Great,” Iwaizumi says with a sigh, even as he pulls Oikawa closer and hides his face in his shirt. “Just great.”


Thank you for reading! (Just a heads up here: I got this same prompt a second time so I’ll be writing that with Oikawa being the drunk one xD More stuff coming soon!!)

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That Time of The Month

Request: Can you write a Sam one shot where reader and him are dating? She gets her period and is super shy about it and tries to not tell anybody. Sam eventually figures it out on his own and he just hangs out with her. thank you! :)

Characters: Sam x Reader


You woke up to an intense pain in your lower abdomen, as if someone held your uterus in their hand and was squeezing it into a small ball; which, of course, could only mean one thing.

You groaned softly trying to be careful not to wake Sam as you dragged yourself into the bathroom. The sudden movement causing your head to spin.

As soon as you reached it you shut the door then turned on the lights searching through all of the drawers for aspirin, though of course you only had two pills left. You clenched your jaw in anger dropping the bottle into the bin before taking both of them. You then put on a pad, it was too damn early to wear a tampon, only to find that you were nearly out of those as well, tampons and pads. Of course! Because having to bleed for a week wasn’t enough punishment from the world, you had to be out of supplies as well!!

You glared at your reflection in the mirror seriously contemplating ripping it from the wall and throwing it across the room though quickly realizing that this would be what most people (ahem men) would consider an “overreaction”.

You shut off the lights and slipped out of the bathroom sliding into bed next to Sam hoping that you didn’t wake him. Which soon proved to be a fruitless attempt.

“Are you ok?” You heard him whisper.

You bit your lip before turning to face him “Yeah I’m fine”

“You sure?” He asked doubtfully.

You offered him a soft smile “Of course” you whispered before sitting up slightly to give him a small peck on the lips. “Now go back to sleep.”

Sam only chuckled before nodding to you. You turned back around no later feeling two strong arms wrap around your waist as Sam pulled you into his chest.

You allowed yourself a few seconds of bliss as you closed your eyes enjoying the feeling of Sam’s soft warm lips pressing on your bare shoulder. All too soon, however, his alarm blared causing you to groan loudly.

Sam chuckled “You know we could just stay like this” He whispered into your ear. “Just you and me all day right here in bed.”

You couldn’t suppress the wide smile that spread across your face “Do you think the world would leave us alone for that long?”

“I think we could make it.” He smiled nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck as he lazily ran his fingertips up and down your skin.

“Do you think your brother would leave us alone for that long?”

At this he laughed “Good point.”

“We really should get up.” You groaned half hoping he would protest.

In response Sam sighed “Yeah I think I’ll go for a run, do you want to join me?”

You bit your lip, though you really didn’t want to run you knew it would be good for you “Yeah sure.”

Sam beamed down at you before leaning over you “Good” He whispered before pressing his lips to yours.

You smiled into the kiss running your fingers softly through Sam’s hair.

Sam laughed before seizing both your arms “If you keep doing that we will never get out of bed.”

In response you only winked as Sam grinned back at you, he often found that in your presence he couldn’t stop smiling though he hadn’t admitted why he knew the reason.

Sam stood up and walked over to his dresser as you stood up stretching your arms over your head enjoying the popping sound that came from your joints. However, out of the corner of your eye you saw a big red spot on your otherwise white sheets.

You panicked slightly before carefully tossing the top sheet over the stain deciding that you would have to figure out what to do about it later.


You stood on the side of the road doubled over in pain as you struggled to catch your breath, clearly exercise was not a good choice.

“Hey are you sure you’re ok?” Sam asked his face contorted with concern as he placed a hand on your back.

“Yeah fine.” You managed to choke out doing your best to wave him off.

Sam frowned at you slightly before rolling his eyes and turning his back to you squatting slightly.

“What are you doing?”

“Come on hop on.” He laughed.

You laughed in response before quickly hoping on his back not wanting to turn down a piggy back ride.


As soon as you had gotten back to the bunker Sam made for the shower giving you plenty of time to change the sheets and stick them in the washing machine, then take a shower of your own.

“Hey” You nodded to Sam once you were ready, your hair dried, make-up on, etc. “I’m going to head to the store.”

“Oh cool I’ll come with.” Sam said standing up causing you to panic again.

“N-no that’s ok you don’t have to.”

“Nah it’ll be fun.”

“We’re going to the store, it won’t be fun.”

“No the store itself won’t be” He admitted taking slow steps towards you “But you’ll be there.” He finished with a soft smile on his face that made your heart melt. He knelt down slightly to place a soft kiss on your cheek before bringing you into a hug.

You silently questioned Sam’s attitude, though you weren’t complaining, he normally wouldn’t show this much affection. Nevertheless you happily wrapped your arms around him relishing the hug before following him out to the garage wondering how you were going to be able buy the things you would need without him seeing.


Whelp you did it, kinda. You had somehow managed to buy the tampons and pads without Sam noticing, hiding them amongst the various grocery items then distracting him when the clerk rang them up, though you did notice that you forgot the aspirin, unfortunately this revelation did not come up until you got home because you know life’s a bitch.

You had safely tucked away the stuff and was about to collapse onto your bed when you felt Sam’s arms wrap around you once more.

“Hey babe you want to watch a movie?” He asked hopefully resting his head on your shoulder (or the top of your head depending on if you’re short like me).

You groaned internally “I don’t know I’m tired.” You said which wasn’t a complete lie, you did want to go to bed though it was more in order to be rid of the ache in your abdomen for a few hours longer.

Sam spun you around to face him “Pllleeeaaasseee” he begged with his best puppy dog eyes.

You sighed though couldn’t hide the smile on your face, you never could say no to his puppy dog eyes. “Ok”

Sam’s face broke into a huge smile before he escorted you to the couch where he had everything set up. A bowl of popcorn and various candles sat on the table along with several different movies of all genres and over the back of the couch was draped your favorite blanket.

You felt yourself gasp slightly causing Sam to chuckle “I figured with what you’re going through you deserved nothing less than the best.”

You felt your cheeks heat up as you chuckled nervously “What I’m going through?”

Sam’s smile widened at the sight of you blushing “You’re cute. But yeah, I noticed you forgot these.” He said pulling out a bottle of aspirin.

Your mouth dropped open as you took the bottle. You looked around at the setup and felt yourself tearing up at the sight of it. “It’s perfect” You whispered before bringing your lips to meet his.

“Good” Sam smiled before escorting you to the couch in which you laid against him with the blanket wrapped around the two of you as Sam started the first movie.

You nuzzled yourself further into his chest inhaling his scent “I love you.” You whispered as if you were testing out the words, which in a way you were.

Sam looked down at you in shock for a moment causing you to panic again, was this not a good time? Though you soon relaxed as you saw his face break out into the biggest smile you had ever seen come from the younger Winchester “I love you too.” He said before pressing a kiss to the top of your head.

Forget Me Not: Chapter Three

Title: Sleeping Beauty
Pairings: Kristanna/ snow sisters
Word Count: 1701
Rating: T

One Week, Post Accident

 Thesteady beep of the EKG was just another part of life now. Kristoff rarely noticed it while in Anna’s hospital room. The IV, the breathing tubes, the feeding tubes… that was all still disturbing. She looked so unnatural, so uncomfortable. He just wanted to crawl in the bed with her, and hold her until she woke. Whenever that may be.

 For now, he sat in a chair, moved right next to her bedside. The nurse always kept the rail on her left side down for when visiting hours were in effect. The young man with honey-brown eyes was always there ten minutes early, and was always, very nearly physically pulled from the room when visiting hours were over. And he always pulled the chair as close to the young woman as he could get. And every day, he brought a snapdragon, her favorite flower, adding it to the vase at her bedside.

