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Imagine: Always butting heads with Fred Weasley, but when you two begin pranking together, you slowly fall in love.

For: @sowaswieich

“Hey Y/L/N,” You tilt your head up and see the Fred Weasley standing in front of you, alongside his twin brother. You were sitting on a lounging chair in the library, cuddled up with a book.

“Weasleys,” You nod, before turning back to your book.

“You’re looking pretty comfy in that chair, mind if I Slytherin next to you?” Fred winks.

You roll your eyes and deadpan, “I’d rather run my fingers through Snape’s greasy hair.”

George makes a face of utter disgust, and Fred mutters, “Suit yourself darling.”

You were a major troublemaker at Hogwarts, and though you were a year younger, that put you in constant competition with the Twins. You all knew you’d make an unbeatable team if you came into an alliance, but they were Gryffindors and you were a Slytherin, so teaming up was not even an option. Fred was the more outspoken brother, and that meant you two butted heads a lot more than you and George. He would never spare a chance to tease you, and you always had a sassy retort sitting on the tip of your tongue for him.

“Seriously though,” You close your book and look back at the boys, “What do you two want?”

“Help,” They shrug in unison.

“Help? What kind of help?” You’re suddenly more intrigued.

“It’s our last year at Hogwarts Y/N, and bloody Umbridge is ruining it!” Fred says, throwing his hands in the air, “We want revenge.”

“What makes you think I’d help you? I mean wouldn’t it be better for me to just rat you out and get on Umbridge’s good side?” You question, raising your eyebrows.

“Oh please Y/N, you’ve never been good at hiding your hatred for someone, and you hate her,” Fred responds, “Besides, if we work as a team, we’ll be undefeatable!”

“Fine,” You say, “Only because it’s Umbridge though.”

Over the course of the next few months you and the boys had began to drive Umbridge crazy. You pulled so many pranks on her, and you always got away with it because you never left behind evidence, and no one -not even the other professors- were willing to sell you out.

You had grown incredibly close to the boys, you kept mentally slapping yourself for not befriending them 7 years ago, but better late than never.

You still had the same sassy relationship with each other, but now you always had each others’ backs. George had become like a brother to you, as for Fred, you had slowly begun to fall for him. He had this amazing ability to always make you feel good about yourself and he always knew how to make you smile when you were feeling down. You were fairly successful at hiding your feelings for him, but George had eventually figured it out, lucky for you he was pretty decent at keeping secrets.

The year had gone by faster than any other school year before. It was final exam time and that meant it was final prank time. You had been planning your ultimate prank for months, but Fred and George hadn’t even told you exactly what it was. All you knew was that it involved fireworks and that they’d be leaving Hogwarts as soon as it was over.

You were preparing to go into the great hall for your Charms exam, when the boys stopped you. You sighed, “Are you guys ready?”

“We were born ready for this moment darling,” Fred smirked, “The real question is, are you ready?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be…” You drift off, “I just can’t believe you boys are leaving.”

“Now, now Y/N, don’t be getting sentimental,” George says as Fred loops his arm around your waist.

“You just have one year left, and with a free supply of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes products, you’ll be fine next year!” Fred says casually, the boys try to make you feel better by joking around as usual, but your eyes are already filling with tears.

You turn in Fred’s arm and wrap your own arms around his neck, hiding your face into his chest, “I’m gonna miss you boys so much!”

“Y/N,” Fred whispers, comfortingly rubbing circles on your back, “It’s going to be alright love!”

You pull away from him and hug George, he gives you a gentle squeeze before pulling away and drying your tears, “You’ll be seeing us all summer and you can come visit during the holidays. The year will go by faster than you think!”

You sit in the Great Hall, trying to focus on your exam when you hear the faint sound of fireworks in the distance. Umbridge opens the door to investigate and the brothers fly in on their broomsticks, scattering everyone’s exam papers across the room. Everyone cheers as the boys begin the firework show. After running Umbridge out of the room with their fiery dragon, Fred calls out to you. You turn your attention to him and he launches another firework, it bursts into the shape of your name with a heart around it.

You stare at it in awe and Fred flies down in front of you, “What’s this?”

“You know darling, I’m going to miss you a lot as well,” He takes you by surprise and presses his lips against yours, and the cheers of the students grow even more. He pulls away after a few magical seconds, “I know how you feel Y/N, and I’ll have you know, the feeling is mutual.”

How did he know?! You look up at George and he gives you a small wink, Fred places another gentle peck against you lips and then the boys fly away.

You sigh as the chaos dies down, this next year is never going to end.


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For Keith lunch was over far too soon.
The food was delicious as always and he enjoyed the relaxed chatter that came from Allura.
If Keith had to be honest when he first joined he had been pretty scared of the tall woman. But after talking to her he found though she was scarily stubborn and driven, but she was also sweet and funny. Keith wished he could have feelings for her. That he could be attracted to the beautiful and amazing woman rather then being unable to tear his eyes away from Lance as he laughed.
Being unbelievably jealous of Hunk who had Lance cuddling into his chest as he sat in his lap.
Keith kept telling himself that gay was illegal and that even if Lance was a woman he was too young for him.
Keith couldn’t infect a child with his sickness.
Pining aside it was a loverly time.
The sun was shining and the company was pleasant.
Soon as Allura stood up and said it was time to leave Keith couldn’t help but feel disappointed.
The fact that his butt was still sore from the ride really didn’t help.

“Look out!”
Keith whipped his head round from where he was preparing Red when he saw Goldie free from her reigns and running directly towards Lance who didn’t seem to realise he was about to be trampled.
Keith’s brain shut down and he went into autopilot as he pulled the knife from his belts holder and threw it at the ropes holding the barrels on the back of Blacks cart.
The knife hit its mark, snapping the rope and causing the barrels to go rolling off directly into Goldies path.
She bolted away finally coming to a stop a little away by the trees.
Lance had jumped back away from the barrels his eyes wide and his chest rapidly raising and falling.
For a moment no one moved. They all just stared in amazement and silent horror.
Then Hunk ran towards Lance.
“Are you ok?” He asked as he helped his best friend to his feet.
That seemed to break everyone out of their trance and like a stampede they all moved as one.
Some broke away to gather the barrels, some to get Goldie.
It was Shiro, Pidge, Allura, Coran and Keith that ran to Hunk and Lance.
“Lance! Are you alright?” Allura asked.
Lance didn’t speak he merely nodded.
“My boy are you sure?” Coran asked in concern. As the circus doctor Coran knew that it’s when they get quiet it’s when they should worry.
Again Lance nodded.
It was then that Keith realised he was staring right at him.
Keith dropped his gaze to the ground, Great he had just traumatised the guy.
“That shot was amazing.”
“What shot?” Hunk asked, he had yet to remove his arms from around Lance as though he could protect him from all harm just by the power of his hugs.
“Keith’s, he threw the knife.” Lance pointed at where the knife was still lodged in the cart.
Realisation crossed their faces.
“Keith… did you really throw this knife?” Shiro asked as he pulled the knife out.
Keith nodded finding being the centre of attention was not all it was made out to be.
Shiro exchanged a look with Allura and Keith was sure this was it.
This was when he was going to be told to hit the road alone.
“Keith.” He flinched as he watched a large smile spread across Allura’s face “guess we found your act!”
“Wait what?”
“I’ve never seen anyone throw so well! Not even Lance!” Hunk grinned.
“Hey!” Lance pouted but was grinning too. “Seriously though, you sure are good with knives! In fact we should do an act together!”
Keith felt all the blood drain from his face “t-together?”
Lance nodded enthusiastically “yeah I’ve had this idea for years but no one to do it with.”
Lance grabbed Keith hands “will you do it with me?”
“God yes… I mean yeah sure I guess I can.”
Lance suddenly wrapped his arms around him and Keith was sure his brain shut down with his last thought being about how good Lance smelt.

