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Monsters on Ice

Seriously though these guys are flipping ridiculous. They aren’t super-saiyaan powering up and shattering whole planets, but they’re shattering world records like they were cheap wine glasses at an Asgardian wedding. 

Victor Nikiforov: 

While Victor may have been heavily influenced by Johnny Weir, I think his Career Path is probably a lot closer to the modern top figure skater in the world – Yuzuru Hanyu – who currently eclipses the competition.

Now I know a lot of people have been comparing YUURI to Yuzuru, but Yuuri’s career is far from the absolute Rocket-ship that has been Yuzuru’s career so far. And Victor’s rise to World’s Top Skater appears to be even BETTER than that.

Victor’s Medal Career:

Gold at Junior World Championships

5 consecutive Golds at the Grand Prix Finals (Yuzuru Hanyu only has 4 – but if he wins this upcoming December, that’ll be 5, and the most consecutive golds won at a grand prix final… ever. I mean he already holds that title, but it’d be by 2 fucking golds. If you aren’t blown away by this guy, you should be.)

5 consecutive Golds at the World Figure Skating Championships (Yuzuru only has 1, and nobody’s ever gotten more than 3 in a row In recent history - so we’ll say after WW2, typically 3 is the most anyone gets in a row, with the exception of Scott Hamilton who is the only skater since 1945 to get 4 in a row. Total number of medals, if you count them even if they didn’t get them consecutively adds Kurt Browning with 4 and Alexei Yagudin with 4. Our boy Victor here, has 5. With potential to win a nonconsecutive 6 if he heads to Worlds in season 2.)

Gold at 2004 European Figure Skating Championships

However many golds he earned at the Russian Nationals every year from 1999 to present (If Kubo-san borrowed Evgeni Plushenko’s record, that would be an additional 10, with a silver in there for good luck) 

At least 1 Olympic Gold medal (unofficially officially at Torino) 2006

At least 2 time Olympian (Torino in 2006 and Sochi Winter Olympics 2014) If Kubo-san’s pattern of putting Victor in Gold anywhere a Russian took Gold holds though, then Victor is at least a 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist - One at Torino, One at Salt Lake City 2002, with a silver in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics which would make him a 3 time Olympic athlete) 

Golds we’ll never know about in his Junior days, but I’m sure were plentiful in his younger years because HE’S FRIKKING BANK. 

Long-time World Record Free-Skate score holder, Likely World Record Short Program high score Holder, and I’m putting money on long-time world record combined high score holder. 

THIS MOFO was pulling 300+ combined score in 2012.

Look at that leaderboard, okay. Chris and Victor have literally BLOWN the world record off the fricking charts. Just tossed it to the side like a sweaty sports towel, and the announcers aren’t screaming their lungs out like they should be. Yuzuru Hanyu, the current WORLDS TOP RANK SKATER was the first to bust 300, but that didn’t happen until 2015! 

Psst - I would also like you to note that Yuri’s score at 6th place is right on par with the average TOP WORLD RANKED SKATERS today. Victor is so fricking extra. 

Okay. Now that we’re all excited, remember that Victor has been regularly pulling over 100 in his Short Program routines. So regularly, in fact, that at the beginning of the series he is able to off-handedly suggest he thought Yuuri would be able to get there, too. And Yuuri replied with a ‘casual’ “oh yeah because you do it all the time…” in all seriousness.

(Yuzuru wouldn’t start doing that until the 2014 Winter Olympics. In fact… NOBODY was doing that until Yuzuru Hanyu was doing that. And almost NOBODY is doing that to this very day, except Yuzuru Hanyu.)

Yuuri Katsuki: 

Yuuri is getting there, with Victor’s help. His Grand Prix Final Short program score of 106 would have been GROUND BREAKING in 2014. Yuzuru Hanyu wouldn’t score that high until the 2015 NHK Trophy – and immediately followed it up with a mind-boggling 110.56 at the 2016 World Figure Skating Championships just March.

I want you to understand why I lost my literal shit when Yuuri Squinted at the score in the GPF and they announced it at 106. 

NOBODY but Yuzuru Hanyu has scored that high.  In fact, Yuzuru holds the top two spots in short program scores for all history AND the top score in the free skate at over 200 (219.48 to be exact), which is just as mind-blowing as a 106 SP Score.

