seriously though this was amazing to find

I find it that YOI fandom does not appreciate this cameo enough. So here you guys go. Another long post and no cut - sorry, not sorry.

Stephane Lambiel

What google says: Swiss figure skater/coach/choreographer. Olympic silver champion, 2 times world champion

What google does not say:

The Freaking GOD of Spinning

He’s Viktor Nikiforov the Skater

He’s also Viktor Nikiforov the Coach

As well as Viktor Nikiforov the Choreographer

He is the Phichit-type friend (meaning the greatest)

He’s got Georgi’s drama intensity,

Christophe’s sexy moves and ass

Yuuri’s mesmerizing footwork

And Michele’s chivalry


 He is THE PLAYER in the “Eros” story

He’s also the most beautiful Lady in the town

And last but not least



Bonus: he’s also the cat

Now you know who that sexy French commenatry belongs to :D 

 Seriously though. Stephane Lambiel is a freaking Legend. He’s a great figure skater, a fierce athlete (had many injuries, retired, then made a comeback), an amazing performer, a blessed choreographer, an attentive coach, a wonderful friend (take any figure skater and you’ll find a dorky pic of them with Lambiel).

He is loved by everyone: women, men, dogs, cats, critics, judges, audience and fellow figure skaters.

And he should be loved by you.

Don’t believe me just watch:

“Poeta (Flamenco)”

“Overture Rossini”

“Don’t Stop the Music”


Be kind to yourself. Speak encouraging words. Push yourself forwards, not back.

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Hi, can you recommend any fanfics on AO3 that are not on Tumblr. TIA

Hi Fittergirl, I am not 100% sure whether these stories are on Tumblr too or not but here are a couple of AWESOME ones that are on AO3 that I have been following:

La Dame Blache by Wongirl

Hail Mary by Bonnie_Wee_Swordsman

Weeping Willow by Compactor

After Culloden  by PhoenixFlames12

Seriously though, just go to AO3 and follow this link ( to Outlander stories and you will not be disappointed. There are so many amazing authors there and such a huge variety that you will definitely find something you love :)

25 Days of Outlander - Day 20

Favorite Sibling and/or Friendship.

The exploration of Claire and Murtagh’s relationship (from season 1 all the way through) was one of my fave aspects of the show. They aren’t really shown in any real depth in the books, but getting to see this relationship strengthen to the point Murtagh’s just as much Claire’s godfather as he is Jamie’s was really beautiful to see. I mean seriously, they’d gotten so close Murtagh’s comfortably greeting her like

These two! Talk about finding a dynamic that worked out of nowhere. There’s no indication at all really in the books to suggest these two were all that close, but the show had some really amazing scenes between them that was really fun to watch.

Ok, even though this is more a Mother/Son dynamic, I add it here because when the season started, I think everyone expected to see Jamie and Fergus more than anything, so to see Claire and Fergus’ journey develop over the course of the season as it did was something that came as very much a welcome change. I loved seeing their dynamic together, their bond deepening with each episode. Each having moments where they took care of the other and they all became this family that when the time finally came for them to part, it was all the more heartbreaking.

Plus the chemistry they all had with each was just beautifully effortless.

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I am literally on the verge of squealing over how great you and your blog, is holy heck. Thank you for (excuse my language) not being a total dickbag and understanding what ddlg is ACTUALLY about! Keep up the amazing work, Mister! ヽ(´▽`)/

I’ve worked hard to get to the top of this ivory tower, there’s a lot of stairs.

Seriously though, I’m just a guy who is incredibly passionate about this lifestyle, educating properly, and enjoying seeing others grow in the process.

I’ve never been ashamed once since I was awakened.. and have made it a mission to pass on what was instilled in me by some fantastic mentors.

Fake is not something you’re going to find here and it’s certainly not a game to me.

I appreciate you learning and growing, please continue to do so because it will only add fuel to the passion that burns within me


Egu, Egu, Egu…=w=“

My friend actually compiled these, and yeah, this is exactly what I mean when I say this giraffe has an extremely loose wallet…and these aren’t even all of them yet (some of them are lost…but yeah, Egu never fails to amaze people when they try to look up the prices for his stuff though…=w=“)

So…hope Boss and Wing can SERIOUSLY get the Ryohei Saving to work. This giraffe seriously needs it. =w=“

Not going to tag the man himself since I think some passing Egu fans may find this as unpleasant. I personally love him for this though (and for how Boss and Wing always teased him for this…>_<”)

Note: The second bag one from Boss’s twitter, those two bags are actually Egu’s and OnoK’s according to Boss though.