“Ok just throw it at the targets!” Lance yelled.
“I know!” Keith snapped.
Soon as they had arrived and set up everyone had launched themselves into practising to prepare for the show that night.
Lance had pulled Keith away to throw knives at a long and tall wooden board that when up fully almost reached the top of the tent.
Across it in a long diagonal line we’re little red x’s designed to be targets for the knives.
Lance had explained that the idea of the trick was that Keith would throw the knives to create a stair case that Lance would run up before he jumped from the last one onto the trapeze swing to be caught by Allura.
However after nearly three hours Keith found himself exhausted and harder and harder to actually hit the targets.
Thankfully Lance was working on his silk act close to the ground rarther then actually try and run up the badly formed stair case and risk getting stabbed.
“Hey no need to get snippy.” Lance hugged as he held himself up purely by the strength of his legs.
“I know… i know… look I’m sorry it’s just. It’s frustraighting ok? This is all so new to me and I hate that I can’t do it!” Keith sighed as he pulled at his hair.
Lance chuckled “well yeah, what did you expect ? To be perfect at your first go? Putting an act together is hard back breaking work. When I first started I fell on my ass more times then I can count.”
Keith smiled as he examined the knife he was holding “I know…”
“You sure do say that a lot.” Lance teased as he flipped off the silk landing perfectly and putting his hands on his hips.
“Shut up.”
“No I sharnt” Lance gently poked him in the ribs.
Seeing how Keith jumped and the look of terror a Cheshire Cat like grin spread across his face.
“Oh, someone’s tickelish!”
“Lance no!”
“Lance yes!”
Lance began tickling him mercilessly Keith falling back to the floor with the younger boy falling on top of him.
They rolled around for a moment before Keith ended up on top looking down at the laughing Lance.
They lay there for a moment breathing heavily.
Slowly Lance stopped laughing as he looked up at Keith.
He brushed his hand along his cheek and before Keith could stop himself he was leaning down gently pressing his lips against Lance’s.
His lips tastes salty but were surprisingly soft.
Keith vaguely registered that Lance was running his fingers through his black hair causing shivers to run down his spine.
He wanted this.
Oh God how he wanted this.
Oh God What was he doing.
Keith suddenly pushed Lance away jumping to his feet.
“What’s wrong?” Lance asked.
“T-this isn’t right… this is illegal…”
Lance snorted “so what?”
“It’s wrong and disgusting!”
Lance rose an eyebrow “you didn’t seem all that disgusted.” He nodded towards Keith’s crouch and he quickly covered his ‘situation’ with his hands.
“W-well I’m not some boy whore for your fun! I’m not a disgusting prostitute with no self respect willing to throw himself at you!”
A dark look spread across Lance’s face as he stood up and wiped his lips on his sleeve.
“Fine if that’s how you feel. But you should know, prostitutes don’t always have a choice, sometimes it’s that or death. So maybe quit acting so high and mighty and stop pretending to be something your not.” Lance turned to leave the tent “I need to get ready for the show.”
Keith wanted to yell at him.
Ask him who he was to judge him or say that about prostitutes, that how the hell would he know.
Then he remembered…
If Pidge had come from the asylum, Hunk the gutter…
Did that mean Lance had come from a brothel?
Guilt stabbed at his gut.
He had messed up big time.
Keith promised he would make it right.
He told himself it was because it was the right thing to do and not only because soon as he had pulled his lips away that it felt like he was missing something.
He longed for Lance…
If Lance made him feel this way then maybe… just maybe being gay wasn’t all that bad?

anonymous asked:

Do you think that before Flynn stole the mothership he tracked Lucy down at all? I'm sure he would have been curious about the mysterious professor who wrote his journal-from-the-future. So I can picture him finding her at her university and attending one of her lectures or something. What are your thoughts?

Oh, my god, Anon. My thoughts are I have had these EXACT THOUGHTS!

He DEFINITELY looked her up before the series starts! No doubt. None. Erase all doubt from your mind. We don’t know the degree of it. Maybe Flynn searched online for information about her. Maybe he read one of her books (a history book– not the sad, handwritten one). Maybe, yes, he even sat in the back of at least one lecture. We don’t know how far he went researching her (he’s an intelligence gathering special agent and this could actually be quite in depth– he has her tax returns), but we do know that Flynn looked Lucy up in the present day before setting his plan in motion.

And it all sounds like an interesting little possibility and fan theory, one more connection Flynn and Lucy have before even meeting face to face, but the logical part of our brain is still like, “Proof?”

How about the fact that, in the Pilot, he knew what she looked like? Yeah. Once you realize Flynn picked her out of a frantic crowd at night in front of an explosion, it hits you: “How did he know her face?” Lucy can write her entire life story in that journal. Flynn can know her mind as well as she knows herself. But unless Lucy included a photograph, he would not know her to see her. He’d pass her on the street. Conclusion: either through research or because he staked her out (attended one of her classes), Flynn was familiar with what Lucy looked like prior to meeting her in 1937.

Now, you can argue the above. You could say that one brief, mid-episode snippet is the real first time Flynn sees her. The part when he’s watching the three be arrested after he called in that tip on them.

BUT! he is very, very far away. And he’s not even the one looking through the binoculars when it happens. 

He certainly can’t make out her face. And would he really approach her later with his biggest identifier being that she had on a brown coat? Why would he WANT to leave it up to chance? Why would he risk not knowing what Lucy looks like before going into the past where he knows he’s going to run into her? I really don’t think he would.

Also (just mentioning) Flynn’s guy that Wyatt kills in the hangar knew who Lucy was, and I’m not sure what to make of it. Flynn did brief his men about her though. We know that. Because after realizing who she was (whether because Flynn passed around a picture of her or because he said she’d be the woman following them), the man said, “Flynn wants to talk to you.” So Flynn made certain his men knew who Lucy was and that, if found, she should be brought to him, presumably unharmed.

I really think it makes sense that Flynn looked her up beforehand. It makes more sense than him not doing it. Checking up on Lucy just fits Flynn’s character. Not only for curiosity’s sake, but because Flynn won’t be caught unaware again. After Rittenhouse and his family, Flynn researches, he double-checks. The man has become obsessively prepared. It’s like a compulsion he now has. He needs that sense of control so much he doesn’t even delegate unless he has to. He trusts no one. He does everything himself. He’s paranoid something will go wrong. So many episodes, he has to check the journal before allowing himself to act. Even in 1.12, he pulled it out and studied the drawing before approaching Emma’s cabin. He looks before he leaps, and you can’t tell me that doesn’t include investigating Lucy before thrusting them into the situation where they meet. He would want to know her first, familiarize himself a little better.

So yes, he looked her up before stealing the Mothership. Fight me.

The Sexual Escapades of the Well-Informed Pureblood, Engaged To The Randy Prat Who Lived - Ch. 1

We made it!  Harry and Draco – our Randy Prat and Innocent Pureblood – have made plans to tie the knot! And @l0vegl0wsinthedark and I want to thank everyone who took that journey with them/us and rooted for the happy ending between them we all hoped for!

So that’s it, right? Engaged=no complications whatsoever?
*cackles *
Well, let’s see:in our very first chapter, Harry and Draco are confronted with something they maybe should have been paying attention to all along, and as this book progresses you’ll find that love doesn’t always make for smooth sailing – although, in the case of the Randy Prat and his now Well-Informed Pureblood Fiance, it usually at least results in some really interesting sex. LOL.

The previous book can be found here: The Sexual Awakening of An Innocent Pureblood, Dating The Randy Prat Who Lived

Content Warnings: Strong sexual content, discussions of mpreg, moment of non-consensual violence (that is addressed).

Chapter One: Well Done, Chosen One:

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WDW’s Reaction to Their S/O Having Cramps & Moodswings

A/N: idk this feels kinda specific but also I really wanted to make it so hopefully y’all enjoy! Also this is just based off my personal experiences with periods, and what’s been recalled to me through a few close friends. I know everyone goes through different things and I don’t wanna make assumptions. Love you all! -Anna

Disclaimer: Period talk ahead- just putting it out there.

♡J O N A H♡ Would be the king of caring for you (no I’m not just saying that because he’s my lane) no matter how you felt- even if you were having a perfectly fine day. 

“Are you doing ok, Princess? Do you need anything?”

“Umm, no…I’m fine babe, thanks thou-”

*opens up his actual tote bag filled with goodies because Jonah’s a mom friend i stg*

“Do you want some trail mix? I custom ordered it gluten and dairy free because I know you feel bloated after you eat gluten or dairy or I also have some Gatorade if you’re low on electrolytes or I have moist towelettes if you’re feeling overheated or-”

“Jonah…Jonah? Jonah oh my god I don’t need a- wait, is that a candy bar?”

“Umm, yeah, but that’s m-”

“Can I have the candy bar?”

“Umm, are you sure you don’t want the-”

“I want the candy bar, Jonah.”

     If you were having rough period day though, he’d actually be really empathetic, and pick up pretty easily on what would frustrate or aggravate you (basically he wouldn’t nag you with his tote bag of period goodies). He’d probably enjoy a chill day in with you, and anything that was sore or hurting he’d do his best to fix however he could- because at the end of the day there’s nothing that would upset him more than you being uncomfortable or in pain. More than likely he’d bundle you like a burrito in a heated blanket and wrap his limbs around you, burying his face in the crook of your neck as he softly whispered to you that everything was going to be ok, and that he loved you very much.

