seriously though this was amazing to find

I find it that YOI fandom does not appreciate this cameo enough. So here you guys go. Another long post and no cut - sorry, not sorry.

Stephane Lambiel

What google says: Swiss figure skater/coach/choreographer. Olympic silver champion, 2 times world champion

What google does not say:

The Freaking GOD of Spinning

He’s Viktor Nikiforov the Skater

He’s also Viktor Nikiforov the Coach

As well as Viktor Nikiforov the Choreographer

He is the Phichit-type friend (meaning the greatest)

He’s got Georgi’s drama intensity,

Christophe’s sexy moves and ass

Yuuri’s mesmerizing footwork

And Michele’s chivalry


 He is THE PLAYER in the “Eros” story

He’s also the most beautiful Lady in the town

And last but not least



Bonus: he’s also the cat

Now you know who that sexy French commenatry belongs to :D 

 Seriously though. Stephane Lambiel is a freaking Legend. He’s a great figure skater, a fierce athlete (had many injuries, retired, then made a comeback), an amazing performer, a blessed choreographer, an attentive coach, a wonderful friend (take any figure skater and you’ll find a dorky pic of them with Lambiel).

He is loved by everyone: women, men, dogs, cats, critics, judges, audience and fellow figure skaters.

And he should be loved by you.

Don’t believe me just watch:

“Poeta (Flamenco)”

“Overture Rossini”

“Don’t Stop the Music”


The Dragon Age fandom: I have decided to kill this NPC because, even though well-intentioned, their actions have ultimately caused the death and suffering of multiple people, and I feel like this could not go unpunished.

The Elder Scrolls fandom: I have decided to kill this NPC because they speak the same line of dialogue when I walk past them and I find this annoying.

A little piece to celebrate beautiful Elektra #1!

I fell in love as soon as I saw the comic. I highly recommend– it’s absolutely stunning. :) <3

anonymous asked:

Do you know any fics with slytherin!harry. Preferably in the long range?

I have a few! I am very picky about my Slytherin!Harry, because I don’t like him to be OOC (sooo no Harry supporting Voldemort or anything like that) and I find that a lot of Slytherin!Harry fics make him into an entirely new character. I thought the following ones were very well done though!

Slytherin!Harry Recs

Leo Inter Serpentes by Aeternum (658K combined so far)- Just one conversation between two eleven year old boys goes slightly differently, and the world changes. Just how much will be different with Harry being sorted into Slytherin, and how much will stay the same?
My favorite Slytherin!Harry fic! It’s a canon re-write starting from book one, but enough things change that it stayed exciting throughout! Also Harry has a pet snake! And Snape becomes his mentor!! ALL THE GOOD THINGS!!! You should be warned that it’s a WIP. But the author is currently actively posting the 6th book, and I have hope it won’t be abandoned :)

Written on the Heart by who_la_hoop (114K)- Harry doesn’t mind that so many Slytherins from his year have returned to finish their NEWTs, really he doesn’t. It’s just – do they have to be so friendly? He’s not prejudiced, really he’s not. It’s just – they’ve got to be up to something, right? Unnerved by the attention he’s attracting from everyone – the Slytherins are the least of it, to be fair – and struggling with a raft of changes to Hogwarts itself, Harry wishes he could be happy that one constant remains: Draco Malfoy really fucking hates him. When he’s hit by an illegal love-spell though, Harry finds he has more to worry about than whether or not Blaise Zabini actually wants to be his friend. For if everyone affected has been blessed – or cursed, by the look on Malfoy’s face – with a magical tattoo revealing the name of their soulmate, what does it mean that Harry’s skin remains completely bare?
kfhdsjrg3hi SOUL MARKS!!! c;mbxneiu EIGHTH YEAR!!! rewuy,obsk AMAZING AUTHOR!!! Harry is forced to move to Slytherin!!!! Need I say more? Seriously, this fic is amazing. Harry doesn’t act super Slytherin, but he has to live there, so it counts, right?!

Malfoy Flavor by Vorabiza (199K)- Harry’s ready to banish the Golden Boy image and take charge of his life. Unfortunately for him, or fortunately, there are surprises in store for him.
Okay so this one might be a tiiiiiiiny bit ooc, but I LOVE VORABIZA’S STUFF and it’s so fun to read that in this case I don’t even care. Harry disguises himself as Dustin Snape (okay I know I also had to get over the fact that this is a horrible name) and “transfers” into Hogwarts and is a total badass and just READ IT.

Other People’s Choices by Lomonaaeren (82.5K so far)- AU. The Sorting Hat doesn’t just let the Sword go when it falls on Harry’s head in the Chamber, but also Sorts him again, this time into Slytherin. Harry is furious and terrified, and the adults aren’t helping much.
WIP. And I haven’t read it yet!!! But it looks amazing and Lomon is always amazing, so I am very excited for it to be finished. Also, if you are just looking for a Slytherin-esque (adult) Harry or Dark!Harry or Grey!Harry, she has written a ton of that in other completed fics!