 He rested his head on one arm on the bed, as he held her hand in both of his. He had been like that for little over an hour now. Tracing little designs on the palm of her hand, willing her to wake, to feel the tickle, to feel the electric shock that shook him every time he touched her. But nothing had changed in seven days since they were given the news…

 It was like it had happened not twenty minutes prior; the doctor had emerged from the password-protected, ICU doors. There was no one else in the waiting room except for Elsa and him, yet the doctor still spoke in a hushed voice.

 Anna had been lucky for the most part. A broken tibia, a fractured plate in her foot, same leg, a bruised sternum due to the restraint of her seatbelt, and numerous cuts and bruises. But that was the good news. The impact of the crash had caused severe head trauma. Swelling in the brain showed in the x-rays. No bleeding, that was a good sign. But that wasn’t the news that finally sent Elsa to tears, that crushed Kristoff’s pride, leading him to openly sob there in the waiting room, tears streaming.

 Anna was in a coma.

 There was no telling when she’d come out of it. If she’d come out of it. Elsa and Kristoff held one another, wept together, for a very long time in that waiting room. Until they were finally granted permission to see her.

Week Three, Post Accident

 It was the sound of raised voices in the usually eerily silent ICU halls that stopped Kristoff in the middle of reading Anna The Hobbit. It was then that he realized the time.

 “You know what??” came the shrill, clearly upset voice of Elsa, “I’ve held my tongue for long enough! He is here every day. He reads to her, sings to her, is here from open to close of visiting hours! Family Members Only my ASS! He is family! Has been for ten plus years! If the man wants to stay overnight with her, then for God’s Sake, LET HIM!” There was silence that followed, Kristoff stock still, eyes wide. He heard a shaky sigh followed by a very soft, “He and I are all she’s got… And I’m wearing thin.”

 Kristoff could feel his heart pounding in his chest. It felt like hours before Elsa finally strode through Anna’s room. She smiled sweetly at him as though nothing had happened. “I brought you some dinner,” she said, setting it on a table by the window, next to the third vase of snapdragons. “And I’ve had a small discussion with the nurses. You and I can switch out staying overnight with her, if you would like.”

 Kristoff smirked for the first time in over three weeks. “Thank you, Elsa.” They exchanged a look. She knew he had heard, and he knew not to make a big fuss over it. 

“So, what books did you two read today?” she asked casually as she checked Anna’s clipboard for any little changes that may have been recorded. She caught him kiss Anna’s hand in the corner of her eye, and smiled to herself before noticing the red roses in the corner that didn’t quite fit in with the plethora of snapdragons.

 “We read The Great Gatsby this morning,” he said with nonchalance, leaning back in his chair, “and finished up with The Hobbit. I think I’ll read Wuthering Heights tomorrow… was always one of her favorites…”

 “Mmm,” she hummed. Elsa peeked up at him from the clipboard. He looked exhausted. Dark circles hung under his eyes, a beard was steadily growing, though it was quite nice, and his eyes were red. Her heart broke for him. Never had she seen a man love a woman more ardently than Kristoff loved Anna. “And the roses? Did the city run out of snapdragons?” she teased.

 Kristoff’s jaw and shoulders tensed, his eyes growing hard and cold. “No,” he muttered. “Those are from the bastard she’s engaged to. You know, the son of a bitch that has been here maybe a handful of times to see his fiancé?? For no more than twenty minutes each time??”

Elsa hung the clipboard back on the footboard of the bed, letting out a groan. “That reminds me…” she muttered, hands running through her hair. “I’m taking my vacation time from the firm so I can help tend to Anna. You’ll never guess who jumped at the chance to run the place?” she asked sarcastically.

 Kristoff frowned. “You know that’s exactly what he wants. What he’s been trying to do all along. You know that, right??”

 Elsa sighed, shaking her head. “Well there’s nothing I can do about it now. My mentors agreed that he’ll be the right fit while I’m gone…”

Two Months, Post Accident

 Kristoff sat on the edge of her bed, running his fingers through her hair. Even in such a state, bruises and cuts be damned, she was still stunning as ever. Hans had just left after his first visit in three weeks. Business bull shit. He sighed, and with shaking fingers, he let his thumb graze across her soft lips. “Anna…” he whispered.

 He moved back up to her hair, his free hand holding hers in his lap, humming. “Kristoff is better than Asshole… Anna, don’t you think that’s true…?” He groaned, closing his eyes as he leaned down to place a kiss on her forehead. “I love you, Anna Arendelle…” he whispered.

Three Months, Post Accident

 “Your ‘gentleman caller’ has been put on probation until he at least gets 8 hours of sleep,” Elsa told Anna with a smile as she pulled a chair up to her bedside. She pulled her overnight bag up into her lap. “I thought I’d bring some stuff from home for you. You’re most definitely getting that beauty sleep!” she added with an awkward chuckle. She sighed and pulled out a stuffed snowman, something she had gotten her sister as a souvenir when she went on a skiing trip in the Alps with her Senior class in high school. Olaf, Anna had named him. And he hadn’t left her side since.

 Elsa stood and snuggled Olaf into the crook of Anna’s arm. “And,” She leaned over, draping something across her little sister’s neck, “Mama’s necklace. The snowflake one you loved so much, ever since you were little. It was supposed to be yours, you know. Is,” she corrected, fighting the familiar sting of tears. “She wanted me to give it to you when you graduated. And I forgot… But now she can be your guardian angel. Maybe give you that little push you need to wake up already.”

 She sat back down at her bedside, taking Anna’s hand in both of hers. “I love you so much, sweet Anna. I will always love you…”

 She took a deep breath and exhaled before leaning over to pull out a magazine. “Alright,” she said, propping her house-slippered feet onto Anna’s mattress, getting comfortable in the chair. “Kris can read all of that nerdy stuff to you all he wants. But how about a little Trash,” she mused, opening up People magazine. “But seriously… Who cares what Paula Deen names her new dog??” She squeezed Anna’s hand affectionately and got to reading.

Six Months, Post Accident

 It was a sunny, Saturday afternoon, spring time in New York City. Kristoff was working a crossword puzzle while Elsa tended to Anna’s nails.

“Five letter word for ‘mythical weeper’?? The hell…?” he muttered, frowning at the page.

 “What do you think about yellow?” Elsa asked, searching through her nail polish bag. “Yellow’s a happy color.” She pulled out a bottle filled with shimmery, yellow liquid and opened it, pulling out the little brush attached to the top. She took Anna’s hand in one of hers and began brushing on the polish. Anna’s finger flinched, causing the brush to yellow the pad of said finger. “Anna, you have to be still, or—“

 Both blonds froze as they immediately looked at one another.

 “Did she just…?”

 “I think she did…!”

 Kristoff jumped up to the other side of the hospital bed, he and Elsa both grabbing one of her hands. “Anna?” Elsa cooed. “Anna, baby, can you hear me??”

 “Come on, Feisty Pants, you can do this…”

 A few minutes passed before there was a flutter of lids and a flash of blue. As the young redhead began to come to, she was suddenly aware of her surroundings. “Anna!!” Kristoff and Elsa cheered at the same time.

 Anna’s blue hues shot open, glancing back and forth at the two people at her bedside. Both blonds looked confused and hurt as Anna jerked her hands away, moving towards the tubing hooked up to her nose and mouth. She tried to call out, to scream, looking absolutely horrified, but her mouth was dry as cotton. She winced as she attempted to move her leg, a sharp pain shooting through her.

