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Purple Guy: My ex wife still misses me…

Purple Guy: bUT HER aIM is gETTING BETTER!




Purple Guy: Y-You see its funny because marriage is terrible!

Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 21)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

13+. Small spoilers for an event common to Yoosung, Seven, and Zen’s routes.

Busy week so this chapter’s a little later than usual, but it’s also pretty long. Thanks for reading!

You glance up at the security camera above the door to the apartment as you shift your grocery bags to one hand so you can type in the passcode. Briefly you wonder if you ever make eye contact with Seven when you look at the cameras. Well, you doubt he’s keeping an eye on them 24/7. Maybe he just has it set up to notify him if a stranger comes by or something. The only stranger you can think of doesn’t seem to have any trouble hacking the security feeds, though… Ugh.

There’s a click as the door unlocks and you nudge it open with your hip, using your foot to shut it behind you as you enter the apartment. You flick the lights on and give the desk a wide berth on your way to the kitchen to set your groceries down on the counter. You didn’t buy much – there’s hardly any point in stockpiling ingredients for later – but you do have a few vegetables, snacks, and other foods now. At the very least, you never have to worry about something going bad before you get the chance to use it.

Somewhere deep in your purse, your phone rings. You set down the milk you were about to put in the fridge and dig around in your bag until you find it, barely glancing at the caller ID before swiping to answer. “Hello?”

“It’s me.” His deep voice is instantly recognizable.

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The Rising Sun

Fred Weasley x Reader

Request: Could you please write a Fred weasley x reader fic where they’re both in gryffindor and it takes place during the battle of Hogwarts (and Fred lives please because I can’t handle that kind of emotional trauma again) and its just a lot of them fighting together and at some point reader saves him and it’s just fluff and Fred being protective? Thanks :)

A/N: Okay, so I went off the books for this one so you get to meet Percy and the Golden Trio. I really enjoyed writing this, and I hope you enjoy reading it!


Your name: submit What is this?

You ducked behind the rubble, a green flash skimming past your ear and ruffling your hair.

“That was close.” You muttered, trying to keep your tone light hearted.

“Too close, Y/N.” George spoke, throwing a spell over your make-shift shield of rubble before crouching behind it once again.

“I’m fine.” You rolled your eyes, “We just need to keep this passageway safe.”

“We know.” The twins chimed together.

You huffed a laugh, peeking a look over the shield. 

“Shit! Move!” You yelled, grabbing both of the twin’s arms and forcing them to their feet. You let go as you all stumbled behind the corner of the corridor. Not a moment later, a large explosion rang in your ears: the shield had exploded sending debris ricocheting off the walls.

George glanced at you and you caught on to what he needed. You shot your wand arm out and cast a shield charm, allowing George the coverage he needed to dart to the opposite side of the wall.

George caught the eye of another student struggling to hold their own against a death eater and he turned to the pair of you.

Fred and you rolled your eyes, nodding once at George. Without hesitation, George sped off, his casting spells of his own. After dating Fred for a few years, you had become close to both the twins and were able to converse with simple gestures such as a shrug or tip of the head.

“We can’t hold them off.” You turned to Fred after throwing a spell at a hooded Death Eater.

“Yes you can.” A voice called.

You turned your head, almost heaving a sigh of relief as a man with the red hair you were so used to straightened his horn-rimmed glasses as he approached you.

“Perce.” Fred grinned, clapping his older brother on the back.

“I didn’t realise you came.” You clapped his arm softly, a smile taking over your face.

“Yes, well… I’ve been such a pompous twat, a complete idiot, a-”

“Ministry loving, family-disowning, power-hungry moron,” you said with raised eyebrows. Fred smiled slightly to himself when he heard you repeat the words he had said himself when he saw Percy.

“Yes, I was.” Percy sighed.

You grinned, holding out your hand, “Well, welcome back, Percy.”

Percy sighed, his shoulders which had been drawn and tight, suddenly dropping in relief. He gripped your hand, a genuine smile on his face.

