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Chicken Soup

‘what happened after the three days in the infirmary’ shit I suddenly want to write.

also, ignore the title.

“Well, this is a surprise. Who would have thought that of all people to catch the flu, it’s you”

Will Solace sneezed and blew his nose before dropping the tissue on the trash can near his bed. Because of course, being sick doesn’t excuse him being unsanitary and messy with his surroundings. 

Another sneeze.

A sly smile curved up at the edge of Nico’s lips. “What a sight”

“Shut up, di Angelo. Go ahead, laugh at me why don’t you” The son of Apollo’s voice sounded groggy and tired.

“What do you really want me to do? Shut up or laugh?” The son of Hades spoke with sarcasm and stepped closer earning him a glare from the son of Apollo.

“Stay right there, di Angelo! Don’t you dare get any closer” Okay, that sounded a bit louder considering the fact that he was sick.

“Okay wow, never would have thought that you mind personal space that much” Nico stopped and lowered his face down a little, staring at the infirmary’s floor. Will looked at the demigod and maybe, it was the effect of him being sick and on medication that had him feeling the sadness and rejection from Nico more than he might have on a normal basis but nevertheless, it made him feel rather guilty. 

“Sorry, that sounded a bit harsh” Will spoke, his voice considerably lower “I just don’t want you to get sick, Nico”

“A little flu won’t hurt me, Solace”

“It would. I’m your doctor, di Angelo. Listen to me, I would know what’s best or you” Nico rolled his eyes at those words but didn’t say anything  to contradict “You’re whole body, including your immune system is still at risk. Just because you’re out of the infirmary, doesn’t mean you’re fully recovered. Please don’t act all stupid and irrational” 

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Accidentally Married -  Jim Kirk x Reader


Pairing: Jim Kirk (AOS) x Reader 
Words: 1861
Warnings: None.

Summary: Getting married when you’re drunk is a terrible and stupid decision and something you would never ever do. You have self-control after all, right? Especially when it comes to your Superior Officers. Especially when it comes to your Captain. 

A/N: I love this trope so much, so don’t judge me. Also, I know the name of the story is very creative. It’s a rather slow burn as well. I tagged a few people who are not usually on my tag list so if you don’t want me to include you, please tell me! 

Chapter 1

“I swear to every deity known in this universe, if you follow me again, I am going to ask the Captain to let me transfer to the Farragut,” you announced without looking up from your PADD when you heard the door slide open, voice thick with anger and annoyment. “I seriously can’t believe you’re upset with me! Breaking up was - oh.” 

When you finally did bother to see who had come in - it wasn’t your now ex-boyfriend standing in the room, but instead a very confused and at the same time amused looking captain. Your eyes widened, shocked that you had been caught in this room.

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The Kind of Date a Girl Would Enjoy by Hideyoshi Nagachika feat. Ken Kaneki

Hello everyone! This is my first fic for Hide Week 2017! (Yay! I’m not late! You’re just… early.) Without further ado, I present to you a summary and some excerpts!

Day one – 永 eternity / forever

Summary: Following their conversation about what kind of date a girl would enjoy, Hide decides to take Kaneki on one, because no one should allow their best friend to take the girl of their dreams on a boring bookstore date.

Excerpt 1

Seeing Kaneki dressed in a white button-up and pressed black trousers did alleviate his worries some, and he snickered out, “You should get something cooler to wear, or at least something to change into,” Hide instructed. “I’m not taking you to church.” It was flattering though, that Kaneki took him seriously enough to get dressed up. “I know! Dive in some trunks!”

“Hide, seriously?” Kaneki looked about ready to slam the door on him.

“Nah! Just slapping your ass!”

Kaneki blushed and gave him a look that begged, “Why would you say that?”

“Go grab something to change into!” Hide repeated. “I’ll wait right here.”

“What about you?”

“Don’t worry about me. I just gotta take what I’m wearing off.”

Excerpt 2

“Would you know if a girl wanted to kiss you?”

