seriously though what is even happening there

A story from the line at McDonald's
  • Me: okay so my sexuality's a complicated deal so let's just call me queer as hell
  • Friend: nono I wanna know can't you explain it
  • Me: well ok mainly I am asexual which means I don't want to do the do nor do I long for it, so it has nothing to do with lack of confidence or anything like that, I simply don't find anyone sexually attractive
  • Friend: right right
  • Me: but I'm also bi romantic. The sexual and romantic attraction are different, and I still fall in love and want to have physical contact with my partner, I just don't need the hanky panky
  • Friend: right cause you have a girlfriend that's pansexual right
  • Me: exactly and as long as we're both happy with not doing the rumba naked, that's a valid relationship
  • Friend: I get it, I get it... I didn't know the entire sexual and romantic orientations were different
  • Me: yeah I know it was an eyeopener for me when I found ou-
  • Lady behind us in line: excuse me so sorry but I couldn't help but overhear but I didn't know half of what you just said and I was just wondering what that thing your girlfriend was is, pansexual?
  • Me: *awkward glance at friend* oh uh I'm not an expert or anything and uh ok so basically it's similar to being bisexual, but there's less value in what gender the one you're attracted to is, at least as I understood it. So a bisexual would be attracted to a person despite their gender, a pansexual wouldn't really care at all in a way uh I'm sorry I'm bad at explaining
  • Lady behind us in line: that's alright I can look it up myself later you gave me a general idea! So where did you find out these things, you're pretty young?
  • Me: well, Internet. Once you're a bit confused about what you might be you usually go looking for explanations...
  • Lady behind us in line: so uh in theory... It's fine if you don't know, I just want to check with you... Is there a thing called aROMANTIC? like you're asexual, is there a equivalent to the romantic orientation you mentioned?
  • Me: oh yeah, absolutely! You can be both asexual and aromantic, or aromantic and heterosexual, literally all combinations are possible!
  • Lady behind us in line: *smiles LIKE REALLY GODDAMNED GENUINELY* thank you so much, I did not know that. *fishes up phone from pocket* now if you excuse me, I'm going to call my mother and tell her I'm not crazy for never having been married or stayed with one guy for long despite being 50+ but still has three children! *steps out of line and walks off while dialing*
  • Friend: wow that was... Amazing
  • Me: see how happy she got? That's the power of right information.
  • And that's why I've been smiling since this happened.

I just find it so funny that Keith has bonded with so many people a long the way

Like here with Pidge when they made up after their argument, which made them better friends

And in season two when he and Hunk grew closer after going on that mission together

And even with Allura after she accepted him for being Galra

He’s had all of these “bonding moments” with everyone in some way or another, but if you think about it the one that seemed to affect him the most was with Lance

Like, he really, really cared about his bonding moment with Lance

Enough to actually legitimately call it a “bonding moment”

(He seriously looked like he got no sleep waiting for him to come out of the pod LOL)

Lance may have forgot what happened between them (even though I’m 100% he didn’t) but this is clearly telling us something…

*cough* He likes Lance *cough*


Like the way Bakugou turns around and is ready to beat the shit out of whoever is behind him

And is shook when he sees it’s Uraraka (he still swears at her cuz that’s just who he is, but still)

^^ Also the fact that Uraraka knows Bakugou’s looking for Midoriya without him having to say so


(I guess it’s pretty hard to miss but SHHHH LET ME HAVE MY MOMENT)

Bakugou can’t hurt her with his stank attitude:




(Note that the speech bubbles have a black background, which usually happens in manga when those words are important to someone.)

AND I CAN’T REMEMBER ANYONE ELSE STRAIGHT UP TELLING BAKUGOU TO HIS FACE THAT THEY THINK HE’S COOL (It’s probably happened before like with Kirishima or somebody but I seriously can’t remember it happening).






And after the whole thing’s over, she’s all like,

And even though he’s perpetually an angry shit, her words still made Bakugou calm down:

These two are just -


Purchasing Life is Strange: Before the Storm DLC right after finishing Life is Strange even though you know exactly what’s gonna happen and how empty you’re gonna feel

Dear Evan Hansen,

Today is going to be an amazing day and here’s why because today all you have to do is just be yourself but also confident, that’s important, like easy to talk to, approachable, but mostly be yourself, like that’s #1, be yourself. Just be true to yourself. 
Also though don’t worry about wether your hands are going to get sweaty for no reason. You can’t make it stop no matter what you do because there not gonna get sweaty. So I don’t even know why your bringing it up because it’s not going to happen because all you have to do is be yourself. 

I’m not even gonna worry about it because seriously it’s not gonna be like that time where you had the perfect chance to introduce yourself to Zoe Murphy after the jazz band concert last year and you waited afterwards just to talk to her and tell her how good she was and you were gonna pretend to be super casual like you didn’t even know her name and she would introduce herself and you would like “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you, Chloe, you said your name was Chloe?” And then she would be like “No it’s Zoe.” And you would be like “Well so you see I thought you said Chloe because I’m just very busy with other stuff right now.” But you didn’t even end up saying anything to her because you were scared and your hands were sweaty, which they weren’t that sweaty but you started worrying they were sweaty which made them sweaty so you put them under the hand dryer in the bathroom so they weren’t sweaty they were just very warm now as well

  • fanon holtzmann: smooth 24/7, Sex God, knows exactly what to say and it is hilarious, makes you gay even if you Don't Want That, fashion icon, seriously though look at her for one second and You're Gay, she planned all of this to work perfectly
  • canon holtzmann: certifiably Bad™ at feelings, has no idea. about anything that's happening. ever, fashion disaster, science is her safe place, literally lies down on the ground and hides from confrontation, trash girl, never paid for a thing in her life

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Chapter 4

╳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

╳ Genre: fluff, smut, angst 

╳ Summary: Being the Duff has really changed you.”“Excuse me, the Duff?” I asked, my voice rising a little at the end.“You know, the Designated. Ugly. Fat. Friend.”

It only takes 10 minutes to get to my house but it’s feeling like 10 hours. First of all, being in Yoongi’s car is enough to make me nauseous. Second, the fact that Yoongi was right here next to me made me almost pass out.

 The drive has been completely quiet, the only noise coming from the radio and even that could barely be heard. I wanted to say something, anything, but I couldn’t bring myself to speak. 

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Title: Rambling
Pairing: Moxiety
A/N: this is my first time writing these characters ever, so please tell me how i did!

“…and did you know that Drifloon has one of the creepiest dex entries, like, listen, the thing takes kids away and just floats off with them.  Of course, like, Phantumps are souls of kids that died lost in the woods. That’s pretty freaky, too…”

Patton had been listening to Virgil for over an hour at this point.  Somehow, they’d gone from a simple “hey, kiddo, how’s it?” to a full one-sided Virgil conversation about scary stuff and whatever edgy-ness the anxious side could think of.  And Patton was so happy.

Never before had any of them truly sat down and talked with Virgil, which Patton supposed was why he’d been hesitant to actual strike up a conversation that whole hour ago.  His remark of “you don’t actually care how I’m doing, so why do you ask?” stung a bit, and that hurt had apparently been very present on Patton’s face.

“That is so untrue!” Patton insisted, stamping a foot.  “Listening to you tell me about your day would be such an honor.”