“Anna, what’s the matter?” Kristoff asked, panic evident in his voice as Elsa ran to grab the nurse. He held her hands down before she tried to rip out her IV. His heart nearly shattered to pieces when he read her lips as she mouthed “LET ME GO!”

Preference Series {AU: Aboard the Titanic} Introductions

Here is Part 3 of the Titanic AU series, Lovelies! I just want to point something out to you. I learned, in my research, that back in the early 1900s, “Lunch” was called “Dinner” while the dinner we know was called “Supper.” This is important because to be as historically accurate as I could be, I used “Dinner” for lunch. I hope you enjoy it, and tell me what you think!

- Chrissy

Master List

Part 2

Part 4 

Harry: You’re a Nursemaid.

You had just finished unpacking for the children, who were complaining of boredom the whole time you were doing so, when Caroline came up to you and tugged on your skirt.

                “Caroline…” you knelt down so you were eye-to-eye with her, “what did I tell you about pulling on my skirt for my attention?”

                “Not to,” she said, not taking her tiny thumb out of her mouth.

                You nodded, “Use your words. Call my name. I’ll answer,” you stood up. “Now, what is it that you want?”

                “Can we go explore the promenade?"she asked.

                "Well, is it what your brothers want to do?” you looked over at the two boys, each sitting on the sofa with their faces in their books. “Andrew? Michael? Do you want to go explore the promenade?”

                “Now?” Andrew asked, looking up from his book. “We just traveled and settled in…”

                “I know, but your sister is bored, and I can’t leave you two alone,” you said, looking down at Caroline, who had taken your hand. “I’m pretty sure the First Class Lounge is up there as well as the Reading and Writing Room. You two could read there.”

                “Fine…” Michael sighed, marking his place in his book before closing it.

                “Thank you, Boys,” you smiled, outstretching your free hand for Michael’s.

                “Why doesn’t Andrew have to hold your hand?” Michael brooded, letting you grasp his small hand.

                “Andrew is nine years old. He’s old enough to know that he shouldn’t run off,” you replied, leading them out of the room. “Andrew? Can you be a dear and close the door?”

                “Yes, Y/N.”

                You turned back to Michael, “And I only have two hands to keep two children anchored.”

                You all laughed at your horrible ship humor as you made your way from the First Class Staterooms to the elevator. Once you entered the First Class Lounge, Michael let go of your hand, running after his elder brother.

                “Please be careful, Boys!” you shouted, considering the room was mostly empty. “And don’t wander off!”

                “We won’t, Y/N,” Andrew replied before entering the Reading and Writing Room.

                “Can we go now?” Caroline asked, looking up at you.

                “Yes,” you let out a sigh and led her towards the doors that opened to the promenade.

                The crisp sea air hit you the moment you opened the doors to the deck, and you took a deep breath, loving how fresh it was. You were still in port, but the civilized smells of Southampton could not reach your nose. There was a cool breeze that tickled the back of your neck, and you couldn’t remember a time you had felt so relaxed.

                “My bow!” you heard Caroline exclaim.

                “What?” you looked around, trying to see where the red ribbon had gone while Caroline tugged at your hand.

                She finally managed to get free of your grip, running down the promenade.

                “Caroline!” you ran after her, but she was quick on those little feet of hers.

                “My bow! My bow!” she kept shouting, and you saw the offending object floating along with the wind, just out of her reach.

                And you also saw him, a tall man who had just noticed the commotion and was right in Caroline’s path.

                “Caroline! Watch out for–”

                You tried to warn her, or at least hoped that the gentleman would hear your shouting and move out of the way. Neither of which happened, and Caroline crashed into him.

                “Whoa…” he grabbed her shoulders, steadying her as he got down on his knee. “Be careful there, Love.”

                Caroline, forgetting all about her bow, looked up at the man’s face and immediately turned pink.

                “Caroline,” you breathed, stopping in front of them, “apologize to the nice man.”

                “I’m sorry, Sir…” she hung her head, trying to hide her embarrassed face.

                The man chuckled, lifting her chin, “It’s okay, Love. Just try to stay with your big sister next time, okay?”

                He looked up at you after saying that, and it was your turn to be bashful. He was exceedingly handsome with beautiful green eyes and two little dimples on his cheeks when he smiled. What really threw you off, though, is the fact he called you Caroline’s sister.

                “I’m not her sister, but thank you for the compliment,” you said, bowing your head.

                “You’re not her sister?” he asked, getting back to his full height.

                You shook your head, “I’m her nursemaid.”

                “Oh…” he looked down at Caroline, who had managed to hide herself behind your skirts. He laughed at her shyness. “Well, listen to your nursemaid, Miss Caroline.”

                She nodded her head slowly, putting her thumb back into her mouth.

                “And may I ask for your name?”

                You were startled by his desire to know who you were, but you gave your name anyway, “I’m Y/N, Sir.”

                “Well, Y/N, you may call me Harry instead of ‘Sir,’” he chuckled softly, killing you with his crooked smile.

                “I’m sorry, Sir, but considering you are of the same class as my employers–”

                “How do you know I am?” he asked, cutting you off with a smirk.

                “The way you are dressed, Sir. Your mannerisms, and considering the fact that this place is exclusively for First Class passengers only,” you pointed out with a small smile.

                “Beautiful and smart,” he beamed. “I like you, Y/N.”

                And with that single comment, your face was as pink as Caroline’s.

Liam: You’re in Third Class.

“That’s all of it,” you sighed, closing the second of the two empty cases and straightening.

                “Thank you, Love,” your mother said from the lower bunk, where she decided to rest her aching body.

                “No problem, Mum,” you replied, dusting off your hands and pushing your two cases underneath the bunk opposite hers.

                “We’re lucky that there’s four of us,” she remarked, turning her head to look at me.

                It certainly made things easier, considering Third Class cabins were four to a room. There was hardly any elbow room, but at least we got to share it with our fellow family members. You also couldn’t imagine how the stranger would cope with your two younger siblings; they were off the walls.

                “Edmund!” you scowled at him, seeing him hang off the side of the top bunk. You pushed his back up into the bed. “You could seriously hurt yourself if you do that.”

                “Sorry, Y/N…” he hung his head.

                “We can’t stay in the room all the time,” you shook your head. “We’ll go crazy if we do that.”

                And you knew your mother needed her rest. She was getting bigger by the day, and it was hard to carry all that extra weight around without feeling worn out. Today’s travel by train had done a number on her and, in addition to that, all the walking it took to get from the train station to your cabin.

                “Edmund? Marie?” you stepped onto the edge of the bottom bunk and looked up over the side of the top. “Do you two want to go to the middle deck with me?”

                “What’s there?” Marie asked, resting her chin on her arms and peering down at you.

                You shrugged, “I don’t know. That’s why we have to go. It’s a mystery.”

                “A mystery?” Edmund’s eyes sparkled. “I like mysteries!”

                He sat up, instantly becoming excited.

                “So you want to go?” you nodded with a smile.

                Marie seemed to consider it for a moment, getting up and sitting back on her knees, “I guess…but will there be food?”

                “I guess we can look for some,” you said, not ready to promise anything. You knew they were starved, since you didn’t have breakfast this morning, but you didn’t know where there was food to be found.

                “Alright!” Edmund was sold. “Let’s go!”

                “Alright…” Marie sighed, climbing down from the top bunk, followed by her brother.

                You turned to your mother once you saw them reach the floor, “Mum, if we find food, do you want me to bring back a plate?”

