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Olicity: When We’re Thirty

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Olicity prompt; olicity is in high school

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Felicity’s favourite time of day was the walk home from school, especially on days like today when the rain had dissipated into a far brighter afternoon. Her mom wouldn’t be home from work for a few hours, so she wasn’t planning on going home any time soon. As soon as they left the school gates, she felt a shoulder knock into hers and an enquiring grin appear at her side. “So? Was that as bad as you thought it’d be?”

Oliver Queen was her high school surprise. When she looked back on her school days, he would be the part she’d never seen coming. He was a senior, like her, but he was from an entirely different crowd. He was popular, she wasn’t. He liked sports, she didn’t. He was terrible in most subjects, she wasn’t. They were complete polar opposites in every academic way, but somehow, as friends, they worked. It had started as sophomore year study partners, and ended with most of their free time spent together.

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