“Right. Let’s get these bastards shall we?”

You raised your eyebrows at his curse, and glanced over at Fred, whose own face mirrored the look of shock displayed on your own.

You laughed slightly, readying your wand.


The Death Eaters that you had been dueling had fallen a while ago. But they were soon replaced by more Death Eaters. The defensive measures that had been placed to stop Death Eaters from penetrating Hogwarts had only worked for so long. It seemed Voldemort’s following was larger than you had first thought.

You shuffled backwards, throwing and deflecting curses and hexes. Flashes of light rocketed off walls and the floor, some nearly killing you but you always managed to deflect them, or dodge them in the nick of time.

Suddenly, more yells joined your side and you spared a glance, almost sighing in relief as you saw Harry, Ron and Hermione join your side. The man that was dueling Percy backed off as soon as help came and his hood slipped, revealing a high forehead and streaked hair - 

“Hello, Minister!” Bellowed Percy. Your eyes flickered to the Death Eater as Percy sent a neat jinx at Thicknesse, who dropped his wand and gripped the front of his robes in apparent discomfort. “Did I mention I’m resigning?”

“You’re joking, Perce.” Shouted Fred as you sent a Stunning Spell with Harry and Hermione to his opponent, who collapsed under the weight of them. Thicknesse had collapsed to the ground, tiny spikes erupting all over him.

You glanced past the Minister, noticing a large man with a wand pointed straight at all of you.

“- I don’t think I’ve heard you joke since you were -” You ran towards Fred. 

The air exploded. You had been grouped together, you, Fred, Percy, Harry, Ron and Hermione, the two two death eaters at your feet, one stunned and the other transfigured: and that moment, time seemed to slow down. The world was rent apart and you felt yourself flying through the air as you clutched at Fred’s robes, his arm winding around yours as all you could do was grasp onto each other: you heard the screams and yells of your other companions, not knowing what had happened to them -

And then everything clarified, the world revolving into pain and bright light: you had landed with Fred on top of you and you groaned under his weight. The cold air which blew across your cheek told you that the side of the castle had been blown away and a hot stickiness on your temple told you that you were bleeding considerably.

“Fred?” You asked quietly, a sharp pain jolting your side as you called his name. Dread and panic filled your stomach as he didn’t move. “Fred?”

Your red-haired boyfriend groaned as he rolled off you, the pain alleviating some as your lungs were able to fill with air. You sighed in relief and pushed yourself up into a sitting position, your ears ringing as you looked around.

A hand suddenly entered your vision and you followed it to see Ron, whose face was scratched from the debris which hit him.

“Thanks Ron.” You muttered, taking his hand as he helped you up.

You glanced over at Fred, who was being helped up by Percy.

“You okay?” You asked him, gripping your wand tighter as a body flew past the hole broken into the side of the school, cursed flying at you in the darkness, skimming your head and hitting the wall behind you.

“Get down!” Harry yelled, dragging Hermione down to ground as you crouched. You felt a hand grip your arm and you flinched before you realised who it was.

“Y/N.” Fred sighed, his eyes scanning your face before resting on the large cut on your temple. “You’re hurt.” He frowned, raising his hand as he gently dabbed at your cut with the end of his sleeve.

A shrill scream split the air and you turned towards the noise. Hermione’s hand was raised above her mouth, her eyes fixated on the large hole in the wall. You turned and started in surprise. A monstrous spider the size of a car was attempting to crawl through the large hole in the wall.

Harry and Ron shouted together, their spells colliding and sending the monster flying backwards, it’s legs jerking horribly as it vanished into the darkness.

“It brought friends!” Harry called as he glanced over at the edge of the castle through the hole. You stood from your place and stumbled over next to him: more giant spiders were climbing the side of the building, presumably coming from the Forbidden Forest.

You cursed under your breath, shooting spells down at them, knocking the lead monster into those beneath it like dominoes. Then the air above your head crackled with heat as spells flew past you.

“Let’s move, NOW!” Harry yelled, grabbing Hermione and pushing down the hall. Fred grabbed your hand and squeezed it before you both took off running after Harry.