                “Yes, please,” she whispered with a weak smile. “I’m just going to try and get some sleep.”

                “Good. You should rest,” you replied before turning to look at your siblings. “You two ready?”

                The both nodded, and you walked over to the cabin door, turning the handle and setting them free. The moment the door was open, the twins ran out as fast as horses.

                “Edmund! Marie!” you ran after them. “Don’t take off like that! You don’t even know where the middle deck is!”

                You finally caught up to them, grabbing both of their hands with an iron grip, and you made the rest of your trip that way, getting lost once or twice trying to find the damn rooms.

                A half hour or so later, you three found yourselves in the Third Class Dining Saloon. Dinner was being served, so you found three seats at one of the long, wooden tables.

                Edmund and Marie must have been hungry because the moment their plates touched the table, they were digging in. You ate, too, and you had to admit the food was better than you had thought it would be. It was one course but consisted of soup, potatoes, bread, and butter.

                “That was the best meal ever!” Edmund exclaimed as you exited the saloon.

                You laughed, “It was, wasn’t it?”

                “But now we have to find our way back…” Marie’s face fell, knowing it would be another lengthy walk to the room.

                “Let’s not get so upset now, Marie,” you said, switching your mother’s plate of food from one hand to the other so you could take Marie’s little fingers in your own. “We’ll just ask for directions.”

                You saw a man ahead of you, exiting a room off-limits to passengers. He was filthy, covered in dirt and sweat, but he seemed like he would know where to go.

                “Excuse me, Sir,” you hastened forward. “Do you know how I can get to the lower deck Third Class rooms?”

                The man turned, taking in your form with deep, brown eyes, “I do,” he nodded. “If you want, I can lead you there.”

                He gave you and your siblings a soft smile, “I’m Liam, by the way.”

                “I’m Y/N, and these are my siblings, Edmund and Marie,” you said, looking down at them.

                “Do you run this ship?” Edmund asked, running up to him.

                Liam let out a hearty laugh, “No…I don’t, but I help.”

                “Really? What’s it like?” he asked, walking beside Liam as he led you towards your cabin.

                He shrugged, “It’s just a job, really. I’m used to it.”

                Edmund kept firing questions while you and Marie stayed behind them. Once in a while, when he heard you laugh at something Edmund or he had said, Liam would look back at you, melting your heart with his warm smile.

Louis: You’re in Second Class.

When I entered the cabin, followed by the crewmember, he let out a low whistle that made me cringe.

                “Jesus Christ…” he murmured, looking around the room. “Are you sure this is only Second Class?”

                You were a little shocked by his words. If he was a member of the crew, wouldn’t he know that this is a Second Class, single room?

                “Thank you, Sir,” you turned to look at him, “for bringing my bags here.”

                I started digging through the purse I held around my wrist.

                “You don’t have to tip me, Miss,” he said softly, putting the bags down.

                “Are you sure?” you asked, taking out your change purse. “Those bags weren’t easy to carry.”

                He shrugged his shoulders, smiling, “I didn’t mind, but there is one thing you could do for me…”

                You frowned slightly, wondering what he was going to request, “And that would be…?”

                “Can you keep a secret?” he asked, turning to close the door and making you feel even more uncomfortable.

                “A secret?” you tilted your head to the side. “Depends on what it is, and I don’t even know who you are.”

                “In time, Miss. First, let me explain to you what I am doing here.”

                You always did like stories, so why deny his? You sat down on the settee across from your bed and folded your gloved hands in your lap.

                “Well, I’m one of seven siblings,” he began, taking his hat off to reveal unkempt, light brown locks that formed waves on the top of his head, “and we aren’t exactly well off…”

                “Then why didn’t you take the tip?” you asked, opening your purse once again. “I can give you a handsome sum because I’m feeling generous, but–”

                “Please don’t,” he pleaded, causing you to look up at him. “My parents didn’t raise me to accept money from strangers, especially if they’re a pretty woman.”

                You hung your head, trying to hide the smile that graced your lips and the pink tinge on your cheeks, “I don’t know about pretty, but…”

                He chuckled at your bashfulness, “No need to be shy, Love. You are quite the beauty. How do you think I spotted you in that crowd?”

                You couldn’t bring yourself to meet his gaze, “Please continue…”

                “Well, as I said, the money’s pretty tight, and my dad and mum have been juggling two jobs each as well as taking care of the children. My sister, Lottie, and I try to help as best we can, but the only way we could survive is if I leave for America and get a job there.”

                You looked up at him now, “So that’s why you’re on this ship…”

                “Yes,” he nodded, his face turning serious, “but I am not a crewmember.”

                “Then what are you…?”

                “I’m basically…” he sighed, “a stowaway.”

                “A stowaway?” you stood up, furious. “You used me to get aboard this ship illegally?”

                He put up his hands, which were covered in dirt, “Calm down, please, Miss. I had no choice. I have my family to think about.”

                “But couldn’t you raise the money or save up for a ticket?” you asked, not caring if the whole floor could hear you. “Why did you have to be a stowaway?”

                “By the time I heard about the Titanic, it was too late for me to try and raise the money,” he said, gesturing for me to quiet down. “You really need to be quiet, Miss. I can’t be caught.”

                “Why didn’t you wait for another ship?” you ignored his pleas for you to be silent, stepping closer to him in the process.

                “My father lost one of his jobs, and my mum is home sick,” he whispered. “Please, Miss. Quiet down…”

                “Quiet down? How can I quiet down? There is a man in my cabin, telling me a story that I’m not sure is fact or fiction, and he also used me to stowaway on one of the most famous ships in the–”

                You felt something cover your mouth, stopping your words, and when you saw it was one of the stowaway’s filthy hands, all you saw was red.

                “Listen, Miss,” his brows furrowed in frustration. “I’ve been polite, and I have no desire to hurt you. But I’m willing to change my behavior if it means I can safely pass to America for my family. If they catch me, I’ll tell them you helped, and you’ll be in just as much trouble as I will be. Your parents may be able to vouch for you, but the scandal will always be there.”

                You hated this man, but you knew he spoke the truth. You would have to hide him here, in your cabin.

                “I’m going to let you go now,” he whispered slowly, “and you’re not going to scream anymore.”

                You nodded, and he removed his hand.

                “You’re honestly a despicable human being,” you spat, turning towards the sink in the middle of the room.

                “I’m sorry you think that, Love, but as I said, I’m doing this for my family.”

                If that was true, you might’ve felt better about the whole situation, but you had no reason to believe this man. He had tricked you.

                “What’s your name, Miss?”

                You lifted your head and turned off the faucet, wiping your face with a towel, “Y/N.”

                “Pleasure to meet you, Miss Y/N. I’m Louis.”

Niall: You’re in First Class

                You were in the middle of your book, Pride and Prejudice, when your mother said three words that made your heart sing.

                “We’re going out.”

                You looked up from the page you were on, giving her a soft smile, “Where to?”

                “The First Class Lounge. We’re supposed to meet with your future fiancé and his parents.”

                Your face fell at the mention of your fiancé, “Oh…”

                Your mother beamed at your disappointment while spraying her neck with perfume, “Don’t be down, Love. You’ll be dining with him this evening.”

                “When will you return?” you asked, marking your place in your book and resting it on your lap.

                “Well, we’re having dinner all together, and then I think the men will go off to the smoking lounge. I’m also having afternoon tea with Mrs. Bentley, so I would not expect us back until it is time to get ready for supper,” she said, leaning closer to the mirror to put her earrings in.

                You didn’t say anything because you were so elated. This gave you the whole afternoon to explore the ship and do what you wanted to do instead of being dragged around by your parents.

