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Wasn’t expecting that ( Stiles Stilinski)

Stiles x Reader

Y/N - Your name ; Y/L/N - Your last name

Summary( Requested): bangerliz : hi can you do a stiles imagine where you are his best friend and you know each other since season 3 and you live in his neighbourhood and you both discover that next year you will go to the same college and so you rent a flat together? thankssss

Warning: fluff

A/N: Hope you like it !  It’s not edited, I’ll do that tomorrow because it is already late but I wanted to update. So have fun xx Mira GIF is NOT mine!

Y/N’s P.o.v.

It’s a sunny day so the Pack and I are sitting outside to eat our lunch.

“God, I’m so nervous about College.”, I say.

“The biggest nerd of all has spoken.”, Liam yells and everyone agrees by clapping

“ Oh shut up Liam.”, I say in an annoyed voice.

“Come on Y/N everybody knows that you and Lydia are the best seniors this year.”, Stiles patts me on the shoulders. I instantly try to hide my blushing cheeks by resting my head on my palms like I would be bored. I guess he never noticed my feelings towards him, because he was busy being drawn to Lydia.

“Whatever.”, I answer

“What College did you aply for though?”, Kira asks.

“UCI and UCLA.”

“For real?”, a surprised Stiles laughs.


“Do you stalk me or something?”

“No, why should I stalk you Stilinski?“

“I aplied for UCLA too!”, he replies

Lydia rolls her eyes dramatically.

“Oh hell nah! Stilinski and Y/L/N alone at one college.”, Lydia says

“This can’t go well.”, Malia finishes the sentence, but I just act like I do not pay attention and focus on my turkey sandwich until Stiles whispers into my ear and I can clearly hear amusement in his voice.

“May the better one get in.”, with that he leaves the table, leaving me completly speechless and as red as a tomato.

four weeks later

Text Message from: Y/N

To: Stilinski

Guess what Stilinski, I got into UCLA (; !!!

I try not to sound too mischievous. No five minutes later he texts back.

Text Message from: Stilinski

To: Y/N

Guess what, me too ;). Wait… does that mean I have to endure you for 4 more years? :))

He’s so cute when he replys with sarcasm. Also what is that with the smileys? Four more years with Stiles? Is this heaven? Yes, I think so.

Text Message from: Y/N

To: Stilinski

Poor you, boo hoo. Haha. See you tomorrow loser. (:

Text Message from: Stilinski

To: Y/N

Who are you calling a loser, Y/L/N? Do you want to come over to celebrate instead of sitting at home alone?

Is he really asking me to come to his house? I mean it’s not like that I haven’t been to his house since kindergarten, but I guess visiting him is just so much diffrent since I have a crush on him.

Text Message from: Y/N

To: Stilinski

Sure, I’ll be there in ten (:

“Are you kidding me? That’s why you’re best friend, honestly! Only you would surprise me with Pizza.”, Stiles greets me.

“I know I’m the best, duh.”, I say while meming Karen from ‘Mean girls’.

“Did you think about living in a dorm during those four years?”, Stiles asks as we sit on the couch.

“I-I mean yeah, I did but… I don’t quite know if it’s the best for me. Sometimes I need some time for myself, but that’s not easy while living on campus.”

“I know, right!?”, then there is a moment of silence between uns and I have the urge to say something to avoid that kind of silence, but I don’t know what to say.

“How- how about we move in together. We could split the rent and… I mean it would be fun. We could study together and hang out and-”, Stiles starts to blabber.

“Are you for real Stilinski?”, I don’t take him seriously because he is obviously joking.

“I’m completly serious. I swear. We could make it work. What do you think?”

“Hmm. Sure. Why not.”, I answer trying to hide the blushing, but I fail big time.



“You’re blushing.”

Fuck. Oh god why?

“No I’m not!”

“You do. It looks kinda cute though.”, he adds and I smile but hide my face in my palms.

“Come on Y/N let me see your face.”, Stiles takes my hands.

“You’re smile is beautiful don’t hide it.” his brown eyes stare directly in mine and I melt away.

“You are beautiful.” ,I  whisper way too loud.

“Oh, I know.”, he laughs, still his hands holding on to mine.

“Y/N , I know that you think you know that I would-”, I interrupt him by placing a kiss on his lips. But after pulling away I feel quite embarrassed.

Why? Are you fucking insane Y/N? I ask myself.

“Fuck. I  am sorry Stiles. I know you like Lydia. I- I am very sorry.”, I apologize and get off of the couch to get out of the house.

“Wait Y/N. That’s what I wanted to tell you. I am over Lydia for a long time. To be honest, I am so glad that I have to spend four more years in an apartment with you. I guess I liked you for a while now, but was not quite certain about your feelings concerning me. Y/N, I- I guess I love you.”

And with that said he leans towards me and presses his lips on mine again. It feels like all of the butterflies in my stomach are about to burst out of it.

After some moments he pulls back to get some air.

Wow I wasn’t expecting that. What a day to believe.