seriously though they are amazing

True story: I finally got around to listening to Tarjei’s playlist for Julie, so I put it on shuffle while I was walking my dog, and I was like, cool, I hope this lends some fascinating insights into his acting process or how he portrays Isak’s character, and then “Livin’ La Vida Loca” immediately came on and I doubled over laughing in the middle of the street

(A ficlet inspired my trip to Seattle to meet furysbadeye.)

Dean had never been to Seattle. To be honest, he’d never been one for flying, and since Kansas was a pretty damn good distance from Seattle, he just never made it up there. But his best friend wanted to go and Dean would be damned if he could say no to Cas, because try as he might to fight it, he had recently come to the conclusion that he was head over heels in love with him.

The two had been best friends since elementary school, and Dean wasn’t sure if it had morphed into love over time, or if he had loved Castiel from the moment he offered him a cookie in the third grade. All he knew was that when Cas was around, life was good, and he wasn’t going to mess that up by telling him anything dangerous. Especially a word like love, which floated off his tongue with ease when he talked about food or movies, but remained rooted firmly when he wanted to talk to Cas.

And there had been plenty of chances to confess. Sometimes he caught Cas watching him at just the right time, when the light was perfect or the air felt charged. Then he’d feel it bubble up to the tip of his tongue, desperate to tell him, and he’s swallow it down. Because as bad as it felt to love Cas unbeknownst to him, Dean didn’t think he could stand it to love him openly and be rejected.

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I recomend this fic so much. It’s by @fishwrites, it has such good imagery and attention to detail, and its overall so beautiful. Merlance and Birb Keef are an extra extra bonus.

And btw, I’ve found you can get some pretty weird looks for doodling shirtless fish boys on post-it notes in Honors Calculus. Just an observation :0

The stupendous Mcelroy brothers in all of their glory.

(A WIP, don’t worry, Griffin is in place-holder stage for now. I just rented a tablet for the first time and I’m slowly learning digital stuff, so I thought I’d doodle~)

Seriously though, these guys are amazing. I want to be friends with them, they make me laugh so incredibly hard and simultaneously wish that I could laugh and talk with my own siblings more. I hope that they keep on being happy and wonderful in the future! (Sorry again, Griffin, promise I’ll finish you soon, haha)

have a good one~

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To be honest, you were the first non-bot blog on here who has followed me and I was just scrolling through your blog, in amazement and wondering how???? You're such an amazing, kind, and incredibly talented person. Thank you so much for following me. I feel so blessed to see all your amazing artwork, and I can't wait to see more. Once again, thank you! And please, have a nice day!~ ♡♡♡♡

this made me smile so much thank you ahh!!!

Okay fat girl complaint:

Y'all skinny folx out there buyin all the oversized sweaters at thrift stores. Knock it off.