                “Alright,” your mother sighed, taking one last look in the mirror before taking your father’s arm. “We’ll be back.”

                “I left you an extra key to the room,” your father said, looking towards the nightstand. “If you want to go to the pool or the Turkish bath, you can always get back in here afterwards.”

                “Thank you, Father,” you said, getting up to kiss his cheek.

                You watched them leave the room, closing the door behind them with the happiest of smiles on your face. Once they were gone, you leaned back on the door, wondering if this freedom was too good to be true.

                Where would you go first? The promenade? The Swimming Pool? Or maybe the Turkish baths? They all sounded so appealing to you, but…exploring the ship sounded like the best idea.

                Considering you didn’t feel like changing, you kept the dress you wore to board the ship on and left your hair as it was. You slipped on the shoes that matched your black and white dress and discarded your room slippers by your bed.

                After that, you grabbed the key and walked out the door.

                Now, you didn’t really have a map or a plan as to where you were going to go; you decided to walk around aimlessly. You avoided going up to the next floor, knowing for a fact that that was where your parents had went. Instead, you opted to going downstairs and exploring the lower class decks.

                On the floor just below yours, there was the Second Class Library. Although you were unsure about whether or not you could pass your time in there, you made a mental note of where it was should you decide you wanted to.

                You made your way passed the library and Second Class Promenade before finding yourself among many significantly poorer people. They all stared at you as you walked by, and you knew it was because your dress was made of satin while their clothing was made of worn wool.

                Despite the jealous and menacing looks you got from some people, you felt sorry for the Third Class passengers. You scanned their grimy and tired faces, wondering what stories each one had to tell, until your eyes fell on a blond-haired man.

                The look he gave you contrasted with most in the room. His blue eyes were wide as they took in your form in utter awe. His jaw was nearly on the floor, and you couldn’t help the giggle the managed to get passed your lips.

                He had heard it, and his cheeks immediately turned red while he brought his fist to his mouth, coughing into it.

                You stopped walking and turned to look at him, unable to help the smile or blush on your cheeks, “Hello.”

                His eyes were the size of teacup saucers, but he managed to stammer out, “Uh…H-Hi.”

                He had an Irish accent, and you knew that your mother would have your head if she saw you talking to this boy. Frankly, you didn’t care.

                You walked over to him, surprising him even more, “I’m Y/N. What’s your name?”

                “Niall, Milady,” he bowed awkwardly, avoiding your gaze.

                You frowned, “You don’t need to be so formal…”

                “But you’re…” he looked up at you shyly before straightening, “you’re obviously of a higher class, Mila–”

                You shook your head, “It’s Y/N. Not 'milady.’”

                “It wouldn’t be proper…” he rubbed the back of his head before whispering to himself. “Hell, looking at you like that wasn’t exactly proper either.”

                You giggled softly, “You can relax, Niall. I’m not going to have you arrested for looking at me.”

                He stiffened, realizing you had heard everything he had said, “I-I…didn’t mean to…it’s just that you’re so…”

                “So…?” you took a step closer to him with a wide smile.

                “…beautiful…” he whispered, looking into your eyes.

                It was your turn to be shy, “Oh…” you shifted your gaze, “well, thank you…”

                “Just stating the truth,” he replied with a small smile.

                And then you had plans for the rest of the trip. You wanted to spend every moment trying to get to know this boy, trying to get him to call you by your name.

                Class be damned.

Zayn: You’re a Stowaway.

You wandered the halls of the Third Class staterooms, trying to calm your fraying nerves. You had managed to get on board the Titanic, but you weren’t in the clear until they started the voyage. Even then, if you were caught, you’d be punished the minute you docked in America.

                You also had to worry about where you were going to sleep. You were pretty sure that all the rooms were full, and even if they weren’t, the chances of you finding the one with one empty bunk were slim to none.

                As you thought this through, you didn’t realize that you had wandered into a Second Class hall.


                You felt your heartbeat quicken as you turned around slowly to see a crewmember hastening over to you.

                “What are you doing in here?” he asked, scowling at your form.

                Instinct told you to run, and boy, did you run down that hallway.

                “Wait, Miss!” the crewman yelled after you while you rounded the corner, crashing into someone.

                You heard a masculine groan below you and opened your eyes to see you were straddling the man you had met in the crowd earlier.

                “I’m so sorry,” you gaped at him.

                “There you are, Girl!”

                You gasped, spinning around to see your pursuer glaring at you.

                He grabbed your wrist, bringing you away from the man you had knocked over, “I’m afraid you’ll have to come with me, Miss.”

                “I got lost, I didn’t mean–”


                Both you and the crewmember who had you in his grasp looked at the stranger. He was getting to his feet now, dusting off his suit.

                “This girl is traveling with me,” he said grabbing your other wrist.

                “Are you sure, Sir?” your captor asked. “She looks too common to be associated with you.”

                The man frowned, “She’s my maid.”

                Well, it was better than nothing, and he was saving you.

                “Well,” the crewmember practically threw you at him, “please tell your maid to be careful when wandering the ship. There are some places she is prohibited to enter.”

                “Of course,” your savior steadied you, grabbing your wrists gently.

                “Have a nice afternoon, Sir,” the crewman bowed his head, tipping his hat as well, before making his leave.

                “Thank you,” you said, looking up at the man.

                “No problem,” he smiled softly, letting go of you, “but what are you doing in the Second Class staterooms?”

                “Um…” you bit your lip, “I’ll tell you why, but I’d prefer to do it somewhere private.”

                “Is my room private enough for you?” he asked, gesturing to the door next to you.

                You nodded, “That’ll do.”

                He got out his key and unlocked the door, holding it open for you.

                When you walked in, you forgot how to breathe. The room was so much more luxurious than anything you had seen or read about before. It wasn’t as large as the room you had at the orphanage, but there, you shared a room with thirty other girls.

                Your face must have shown your awe because your savior laughed, “I take it that you like it?”

                “It’s gorgeous,” you said, looking about the room. “How much does a room like this cost?”

                “A lot,” he chuckled, closing the door behind him. “Please sit, um…I’m afraid I don’t know your name.”

                “Y/N,” you replied, looking into his brown eyes.

                “Miss Y/N? That’s a pretty name,” he smiled, taking a seat on the settee. “I’m Zayn.”

                “Zayn?” you arched a brow. “Is that foreign?”

                “Arabic,” he nodded, watching you take a seat on the other side of the settee. “Now, tell me. What were you doing in the Second Class halls?”

                You looked down at your worn skirt, “Well…I was taking a walk around the Third Class staterooms, and I wasn’t paying attention…I somehow found myself here.”

                He nodded slowly, “Okay, but why did you run when the crewman only wanted to inform you that you weren’t in your place?”

                You remained silent for a moment, wondering if you should share the fact you were a stowaway with him, “I…um…” you looked up at him, frowning, “I’m not exactly a passenger…”

                “But you said…” he furrowed his dark brows in confusion.

                “I know, but I lied,” you sighed, hanging your head in shame. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cause you any trouble, but by saving me, I already have.”

                “What do you mean?” he leaned forward, worry evident in his chiseled features.

                “I’m a stowaway,” you whispered, looking away from his intense gaze. “You helped a stowaway.”

                The room was silent, deathly silent. You could hear his pocket watch ticking, and if you listened hard enough, you probably could’ve heard the air moving around you.

                Finally, after what seemed like eons, Zayn let out a sigh, “I’m not going to get angry.”

                “You’re not?” your head shot up, meeting his gaze.