Progressive Displacement by GatewayGirl (21K)- Harry didn’t mean the wish that way. From his point of view, it hadn’t even worked.
Another one I haven’t read! I just discovered it right this very moment while poking around to make this list, but it looks really good! I think Harry wakes up in several alternate realities, and he’s a different Slytherin!Harry each time. All I know for sure is that it starts with Harry taking Draco from Azkaban, and I love that <3

Cunning and Ambition by MinaAndChao (372K)- “The weak in courage is the strong in cunning” -William Blake. One small gesture and one simple sentence change lives, and through it, history. A Slytherin!Harry AU. Abandoned in the sixth book.
This series is a pretty straight-forward Slytherin!Harry re-write, and it stays pretty similar to canon. It was abandoned in Book Six.

Also someday (hopefully!!) you will be able to read my WIP, Test of Time! Harry and Draco both go back in time to just before first year, and Harry ends up being sorted Slytherin this time around. There will be Slytherin politics and Draco teaching Harry how to be more Slytherin (among many other things; this is just a side-plot), and it will diverge almost entirely from canon :D

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Why is nobody talking about the Robert Downey Junior adaptation on Sherlock Holmes? I only saw the first movie from 2009 but it's so good?!? And a bit confusing for me because I'm a massive Iron Man fan which is the reason for me finding Tony FFs in which he dreams of his past life as Sherlock Holmes absolutely hillarious. But. So good! I still have to watch the second movie with Moriarty tho. And I love it that Sherlock clearly has ADHD there. Whatever, sorry for bothering you. Cheers!

Hi Lovely!

OH GOSH I LOVE RITCHIE HOLMES NO BOTHER AT ALL I’M ABOUT TO BOTHER YOU WITH MY MINI FREAKOUT. I mean it has its own faults and problems but I can overlook them because of the way Downey Jr. and Law play their Holmes and Watson! They so OBVIOUSLY love each other so much, and I adore the chemistry. Law even said that it’s a romance movie and BLESS HIS FUCKING HEART FOR THAT because HE KNOWS, and OH GOD RDJ loves Law so much. LIKE LOOK AT THESE FUCKERS:


OMG you’ll love the second one too; it’s a tad sad with the wedding, but Mary, OMG I love her in the Ritchie-verse… she KNOWS how much they love each other, doesn’t try to keep them apart, and she acknowledges how important Sherlock is to John AND AND AND she’s also a bamf too on the sidelines.

OHHHHH it’s so important that the audience is made EXPLICITLY aware of why Holmes goes after Moriarty – because he threatened Watson and Mary – and when *THAT SCENE* happens, the last thing Holmes ensures he sees is Watson, and then GOD the heartwrenching slow mo’ of that, where you see Holmes is at peace with his decision and FUCK it makes me cry thinking about it.

OH!! And Sherlock and John dance, no denials at all, just start dancing with each other, right there on screen… Like… I have no idea why people disllike these movies, honestly, they’re a treasure trove of Johnlock Moments.

OHHHH and Moriarty is genuinely frightening, imho, honestly. This Moriarty is played off as a completely “someone you meet every day” and I find that even scarier. He’s not Mags-levels of creepy, but fucknuggets he just… has an on-off switch and it’s scary. A calm sort of evil with intense levels of intelligence is more terrifying to me. 

AND THE MUSIC OMG And HNNGGG the cinematics of the second one OMG IT’S ORGASMIC THE SLOW MOTION CHASE SCENE HNNG. The action shots are AMAZING and ASDFASFD Seriously WATCH IT. AND AGAIN I WILL MENTION THE SLOW MO SCENE AT THE END. FUCK. Just FUCK, it’s a beautiful bit of cinematography that makes my heart cry EVERY time. It’s one of my favourite movies of all time and I just. GOD RDJ and Law are just so perfect. There is torture in the second one though, so slight TW for that.

Maybe it’s because RDJ was my re-introduction into Holmes and therefore it holds a special place in my heart. And I know that this is sacrilege but RDJ / Law are my Victorian Holmes/Watson, but BBC is MY Sherlock and John, you know what I mean? Like BBC got me in DEEP into the fandom, so I love them for that, and I just really love Johnlock. SO MUCH JOHNLOCK.

ANYWAY I’M RAMBLING. I can’t WAIT until the third movie, it’s been SO LONG, and I am so excited. While I love the first one because of the Garridebs moment in it (not really but John gets hurt and they have A Moment ™) I think I liked the second movie better because the “love interest” was virtually non-existent and it focussed on Holmes/Watson’s relationship and the case at hand and getting to Moriarty. It was fantastic.

And RDJ Holmes is a different kind of smoll and I love it. And Watson is so BAMF, god. Just the deadpan comedy of Law is amazing.


GAHHHHH. It’s such an underrated movie series because **HOLLYWOOD** and that makes me sad, but seriously I love it so much and jump at any chance to watch it. The first one, I could have done without the Adler subplot (bleh), but it’s a great movie too.

Anyway. Sorry for this momentary diversion into Ritchie-verse. Continue on Johnlocking <3

B99 SPOILERY THOUGHT: Seriously...

Ray Holt & Kevin Cozner = the best married couple/relationship on TV. 