From there, Virgil slowly started to tell Patton about what Roman had said that irked him that morning, which somehow lead to him beginning the rambling spiral that started in music and apparently transitioned to Pokemon at one point.  Patton simply took a seat across from Virgil and plopped his chin in his palms, attention (mostly) focused on what Virgil had to say.  And, you know what?  Virgil wasn’t squirming.  He wasn’t trying to hide, turn anything into a horrible scenario…he was even keeping the self-deprecation down!  Which was good, because Patton still was ready to fight him if needed.  But, Virgil seemed…well, not anxious.  He was so incredibly cute!  Look at that precious smile!  Listen to how passionate Virgil is!

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That Dumb Idea

Requested By: @yoyococo18

Based off a prompt list linked here

#7 “I have a dumb idea!” “I love dumb ideas!” #11 “Put some clothes on already, jeez! We have company coming!” and #12 “Whoa what happened while I was gone.”

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x Reader

Description: You and Zendaya had gotten invited over to Tom’s house, he was throwing his first “party.” You both arrive, a decent amount of people there and end up loosing Zendaya, but find Harrison instead, making the party ten times more exciting.

Warnings: It’s really cute, slight swearing, mention of drinking, skinny dipping????

Word Count: 2,783

A/N: AHHHH first Harrison imagine and it’s for my bff so I hope you enjoy ilysm!!!

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“Hey Y/N, did you get a text from Tom too?” Zendaya spoke over the phone, her voice echoing throughout your house.

You had just woken up, you were currently doing your makeup, you know the usual girly things.

“Yeah, something about him throwing a party?” You laughed, blending the eyeshadow on your eyelid.

“I don’t know what he’s thinking, he’s never thrown one before, but I’m intrigued to see how it goes, care to join me?” She asked in an amused tone, making you stop blending and think for a moment.

“You know what, sure, why not, lets see what he’s got, it’s not like he could throw one better than us.” You joked, making Zendaya laugh, causing you to laugh along with her.

Zendaya was your best friend, you both met on the set of Spider-Man Homecoming and instantly clicked, just like Tom did with Jacob.

However, Tom already had a best friend, who also was kind of his assistant, and that would be the famous Harrison Osterfield.

“I’m pretty positive Harrison will be there tooooooo.” She teased, making you scoff as you applied your mascara.

“I wouldn’t doubt it, they’re best friends Z.” You replied, this time making her scoff, which you weren’t going to lie, made you feel good in a way.

Ever since the filming of Spider-Man Homecoming, you started to have a thing for Harrison, you weren’t really sure at the time what it was exactly, but apparently to Zendaya it was obvious that you liked him.

“I’m just saying that maybe at the party this could be your chance to you know..” She trailed off, making your eyes widen and a laugh to escape your lips.

“ZENDAYA!” You screeched, making her laugh loudly, as you laughed along with her.

“I’m just saying!” She laughed, making you shake your head, even though she couldn’t see you, Zendaya had a good idea of what you were doing.

“I’m not sure if he even would feel the same, I mean he’s like Tom, they could get whoever they wanted, why would he want someone like me?” You questioned, applying foundation onto your face, before blending it in with your beat up beauty blender.

“Y/N, please, you’re gorgeous, he would be an actual dumbass not to want you.” Zendaya spoke seriously, making you sigh and shrug into the mirror, looking at your reflection.

“I don’t know Z, I just don’t see it ever happening.” You pressed the powder onto your face, locking in your foundation before adding the last few steps, before spraying your face with setting spray and spraying some perfume.

“I will take this challenge, and I will win.” Zendaya declared, making you roll your eyes and laugh.

“Alright Z, we’ll see.” You smiled into the phone, as you put your shoes and glasses on, grabbing your wallet.

“I’ll pick you up around seven thirty, so be ready, love you boo!” She spoke excitedly into the phone, making you laugh as you responded with an ’I love you too boo, bye!’ before hanging up and going on about your day.

You went out and got a smoothie and a bagel, before shopping for an outfit for tonight’s party, you wanted to look good.

You ended up getting a nice pair of jeans and a crop top, you knew it was a basic outfit everyone wore, but you couldn’t help but fall in love with it.

You then continued on with your day, buying some groceries since you were out, before heading home and getting ready for the party.

You decided to shower before the party, then put on your new outfit you had just bought, a smile on your face as you saw how it all looked on you.

You weren’t going to lie, you looked good.

You then did your hair, deciding to give it some volume by curling it, then touched up your makeup a bit.

You felt your phone vibrate, letting you know Zendaya was here, before you rushed down to meet her.

“Y/N! Damn you look like a million bucks!” She smiled widely, making you wave your hand, dismissing her comment, laughing.

“Thanks Z, you look amazing yourself!” You complimented, making her twirl and laugh.

She wore a vibrant red dress, making her look even more beautiful than she already was.

“Alright, lets blow this popsicle stand.“ She shouted, making you cheer along with her.

It took a good thirty minutes to get there, traffic being a pain, but you both soon arrived, the sound of music erupting from the house, along with chatter from people.

“You think he invited enough people?” You joked, making Zendaya laugh and loop her arm with yours, before walking up to the door, opening it and entering, seeing lots of people scattered everywhere.

“Wow, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be, but we’d still do better.” Zendaya smirked, making you laugh and nod your head in agreement.

You both walked into the kitchen, grabbing a drink and sampling a few snacks along the way, observing all the people around you.

Your eyes soon spotted Jacob, a smile forming on your face as you waved to him, making him rush over in excitement.

“Y/N! Z!” Jacob cheered, making you both laugh and hug him.

“Hey, what’s up?” Zendaya asked, taking a sip of her drink from her red solo cup.

“Not much, Tom’s party is kind of lame, I like yours better honestly.” Jacob admitted, making you both cheer and laugh.

“I knew we threw better parties, Tom just can’t beat us.” You dramatically flipped your hair over your shoulder, making Jacob laugh.

“But since you both are here, come with me so Tom and Harrison can talk with you guys too.” Jacob smiled, making your stomach tighten up a bit, you gave Zendaya a look, but she gave you one in return.

Jacob lead you across the house, out to the backyard where Tom and Harrison were talking to a few other people.

Jacob called out to them, catching their attention, smiles forming on their faces.

“Hey! You guys came!” Tom grinned, walking up to the three of you, Harrison following behind.

“Yeah, but it’s lame Holland, you tried to beat us, you failed.” Zendaya smirked, taking another sip of her drink as Tom gasped, placing a hand on his chest.

“I am offended.” Tom declared, looking between the both of you.

“Jacob even admitted it to us.” You teased, making Tom’s eyes widen, looking at his friend.

“What! Jacob!” Tom shrieked, making Jacob laugh and rush off, Tom following after him.

“I’ll go after them to make sure Tom doesn’t kill him.” Zendaya smirked, winking at you as you pleaded she wouldn’t leave you alone with Harrison.

But she did.

You then decided to down your drink, it was going to be a long night if that was the case.

“Hey Y/N, enjoying the party?” Harrison asked, his drink in his hand as he looked over your outfit, making you blush slightly.

“Eh, it’s alright, but it’s better now that you’re here.” You shrugged, the alcohol starting to kick in.

“I can agree on that one.” Harrison winked, making you giggle, which Harrison loved.

You both eventually sat on the edge of the pool, your feet in the water, drinks by your side the both of you just talked.

People had slowly merged to go inside, Tom was apparently doing Karaoke with Jacob, which was horrible.

“Oh my god, you’ll never guess what I just thought of!” You squealed, making Harrison laugh, turning his head to look at you.

You were clearly buzzed by this point, and so was Harrison, mainly why you both were so open with each other.

“Spill.” Harrison grinned, making you smirk and turn to look at him.