☆C O R B Y N☆ Would be extremely soft and caring with you in as much as he could, including your grouchy attitude. More than likely, anything you’d say he’d immediately agree with just to keep you happy, no matter what.

“You know, I think chocolate’s actually good for you. Like, it’s a plant, so it’s basically a vegetable. I’m eating a vegetable right now.” Pursing his lips together and refusing to make eye contact with you as he flipped through the channels on the T.V. he’d nod.

“Yeah, I read something about that. They’re actually considering repackaging chocolate’s everywhere to cater to the vegan community.” 

On a serious note though, he’d probably be the most interested in knowing what’s actually going on- like, he’d be on google for hours.

“Princess? How long have you been menstruating?” (would 100% call it menstruating)

“Ummm, a few hours? Why?” Excitedly, he’d pull up a very detailed diagram of a step-by-step process of what’s happening in your body.

“You’re currently shedding your endometrium!” Cringing, you’d shake your head violently as you playfully pushed him away.

“Corbyn if you say endometrium one more time I’m gonna throw up I’m not kidding.”

♧D A N I E L♧ Would be the most likely to handle it the best. He’d always be 100% prepared with a heating pad and pain killers, and would be the most likely to listen to your rants or concerns with sincerity instead of just writing it off as hormones.

*wiping away a fear stray tears*

“Sometimes I just feel like I really want a pet dragon, you know Danny?” He’d nod, letting you rest your head on his shoulder as you grew tired. Running his hands softly through your hair and laying soft kisses on your forehead, he’d reply.

“You’d be crazy not to, baby. Could you imagine how handy a pet dragon would be? You could get an old fashioned tower and store your most prized possessions there…you could fly…it’d be the perfect companion.” 

He’d also be flexible with any plans you two had made earlier, more than happy to skip the adventures and take a chill day in watching movies and having heart to heart conversations about the little things in life.

♘J A C K♘ Wouldn’t catch on right away, but once he did he’d be 100% loving and cuddly, wanting nothing more than for you to feel comfortable. That being said, he would NOT agree with you on everything the way Corbyn would. 

*watching a Purina Dog Food commercial and sobbing*

“That dog is so- *sniffle* -happy to have his- *sniffle* -food and why can’t the whole world be that happy!?” Jack would roll his eyes, not looking up from his phone as he replied.

“Because the whole world isn’t an over-payed ungrateful golden retriever who sells dog food to pay for their owner’s vacation to Bali.” Sobbing harder at this, you’d pelt countless throw pillows at his head which he was 100% not prepared for.



“Baby, you know I love you- but that’s a golden retriever and-” 

*immediately pelted with another throw pillow*

     In all seriousness though, Jack would probably make you laugh the most, because even though he might tease you from time to time, he really only wants to make you feel better. The two of you would spend the rest of the day cuddled up on your mountain of throw pillows watching cute baby animal compilation videos online and playfully teasing each other the way the two of you always do.

♕Z A C H♕ Ok, here’s the thing with Zach. Does he get slightly afraid of you when you get into a mood or give him the cold shoulder? Yeah. Does he understand how periods work? Not really. But let me tell you- this boy would NEVER shy away from the tampon/pads aisle. It wouldn’t bother him in the slightest. If you needed him to run to the store to get your favorite treats, some pain killers and a box of period products- he’d be on it, no questions asked. Checking out in front of other people at the store would actually fill him with a weird sense of pride and responsibility, and for that you were eternally grateful.

*on the phone in Walmart loudly*

“Yeah, I’m staring at the tampons now, what brand did you say you wanted?”

*at home giggling*

“Zach, don’t be so loud people are gonna look at you funny!”

“So, who cares? You’re my girlfriend, babe. Wait, hold on a sec, this grandma is giving me a side eye.” 

*holds phone slightly away from his ear*


*to the phone*

“Alright baby, you have about 30 seconds to tell me what to buy before someone comes to kick me out of Walmart.”


Rehabilitating A Broken Heart (5)

Bucky x Reader AU

Summary: Bucky Barnes is an arrogant asshole. He loves parties, girls, and having everything revolve around him. After a horrific car accident that causes him to lose his arm, he’s sent to physical rehabilitation where he meets Y/n, a spunky, takes no shit, physical therapist that has Cerebral Palsy. There, a strong connection forms and she shows him the ropes of living a normal life with a disability.

Word Count: 1.6k+

Warnings: asshole bucky, swearing, brother & sister fighting, uh i think that’s it


Originally posted by sebstanslaugh

Chapter 5: Sour Moods

Another few days pass since I started rehab and I’ve made little to no progress. I know I shouldn’t get frustrated so early in my physical therapy sessions, but I can’t help it. I don’t want to be dependent on my sister or on my therapist for anything, and I still am. I still haven’t been able to tie my shoes.

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Anna: “I don’t even know what love is.” This is the most complicated, broken, and profound line in the entire movie that was said by an equally complicated, broken, and profound character. Wait, What?

I know people will most likely agree or notice that Elsa is more glorified and magnified than Anna. Elsa is widely celebrated that she has become a whole franchise on her own singlehandedly. In Disney stores and in other stores carrying the “Frozen” merchandise, I notice that everything with Elsa’s face in it are always sold out whereas Anna’s…you can see that there are always a lot floating around. That she’s only just a spare. If a kid asks for Elsa, and her dolls are out of stock, she settles for Anna. Anna, the princess, not the Queen. Anna, the klutz, not the elegant and graceful character. Anna, the underrated character in her own movie.

What’s my point here? I’m not talking about sales statistics. I’m merely stating the obvious. We see more of  Elsa’s story get more notes and analyses here on Tumblr. She’s this utterly gorgeous muse with a tragic backstory that makes her so complicated and so enigmatic. She’s the one with the anthemic song with the sexy hips and gorgeous ice dress. She has ice powers, which make her so disarmingly hotter, and way more interesting that Anna, the younger sister who’s unashamedly ordinary compared to her sister.

I’m not trying to push Elsa off the pedestal and make Anna outshine her; wrong. That’s just how it is. Anna is underrated and there’s no denying that. But it makes me quite sad when I see people write about how Anna is just this naïve, gullible, and shallow character who fulfilled Disney’s aesthetics by being the typical princess who is love-starved and seeks romance as her main goal throughout the movie; to find a prince, kiss, and live happily ever after. Anna fulfilled that, yes. There was Kristoff, the kiss, and happily ever after. But that all came with a price. But she’s more than that. Way more than that.

“I don’t even know what love is.” My focus is this line because there are so many layers to it. 

Let’s tackle the question with some hypothetical questions and some counter statements that I also thought about, shall we?

1. Anna knows what love is. It’s not like she was locked away like Elsa was. She had her mom and dad. So if anything, Elsa should be the one who would be fitting to say that.

Yes, Anna had more contact with her mom and dad and I’m sure they compensated for Elsa’s absence by being there for her. Anna was free to hug her parents. She was free to play with her mom and dad. They had a good relationship for the most part. Anna loved them and they loved Anna. But honestly, if my sister just stopped talking to me and my parents wouldn’t give me an actual answer as to why, I’d feel pretty devastated.

I’d feel hated by my own sister. I don’t know how much (or if at all) it was emphasized by her parents that Elsa didn’t hate her whenever she asked why Elsa won’t see her anymore, but it still doesn’t excuse the fact that they kept her in the dark. Anna was betrayed from the very beginning by her own parents. All these doors. All these excuses. All these unanswered questions. It was unfair. Although her parents meant well, I’m pretty sure Anna had already formed conflicting thoughts about the concept of what love is. Why is Elsa gone? Why won’t Mama and Papa tell me? Don’t they trust me?

2. If Anna is so desperate for love and the company of people, why didn’t she go with her parents on that ship? That could’ve been her chance to explore the world. Heck, she also has a choice of leaving the castle. It’s not like Elsa told her to be locked in, too. 

I’ve seen someone write about this, but I’ve reblogged it a long time ago so I can’t really find it right now. It’s interesting how Anna stayed behind when she could’ve gone with her parents. She was fifteen years old and during that time period, hell yeah, she’s pretty darn legal. People got married even before fifteen. She didn’t need to go with her parents. She had a choice. And her choice was to stay.

Why? Okay, so Mama and Papa will be gone for two weeks. TWO WEEKS. That’s enough time for me to convince Elsa to come out of her room. Hopefully. I’ll even camp out by her door! I’ll bribe her with chocolates! Wait, what? It’s been way too long. I’ll use this time to come up with a plan to make her talk to me without Mama and Papa telling me not to go near her door. Elsa doesn’t hate me. I think. I mean, she’s my sister! Maybe, even for just a few days, Elsa and I can finally have some time for ourselves without anyone telling me not to bother her. I need to stay behind. I need to talk to her. Joan doesn’t say much. I miss Elsa. 