                He shook his head before giving you a stern look. “I’m going to help you, since I’m already an accomplice anyway.”


                “But you have to listen to everything I say,” he said, getting up from the settee and opening his bag. “You also have to be my muse.”

                “E-excuse me?” you blinked, watching him pull out a book of some sort.

                “My muse,” he repeated, opening the book to reveal all sorts of sketches, some clothed and some not. “You have to let me draw you.”

Best Fics of 2014 Rec List

Just like last year, I decided to do (what I feel are) the best fics of 2014. They could have started near the end of 2013, but they had to have finished in 2014 to count for this rec list.


* sometimes fate is like a small snowstorm by thepsychicclam (8,145 Words | Rated M | One-Shot)

In a coffee shop two days before Christmas, Derek meets Stiles. Despite neither of them being interested in relationships, they spend an unforgettable evening together, but then part ways. During the following years, Stiles competes in the Olympics, Derek tours the world - and neither of them forget. Then twelve years later, two days before Christmas, Derek finds Stiles in that same coffee shop.

aka a kinda sorta serendipity au

* Yes is a World by jezziejay (10,204 Words | Rated M | One-Shot)

When the nemeton casts a protection spell over Beacon Hills, Stiles can finally go to college. Derek thinks this might be a good thing.

In which Stiles falls in love and Derek learns a lot.

* Unwind by coffeeinallcaps (15,047 Words | Rated E | One-Shot)

Hope you enjoy your present, the text from Erica says. Payment’s taken care of. You can thank me tomorrow.

“So you’re a werewolf, huh,” the guy says when Derek looks up at him again. His gaze drifts down from Derek’s face to the rest of his body, slowly, shamelessly. When it’s traveled back up and their eyes meet again, the corner of the guy’s mouth twitches up into a cocky little half-smile. “I fucking love working with werewolves.” AU in which businessman Derek falls in love with escort Stiles.

* Be the Life of the Party by Mimiminaj (21,651 Words | Rated E | One-Shot)

His father’s face suddenly turned serious again.

“He is twenty four though, son. I don’t care if his smile shits rainbows and his laugh births puppies. You are his employee. It would be bad to cross those lines during your first job. Or ever.”

Stiles’ face hit the table.

“I hate my life,” he moaned.

Scott laughed cheerfully. “Don’t worry sheriff! It sounds to me like the entire cinema staff feels the same. Stiles doesn’t stand a chance with Derek!”

“Scratch that,” Stiles mumbled into the wood. “I hate you two more.”

Or – Stiles starts working at the movie theater. His boss is Derek.

* But Then What… by Stoney (23,718 Words | Rated E | 2/2 Chapters) 

Senior year is almost over, and all Stiles needs to do is keep his head down to survive. A teacher calls in a favor, leaving him stuck tutoring Derek Hale, one of the most popular jocks in school and a member of a group of douchecanoes who have bullied Stiles for years. He’s someone Stiles totally hates. Totally. Like, doesn’t like him even a little bit. DEFINITELY isn’t attracted to him. Except that is a total lie.

Fuck his life, seriously.

* Five Times Detective Stilinski and Fire Captain Hale Had Sex In Public, and One Time They Did It In A Bed by bleepobleep (32,839 Words | Rated E | 7/7 Chapters)

“Did you say–” Stiles starts.

“What?” Derek growls.

“We’re not a couple!” they both retort in unison.

“We’re not together,” Stiles insists.

Lydia coughs pointedly. “An incident report filed by 87th Precinct Captain Erica Reyes. March twenty-fifth, eight p.m. Came back to the precinct to grab my coat, only to hear Stilinski banging his new boyfriend in the holding cell.”

* (not so) Pure Imagination by theroguesgambit (33,174 Words | Rated E | 11/11 Chapters)

Stiles knows it’s wrong, but he’s been Fantasizing about Derek and he can’t bring himself to stop. Derek doesn’t know who’s taken an interest in him, but he’s enjoying it way more than he probably should.

* Come with Me and Walk the Longest Mile by DevilDoll (39,257 Words | Rated E | 4/4 Chapters)

“Stiles shouldn’t accept rides from werewolves he meets behind abandoned convenience stores.” In which the zombie apocalypse is just one of their worries.

* our lives are changing lanes by grimm  (47,537 Words | Rated E | One-Shot)

There’s a lot of screaming going on inside the first house Stiles visits. He isn’t really worried, because it sounds like kids, but then the door opens and hi, says his dick, because the dude in front of him is gorgeous, built like a god with a face like thunder. Stiles wants to lick that solid jaw line. Hold the fuck on, says his cop brain, because the dude’s got kids hanging all over him; one’s on his back, skinny legs looped around his waist, and another two hanging off one arm, toes barely brushing the ground. There’s a tubby toddler clinging to his leg like a koala, and he’s got a baby tucked into the crook of the one arm that doesn’t have kids hanging off it. Stiles’ mouth drops open.

“How many of those kids did you kidnap?” he asks before he can wrangle his brain into submission.

The man gives him a look that says what the fuck is wrong with you and snaps, “You think I’d subject myself to this on purpose?”

“Oooh,” says one of the kids hanging off his arm. “I’m telling Mom.”

* my heart’s been offline by thepsychicclam (58,893 Words | Rated E | One-Shot)

31/M/New York. Rich, lays in bed all day, likes to read (aka Derek Hale, son of an Oscar winning actress, brother of one obnoxious reality star and one rebellious fashion designer, hates the paparazzi so much he’s a recluse)

26/M/California. Boring office job, likes to read (aka Stiles Stilinski, co-owner of a 100 acre organic farm with his dad and two best friends, writer of obits for a newspaper, has absolutely no life)

Or, where Derek and Stiles meet online, and Stiles has no clue Derek’s part of a famous family.

* Cornerstone by Vendelin (83,738 Words | Rated E | 6/6 Chapters)

Suffering from PTSD, ex-Marine Derek Hale moves back to Beacon Hills to open a bookshop and find a calmer life. That’s where he meets Stiles, completely by accident. Stiles is talkative, charming and curious. Somehow, despite the fact that he’s blind, he’s able to read Derek like no one else.

* Kindred Spirits by Stoney (104,791 Words | Rated E | 18/18 Chapters)

Stiles is the adopted son of the Sheriff, brought to Beacon Hills to hopefully stay for good. A family, a best friend, school, Jackson as Josie Pye (because who else could he be?) and the mystery of a dark haired, green-eyed boy which leads Stiles to discovering a secret within himself.

* A Desperate Arrangement by mikkimouse (115,506 Words | Rated E | 29/29 Chapters)

“I’m sorry, I believe there’s something wrong with my hearing,” Stiles said. “Because I could have sworn you just told me you set up a betrothal agreement with the Hales. A betrothal agreement involving me. Me.”

Scott smiled his easygoing smile and nodded, which told Stiles no, he hadn’t misheard a damn thing.

After seven years of lengthy negotiations, the treaty between the Hales and the Argents has fallen apart and the two countries fell into war.

Months later, there’s an uneasy truce, thanks to the intervention of King Scott McCall, but it won’t last. In a desperate attempt to maintain the peace, the Hales sign a treaty with the McCalls to marry Prince Derek to Prince Stiles Stilinski, King Scott’s brother.

In the history of the world, there have been many better ideas.

* What I Did On My Summer Vacation by grimm (118,749 Words | Rated E | 4/4 Chapters)

There’s something weird about Beacon Hills that Stiles can’t quite put his finger on. The way everyone in town knows his name the day he arrives. The way they insist the melancholic howling that echoes through the forest every night is just a dog. The way his dad denies getting a dog, even though Stiles comes home to find one sprawled across his bed, some big black thing whose eyes gleam red in the right light. The way that massive oak tree out in the woods vibrates under his touch, pulsing with sickly life.

