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Éponine, Marius and the Triumvirate from Jean Valjean (1963)

by Le Théâtre de la Jeunesse

This adaptation continues to be Pure Gold. PURE GOLD I SAY.

- Éponine’s constant fourth wall breaking

- Marius being a big baby (and a massive Napoleon nerd)


- Enjolras’s hilari-awful waistcoat

- “A present from an inspector of the police”

- All the banter about Marius dying omg

Also just all the incredibly giffable moments. Especially by the courtesy of Éponine but the others aren’t far behind.

(I’m having trouble translating Éponine’s argot, though. I didn’t sign up for this…)

wouldn’t it be hilarious if Bruce didn’t know the cost of completely ordinary things like milk

like they run out of it and he sends a batkid on a milk run and hands them fifty bucks like hope that will cover it, sport

even more hilarious would be if Tim actually had to google how much a bottle of milk costs though

  • me: I don't want to be associated with v/ore
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freddy-fransisco-fazbear  asked:

Can you teach me to draw the trap of spring (springtrap)

Let me just say now that I have no idea what I’m doing

Pretty reasonable ^

What…the side doodle…why…^


You might be wondering…this is just the head! How to draw the bod?? Well let me tell ya, it’s actually not so bad! Here’s a very good and amazingly helpful video!

Really good video that will definitely help you out for sure

(But really though! Practice will make you better! And use reference…I usually don’t because I’m a lazy dingus, don’t be me)

Seriously look this is the first time I drew him over a year ago, practice is your savior^

So yeah! Sorry for making probably the worst tutorial ever, I think I’ll try a little harder to make a good one in the future! But thank you for the ask, I appreciate them very much!


That onion writer grantaire post though I can’t get it out of my head and it’s hilarious. Just imagine Enjolras reading all the articles not knowing whether to laugh or scream before sending an email saying the injustice of the world isn’t there to be laughed over and needs to be taken seriously and the next article from R is like “young man screams at internet”



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Tbh I feel like you're overestimating how popular Hiveswap is going to be

(With reference to this post here.)

Oh, probably; I was mostly being facetious.

(Seriously, Homestuck being reduced to an obscure historical footnote to its own spinoff media would be hilariously ironic - and an irony I suspect Mr. Hussie would appreciate, at that.)

It’s not necessarily a big overestimate, though - the Homestuck fandom was never that large. According to most estimates, at the peak of its popularity, Homestuck had perhaps fifty thousand regular readers. That’s microscopic compared to your average video game or TV series fandom; it just seemed larger on account of having an exceptionally prolific fanwork community. It really wouldn’t take much for Hiveswap’s player base to end up larger than Homestuck’s readership ever was, especially once the former hits Steam.

The Florido + Zuke episode checklist

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If you're not watching Faking It, why the hell not?!

Let me tell you a little bit about this show. Now, in the first episode you’re kinda like ‘oh… Some girls pretending to be gay to be popular… Not sure what to feel about that.’ BUT give it a few episodes okay? Seriously, you won’t regret it.

Faking It has more representation for the LGBTQIA+ community than any other show I’ve seen. Like seriously, it’s overwhelming.
It has Trans characters, bisexual characters, gay characters, lesbian characters, intersex characters, questioning characters and SO much more.
Not only that, but not ONLY does it have Trans characters, but they are actually played my transgender people which is AMAZING.
It deals with so many subjects that i could’ve used when I was younger.
I can’t give this show enough praise guys, every season it seems to be getting better and better.
Even though it’s super hilarious and is fun to watch, it touched upon so many different themes and problems that the LGBTQIA+ community face and it brings so much joy to me to see that representation.
Seriously, if you have free time, I beg you to go take a lot at this show. It should be WAY more popular than it already is.

“Pretty Quotes” that actually shame and demean certain “types” of girls

I was scrolling through google images today looking for “pretty quotes” when I came upon this:

Instead of thinking it was pretty, I was disgusted. It is quotes like these (and other types of media) that while meaning to boost girls up, really shame and demean girls and put certain “types” of girls on a pedestal. 

The problems I have with this particular quote is that it shames girls who smoke, drink, party, or “sleep around.” 

Insulting the actions of one woman and praising the actions of another woman is not “good,” and it sure as hell isn’t feminism. It’s not positive. So what if you drink, smoke, party, or have sex with people? It’s your choice! Women should not be told to feel bad or ashamed of these actions. This quote is blatant slut-shaming and it’s kind of painful to see it labeled as a “pretty” quote. 

Also, remember that you don’t know anyone’s story, so please don’t crap on someone for “starting a drama” if you don’t even know the motive, backstory, and mindset of said person. 

The bottom line is that no woman should be held in higher esteem if they don’t drink, smoke, party, or have sex. It doesn’t make you any “better” or praise-worthy if you don’t engage in these actions, and vice versa. Be proud of who you are, regardless of what you do or don’t, but please don’t put others down in the process.

This is an even worse version of the first quote. 

Again, so fucking what?? If you want to smoke, drink, party, wear “three inches” of makeup, post sultry pictures of your bra (holy shit, it’s a pretty piece of fabric you place on your *gasp* boobs!!!), make out with guys or girls, do it! Have fun! Be proud!