I think that’s how it went down in Anna’s mind. Or close to it. I mean, if she went on that ship, she would’ve died and uhh…there will be no movie. But two weeks became forever. And the door remained shut for another three years although the plan to have it opened did not waver.

She never opened those gates and left Elsa alone because where Elsa is, there she will be, too. Who will embrace Elsa with open arms when she finally opens that door? Anna won’t miss it for the world. 

I think this is the part where Anna’s faith in her sister wavered. God, she was so excited, so nervous, and so desperate to keep her sister’s attention. She standing so close next to Elsa. And Elsa is finally talking to her. They had, max, three minutes of screen time together. Three minutes or so of finally reconnecting. But Elsa and her own version of unconditional love for Anna, pushes her away once again and breaks her own heart again in the process.  Everything was going well….what did I ever do to her?

It’s just so absolutely brilliant how Hans comes in the picture a second after this scene to catch her as she tripped and about to fall. As if he was the one who will save her metaphorically. Hans, who echoes Anna’s pain (or pretends to) captures Anna’s heart immediately. He talks to her, makes her feel important, he…TALKS to her. It wasn’t a painting. It wasn’t her face against a door talking to a voiceless human being that was inside that room somewhere. It was someone finally talking to her and listening to her. Anna could not just let this pass. At this rate, Anna just wanted out. Marriage, whatever it may be, she needed an out. Not necessarily to leave Elsa because she did offer that Hans and her brothers live in their castle. But just…an escape from this gaping hole she was left with in so long. So much void. So much loneliness. Yeah, Anna was pretty naive to just say “YES” to marriage after four minutes of having a duet with a complete stranger. How gullible. But really, how much more loneliness and rejection can a person stomach? She saw an opportunity and took it. She wanted an out.  She wanted to be loved. And that’s perfectly human nature. Maybe this is her chance. Anna has been questioning what love is since that day that door slammed shut on her face. Maybe Hans will prove her wrong. He did, in the most sadistic and unexpected way.

“I don’t even know what love is.”

This is the face of complete defeat. Elsa throws her out of her ice palace after literally getting a near death experience and trekking that mountain for days. She dropped everything for Elsa just to be rejected again. Elsa physically built a monster to throw her out. Seriously, that blows more than anything even though we all know Elsa means well. And then, Hans betrays her. She’s dying and she doesn’t know what love is. She really doesn’t. She has this epiphany and realization that maybe she was just an idiot all this time. Anna, here, is convinced that whatever image of love she has in her mind is nothing more but demented wishful thinking and lies. Her parents kept secrets from her and allowed her relationship with her sister to fester. Plus, they leave her, too. They died with those secrets and those hugs Anna had looked forward to everyday growing up and wishing Elsa can hug her, too. Her own sister who was her best friend and someone she looks up to suddenly stopped being there for her unannounced; kicks her out after she goes on this suicide mission to find her, and accidentally freezes her heart. The one person that she confided in and trusted with her heart leaves her for dead after telling her she was a rebound because “no one was getting anywhere with Queen Elsa” that’s why he picked her. All of this seem to be undermined because of Anna’s radiant personality. But did anyone really actually consider that it may have been a fascade to mask the fact that she’s been crapped on all her life and everyday she wishes someone can make all of that stop?

So yeah, don’t tell me that Anna is shallow.

Anna screams “NO!” and blocks Hans’ sword from killing Elsa. By the time this happens, it’s already been established that Anna thinks Elsa doesn’t want to see her again. STILL, she literally defies that. NO, I will not let you touch my sister. YES, it’s probably true that she doesn’t love me enough or trust me enough to make it work, ice powers and all, BUT I will not let you kill her. This is not how it’s going to end. YES, I may have given up on trying to mend our relationship, but I CHOOSE HER. I may not know what love is, I may not know how it feels like to be loved. BUT I KNOW HOW TO LOVE. AND I LOVE MY SISTER. I CHOOSE HER OVER MY LIFE EVEN THOUGH IT MEANS I MAY NEVER SEE HER AGAIN. 

Guys, Anna died loving Elsa. Anna died forgiving Elsa completely…but she died not really and truly grasping how much Elsa loves her. She died thrown out, rejected, and betrayed.

Anna does not exist to fulfill Disney’s aesthetics to maintain a certain standard of being a Disney princess and a damsel in distress. Anna is none of that. Whatever happy ending she got, she deserves it, in all of its cliche and cheesiness. She has suffered just as much. She has cried just as much. And she deserves happiness and love just as much. She’s been a complicated character since her first screen time and for the next to follow. Sure, she made some really stupid mistakes. But that’s what makes her so relatable and so scarily human. Anna is the epitome of stubborn love. And that’s what makes her so beautiful. 

Angsty Ass Semi-Bruise Headcanons

* Jay was very scared of letting Cole go outside for long periods of time during the time he was a ghost. (He was afraid he would forget Cole and/or Cole would somehow disappear if he couldn’t at least hear Cole nearby)

* Cole gave up on Jay, romantical wise, after s5. (He basically lost all hope to even cross that line with Jay, so he watched from afar to at least make sure he was happy with Nya.)

* Jay never really caught on to if Cole liked him or not. (He himself had a slight crush in the beginning after training and getting to know Cole. However, he dismissed it as prosperous and decided to pursue Nya instead.)

* As Jay continued to pursue Nya in a romantic relationship, he sometimes would force his interest onto Nya instead of the lingering crush he had on Cole. (Jay thought the more time he spent away from Cole and the more with Nya, his feelings would eventually change)

* And this works for Jay. He finds his feelings much more intrigued by Nya and thinks his crush on Cole had finally disappeared. (But during DoTD, his secret crush on Cole comes crawling back out when he and everyone else thought Cole was gone)

* Once Jay realizes this, Jay wanted to confront Cole about it. However, he decides against it and stays with Nya in hopes he was just delusional.

* Cole is left wondering if he ever had a chance with Jay; to the point he consoles Zane and Pixal for advice.

* As Jay’s best friend though, Cole still keeps close; he knows all of Jay’s secrets, what Jay likes to eat/wear/hobbies etc, and secretly is happy about the fact they probably had one of the stronger relationships on the team.

* Cole had tried to get into a romantic relationship off screen in hopes of moving on from Jay. However, it doesn’t end up well and Cole broke it off with them. (Cole actually found himself more sadden than before dating them. Not only could he not move on, but he had hurt someone else as well)

* Cole would sometimes throw small flirting lines to Jay. None were ever taken seriously though and Jay played it off as playful banter.

* In reality though, Jay was more confused by Cole’s lines of flirting rather than not taking them seriously. (Some of these things was what brought up the possibility of Cole liking him to Jay)

* Cole is very good at hiding his actual feelings. Sometimes, he’ll even restrict himself from being too close to Jay when training or even fighting in battle. (He almost told Jay he liked him post s4 and pre s5 but he told himself that Jay would most likely not accept his feelings; so he decided to wait a little longer)

* This however, was a mistake on Cole’s part since Jay and Nya officially got together during post s6.

* Cole was heartbroken but he continued on like nothing was wrong. He continued as the best friend figure for Jay and forced himself to move on.

* Long story short, Jay and Cole never got together because of their doubts about each others’ feelings; as well as trying to tell themselves they’ll move on from whatever feelings they had for the other.

take this burden - part 23

[ lost in my mind - the head and the heart ]


Mo Guan Shan slid off the bed, finding a discarded towel and cleaning himself up.

He knocked on the bathroom door gently.

‘I’ll be out in a minute.’ Came He Tian’s soft response.

‘Nope. Now. I promise I won’t touch you.’

Nearly a minute, an agonizing one at that, passed before He Tian opened the door.

Mo Guan Shan had put a shirt on, offering another to He Tian as he entered the room.

They sat on the edge of the bed, farther apart than they had in days.

‘I am so sorry.’

The sincerity in Mo Guan Shan’s words caught He Tian’s attention.

He looked up.

‘You’re sorry?’

Mo Guan Shan nodded.

‘What the fuck do you have to be sorry for?’

‘This was my fault. I wanted it. I really wanted it. And, like an asshole, I pushed you. I promised I would stop if you kissed me, and I didn’t. That’s all on me. I was being selfish and I am so, so, sorry.’

‘This… is not remotely the reaction I was expecting.’

‘What were you expecting.’

He Tian thought about that for a moment.

‘I’m not sure, but it wasn’t an apology.’

‘This was completely my fault, and I hope you can forgive me and that I haven’t fucked things up between us.’

