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5 Reasons He Would Never Let Her Go

Title: 5 Reasons He Would Never Let Her Go

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Natsu Dragneel/Lucy Heartfilia

Summary: He decided this was the girl he would never let go. [College!AU]

Note: Written for @stardresss for Valentine’s exchange fic. I initially plan to put Gajevy as side pairing, but I got carried away and I ended up writing way too long that I can’t afford to put side pairings anymore. In fact, I can write longer for this fic just for NaLu but let’s not get there LOL. I had so much fun writing this. So here’s your NaLu college AU! Hope you enjoy. Happy Valentine, from your viva valentine! :D

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Beltane: The Feast of Fertility

Beltane, Bel’s Feast, Beltaine, May’s Day, Boaltinn, Boaldyn….they all mean the same thing. The annual celebration traditionally held on the first of May (though some celebrate it on April 30th) It is steeped in a thousand traditions that come predominately from Irish history, but are certainly not limited to that. While there are many ways to celebrate this particular holiday…there is one consistent ever-present theme: Fertility.

And to a lesser extent…sex.

Gasp I said a naughty word…twice! And I’ll be saying it a lot throughout this post. If you don’t like it, are uncomfortable with it, or what have you…go click somewhere else.

Now that that’s been said, let’s do this!


  1. Fertility

    1. Beltane’s primary theme is about fertility. Rain and warmth have made the ground quicken and it is ripe for growing things. Seeds are breaking open, birds are ready to lay their eggs, animals have been gathering their homes and preening themselves for find mates. It’s time to get down to those brass tacks and get to…uhm…business.

    2. This is the fest where the God and Goddess unite. And I don’t mean on paper. They share that universal melding that quickens the world with ripeness. It’s often referred to as the Divine Union. The Lord has become worthy and the Lady has grown to fertility, and they do what couples do when the mood strikes. It is not uncommon for us little humans to emulate.

    3. All gods and goddesses of sex and fertility are honored here. If I attempted to name them all this post would end up ridiculously long. Do some research into mythology and see if/who you’d like to honor.

    4. Humans are animals. Plain and simple. We spent the winter covered up and hiding away and then the spring came out. Have you noticed more flirting going on? Have you noticed men and women noticing one another. More skin is showing and there is a simmering revelry just waiting for an excuse. That’s the brush of spring my friends…embrace it…but don’t be too foolish.

    5. Sex magic. Yup. All prayer, all spells, all rite and incantations are about bringing energy to a place or a time for a purpose. Sex does the exact same thing. You can focus that energy for a specific purpose, and this is the day to do it.

  2. Fire

    1. I mean this in both the internal and external way. You’re own boldness and personal fire may light itself during this feast. Tonight is a good time for seeing where that can take you…within reason.If you live in a place where you cannot have an open flame, I suggest a false one (there are websites that have fire on them…neat, huh?) keeping a nightlight going as a type of ‘flame’ like those fake candles that many Christians put into the windows during Christmas, anything that can represent light. 

    2. Fire is a big part of Bel’s Feast. Beltane falls opposite of Samhain, and it is a fire feast. Many traditions will have a fire to be lit as the sun sets so that it will keep going all night. This signifies many things for many people.

      1. The passion of the night

      2. the heat of the earth beginning to quicken

      3. the light of the Sun/God throughout the night.

  3. Marriage/Handfasting

    1. Handfasting is a pagan ritual for a temporary marriage or union. It lasts a year and a day. I will probably do a post dedicated to handfasting sometime soon to explain the process in detail. The quick and dirty of it is the idea of being married to one person for this time as if it were forever, it’s a trial marriage to discover if everything between you is what it should be. Handfasting is a large part of Beltane and many couples choose this day/night to be hand-bound. At the end of the year and a day the couple may choose to part ways or become permanently bound.

    2. Marriage. Most of us live in places where the christian concept of marriage reigns supreme. Handfasting is not legal in most areas and many pagans choose this day to be wed by the established government. They will get the paperwork squared away and then have a gathering on this day to celebrate.

  4. Feasting

    1. Food. Alright, you may notice that food is a part of most pagan/Wiccan celebrations. It’s not a surprise. Pagans and Wiccans tend to form a community that gathers infrequently and often views the celebrations themselves as a party…and food goes well with a party. But lets be honest, it’s more than that. Food has it’s own energy, and for rituals we need it.

    2. When the earth grows lush and the ground breaks to the plow…people get hungry. Not only this but this is a night of revelry and passion. Food goes hand in hand with these acts. There are some traditional foods that I will talk about later in the post.

  5. The Veil

    1. Once again, Beltane falls opposite Samhain., they are the fire feasts and they are also the feasts where the Veil between the worlds is very thin. I know that the phrase is cliché but it is appropriate to the night.

      1. Samhain is associated with the spirit world, where ghosts and darker things may pass through. Beltane is a different time, and a different energy. This is a night for faeish revelry and mischievousness. DO not be surprised if you find yourself swept up in the energy and making decisions you wouldn’t normally. Boldness of the god, lust from the goddess, and playfulness of the fae can make for an intoxicating time. Try your best to keep your head.