Yuuri’s Record-breaking Free Skate score in the GPF is 221.58. Again – absolutely GROUND BREAKING. Yuzuru Hanyu would be the first to break 200, and he did it with a 216.07 in the 2015 NHK Trophy, where he was also the first skater to breach the 300 total score mark. 

Yuuri’s Free-Skate score at the GPF is higher than any skater has ever scored in the history of real life figure skating

But before that, Victor had held the world record Free-Skate score for a ‘long time’.

Yuzuru Hanyu’s world record combined total score is 330.43, which he got in the 2015 Grand Prix Final.  Yuuri isn’t quite there, but I imagine we’re going to see our Ice Monsters completely obliterate that. Or at least match it, during the next season. ** VICTOR ALREADY OBLITERATED IT**

You need to STOP boi.

Yuri Plisetsky:

He CRUSHED his Juniors. We don’t have anything official, except that we know he won gold at his last Junior Worlds because he goes hunting Victor to make good on a promise. 

Then he turns around and in his Senior Debut snags two podium spots in the GPF Qualifiers and DESTROYS the world record at the Grand Prix Final. Held by none other than Victor Nikiforov until earlier that same day, when Yuuri CRUSHED IT. 

With his world record GPF Score and Gold Medal at 15 FRICKING YEARS OLD, He’s already proving he’s the next Bakemono no Aisu.. no .. we can do better than that..   YOUKAISU !! 

((IF you aren’t watching Yuzuru Hanyu, you should be. Watch for him in March/April at Worlds, Oct-Nov for the GPF Qualifiers, and very probably in December for the Grand Prix Final. ))

***NOTE: OP is only a casual fan of Figure Skating and may have made mistakes - but did his best to research what he could to make sure he was gushing as close to the truth as he could manage.*** 


Watch Yuzuru Hanyu. Because if you want to see where Yurio is going to be next season, that’s where to look. 

**Couple of edits, due to some feedback - namely the WFSC record for number of consecutive golds - I’d like to point out that people prior to WW2 were pulling in as many as 10 … but that was Ulrich Salchow who was a pioneer in the building of the sport to what it is today, so I’ve chosen to go with post WW2 as that is what we would consider ‘modern’ figure skating.** 

** Thanks for the notes/messages you guys! I’m so stoked to see other casual fans willing to gush (and help) about IRL Skaters and records, and how fricking Extra our boys are.** 

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Idk if this has been done but what about a Gangster headcanon for the boys. what would they be like if they were gangsters I'd imagine Ignis to be very sharp and dapper. *heart eyes*

I’ve seriously never considered this before, but I though of some funny stuff while I was leaving Kroger™

Here goes nothing



  • This fucking nerd would be stereotypical
  • Snap-back
  • Dark Shades
  • Probably a stoner too with 1000 420 jokes up his sleeve
  • Loves chains™
  • He doesn’t wear Jordans 
  • He wears VANS
  • And he wears Joggers with an oversized Varsity jacket he probably stole from Gladio or Noctis
  • The sharpshooter of the group, waving his gun around 24/7
  • (He looks more like a raging homo than a fuckboi promise)


  • Obviously The leader™
  • Loves Thug Life jokes bc he practically invented them
  • Probably started with MC Hammer pants but Ignis decided he needed to meet the 21st century
  • Now he wears oversized hoodies, with snapbacks and he’s into joggers too skinny jeans
  • Tries to be tough shit, but he isn’t
  • Is actually pretty goddamn successful 


  • The Guy who does reckless shit™
  • Once knocked the teeth out of a guy they were making a deal with for insulting one of the guys
  • Will legit kill a man who tries to fuck with the leader™
  • Leather, he wears lots of it
  • This guy is a walking talking arsenal ready to strike down any dumb bitch
  • Usually placed beside Noctis during deals to scare competition away


  • Looks like a mafia boss
  • Actually the right hand man™
  • His hair is full of secrets
  • Has a lists of ways he could kill a man and get away with it
  • “That’s it, I’ve come up with a knew scheme”
  • Plans all the heists
  • Doesn’t like to get his hands dirty v.s. I will bathe in the blood of our enemies