There’s something weird going on in this town, and Stiles is determined to get to the bottom of it.

* Play Crack the Sky by Derbobbs (122,797 Words | Rated E | 23/23 Chapters)

Excerpt from “Hale Pulls the Plug on the Future of Rock,” Rolling Stone, Issue 1203 – Oct. 2014 “Fans and music industry vets alike are left reeling in the wake of bassist Derek Hale’s sudden departure from Smokes for Harris. At a time when the foursome from Beacon Hills, California seems to be on the cusp of rock superstardom after just one double platinum record, Smokes has everything to lose.”

Excerpt from “Smokes for Harris: Gladiator,” – Feb. 2015 “Smokes for Harris gives in a little to the pop punk of yesteryear in their sophomore effort, but rather than pandering to fans of a lost era they elevate the genre in a way that hasn’t been seen in quite some time. Frontman Stiles Stilinski works double duty as singer and primary songwriter and proves that he can handle the task even without former bassist Derek Hale.“

Where the Lightning Strikes

The 100 Family Network Meme: 2. Favorite AU - Soulmates

AN: i got so carried away omg… (un-beta’d as usual, don’t kill me)
Summary:  They’re called Soul Stars, Abby told her once. You’re born with them, these unique constellations imprinted on your flesh, and someone, somewhere has an identical cluster on the exact same spot as you. That person is your soulmate. Clarke is one of the few who are born without stars on their skin.
ff & ao3

There are tiny black stars on her mother’s skin. They travel along the back of her earlobe and disappear into her hair. Clarke has a tendency to run her finger along the trail. She counts the stars, she memorizes them; she wonders who in the universe has the same exact markings as her mother.

They’re called Soul Stars, Abby told her once. You’re born with them, these unique constellations imprinted on your flesh, and someone, somewhere has an identical cluster on the exact same spot as you. That person is your soulmate.

But Jake has two Stars on his shoulder instead of a dusting behind his ear like Abby.

“Because your father and I aren’t soulmates,” she explains to Clarke, “but we chose each other. And I’ll always choose your father. I’ll always choose you.”

She makes it a habit of saying this to Clarke when Abby finds her scribbling galaxies from an astronomy book onto her arms when she’s six.

Clarke, it turns out, is one of the few who are born without stars on their skin.

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anonymous asked:

Is Two Hours posted anywhere?

not on ao3 but luckily i had it on my phone so here you go!

“Ciel what the hell! How do you get straight A’s when all you do is mess around all day?!” A girl pouted as she walked up to her friend and grabbed his arm, the bell ringing loud as they crossed the threshhold of the classroom door.

“Don’t be jealous.” Ciel smiled, both of his blue eyes staring out into the hallway as if he were trying to track someone down.

All of the students swarmed the passageway, a mess of black and white, the uniforms stripping every morsel of individuality they possessed. Except for Ciel of course, who opted to roll his slim pant-legs up to his knees to let his enormous boots breathe. The leather cinched the thin stems, reaching just below the knee, and the short sleeves of his white dress shirt rolled messily up into slender shoulders.

“Ciel, Ciel! How did you do?” “Oh god I bet you got the best grade didn’t you?” “HEYYY, Ciel!” “Ciel ahh you look adorable!”

A flock of girls came running up to the male, surrounding him as he walked alongside a long row of lockers. He shot them a handsome smile as he was engulfed in their group, and his chin lifted as he continued to scan the area.

“Hey babies. You’re all looking fine today.” His voice was smooth and sweet, and the women around him swooned at his presence. “Have any of you gorgeous girls seen my man around?”

They shook their heads and brought the subject back to their studies, and as they all chatted he grabbed two of his friends by their waist and walked down the hall, arms full as always.

“So what are you doing for lunch, Ciel?”

“Alois if I find him.” The male smirked and the girls laughed, and Ciel squeezed each handful of hip as they exited the hall and walked outside.

The sun was bright as students flocked towards the cafeteria, desperate eyes still searching every corner for a missing Alois. Nothing was found and in a few minutes time they finally stopped in front of a large tree just outside of the eating area. By this time the grounds were so condensed with students that it would be impossible to find anyone at all, until one of the girls pointed it out of course.

“Look there he is! I never miss that hair of his, I wish I had hair like that, god. Look at him with all those girls, che. And smoking again?! He needs to stop!”

Ciel’s head darted to the direction, and that’s when he laid eyes on an equally popular Alois, all the way across from the cafeteria.

Alois had a cigarette perched between two slim digits, his long hair done up messily, uniform completely against code as he didn’t wear it at all. Dressed in a small black tee and equally black jeans he looked damn fine indeed. The slim torso was adorned with a pair of grey suspenders, and his tiny waist stuck out as he leaned back into a wall and inhaled the lit stick.

“God that Alois just gets hotter every day doesn’t he, so tiny he could model I’m so jealous! Ugh that hair is gorgeous…” One of the girls commented on the fact, and the others all nodded and agreed and stared right at a silent Ciel.

“Ciel…you know you can’t go over there. Don’t even think about it.”

“It’ll just be a…short visit.” The male’s heart thumped hard when he laid eyes on his blond, his tongue barely slipping out of a warm mouth to lick the corner of his lips. Alois was that irrisistible, and even though they had been dating for over a year already, the two had an almost magnetic attraction.

A magnetic attraction that was completely forbidden on school grounds.

“Excuse me, ladies.” Ciel leaned to his left to kiss his friend on the cheek and then to his right to do the same to the girl in his other arm. All the while his eyes were locked on to Alois, and he walked away from his group of friends after a suave goodbye.

“Oh no, he’s not supposed to be doing this…” one of them sighed as she watched the handsome male walk away, “they’re going to get in trouble again I can just feel it.”

“H-hey Ciel! Hold up! You’ll get suspended again! You’ll be taken off the honor roll!” Another girl shouted back just to have her plea ignored, as it was already way too late and she knew it. Everyone knew it.

Ciel’s boots crunched against the concrete as he cofidently walked, his chin lifted like he didn’t give a fuck, perfect lips crooked up into a hungry smile. Alois still hadn’t noticed him, but he would in only a few seconds, and that’s when their attraction for one another would spark an ignition of desire.

The blond spoke to his group of girls as he smoked, the women with their arms all around him, his long hair being undone and loose and played with as he closed his eyes and took in another drag.

When they opened back up his heart almost stopped, as Ciel was now only three feet away, the way he stared making the cigarette fall right from Alois’ own two lips.

“Oh god it’s Ciel…he’s not supposed to be here!” “Can he get any hotter though like seriously this isn’t fair.” “Shh, shut up it’s about to start again!” The girls dropped the soft locks from their fingers and whispered to one another just as the blond darted right from their side.

Alois attacked Ciel. He pushed his thin body off of the wall, leaped up into the male’s arms, and kissed him like they hadn’t seen each other in days.

Ciel’s hands grabbed onto to the thighs that wrapped around his waist and he moved forward to shove Alois’ back up against the wall he was just leaning on, scaring the flock of girls from their vantage point.

Their mouths opened and tongues soon rolled out, wet and warm and slipling all over one another. They made out hard and breathed even harder, the blond tilting his head as all ten of his digits dug into Ciel’s hair to pull it.

A crowd of students started to gather around the two, and a few gasped when Ciel started jerking his hips up into his man in the most vulgar way imaginable.