I have a dumb idea!” You smirked, wiggling your eyebrows making Harrison laugh.

I love dumb ideas!” Harrison cheered, raising his cup into the air, before taking a sip of it.

You bit your lip, a mischievous glint in your eye, which didn’t go unnoticed by Harrison, he knew you were up to something.

“Well you see, this dumb idea, it involves us,” You giggled, setting your cup on the ground, turning to face Harrison completely, “We’re going to go skinny dipping!” You smirked, watching Harrison’s eyes widen at your words.

“A-Are you sure?” Harrison stammered, unsure if this was the best idea, but you nodded rapidly, the smile never leaving your face.

“I’ve always wanted to do this, and what better person to do it with than you?” You questioned, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Alright then, lets do this.” Harrison grinned, pulling his shirt off, then his pants, as you did the same, until you both were completely in the nude.

“Now lets pray we don’t get caught, but that makes it even more of a thrill.” You laughed, before grabbing his hand, the both of you jumping into the pool.

You both returned to the surface, smiles on your face as laughter erupted from the both of you, you’d never been so happy in your life, and from what you could tell, neither had Harrison.

“Cheers to skinny dipping!” You shouted, as did Harrison, clinking your cups together before taking a drink.

You turned around to set the cups back on the concrete, only to be turned back around by Harrison, being trapped between his arms, your back pressing against the side of the pool.

You both looked at each other, emotions clear of how you both felt about each other, you didn’t need to use words, you both already knew.

In a matter of seconds you went from laughing and having fun, then to Harrison having his hands in your hair as yours were wrapped around his neck, your lips locked together.

You didn’t know how long you two had been making out for, you felt as if time had stopped.

You had even forgotten you both were completely nude, in the pool, at Tom’s house.

You both didn’t even heard the door open, that is until you heard someone clear their throat, startling the two of you.

“Oh my god, guys really? I know I told you to get some Y/N, but I didn’t mean in the pool!” Zendaya laughed, but was serious at the same time, her eyes wide at the scene in front of her.

You both hide behind the wall, both your faces flustered, but you both couldn’t help but laugh.

You heard Zendaya let out a gasp, finally noticing both of your clothes scattered along the pool, her eyes widening even bigger if that was possible, her mouth hanging open slightly.

She turned around, noticing Tom was on his way out to the pool, making her spin back around quickly.

Put some clothes on already, jeez! We have company coming!” She shouted, making both of your eyes widen as you both quickly scrambled out of the pool, doing your best to dry off, before putting your clothes back on.

You both rushed to get everything on before the back door opened, Tom walking out along with Jacob, who looked around skeptically.

Whoa, what happened while I was gone?” Tom questioned, noticing how you and Harrison were soaking wet, while Zendaya looked stressed as hell, unable to believe you both clothed yourselves that fast.

“U-Uh, nothing?” You questioned, glancing at Harrison who nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, w-what she said, nothing.” Harrison shrugged, watching Tom and Jacob to see if they’d believe them.

“Why are you guys soaking wet? Did you go in your clothes?” Tom questioned, raising an eyebrow, making Zendaya laugh, which resulted in you and Harrison both glaring at her.

“No, something definitely happened here.” Jacob nodded, looking between the three of you.

“Guys can I just tell them? Please!” Zendaya pleaded, but you both shook your head no.

“Will someone please tell me what the bloody hell happened?” Tom groaned, looking at his best friend then at you.

“If we tell you, promise you won’t kill us?” Harrison questioned, making Tom narrow his eyes.

“What did you two do?” He noticed Zendaya start laughing again, making his stomach churn.

“You see, it’s a funny story actually, uhm, well, you see…” Harrison stammered, looking at his feet, while you were biting your lip hard.

“They went skinny dipping!” Zendaya blurted out, making Tom and Jacob’s eyes widen, looking at the both of you in shock.

“Oh come on!” Tom shouted, covering his face in his hands as Jacob busted out laughing.

“It was the heat of the moment! We had a little too much and well, things escalated!” Harrison tried to explain, but Tom was already muttering curse words.

“If it helps, we realized we both really like each other.” You commented, laughing slightly as Harrison wrapped his arm around your shoulder.

“Dude I’ve never felt more alive, especially when we kissed, it was so good.” Harrison grinned, making your cheeks hot with embarrassment.

“Oh gross, shut up, I don’t need to hear anymore, I don’t want to know anymore, I just know I need to drain my pool now and get it cleaned instantly.” Tom whined, glaring at the both of you playfully before going back inside.

Jacob followed after, still laughing along with Zendaya, while you both stayed outside.

“I really like you Harrison.” You smiled, making his heart melt, he’d fallen for you since the first day you arrived on set.

“Trust me Y/N, I really like you too.” He murmured, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you closer, pressing his lips against yours.

You both stood outside for a bit, just kissing, while everyone else inside was dancing and singing.

You eventually pulled away, resting your forehead against his, smiles resting on both of your faces.

“Round two?” Harrison grinned, making you roll your eyes playfully, but nod in response.

You both started walking to the pool when the back door flew open, revealing an out of breath Tom.


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Would you mind explaining your love of Shance? I feel like I'm missing out on something that I missed during the seasons. I'm usually a horrible multishipper lol but I just haven't been bitten by this bug yet! Please enlighten me :3

I’m not even sure I can explain it in a way that will give them justice! 😭 But I will try!

To be honest, I just really, really love their interactions, few as they are. It might not be as obvious as Shiro and Keith’s or Lance and Hunk’s friendship, but it’s the small things in Shiro and Lance’s connection that makes me really fall for them.

I think to most shance shippers, it all started with Lance saying Shiro was his hero. The indignation in his voice here, the way he shouts “hero”, you can tell it’s a very personal thing to him and he’s confused as to how 1) Shiro is alive, 2) the garrison knows and 3) the garrison is holding him captive.

Lance regards him high enough that he wanted to stop Keith from saving Shiro just so he could be the one to do it. It’s a silly thing to do because what matters is that Shiro is safe, but it just goes to show how much he really admires that guy.

When Shiro finally introduces himself to the team, it’s Lance whom he extends his hand to first, and there’s a heavy focus on their handshake, whereas there isn’t with the others. Shiro acknowledged Lance’s efforts in rescuing him and thanked him for it.

Others have already also pointed out how Lance hesitates a bit to hold Shiro’s hand here because of his galra arm (in this scene in particular, the noise of the metal arm is really prominent too), but does it anyway. Lance doesn’t care what happened to Shiro, he is still his hero.

When Sendak attacks the castle in 1x4, Shiro is the one who rushes to Lance, and also the one who stays behind to tend to Lance’s injuries while the others are busy helping the arusians and grabbing a new balmera crystal for the castle.

Shiro really cares for him. After everyone was gone he stayed behind to take care of Lance. It’s a good thing he did, because otherwise Sendak would have gotten to him. I don’t even like to imagine what would have happened then.

Lance has his one sided rivalry going on with Keith. When it comes to Hunk, Coran and Pidge, they’re good, close friends. Allura is someone he is constantly flirting with, though I don’t think anyone takes it seriously, not even himself. To Lance, Shiro is “their awesome leader” (2x10) and Lance always trusts him with respect, even when he doesn’t agree with Shiro’s dicisions (2x2, Lance disagrees with Shiro that they should trust Ulaz and in 2x8 he wants Shiro to take him to the Blade of Marmora, not Keith and he confronts Shiro about it).