The question caught him off-guard, but Hide managed to answer as nonchalantly as he could. “Sure I would.” 

“How would you know?”

For the second time without thinking, Hide offered, “Let me show you how.” Hide dropped his bag on the ground, and took the novel from Kaneki and rested it on his bag. 

“First, I’d tell her ‘goodnight’, or ‘good afternoon’ in our case. Then, I’d go to leave. If she stops me, I’ll wait. If not, I’ll go.” Hide made to turn away, but the sudden pressure of Kaneki’s hand gripping his shoulder stopped him, not because of its strength (which severely lacked, of course), but by its surety alone. “Y-Yeah. Something like this.” He paused. “Then I’d have to decide based on what she does next.”

“What should she do next?” 

“You’re not in a library, you don’t have to whisper.” He didn’t take the bait, so Hide continued, “Usually, a girl would wrap her arms around a guy’s neck. Like in one of those TV dramas.” And Kaneki performed a variation thereof, keeping the hand anchored to Hide’s shoulder in place while caressing his nape with the other.

“Like this?”

“Yeah. Just like this.” Hide wanted to lean forward, close the space between them, and press his lips against Kaneki’s.

Ao3 Mirror

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Under the Stars - Chapter 1

Ash’s 2k Writing Challenge - Prompt: Stargazing

A/N: This is the first fanfiction I’ve ever completed and published. I’ve started so many, but either quit halfway through, lose the file, or just never post them. Major shout out to @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash for inspiring me to write and publish this. I’m obsessed with Negan so I finally felt like it was time to get my work out there and this challenge gave me an opportunity to do so. This also gave me the push to work on other projects so I’ve decided to participate in Negan’s Smut Week, so I’ll work on Chapter 2 for this as soon as I’m done with my submission for that, which is already half way done. Also, I got the prompts on my other blog, @itoldmyselfiwouldnotdothis , but I’ll be posting all my own fanfics on this blog. Now, enough rambling. Enjoy!!!!

Summary: You snuck out of the Sanctuary in the middle of the night to go look at the stars and Negan, of all people, finds you.

Word count: 2,727 words

Pairing: Negan/ Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Sexual Tension

Chapters: ½

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With sigh and a brief smile that was anything but sunny, Barry pulled back his cowl and replied. “I’m not just from the future, Y/N… I’m from a different Earth.”

You blinked and cocked your head to the side, your mind racing to catch up with him before drawing in a breath and trying in vain to actually formulate a response…

“That’s how I knew where to find you, thats how I knew about your powers - knew you had everything it took to take down Zoom… In the future - on this earth - that fight was legendary… They replayed it over and over on the news, it was in the papers, online podcasts, radio stations…” He continued, still fixing you with an ardent gaze. “I watched you pour everything you had into that fight… Right up until Zoom double teamed you with a time remnant at the last second - right up until you died.”

“What?” You asked quickly with widening eyes landing on him.

“That’s why I’m here…” Barry said with a resolution you’d never seen on another human being. “I traveled through the multiverse and ran through time to stop it. I’m here to save you.”

Even though you were still wrapping your mind around the idea of another meta-human with super-speed running through time and space to save your life, you shook your head and forced out, “Why would you do that?”

“You have everything it takes to beat Zoom and in my time, he’s trying to conquer my earth.” Barry answered honestly, still relaying his seriousness through his stern expression. “I need your help.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

Request: Can you do an imagines (when available!) where the reader is the only meta in the multiverse to ever defeat zoom ( reader is from earth two) and the fight was a televised event and like one of his friends or something kill her and Barry travels to earth two to get her before it happens and helps??

Request: Could you please do a current Barry Allen x reader fic, just something from Season 2? Thanks!

Amber Love *Liam Dunbar Imagine*

So my messages have been filled with requests for a part 6 for a while now so I thought I’d get this out of the way. This has part has a Brett focus to it a bit.

Part Six

“Are you going to the Bonfire tonight?”

“Actually think I’m going to skip it.” Y/N walked down the hall, hands clenched at her sides.