  1. The God is no longer a Youth this night. It’s the night where he 'becomes a man’. And no, I don’t mean because tonight he lays down with the Goddess. He get’s to unite with her because he has become a man, not the other way around. There are plenty of stories about how he proves himself to her, sometimes through a hunt, through a battle, or through a quest…but what matters is he DOES prove himself and the Goddess takes him to her celestial bed.

    1. Do not be surprised to be the recipient of some aggressive pursuits…or don’t be surprised to be a pursuer depending on whether you fall to the Gods sway or the Goddesses.

    2. If there is someone you have been craving, this might be the time to let them know. Offer them something, a gift, yourself, the blood of your enemies. (I’m kidding about one of those…) However, don’t be too disapointed should they not return the desire…there are so many out there this night…one who might be seeking you.

  2. Remember what I said about there being an incredible amount of fertility gods out there? I wasn’t kidding. Seriously, go research it and find one that calls out to you, personally.


  1. The Goddess goes from Maiden to mother tonight. She accepts the Lord as her Consort and together they create the energy that will ripen the world. If you are one of the people more in tune with the Ladies energy do not be surprised if you find yourself putting yourself out there to be…chased. The Goddess didn’t just hang around and wait for the God to peak at her, she seduced him with…large tracks of land. (*giggle*)

    1. Do not be surprised if you find yourself showing off more, wearing the clothing that you feel makes you look better. It’s not just because the temperature is changing. Show it off, lure them in. It’s a wonderful time for it.

    2. Tonight is the night to show it off, to get lost in that Goddess energy. Dance, move, flirt, harness that energy to carry with you for the weeks to come.

  1. Seriously though…go look those sex goddess up.


Anything that deals with fire. Red, yellow, orange. Green to honor the God for becoming the Lord of the Feast/Hunt is also acceptable. If you are honoring a fertility/sex god/ess research their colors to be more in tune with the holiday.


Decorating your altar for the holiday is simple and rather easy to do. Whatever items you have there traditionally are fine, no need to exclude anything, but adding things to honor fertility and passion are always good…and what those items are is sort of up to you. For myself I have the representation of the god and goddess, with a horn at the base of the god, and a wrap of flowers at the base of the goddess. But that’s just me.


Told you we’d get there. As those of you who follow me may know I am big into kitchen witchery. It’s just not a festival without the feast. Traditional foods are Scottish Oat cakes, Green Man Cake, Fertility Bread, and Meade. If you would like recipes as I did for previous holidays Inbox me and I’ll write those up as well.

I might write them up anyway.

Also, any food that might be considered an aphrodisiac. Chocolate, honey, oysters, or wine.

The Ritual

  1. First things first…Intent. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, doing any spell or rite without clearly defining your intent is like running your hands over a keyboard and expecting epic poetry to come out. When it comes to Beltane the intent is pretty cut and dry but just because it is the biggest fertility rite doesn’t mean that this is all it has to be.

    1. Passion

      1. I don’t just mean sexually, though that’s certainly acceptable. I mean passion for another person, passion in life, passion for yourself. Have you got self image issues? Today is the time to use that spell to kiss all that goodbye. We are all children of the Lady and the Lord and they reside in each of us. Their magic stirs in us and we are all beautiful for it.

    2. Sex

      1. Giggity. If you want it, go for it (with a totally willing partner or partners)

      2. If you’ve been having trouble in this area, not just a dry spell, but serious issues with sex and sexuality use the energy of this night to fuel healing magic for you.

    3. Fertility

      1. So you want a baby. Good for you! Go get pregnant. It is said children conceived on this night are special. I, for one, think all children have the ability to be special…but hey…more power to the evening. Also..make sure your partner (or partners) is (are) aware of your intent.

    4. Fae Magic

      1. The Veil is thin between this world and the next. The Fae can peak through or join us. If you’ve got a spell or rite that needs some faerie magic then get to it!

        1. Fae magics can include

          1. Glamour/Beautification

          2. Youthful temporary energy

          3. some forms of divination

          4. Some blessings

    5. Fire

      1. Fire can be an intent. It’s an elemental energy that you can pull into your life. Ask for a fire blessing to give you energy to pursue those goals that have been haunting you.

  2. Cleansing

    1. Fire cleansing is the way I like to go about Beltane. Using incense or smudging to clean an area. Like a candle to walk the space you plan on using for your ritual place. But if you wish to use your besom have at it!

    2. It doesn’t matter what you decide to use to clean the area. What does matter is you need to be thinking about Energy. Beltane is full of it. Harbor it.

    3. And as per usual, don’t forget self cleansing. If you, like myself, prepare a bath before every ritual for yourself, make it a candle lit one, add some sage or vanilla to the water. Whatever spice or scent makes you feel romantic.

  3. Grounding

    1. After your bath meditate, prepare yourself. With Beltane I always suggest the moving meditation of getting dressed. Tonight is about looking and feeling your best. Feel your robes or clothing when you pull it on. Look at how it fits you. Remind yourself that you are a child of the God/Goddess, they made you beautiful. Apply scent or make up or whatever it is you want.

    2. Focus on your intent tonight. If your intent is to frolic with the fae, frolic for yourself, or frolic with a potential partner…picture it!