Okay so I recently saw this post that talked about a world where everyone knew their soulmate’s name from birth so here’s what I think some WOF dragon’s reactions would be to the names


Moon: Winter? That’s a pretty name. Sounds like an Icewing though….How will I ever find him?!

Qibli: Uh….what is this. WHAT IS THIS?! I HAVE…LIKE…3 DIFFERENT SOULMATES?! Moonwatcher, Winter, and Umber…THEY ALL SOUND HOT

Umber: Qibli. Three moons that name sounds amazing and i need to find this dragon now

Turtle: A Rainwing? Seriously? Kinka…Kinkayoo…no…Kinkajoo….wait hold on I got this

Kinkajou: Turtle! Turtle Turtle Turtle! Oooo I can’t wait to meet him!

Clay: Peril? Sound kind of dangerous. Should I be worried

Starflight: Fatespeaker? Why not Sunny? I like Sunny. I really like Sunny. How about I just go with Sunny


Glory: I could live with a dragon named Deathbringer. He sounds cool. Deathbringer. Yep. Wait isn’t that a Nightwing name

Sunny: ….#forever alone

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i wanna buy all your prints and hang them next to each other and just look. and smile because they're SO gorgeous! i don't have money though:( but thank you for sharing your incredible talent, it's seriously amazing.. maybe one day i'll be able to buy them all hahah

aaah no worries omg!! and redbubble often has a lot of code discounts, specially during holidays and seasonal celebrations, which usually only last for 24h, but since easter is coming up maybe you could check the website out and see if you can find something you can afford, if you’re still interested in purchasing from my store or any store really! they also offer quantity based discounts all year round, and you can find them all listed here

Ugh, hate seeing people rage about MEA. Yeah yeah, we get it. The game has its flaws and bugs like every new game has. I personally didn’t mind the animations or bugs that much (although I did find some one of them pretty funny in certain situations) and genuinely thought the way the game started off was pretty good. Heartbreaking though. I can totally live with animations not being fixed right away if everything else is amazing - and it iiiis. Graphics are great, the big areas are fun to explore, the NPCs even seem more interesting… and oh yeah, you have a jetpack! No more finding paths leading up to that stupid mountain when you can just jump your way to that mountain!

Oh, and what’s with people comparing the game to DAI like it’s a bad thing? I seriously loved Inquisition and I still do. Currently playing it actually.

Yeah, I just don’t get it. Constructive opinions are fine to me. But bashing the game and spreading such negativity is just annoying.

Full offense but I find it seriously fucking weird and creepy how so many people who hated Bella Thorne before suddenly like her because of the sole fact she came out as bisexual. Like.. that sounds like you’re fetishizing her sexuality to me. When you assume she’s straight, you don’t like her. Have no interest in her. Nothing. The second you find out she’s part of the lgbt+ community though? OH. NOW YOU’RE INTERESTED IN HER. YOU THINK SHE’S SO AMAZING AND WONDERFUL. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.

Please don’t base your reasoning for liking someone solely on their sexuality. Thanks.

Imagine getting emotional after finding out that Woozi wrote a beautiful song just for you.

Reblog this if:

  • You are 100% here for positivity in the Shadowhunters/the Mortal Instruments Fandom.
  • If, even though you love the books and can’t stand the show, you would never take someone down for loving the show or spread hate.
  • If you love the show and would never attack someone who loves the books but not the show, just because you disagree with them.
  • If you believe Clary’s pain is something to take seriously and not laugh at.
  • If you agree tha Clary acting scared and being so adamant on finding her mom is justified.
  • If you believe Alec’s pain is something to take seriously and not laugh at.
  • If you agree that not everybody handles their sexuality/identity the same way and there are always different circumstances in every case and that Alec Lightwood is no different and he shouldn’t be attacked because he didn’t react the way you wanted him to.
  • If you can agree that, though they are on a low budget, the actors giving it their all is amazing and that they shouldn’t be torn down because of any cheesy acting.
  • If the casts’ love for their characters in general and all their relationships are important.
  • If you believe/agree that it is ok to have an opinion about something but it is not ok to attack someone for disagreeing with you and that it is not ok to just post outright hate of any cast member, character or blogger.
  • If you agree that all the characters are important no matter what and they all have their flaws and strengths and that’s what makes them, them.
  • Just reblog if it makes you sad, upset or even mad that such a great fandom has so much negativity and there’s no reason for it!