And Lance may not think much of himself, shown by the way he second guesses his worth to the team constantly. But Shiro is always there for him, either tending to his injuries, making sure he is fine and trusting him with the important missions, like the Beta Traz prison escape.

Those tiny moments, very subtle connection between them is what really makes me love their relationship. Lance trusts Shiro, but not so blindly that he won’t voice his own opinion. Shiro trusts Lance just as equally, and believes in Lance’s potential.

To me personally, I like that subtlety in their interactions because it’s easy for me to fill in the gaps. That’s why it’s so dear and important to me.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that what really made me start seeing the shance and falling for it was Josh’s tweet about it, which is also the tweet that gave the ship the name ‘shance’


What Am I To You? (Part 2)

Summary: You come to conclusions of your real feelings for Taehyung.

Pairings: Kim Taehyung (V)/ Reader

Genre: Angst/ Smut

Words: 4.2k

Part 1 | Part 3 | Masterlist

When you reached his room you were confused by the rubber band on the door. You knocked a few times and entered like you normally do.

“Jake?” You cried.

There he was in bed with some blonde chick half way naked.

“Now I know what Taehyung wanted to tell me.” The tears fell

“(Y/N) It’s not what it looks like.” He got up quickly. He was only wearing boxers.


“I love you babe.” He held your hand. “We havnet done it in a week and I just needed-”

You pulled your hand away quickly. “You’re disgusting.”

You turned around. “Babe please come on.”

“We’re done.”

You sped to your room and lucky your roommate was m.i.a because all your emotions poured out.


The next morning you woke with a killer headache, you didn’t even bother getting up for school because you didn’t care. You lost your boyfriend and your best friend.


“Where’s (Y/N)?” Nayeon asked sitting next to Taehyung first period.

He just shrugged his shoulders pretending not to care even though deep down he did. You never miss class.

“What is going on with you two?” Nayeon asked.

“Nothing.” He sadly smiled.

“I know she misses you.” Tae just looked down.

“Whatever happened just forget about it. She needs you.” Taehyung thought hard of what Nayeon said. You apologized so why was he still pissed off.


It was a few days later and Nayeon was seriously concerned. She hasn’t seen you and you didn’t receive any of her text and when she attempted to look for you at your room, you were nowhere found.

“Shes not answering me, what if she did something, what if something happened to her?”

“I’ll find her okay, don’t worry.” Taehyung kissed her cheek and left.

He made his way to his room and once again he saw a sock on the door but that didn’t stop him this time, he entered the room and slammed the door.

“What the fuck man?” Jake got up and quickly threw on boxers.

Taehyung ignored him and was putting his school books away.

“Tae?” Jake stood up.

“What?” He said dumbfounded.

“Can you please leave?” He asked.

Taehyung turned around facing him. “Why should I? This is my fucking room.” Tae never stood up to Jake before but he has finally found the courage.

“I’m tired of you fucking every girl in school, go to their place.” He patted Jakes shoulder and grabbed his jacket.

“I’m sorry dude.” Jake was surprised from his confidence.

“And by the way, you’re an asshole.” Jake snapped back confused.

“How could you just cheat on (Y/N) like that?”

“Oh so it was you huh?” Jake walked up to Tae angry. “I was getting away with it for a while and you open your mouth and now she knows.” Tae was confused. He didn’t say anything.

“She broke up with me a few days ago.”

“She’s better off without you.” Tae snapped.

Jake got closer and Tae pushed him off. Jake went in again and punched him. He kept throwing punches until Tae got up and attacked back. All his rage build up finally getting out.

“Stop!” The girl yelled trying to push Tae off of Jake. Tae immediately stopped and looked down at Jakes bloody face.

“I’m sorry.” He got up and left. He didn’t mean to get so violent.

He made his way over to your room. He wiped his nose as he was waiting to get the courage to knock on your door. When he looked down at his hand he was surprised to see blood on his hand.


“I’m leaving do you want anything?” Your roommate kindly offered.

“Maybe some Ben & Jerry’s.” You sat up a bit.

“Okay.” She smiled and headed towards the door. As soon as she opened the door you saw Tae with his hand up getting ready to knock.

You perked up surprised to see him, you were taken back by his beaten up face. Your face was still blotchy from all the crying you have been doing for days.

“Tae?” You squeaked. “What are you doing here?”

“I needed to see you if you were okay.”

“Amber….can we have privacy.” She nodded and continued to leave.

Taehyung slowly came up to your bed sitting by your feet.

“You’re bleeding.” You got out of bed and went to your desk and grabbed a towel.

“What happened Tae?” You sat back down closer to him.

“I’m not important….I want to know where you’ve been.” He asked concerned.

“Of course you’re important.” You felt your eyes water.

“You were right.” He looked at you. “Jake was cheating the whole time.” The tears fell.

“I’m sorry….I didn’t know how to tell you.”

“You tried to tell me and I was to stubborn to listen.” You whimpered. “I don’t blame you for hating me.” Tae pulled you into his chest embracing you with a warm hug.

“I don’t hate you.” He whispered. “I’m sorry for making you think that, I was just mad.”

“I’m so stupid.” You cried.

“He’s stupid.”

You pulled away looking at his wounded face. “What happened?”

He smirked. “I punched Jake in the face.”

You looked at him confused. “Why?”

“Because he’s an asshole.”

You smiled at your best friend and grabbed the towel from his hands and brought it up to his face cleaning off the blood that ran under his nose. He closed his eyes as you gently dabbed the swollen area.

Taehyung felt butterflies from your comfort, even though he was dating Nayeon he was still deep in love with you and he had to accept that.

You finished wiping off Taes wounded face and watched as he was still patient. You froze as he opened his eyes catching you staring. His stare made you feel nervous by the way tingles flooded throughout your body.

What was this? Taehyung was making you feel like a school girl with a crush. You never felt this way before with him. Were you falling for Taehyung?


“W-what?” What was happening to you?

“Do you want to go get some food?” He asked.

“Okay.” Why did you feel so nervous all of a sudden?

You both stood up. “Let me text Nayeon.” Your face dropped.

You wanted to be alone with him, like old times. The more you thought about it, you realized how selfish you were being. Taehyung was taken now, not that would change anything between you.

“Let me get dress?” You walked over to your closet.

Tae nodded and sat back down on your bed pulling his phone out to text.  He looked up for a second thinking until he got distracted at you pulling your shirt off towards your closet. He was taken back as he saw your bare back. You weren’t even thinking about him being there as you pulled down your sweat pants exposing you in your lace panties.

He felt his breathing pace watching you lean over to get some jeans. He looked down at his phone trying to think about something else as he felt the tightness below his belt. He knew it was wrong. Tae grabbed a pillow placing it over his lap to not cause any attention from the effects of your almost naked body still lingering in his mind.

He looked up once again relieved you were finishing by putting a shirt on. You turned around watching him texting on his phone. You walked into your tiny bathroom to clean up your face.

Taehyung shut his eyes tightly to erase his mind. “I’ll be back.” You leaned your head out the door.

“Where are you going?” You asked confused.

“I’m going to change to.” He said nervously.

“Okay.” You didn’t question, you just went back to what you were doing.

Taehyung made sure the close was clear before he got up. He felt embarrassed from the tiny affect you caused him. His dorm wasn’t to far away and was relieved Jake was gone. He needed some peace and quiet to process everything.

You were enjoying your quiet as well. You were fighting with yourself about how you were feeling. Your best friends were dating and you weren’t happy about it. Even though it was your doing in the first place. You hated this feeling, you hated how long it took you to realized how great Tae was.