  4. Circle Casting


  5. Rite/Spells

    1. Time for spell casting! In large groups this can be done a multitude of ways, dancing around the Bel Fire, the maypole dances, drumming, there are so many rites and rituals that take place here that I couldn’t begin to name them all. But whether with a group or by yourself remember that this is a time of high energy. The god and the goddess are creating the life of the world between them.

    2. Keep in mind that some Beltane gatherings will last all night (teehee) but some, like the group where I live can go for the weekend.

    3. Enjoy life.

  6. Opening the Circle

    1. Say thank you to the god and goddess you picked.

    2. Say goodbye to the elements.

    3. Picture the circle opening.

You know what really made me start questioning my sexuality?

Having the hardest time understanding the appeal of every male celebrity “hunk” in the world.

Like seriously, though. George Clooney? Meh. Chris Evans/Hemsworth/Pratt/Pine? Meh. Brad Pitt? Meh. 

I mean, the list goes on and on. I’d see all these girls cooing over pictures of these dudes and I just… thought they were pretty plain.

But, oh God. Actresses. Actresses were literal goddesses. 

Lupita Nyong’o. Ming-Na Wen. Rosario Dawson. Katie McGrath. Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Alison Sudol.

They’re all just… the most gorgeous works of art. Leagues ahead of any male hunk.

So. Yeah. Gay? Probably.

Basically, no goddamn words. I never thought I’d ever get this far, ever, but god, I’m so grateful. Thank you all, so so much for following me, I love you so damn much. 

I wanted to shout out to the many people who’ve made my days brighter, got me through tough times, friends that I’d never expect to make. Those who don’t judge me for who I am, who accept me. Because of the many people I’d like to acknowledge, they’re all under the cut! It took me ages to write a bit about everyone. Sorry if I forgot to include you, I still love you.

For 1k followers though, should I :

  • host a writing challenge
  • open up moodboard requests
  • fic drabbles
  • anything else? (ships, no. I’m still traumatized on how to do those)

once again, thank you all so so much, this is something I’d never expect to happen  ♡

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waverly glowing this season is so true like i dont think she can get any prettier and bam there she goes looking amazing the next episode. but like every ohter person on the show too.

Seriously though when I look at waves in season one she looks like a lost child and when I look at her now she’s like an ethereal goddess??? Or I guess demon… but yeah everyone had a serious glow up this season idk what it is wow

Take It From Me, Jealousy

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Johnny Storm x Reader x Steve Rogers

Request:  I’m the anon who asked about requests, thank you for answering my question. Could you write Johnny Storm x Reader x Steve Rogers imagine where the reader is dating Steve and Johnny is jealous, so while Steve is out of the Avengers tower he dresses and acts like Steve to finally get with the reader? Maybe it gets a little smutty until Steve comes back and catches them in bed and the reader figures out it was Johnny acting like Steve the whole time? Thank you again.


Also, tagging @ilovebeingjoyful because she asked to be tagged in this lol

Genre: Romance, Angst

Rating: Everyone

Warning: Implied sexual content, jealousy, swearing, impersonation, Johnny is a douche, I don’t wanna say attempted rape but Reader doesn’t know that it’s Johnny impersonating so I guess so??

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines, Captain.

Ok, so maybe it was a bad idea to ever introduce Steve to your friend Johnny. I mean, first of all, they both look exactly the same. Second of all, they both had taken a liking to you, even though you’ve been dating Steve for like three years now. . All that their toxic friendship spelled was trouble and disaster. So, when Steve had to go on a one week mission, Johnny offered to keep you company.

“Thanks for coming over, J.”

Johnny smirked and looked over at you, winking. 

“Anything for you, hot rod.”

You rolled your eyes at him and Johnny whispered to you, leaning forward towards you.

“Seriously, has anybody ever told you that you are just a goddess? Seriously, I think I’m staring at Aphrodite here.”

You blushed a bit and backed up, saying. 

“Johnny..I appreciate what you’re saying but…I can’t…You know that I’m with Steve.”

Johnny frowned and said. 

“What do you see in him? I mean we literally have the same face. Why can’t you see that I have way more to offer?”

You glared and snapped. 

“Johnny, that man has been through everything with me! Yeah, you’ve been through a lot with me but Steve holds my heart in the palm of his hands. Nothing would ever make me stray away from the love I have for him. “

Johnny got a look of anger but then nodded, sighing. Getting up, he said. 

“I’m gonna…go to the bathroom and then leave, ok?’

What you didn’t know was that he was stealing Steve’s clothes and plotting the ultimate reunion between you and Steve, who wasn’t due back until the end of the week. 

For three days, you never saw Johnny nor had you head from Steven. You were getting worried and you gasped when you heard that Brooklyn drawl come through the place.

“Hey, doll.”

You gasped and spun, seeing Steve and you yelled. 


A flash ran through his eyes but it was gone as quick as it came, you hugging Steven tightly. You kissed him and he followed you when you reared back. You giggled and asked.

“You’re home so early!! How was the mission? Did Bucky do well?”

‘Steve’ nodded and replied.

“We did great. We got finished so early, it was a surprise but a relief. Bucky? Oh, uh…He’s getting better.”