I love these two, and their relationship. They are the perfect example of two “boring” people in a “boring” relationship - liking it this way, and being this way! (I prefer things this way, too, and though most people find this kind of life/relationships “dull”, I find it to be most exciting)

They’re excited about plain scones (the best!), and long car-rides spent in silence. And they’re just… amazing. 

If you do not watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, do yourself a favour and start watching…now! I’d watch just for Andre Braugher (as Capt. Holt), but the other characters and storylines are great, too! Holt is the best. (he is also written in a way that it’s possible he is on the spectrum) He likes to paint the same object (a rock) over and over again. His facial expression for every emotion is the same, he likes order and he’s good at what he does. He…  OK, I’ll stop now. I just love this character so much! And Ray/Kevin is the dream relationship! #relationshipgoals

Thanks Dan Goor & Michael Schur & B99 writers & the cast! 

Be kind to yourself. Speak encouraging words. Push yourself forwards, not back.

Morality would run an animal shelter/care center/vet clinic/groomer.

He is absolutely everyone’s fav vet/groomer/shelter. All sorts of pets are brought there. Seriously, one time someone brought an antelope ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

He brings in strays from the streets, treating them and taking care of them until be can find them a new home.

And until they can find a forverer home, he makes sure to love them with all his heart and soul

He mostly runs on donations, as not everyone who needs animal care can pay for it. It never fails though, because the community is always ready to help support him, and even the city council helps keep the clinic/groomer/shelter open because hey, he’s amazing with animals and our city is better for it.

Morality running a vet clinic/groomer/shelter is the best ❤💛💚💙💜

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

If you have Amazon Prime you should watch it and here is why:

  1. Written and directed by a woman 
  2. Written and directed by a Jewish woman
    1. About a Jewish housewife in New York in the 1950s whose life goes sideways
  3. The main character is a woman and she’s funny as fuck
  4. Religion is important to her, they talk about Yom Kippur and the rabbi and and and many times the first episode
  5. They grab a lot of stereotypes head on and I found it pretty enjoyable. There are tropes, but they don’t go into gross for me. 
  6. Tony Shaloub as the dad
  7. Luke Kirby as Lenny Bruce okay

Sadly it does star a non-Jewish actress in the lead role, though she grew up in a Jewish area and her own family was not religious, she is not Jewish. That’s the only fault I can find with this show so far. That is definitely a doozy, but, man, so far, this show is amazing. Seriously. 

It’s only one episode so far but I am in love with Mrs. Maisel. 

2nd Reborn Day

Hi Everyone

So on March 11th, some KHR blogs, myself included, will be hosting the 2nd Reborn! Day.  

This is an effort to get everyone hyped up about KHR again - a wonderful anime that seriously needs more love.  

On that day, we’ll just be adding some extra things - and really just invite everyone to show up and show their love for the amazing characters in it.  Send in something about KHR - whether it’s headcanons, fanfictions, or art that you want to share or talk about.  

Tags being used will be “Reborn! Day,” “KHR Day” and “R!0311″ - though definitely go to the individual blogs and see which ones they’ll be using in particular to make sure you can find all the awesome stuff going on.

(If you guys have any ideas for what you want to see me do, please send them in.)

This is the official post - if you’re going to be participating as a contributer, reblog with the tags you’ll be using in the tag section.

A list of the blogs definitely involved (I’ll be updating this as needed - stopping the night before March 11th):










“Alex and kara going to their first pride and kara being so over stimulated but also so excited to be there.” from @ownyourstage and @marzo2theletter “Alex going to her first Pride with Maggie and being kind of nervous?” and @happysanvers “ It being both Kara and Alex’s first pride but they’ve got their supportive gfs and ade and the Superfriends so their nerves are calmed” and @mrtevloar “ Kara wanting to go to Pride as Kara and not Supergirl for once but is scared she’ll get overwhelmed bc of crowd and sounds and smells.”

Maggie and Adrian assure them that National City Pride is not nearly as huge – or nearly as corporate, thank the gay goddesses – as Prides in bigger cities.

Maggie and Adrian assure them, but they still have two very nervous Danvers girls on their hands.

Kara cuddles on Alex’s shoulder that morning, while Lena, Maggie, and Adrian are on a coffee run. While they’re soaking in as much quiet, alone sister time as they can before a packed weekend of body glitter and hilarity and community and solemn remembrance and a promise to live in honor of those who haven’t been allowed to, to fight for those who aren’t allowed to now.

“Do you think it’s wrong? For me to want to go as myself? Not just as Supergirl? Am I letting the queer kids of National City down?”

Alex strokes her sister’s hair and shakes her head. “Of course not, Kara. You’re doing what’s healthy for you, you’re doing what’s gonna make you happy. You want to roll down the street holding your girlfriend’s hand, as you, not have everything you do and say photographed by someone who’s not us, who’s not James. That’s okay. You’re allowed, Kara. I promise.”

“And I wrote that press release of support, explaining that Supergirl wants to be with her girlfriend – “

“Yeah, and you exploded the internet with you writing that coming out piece on behalf of Supergirl, sis. I don’t think you’re letting anyone down. I really don’t. That piece lifted a lot of people up.”

Kara sighs and shifts closer to her sister.