“Come on, you have to go. Your boyfriend is on the team its kind of mandatory.”

“Ex-boyfriend” Y/N corrected not even realizing the words had slipped out.

“Wait, you and Liam are broken up?” Her friend grasped her upper arm stopping to question her further. “When, why?”

“Last night, or this morning. I’m not really sure.” Y/n feet continued to carry her to her next class. “I mean he has a lot going on, and things are complicated right now so until we actually have a conversation to figure out what the hell is going on, we’re both single.”


“Just let it go. Weren’t you the one giving me an attitude for going back to him after I temporarily lost my memory.” Y/n snapped.


“Well look what we have here.” A voice rang through the air. A chill running up her spin and Y/n could guarantee it wasn’t from the wind. “You really think its safe for you out here, sitting on a cliff.”

“Well now it is, now that you’re here to protect me.” She sassed back.

“And why would I do that?” the voice teased. His tongue running over his lips.

“Because you owe us, we did save your life after all.” She looked out at the town below them. “What are you doing out here anyway?”

“I think that you should be the one to answer that. Think of it as payment for my protection.”

“I thought that you were repaying me.” Y/n finally looked at Brett “Seriously though, why are you here.”

“Don’t know, just needed to get away for a while.”

Nodding Y/n looked back out at the town below her “Well are you going to stand there all day or are you going to join me?”

They both sat there in silence, both glancing at the other. Sutterly leaning into the other.   

“It’s late.” Brett stood dusting himself off “Let’s go.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I’m carrying you home.” Brett held his hand out “Can’t just leave you out here. I mean I half think you’re waiting for me to leave so you can jump off the cliff.” Shaking her head Y/n glanced at Brett’s hand, gnawing on her lips slightly in thought. Grasping onto it he raised her up effortlessly never really letting go of her. Pulling her close to himself Brett glanced down at her lips “You ready?”

Looking at his face Y/n couldn’t help the slight raise in her pulse. “Yeah.” She whispered. Brett’s free hand gripped Y/n’s lower back, his lips meeting hers in a heated kiss.

“This alright?” He questioned pulling away from her slightly. Nodding Y/n’s hand went to the back of his neck, her fingers lacing through his short hair, she found herself comparing it to Liam’s. Even with Brett’s lips cruising against hers perfectly, she couldn’t help but compare it to Liam’s. Bretts movement were harder, more controlling almost dominant in a sense, while Liam’s were slow ,caring, and teasing. There was a seriousness in Brett’s lips, he kissed her in a way that made her legs weak and her stomach tingled uncomfortably.

His hands squeezed her butt, his lips traveling ot her neck. “Tell me when to stop.” Y/n heard him say almost as if he were far away. Backing her up slightly, Brett lowered Y/n back to the ground his body following her’s. Flipping them over Y/n straddled him her lips returning to his her hand traveling down his torso resting on his lap, slowly palming him through his jeans. Groaning lowly, Brett allowed himself to enjoy the feel of Y/n. His lips traveled to her jaw, kissing down to her neck biting down to quiet himself. He found himself wanting to hear her instead. With a swift motion, Y/n found herself on her back Brett hovering above her. She’d be more surprised if she hadn’t gone through that with Liam many times before. There she went again, laying under another guy and she was still thinking of her ex-boyfriend.

Brett’s mouth moved against hers, his hands dragging slowly to down her body. His hands moving to unbutton Y/n’s jeans. Brett down at her before carrying on, upon noticing the nervous glances she sent everywhere but him, Brett moved to rebutton her with a slight smirk.

“Huh,” She mumbled “What are you doing?”

“Your mind’s somewhere else. And as much as I want to, I can’t do this while you’re thinking of another guy.” Brett offered her a small smile. Lifting her up and dusting her off.

“Why would you?’ Y/n’s question died off.

“Because I’m a decent human being.” He teased. “Now, let’s go you home. Don’t need another reason for Liam to kill me.”

“Very funny, I don’t think he’d care actually.”

