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Convergence domestic

/kənˈvəːdʒ/ : a pair of lines of longitude are parallel at the equator but converge toward the poles.

It starts, as things tend to do, with a toothbrush by the sink that doesn’t belong there.

(Hiro is eighteen and they are unrelated in this fic.)

annie-mantic I said I would. 

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(n) forgotten or lost things; a notebook lost on a bus, a pencil left at school.

“Lost and forgotten. That’s all I feel…”

“Don’t we all?”

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“Why is she so clingy? I mean, I know you’re best friends, but doesn’t she have any other friends?”

“I know. She’s really annoying, she never leaves my side. I can’t believe I never noticed how clingy she was before,”

“Totally, we should just try to spend less time with her, maybe then she’ll get the idea that we don’t really like her. But enough for now, she might catch up at any moment.”

Has it always been like this? Has he always find you annoying? Was your friendship even real? No, it’s new. He’s started being distant recently.

These thoughts swim around in your head as you stare at your lunch. The conversation you overheard has been haunting you the whole walk from the cafeteria hallway to your homeroom class, where you are now, not able to form any other thought other than those.

As you sit there, mulling over those words, your emotions shift from sadness, to anger. Fine, you think, let it be that way. You have other friends; you’ll hang out with them now. But that’s where your streak of boldness crashes down. You didn’t have any other friends. Acquaintances, sure. But no one you could call your friend.

The new discovery falls upon your shoulders like an anvil. Your head dips, and rests in your palms. You let out a sniffle, and feel tears welling up in your eyes when you hear an uncertain voice, “_____-ah?”

Your head shoots up in a dash and your fingers wipe the tears away like an inbuilt response. You hear the door open and when you see who enters, you stand up straight as a rod, and take a 90-degree bow, “Taeh-taehyung sunbae!” you greet/shout, surprised.

His expression turns playful as he says, “Are you seriously still calling me sunbae, _______?”

“I-I’m sorry, Taehyung sun-ssi,” you stutter, and stare at your feet awkwardly. This yet again reminded you of how friendless you are.

“Hey, you don’t need to apologize,” you look up to see his dazzling boxy smile shining down at you, and you find yourself smiling back, but when he innocently questions, “Though, I want to know, what are you doing here? Don’t you eat your lunch in the cafeteria with Jungkook and Seoyeon every day?” the new smile drops immediately and your gaze hits the floor again.

You hear him as he pads over to where you stand and takes your hand in his. Heat creeps up your neck as you feel his warm, surprisingly soft, palm. You look at him and find him looking worriedly at your red eyes, “You can trust me, _______,”

Though you don’t want to, the whole story comes flooding through.

“It’s just… I haven’t had the best day, the best week, in fact…” You look back down at your feet, “My friends-you know them, right? - they’re not the same anymore. They’ve stopped including me in things, forgetting about me. I mean, we used to be unit, and now I’m just the third wheel…” You continue to tell him about what you overheard By the end of it, you’re a bubbling mess holding on to your tears and trying your very best not to let all your emotions and fears out on a senior you barely talked to out of class and drama club.

“_______,” he whispers, his fingers lifting your chin up to meet his eyes again. You try to shy away, but his grip remains, forcing you to make direct eye contact.

“Believe me when I say, no one has the right to make you feel this way. Okay? I know right now, you’re feeling very unloved, but that’s not true. You are loved, _______. You’re loved and wanted by so many people, the list goes on forever!”

You laugh bitterly, “Thanks, but, that’s where you’re wrong. Who wants to be with me, when my only friends don’t want me around?”

“What? Are you kidding me? They’re not your only friends! I’m your friend, _______. Everyone in Drama Club is your friend,” he says incredulously, “You know what? You’re hanging out with your friends right now,” and with that he tightens your grip on your wrist and starts dragging you towards the door.

“Wait! Where are we going? All my things are still here!” You complain, struggling against the pull.

“Oh, yeah,” he stops in his tracks and turns around and heads to the desk where you were siting, “Okay, let’s pack your stuff, we’ll drop it off at your locker on the way to the cafeteria,” he says, picking up your lunch box and fiddling with the lid. You stand beside him and watch in amusement as he struggles with the lid, almost spilling penne pasta everywhere.

A fit of loud giggles erupts from your mouth as he finally manages to fit the lid on and gives you a triumphant grin and a big thumbs up. And you continue laughing as you drape your bag on your shoulder, and let yourself be dragged along the hallways.

“Where is she? You don’t think she heard us, right?” Seoyeon asks, frowning. A pang of guilt hits him as he looks around the hall searching for you.

“Oh! There she is!” Seoyeon exclaims, Jungkook follows her line of sight and spots you, grinning, squeezing someone’s hand. He lets his eyes shift from you to the one beside you, and does a double take.

“Why is she there? And is she that close with Taehyung oppa?” Seoyeon asks what he was about to say, making him nod his head in agreement, “I think she knows him from drama club or something,” he replies, then something erupts in his mind, “But, wait. Are you close enough with him to call him ‘oppa’? I thought you said you liked me…” he pouts, shooting daggers at Taehyung who is leading you to a table filled with his friends.

Seoyeon immediately hugs him and places a kiss on his cheek and says, “Of course I do! I did confess my feelings first, didn’t I, Kookie?”

Jungkook relents at the aegyo, and presses a soft kiss on her cheek, leaving her blushing. “Yeah, okay, I can’t resist your cuteness. It’s nice knowing you have eyes only for me, though,” he says, making her swat his arm playfully. Suddenly boisterous laughter and hoots erupt from the table where Taehyung led you to, catching both Jungkook’s and Seoyeon’s attention. And to their surprise, everyone’s eyes were on you, like you had cracked a joke. Which was something Jungkook had never expected. You were usually reserved around new people, and opened up after a long time of getting to know them. He should know. It took him almost a year to make you completely yourself around him, and you still weren’t completely comfortable with Seoyeon, even though you’d known her for about two years now. So it was definitely out of character for you to be goofing around with people you barely knew.

And it kind of twisted something in Jungkook. How could you be so comfortable around them, when you had been a little cold to him when he first met you in middle school? How come you were okay with Taehyung holding your hand back then? Why did you just let Jimin put an arm around your shoulder? Why are you giggling so intensely? And why are you sitting there instead of here, with him?

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5x10 reaction fic. klaine complaining to each other over skype about the insanity and stupidity going on around them

’ - and I’m telling you, Kurt, it was the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen!’ Blaine rambles, face filled with disgust and no small amount of trauma. Kurt clicks his tongue sympathetically, wincing at the camera as he begins to change out of his NYADA outfit. ‘It was just so – so…’ Blaine trails off, apparently desperately searching for a word to describe his traumatic experience.

'Hetero?’ Kurt suggests, raising an eyebrow when Blaine nods vigorously. It’s an effort to hide his smile as he slips on his shirt and begins to button it up.

'You didn’t see it, though. There was so much face suckage, and – and boobs and groping…’ Blaine trails off and gives a full body shudder, closing his eyes for a moment. 'Like, I thought that night would be about the three of us, not me walking in on some – some boobfest.’

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