“But what if I… what if I can’t do it? What if I can’t stay? As just… me?”

“If you get overwhelmed?”

Kara nods, face buried in Alex’s shoulder, and Alex tightens her hold on her little sister.

“Then you let us know, and we’ll leave. We’ll take as many breaks as you need to, okay? No one’s going to make you stay a second longer than you want to.”

“That won’t be letting anyone down? It won’t be letting Lena down?”

There’s a rustling at the door and laughter outside of it, and Alex smiles. “Why don’t you ask her right now?”

“Donuts and coffee for our Danvers girls!” Maggie announces as she swings the front door open, beaming. 

Adrian – rainbow bandanna already slightly sweaty on his forehead – is carefully balancing coffees while Lena, by design, is carrying the donuts.

Kara squirms out of Alex’s arms and straight to her girlfriend.

Or, more specifically, to the donuts.

She downs three before gulping at enough air to speak.

“If I get overstimulated and have to leave, will you be mad?” she asks Lena, and Lena scoffs sympathetically and shakes her head. 

“Oh Kara, of course I won’t. How could I ever be angry at you for asserting what you need?”

“Aww, look at those bi babies being bi together,” Adrian singsongs, and Lena and Kara laugh into each other’s arms.

“How about you, Danvers?” Maggie wraps her arms around Alex. “You ready for your first Pride?”

Alex gulps down her coffee too quickly, and that’s all the answer Maggie needs. 

“I’ll be with you the whole time. So will Adrian, and so will your sister. And James, Winn, J’onn, M’gann, the whole crew, everyone’s gonna meet us there. And didn’t you say Lucy’s coming in?”

“Or out, as it were,” Adrian murmurs, and Alex snorts before sobering and trembling just a bit.

“But what if I don’t like it? What if it’s this big queer explosion and I just… hate it? What if Kara’s overstimulated and I’m uncomfortable and… won’t we just be bad… gays?”

“Oh, sweetie, no,” Maggie begins, but it’s Adrian who finishes.

“You don’t have to like Pride to be a good queer, Alex,” he grins. “I barely like Pride. I mean, I do, right, it’s amazing. Look at me, I’m one big rainbow.” Maggie chuckles and kisses his cheek, and Adrian preens before continuing. “Seriously, though. Pride’s mostly overrun by cis white guys who act so much like the world is about them that the might as well be straight. It’s corporate as all hell, and they keep finding ways to appropriate us. And if it doesn’t feel right to you? That’s okay. It often doesn’t feel right to me, either. We won’t take away your membership card, I promise.”

“I’ll still go down on you as much as you want,” Maggie whispers into her ear, and Alex squeals. Lena and Kara glance over, somewhat scandalized, and Alex blushes.

“Sorry,” she whispers, and Adrian chuckles.

It turns out that Alex likes it more than she thought she would. She barely blinks the entire time, and she doesn’t once let go of Maggie’s hand.

Sometimes she lets go of Kara’s – when Kara wants to kiss Lena, when Kara hugs James and Winn and J’onn and M’gann and Lucy when they all meet up, when Alex hugs J’onn hard, hard, hard, because his t-shirt reads “I Love My Queer Daughters” – but not once do the sisters let each other out of their sight.

Because Kara is beaming and she’s jumping up and down and pointing out all the t-shirts, all the signs, all the different flags.

She’s squealing when she sees the black, grey, white, and purple from the asexual flag Adrian helps a teenage boy hoist, and she’s laughing and blushing when Lucy and Lena swap notes about Kara’s levels of Superhero Hotness.

But she’s always got her hand in Lena’s, and she’s always got an eye out for the telltale signs of her big sister’s panic attacks.

And, likewise, Alex has always got her hand in Maggie’s, but she’s always got an eye out for the telltale signs of her little sister’s overstimulation.

When she sees them – when Kara falls silent and her eyes glaze slightly, when she stops bouncing and she looks like she’s concentrating so hard on each step – Alex exchanges a glance with Lena, and together they quickly, subtly, round up their group.

“Coffee shop break?” they both ask, and everyone agrees instantly, knowingly. They trudge off the street and spill into a mercifully air conditioned coffee shop.

No one says anything about Kara needing a full ten minutes alone in the bathroom. No one minds the wait.

Because Kara Danvers is always, always worth the wait.

And Rao, is she grateful she took a break – that her family helped her take a break – because when she steps out of the bathroom, refreshed and excited but still a little unsteady, it’s to one of the most beautiful sights she’s ever seen.

Her family, talking and laughing and cuddling in together, in spite of the heat, together, together, together, waiting for Kara to be ready to head back into the sun.

BEWILDER - Poly!JiHope

Word count: 12.1k
Summery: The sudden losing of your apartment - right before exam season no less - led you to move in with your boyfriend and his best friend. Movie nights, some drinks and the absent of said boyfriend from the apartment for a while can lead to more good then you could ever hope for.
Genre:  Dancing students!JiHope.
Warnings: No actual smut, but there’s boner talk.

You groaned and angrily exited the texting app on your phone. Your boyfriend’s smiling face replaced it and you could feel yourself relaxing slightly, even if all you saw was a picture of him. The owner of your apartment announced the return of her son to Seoul, and the need for your immediate departure when your contract ends. This left you with two weeks to find another apartment, a race against time that you can’t win against even if you deluded yourself out of your mind.