“What do you mean?”

“We kind of broke up I guess you could say.” Her voice coated in uncertainty. Seeing the shook in his face Y/n added “You didn’t actually think I’d cheat did you?”

“Actually, it didn’t even cross my mind until now. Kind of forgot you two were together.”

“How do you forget someone is in a relationship?”


“So this is me.” Brett and Y/n slowly approached her home. “If you wait a few, I’m sure someone can drive you back to school.”

“It’s okay.”

“No seriously, think of it as a thank you.”

“I thought earlier was a thank you in advance.” Brett teased.

“God.” Y/n laughed pushing him away playfully. “You really are something else you know.” She unlocked her front door. “So, are you coming in or what?”


“Don’t forget about the game tomorrow.” Brett had exited the car, awarding Y/n’s mother with a polite fairwell.

“Well he’s a sweetie.” Her mother began to drive. “Is he-”

“Don’t get any ideas mother.”

anonymous asked:

If you had to pair up the captains and lieutenants of the Gotei 13, in a romantic way, who would you pair with who?



I admit, this… isn’t something I’ve ever seriously considered, Anon-san! But… well, you asked, so… ah… I’ve done my very best to answer! Though… why you asked me does remain something of a mystery, really… b-but – ah – a-anyway! Let’s move on, sh-shall we?

(Oh – I should say! I thought it would be best to work with all the… ah… s-still-living Captains and Lieutenants in the Gotei. And as it turns out, that left me with an even number! Ah - p-perfect!)

So! Um… right! O-okay… h-here we go, then…

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Conversion Stories – or: TJLC and the Sherlock Fandom

(Part 6 of my Sherlock Fandom Survey Results. Visit my tag for parts 1-5.) 

TJLC is a complex issue and every TJLCer has their own unique stories as to why they believe in the conspiracy, why they are undecided or why they refrain from taking a stand. It didn’t surprise me, therefore, how many varied responses I received to my question “What made you convert to TJLC?” 

This present post is an attempt to do the complexity of the topic justice, including those fans who may have started as TJLCers, but have since turned their back on it. Seeing as there will be a lot of negativity in that part and many fans don’t want to see that on their dash, those paragraphs will be marked with appropriate warnings.

Here a brief outline – you can find the rest under the cut:

  1. Epically long disclaimer
  2. The “typical” conversion story
  3. Mighty Meta
  4. Other aspects that furthered conversion
  5. Reasonable doubt
  6. Caring is not an advantage – Non-TJLCers
  7. Why I stopped believing – Opponents and former TJLCers
  8. Furthermore

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Thinking Out Loud - Ashton Irwin [fluff]

Requested - yes

Anonymous - “One for Ash based on Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran?”

A/N: I always have problems with finding the actual plotline within a song so I normally just use it as a basis usually idk. This is like looking back and then thinking about the future

Word Count - 879

Ashton’s fingers fiddle with yours as the two of you lie on a hammock. You’ve decided to rent a beach house for a holiday for your one year anniversary. The two of you are currently on the back porch of the house rocking slowly side to side in the hammock enjoying the quiet and the sea.

“Remember the first time we met?” he asks all of a sudden.

“That was out of the blue,” you giggle lightly.

“I’m just thinking out loud,” he mumbles.

“Yeah I remember, I met you I hated you and then I loved you like someone flicked a switch,” you nuzzle into his neck and he nods.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Flashback to a year and a half ago and you hadn’t yet met Ashton, you were in school and were just hearing word of this new kid starting today, little did you know he’d end up sitting right next to you at the back of your English class. Ashton had become the most liked student in the class within seconds of stepping inside, he’d made jokes that weren’t at anyone’s expense and made the teacher and most of the class laugh, he’d practically lit up the room with his smile and he’d gotten pretty much everyone interested in him, everyone except you. There was something about him that gave you an odd feeling that you could neither pinpoint as good or bad yet, meaning you just weren’t certain about him.