“ROCKWOOD!” Percy bellowed, taking after a tall man who was chasing a few students. You spared a glance in Fred’s direction and he nodded his head slightly towards Percy. You nodded and you both immediately changed directions, following Percy instead.

A curse flew towards you and you felt it before you saw it, the curse skimming the side of your arm, scorching the skin. You hissed in pain and Fred moved in front of you, casting a spell at the caster who dropped his wand as he clutched at his head in discomfort.

“Are you okay?” Fred asked, cupping your cheek in his hand as he stared into your eyes.

You allowed a small smile through the pain, your chest still aching as you sucked in a breath - a fractured rib, perhaps? - and you nodded, “I’m fine.”

Fred seemed to know you were lying, but he also knew that it was entirely the wrong time for that conversation as he resulted instead to place a soft kiss to your forehead before grabbing your uninjured arm and running.


“Madam Pomfrey, honestly, I’m fine.” You rolled your eyes slightly as you tried to sit up.

“No, no, no.” She shook her head, “I won’t have you doing anything physical for at least a day now, you fractured your ribs.”

“But you’re brilliant.” You tried, hoping a compliment would allow her to let you see the Weasley family. “You can fix broken bones in a day, and I only fractured a few of mine.”

“Nice try dear.” Madam Pomfrey smiled before placing a hand on your shoulder and forcing you back down gently. She shook her head as she walked away to help some other injured individual.

You huffed a sigh and immediately regretted it, a burning sensation filling your chest. To take your mind off the pain, you gazed at the bewitched ceiling of the Great Hall. It was calmer than before, the storm had dissolved away and now it portrayed the sunrise outside, the candles which hovered beneath the ceiling glowing softly.

“Having fun?”

You turned to the voice, smiling when you saw Fred. “Not as much fun as I could be having.” You replied.

Fred laughed as he sat down next to you, then he thought for a moment before he laid down beside you, slipping his hand into yours. You smiled slightly, but said nothing as you wove your fingers into his.

“How is everyone?” You asked, looking over at him. The sun filtered through the small holes in the Great Hall, casting rays of light over Fred’s face and shining into his eyes, which weren’t just brown, you realised. They were like honey, with flecks of rich chocolate and the warm red and oranges which were portrayed above you.

“Like what you see?” Fred asked with a smirk. You rolled your eyes in exasperation as you turned your attention back to the ceiling.

“You’re lucky I can’t hit you.” You muttered under your breath.

Fred laughed as he heard the threat and despite yourself you found your lips pulling into a small smile as a chuckle burst from your lips. Soon you both were laughing so hard that tears spilled from your eyes and your cheeks hurt from the smile on your faces.

Your laughter soon died down and your chest burned, but it was a good burn. One that promised a brighter future, hopefully, with the man that lay next to you.

“I love you.” Fred said suddenly as you turned your head towards him.

You simply smiled as you replied jokingly, “Who doesn’t.”

Fred scoffed and you grinned slightly as you inched closer to him, the rising sun portrayed on the ceiling above you.

Nothing makes me laugh more than those awkward pauses in SKAM. I usually cringe at the smallest things in other TV shows, but SKAM’s just make me laugh! Not sure if its the show’s spell, or the fact I could relate to them so much.

glitchedpurple’s 200+ Followers Bias List

Eso es una locura!! Whoa, guys, this is seriously exciting! I have reached a new milestone for this blog and I cannot be happier about it. I have put so much love and effort into this blog and now it’s paying off with amazing people! Thank you to each and every one of you who follows and has my questionably [is it good?] content on your dash. Even though I don’t have many threads going on right now, I hope to start some more.

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See you next time!

What I cannot get my head around

Last night the Killing Stalking tag was full of great memes and dark humour, and now it is full of people thinking it is the worst homophobic messed up shit ever.