You had no place to go.

You looked at your boyfriend’s face again. You could always ask Jimin to temporarily move in with him until you find another apartment. It’ll be a weird request, mainly because you’ve been together for long enough to actually move in with each other. You haven’t even talked about taking that step in your relationship, and having no apartment of your own was nerve-wracking enough without the addition of such a conversation with all of its consequences.

As if on cue, Jimin’s picture switched to one of the two of you together as the caller id took over your screen. His voice filled the space of your living room with a cover he made for you on your two year anniversary. You didn’t even know he could sing before he surprised you with that recording, but apparently there’s nothing your dancer boyfriend can’t do with absolute perfection.

You cut his singing voice short with a quick slide of your thumb on your screen, “Hey, babe.”

“My baby!” Jimin exclaimed from the other end. You could spot the usual sounds of video games from the background, and a groaning voice that didn’t belong to Jimin.

That voice belonged to his roommate and classmate, Hoseok, would also be affected by it. You’ll most likely be more of a burden on him then on your own boyfriend. He was also the second reason why you and Jimin haven’t moved in together yet. Jimin and Hoseok have been living together since high school, since Jimin’s home was on the other side of the country, a distance he can’t possibly cover every day. The board of the school spoke to Hoseok’s parents who agreed to take the teenager in with absolute joy, and the rest was history. They must be used to having their space, to being around each other in the comfort of their home and the boundaries they set. All of these things didn’t matter when you slept over their place once in a while, but if it’ll be an everyday thing for god knows how long, it could be a problem.

“You stopped replying,” Jimin said, the last word of his sentence sounding tight as he probably came through a tough part of the game.

“Yeah, my landlord messaged me so I’m staying away from the app until I’ll know what to answer.”

“Did something bad happen?”

“Sort of.”

The second you formed those words you heard Jimin’s voice – more muffled then before – as he asked Hoseok to pause the game for a second. You couldn’t help but smile at how fast Jimin reacted when he thought you needed his full concentration, even though playing those games can suck him in pretty bad.

“I’m all yours,” Jimin’s voice became clear again. “What did she tell you?”

Keep reading

Old Dusty Piano

Characters: sam holland x reader

Notes: a lot of people have been requesting an imagine involving the twins and this one has to do with sam (dw, i’ll write one for harry in the future). i hope you guys like it, i definitely enjoyed writing it! (:

Song: Hold Me Love - RY X


You’re lost.

Just great.

You sigh which turns into a groan as you turn on your heel and walk back the way you came.

You look down at the confusing map the administration gave you.

“Where in the bloody hell is this room?”

You walk on a long corridor and past several wooden doors. You grow frustrated when you notice that none of the doors have a label on them.

“Okay, I’m in Corridor B so the room should be… here?”

You turn to the wooden door on your right. You look at both ends of the hallway, hoping that someone, anyone, would pop out and will be able to help you.

You take a deep breath and push open the door.


“I quit. If finding a room is this hard, I can’t imagine how classes will be,” you say to yourself.

You take a second to look around and just take a small break before going on your quest again. The room is completely bare except for an old piano sitting in the middle of the room. There are no desks, no boards, no bookshelves- just a dusty piano.

You look around just to make sure you are completely alone and slowly walk towards the piano. You don’t know how to play it but you’ve always been interested in learning how to play. You set your bag and all the paperwork down on the floor and then take a seat on the stool.

Dust litters on the surface and you blow on it, causing it to erupt in a cloud of powder in front of you, making you cough. You wave your hand around, trying to get rid of it and then finally lift up the fall board which covered the keys.

The keys are yellowing already and it makes you wonder how old this thing actually is. You look around again to make sure you’re alone and then press on a key.

A strong billowing sound echoes around the room and it makes you smile. You hit another key and then another.

“Let’s see if I remember this one,” you mumble and start playing the basic tune to ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’.

“That’s a good one, right there.”

You slam your fingers down on the keys, making a BOOM sound.

“What the fuck?” You turn to your left and a tall boy stands there, watching you. “How did you-?”

“Through the door,” he points towards it.

He has a smile on his lips that makes it seem like he’s trying really hard not to bust out laughing. A sea of freckles lay on his nose and carry out towards his cheeks. Playful eyes stare back at you and even from the distance, you can tell they’re hazel with glints of green in them.


“Are you a pro?” He asks, this time pointing at the piano.

You blink several times to snap out of his trance and realize he’s mocking you. You laugh softly and nod, “Pretty much. If I knew I had an audience, I would have played one of my better pieces.”

He laughs with you and the sound makes your heart swell.

“What about you?” You ask, not wanting to stop the conversation. “Do you play?”

He shrugs and looks down at his feet shyly. “Somewhat. Not as good as you, though.”

“Show me,” you say. You’re surprised at yourself for being so bold but there’s something about this guy that gives you the confidence to be yourself.

“You haven’t even asked for my name and you already want me to play something for you?” He teases as he makes his way towards you and sits down on the stool next to you.