So, I made this post after this week’s episode of  Supergirl… and today I did it!
I finally told my sister :D and it could not have gone better, honestly.
I knew my sister would react well, thankfully we’re as close as Kara and Alex are. She is my best friend! Plus, she has never been an homophobe and from the talks we’ve had I was fairly sure she already knew and her words were always one of support, so I had that on my  side. I was still terrified though and seriously nervous.
I was waiting for us to be alone to tell her, and only today did that happen. After several deep breaths and mental rants along the lines of “common you can do it! She’s right there, just rip off the band aid” I  asked her to come and seat with me and that’s an odd behavior for me so she knew something was up and she thought it was something wrong. She asked me what was wrong and I told her nothing was wrong, that I just had something to tell her. Idk my exact words but I know I was a stumbling mess and something came out along the lines of “It’s nothing important, don’t worry, nothing’s wrong. I just want to tell you something I’ve known for a few years now and we’ve already had conversations that maybe already clued you in on what I’m about to say but I just need to say it, so I know for sure you know” and then I told her I liked girls but I’m not sure how  I feel about guys. She smiled at me, and that smiled told me exactly what I already suspected. She already knew! She mocked me a bit for  making a dramatic scene because I was acting like I was about to say something terrible xp She even said I didn’t need to tell her but she was glad I did and she understood that I needed to say the words out loud. When she said that, well I did tear up a bit and she hugged me and told me that everything was fine and told me I shouldn’t worry so much. Which is true, I tend to make a bigger deal out of things than they are. I  knew she would be okay with it but I was still a nervous mess.
After it sank in that I had told her and everything was indeed okay, I proceeded to tell her to not expect me to date anyone soon, just because I told her this doesn’t mean I want to date anyone right now. To which she just made an excited squeal and that said that at least I’d consider dating in the future (Till now, I haven’t dated anyone nor showed interest in dating anyone. My lack of dating life is a big deal in my family lol)
She then left to do her things and I’m here, telling you guys. Things are oddly still the same, I’d thought I’d feel different but I don’t. The only thing different is that now I feel good about not having to keep this  secret away from the most important person in my life.
Anyway, I want to thank all of you guys for sharing your support with me, for wishing me good luck and for  saying you were proud of me. To be honest, the likelihood of me quitting telling my sister was a big one but you guys showing your support made me go through with it. I owe you guys big :D

So I kind of went off the rails at this little girl who has been harassing me because she’s trying to convince me life is better as an atheist. I tried pretending she was right and the absolute misery of knowing my life is so pointless and the universe will come to a horrible end soon made me so anxious I kind of blew up at her.

Seriously, though, I’m still convinced there’s a God, but if someone were to convince me otherwise, the pointlessness and pain of existing is so great, I don’t see how anyone could live. I’d want to kill my family, any people I hate, and then myself.

Without God, without purpose and meaning and hope, everything is so awful that we should all want to die.

Life without God would be so UGLY. There would be no beauty in anything.

Anon: In one of ur past asks u said there was not a particular moment that made u ship kook/min but it was rather a series of little things in JK’s behavior and honestly SAME here i couldn’t agree more but for example in my case i remember starting to get MORE into this ship after that fancam of JK hugging JM during an event(?) they had white suits and idk it felt so intimate and i have a feeling it wasnt meant to be captured on camera idk anyway i was wondering if smthg like this happened to you too :)   

Everyday I think I couldn’t possibly love Kook/min more than I do at this moment, and then like one hour later they’ll do something and I’m like there’s no way I can possibly love Kook/min more than I do at this moment. Seriously though, 2016 has been like that all year long.

Even the smallest thing, like this fan account from yesterday where somebody saw them flipping water bottles together while they were resting made my stupid heart swell. Why do they have to be together all the time, even when they’re not performing? Why does Jungkook hover and follow Jimin everywhere? Why does Jimin fit so perfectly against Jungkook’s chest? And why does Jimin allow JK to speak to him informally like they’re dating or something?? I can’t deal with this anymore. It’s too much. They’re perfect together but somehow they just keep. getting. better.