‘I forgive you.’ He Tian told him gently.

Relief flooded Mo Guan Shan’s face.

‘Even still…’ He Tian began, choosing his words slowly.

‘I shouldn’t have been so rough. I know you’re sore, and even if you weren’t I don’t know if you’re even into that kind of shit.’

Mo Guan Shan chuckled, unconsciously reaching up to gingerly touch the sensitive patch of skin on his neck.

‘Oh, I am. I really, really, am.’

He Tian took a deep breath, forcing the himself not to smile.

‘What now?’

Mo Guan Shan looked away, considering the question.

‘Well, we could pretend it never happened.

He Tian nodded slowly.

‘Is that what you want?’

‘You don’t want to hear what I want.’

He Tian sighed, exasperated.

‘Well I do now.’

‘I really enjoyed it and would be up for doing it again right now.’

‘You’re right. I didn’t want to hear that.’


‘Don’t be.’

‘I’ll try.’

A long moment of silence.

‘Are there any more options?’

‘I guess we just accept it and move on?’

He Tian nodded.

‘That’s probably the correct course of action, isn’t it?’

‘Probably so.’ Mo Guan Shan confirmed.

He Tian flopped back onto the bed.

‘Why is the correct course always the most boring?’

Mo Guan Shan pushed himself off the bed.

‘I wish I knew.’

He grabbed two beers from the bar and the pack of cigarettes from the counter, holding them out to He Tian.

He laughed, following him onto the porch.

They each lit a cigarette, tapping their cans together.

‘To our vices, whatever they may be.’

‘Damn right.’

They took in the view, both lost in thought.

‘Are you still going to sleep with me? Mo Guan Shan asked.

He Tian choked on the drink he’d just taken.

‘In the bed, I mean.’ Mo Guan Shan clarified quickly.

‘I’m…not sure.’

‘I promise I won’t do anything. You can even build another pillow-wall between us.’

He Tian smiled.

‘Is it just me or does that seem like it happened years ago?’

Mo Guan Shan met his gaze.

‘More has happened in the last few days that happens to some people in years.’

‘How very wise of you.’

The redhead smirked.

‘What can I say, vague assurances are my expertise.’

‘That’s weird.’ He Tian informed him.

‘Well what’s yours?’

‘Making any given situation worse simply by being part of it.’

‘That’s like a super power.’

‘I would be a terrible superhero.’

‘But an awesome villain.’

‘Is that supposed to make me feel better?’


The silence had started to feel comfortable again when He Tian broke it.

‘Promise me that you’re not upset.’

‘I promise.’

‘And I didn’t hurt you?’

‘Not at all.’

He Tian looked skeptical.

‘He Tian, if I’d asked you to stop, what would you have done?’

‘I would have stopped!’

‘That’s all I need to know.’

‘Mo Guan Shan, even if I was a monster, all you would have to do is tell Zhengxi and he would arrest me on the spot. And probably kick my ads for good measure.’

‘I’m not calling you a liar, but I highly doubt that.’

‘Don’t. Zhengxi takes consent very, very, seriously.’

‘Oh, and he’d just throw you in jail?’

‘Without a second thought.’

‘Even though you’re friends?’

‘Especially because we’re friends. Between the three of us, we’ve seen more than enough abuse.’

Mo Guan Shan nodded slowly.

‘I suppose that makes sense.’


‘I do trust you.’ Mo Guan Shan told him quietly.

‘I almost wish you didn’t.’

‘Too bad.’


Eventually, they made their way inside.

Mo Guan Shan took it upon himself to build the wall of pillows.

He Tian went to check on the cat.

Felix hissed at him, not even bothering to sit up.

Well, alright then.

Stopping by the guest bedroom, he pulled the comforter off the mattress before making his way back to the bedroom.

He found Mo Guan Shan in bed, leaning against the headboard and messing with his phone.

‘Take the blanket.’ He instructed Mo Guan Shan, holding up the one he’d acquired.

He Tian flicked off the last remaining light and settled on the mattress.

‘What time is it?’

‘Just after four.’



Mo Guan Shan turned his phone off, setting it on the bedside table.

After about an hour, He Tian assumed the other man was asleep and jumped at the sound of his voice.

‘What happens tomorrow?’

‘I guess we go home. Get you settled in.’

‘I guess that’s a good idea.’

He sounded slightly sad.

‘Is that not what you want?’

Mo Guan Shan was quiet for a moment.

‘I think I’m just putting it off.’

‘We could stay another night…’ He Tian suggested, more than half hoping he’d agree.

‘We should probably get back to the real world.’

‘A terrible place, really.’

They both laughed softly.

He Tian stared at the pillows between them in the soft light of the moon coming through the cracks in the curtains.

Time passed.

Mo Guan Shan shifted on the mattress.

‘I can’t sleep.’

‘Anything I can do?’ He Tian asked.

‘Will you put your hand on me?’ The redhead asked, almost too softly to hear.

Something about that request made his heart ache.

He Tian reached through the pillows, feeling around cautiously to find the other man was lying on his stomach.

He carefully slid his fingers under Mo Guan Shan’s shirt, tracing gentle circles over the soft skin of his lower back.

‘Thank you.’ He breathed, relaxing into the mattress.

‘Of course.’

There are so many things I love about Skin Deep and Rumbelle.

But one of my absolute favourite twists on OUAT is that their Beauty and the Beast story starts with ending a war. I… can’t really explain why, but the idea that Beauty in this story is not simply making a deal with the Beast to save her father (or -in some versions-  is basically being sold by her father who already made the deal with the Beast so he would let him go home), this Beauty is a peacemaker. OUAT’s Belle is a nobelwoman in a town under siege. A nobelwoman in a war council room, who is kind and gentle but at the same time has this incredible strength to her. She is someone who is not just capable of finding solutions that others wouldn’t have thought of (in this case summoning the Dark One) she is also the person who is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her people. The stakes are much higher than in any other BatB adaptation I know and that just gives this really interesting vibe to that very first scene. 

But it’s not just that it made (at least to me) Belle someone who is instantly a fascinating character. I also love how the Ogre Wars are something that played an extremely important role in both Rumple’s and Belle’s lives. 

I mean, here we have these two people who couldn’t come from more different backgrounds, born 300 years apart… and yet… war brings them together, in a way. The same kind of war, that so long ago ruined Rumplestiltskin’s life and ultimately made him who he is (after all if there were no Ogre Wars, he wouldn’t have become the Dark One). 

But it’s also interesting what kind of role they played in the Ogre Wars. Rumple was a soldier, who suffered because the nobels who ruled that territory (probably) couldn’t care less for their subjects. Rumple in that situation didn’t have any power or privilege. 300 years later he is the one with all the power, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he finds himself fascinated by- and later falls for this young noblewoman, who is willing to give up all her privilege and her freedom to save her own subjects. Belle becomes what Rumplestiltskin once was (a peasant/servant, someone whose life is basically in the hands of their master(s)) -what fate he later escaped from!- willingly, so she can save people like Spinner Rumple and Bae. And I don’t think that’s something Rumplestiltskin saw many times in his long life. 

There are many important things about Rumbelle, and the Ogre Wars being a shared experience (even if from totally different POV’s - but imo, that’s what makes it interesting) is probably not one of the most important ones. But damn, it’s fascinating.

This Morning On...

[Beach side cafe with Robert and Aaron having breakfast]

AARON: *munches on toast* - for the fans. Robert! Will you put your phone away! I’m eating bread products here and you’re not even enjoying it. 

ROBERT: Have you see this though? *scrolls through articles on phone* The Plot is seriously out to get me. Can we just not go back? I really don’t want to go back!

AARON: Yeah I read it. I mean most of it was redacted for the protection of my plot!brain but the gist of it is the same old, same old. We’ll be together forever no matter what the plot throws at us. Nothing new there. 

ROBERT: But what if the plot in between our amazing make up sex turns people off?! What if they leave?

AARON: There will always be something to pull them back in. Did you see we’re gonna get a second wedding? *FAN BAITING ALERT*

ROBERT: Hey, maybe it’ll actually be legal this time. *FAN BITTERNESS ALERT*

AARON: And, there was something in there about a candle lit dinner at the Grange. *FAN BAITING ALERT* I mean, not my top choice of venue, still trying to get you back to Bar West, but we’ve never actually been on a date. I think it’ll be nice. 

ROBERT: Suppose…

AARON: Besides, a bunch of the fans don’t really care about the Plot. They’ll love us no matter what, even if it is out of spite to our creators. 

ROBERT: Are you sure?

AARON: Well, first, you need to stop reading Metro. Try ao3! We do a lot better over there. Maybe…just skip past all of the break up fics though. 