I fully understand that the abuse scenes can be very triggering. I myself felt highly uncomfortable when reading them, and I thought I was going to hate the comic when I started it. But that is the point of (psychological) horror series, to make you feel on edge/uncomfortable. Therefore, even if you are personally triggered, which is perfectly understandable, that is your personal experience and not others.

How the heck is it homophobic though? I seriously don’t understand what the definition of “homophobic” is nowadays. That word gets thrown around so much it has lost its meaning.

People have always enjoyed messed up stories. Hannibal is a great example, and even Tokyo Ghoul is full of incredibly controversial and triggering scenarios. So why is everyone so hung up over Killing Stalking? Why is it that it is possible to enjoy the story and be fascinated by the psychological aspects and development of characters in other series, but liking Killing Stalking HAS to be about the romanticising and normalising abusive relationships? Because that’s like, 2% of the whole fandom from what I have seen, and it is the same kind of people who like 50 Shades of Grey; they are stupid and immature.

Killing Stalking made me think, question, analyse, put pieces together, theorise, and even remind me of just how cruel psychopaths are. In the future, I want to become a forensic psychologist so I cannot stray away from these things. That does not mean I approve of them, but one has to accept they exist. This is fiction, we obviously do not approve of these things in real life.

Tl;dr: It is okay to feel uncomfortable and be triggered by Killing Stalking, blacklisting it and unfollowing people who post and reblog things about it. Just stop judging others for liking it. Not everyone is you, the horror genre is not for everyone.

anonymous asked:

Hi ko, do you have any advice on this matter, I honestly always feel like dying when i see really amazing art. Its part jealousy (not really) but mostly the fact that my art is such utter shit that i want to die. Don't get me wrong i love seeing amazing art i fangirl over it sm but i always go back to wanting to die. I just cant see any improvement and i feel so bad. (Im seriously sorry for this super long and depressing message) you really do inspire me though

you need to understand that everyone starts somewhere, and that no one’s art is as perfect as the pieces they always upload online. all artists have their ups and downs, their good pieces and their bad pieces and whatnot; you are not exempt from this. practice anatomy. copy coloring styles to see what you like. draw from references and ask other artists questions. if you want to get better fast you need to put in as much effort as you need to see improvements and you need to remember that it wont be perfect %100 of the time no matter how good you are.

please love yourself and please be kind to yourself. art is not something to die over or feel sad about; its only supposed to be fun and only supposed to be done because you love it. I believe in you and I love you and I’m certain your art is just as good as anyone else’s because it’s unique.

So my biology class went outside to collect protist and fungi samples in the woods and my teacher mentioned not liking snakes and long story short I am now the number one in the situation when the class finds a snake outside

  • Ob start of s1:
  • Delphine: Aldous cosima made a pass at me, and I am 100% straight #nohomo
  • Ob S4:
  • Delphine: I must take off my clothes and lay with her
  • Everyone: That's not actually necessary
  • Everyone: no seriously you don't need to and there's this bad guy who won't like it
Why the ‘80 Voltron is at least worth a look
  • It’s hilarious
  • get some popcorn and some friends because you’re in for a ride
  • Lance has a mullet oh the irony
    • wears flared pants
    • his personality was amputated at birth I think
  • Hunk is angry 24/7
    • yells FIGHT ME at everything
    • sounds weird
    • where is the cinnamon roll?!?! not here
  • Pidge sound like a cross between JarJar Binks and a bird
    • also he’s a dwarve?? or a child, everyone calls him ‘small one’ or ‘young one’
  • Anything Sven (Shiro) says in his wonky accent is a joke on its own
    • that’s it he doesn’t do very much
  • Keith wears white knee high boots 
    • his hair is fucking fabulous
    • is the leader and has a hero complex
  • Coran is the most normal 
    • even though he dresses like a cheap magician
  • Allura is this pure glittering damsel in distress
    • literally, she cries glitter tears I’m not even joking
    • she tells Haggar to ‘find the good in her heart’ when captured’
    • seriously get a grip, woman
    • basically Cinderella, she was raised by dancing space mice
  • great oneliners
    • Keith upon being captured: “We’re space explorers and we need space!”
    • Lance at bird flying away: “Okay birdbrain you are grounded.”
  • Zarkon has a cat
    • this is not a drill he really has an evil space cat he loves to death
    • he also has a crown, throne, cape, scepter and one of those ball-shaped thingies idk the name
  • everyone yells HIYA when fighting
    • hilarious voice acting, was probably great at the time
    • why so serious
  • funky music
  • every weapon is called the super ultra mega space something 3000
  • also there is an animated movie with multiple voltrons cause why not
  • it’s waaaaay better than the 2011 version, that one makes my eyes bleed, this one just makes my ears bleed