anonymous said: WAAAAAAAH you ship NaoToshi??? ;w; (naomi x satoshi) omg I think you are one of the only few in the fandom that ship them :o but they’re my OTP. Can I request if you could draw them please? ;u; seriously your art is amazing

GOSH ur too kind anon. I’m so glad I finally got time to do this one though, Satoshi and Naomi are so cute!

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omg that's great to hear since i loved the rappers that you mentioned!! i can't find a single blog that talks about school rapper and i thought maybe it was bc these contestants are still teenagers and that people didn't take them seriously so i got a little upset there. i'm glad to hear that you like them too though! my favourite though would have to be either osshun gum or bully. would you ever consider writing for them? i imagine it to be super amazing haha x

Yooooo I also really like Bully too I forgot to mention him in my original post. But yeah I haven’t mentioned too much about the show since I just figured people weren’t watching since it’s Mnet. But these kids go hard. 

But I probably wouldn’t write for them because of their age. They’re all still high schoolers which means I’m at least 6 years older than them. (I’m way too uncomfortable to write for people that young.) I’m already uncomfortable with my crush on Osshun, Young B, and Bully XD  so I think I’ll just stick to being a fan. 


It’s been 84 years but I finally post actual, not oc related sprites.

Not gonna lie, Kurloz is the most attractive troll in my opinion, and clock-heart‘s designs give me life. If you haven’t checked them out by now, you really should because their art is top.

You can find the drawing this was based on here !

Things that make Severus Snape Utterly Awesome

1) Loyal to a fault and respects the boundaries of those who are kind to him, even if they stop being friends with him.

2) Saves the lives of a number of people, including Harry’s ungrateful ass, many times over. He also saves Harry from the moral and psychological consequences of accidentally murdering Draco in the bathroom in the sixth book.

3) Very inventive and clever (invented spells and improved potions while he was still a student).

4) Snark that makes you shiver (seriously, Snape is one of the only other characters other than Harry that gets the best lines/quotes).

5) A highly competent, though strict, teacher. Even Umbridge has trouble finding fault with his methods (and that’s saying something).

6) Highly skilled at saying one thing but meaning the opposite.  So highly skilled that even those who supposedly have all the faith in the world in him are fooled…on both sides.

7) Amazing at occlumency to the point that he can fool freakin’ Voldemort.

8) Is the only Death Eater/dark wizard in canon who can successfully produce a Patronus. 

9) Willing to take a magical Vow that will kill him if he doesn’t follow through with it and spares Draco’s soul from the stain of murder (notice how much agony goes into his decision- even though he was a Death Eater, it is obvious that he’s never killed a person before, or he would not be nearly as concerned about the stain upon his own soul).

Hum, I’m sorry but when I said the Death Note fandom was ‘amazingly ridiculous’ that was actually a compliment, because after many weeks of an investigation created by someone in our fandom and that kept everyone on edge, some people contacted L’s english VA and he accepted to voice some lines to close the case, which is absolutely incredible - and super nice of him because he is apparently super busy.

I won’t say this fandom is perfect but you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who agrees with Light, someone who really takes themselves seriously ( even the ones who write amazing metas/fanfics or draw fanart enjoy the shitpost and memes, the fanfics and the rp ), and while I don’t know if some of them self-harm, it doesn’t make them walking jokes.

They are real humans, not clichés that you made up in your mind.

You’re right that most of us enjoy Sherlock though ( I don’t but I see some posts here and there ). No one is perfect, as I said.


I just met a freakin amazing Hajime on Shamchat and I really want to know who they are!

As soon I posted the last part, not even a second later they disconnected so maybe they had to go or it could be that I was taking too long to respond. I’m really sorry, if that’s the case!

Seriously though, this rp was so
much fun and I was enjoying it the whole time! I really wished we could have continued, but oh well…