“Don’t let those girls touch your hair. It makes me jealous.” Their lips had separated so Ciel could grunt out the demand, and he stuffed his nose into the blond’s neck to smell the scent he couldn’t get enough of. “And you know what happens when I get jealous, right?”

“F-fuck, you’re hard.”

“You’re so soft.” Ciel pressed his tongue against that silky skin and made out with Alois’ throat, his teeth softly scraping the flesh as his tongue pushed all around it.

“Mm, god. I missed you, ah.” The blond let the back of his head slam back into the wall, and he closed his eyes when Ciel’s hard dick started grinding over his own. “I missed you so fucking much.”

The couple were going at it as if they were in the privacy of their own homes, neither giving a damn as to time and place. While most of the males girlfriend’s tried to protect the two from getting into trouble, it didn’t stop a few students from shouting out and revealing their lewd public displays of affection.

“I missed you more.” Ciel purred as his hair was pulled, and he lifted Alois up from the wall and breathed around his ear. His tongue slipped right inside and when he felt that hot body tremble he couldn’t help but drag his dick between the blond’s spread thighs nice and slow how he liked it.

“Mm, Ciel! Augh, god.” The blond removed a hand from his man’s hair and grabbed Ciel’s chin instead, forcing their lips to meet again. As soon as they did their mouths opened wide, jaws rolling as they got rough with it.

Pants were strained and bodies hot, Ciel’s hands sliding down from thighs to ass. He grabbed the flesh and Alois’ feet quickly dropped to the floor, the blond shifting their positions to push Ciel into the wall as hard as he could.

Their lips never left one another, tongues pushing in and out as Alois frantically let his suspenders slip from each shoulder to flutter onto his thighs. He wanted his hands all over Ciel but the way he was being kissed made his knees so weak that he dropped right down onto the floor instead.

The second their lips separated had Ciel in a daze, his eyes rolling down to see Alois opening his hot mouth over the bulge of his dick. The male was in heaven, his back leaning against the wall as his front was being softly bitten.

Alois couldn’t help himself and he pushed his tongue over the mouthful, feeling the shape underneath the cloth and only wishing it was out and up and down his hot throat. He licked the fabric and had his warm breath all over it, dying for the real thing and whining into the strained mound.

The blond looked up once Ciel ran his fingers through his long hair, and the couple stared at one another like they were about to mate right in front of the entire school.

“I need your dick.” Alois’ hands glided up his man’s thighs and pushed underneath his shirt to feel the skin of Ciel’s abdomen. It was hotter than he could imagine and he almost moaned like he was in pain before he was given permission to do as he pleased.

“I need your mouth.” Ciel bit his bottom lip and forced both hands hard over Alois’ head, shoving his face over his heavy cock and practically ordering the other to whip it out.

Orders were not needed, as Alois’ fingers shot down to the button of the male’s pants and ripped it clear off. The zipper came next, jerking those hips, and he parted the cloth like a wild son of a bitch, excited and horny and dying to suck some good dick.

Everyone around them started gasping and yelling and some were even whistling, and right when Ciel’s dick was exposed for all to see they went absolutely insane.

“SOMEONE GET THE DEANS.” “They’re fucking animals!” “Oh my GOD why…AGAIN?!”

Alois smirked at the sounds as his tongue slipped over the sweet tip of Ciel’s wet slit, and he engulfed the thing whole and closed his eyes because it was just that good. The hands on the back of his head were forceful enough to make him swallow it right to the base, his nose pressing right into the heat of Ciel’s skin.

“TRANCY! PHANTOMHIVE! YOU TWO STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY!” A booming voice shouted from far away, and Ciel let his head slump to the side so he could see who was interrupting. It was no one of importance.

The curve of Ciel’s lips pushed into his cheek and he let out a soft huff, motivating him to slam the back of his boyfriend’s head even harder onto the full length of his dick. Blond hair was pulled and then pushed, and Alois was giving head like his life depended on it.


“Come on, shoot it into my throat.” The blond slurped his way up the stiff cock and begged his man, smiling as he left sloppy kisses all over the fat tip.

Ciel sucked in a breath and stared into Alois’ sultry eyes, and the way he looked up at him made him just about ready to burst.

“Do that thing I love and I’ll feed you your lunch.” Ciel grunted out and started breathing hard when the male took to his dick again and roughly licked the underside of the mass. The motions were frantic at best, which made it even hotter, and when Ciel fucked his way through the tightest pair of lips he ever felt he let out a deep breath and came in an instant.


Two staff members were quickly approaching just as Alois was lapping up the rest of the come he had milked out of a now satisfied Ciel. The couple weren’t even fazed, but Ciel did pull on his lover’s arm just because he wanted to taste himself in that sweet mouth.

Alois got to his feet, his face flushed as he tucked Ciel back inside his pants. He smiled and released a quick laugh, just before forceful hands yanked at his hips of course.

“They’re going to take you away from me again.” Ciel smiled, his eyes all over Alois’ fine body as their legs laced together. “Don’t they know they can’t do that?”

“Not for long at least.” Alois smiled just as wide and their mouths attached once again.

The couple made out fast and hard like it would be their last kiss, hands pulling and groping and frantic. Tongues circled and shoved over and under, their heads tilting to the left and then the right, jaws snapping up nice and tight.


In the next second the two men had finally arrived, and they each violently pulled at the males arms until the couple forcefully detached.

Lips smacked off of one another, a heavy arm clawing at Ciel’s chest as he was driven back. The male was still locked onto Alois, and when he saw him being manhandled as well he struggled into the hold and slipped right out of it.

The blond laughed and strained to hold out his hand, and when Ciel entwined their fingers he pulled at the attachment. Alois’ lips were kissed again, and again and again, up until Ciel was snatched up by the same man with even more force this time.

“Don’t you try anything this time or I’ll hurt you, Phantomhive!”

“Fuck off, let me go!” Ciel’s long boots kicked into the air and he struggled as he was forcibly shoved backwards.

Alois did the same, but he stomped on his guy’s shoe instead, and the man quickly released him out of shock. The blond went zooming towards Ciel the second he was free and he tackled him so hard that he rescued the male from the arms of the other.

Ciel’s back slammed onto the concrete, Alois on top of him, and before it was too late they went at it again and started making out rough and loud and passionate.

“Ah, I love you. I love you.” The blond gasped and breathed out the confessions between sultry suckling, his tiny waist rocking into his man without even thinking.

“Sh-it, Alois-”

“Will you fuck me tonight?” Alois’ wet mouth was left open over Ciel’s lips, and he whispered the question while staring right at him, both of them out of breath and dying to connect.

“I’ll fuck you every night for the rest of my life.”

The blond swayed his hips sensually as they kissed once again, and Ciel’s hands shoved up under the male’s shirt and groped those smooth ribs. The pair were inseparable, attached, completely obsessed with one another and they weren’t ashamed to let everyone know it either.

The crowd of spectating students cheered when the couple became one again, but it was short lived as they were soon forced apart when two more staff members came jogging on up.

It took two men each to rip the lovers apart, one at each arm, holding the out of control teens as tight as possible.

They were being yelled at as they were escorted but none of the words were ever processed, because the two were too busy staring at one another and smiling, their lips red and fresh from being so ravishly kissed.

“Oh my god…” One of Ciel’s girls covered her mouth and let out a gasp of a laugh. “They really went crazy this time, how long has it been since they saw one another, an entire weekend or something?”

“Pft, no.” Another chimed in, smiling when she watched Ciel lewdly lick his lips, directed at a laughing Alois of course. “They saw each other this morning - it’s only been two hours.”