Here it is in all its glory! My first Game Grumps animation! AND my junior thesis as well!

It was such a great experience putting this all together. I loved every second of it! In all honesty, I’ve never imagine that it would gain this much popularity, especially when I posted the rough animation a few months ago. I’m so fortunate to have all of you guys supporting me, and fortunate to be in an art college that let me do this (seriously though, I still can’t believe they let me do this)! Thank you everyone!

And I know this is very short, but this is the first of many to come!

Fallout fandom. Listen. 
People are allowed to dislike ghouls/super mutants/synths.  
People are allowed to have headcanons but never force it down people’s throats!
People are allowed to dislike companions (…even Dogmeat…*sniffles* why would you though? Kidding!)
No need to just BOOOM! “I MUST DEFEND MY CHILDREN!!!!!” Like seriously chill. Everyone has their reasons for disliking them.  

Same goes for the factions. I am with the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 3 and 4 but I hate them in New Vegas(I killed them all in there) but there is no need to call me a bigot because of that. 

In the wasteland, morals are different for each individual. The world is dead, people need to survive, and mistrust does come first.  

Look I won’t lie I am a little iffy about synths. Every time I look at Curie I am like “Hmmm…..Well…..I love you…Hmm….” I just don’t even know my feelings for her xD. 

However leave out the hate, it’s a game, let us like/dislike certain factions, FICTIONAL races, or companions. It’s a game, the thing we should be fighting about is the fucking lore and the gameplay! Sorry but I need to stress this over and over again until this lovely fallout fandom gets it.  

I love you guys! I love this fandom but you need to chill. All of you. 

OK no seriously though everyone claiming that Supergirl has killed Kara’s character development by introducing Mon-El has clearly either been watching a different show or not watching it at all. Either that or somehow glossed over the important things that have happened to and with Kara since the start of season 2. Not all of it has been good character development in terms of Kara being a better person, but her character has absolutely developed.

-Cut for length and spoilers-

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The Bungou Stray Dogs ChuruChara Japanese teacup! 


I mean, I usually see Japanese tea cups that are smaller than this. This is even bigger than my first Chuya mug! And I don’t even dare to use the Chuya mug XD (then again that’s also because every Chuya or almost every Chuya I get goes to his shrine). 

I was wondering how come the shipment rate for this was a tad costly cause I seriously did expect the cup to be really small and made of plastic - but okay checked again and it’s newbone material. 

So yes, first drink for the cute cup <3 HOT MATCHA. 

Drop Pop Candy Duet (Genji x Reader)

//imagine: Genji loves Vocaloid

You quietly sneak to the back of the building of Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Everyone was training and you don’t want to. You are the only one who hasn’t gone on the field. It is because you are the Agent who do the paperwork, carrying stuff from one place another and a mechanic.

Everyone treated you as the important member of the team - because you always help around - and treated you like a family. D.Va aka Hana looked up to you. As a big sister. Everyone was fine then there’s Genji. The prick who likes to be out of character when you are alone with him. Seriously though, whenever you are left with him, the team are nowhere to be seen or heard. So its just you and him. Dealing with his playboy antics.

Present time, you find a nice and secluded spot to hide. Why are you hiding? Good question. The answer is that you are a good singer. A few years back, you were the Otaku kind of girl. Vocaloid was your favourite and it may be old school, comparing Lucio, the Vocaloid songs are still catchy. The year may have advance and no one knows if the Vocaloid are still popular.