Ever since I was a kid it had been a dream of mine to go to Disney World some day. I remember though we were going to when I was about 12, and my dad lost his job and we had to move across the country and that got put on hold permanently. This last year has been incredible and I’m so grateful to say one of my biggest bucket list items has been completed; I’ve finally gone! @whatwouldwaltdo is the best friend ever and was such a gracious host. I seriously cannot thank her enough. I feel so blessed to be at a stage in my life where the things I want I just go out and get them.I got to live out my dream and see everything Lion King related and meet every “Princess”. I have looked up to these female characters my whole life and their cast members were perfect. I want to thank them all for putting up with my selfie-galore. My personal favorites? Rapunzel (psh, duh), Merida, Tiana, Moana, and Pocahontas.

Coming Out??

For years I have identified as Bisexual, and honestly I wore that label like a security blanket even though it didn’t feel right. For the past few months I’ve started thinking, what if I wasn’t? What if I’m not this? And thinking about it terrified me.
I started noticing how awkward I was in male relationships, I blamed it on my social awkwardness when I knew it wasn’t.
I started noticing how when I thought about my future, it was with a girl.
With the help of a friend of mine, I have come to the conclusion that I am gay.
This is something that has been on my mind for a while. I always felt as though I had to wear a label to be valid, to be taken seriously when in reality that is further from the truth. If you don’t want to label yourself that’s fine, don’t feel pressured to.
Also, if you’re panicking because you thought you were one thing when in fact you think you may be something else, don’t freak out. There is no sell by date on your identity, you’re questioning for a reason and it doesn’t make you any less valid than you were before.
Just remember that you are you, nobody can change that.
You are as valid and as equal as anybody else out there.

The Cursed Child was a huge pile of queerbait

Sorry if I’m “overreacting,” but there was a gigantic opportunity for LGBT representation and the writers threw it out the window. Throughout the entire plot, everything was held together by Scorpius’ and Albus’ love for each other. It was mentioned and implied in every single scene. Jesus Christ, they were each other’s only and best friend.
I feel like the writers realized that but it was too late to change the story. Therefore, Scorpius’ “crush” on Rose was sloppily added, even though there wasn’t any relationship development between them at all. Seriously, Rose borderline hated Scorpius. Now, one has a crush on the other? Bullshit.
The two adorable Slytherins deserved to be happy together, and the entirety of the Cursed Child proved that. Scorbus should’ve been real.

You know, rewatching episode 6 made me notice a few things I’d forgotten about the whole Rolo and Nyma affair

  • Rolo has a cybernetic leg and says he got it when he’d been captured by the galra. Which made me laugh because if Keith really was checking him out - Keith has a type
  • When Rolo introduces them he says they’re a ‘crew of three’ because he includes their little robot and it’s just the cutest thing
  • After they realise they’ve been betrayed, Hunk is going on and on about how he totally knew all along, and Keith is the one who keeps irritably saying ‘we get it, Hunk’. He seems the most annoyed that they were tricked. Totally sulking because the hot gaylien turned out to be a bad guy
  • AT THE END WHEN KEITH HAS DESTROYED THEIR SHIP THE PALADINS JUST LEAVE THEM THERE?? And this is after Rolo got in contact with Prorok, who sent galra fighter jets over to steal the blue lion from them. Rolo and Nyma are so dead you guys. Dead or captured, for sure
Seriously though,

I would sell my gay volleyball-loving soul for some Tanaka/Nishinoya backstory.

How did they meet?

Did they meet in middle school or high school?

What were they like in middle school?

Did they play against each other in middle school? If so, who won? (Probably Chidoriyama since it’s a power school, but still)


Did Tanaka come to Karasuno because Saeko went there, or did he have a reason for it?

Did they get along at first, or did Tanaka try to intimidate Noya?

Did Saeko immediately accept Noya as an honorary brother?

What happened with first-year Tanaka and Noya?

How did they feel about Karasuno’s losing streak?

Did they get along with the third-year (then, second-year) trio at first, or were they the problem first-years because they were too wild around each other?