Why did you have to feel this way? You were falling for your best friend. There it is, you finally admitted it to yourself and you were too late.

Not that you would of done anything, you had too good of a friendship and in your case you knew how bad breakups were and its impossible to stay friends after that. You envied anyone who could.

Taehyung was to precious to you and you rather have him in your life as a friend them not at all.

You walked out of your dorm and timidly walked to his. Hopefully Jake wasn’t there because you were done even seeing his stupid face.

Taehyung walked out of the room surprised to see you so quick.

“I thought you were changing?” He was still in his same outfit.

“Right.” He turned back into the room. You saw it was empty so you entered.

“Going out with a bloody shirt isn’t the smartest idea.” You giggled.

He looked down finally noticing the mess. He didn’t even realize how much blood was actually there. What was he doing then if he wasn’t going to change?

He lifted up his shirt disposing it with the rest of the dirty laundry. You blushed seeing his exposed chest. You walked towards the door pretending to not pay attention. He was quickly on your heel ready to go.

“Where are we going?”

“Just down the road.” You nodded and followed him down to the lobby.

He stopped by the front desk to talk to the security first.

“Can I request a new roommate….he did this to me.” Taehyung pointed to his bruised nose. The security handed him a form and told him to give it to the Dean’s office.

You smiled as Taehyung held your hand on your walk to where ever you were going.

“Thank you.” You spoke up.

“For what?”

“Everything.” He blushed.

“Okay first things first.”

“What?” He asked confused.

“You need to get rid of this blonde.” You laughed ruffling his hair with your free hand.

As soon as you turned the block you saw Nayeon waiting outside playing on her phone. Taehyung dropped your hand immediately as he was afraid Nayeon would see.

“Hey.” She finally looked up. “How are you?” She looked concerned before she wrapped her arms around you in a warm hug.

“I’m okay.” Your voice cracked.

She let go and turned to Tae. “What happened to you?” She grabbed his face.

“I made amends with Jake.” She arched her eyebrows. “I did everyone a favor.” He smiled.

She shook her head with a giggle and brought her lips to his. That sharp pain hit you in the chest once again. You couldn’t help but feel annoyed at Nayeon but it wasn’t her fault. It was yours. Your head knew it was okay but your heart was being tricky. You needed to stop this.

You cleared your throat to draw attention. They finally broke apart looking at you apologetic. You realized how Taehyung must of felt all the time Jake would shove his tongue down your throat. It was a shitty feeling.

“Let’s go.” Nayeon acted like nothing was awkward.

As soon as Taehyung slid into the booth, you followed quickly sitting next to him. Nayeon froze staring at you confused but Tae just looked lost.

You looked up at her and realization hit you. “Oh….I’m sorry.” You got up. “New couple want to sit next to each other.”

You slip into the opposite side. Nayeon still looked at you confused as she sat down next to your best friend.

The whole dinner you felt like a third wheel and it sucked. You played on your phone to distract yourself from looking at the gushy couple in front of you.

Nayeon was way more outgoing and flirty then you thought. You always assumed she was shy but now that she was dating her crush she wasn’t holding back. Every chance she had she would be touching Tae or kissing him.

At this point you had enough, your jealousy was getting the better of you. “Be right back.” You got up and tried your best not to seem annoyed.

As soon as you looked into the reflection of the bathroom mirror every emotion was flooding out. You ran the faucet and ran your hands under to form a small pool of water. You leaned down to splash some water all over your face, you did a few times just to cool you down.

“You okay?” You suddenly heard a voice behind you. Nayeon.


“I’m sorry.” She spoke.

“Why?” You asked confused.

“You got out of a relationship and here we are kissing in front of you.” We? More like you.

“How did you know?” You didn’t mean to sound so harsh.

“Tae just told me.” It didn’t faze her that you were upset. “He didn’t tell me why though?” She shrugged.

“You want to talk about it?” You honored Taes loyalty, he thought it was your choice to explain the story not his.

“Nope.” You walked away from here.

“Hey.” Nayeon spoke up before you could leave. “Now it’s my turn to hook you up.” She smiled. “There’s a party this weekend and we all could have some fun.” She said in a playful tone.

You weren’t up for it honestly but maybe you could drink and forgot about all the shit your going through.

“Sounds fun.”


“This is a bad idea.” You panicked seeing the crowded room full of dancing sweaty people.

Parties weren’t your thing and college wasn’t an acceptation. You felt uncomfortable. Nayeon dragged you here and immediately introduced you to some guys from her classes. As soon as a guy seemed interested she ran over to the brunette Taehyung you remember. She didn’t take long until she was already sucking his face off.

“So how tall are you?” Stupid jock. You rolled your eyes and started to turn away.

“I’ll be right back.” You lied. You went outside and found the closest cooler full of alcohol. You decided to just drink the anxiety away. You were in college, this was normal. Be normal.

“You’re drinking straight tequila? You trying to get alcohol poisoning?” You saw a friend of Taehyung smirking at you.

“I’m trying to have fun Kookie.” You smiled back.

“You don’t need to start with that.” He handed you a mikes lemonade. “This will get the job done.”

“Thank you.” You took the drink.

“So….where’s Jake?” He asked.

You looked down sighing. “We broke up.”

“Thank God.” He laughed but noticed your un-amused state. “Sorry, I just really hate that guy.”

“It’s fine…..I know.” You finally took a sip of your drink.

“Where’s Tae?” He asked.

“With Nayeon.” You mocked.

Jungkook clenched his jaw. “Don’t like her either.” He painfully smiled.

You were taken back. “Why?” Nayeon seemed like the sweetest girl and you should know.

“She’s too clingy….you know how many times Tae had to cancel on us because of her.” Jungkook seemed extremely offended. “I mean, we never see him anymore.”

“At least when he hung out with you, you understood guy time.” You slightly smiled. “Plus we liked hanging out with you, when shes around she gets annoyed if I grab his attention for one second.”

Really? You had no idea she was like that.

He continued. “I don’t think he likes her as much as she likes him.” You went to your second bottle already and you could feel the alcohol warm up your stomach.

You gave him a look of disbelief. “How can you tell?”

“I just have a feeling.” He took a sip.

Jungkook was fun to hangout with and you did so for the past hour.

You went inside to change a scenery. The alcohol was making a funny impact on you as you couldn’t stop giggling. You spotted Tae talking to his friend Jimin and grew confused with no sight of Nayeon.

You walked over to him grabbing his attention. “Tae?” You brushed his shoulder.

“Heyyyy (Y/N), you dye your hair.” He was drunk, of course. You laughed at his response as you were getting drunk yourself but you still had your mind before you.

“No that was you…” You giggled.

“So yes? No? Yes.” He was seriously confused. You blushed from his cute confusion.

“Where’s Nayeon?” You asked.

Your eyes followed to where he pointed to, she was past out on the couch probably drunk.

“She doesn’t drink often.”

“Maybe we should bring her home.” You suggested.

“Yeah, that would be a good idea.” Jimin laughed.

You put one arm around your shoulder and one arm around Taehyungs shoulder, successfully carrying Nayeon past out self. The dorms were only a few frat houses down so you were there in no time.

You got to her room and her roommate looked startled from her state. “She had too much to drink.” You pursed your lips.

As soon as you left her room, Taehyung slouched to the floor exhausted.

“I’m out of shape.” You couldn’t help but laugh.

“Come on, my room is right there.” You pointed down the hall. You held out your hand for him to grab and he didn’t help you pull him up.