You took out your phone, put on your headphones and play ‘Drop Pop Candy (English Cover) by JubyPhonic and Kuraiinu’. And make it into one loop. Of course you have found your secret spot and sat there. It was facing the sea and the blue night sky is slowly turning orange, red and yellow. Morning is coming.

You took one last precaution, look left and right before proceeding to take a deep breath and let the melody sung.

Umbrella at your side, it’s raining but you close it tight,” You played with your hands, imagining an umbrella.

( “'And how are you?” purred a cat just passing through,“ )

Genji walked outside, enjoying the fresh air of the base. He was enjoying the peace and tranquilty of it. Everyone was training, for him, he don’t have to. His body was augmented and has skilled.

( "Those heels that you like are soaking, but is that alright?” )

Until a familiar melody came to disrupt his so-called peace. He halt and try to hear it once more. Finding the source of the melody he was fond of in the old days. When he was human. When he had everything.

( “Let out a sigh for another day the same as the last,” )

Who is singing? He thought to himself as he continue to stealthily sneak up to the person.

( “Come on let’s try, dye it blue and change it up from the past,” )

The sound of the melody was getting loud and louder by the minute.

( “Reflecting up from a puddle but then gone in a flash,” )

As he climbed the wall, whoever was singing, did not notice his presence nor his skills.

( “Is that the most you can dream or wanted to see?” )

His eyes behind his visor widened as the source of the singing was none other than you. He was in awe. Everyone in Overwatch knows you and your attentiveness to help around.

( “But look around,” )

He always saw you running from one place to another. Fixing D.Va’s mecha. Learning some new tricks from Tjorborn. Learning some cool stuff from Bastion.

( “Dance up and down,” )

He always saw you busy with the paperwork. Holding the pen like it was almost on the verge of dying. When he pass by your workplace, he couldn’t help but wonder why are you not out in the field like the rest of the team.

( “The world is now,” )

He is the only one who took notice of your presence. He saw you at the fixing bay, staying up all night to upgrade D.Va’s mecha. He didn’t know the trouble of it but he wish he could help you.

( “Still going 'round,” )

He saw something that no one could ever see. Something that his brother would never know. Something speacial.

( “Just feel it pound,” )

He saw the way your eyes sparkled whenever you smiled or laugh. He loved the way you greet everyone in the base. He admired your face, embracing the beauty of it.

( “We’re skyward bound,” )

He then realised. He has fallen in love with you. He has feelings for you. His heart fate always speed up when you are near or next to him.

( “Move at the - top - speed - of - sound” )

Oh how he wish he could confess to you. Like in those Shoujo Mangas he read.

Back to You now

Running to another day, I wanna break away and take the leap,” You didn’t know that your voice has attracted a bird. “As you’re stuck on yesterday, no sun to rise would be okay with me.” That bird, was a Sparrow aka Genji Shimada. “Every day, every day is okay.”

You had closed your eyes. To enjoy the music. “Taking it step by step, we’ll always move ahead.” The presence loomed over your figure. “Our love is growing red, need me more, need you more.”

You fall down seven more times, I’ll be there seven, eight, nine,” You continued. “As we keep trying, we’ll find. We’re always singing the same tune…

Genji POV

As (Name) was singing, I climbed back the way I came from and decided to approach her. “Now failing to her side, the drops of rain that mix with light,” I sang loud and clearly.

(Name) opened her eyes and stared at me. Her face was red and she was hesitant to sing back. “S-stealing a glance, h-hid a cat who turns his b-back.”

I couldn’t help but smiled at her adorable shy attitude. I continue to walk towards her, slowly while singing. “Their hands starting to sink, this boredom is too hard to fight.”

Just spinning lies with the only thread of kindness we saved,” I offer my hand to let her stand up. To perform a duet. “Or if we’re blind and the truth is just a painting in grey.”

She accept it and stood up with ease. “Drowning us out, all the noisy drops the fall in the rain,” I sang. Letting my hands interwined with hers. “But fingertips traced every line and opened my eyes.”