Over the course of half a year the two of you became practically mortal enemies, not in a way that meant you couldn’t be in the same room as each other, more so that you couldn’t be in the same room without making fun of each other.

One afternoon in English you arrived late after failing a maths test and being yelled at by your maths teacher.

“Take your seat [Y/N],” your English teacher said.

“What a badass,” Ashton commented as you took your seat.

“Don’t Ashton, I’m not in the mood,” you hissed.

“Someone’s got their panties in a twist,” he mumbled with a soft chuckle.

“Seriously don’t!” you practically exclaimed.

“What’s wrong with you?” he laughed.

“Irwin. [Y/L/N]. What’s going on back there?” the teacher questioned turning all attention to you.

“Nothing,” Ashton replied.

“He won’t keep his mouth shut,” you mumbled.

“Okay then, both of you, detention, after school, today, no excuses”

That day after school the two of you showed up at detention, and took your seats. The two of you were left alone in detention since the teacher assumed you didn’t like each other enough to talk, but he underestimated Ashton.

“What’s your problem with me?” he asked.

You shrugged.

“Why don’t you like me?” he proceeded.

“You didn’t give me a reason to,” you replied.

“Well you didn’t give me a reason to like you but I’m going to tell you a secret, I don’t actually hate you,” he admitted.

“You’re pretty good at pretending then”

He wiggled his eyebrows, “I figured I’d go along with you, I didn’t know you and you seemed interesting”

Over the hour of detention you actually got to know each other, and something changed in your mind, there may have actually been a chance that you liked him, like really liked him.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“You know we’re young right?” he says.

You nod, “Twenty-three is more like quarter aged than middle aged”

“So we have a long time to be together,” he adds.

“The way this is going makes it sound like you’re about to break up with me”

“No don’t worry,” Ashton smiles. “I just want to be certain that we’ll be in love for good, like we’re not going to fall out of love”

“Don’t worry you’ll always be perfectly able to sweep me off of my feet even if my legs stop working or it means that you break your back while doing it,” you laugh.

“Good,” he smiles, “‘cause I’m sure that I’ll love you 'til I’m 70”

“But what if we both live to 100 that’s 30 years of nothing,” you joke.

“You see, I think that we’re like soulmates, joint at the soul, and souls… they live forever,” Ashton mumbles.

“Are you trying to write a song here?” you laugh.

There’s a small silence where he pecks your lips.

Suddenly you get a fairly morbid thought, “What would you did if I died, Ash?”

“I’d cry,” he answers honestly.

“No seriously?” you playfully hit his chest.

“Well it depends what we’re talking about here,” he says. “And what you’d want me to do”

“Okay, we’re 50, getting a little gray and frayed around the edges,” you explain. “And then I die, not sure why, I just die. I’d want you to move on”

“I don’t know if I could though. I’d never get over you, when I’m on tour without you for, I don’t know, 3 days I start seeing your face everywhere I look, I don’t know how even a few years without you would last, it’d feel like a lifetime”

“It’s a good thing we’re not dying then,” you smile.

He nods and turns onto his side, as do you, and you press your forehead to his, still rocking from side to side, until you fall asleep.


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prompt: Clarke's gotta teach Bellamy how to take care of sick people and they use sick Jasper as their practice doll. And he strongly suspect that they're hooking up.

“No you’re doing it wrong,” Clarke says, her voice gentle as she pushes Bellamy’s hands aside and her own takes their place. “See? When stitching you have to go at this angle, because it makes for a quicker heal." 

Jasper shifts in his seat, trying not to look at the blood on his arm as Clarke stitches it. He’d fallen down a hill when going to get more water for the camp, and thanks to all the rocks and twigs that Earth so graciously put in his path, he was cut up pretty bad when he’d returned to camp. 

He was shocked to find when he limped into the Dropship that Clarke wasn’t alone, and Bellamy was with her, standing closely behind her as she showed him how to clean a wound on his own arm. Jasper had cleared his throat, and Clarke’s eyes had lit up in excitement at the prospect of teaching Bellamy some real medical work, although Jasper wasn’t entirely sure that he shared her enthusiasm.