I need answers.
MTB: The College Years

     Fall term has barely just begun. The freshmen and transfers are trying to learn the lay of the land and get used to their schedules. The mad rushes between buildings has only caused a few collisions but no one has been seriously injured though someone’s scooter ended up totaled after it got crunched to a curb but the people involved were fine and that’s what mattered most.
     As always the local coffee shop near the school of science was packed with a line starting to form that would soon be out the door. Caffiene is an essential for a two hour lecture and often times a three hour lab session or yet another long lecture. Robin’s waiting in line with his loyalty card in hand hoping that this punch nets him a free coffee for later when he needs it the most. His freshman year was rough but with some help he figured things out and has been enjoying this term so far. A new school year and hopefully a better time of things now that he knows how to juggle his studies with practice times.
     Shuffle step. Shuffle step. Sway this way then that to see what the hold up is before he’s looking to his mobile to check the time.

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What is your favorite song to sing, Meloetta?

The answer has slipped Green’s mind, unfortunately… These visions, instead, distract her. She’s convinced that the Meloetta she sees isn’t her.

ok, I’m seriously confused

like, there’s so many people in the fandom claiming that the Hyuga never changed even though there has been subtext about it changing since the Chunnin Exams:

  • Hiashi apologizing to Neji, something his own father (and therefore Hizashi’s father) did not do
  • Hiashi training Neji, it may seem to be about one person but that’s a mayor step in the right direction, because Hiashi helped Neji learn techniques the branch house isn’t supposed to learn, and this served as an example to both sides that at the end of the day they were all family.
  • neither Hinata nor Hanabi were ever relegated to the branch house. Neither one of them. I know that people asume that this is because of both of them being female but since Hanabi was born when Hinata was 5, and from the age of 3 she was already deemed a non-natural fighter, chances are she was kept around in case Hinata didn’t live up to their standarts
  • btw I do believe that Hinata made them eat those words but part of that comes from training with a branch house member. No one would have allowed that prior to the Chunin Exams.
  • during the war Hiashi himself states to his brother’s reanimated corpse that they are not fighting as “main house and branch house” but as “shinobi of the leaf”, meaning that the fighting tactic isn’t “keep a branch member around in case a main member is in risk of death”. Members of both parts likely passed away as did a lot of other people.
  • neither Boruto or Himawari are shown to be excluded from the Hyuga Clan altogether. Yes they have their father’s last name, which was likely helped due to Naruto’s part in the war, but Boruto and Himawari are shown using gentle fist as their primary taijutsu style. Even if they learned ir primary from Hinata, there are no signs of this being forbidden to them. Specialy since Boruto used (without the byakugan) on a very publicly broadcasted event.

changes in the Clan started with Hiashi, moving on to Neji, Hinata, and Hanabi. The sealing practice most likely no longer exists, both sides were shown knowing the same techniques and the same headbands. I simply asumed that the clan had already begun to change during the time skip and that by the time of the war big progress had been made.

all of these without bringing up the difference between the Otsutsuki Clan’s current state compared to the Hyuga Clan; one is stronger than before, the other is nearly extinc.

yes I would have wanted for this to be addressed more openly in the manga but the implications are still there.

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i'm still madly in love with my ex even though he dumped me and did some seriously shitty things to me afterwards, he was my first love and we were together for years. he wont even speak to me now and has made it very clear he doesn't want me in his life anymore and he consumes every thought I have it's been months and I'm still not over him. my friends are tired of hearing about it so i stopped talking about it. how can we still love someone even though they did something so horrible?

There’s a boy who I always go back to and he doesn’t value me or care about me at all and I’m just nudes to him, so I know where you’re coming from but can’t help bc I can’t even get out of my own situation

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I don't understand why exactly you think it's misogynistic to hate a character who has been heavily implied to be a villain for the past few years in the show (shooting the protagonist and then threatening to finish the job multiple times, for one thing). Even though Mary didn't turn out to be a villain, they were making it seem like that on purpose. You seriously don't think it's a Little Much to use pearlrebs' name to insult xer when xe never actually "bullied" anyone other than a character?

Thank you for being polite, that deserves an actual answer.