I’ll paint it blue,” I placed her hand onto my metal mask.

I’ll play a tune,” She sang back.

I’m wishing too,”

For something new,”

It will come true,”

With me and you.”

And then we’ll finally break through,” The both of us sang the sentence in unison.

Swimming through the Milk Way, I wanna break away and take the leap,” Then I make her twirl like those dancers at the ball or prom. “Since we’re falling anyway, no moon to rise would be okay with me.”

Every night, every night is alright,” I manage to perfom a dip and (Name) react to it with another visible blush. “Taking it step by step, we’ll always move ahead.”

Our love is growing red, need me more,” I make her stand up and stand closer to me, making me whispering onto her ear. “Need you more.”

I leaned back, hiding the chuckle from seeing her red face. “Cry to me, know that I care. Lean on me and I’ll be there.”

As we keep trying, we’ll find.” We took a deep breath and, “You’re always gonna be there too.”

Shining down in me, you’re my blue moon.” (Name) sang.

I continued. “Dreaming forever to find to now, I’m awake.”

“I need to find tomorrow, can you take me away.” This time, she held her hand in front of me. Smilling while blushing at the same time.

I took it. “And go the top speed of sound.” We sang in a melody.

Running to another day, I wanna break away and take the leap,” (Name) takes the lead of our dance. “As you’re stuck on yesterday, no sun to rise would be okay with me. Every day, every day is okay.”

Taking it step by step, we’ll always move ahead.” I joined in. Following her moves. “Our love is growing red. Need me more, need you more. You fall down seven more times, I’ll be there seven, eight, nine. As we keep trying, we’ll find.”

You’re always gonna be there too.” Our voice was in sync. “We’re always singing the same tune.” And I let (Name) take the last one.

Every day from now on…” (Name) held in just like the song did. She was beautiful and I was admiring her greatly.

The song ended and her phone change played the song again. (Name) quickly took notice of it. She let go of my hand to lower down the volume, or pausing the song. Her back was facing me and I could tell that she was blushing.

“Genji… I…” She started.

I slowly approach her, trying to be subtle and gentle at the same time. “It’s time I tell you how I feel about you, (Name).” I placed my hand onto her shoulder. She turn around to face me.

I took a deep breath. “Every since you came to Overwatch, I have noticed that you are always the one fixing everyone’s problem with your skills. The way you laugh and talk are music to my ears. I like to see you smile and laugh. It makes me at peace but I sometimes wonder, do you even love me?”

“My human body was replaced with this body and I felt that I was different in the eyes of the people. Not for you. You treated me like a friend, an equal, a human. My master taught me the way to accept the life is and how it revolves around us.”

I placed my hand at the back of my helm to took off my mask. “And I’m asking you, as Genji Shimada.” The mask was off. (Name) gasped as I gaze onto her face. Studying the details. “Do you love me, in this form that I am currently in?”

My hazel eyes were locked on to her (eye colour) pearls. (Name) didn’t say anything but surpise me with a hug. I was shocked and speechless. “(Name)?” Then I heard her crying.

“I’m… sorrry… Genji,” She sobbed. “I didn’t… know about your… condition.” She leaned back. I wiped the tears that was flowing from her eyes.

I gave her a gentle smile. “I-” My mouth was silenced with her lips. She kissed me. (Name) kiss me. Letting my body do what it knows best. My arms wrapped around her waist and my eyes were closed. She capture my heart with her personality and this time, she had capture my lips.

We had to part our lips due to the air we have to breath. (Name) hide her blushing face to the side of my neck. I patted her head, carefully to avoid my hands being tangled with her (hair colour) locks.

“I love you, Genji.” She mumbled.

“Aishiteru, (Name)-chan.”

“…damn you Shimada.” She cursed. I let out a chuckle. Yeah, I still got it. Making ladies blush is still my forte.

Nepeta: Hey so I prefer to be called Huntress (my title) by people I don’t know well
Everyone: Lol Nepeta