“Fine, what’s your name then?”

He’s sitting really close to you, his arm pressed onto yours, and you find the excuse to blame the limited space the stool provides. He looks over at you, a big smile showing his straight white teeth and then answers you.

“Sam Holland,” he states and sticks out his hand.

You take it and he squeezes your hand softly. “Y/n,” you tell him.

“Pretty,” and then lets go of your hand. “I meant your name. I mean- I didn’t- You’re pretty too but I was-”

You nod, laughing and feel your face grow warm. His cheeks mimic your own as a slight pink overcomes them.

He’s incredibly cute and his sarcasm matches your own which you love.

“Ohh-kay! So, any specific song?” He asks you.

You purse your lips and then shrug. “You pick. First song that comes to mind.” You’re really interested in what his choice will be and will most likely determine if the small crush that’s growing should grow even more.

He nods, smiles, and then gently lays his finger on top of the keys.

Then he starts playing and the first note almost knocks you to the ground. You recognize the song immediately. You grip the edges of the stool and watch as his fingers flow like water above the keys.

How can someone play so beautifully and effortlessly? You feel lucky to even be sitting here, witnessing all this. You don’t even feel yourself leaning into him, completely hypnotized by the fact that those are his fingers, creating magic.

Then he stops.

“What? Why’d you stop?”

“I was distracted,” he mutters and you turn to look at him and find your face inches away from his. His eyes roam your features carefully and it makes you feel both vulnerable and excited.

“Sorry,” you simply say and lean back. You give him a shy smile before continuing, “I recognized the song, ‘Hold Me Love’ by RY X. You play okay for a rookie, though.” He laughs, shaking his head. “No, but seriously. You’re talented, I was amazed the whole time.”

“Thank you,” and he gives you the softest smile you have ever seen. You’re falling already and that means trouble. “Want to learn how to play it?”

“Uh-” you chuckle, “I do, actually.”

He holds out his hand, palm facing up, and at first you’re confused. Then you place your hand in his and he guides it towards the keys. Your heart is beating so fast, you’re scared he might even hear it.

“Place this one here,” he whispers and his breath hits your cheek since you’re leaning over him once more. “And the other one,” he takes your other hand, “here.”

He lays his own hands on top of yours, fingers on top of your fingers, and then he presses down on them. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding when you hear the sounds emanating from the piano.

Even though he’s guiding you, the fact that it’s your fingers creating this sound makes you feel so powerful.

You get through the song and you cannot stop the big smile on your face- it even starts to make your cheeks hurt.

“Wow,” you breathe out.

“I know,” he replies but he keeps his hands on yours. You don’t mind, you could sit here all day.

“I can teach you more songs?” He asks and you detect a hint of hope in his voice.

“Right now?” You’re not sure how much more of this overwhelming emotion you can take.

“Well, no. We could, like, meet up here at the same hour. Tomorrow? Or any day… that, um, you prefer?”

You bite your bottom lip to keep you from smiling so big and look down at your hands still on the keys. “Do I have to pay you?”

He laughs softly and shakes his head. He finally releases your hands and the both of you sit back in your regular positions. “I don’t mind teaching you for free but, you can thank me in another way.”

“What other way is that?” You swallow hard.

“A date?” He raises an eyebrow at you. “It doesn’t have to be like a date date but maybe coffee or lunch?”

“You’re really cute, you know that?” You tell him between chuckles. “But that sounds fair. Let’s say that for every song you teach me, we can do coffee… or lunch.”

He smiles your favorite smile again and nods. “Deal.”

You stand up and retrieve your things off the floor. You turn to look at him and he’s standing now too.

Wow, he’s tall.

You don’t want to say goodbye just yet. You have so many questions and you want to know more of what makes up Sam Holland.

“I’m actually lost,” you tell him. “Could you help me find my way around? Maybe like a small tour?”

His eyes light up which makes your stomach do a flip. He nods and takes the map from your hands.

You both walk out of the room and into the corridor, leaving an old dusty piano behind that has created a new shiny beginning for you and a bright eyed freckled boy.


First: Hello and a very warm welcome to all my new followers! No idea what happened the last few hours but I’m glad you enjoy my content (at least RWBY cosplay content).
Second: ARE YOU GUYS COMPLETELY CRAZY? I mean yeah this is tumblr and fandoom area no1 but WHY do you like my Neo civil(!!) selfies better than the quality photos of my actual selfmade(!) cosplay(!) that I spent so much money and love and ….aaarrrgheverything to make ????


On one of the polaroids you can see me with my best friend and cosplaypartner lilminspoast - we have a page together. You can find us on instagram, facebook, deviantart and tumblr as “BeyondFantasyCosplay”

U guys are amazing though so thanks for your rebloggs and hearts - you make me so happy!


The GREATEST Dream Dads wear flamingo shorts and crop tops!! ;D 

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In all 100% seriousness though, I actually really admire and appreciate Seán’s confidence to wear a crop top. Most people I think have a hard time finding that confidence to wear one because it shows a lot of skin but he’s just wearing one casually and extremely proudly and I think that’s amazing. So seriously major props to him for having that confidence.^_^ More people should try to wear crop tops and be proud of themselves for wearing one if they want to! :D

200 Followers appreciation post

I should have done a post like this a million years ago, but I felt like I should use this opportunity to do a shout out to all my lovely followers. THANK YOU! When I started this blog I never imagined I would be here so soon, feeling grateful to every single one of you.