I have a feeling you don’t really want a long explanation, or didn’t even send the ask to receive one, so much as just to make me see this. [TL;DR]: No, not really. The name “pearlrebs” isn’t a copyright, or a brand, and was in fact, an abandoned URL, and if I were doing anything truly harmful, Tumblr would’ve deleted me. Am I bullying Rebekah? Xe isn’t here, nor have I made any attempt to contact xer, nor did I ever pretend to be xer. Xe doesn’t know a thing I’m saying, unless someone told xer. [End TL;DR]

YET HERE’S THE THING. I DON’T EVEN BLOG ABOUT XER. Have you read any of the posts? Serious question, I know people are blogging that I’m saying all sorts of awful things, “attacking,” “harassing,” “harming.” And yeah, my description is a celebration of xer flight from here. But I never blogged a damn thing about xer, I ONLY RESPOND TO ASKS/REBLOGGED QUESTIONS, most of which are harassment themselves, but hey, tj/lcers are hypocrites by culture. (”we’ve been bullied and anyone who doesn’t ship jxhnlock is homophobic!” -proceeds to spam other ship tags with homophobia, esp other mlm ships that involve Sherlock, writes “gahtiss,” calls Ian Gatiss’ “friend,” or an “honorary straight”- and like someone else said while harassing me, “you have empathy for a fictional character, but not a real person?” or something like that, I don’t really read crap except the latest EOs.)

In fact, if we’re being transparent, I hope xe’s having a good life away from this website, as I hope everyone does.

The person, that is. The ~legacy?~ That can choke. 

Because, as for your entire premise:

“Heavily implied to be the villain.” Ah, yes, the woman that John marries without issue in ACD canon except for the fact she dies of illness (maybe?) on him (which hey, not her fault), that Sherlock even admitted was a cool person, who her modern counterpart said she “liked” Sherlock upon meeting him, and tried her damndest in TSoT not to break them apart. 

“Shooting the protagonist and threatening to finish the job.” Something that happened in literally the last episode of s3, when pearlrebs had a hate-on for her (like most jxhnlockers did) since TEH. When Mary was frankly nothing but lovely, save for “liar” all around her head. But she could’ve very well been lying about being a natural blonde or liking steak, jfc. All because she had the audacity to “get between” their pairing.

Or how about them being friends? Not to mention Steven Moffat (a misogynist himself, I’m not praising him, he’s just the writer, and the co-showerrunner, meaning his word has some weight when discussing the show), has said that they like each other, and get along quite well (meanwhile, pearlrebs decided that the trailer of them bantering for T6T was “sickening”). Click links if you don’t believe me. 

What is it with tj/lcers unable to accept canon, or the writers’ word? 

My problem is: the original pearlrebs openly discouraged/ignored/twisted anything but what would confirm jxhnlock, despite the writers saying it would never happen, and again, them saying Mary was a “good” person (the show deals mostly in the morally gray characters, but as good as any of the murders on that show, including John and Sherlock). Again, Mary’s only crime until HLV was being with John while Sherlock was “dead” (ignore that I don’t ship jxhnlock, it’s not Mary’s fault for dating a man, who was single at the time, who only ever said his “friend” died. Even if you thought they were together, which I don’t, it’s not her damn fault for being a person in search of love, and finding it).

In fact, I saw a bunkton of people directing people to xer hateful Mary vids justifying their Mary hate (which is how I found out about xer vids in the first place). People who admitted not to hating Mary until seeing those heinous “explanations.” So not only did xe think these things, xe also perpetuated them, oh, and made a profit off it. Which, kudos, I live in a scary capitalist country, we need to eat and pay medical bills. But xe wasn’t as altruistic as xe’s made out to be. 

Revenge (Avengers x Reader)

      Warnings: Swearing
      A/N: ah i haven’t written in so long so i hope this doesn’t suck! you can send requests in anytime!

                            ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠
       The room was so quiet a pin dropping could be heard. The whole team-including you-were in various places around the room. You were waiting to be debriefed, and Fury stood at a bank of computers, back turned to the group. 

      You snuck glances at the faces of your teammates. They all had various degrees of seriousness and boredom painted on their faces, but inside you knew they were waiting for a master plan to take place.

     Yesterday, Tony Stark was talking to Vision, directing him around the lab. He must’ve been angry about how no one saved him for a brief time when he fell from the sky on a small takeover mission (Bruce eventually caught him on his back when he flew toward the ground, though). He started complaining about every way each one of you has aggravated him in the last week. The team didn’t really care about what was said about them, but his insult to you cut you deep. To quote, he stated, “She’s so incompetent, it’s almost funny, really.” And on it went. You knew it was far from true, since you practically matched the genius’ mental capabilities, but having a friend talk about you behind your back hurts, no matter the honesty of the words.