You smiled, unknown to the fact that this was actually Johnny with combed hair and wearing Steve’s favorite pair of slacks. ‘Steve’ put his hand on the low of your back and you giggled. Steve whispered to you.

“I don’t know about you, but I’ve missed you a lot, dame.”

You blushed and said, hugging onto the taller male.

“I missed you too.”

For the next four days, Steve had been nothing but loving towards you. It was cute but a bit strange as he wasn’t so open about kissing you and his hands on your hips and you were a bit put off but you didn’t want to worry anyone. Steve had been getting confident and on the last day of the week, he had asked you if you two could ‘make love to each other’ his words. You had blushed so heavily that Steve had chuckled a bit and you shrugged, whispering.

“I…If you want to, Steve. I don’t want to rush you into anything you don’t want to do." 

Steve replied. 

“I want to. I really do. You’re just so perfect and there’s no other gal out there for me.”

‘Gal? Steve never says gal…though maybe he’s just picking up on the slang’

Your mind didn’t think as Steve kissed your neck, holding you close and you sighed, nuzzling a bit. You straddled his hips and Steve rolled into your sex, a heat pooling and you groaned. Steve moved to the other side of your neck, sucking, nipping, licking the skin and you whined a bit, rubbing against his erection. Steve groaned and his hands moved down to your waist, slipping into the thing fabric of your yoga pants and squeezing your ass. You blushed and gasped a bit and he grunted. saying. 

“You make the prettiest noises..”

“What the hell?!”

You gasped and reared back at the sound of…Steve? There he was, in all his glory and you frowned, eyes widened and you looked between him and the man beneath you. Looking back, Steve had an dark void of anger deep in his eyes and you gasped, jumping back. The man, ‘Steve’ groaned and ran a hand through his hair, growling. 

“You just had to come back so early, didn’t you Rogers.”

“You’re gonna ever regret touching my woman, Storm!”

You gasped and Bucky peeked around the corner, eyes wrinkling in concern until he saw the scene. Johnny burst into flames as Steve threw his shield and it broke into the wall. Bucky quickly ran in, yelling. 

“Hey! Hey! Quit it! Back the fuck off!”

He held you behind him protectively while Clint and Natasha ran in, getting in between the two fighters. Steve was huffing and puffing while Johnny still ‘flamed on’. Steve yelled, taking a step forwards while Natahsa warned him with a quick ‘Rogers!’

“You sick son of a bitch! Don’t you ever come near my woman again!”

“Oh please, Old Man. She needs something new! You’re too fucking old for her anyway, old man.”

Bucky growled out. 

“You watch what you fucking say, kid. Friend or not, I will fucking kill you for touching her.”

You were sobbing, hysterically, might someone add, and Tony and Thor came in, clad in their armor and Toy said, his face hidden behind his mask. 

“This is the first time I’m ever gonna say this but parties over, kids. Go home.”

Thor growled. 

“Do not think I won’t send you to the darkest realms you’d never want to imagine, you puny mortal. Flaming or not, you do not mess with Lady (Y/n). She has full protection under oath of Asgard and It would be unwise to mess with a god and king.”

Johnny glared and without warning, Mjolnir went through the air, knocking Johnny through the wall and out of the building. Steve immediately got to you and asked you, hands in your hair and on your face. 

“Are you alright, doll? Did-”

“-I…I thought he was you! He…He dressed like you and talked like you! Steve, I’m so sorry….”

You were crying hard and Steve shook his head. 

“No, don’t you dare apologize. It’s his fault for ever messing with your head like that. That was such a dick move.”

He held you close and Bucky said, glaring and crossing his arms. 

“Give me the word and I’ll end his life.”

“Same as I, Lady (y/n).”

Thor said, catching Mjolnir when it flew into his hand and Steve kissed your forehead, saying. 

“I think we’ve all had enough excitement for today.”

Everyone nodded and you all walked out of the room, Tony complaining that he had to fix the ‘damn hole in the fucking wall’. Steve and Bucky brought you to Bucky’s floor and you three sat on the couch, watching (TV show) and Bucky telling embarrassing stories about Steve.


Why the TLC girls don't wear makeup (and why the boys do)

Cinder: Doesn’t give a fuck

Scarlet: Doesn’t give a fuck

Cress: didn’t have human contact for litterally like six years

Winter: already had the face, body, mind and soul of a goddess

Iko: pretty sure she could download it to her system somehow, and if not there’s always Cinder.

Kai: to cover up his spots

Thorne: to make his flawless complexion a little more flawless

Wolf: he think he looks old

Jacin: pale = scary so if he makes himself even paler Levana will definitely run away crying

Seriously though if any of them did wear makeup it would be Thorne.

I mean he can’t look beautiful every day of the week, sometimes he has to actually make an effort.