Some I want to thank in particular: for liking all my posts and for the great support they have shown me. This has become incredibly long so  I apologize. And oh gosh, I might have forgotten some people but this list is SO LONG (and yes it took a while) but that is just my dumb head overheating I swear. Just sent me a message if I forgot, I’ll add you!

(If you are tagged and looking for your own name press ctrl+F and type your Tumblr name to find yourself hehe)


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This is the face of a girl who is finally, finally, graduating university. It’s been 8 long years, a few meltdowns, a few different identity crises-es. I’ve been working my ass off for this and it’s finally getting there. I’ve dealt with some unexpected emotional issues that popped up 20 years after the fact. 

I wanted to thank a few of you on here whom I’ve come to know and call my friends.

My most favorite Wednesday Addams, @outlandishchridhe. The sass on that woman is incredible, but she’s also a huge support to me. She’s also a great person to talk to when you just need to complain and be angry about something, cause she gets just as angry along side you.

@diversemediums who is just too much fun to talk to. The stories we write together are incredible and sometimes I swear we have a Vulcan mind meld going. But she’s also smart and beautiful and a great friend. She always asks how I’m doing and is right there when I need her.

@thatwetwomaybeoneagain is my favorite British mum. There aren’t enough words in the universe to describe how much I love her. We’ve known each other a little over a year and I can’t imagine my life without her. She’s sweet and kind and the best mum ever. She sends me biscuits and teas and I just adore her. She might be quiet if you don’t know her, but she is such an amazing friend. Whenever I need her, she’s right there. And, in true mum fashion, she yells at me if she finds out I was suffering with something (no matter what it is) and didn’t tell her. She’s the absolute best, though she’ll be bashful and say she’s not.

@thescarlettpeacock is one of my other favorite Brits. Her obsession with red lipstick is what got me to wear that color you see in the photo. She’s another one that’s a joy to talk with at any time. We can complain about life, giggle about Outlander, and talk seriously about career potentials. When I visit the UK, I plan on making a stop to see her and hang out with her for a while.

@outlanderedandoverhere who is an AMAZING artist and a lovely friend. We’ve had some fun chats and some really fun fic collaborations in the past and I look forward to visiting her as well. 

@moghraidhjamie is another huge support of mine. We talk about more than our fanfic and she is just amazing. She’s a wonderful person and such a talented writer. I look forward to getting to know her even more. 

I’m sure there’s lots more of you out there I should thank. These are the ones that come to mind right now, so I might add to this later. But my graduation is finally here (in December). So many years of work are finally paying off.

Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour - Fourteen

Once the rest of the team had been dismissed again it took Penelope less than an hour to hack into Chat zone’s server, pull up all the user names which began with Drblack and to work out which one was Spencer. It wasn’t hard, as soon as she saw Drblackjacklover21 and saw the location, she knew it to be him.

A few minutes later and she was in his account going through his conversations with a certain Trancedancequeen. She was both shocked and amazed, and seriously struggling to resist the urge to call Derek and fill him in on Dr Reid’s apparent dirty side. This was not sort of language she’d expected to come out of Spencer’s mouth…. well, fingers. She wasn’t going to tell Derek though, not yet. It was one thing that she was going through Spencer’s messages when he very obviously hadn’t wanted her to find him, but it would be entirely a different thing bringing Morgan in on this. Garcia had her reasons though, she didn’t want Spencer to get hurt and it was soo easy to find yourself talking to someone online who wasn’t who they were saying they were.

Wiping the smirk off her face Penelope hacked into Trancedancequeen’s account, working backwards to trace the IP address of the user, ready to run her through the database once she had a name.

“No fucking way.”

Penelope checked again. Yep, that address definitely matched.

“Oh sweet baby Jesus and all of his disciples.”

Recalling a photo from a few weeks ago, she scrunched her eyes shut.

“No no no no NO! Oh my God, no!”

She shut down her computer and grabbed her things.

Y/N had made a big show of asking Spencer if he wanted a ride home, pointing out how tired he was and saying she needed to get a few things from a store near him anyway. He’d made a bigger show of rejecting the offer at first before accepting, and the two of them had driven back to her apartment in companionable silence.

Spencer had simply intended on picking his clothes and overnight bag up, but Y/N had cracked opened a beer and offered him one, saying she was gonna order take out again in a while and find a film to watch, did he want to join her? He accepted straight away, finding that the more time he spent with her, the more he actually enjoyed her company. They bantered about movies for a while before choosing one from her extensive collection, and Y/N placed an order for Chinese food, excusing herself to change into sweats.

She didn’t feel uncomfortable slobbing around in front of Reid for some reason, perhaps because she felt like she didn’t need to impress him, they weren’t dating after all, they were simply using each others bodies. She pulled her hair into a messy bun and wiped her face completely clean of the make up she’d hurriedly applied in the car this morning, before slumping onto the couch next to him. He’d unbuttoned his top few buttons and rolled his sleeves up and was sat on her cushions with his legs crossed, the bright purple hickey on full display.