“Tae….you’re too heavy.” You struggled causing him to laugh.

You both clumsily got to your room and noticed Amber not there. Then you remembered her visiting home for the weekend.

“Remember that time your sister got drunk for the first time and we drew on her face.” Tae made himself comfortable in your bed. He leaned against the wall resting his tired head.

“I remember.” You laughed. “You remember when we played dress up and your grandma had to give you a talk about your sexuality.” You giggled. The fact that you were both fifteen, his grandma wasn’t to happy.

“That’s not funny….I was helping you with your theater class.” You couldn’t stop laughing.

The effects of the alcohol still lingered in your system. “Remember when your sister dared me to cut your hair.” You did remember clearly and luckily he didn’t.

You loved all the memories with Tae. You looked over at his amused expression. You stared at him admiring every small detail about him. You felt butterflies as soon as your eyes lingered down to his lips just thinking about how warm they looked.

“Remember when my sister dared me to kiss you.” He finally looked at you.

“Yeah…but I don’t remember how it ended.” You blushed.

You leaned in closer feeling his warm breath hit your face. “I remember.” You whispered before filling in the small space.

His lips worked against yours immediately. You couldn’t tell if it was the effects of the alcohol or he was desperate to kiss you. He brought his hand caressing your cheek to deepen the kiss. He wasn’t holding back as you felt his tongue brush your bottom lip.

You quickly accepted opening your mouth. Things didn’t stop there as he pushed you farther down the bed letting his self tower over you. You knew you had to put this to a stop but you couldn’t.

You felt his hand slide up your shirt touching up your exposed stomach. You wrapped your legs around his waist bringing him in closer and you immediately regretted it as you felt his member harder against your core. You turned your head breaking the kiss and he continued to kiss your neck.

“Tae.” You moaned.

You felt guilty, you knew this wasn’t going to have a good outcome. You closed your eyes feeling the pleasure. You moved your hand down rubbing against the tight area. You could feel his jeans getting tighter by every stroke.

“(Y/N).” He moaned your name. He moaned your name. You knew he was semi drunk but you wouldn’t expect him to be in his right mind.

You continued to rub his sensitive area making him squirm. You brought his lips back to yours while tugging on your jeans. You helped along the way tossing the fabric off to the side.

He took his hand and followed up your exposed legs. “So beautiful.” He bit his lip.

You giggled tugging on his shirt. He followed through pulling it off. You rubbed your hand down his chest admiring his toned torso until you reached his pants buckle.

“Take these off.” You smirked. The alcohol turned you into a monster.

He arched his eyebrows at your demand. “Why don’t you?”

He leaned down and kissed back up your neck. You reached your hand passed his boxers after you unbuckled. You started rubbing the smooth area above his hardened member making him groan with impatience.

He tugged down his pants more exposing him. You bit your lip taking him in. You pulled him enough so he was now laying on the bed. You crawled back above him pulling down the rest of his jeans along with his boxer briefs. You giggled as you reached the area he needed you most.

You grabbed a hold guiding him to your mouth. You softly kissed the tip making him tilt his head back in pleasure. You leaned down lower and back up causing more pleasure for him. He squirmed under your touch making you excited yourself. You quickened your pace letting your teeth cause more friction.

“(Y/N)….I’m not gonna last much longer.” He said out of breath.

You giggled releasing him from your mouth, you blushed seeing the how red you made him. You made your way up to embrace him with a passionate kiss.  Once you pulled away, you leaned over digging into your night stand.

“(Y/N).” He softly spoken. “I lo-”

You shh him. You didn’t want to remind him that you were both drunk. You leaned down kissing him once again before slipping on the condom.

You lifted yourself up and guided his member to your center. You leaned down slowly letting him adjust inside of you. You moaned in pain before you started rocking against him loosening you up. You felt a little dizzy from the alcohol but you managed to keep yourself balanced.

You wrapped your hand around to your back unhooking your bra. You smiled watching his eyes lit up from you being exposed. You took his hand and guided him to your chest as you continued rocking against him. You couldn’t help but lean down once more kissing him desperately. You loved feeling his lips against yours.

It felt right.

You were surprised as you felt the pleasure take hold throughout your body. The familiar feeling passing through you making you numb. You moaned trying to keep yourself up. As soon as Taehyung watched you weaken it didn’t take him long to reach his climax. You shook feeling his juices warm up your core. You lifted your self off of him laying to his side.

You were shocked and disappointed how quick that lasted. You couldn’t help but laugh at the silly analogy. Taehyung had a quicker effect on you then Jake ever had. What could this mean?

You looked over and saw that Taehyung was already passed out. You leaned in closer laying your head down on his chest. A million things were running through your head of how tomorrow’s outcome will turn out but at that moment you just wanted to cuddled up to Taehyungs warm chest. So that’s what you did.


You woke up the neck morning feeling a killer headache but surprisingly refreshed. You looked up seeing the soft snores making you giggle. But then you snapped into reality.

You sat up remembering last night. You thought having sex with Tae was just a dream. You slapped your forehead on the verge of crying thinking of what you should do.

How is Tae going to act? He was way more wasted then you. You glanced at the clock surprised to see it was 11 o'clock already.

“Tae?” You gently tapped him making him groan.

Just before you could process anything, you heard a knock on your door.

“Tae get up.” You basically slapped him.

He alerted awake seeing you pulling up your underwear.

“Wait.” He looked down at himself. “Did we have sex?” He jumped out of bed as you grabbed his boxer briefs throwing them at him.

“Yes….hurry and get dressed.” You hooked your bra together and quickly ran through your closet. The knocking wasn’t stopping.

“Just a minute.” You called.

Tae was still standing there frozen taking everything in. “Tae please.” You  begged.

He snapped back into reality pulling on his clothes as quickly as possible. “Can we talk about this?” He grabbed your hand to settle your nerves.

You looked at him sadly. What have you done?

“I’m sorry….this is my fault.” You felt your eyes get watery.

“This is my fault as much as yours.” He started. “There is something I need to tell you-” He was cut off by the knocking.

You quickly wiped your eyes and looked out your peep hole.

“It’s Nayeon.” You panicked.

His eyes widen and he went into your bathroom hiding.

You opened the door. “Heyyy.” She sweetly greeted.

“Have you seen Tae?”


Masterlist | Part 1 | Part 3

tacity said: Even my poor eyesight can spot the hyungs (except Suga) acting all edgy whenever Kook/min are together. Even if KM are just standing, the hyungs’ cautiousness makes it appear like they’re about to make-out in public. Why are they (older members) making it so obvious that Kook/min are real? Once upon a time no one cared if JM gobbled up JK. Now they jump even if KM are simply standing side-by-side and smiling. Fishy. 🙄                                      

Anon: What do you think that members think about Ji/kook/what are their reactions? Namjoon is kinda always watching them,as if to make sure they don’t go too far and Hoseok in the last vlive looked at them then turned to memebers like “Do you see this?”     

intro-on-repeat said: I want to thank Hoseok for always “there” in every kook/min moment, for putting up with the tension between them, for loving both parties. I love our president. He knows what’s good.   

As strange as this may sound, I usually don’t put too much thought into the other member’s reactions. After all, they often joke and tease each other about the various bromances in the group. Or they briefly comment on the friendship between the members and then move on. But sometimes there are these moments when some of the members don’t necessarily say much, but act a little uncomfortable, or “edgy,” or just really peculiar around Kook/min. And yeah, it’s definitely different than how they reacted back in 2013-2014 when they used to just figuratively roll their eyes at Jimin’s antics and then move on.. 