  • you’re this linguist who tagged along with me to this ancient tomb and you just saved me from being murdered by the mummy by speaking in his dead language and now he believes you’re this goddess coming for him oops
  • I’m from one of the local villages and I accidentally stumbled into all these treasure hunters in my favorite hideout as a shootout was just about to occur and oops now you have to save me
    • jokes on them though HA i saved myself and tricked you all into getting lost in these caves that only I know how to get out of. so…can u like stop following me? look I appreciate you trying to save me back there but seriously you intruders are so goddamn annoying pls go away
  • “what do you mean you broke the two thousand year artifact that we’ve been searching for for three years?”
    • “I mean it’s been stuck underwater for a thousand years and it was slippery.”
      • “and also I was nervous”
  • usually when two treasure hunters bump into each other on a hunt one of them is the greedy asshole who kills everyone on sight and the other simply gets the thing and gets out, so you can imagine the surprise when neither of us are that asshole. so, that being said “who the fuck are you?”
    • “who the fuck are you?”
      • *both jump at sudden movement of each other*
  • you bargained your life by offering to show me where this ancient family heirloom is and now we’ve gotta take this giant journey together to go and find it but shit goes upside down when your family apparently finds out and tries to kill us both to protect it–whattafuck dude isnt that ur dad
    • “im adopted”
  • youre were the love of my life who always had a thirst for adventure and you disappeared one day on a hunt and so now ive devoted my life to figuring out all your secrets and finding out what happened to you
    • and after nearly years i finally tracked you halfway across the world only to find that you were saved from a cave in at a village and lost all your memories of me and your life
      • and now all the people that i pissed off trying to find you are here to kill me and it literally tears me apart inside that youre gonna watch me die and feel nothing because you dont have the slightest clue in the world about who i am or what ive done to find you
        • but something told me in my last moment that maybe…you might just remember me after all.

“Recently I learned the hard way that sometimes I have to step back and let other people do their own quests, even people I care about.”

Okay so say Annabeth met Magnus after HoO… So she may have been talking about how Percy let her go do the Mark of Athena quest alone.

Or the whole exhange camper thing with Jason and Percy - even though it’s totally the fault of certain annoying goddesses.

Or maybe our beloved Percy Jackson is currently out and about doing gods-know-what on a quest without Annabeth with gods-know-who and maybe that’s why she’s roaming Boston looking for Magnus… Maybe it all has something to do with Apollo’s trials or some other (but seriously I SWEAR TO THE GODS IF TEENAGE APOLLO WHISKED PERCY INTO SOME GODSFORSAKEN QUEST I WILL PERSONALLY DRIVE HIS SUNNY CHARIOT INTO THE SEA SO HELP ME APOLLO)

Oooooor… Maybe the quest is with Carter. That would be nice, wouldn’t it. A change of scenery.

New Beginnings {11}

Jared x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Drinking, Yelling

Words: 4,000 (I don’t know how I did this)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

Ready for an emotional roller coaster?

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So this happened today on my coffee break.

Co-Worker: So, Disney’s Moana looks pretty good. Think it will be a hit?
Me: Disney’s had nothing but winners lately, so I have no doubt this will be any different.
Co-Worker: Yeah, but I’m confused about one thing.
Me: What’s that?
Co-Worker: Well, apparently the character played by The Rock is a real-life mythological being that’s still worshiped in some parts of the world. Who is he, exactly?
Me: That’s actually interesting. See, Maui is basically the Pacific Islander answer to mythological beings like Hercules and Thor, and nowadays is looked upon as a hero of folklore like John Henry and Pecos Bill. See, Maui was the son of the Polynesian goddess Hina…or they’re husband and wife, depending on who you ask, but that’s not the important part. Maui was most famous for using his giant magic fish hook, the Manaiakalani, and he used said hook to catch the bottom of the ocean and pulled up great land masses that became the Hawaiian Islands and…
Co-Worker: *blank stare*
Me: …. *pulls out phone* He’s this guy.

Co-Worker: Ooooooh! Cool! :)
Me: *sigh*

((Seriously though, Moana actually looks really good))

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emperor xing, what do you think about the chenyin (chen + li yin) ship?


Thank you for letting me take these strange beatings out of my heart.

no no stahp no

Her Healing Hands

A/N: Another idea that I had to get out of my head.

Rating: K+ - mild language

Pairing: NaLu

Summary: While stuck on a train for a few hours, a pinkette attempts to ease his crippling nausea—after all, puking on the very attractive blonde across from you is not the best ice breaker. Modern AU. OneShot. NaLu. Complete.

Word Count: 1,454

Natsu was in hell.

It was a beautiful day. Fields stretched for miles—flowers and tall grass swaying in the breeze. Large poofy clouds adorned the sky, just asking for someone to jump on them—yes…they were fluffy enough to tempt death. If the window were open, birds would be chirping and the faint sound of waves could’ve been heard from the nearby ocean.

And Natsu was currently begging for death.

His stomach as the train made a sudden turn, sending his slack body hurdling for the wall. His nerves faintly recognized the pain of being thrown against a hard metal surface, but the feeling in his face was too overpowered by the discomfort of his stomach.

The train slowed slightly—triggering another wave of nausea—coming to a sudden halt at the next pit stop. Laying back down, Natsu pulled his scarf over his eyes to block out the light in an attempt to ease his gut.


His ears faintly registered the door to his little booth opening and then closing. There was a faint clack of heels against the floor and the rustling of clothing and bags against each other. Pages of a book seemed to turn as the sounds died out, and Natsu peeked out from under his scarf at who had just joined him in his hell hole.