"Sorry,” Bellamy says, his eyes on Clarke’s face as she concentrates. A hand moves up to push a stray curl behind her ear as she works, and Jasper feels the hand holding his arm shake. “I must have been distracted.” Jasper senses something pass between them, but he’s not entirely sure what it is, but Clarke quickly finishes stitching him up and the moment is gone before he has a chance to figure out what it means.

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Pairing: Chuuya/Dazai
Prompt: “We could make it reality”
“It is insane,” he agreed. “But tell me, Chuuya, what have we ever done that was sane?”

“I hate you.”

“I don’t think that is true.” Dazai mocked, playing with the wine glass in his hand.

He wasn’t entirely wrong, but Chuuya won’t admit that; not even on his dead body.

It was a windy autumn night; and Chuuya went to a bar after a long, tiring mission. Usually, after such missions, he just goes back to his apartment and drink there, but today he yearned for company after his mission. Akutagawa said he was busy; so his only choice was a bar.

He didn’t plan on meeting anyone here; but just the feeling of people all around him is enough, except that it turns out he meets someone here anyway. And it’s the worst person he could meet that night.

Today wasn’t his lucky day, and he didn’t think it would be worse.

But it did. Because here he is with Dazai Osamu; on the same bar table, drinking side-by-side.

(He is sure his luck is the worst.)

“How is it going in the mafia? Pretty lonely without me, right?”

“Like heck, nobody misses you the bit.”

Dazai snickered, shifting his gaze to Chuuya; “Well, on my side, I did miss you.”

“Very funny of you.” He says it even though he knows there was no sarcasm in Dazai’s voice.

“But I really do, and I think you do too. Or else why would fate bring us together?”

Because fate is cruel.

“Stop with the dumb chit-chat, Dazai.”

“This isn’t dumb, Chuuya. You seriously think it’s just coincidence we met here?”

“What do you mean? You planned this?”

Dazai doesn’t answer,  just smirks, and that’s enough for Chuuya to realize he got him. He doesn’t even need to ask what Dazai wants; because, Dazai goes ahead and explains.

“First, I want to apologize. For, you know, leaving you. It was because I was not thinking it right.”

There was a lie in there, because Dazai wouldn’t abandon his partner for such a reason; and Chuuya knows that but he lets it pass. Because this is a first, which mean he still has a second to get mad on.

“Second, I want us to change our lives.”

“Change it? Haven’t it been changed enough?” Chuuya scoffed, tiredly.

“Remember the house we dreamed of? The cats we decided to have and named them before-hand? The amount of hats and bandages we said we would have?”

“Dazai, seriously..” Someone can never predict what Dazai has up his mid, but Chuuya have probably caught a glimpse with this.

“Let’s have them. We could make it reality. We could have our own house of memories.”

Chuuya stared at him, thinking carefully of what Dazai is saying. House of memories sounds ridiculous to Chuuya, like a name a kid would create. It hits him that they did create this name for their house.

“The mafia? What about them?”

“We won’t have our house here.”


“England. We have stepped almost every country in this world, but not England.”

Chuuya has nothing to say, processing all the talk. He tries to speak but is stopped by Dazai intersecting their fingers together; moving his free hand to tilt Chuuya’s chin, and press their lips together. Bitter, dry lips brush against each other, with the alcoholic flavor between them. It lasts long, before they pull back to take in oxygen. If they weren’t on the edge of suffocating, they would have pushed it a bit longer.

Chuuya tightens his hold on Dazai’s hand, feeling the frame of his palm; while Dazai caresses his jaw line, thumb brushing on his lips. “I want to make you happy.” He whispers, breathe hot against Chuuya’s lips.

“This is insane.” Chuuya chuckles, and Dazai knew there was an angel right in front of him.

“It is insane,” he agreed. “But tell me, Chuuya, what have we ever done that was sane?” He smirked, before stealing another kiss.