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Beg For Me - Loki x Reader

Originally posted by lokitty

Summary: Loki fancies (Y/N) but refuses to do anything about it. Thor takes quick notice of what his brother desires and takes matters into his own hands. Thor gets close to you, but only under his brothers supervision, forcing Loki to make you his.

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Word count: 2,039 words

Warning: Implied smut, flirting, Idk?? That’s pretty much it.

A/N: First Loki fic 💕 hope you enjoy it!


“I must say, (Y/N), you look rather ravishing tonight.”

His arm gripped onto your waist. His touch didn’t leave yours ever since he gave you a hug earlier. Not really caring, you let him stay close.

“Why thank you, but I heard you the first time.” It was the fifth time he made a flirty comment towards you. At first you appreciated it but by the time he repeated the comment again, it seemed fishy.

“Say, Thor. What’s your purpose?” Your hand grabbed his and removed the grip from your waist. You assumed it was because he wasn’t the best at parties considering he was the only Asgardian but his brother has been attending the latest get togethers so he isn’t necessarily the odd ball of the group.

“What do you mean, Lady (Y/N)?” His feet stepped closer to your form. In that moment you caught his eyes wandering to the other side of the room for a split second. Crossing your arms and looking over to the same spot he was eyeing down. There sat the handsome god of mischief. Glass in hand and book in the other, completely ignoring everyone around him.

“You’re acting weird and every few seconds I see you look at Loki. Why?” Your still crossed arms and an annoyed facial expression was all it took before the god could confess.

“Well, perhaps it is because Loki-” An arm game up from behind him and laid on the shoulder of the blonde god, cutting him off as he turned his head to see who had touched him.

“I heard my name?” The silky, deep and handsome voice came out of no where. He appeared right behind Thor and without any hesitation and stood next to him. His face was nothing but serious.

“Good afternoon.” He nodded his head, greeting you before focusing his gaze back onto his brother.

“Thor, brother, may I speak to you for a moment?” His hand still laid on his brothers shoulder. Thor nodded his head and took a drink of the beverage in his hand. After a moment of awkwardly standing there, Loki rolled his eyes.


Thor finally took a hint before holding a finger up to you as reassurance that he’ll return. They both went into the empty hallway outside of the ballroom, leaving you to sit on a bar stool alone.

“Brother. What are you doing? I thought you said you liked that other woman?” Loki put his hands on his hips and stared up into his brothers eyes.

“Well I do believe that you fancy lady (Y/N). And I do believe you’ll never tell her because your ego is too big for that. Yes, I do indeed like Jane but it’s hard to have a relationship if we never really see each other. If you don’t confess your feelings towards (Y/N)…” Thor closed his eyes while Loki ran his god-like hands through his long Raven hair in irritation.

“Then what? You’ll make her yours? Mark my words, brother, if you dare lay a finger on (Y/N) then you’re going to need a new way to wield Mjölnir for as you will not have the hands to do so.” Thor threw his head back in laughter at his brothers threat.

“Brother, either you claim her as yours or I’ll beat you to it. If I do beat you to it then you better have learned the lesson behind my actions.” He walked past his younger brother before returning to the ball room, walking towards you to be at your service.

“Everything okay, Thor?” You stood up from your seat and strolled towards him. He flashed you a smile before looking back at the doors that he came through. No sign of Loki.

“Yes, everything is fine. Do you want a drink?” He was rushing his words and didn’t even bother waiting for a response as he ordered you your favorite drink from the bar behind you.

“I don’t believe you, you know. Did Loki do something? You seem on edge.” Your hand rested on his shoulder before he gave you another reassuring smile. Shaking his head before grabbing the drinks and handing you yours.

“It is nothing for you to worry about, (Y/N). Are you enjoying the party?” He took a sip of his alcoholic beverage, like it was going to affect him anyway.

“Not much. I’m not a very social person. Tony did invite a lot of people tonight, didn’t he?” Lifting up the bottom of your glass, downing all of the liquid inside. Tonight was going to be a hard one to pass, especially because Tony forced you to attend it and threatened you if you left early. That’s why you were with Thor, he didn’t know anyone else either so it was like you both were destined to be together tonight. You set your glass on the bar table before putting a finger up to the server, signaling for another one.

“Very much so. Too many people, in fact. I rather prefer the small ones that only include the Avengers and maybe a few other agents.”

“Definitely. I mean, I’m not claustrophobic or anything but this party is too much for my liking.” You downed yet another drink before getting tipsy. Knowing you had no plans or missions for another week or so, you decided to let yourself relax for once. “Maybe it’s best for me to leave for tonight. I rather be in my room anyways, on the plus side I am feeling a bit light headed.”

“Would you like for me to walk you there? I assure you, I have nothing better to do.” He set his now empty glass on the table before grabbing your hand.

“Oh no, it’s fine Thor. I know my way around this tower, I’m sure I’ll be fine.” You gave him a final smile before giving him a small hug.

“Very well, sleep tight, (Y/N).”

“You as well!” You set your empty glass on the counter next to his before exiting the room. Walking, more like tumbling, down the hallway, door by door until you located your own and opening it up. You stumbled into your room, ready to fall asleep with the carefree mindset from the alcohol.

“Hello, love.” You yelped at the voice coming from your bed. Turning to see the god of mischief laying against your pillows, reading the same book from earlier.

“Did you really sit on my bed with your fucking shoes on?” You normally didn’t curse but it was the alcohol speaking. You rolled your eyes before walking to your bed stand and removing the jewelry to put it into your drawer.

“Yes, Loki. I don’t mind if you come into my room, lay on my bed with your bloody shoes on and wait for me to return. I don’t mind at all, I’m so glad you asked for my permission though!” You sarcastically threw your words at him, earning a cheeky smile from the bastard. You were taking your earrings out before stopping and turning to him, waiting for any response to explain why he invaded your ‘chambers’. See, even internally you mock him.

“I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my brother.”

“Is this about what happened earlier? I understand it’s between you both, I understood that when Thor told me to practically mind my own business but seriously, does it have to go so far to where you had to invade my room when I’m not present?” You soon crossed the room again to your closet and taking your shoes off before setting them at the top of the rack.

“No, it’s not quite that.” His eyes trailed your form as you took off anything you were wearing but the dress.

“Then what is the meaning of this?” By this point you were done with the current conversation. You stood at the end of the bed, staring at the handsome God that was laying comfortably on your bed. He took note of your irritation before giving you a smirk.

“Care to join me?” His hand trailed to his upper thigh and gave it a pat.

“You’re asking me to join you, in my bed, on your lap? No. I just want you to tell me why you’re here and you keep avoiding my question!” His eyelids closed and his fingers pinched the bridge of his nose as if he was thinking of what to say next.

“If you do join me, I’ll tell you whatever you’d like. I assure you, I’m not leaving this room until you do so.”

You squinted your eyes at him. What could he possibly be scheming? You wanted answers but at the same time you didn’t want to fill his ego by doing what he asked. Either way you lose. You didn’t mind doing what he wanted at all but you weren’t the type to give in to what others wanted, you always got your way.

“I really hope I don’t regret this.” Rolling your eyes to your own actions as you climbed up from the edge of the bed and straddled him. He grinned ear to ear as your bottom sat on his lap.

“This is indeed exciting. The breathtaking, dominant (Y/N) giving into my wishes.”

“Give me answers.”

