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I see you reblogging crazy ex girlfriend all the time and it looks like a show I might like, can you tell me a little bit of what's it about? I trust your judgement cause you have A+ taste in shows (:

I appreciate how you said “reblogging all the time” and not “have utterly spammed my dash with this absurd-looking show, what the hell, Em?” and I thank you for the kindness. <33

The Netflix summary of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is “Still pining for Josh, the boy who dumped her ages ago, whip-smart lawyer Rebecca jettisons her New York life and moves to California to win him back.” Yeah, not exactly appealing. And also not really what the show is about. But I can forgive them, since it’s pretty hard to encapsulate what this show is in a brief sentence. Because yes, surface-level, it is a dark-ish comedy musical satire about a lawyer who quits her job literally just as she’s about to be made junior partner after a chance encounter with her ex and moves across the country to be with him and finally find true happiness, but it’s about so much more.

It’s about deconstructing tropes, particularly those found in romantic comedies, including, you guessed it, the “crazy ex-girlfriend,” and examining how said tropes normalize irrational, harmful behaviors and actions in the name of love, which, PS, is no guarantee of real happiness. Tropes and stereotypes get subverted and blown apart and shredded and it is fascinating because you never know quite what to expect. 

It’s about a woman who literally sees her life as a series of musical numbers, especially when her emotions are running high, which leads to pastiches of pretty much any musical genre you can think of. Boy bands? Done. Fred and Ginger? You got it. Big Broadway send ups? Yup! And no topic is off limits! In just two short seasons, we’ve covered the horrors women go through to get ready for a date, romanticized depictions of depression, celebrating being bisexual, falling for your sex buddy, intrusive thoughtsthat self-loathing feeling when you fuck EVERYTHING up, the truth about having big boobs, and the more joyful side of UTI’s. And that’s (literally) not even the half of it. 

It’s about people dealing with mental illness in a way that is brutally honest and sensitive but also funny at the same time. It makes the content approachable without diminishing the seriousness of the condition. (Speaking as someone who struggles with mental illness herself, I find these songs in particular to be both painfully accurate and remarkably reassuring.) And it’s about the long-term ramifications of growing up with emotionally abusive and neglectful parents. 

It’s about relationships of all kinds – romantic, familial, platonic. They’re complicated and messy at times, rewarding and emotionally fulfilling at others. And while yes, romance is a major plot point, we are constantly reminded that while yes, there’s romance and it’s a major plot point, the most important relationship in the show is between our lady protagonist and her female best friend. (Oh, but did I mention that the healthiest relationship on the show is between a bisexual man and a gay man? Because it is. And that there was a stretch of eps without a single straight white man? Because that happened.) 

It’s about an antiheroine who does objectively terrible things and who consistently makes awful life decisions, who’s impulsive and self-centered, but is still a good person just trying to find happiness, who is surrounded by similarly nuanced and beautifully flawed characters who are also at a crossroads in their lives and trying to figure out what steps they need to take to be happy. And while the situations they find themselves in may seem over the top, they’re also so relatable.

There’s a lot to unpack with this show. The content can be pretty heavy at times, and it can be painful to watch these people you come to love sabotage themselves and struggle so much with their dreams. But it’s also just such a smart comedy that thrives on taking risks, so trust me – you’ll be laughing nearly the entire time. And it’s so fantastical and absurdist at times (dream ghosts, anybody?) that it makes for great escapist TV and is literally the only reason I’m still alive and thriving post January 20, 2017.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is honestly like nothing else on TV, and you may be in a bit of shock when you first start watching. (Literally, my first time I swear I kept pinching myself and asking “is this an ACTUAL show I am watching right now what is happening HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?!”) But trust me – there are so many reasons to watch this show and it took all my willpower to not just scream incoherently in this response for 10K+ words. So go on. Give it a shot. I bet before too long you’ll be falling in love and singing right along with the rest of ’em.

I’ve been waiting for a good thunderstorm to come before I harvested from my herb garden, and today it paid off! I have more rosemary and mint than I know what to do with…

Now to hang it all to dry!


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ignore my bad graphic skills omg So….wow. I don’t think 9 months ago I thought I would ever make it to this point. Hell, I don’t think I thought I’d still be doing this after nine months when I first started! And yet, here I am and loving every moment of it! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to everyone for following me and writing with me and generally putting up with me and all of my…not completely sane-ness and all of my general dorkiness for this long. You’re all incredibly awesome!

First off, some of my faves who I write quite a bit with and/or who I maybe just talk with even if we don’t rp tons (which should change. this should always change) and all of whom I absolutely adore 

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friendly reminder that in season 1, we only heard will’s comfort music when his mind was at peace (◡‿◡✿)

friendly reminder that the only time we heard it in season 2 was right after he fantasised about having hannibal lecter eaten alive (◕‿◕✿) 

friendly reminder that will graham’s mind was at peace when he fantasised about having hannibal lecter eaten alive (⊙‿⊙)