This is actually kind of hilarious too because it says at the bottom, “I’m a girl, and I’m me. And I’m not going to change for anyone.” What the fuck? You just shat on everyone who does stuff that’s not to your liking and then you say that you’re not changing for anyone?? What the hell do you think you’re saying?

Seriously though, girls and boys, don’t change for anyone, and certainly not idiots like this.

Last one that I could find without searching too much. 

If you want to wear makeup and “uncomfortable” clothes (what does that mean though? I find skirts and knee socks comfortable but I feel like this is not what the author is saying?), do it! Own it! You look awesome! 

If you want to wear no makeup and “comfortable” clothes, do it! Own it! You look awesome!

Please though, don’t tell anyone else to wear what you want, because they should wear what they want. As a matter of courtesy and manners and all of that it’s also just incredibly selfish to tell others what to wear just so “guys would have no choice but to fall for girls because of natural beauty.”

Wearing or not wearing makeup and the clothes you want is still natural beauty, everyone is naturally beautiful, and makeup and “uncomfortable” clothes doesn’t change that.

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You don't know how much I laughed with these tags // #deedee magno hall #is a treasure honestly #and spends an amusing yet appropriate percentage of her panel bringing up rose quartz // But seriously though, I loved that. Pearl would be so proud.

[referenced post]

I love how she dodges a spoilery question about Lion by just launching into a very in-character “How? How is it possible? Rose tells me everything!”

No, she is hilarious and loves the show so much, it’s really a joy.

(Also I just remembered that one twitter convo between her and Susan Egan after she won the BTVA for best female lead for voicing Pearl. Island episode when? Pearl/Rose duet when???)


I said i was gonna wait to post my follow forever till towards the end of the playoffs and this is close enough so here we are. It’s been an amazing season and i’m glad to have gotten to know so many of you. 2100+ followers i don't deserve but it’s one of the few things that make me happy so thank you all! 

also special thanks to t-o-ews for helping with the graphic

now i’m probably gonna go on for too long about some people bc i cant shut up sometimes so the rest of this is gonna be in a read more

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Even though I like Bernie more than anyone else running for President, I have yet to meet a single supporter of his who isn't an immature manchild.

Here’s the thing, I feel the same way as you, but yesterday I posted this and the hatemail I’ve gotten is both hilariously childish and composed by people with seriously the worst reading comprehension I get outside of the obvious racists.

The Funny Mess That Was the Arcade Scene & What Is Going to Happen to Toby?

First of all, I can`t believe they actually went there. High Toby? The moment Toby took the bag of gummy bears I knew that we were in for some fascinating/hilarious scenes. Toby must`ve been scared out of his mind going from fine to completely out of it in a matter of seconds, but I guess that`s a lesson for him - don`t take anything that belongs to Spencer Hastings until she actually offers it to you. 

I`m not sure if the scene at the arcade was supposed to be taken seriously because as I was watching I couldn`t stop laughing. Seriously. Toby on the floor, Charles shooting balls at everyone. It was a hilarious mess. Poor Lorenzo though. He just wanted to help his partner and got metal pipes thrown on his head. 

I don`t think Charles was attacking them. I think that, in his own way, he was simply defending himself. Honestly,  I`m no longer sure if Charles is the aggressive maniac I imagined him to be, but that`s a theory that deserves its own post. 

So, we obviously know (from the still that have been released) that Toby and Spencer will move past this unfortunate pot candy incident and go to prom together, but what about his job? He not only was under the influence (someone at the police station must`ve realized, right?), but he also went to confront a supposed kidnapper and serial killer without telling his superior or bringing backup. He also dragged his partner into the mess. 

Could this incident lead to Toby being heavily reprimanded or even losing his badge? I personally don`t mind him being a cop anymore. I used to, but since he found a balance between doing his job AND being Spencer`s boyfriend, I really don`t. Besides, Toby is the girls` direct line to Tanner and while she was clueless about the whole dollhouse thing, she could become useful as we near the mid season finale. 

What do you think? Could Toby lose his job?


“My Ass is going viral!”

THUS THE LEGENDARY PLAGUE CALLED MY ASS WAS BORN! Now watch as the world ends while everyone is screaming My Ass!

Screenshots from Plague Inc. Evolved! :D

and I thought people were going crazy over Jack’s green hair! Now we have to worry about the My Ass plague too? Jeez Jack have us catch our breath for a second! Oh wait I forgot the disease is airborne we can’t! xD 

In all seriousness though this video was so much fun to watch! :] A lot of the posts about this video on here have been so funny too! Even though it was just about Jack killing the whole world with a plague with a stupid and hilarious name. Haha! :) 

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What was the story where some guy thought you had no ideas what some game was about and they didnt know you were the writer?

I think you may mean this. (And this post has an image of the game script. Thing would give you a hernia.)

…Still a cheerful memory. (Though it took seeing the original tweet from Rae Johnston to remind me of that afternoon in Oriel.*)

*Seriously, the guy was an idiot. I was wearing my crew jacket FFS.