- 3 hours later -

AARON: Robert! Come on! I’ve eaten like seventy-five pieces of toast while you’ve been sitting there staring at your phone. Let’s go do something! I’m bored…and really full. This contractually obligated to eat in every scene thing is really starting to affect me. (DANNY: I’m gonna need to go call Simon for some tips)

ROBERT: Sorry! Just one more chapter! I actually have consistent character development in this! Do you have any idea what this means to me? 

AARON: I do. I actually get to go to therapy in those. It’s nice to be more well adjusted and healthy, even if I’ll always struggle. In any case, I know you’ll always be there for me. 

ROBERT: Always. I got therapy in one of these too. Wow! I have a lot of unresolved issues that the Plot will never let me deal with. 

AARON: So…can we go now?

ROBERT: Two more sentences…okay…let me just see if the next chapter is…what?! It’s not done? *furiously typing* Love this! Please update soon! Right, we can go now. 

AARON: Back to bed?

ROBERT: Definitely. I read some things in here I want to try!

Can You Teach Me?

Josh is anxious and wants Brendon to help him out a little.
Pairings: Josh Dun × Brendon Urie
Warnings: drug use, mention of daddy kink??, switch!josh (majority bottom though)
Word Count: 5.1k

follow up to this

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Guys, I am so freaking excited!! in a few hours we’re going to see such wonderful things (SPOILERS):

1) We’re gonna see Daryl in that new shirt with a sexy swagger, cause arm muscles are gorgeous.

2) We’re going to see TF ask about Carol and see them react to what happened to her… Daryl most importantly but we still need to think of the others

3) We might possibly see Daryl bond with Shiva… cause holy crap that’s cool.

4) We’re going to see Carol, even if it’s brief, being all badass with a rifle and trying to hunt only to scold a kid for being out on his own. CAROL MY LOVE I MISS YOU SO!!

But seriously though, if I’m this excited to see 7x09, imagine what it’d be like next week for 7x10??… I might actually throw up next week

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Dean Winchester (Supernatural) Fan Fiction

No Pairing

  • The Beach (Humor)
    • Summary: Dean is in for an interesting morning when Castiel misinterprets a sarcastic joke.  But you got to hand it to Cas, when he tries to fulfill a dream, he really goes all in.   
  • Cherry Pie (Humor)
    • Summary: Dean has the bunker to himself, so he decides to make the most of it…until someone comes home. 
  • Bring Him Home (Angst)
    • Summary: Sam has just died, in a fight caused by yellow-eyes.  And all can Dean can do is look over his brother and pray… 
  • Bees (Humor)
    • Summary: Dean prayed to Cas for help.  Cas came…but Dean wished he hadn’t. 
  • Gotta Catch ‘Em All (Humor)
    • Summary: Sam just can’t help himself.  He’s gotta catch ‘em all!  But that doesn’t mean Dean can’t have some fun with it too.   
  • Camp Salad (Humor)
    • Summary: Dean does not approve of Sam’s camping methods.
  • The Cruel, Yet Effective Matchmaker (Humor)
    • Summary: After hearing Sam think that Y/n doesn’t like him, and after hearing Y/n whine about Sam ignoring her…he takes matters into his own damn hands!

Dean x Reader/OC (Female)

  • Needy Charge (Fluff, Angel!reader)
    • Summary: You are a guardian angel charged with watching over the Winchester Brothers. But you get a bit frustrated when Dean is always calling you for trivial things. Why would he keep calling you like this?
  • Proving Your Love (Fluff)
    • Summary: You have been in a relationship with Dean for a while, but when he can’t seem to speak his feelings, you get frustrated.  Thankfully Dean comes up with an idea to show you how much you mean to him.  
  • Planning Ahead (Fluff)
    • Summary: Dean decides it’s time to give in…so he takes you out for a date, on Halloween.  
  • Girl’s Day (Fluff)
    • Summary: You loved spending time with your boyfriend, Dean Winchester.  Everything is still in that new phase, so exciting.  So after doing a lot of Dean’s favorite things, you suggest your own day of fun.  But claiming it sounds like a ‘girl’s day’, he turns you down…which makes him feel awful later.  But lucky you…he has a way to make it up to you.  
  • Monster of the Week (Fluff)
    • Summary: Dating Dean Winchester has its perks!  And when you call him with a lead on a new “monster of the week”, he is quick to come to your rescue.  
  • Soft and Cuddly Inside (Fluff)
    • Summary: You had a reputation.  The badass hunter with the heart of stone.  But what people didn’t know, with that special someone, you were able to truly be yourself.  Dean Winchester, he always brought out the best in you.  
  • S.O.S. (Angst)
    • Summary: Dean broke things off with you three years ago, three long years ago.  But when he spots you in a bar, what will happen?
  • Being a Badass (Fluff; Humor)
    • Summary: Dean likes to be a badass…but this time, being a badass took a wrong turn.  Luckily, only you and Sam were the only ones who knew about it…for now.  
  • The Imperfect Family (Fluff; Humor)
    • Summary: Castiel takes his duties of Godfather to you and Dean’s child very seriously, even though she isn’t born yet.  Which is why he insists on throwing you a baby shower to celebrate the coming birth with your ‘family’.  What could possibly go wrong with an over protective Godfather angel?!
  • Learning from a Date (Angst; Fluff; Humor)
    • Summary: In an attempt to take your mind off your unrequited love for Dean Winchester, you decide to teach Castiel what it is like to go on a date.  But when Dean hears about it, things go according to plan…at least Sam and Cas’ plan.
  • Glad for an Ass Kicking (Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: When a hunt goes south, leaving you in an awful condition, you let it slip how much you care for Dean, saying those three little words.  When you are on the road to recovery, you worry that you have ruined everything, until you see the sweet message laid out on your bed.
  • The Winchester’s Savior (Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: You were an amazing hunter, but that didn’t stop Dean from benching you on hunts he deemed too dangerous.  But that is all about to change when you have to come to the boys rescue when an easy hunt goes sideways.  
  • All I Ask of You (Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: You love Dean Winchester, and you know he loves you too.  But his fear is too great to let him give in.  He won’t let you love him…will you ever be able to convince him?
  • Just a Prank (Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: Dean has been pulling pranks on you, without realizing how it was making you feel. It isn’t until you finally break down that Dean realizes his mistake.
  • If You’re Reading This (Angst)
    • Summary: Two weeks ago, you lost your husband, the love of your life, Dean Winchester.  Now, as you go through some of his things, you find some letters that he wrote, just in case this happened.  
  • Forget the Bacon (Smut)
    • Summary: It’s your birthday, and Dean is happy to give you whatever you want as a present.
  • Djinn, the Match Maker (Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: When Dean gets stuck in a Djinn dream, he realizes what he really wants in this life.  
  • Taking Out Anger (Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: Gabriel loves tricks, but when you step in to help Dean after Gabriel’s last one, you are put in the line of fire when Dean’s temper explodes.  And boy, does it explode!
  • VicoDean (Fluff)
    • Summary: Ever wonder what Dean would be like on Vicodin? You never really thought about it until Sam drug Dean into the bunker with a broken leg.
  • And His Plan Backfired (Humor)
    • Summary: When Sam realizes something, something big…he takes it upon himself to take the initiative.  But his plans backfire.  
  • What’s a Monster? (Angst)
    • Summary: Dean and Emma.  The whole hunting community knew they were sweethearts.  She was Dean’s girl.  But that changes when Dean learns something about Emma she prayed he would never learn.  
  • Cuddled Love (Fluff; Slight Angst)
    • Summary: A professional cuddler.  When a friend recommended it to you, you thought she was crazy…until you made a call and met Dean Winchester. 
  • My Hero (Slight Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: It was a routine hunt.  How were you supposed to know Dean had something planned for you afterwards?  And now that you got hurt and are in the hospital…he will be damned if he is backing out now. 
  • Now That You Found Me (Angst)
    • Summary: You love Dean Winchester with all your heart. And you thought he loved you too. But now that he has been turned into a demon…you aren’t so sure anymore.   
  • The Civilian (Angst)
    • Summary: You are just the civilian that the Winchesters saved a while back.  With nowhere else to go, they brought you to the bunker to help them with research and such. You try to help out as much as you can, but when you cross a line you didn’t know was there, and Dean explodes, it could have some extreme consequences.

Dean x Reader/OC (Male)

  • You’re My Apple Pie (Slight Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary:  You have always loved Dean Winchester, but he never looked at you, at least you thought. Little did you know, when Dean pictured the apple pie life, it was you he was picturing it with.  
  • Ramblin’ Man (Angst)
    • Summary: Dean wanted to run, to keep you safe.  But after a…moment lacking grace…he realizes you may not need as much protection as he thought.
  • Tease (Humor)
    • Summary: Being Dean’s boyfriend offered you a lot of amazing moments in life, and teasing him, was always one of the best ones.   