She smirked when she saw it and he clocked her gaze, rubbing his hand over the bruise and scowling.

“It’s not funny, Y/N.”

“It is, just a little bit. Derek’s face when he realised you were getting some was especially funny.”

Spencer picked up a small cushion and wacked Y/N with it. She giggled, grabbing and holding onto it as he tried to tug it back.

“You’re really pretty when you laugh, you know,” he told her suddenly.

“Pffft, I look terrible right now, no make up and my hair’s a mess,“ Y/N replied, brushing a loose piece of hair back and releasing the cushion.

“You never look terrible, you’re the most beautiful girl I know.”

Spencer suddenly felt very shy as those words left his mouth and Y/N felt her cheeks burning. She never blushed when a guy complimented her, why the fuck was she blushing now? She leant forward in her seat and brushed her lips against his cheek lightly.

“Thank you.”

They smiled warmly at each other and Y/N leant in again, Spencer meeting her mouth this time with his own as she crawled forward on the couch, moving closer.


Y/N pulled back and clambered off the cushions, heading to her door. The takeout place had told her an hour at least so this was a pleasant surprise.

When she pulled the door open it wasn’t the expected takeout guy holding a bag of their food, but was instead Penelope Garcia. Y/N eyes widened as she pushed passed her and walked into the apartment, over to the couch where Reid was sat.

“Oh my goodness, so it’s actually true. I thought… I thought maybe I’d got it wrong, that maybe it was someone one else in this building and it was just a coincidence that you were both seeing people you’d met online. But you’re here so it must be true. Oh my, Oh my, Oh my! You and Spencer, Spencer and Y/N. This is huge, this is so huge.”

Spencer looked at Y/N, completely horrified that Penelope was here and saying the things she was. It sounded very much like she knew, and this was not something either of them had planned for.

Y/N spoke calmly, “Penelope, what are you even talking about? Me and Spence were talking about a film I owned on the drive home, so he came in to borrow it. We got to talking, is all.”

Garcia narrowed her eyes at her friend. “Bullshit. Nope, I don’t buy it. At all. You’re Trancedancequeen and he’s Drblackjacklover21, and you two have been up to all sorts of naughty things online! I’ve read the conversations, I’ve seen the photos… Oh gosh, I wish I hadn’t but I’ve seen them.”

Y/N’s face dropped and her expression turned to one of anger. “You hacked me? After I specifically asked you not to go looking for me on that site?”

“Actually, technically I hacked Spencer. I wanted to make sure he wasn’t being led astray by some random woman who was going to break his heart. And then I found out it was you! I’m so happy! And a little freaked and creeped out also, but the main feeling is happiness. So are you two in love!?!?”

Y/N just shook her head, anger still clouding her face. Spencer didn’t say anything, he couldn’t quite think of the right words to say to make this situation go away.

“I’m not happy with you Penelope, I’m not happy at all. You disrespected our privacy here. I get that your intentions were good, or at least you thought they were, but Spencer gave you no indication that anything was wrong. You had no right to hack him and therfore hack me.”

“But…. but, I…. I… I was just…. ”

“You couldn’t handle that Spencer didn’t want to tell you, so you used your skills to get the information anyway.”

Reid’s head was turning from one girl to the other, he was also annoyed at Garcia but thought that Y/N’s tone was extremely, and unnecessarily harsh.

“I just…. I’m sorry! But…. But…..I’m so happy for you guys! Why haven’t you told anyone?”

“Because there’s nothing to tell anyone Penelope! We’re not together, we’re not even dating. We don’t like each other like that.”

Spencer was surprised by the sharpness and disdain in her voice and he placed his drink down.

“So… You’re just…like hooking up?” Garcia looked even more confused than ever.

“It’s none of your business Penelope. It never was. There’s nothing going on between me and Spencer that concerns anyone.”

“I’ll…. I’ll go then. I’m sorry, I just…. I’ll go.” The technical analyst looked close to tears as she turned around and left.

“Can you believe her?” Y/N threw her hands up in the air, exasperated.

“She was just looking out for me, it’s what she does. Yes she shouldn’t have done it but…. well it’s just Penelope’s way.”

“Yeah but now she’s gonna tell Derek and it’ll be all over the team and I can’t cope with everyone knowing that me and you have been sleeping together.”

There it was, Spencer thought. She WAS ashamed of what they’d been doing together, ashamed that she’d been found out that she’d been doing things with him. He stood up.

“I’m going to go. I suddenly feel incredibly tired and that I want to be alone.” He stuffed his feet into his shoes and collected his belongings.

“What about food and the movie?”

Spencer just shrugged. “I’ll see you at work.”

Spencer left, giving Y/N a final look. He felt sad, it actually seemed that maybe there was more between them but yet again he was mistaken.

Y/N watched him go, feeling annoyed with everyone and then suddenly very alone in the empty apartment. She’d been looking forward to his company tonight and had gone from pleasant company and more than likely sex, to having way too much food, no company, no sex, and the distinct impression that she’d upset Spencer as well as Garcia.