      You had suggested revenge, and the group gladly obliged. They were all in position; Steve was sitting closest to the door, ready to block it with his mass. Natasha was drumming her fingers on the large wooden table, ready to send the signal in Morse code. Bruce was reading a mission report, not hoping to participate but willing to watch the craziness go down. Thor was idling spinning Mjölnir. But where was Tony? He was often late to these meetings, and it frequently angered Director Fury, but what could he do? Tony Stark had saved SHIELD from hacking threats numerous times, if the man wanted to be late, then so be it. Fury didn’t know about the hijinks, but he suspected something was up by the way your eyes frequently and repeatedly scanned the room.

      The door opened, and Tony Stark walked in, almost gliding across the room and walking all too confidently to his regular seat. That’s about to change…

      The clicking of Natasha’s nails on the table grew more pronounced.

                             “He’s in position. Over to you, Birdy.“

      Clint nodded, the movement barely perceptible. He pushed his chair up less than gracefully, making a horrible grating sound in the process. “I’m going to get a water. Anyone want anything?”

      Everybody shook their head. Tony requests, “The newest of my imported wines, lightly chilled, please. Thanks, Legolas. If you get it here fast enough I’ll give you a tip.” Clint scoffs and you let out an almost inaudible sigh.

      “Oh, trust me, it’ll be here faster than you think.”

      You smirk, knowing it’s true. Clint’s eyes catch yours as he leaves and he smiles the tiniest bit.

      A minute later, you detect the faint sound of the central air switching off. Clint’s in place. Natasha taps out another message.

                                         “Part two is ready to go.”

      You reach under your chair, where your small bag sits. In it is a permanent marker, multiple cans of silly string, and a portable electric razor.

      Without any warning, Thor raises Mjolnir and slams it down upon the thick wooden table, cracking it nearly in half. Tony yelps and falls off his chair. The assault begins. You toss a can of silly string to Steve and Natasha, who completely cover Tony.

      His shout rings throughout the room. “Are you fucking serious?!”

      From the ceiling, an air vent grate falls to the floor. A small dart laced with sedative lands in Tony’s shoulder. After that, he’s out like a light.

      “STOP!” The booming voice scares you into stillness. Fury walks toward the door. “When you’re done with your childish antics, come and find me,” he announces exasperatedly.

      The permanent marker finds its way into your hand, and the glorious smell of victory (and Sharpie) fill the room. In your finest scrawl, you write “incompetent” across the billionaire’s face.

      The last, most wonderful part of the plan is ready to be carried out. You clutch the razor in your slightly trembling hands.

      “Should we really do this to Anthony?” Thor questions, his brows cince together with guiltiness.

      You all fall into silence, glancing between one another somberly. “Yes,” you all agree without a moment’s pause.

      Tony Stark wakes up an hour later in the debriefing room, covering in silly string and very angry. The next time he looks in the mirror, they all knew. Curses echoed all the way through the large building after he realized half of his facial hair had been shaved off. He didn’t bother showing his face again until it was free of Sharpie, and the remaining facial hair.

Well, it’s not exactly New York, but...

Hi, Riverdale. My mother has said incredible things about you.

I’ve been here for a total of thirteen minutes, and I’m seriously feeling as though this place is stuck in the Middle of Nowhere. The most happening place I’ve seen thus far is a seriously outdated diner (although I have to admit, the onion rings were damn good).

So, who’s here to organize my homecoming? Considering this is my new home, and everything.

Can we all agree that Andrew Minyard is an absolute dork though??? Like the conversations he has with Renee? Neil is probably just laughing on the inside whenever people are like “He’s so scary” because these people have never been on the receiving end of his rants about the complexities of sweets and how what Kevin is trying to give him is a crime against nature.

anonymous asked:

Hey there! Firstly, I'd like to say that this blog is awesome! And secondly, I'd like to thank you, you see I've been thinking of writing a Lisanna around from the start AU and this blog has given me some good ideas on how to improve certain aspects of the story. Seriously, you've made me realise parts of FT that would be so much better if they were just done in a different way and even though it was indirect in helping me out with a plan for my story, I just want to thank you for it.

No problem! I’m glad I could be of any help to you! 💙