Multi-Chapter Stories 

Held Gaze: Bob and Alice have been spending a lot of time together, causing people to comment on their relationshipbut so far nothing has resulted from it. Often though, they will find themselves gazing deeply into each other’s eyes, one indication of their UST. This can often precede an Almost Kiss, as this is usually what is happening before that. If this is an extremely intense gaze into the other’s eyes, this might be an indication that a Big Damn Kiss is on the horizon.

So something I noticed during my third viewing of Guardians of the Galaxy is that every time some major shit went down, Peter and Gamora looked at each other first. As in, “oh shit, we’re about to get shot or get our asses kicked, are you ready to fight?” Seriously, I don’t even think they noticed it. It was totally unconscious, but it starts right after Peter talks Drax down from killing her. It’s kind of amazing.

I mean, they’ve known each other a matter of hours and they slowly starting building this unsaid attachment. Let me show you some examples:

  • When the slave girl at the Collector’s place went for the Infinity Stone, Gamora immediately tackles Peter out of harm’s way. 
  • When Ronan shows up after Drax called him, they look at each other and then both bolt.
  • Gamora is the first person to catch Peter’s gaze and commit to dying among her friends when he gives them his 12% plan.
  • Once the smoke clears and Ronan is still alive after his ship crashes, Peter and Gamora still meet eyes first as they revel in the horror and try to figure out what to do.
  • Peter “throws it” to Gamora while he’s dancing (and my God, that might’ve been the funniest scene she had when she just honestly shook her head.) to distract Ronan while Rocket reassembled the device to take him down.
  • Gamora was the first to take Peter’s hand after he grabbed the stone, even though she knew she would probably die by doing so.
  • After they killed Ronan and saved the day, there was a seriously heavy gaze and they might have even shared a little victory kiss if Yondu hadn’t interrupted them.
  • Yet again, we have that strong gaze after Peter says Yondu was probably the only family he had and Gamora says that’s not true.
  • After Peter reads his mother’s letter and puts on Awesome Mix 2, there is this incredibly sweet, fond look and smile between the two of them as they listen to the music.

I love that this thing between them is just a thread. It’s not a huge romantic plot tumor. It’s a tease. It’s a taste of what might develop into something in later movies, and in a movie where NOTHING is subtle, I think it’s fantastic that their chemistry has actual layers to it. He comes on strong at first, but then you notice that he sees past the beauty and the anger in Gamora and realizes she’s worth fighting and dying for. Aside from the gut-busting one-liners, I think this Held Gaze theme might be my favorite thing in the movie.

Ahem. Or I’m just a dork who thinks too much. Either way, these two idiots make me unspeakably happy.

Oh you’re a BoruSara shipper and you’re quitting? Let’s talk.

WARNING: Pro-BoruSara, if you are an anti/hater and you still read this then don’t blame me if you get triggered. I already warned you, not my fault. Learn to stay in your lane, mofos.

Agree or disagree, this is my opinion IDGAF

Alright so earlier this morning I just learned that my friend, who is a BoruSara shipper, decided to deactivate apparently because of Boruto Episode 3. I really wanna  blog about it right away but I had to go to work so I restrained myself.

This blog is dedicated to all BoruSara shippers and more importantly, my friend @borutoverse-deactivated20170419 who I’ve been friends with since Boruto was born/created by Kishi. We would always spazz together and talk about next gen stuff specially BoruSara. Even during the times that I was hiatus, she never failed to update me everything about Boruto (she messaged me every time which I really appreciated) I am sad that you decided to gave up right away. I thought we would go down with this ship no matter what happens but unfortunately you already quit. I respect your decision however I am a bit disappointed to be honest…

I promised myself that I would not go ham regarding “BoruSara vs other ship” or “BoruSara vs haters” since I wanna stay chill and positive while enjoying my pairing. You know, I just wanna peacefully fangirl with other BS shippers while throwing shitty BS fanarts to guys that’s all. Well I’m not saying I’m going to go war now just because of what happen. I simply cannot keep my mouth shut any longer and will now share my thoughts regarding these issues even though I originally planned to stay silent.

1.) BoruSara shippers who already gave up, or giving up

Wow seriously guys? We are just 3 episodes in the anime and 11 chapters in the manga and y’all already quitting? I mean bruh, I fuckin shipped SasuSaku since like I was ten and I waited a decade to see them go canon. Even during the darkest times I didn’t leave and I didn’t lose hope. DARK-FUCKING-TIMES like:

  • Sasuke leaving Konoha - imagine the pain?! The fucking agony that Sakura can’t see Sasuke? No interaction, no communication?!
  • Sasuke going crazy, wants to kill everyone, wants to destroy Konoha - ugggh the other half of your OTP just became a villain like wtf 
  • Sasuke and Sakura tryna kill each other - BRUUUHHHHH YOU DONT KNOW HOW MUCH THAT BROKE MY FUCKING HEART
  • During Sasuke’s rogue times, he’s with a new team, with another female character who clearly likes him??? - Holyshit that was scary af.

I went through all of these and I didn’t give up. And you guys, just because of the introduction of a new character who is so much alike with Boruto’s mother are already calling GG? That’s it? I know you’ll all be like “OMG How rude! you just cant compare this and that” I know I sound rude rn and I am indeed comparing BUT this is the only best way that I can think of to tell you guys that PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP YET, IT’S WAY TOO EARLY TO TELL!!! I fuckin went through all this hell and shit but in the end, I became victorious since my ship became canon so please don’t lose hope yet. 

Shoutout to all my fellow SS shippers who stayed despite the darkest times! You dabest fam. And to all SS shippers who gave up early then went back when SS went canon, welcome back but ya’ll weaklings lol #sorrynotsorry

 2.) BoruSara is like NarSak or SasNar that’s why they won’t go canon

I think this triggers me the most. I don’t really get why people think like this. Yes they are the children of their parents but that doesn’t mean they are the same as them. BORUTO AND SARADA HAVE THEIR OWN FUCKING IDENTITY FFS. I know they resemble them physically, and their interactions remind us about their parents BUT STILL, they are who they are, not who their parents are. Stop comparing them with these ships because they are different with each other! Each pairing have their unique relationship and dynamics. Didn’t you guys watch Boruto episode 1? Boruto was so triggered when Iwabe said that he was riding the coattails of his father. Don’t you get the point? SMH We’re in the new generation now, this is a different and new era. 

3.) Boruto would definitely choose the Class Rep because she’s just like his mother

I actually have a simple counter to this. Remember how people were saying Naruto would definitely end up with Sakura because Sakura was like his mother Kushina? Well guess what, he married Hinata, who is the complete opposite of his mother. Boruto has been saying the whole time at the beginning “This is not the story of my father, THIS IS MY STORY” What’s the point if he’ll end up doing and choosing the same things like his father did lol. So as of now,  don’t really see the Class Rep as a complete threat to BoruSara. I only see her as a caring class rep to her classmates and gets shy & nervous way too fast that’s all.

4.) BoruSara relationship dynamics was destroyed

Uhm, since the anime is during pre-Gaiden and pre-Boruto the movie, Boruto and Sarada’s relationship is nothing but rivals. Yes it was said that they were childhood friends but they treat each other nothing but as rivals. I think they will later deepen their bond when they finally become teammates and all.  So I hope, people don’t get confused about this. I mean calm yo tits guys, their relationship development will happen as time goes by. I am actually enjoying this rivalry relationship thing between them. You know unlike in the first gen where Sakura fell for Sasuke right away and Hinata to Naruto, I wanna see a different approach here in the next gen. 

For example, the thing that I mentioned in my blog last week, Sarada and Boruto as rivals who do nothing but to compete with each other then will eventually fall for each other but no one from them wants to confess because they think that the first person to fall in love is the loser and of course you can’t lose to your rival so yeah both of them try their best to hold it in until one of them can’t take it anymore (I wonder who lol)

So yeah something like that XD Nevertheless, I have no problem with their relationship towards each other rn.

5.) Let’s go down with this ship no matter what happens

This is going to be my last point. I hope that whether BoruSara goes canon or not, my fellow shippers would continue to support and love them like I do. If they won’t go canon, it doesn’t mean we can no longer ship them. As long as the fandom is alive, and we continue to love and ship them, they will always be canon in our hearts and eyes. It hurts a lot when you’re ship doesn’t/impossible to go canon, don’t worry I feel you (SuzakuxEuphy, ZeroxYuuki, GrayxLucy, RinxIzumo, IchigoxRukia) but please do not let this to be a reason to stop in shipping them.