Long blonde hair flowed down her shoulders, some smaller strands framing a heart shaped face. Though her eyes were downcast at the page, from Natsu’s current angle he got a full view of the shining chocolate orbs. Framed by thick lashes, they seemed to swirl with various emotions…he could get lost in those waves.

Her fairer skin—lighter than his, but not porcelain—brought out her full lips and the light flush of her cheeks. It was cold outside then, was it? Her breathing was laboured slightly, her chest rose and fell slightly above normal pace. She must’ve run to the bus stop.

Was he really in hell if such an angel just entered his tenth circle?

Fuck that sounded corny.

As if to answer his question, the train lurched again and Natsu found himself doing a face plant on the floor of the room.

“Fuck,” he mumbled.

“Oh my god, are you okay?”

He felt a faint pressure on his back as his scarf was pulled away from his face. Without that cover, his pathetically nauseous expression was now in full view of the goddess he was peeking up at only moments before.

He attempted to nod his head—with the floor beneath him, it looked like more of a face twitch than anything else—but was hit with another wave. Faster than he would’ve thought possible in his semi-drugged up state, Natsu pulled himself up to his feet, threw open the window, and leaned out of it as he lost yet another portion of his lunch.

Well…at least he didn’t end up puking on her.

Groaning, Natsu closed his eyes, willing the cool breeze to ease his current state. 

He felt the pressure on his back again, rubbing small circles. Though it didn’t completely cease his stomach, the touch did help a bit.

“Thanks,” Natsu croaked, “…sorry.”

The woman giggled lightly, “Not a problem.”

Rinsing his mouth out with a swig from his water bottle, Natsu eventually sat back down, wiping at the sheen of sweat that had appeared on his face. Running a hand through his hair, he grumbled to himself, praying for the train to go faster.

He felt the girl get up and sit next to him before tugging on his shirt sleeve. Peering down at her with one eye, Natsu looked at her skeptically.

“C’mere,” she said, patting her lap.

Cautiously, Natsu lay down on his back, with his head in her lap. Her long fingers found their way into his hair, nails scratching at his scalp in circles. Shuddering under her touch, he felt her fingers still then suddenly.

“No…don’t stop.”

She resumed, this time pausing once in awhile to rub at his temples gently with flat fingers. While one hand worked on his head, the other roamed his face, placing pressure between his eyebrows up to his hair line, on either side of the bridge of his nose. Each action of hers sent a wave through his body, muffling his unease and relaxing his muscles. It was heaven.

He soon found himself drifting off.

Another train lurch woke Natsu up, alerting him of his stop.


As quickly as he’d gotten up, he found himself off the train—kissing the ground and breathing in the fresh air. It was only when the train departed that he realized he’d just left that woman without thanking her, or saying goodbye.

A screw it. He totally wanted her number.

Now banging his head against the ground, he almost snapped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Containing his irritation, Natsu glanced up at whoever had the damn balls to touch him without his knowledge or permission.

He was answered with chocolate eyes.

“You don’t want to give yourself brain damage, do you?” she asked softly, eyes alit as she smiled.

Natsu was at a loss for words.


She laughed.

A familiar hunk of white cloth was shoved into his hands. It was only then that Natsu’s hand flew to his neck, noticing that he had indeed left his scarf on the train…and had this woman not brought it to him…he’d have lost it forever.

Kneeling at her feet, Natsu bowed his head to the ground.

“Oh goddess!” he began goofily, “not only have you eased my motion sickness, you have returned my most prized possession to me!”

Looking up at her with a large lop-sided grin, Natsu suddenly became serious.

“Seriously though…you have no idea how important this is to me. Thank you.”

Natsu noticed the faint blush adorning her cheeks as she brushed him off, “It was nothing.”

“How can I repay you?” he asked.

“Well…” she tapped her finger against her chin, pondering. “I did get off the train to give that to you, and the next one won’t be here for a few hours…”

Natsu’s eyes widened. She got off the train for him at a stop that wasn’t even hers?


She blinked, “Hm?”

“Let me take you to dinner while you wait. You must be getting hungry,” Natsu looked over to the setting sun. Disappearing over the horizon, the long wavelengths cascaded reds and oranges over the landscape.

“I’d like that,” the blonde smiled wide.

“Good,” Natsu grinned. “Seriously…thank you…uhhh…” he didn’t even know her name.


“Lucy,” he whispered. “It suits you.”

She laughed.

The pinkette held out his hand, “I’m Natsu.”

“Natsu…like the season?”


Lucy took his hand. His calloused fingers were rough against hers as she felt him turn her hand and pull the back of it up to his lips.

“Your hands are magic, you know that? I’ve tried everything to get rid of my motion sickness, and to this date haven’t found a solution.” He kissed the back of her hand lightly before letting it go.

Jesus Christ was he turning into Loke? …he needed to stop hanging out with that guy.

“Well…I could give you some pointers?” Lucy didn’t seem to mind his prior action as the two fell into step, making their way into town.

Natsu smiled, “That’d be awesome.”

