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Could you tell me about the art you've been posting lately? What is cybersix I've never heard of it before?

Cybersix is a slightly older series, and admittedly not all that well-known… I guess? or at least it’s one lots of people have sort of forgotten about over the years? or maybe just don’t talk about??? idk I thought it was really popular but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ here I am, alone on my little fandom island

Originally it was an Argentinian comic series published in the early ‘90s

It’s about a woman known as Cybersix who is the product of a mad scientist’s genetic experimentation.  She is incredibly strong and fast, with enhanced night vision and a love for heights.  She’s only one of his many, many creations, but when she was young she managed to escape him, and is now desperately attempting to survive while avoiding his attempts to have her destroyed – a tricky thing to do, since she requires a substance known as Sustenance to survive, something only he can create.  To keep her identity and location secret from him, she also has an alter ego: a man called Adrian Seidelman, an English professor at the local school

The comic follows her adventures as she wrestles with the nature of humanity and whether she is truly “real”, protects her friends, balances her two lives, and just tries to survive.  Like literally, there are a lot of people who want her very dead.  It’s pretty great.

Unfortunately, the only languages the comic is available in is Italian, Spanish, and French.  Though the first volume and a half can be found online in English I’ve been lowkey considering translating some more but I’m not sure whether it would be worthwhile or not

More people are familiar with the show than the comic:

which was a Canadian/Japanese collaborative effort. (I’m familiar with the show because it aired on Teletoon when I was a kid, I grew up on this shit. what does a kid love more than a slightly dark and unsettling action adventure?)  The show is thirteen episodes long and Super Neat with amazing animation

look at her

sweet bab

Honestly if you could only get into one, the comic or the show, I’d tell you to watch the show any day of the week.  It has a more structured plot, and is more… “family friendly”.  The comic is great for lore and philosophy and slightly darker tones, but it is definitely very sexual and VERY capital-P-Problematic.  I love it, but you need to be ready for some serious shit if you check out the comic, and be ready to relentlessly ignore the author when he’s being dumb af

The show though has FANTASTIC characterization, and it builds relationships a lot better than the comic.

^^ Lucas is Adrian’s BFF (and is also close with Cybersix, which just… dude, mistaken identities are my FAVOURITE trope) and he is the sweetest fucker you could meet.  Seriously, he is the Biggest, Kindest Badass of a biology prof you could ever ask for

what’s also really fun is how much it all plays around with the idea of gender and sexuality!  It’s definitely kept subtextual in the show (it’s a kid’s series from the 90s lol) but the common fan interpretation is to see Cybersix as some flavour of nonbinary.  At the very least she has a very complicated relationship with gender and who she is versus how she presents, stuff like that.  Plus bisexual Lucas being in love with both Adrian and Cybersix is Life my one friend called this show every queer canadian’s sexual awakening which is like… kinda accurate, tbh.  when i was little I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be Cybersix/Adrian, or fall in love with them.

basically… this is just a super cool show with a pretty neat (if endlessly frustrating) comic, and is the badass, nonbinary superhero you’ve been waiting for. and i am Suffering because this fandom is non-existent and I need more people to gush to about it OTL


Okay, I didn’t expect Chewbacca #5 to make me cry.  I didn’t need this on top of my only TFA feels from today’s second viewing.

I discovered not so long ago that I can write all the fanfics I want to read.

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