“As expected. I shall owe up to my end of the deal.”

His eyes wandered from your face to your form. He observed the position you both were in before looking back up at you.

“I like you.” His arms laid on his torso and his beautiful eyes wouldn’t leave yours, begging for a response. You sat in shock. Was this a joke? Here you were in a vulnerable position, straddling the man who claims to fancy you. The God of Mischief studied your movements, or lack there of. You froze and didn’t know how to answer.

“Ha ha. Jokes over.”

“Why would I come to your room to play a childish prank on you?”

“They literally call you the god of mischief, Loki.”

“How can I make you believe I’m telling the truth?” His face tilted closer to yours. His hands trailed up your thighs going under your dress and gripping your hips. You gasped at his cold touch. Before you could respond he flipped you onto your back and hovered over you.

“Believe me now?” He grabbed your arms before pinning them above your head. Your heart was beating so fast that your chest was visibly rising up and down on the bed.

“Calm down, little one. I won’t do anything. That is, unless you want me to.” His cold breath hit your neck as it sent shivers down your spine. Your body quivered from the satisfaction of his body close to yours, letting out a small moan. His mouth attacked your earlobe before he growled into your ear, pleased with the noise you released.

“I want you to say it. I want you to beg for me.”

“Why beg when I know you’ll do it anyways?” Your snappy comeback put a grin on his face. He dug his face into the crook of your neck before sucking on it viciously. This was a greedy God, there was no way in hell that he’d be gentle with you.

His hands went to grip onto your thighs before lifting your dress over your head and onto the floor. The blue in his eyes shimmered at the look of you barely covered body beneath him. His hands trailed up and down your side. You back arched to his touch, overjoyed by the spark his skin sent through your body. In a snap of a finger the clothes surrounding Loki shimmered into a green aura before disappearing. He left nothing on his body but his boxers.

“What do you wish for me to do to you, love?” He hair dangled off his shoulders, right above your face. You smirked before grabbing his arms and flipping him. He was forced to lay his back against your bed, his eyes shot open in shock. You straddled him once again before leaning down letting your noses touch and breathed in the shared air.

“What do you wish for me to do to you, love?”

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Groupie Love

Summary: After approving a road trip with Peter, Bucky & Sam, it turns out to be the best agreement you ever made. 

Word Count: 3,237. (not even sorry)

A/N: Look who’s ba-ba-ba-ba-back again. I’m coming in hot with this fresh new (and good grammar!!!) fic, and let me tell you guys that this one was an absolute blast to write. Hope you enjoy! (ps: go buy lana del rey’s new album “lust for life” on itunes)

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  • psychic: okay i'm going to read your mind now
  • me: Dear Evan Hansen, 
Today is going to be an amazing day and here’s why because today all you have to do is just be yourself but also confident, that’s important, like easy to talk to, approachable, but mostly be yourself, like that’s #1, be yourself. Just be true to yourself. Also though don’t worry about wether your hands are going to get sweaty for no reason. You can’t make it stop no matter what you do because there not gonna get sweaty. So I don’t even know why your bringing it up because it’s not going to happen because all you have to do is be yourself. 
I’m not even gonna worry about it because seriously it’s not gonna be like that time where you had the perfect chance to introduce yourself to Zoe Murphy after the jazz band concert last year and you waited afterwards just to talk to her and tell her how good she was and you were gonna pretend to be super casual like you didn’t even know her name and she would introduce herself and you would like “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you, Chloe, you said your name was Chloe?” And then she would be like “No it’s Zoe.” And you would be like “Well so you see I thought you said Chloe because I’m just very busy with other stuff right now.” But you didn’t even end up saying anything to her because you were scared and your hands were sweaty, which they weren’t that sweaty but you started worrying they were sweaty which made them sweaty so you put them under the hand dryer in the bathroom so they weren’t sweaty they were just very warm now as well....
  • psychic: what the fuck

I feel like it’s impossible for me to explain how much I love Eliot Waugh. So let me start with some of his quotes.

“I bond fast. Time is an illusion.”

Quentin: If you’re trying to tell me that it gets better-
Eliot: Oh, God, no. It doesn’t. I’m trying to tell you, you are not alone here.

“I think something might really be…broken.”

“Becoming me was the greatest creative project of my life.”

“I know I said I didn’t need a family to become who I was supposed to be, but it turned out that I did. And it was you.”
—A letter Eliot wrote to Quentin

Dean Fogg: What were you expecting when you dove headfirst into that fountain?
Eliot: …I was expecting to die.

Eliot is so, so sad, and he is so, so tortured. By killing someone who made his life absolute hell, he discovered he was telekinetic. He had to kill someone else - someone he loved - to protect everyone else. He lost his two best friends for a period of time because of a stupid, under-the-influence decision he made, but the thing that killed him the most was the thought of losing Quentin - and only Quentin.

He threw himself - as his clay-made clone - in front of an attack directed at Quentin without even thinking about what could happen. He didn’t care what could happen to him. He threw himself in front of Quentin, in front of a fatal attack, as second nature. He didn’t care what happened to him, as long as Quentin was okay.

And, despite everything that happened, he still became the High King of Fillory. He will go down in Fillorian history as High King Eliot, The Spectacular, because that is what he is. Despite wanting to die. Despite the bad things that had happened to him. Despite all of that. He will still be known as one of the greatest Kings to rule over Fillory. And even though it is fictional, if that isn’t uplifting and if it doesn’t give you hope, there is something seriously wrong with you.

This is for Prince.“
"So I usually tell this story after another song that’s coming up in the set that has to do with Prince. But I think tonight… it’s better… because we are in Minnesota to tell it now… Prince and I were friends. And I think… I think the saddest thing about the whole thing with Prince is that he always worried about me, he thought I was not gonna make it. Seriously. And I always you know, though, ‘of course I’m gonna make it, nothing is gonna happen to me’, but he really worried about me a lot. And it’s so weird to think that something happened to him, which is the absolute opposite of anything I thought could possibly happen, because of who he was and what he believed in. So now when I sing this song, even though it was written about the ‘Twilight’ saga, about Bella and Edward and their whole love affair, it makes so much sense now… this song, more for he and I, and I wanna to tell you about is… I only dedicate it and say "this is for Prince” in a few cities… And sometimes when I’m really nervous or I’m upset about something, I say “Prince, walk with me” before I walk out, and I’m telling you from my heart, he walks with me, up here, on the stage, and stands right behind me until I feel ok. So that who he really is, he’s not even really gone, he’s right here with all of us, especially in this city.
—  Stevie dedicates ‘Moonlight’ to Prince, 24 Karat Gold Tour, St. Paul, MN - August 25, 2017.
Devil's Eyes

Pairing: Devil!Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Devil au, soulmate au

Warning: slight language

Soulmate au: Only the soulmate of the devil can see the devil

Status: Finished

You always seen him. Wandering around, glancing into the distance, detached from this world. You often see him with wounds scattered all over his pale body, his clothes ripped, and yet the next day he looked completely fine. You thought that he was some sort of gang member, but then again, you did not want to assume.

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Seeing people complain about the CW’s lack of positive female rep and in particular female friendships is great. Seeing them complain about Arrow especially is even better.

Seeing them complain about it without mentioning Laurel Lance though, is WILD.

“Felicity’s so isolated, she has no female friendships”

“The new team has no women”

“What happened to women supporting women”

“Why are there no female friendships”

like, man, I dunno, it’s like they all disappeared for NO REASON I WONDER WHAT HAPPENED