“I’m gunna have to charge you though,” Lucy grinned, winking slightly.

“Name your price…I’ll do anything.” Natsu couldn’t take it anymore. If there was some sort of magic to get rid of it, he’d do anything to find it.

“Well…” she started, “I’m coming back through here in a few days and I’ll be hungry when I do.”

Natsu could tell where she was going with this.

“Buy me dinner again then, and I’ll let you in on all my secrets. You know…when I don’t have somewhere to be.” There was a flirtatious hint to her voice that made Natsu’s stomach flip.

“All your secrets?” he lured, “for one dinner? Seems a bit easy.”

“Oh don’t worry,” the blonde smirked, “I’ll make you work for the bigger ones.”

As if to prove a point, she walked ahead of him then and Natsu was able to take in her full figure…body and energy.

Fuck she’s gorgeous.

It only occurred to him that he was frozen and gawking at her when she stopped and turned around.

“You coming?!” she called.

He shook himself out of his trance and ran after her.

Well…if he was in hell before…he sure as hell wasn’t now.

In response to this

Nico di Angelo would be the first to admit that he wasn’t the best at “people skills”. To be fair, he hadn’t had much practice, at least with living people- he could charm a soul back to the Underworld, curse a monster to Tartarus, barter with the gods, but had to rehearse his coffee order before he actually spoke with the barista. 

He didn’t see this as a negative, however. Because Nico di Angelo, while not having the most refined social skills, still had the same fierceness he always had, and, after literally going through hell and back and defeating mother Earth herself, he had come to the conclusion that pussyfooting around issues was a waste of time and that a direct method was the best method.

Which is why Nico di Angelo was currently leaning against a pillar next to one (relationship status now single) Percy Jackson. 

“Hey Percy,” Nico said, meeting Percy’s eyes, “I was thinking.”

“Yeah?” Percy raised an eyebrow, “That usually doesn’t end well for me, Nico.”

“Except for when it, you know, saves your life.” Nico quirked an eyebrow and Percy grinned.

“You’ve got me there.”

“I know,” Nico turned so he was facing Percy fully, “Actually, I’ve got you here. So we should…go out sometime.”

Now Percy raised his eyebrows, “Are you really asking me to hang out with you?”

“No,” Nico crossed his arms, “I’m asking you to go out with me. Not hang out.”

Percy felt his face flush, “Go out, like-”

“Like a date. Yeah.” Nico refused to regret this conversation, and plunged ahead, “You can say no if you want. But I’ve wanted to go on a date with you for…for a while. So. I’m asking.”

“Nico, I-”

“I mean, it’s a yes or no question. I know it’s sort of out of nowhere, well, for you. But I’ve- I mean, it’s like I said, I’ve wanted to…for a while. And I like you, a lot, you know, Percy, and-”


“-I mean either of us could die tomorrow and it’d be weird if you were a ghost and- what?”

“I said yes. Yeah, sure. I’ll go out with you. On a date. I think…I think I’d like that, Nico.”

“Oh.” Nico blinked, “Oh ,yeah, cool. Then, then I guess-”

“It’s a date.”

“Yeah.” Nico fiddled with his ring before, “I, uhm, meet me by the lake at…7? Does that-”

“Works fine.” Percy nudged him, “And I expect flowers, Romeo.”

“Yeah, whatever. I’ll show up on a white horse, too.”
“You’d better.”

Percy would be the first to admit, he never really got a good grasp on the whole “romance” thing. He was more focused on fighting monsters than going on dates, and never really paid attention to the movies where there weren’t robots or explosions. 

But he still felt his stomach do a backflip when he saw Nico on the beach, sitting on a blanket on the sand and holding-

“You actually got flowers?”

“Yep. Couldn’t find a horse, though.”

“I guess I can forgive you,” Percy said, taking the bouquet, “Daisies?”

Nico raised an eyebrow. “Seriously? The red ones are tulips, and then lilacs and hyacinths.”

“Wow,” Percy blinked at the flowers, “I never knew you were a florist.”

Nico shrugged, trying not to look embarrassed, “Well when your step-mom’s the goddess of flowers…anyways. There’s a lot you don’t know about me.”

Percy looked thoughtfully at Nico, “There is, isn’t there. I should pay more attention to you, shouldn’t I?”

“Well,” Nico huffed as he sat down an rummaged through a canvas bag, “Yeah, I want you to pay attention to me. That’s why I’m on a date with you. That’s why I want more dates with you - it’s kind of overdue." 

Percy opened his mouth to respond, but Nico cut him off. "Here,” The younger boy said, shoving something into his hand, “That’s for you, too.”

“Thanks,” Percy said automatically, before he looked down to what Nico had given him, “It’s…a…what is this exactly?”

Chiacchiere," Nico said while pulling two bottles of water out of the bag, "It’s a dessert. I made it, it’s good. It’s for you, so eat.”

“Thanks,” Percy said again, and tentatively brought the crisp to his mouth. “It’s good.” And he tried not to sound surprised.

“I told you it was.” Nico took a treat for himself, licking the powered sugar off his fingers in a way that made Percy reconsider how he thought of Nico’s tongue. 

Percy shook his head and heard Nico snicker, “What? I didn’t know you could cook.”