So these are my points. At the end of the day it’s still your decision whether to stay on this ship or not. But I hope you learned a thing or two from me. I actually do not know how to end this blog since my brain is already dead and I need to sleep now since I got work @ 7am tom so yeah. 

Yours truly,

- Diane (A victor and veteran from the first generation shipping wars)


Sorry for ranting and being rude/harsh, here’s a quick and crappy BS doodle to compensate somehow

I Own You - Theo Raeken (part 4)

Originally posted by rihannafenty

These gifs still aren’t mine so as always, credits to the awesome owner!

Word count: 1207

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

Warnings: nopedienope

This is going to be the last part :( But it was fun and I hope you guys liked it! If you have any ideas for other imagines or even a series be sure to let me know! I don’t know when I’ll be able to write them as I’m very busy with school right now but I’m gonna try! :)

Part 1 , 2, 3

When you woke the next morning you were a little surprised to find your bed empty. You knew you shouldn’t, but still you couldn’t help feel a little sad that Theo left. The way he kissed you last night… you were sure there was something behind it. But Theo Raeken couldn’t possibly have feelings for you, right? Why would he? This was all just some plan to get to Scott. But then why were you playing along?

Because he’s right. He owns your ass.

You spent your lunchbreak watching the boys play lacrosse. Stiles and Scott were helping Liam make team captain, since they were both graduating this year. Watching Stiles play lacrosse was always funny, he’s just too adorable to play lacrosse.

You heard footsteps coming towards you, you turned your head to see who it was and you frowned seeing Theo walking towards you. ‘Hey you.’ He grinned and your frown turned into a look of pure confusion and terror. You looked back out onto the field to see all three boys looking in your direction. Your eyes widened as you thought of what to say.

‘W-what?’ Really? Out of all the words in your head, that’s the one that came out? How stupid must you sound. What did he think he was doing? Scott was right there! Oh.

‘You’re doing this on purpose.’ You stated, realising the obvious. This time it was Theo’s turn to look confused, his gaze shifted out onto the lacrosse field and he let out a sigh. ‘Right, I forgot. I’m the bad guy.’ He smiled. ‘It’s not about that…you just…it’s confusing! I can’t talk to you.’ You sighed and grabbed your bag before getting up. You quickly made your way off the field, heading towards the school. Of course you heard him coming after you. ‘(Y/N)? what’s going on with you?’ Theo questioned as he ran after you. ‘You! You’re going on with me! What do you want from me?’ You yelled as you spun around to face him. You didn’t mean to yell, you were just so confused and pissed off that he did that in front of Scott. ‘Seriously, one minute you’re all over me and the next you act as if I don’t exist! First I find you sleeping in my bed but the next morning you’re gone? I’m not some kind of fucking toy you use once and throw away! I’m risking everything talking to you, do you get that?’

‘(Y/N)…I…’ It seemed that for once, Theo Raeken didn’t know what to say. ‘You know what, why don’t you come back when you’ve figured out what you want.’ You sighed before walking away. You were done being used. Even though you knew it was your own fault, he has you wrapped around his finger and you did nothing about it. You were actually falling for this kid, which was a huge problem. Your first obstacle was facing the pack. Scott, Liam and Stiles saw you talking to Theo, so by now they must’ve figured out Theo was the one who left the hickeys on your neck. And soon the rest of the pack will know. You were in for a treat.
You hadn’t even made it to the school building when your phone buzzed. It was a text from Scott saying “Library. Now.”

Your heart sank in your chest. This was it. You summoned whatever last bit of courage you had left and made your way to the library. They were all there. Looking rather confused. You sighed and walked over to them. ‘Guys, before you…’

‘THEO RAEKEN?!’ Stiles yelled causing you to roll your eyes. ‘Stiles, we’re in a library.’ You told him. ‘THEO RAEKEN?!’

You sat down and ran your hand through your hair. ‘Stiles…’

‘Theo Raeken?!’ He whispered shouted. ‘He’s the definition of evil.’

‘He didn’t do anything evil to me.’ You shrugged causing Stiles to glare at you. ‘What I’d like to know, is how?’ Lydia asked. ‘I…don’t really know.’ You admitted honestly. ‘Look, nothing really happened, okay? It was nothing. I was stupid, I know that. I know he was only doing it to get to Scott, to the pack. I know that now.’ You muttered.

‘Oh my fucking shit, you’re falling in love with him.’ Malia let out and your eyes widened. ‘What? No! Are you crazy?’

‘(Y/N) I can hear your heartbeat, remember?’ She sighed. You only rolled your eyes. ‘(Y/N), he had us all fooled once, remember? I don’t blame you.’ Scott said. ‘I just….ah, nevermind. So you guys aren’t angry?’

‘I’m not gonna speak for the whole group but I know I could never be angry with you.’ Stiles smiled. ‘Yeah, I’ll have no one to make fun off otherwise.’ Malia shrugged. You rolled your eyes with a smile.

‘(Y/N)?’ Your eyes widened at the sound of that voice. It came from behind you but judging by the look on your friends’ faces your fear was confirmed. You slowly turned around to face Theo. ‘Can I talk to you?’ He asked.

You didn’t even have time to think about your answer, Stiles was fast enough. ‘Not in a million years, my friend. You’re done. Have a good day, or don’t. I don’t care.’ He smiled sarcastically. Theo let out a sigh. ‘It’s serious, I really need to talk to you.’

You weren’t going to walk into a trap again. ‘Then talk.’ You shrugged and  you watched his eyes widen slightly. ‘Here?’


He let out a sigh and ran his hand through his hair. ‘Fine, but you asked for it.’ He shrugged before walking closer and taking a seat next to you. ‘I wasn’t trying to get between you and the pack or whatever it was that you thought I was trying to do. Yes, I’ll admit, at first I was just doing it because you’re reactions were really funny. But then, you know…you didn’t seem to care about what I’d done. That I knew about the chimera’s and the dread doctors and all that stuff. There’s something about you (Y/N) that I can’t understand. I just…need to be around you. Because I think I might be falling in love with you.’

‘W-what?’ Your first instinct was to look at your friends. To say they looked shocked, would be an understatement. Stiles’ jaw was literally on the floor. You noticed Lydia sending you a small smile. You looked over to Scott, sending him a questioning look. He only shrugged and smiled. Shouldn’t he be furious right now? But then again, nothing ever makes sense with Scott McCall the true alpha. You sighed before grabbing Theo’s hand and pulling him out of the library. ‘You do realise that you can’t do anything evil, right?’ You asked him. He frowned slightly. ‘I’ll need a definition of evil.’

‘Well, according to Stiles that’s you.’

‘He doesn’t really like me, does he?’

‘Nope. But it’s a good thing I do.’ You shrugged smiling. ‘Does that mean you don’t hate me?’ He asked you. ‘I don’t you hate you, you idiot. I actually like you.’ You sighed shoving his chest slightly. ‘Good.’ He smiled ‘I so own your ass.’ You grinned before pulling him closer and pressing your lips to his.

you love the hate that we share

I think this is the most antagonistic version of Stiles and Derek I’ve ever written. It was surprisingly fun.

Sterek high school AU,  ~5.7k words, rated T. Title from the song “Enemies” by Shinedown.

Maybe it’s petty — okay, it most definitely is — but it just irritates Stiles that the universe makes people like Derek Hale. He’s practically superhuman at lacrosse; he’s been blessed by the puberty gods with stubble and muscles on top of muscles and not a pimple in sight; he spouts off effortless monologues in Spanish class while Stiles is still struggling to remember how to say “Can you repeat that?”; he could probably make a killing as a male model; and when he asked Lydia to study with him, she said yes. Like, seriously, what the fuck.

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JFC, what was in the water today?! It’s like all those hateful anons decided to come at everybody at once. Are they feeling so threatened and insecure that they have to once again bully other people? As if that would change the belief or views of others? Does it make them feel powerful? To hide behind a screen and throw hateful messages at people just because we see things differently aka. what is right in front of us? Isn’t that a bit cowardly? Well, of course it is. Why am I even asking these questions?!

Seriously though, seeing the massive hate that was thrown around today makes me realize once more how awful people can be when something is not going the way they want it to. Instead of staying in their own lane, they have to cross over to the lane that is threatening them the most (at least in their minds) and attack. Why can’t we all stay in our own lane and discuss whatever we want in our own fandom? Most of us don’t even read what is being said elsewhere, because we honestly don’t care. Maybe others should do the same instead of attacking us. It might be a novel idea for some, but it usually works pretty well…