“I can. I do. Go out with me again and I’ll make you dinner AND dessert.”

“You sure know how to treat a lady, Nico.” Percy grinned, and leaned closer to Nico, who took the hint and closed the gap between them, so their shoulders touched.

“No,” Nico covered Percy’s hand with his own, casually, “Not really. But I know how I want to treat you, Percy. I’m not very good at this, but-”

“Neither am I. This is…this is all really great, Nico. It really-”

“Can I kiss you?” Nico met Percy’s eyes, face straight but Percy could see the nervousness in his eyes, the same as it had been when Nico had asked him out. But they also had the same boldness and fierceness that Percy had always seen in the other boy.

“Yeah. I mean, yes. I mean-”

Percy and Nico both moved in at the same time, noses bumping awkwardly before Percy adjusted, wrapping his hand aroudn the back of Nico’s neck and matching his lips. It was…different then the other kisses Percy had had: it was hot and slow and sweet and nervous. He could feel the puffs of breath from Nico’s nose, felt Nico’s hand squeeze his, and when Percy pulled back, Nico’s eyes were still shut for a couple of seconds.

“Thank you.” Nico whispered, bringing his free hand up to his lips. 

“You don’t have to thank me, I wanted to kiss you. I want to kiss you again, if that’s ok.”

“It is.” Nico answered without hesitation, and this time was the first one to press his lips against Percy’s. 

This kiss lasted longer, and Percy felt Nico push against him, less nervous but still cautious, slow. When they pulled apart, Nico’s eyes were staring into his.

“Thank you.” Nico said again, not moving away.

“I said-”

“No, Percy. I like you. A lot. So thank you for letting me do this, all of this, for you. I-”

“I like you too Nico. I’m just- I might need a few more dates.” Percy grinned.

“I can do that.”

“I expect pasta, next time.”

As fate would have it - Chapter 8

It´s been about twelve years since Hiyori last saw Yato. Twelve years since he cut ties with her. With tears in his eyes he explained that it was all for her sake so she could finally start to live a normal life.
What he didn´t know back then was that their ties could never be cut.

Hiyori remembered everything about him, Yukine and the far shore.
At the time Yato and she parted ways Hiyori was already pregnant with a baby girl that grew up knowing nothing about her father.

Chapter 8 - Our friends from the fare shore

Words: 2648

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Main characters:

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Okay seriously. I can't imagine you doing normal human things. You look like a porcelain wildflower goddess, I can't imagine you grocery shopping or filling up your car with gas or anything other than being gorgeous in a field.

I thought this was going to actually be mean but it was actually the sweetest best thing I could ever read and oh my gosh ; - ;

^ me burrowing into my own fluffs because this is too much.  (I do do normal human things though, I assure you.  I would totally spend all of my days in a gorgeous field of flowers in there were any around us though<3)

We’re almost at the end of Yuri Kuma Arashi, and I have a lot of thoughts. I’m not ready to cast my final verdict on the show as a whole just yet, but I’ve been thinking about what might happen next week and here’s what I don’t want from the final episode:
I don’t want Kureha to become a bear or for Ginko to become human.

The way I see it, in the universe of YKA girls basically have to options, being a bear or being a(n invisible) girl. Both of these are very restricting roles. If Kureha becomes a bear or Ginko becomes a human, they will just end up switching one box for another. It won’t really solve anything.

After all Kureha was already being excluded by her classmates for her relationship with Sumika, and they were both humans. And what little we have seen of the bear world doesn’t suggest that it’d be any more accepting. For one girl to give up her true form for the other won’t bring them the happiness they wish for.

In ep 11 Life Beauty compares Ginko to the Little Mermaid. The Mermaid gives up her voice to meet the prince, just like Ginko gives up Kureha’s love for the chance to meet her again. There’s also the fact that when she does meet Kureha again, Kureha already has Sumika, which is also similar to the Mermaid’s story.

The Mermaid’s love is ultimately unfulfilled, and I think her end includes an important lesson for Ginko and Kureha. The Mermaid was also someone who wouldn’t back down on her love, but because she gave up her voice to meet the prince, she was never able to tell him that she was the one who saved him or even that she loved him. Her love was unfulfilled because she gave up her true form.

I think Reia has the right idea about all this. For Ginko and Kureha to achieve the destiny promised to them they have to smash the world’s shell leave behind the human and bear world and accept each other as they are, as bear and human. Going against social expectation is hard and scary, especially when you are young. But for the two of them to be happy together, that’s probably what they’ll have to do.

Fortunately, the stinger to this weeks episode has eased my worries a bit. When we saw Kureha at trial in last weeks episode I was worried that it might mean that Kureha was choosing to become a bear. But in this episode she is asked if she will admit to her crime and she looks at the Judgement bears with a defiant expression.

I hope that means that Kureha will challenge their authority in someway. Because seriously what right does anyone have, emissaries of a Bear Goddess or not, to challenge anyone’s love? Why should these girls have to prove to outsiders that their love is “real”? The trials aren’t any better than the Invisible Storm exclusion ceremonies, and Kureha and Ginko will have to overcome both of them if they’re going to get their happy ending.