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Special Gift - Part 05 and End

This part was…. so long…. but I couldn’t bring myself to cut it in 2. Aaah, anyway, the end of that Valentine comics is here ! I hope you’ll like that conclusion - sometimes the best gift is yourself , ahah !

Thanks again for the love and support (ノ∀`♥) I vanquished my art block thanks to your kind words and tags (seriously though, this is so helpful )

Congrats Man!

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Series: Tom Holland Dad Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Tom and the reader go to an event a few weeks after Nova is born and Anthony doesn’t talk shit about Tom in an interview. He sees Tom and the Reader congratulating them.

Warnings: swearing cause why the FUCK not

Word Count: 1,500+

A/N:Why I make these kind of imagines more often is because when I was younger the chemo I had damaged parts of me and I won’t be able to have kids unless a miracle happens. I’m living my future vicariously through my imagines when I type these FYI..

[Reader’s POV]

“Now you have my phone number and Tom’s if you need to call either one of us, I will come back immediately if something happens..” your voice sounding worried at the thought of something happening to your daughter.

“Darling, Nova is going to be alright.. my cousin has it all under control she used to watch the twins and even Paddy” Tom gives you a kiss on your temple rubbing your exposed shoulders with his hands. He’s been trying to ease your nerves since you started getting ready earlier.

“I k-know.. this is just the first time I’m going to be away from her” your gaze looking at your daughter in her crib. Her little chest rising and falling as she slept.

“C’mon love, we can’t be late.. I want to stare at her too but we have to go.. everyone is excited to see you since you gave birth to Nova” Feeling Tom’s hand tug yours in the direction of the door. 

“See you later my little star” you whisper to Nova exiting the room with Tom. His hand felt warm in yours making you smile. Once at the bottom of the stairs he lifts your hand giving it a kiss.

“Let’s go have some fun and take advantage of it… we haven’t had a night with just the two of us since she was born and me working..” His lips press against your red matte painted lips. Opening the door he places his hand on your lower back.

“Goodbye you two have fun tonight!” Sydney calls out from the doorway as you make your way down the sidewalk to his car. 

    Opening the door for you so you could get in. Leaning down he pecks your lips before closing the door. He then gets in starting the car and pulling out of your neighborhood. Turning on the radio and ‘Shape of You’ comes on making you grin in excitement. The two of you singing along as you make your way to the venue. Tom holding your hand the whole way as he drove stroking your hand with his thumb.


    Fixing your dress as you step out of Tom’s Audi.  Tom lifts his hand out to you to take. Placing your hand in his he helps you up the step so you don’t trip on your dress. Closing the door behind you he hands his keys to the Valet. The man gestured towards the start of the red carpet that had security guards at the end of it.

     Cameras were flashing as the two of you made your way down the red carpet. Smiling as you see the familiar faces from the movies Tom has been in. Slinging your arm through the crook in his elbow holding him close. Tom was a natural but you still weren’t used to all the cameras.

“Tom look over here!” 

“Tom pose with her! Show off your gorgeous wife!” 

     A woman comes up to you and Tom with a cameraman  Her dress had a huge plunging neckline in the front of it. Examining her dress its tight and short as well. Her eyes were practically undressing Tom.The look of her made you feel slightly insecure.

“Tom can we have a moment with just you?” Her hand sliding down his right bicep stopping at his elbow.  Watching her touch Tom like that made your hand tighten on his left arm. Tom leans down giving your head a quick kiss. He moves his right arm knocking her hand off of his bicep. A small smack sound erupts from the skin on skin contact.

“Actually my wife and I do have a moment, what was your question?” He asks placing his hand over yours that was gripping his arm. The touch making you release his arm from your grip. He strokes your hand with his thumb making you smile.

“U-uh I wanted to ask how it’s like being away from home when you film” she regains her composure from Tom hitting her hand away.

“Its really hard because I have a family now, I have to be away from my wife and daughter so it isn’t great being away from the both of them.. No matter what though the best part is always coming home to them” 

“you have to be tired of -”

“Tom there you are! c’mon lets get away from this one, you should have seen the way she was acting with Chris and the others.. I mean seriously he has his wife with him” Zendaya sneers making the interviewer gasp at her comment.

“How dare y-”

“How dare I? You’re the one trying to make a move on a married man who’s at an event with his wife”  Zendaya grabs Tom’s left hand waving his hand in her face, showing his wedding ring to her. Tom lets out a laugh at Zendaya’s actions. The woman face was red from embarrassment at what was happening. Zendaya pulls out her phone pressing record. 

“Before they try and edit this interview just know this lady tried making a move on Tom in front of his wife that was right next to him.. Say hiiiii “ She points the camera over at the interviewer who tries to cover her face.

“You’re going to regret this” the woman seethes walking away flustered.

“Zendaya I love you” a laugh escapes your lips as she hugs the both of you.

“I mean Nova is my Goddaughter, I’m not letting anyone mess this family up” Her smile shining brightly, she’s stunning.

“We’ll met you over there in a bit, I just want to tell her something” Tom informs Zendaya giving your cheek a peck. Zendaya nods before turning away waving at us.

“What is it Tom, you ‘lright?” You ask looking at him with a puzzled look. He raises your hand to give it a kiss.

“Yes darling, I only have eyes for you.. please remember that, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve laid  eyes on and have brought my daughter into this world.. you shine bright as a diamond compared to that rubbish that attempted to make a move with me” his words making your eyes get watery, he knows just how to make you smile.

    Leaning down he captures your lips in a kiss full of love. Placing your hand on his cheek to pull him closer. Giving him one more kiss before pulling away. Flashes were going off making you blush knowing people were watching. Taking your hand in his he guides you along the red carpet.

    Anthony spots the two of us walking over. Tom has a huge smile on his face as he greets his co-star. They clasp hands pulling each other into a hug. You zone out as you look at all the people surrounding you. Harrison was running around taking pictures.

“Congrats man! Nova is so damn cute, you have to bring her to set one day.. got to show her who the coolest superhero is… aka me the Falcon” Anthony boasts nudging Tom.

“Since you guys are in town for a shoot I can bring her” you say causing Anthony to smile and fist bump the air.

“I get to change that little girls life” Anthony boasts doing a dance move earning a laugh from you.

“Oi you watch it mate, she’s going to love Spider-Man that’s final” 

“Besides that Tom, I’m just glad to see you happy man.. You fit the fatherly type,it looks good man.. you’re lucky to have such a stunning wife” Anthony sends a wink your way making you let out a nervous laugh. Stroking toms hand with your thumb and giving his hand a gentle squeeze.

“Hey she’s mine bird brain watch it” Tom warns laughing holding you closer to him. Even both of you had your doubts but the both of you knew how to blur those worries away.  Anthony gets pulled away from us by an interviewer with Sebastian.

“I only have eyes for you” you whisper kissing the spot right below his ear. He turns giving you a quick kiss.

“C’mon darling lets head inside,then after it’s over we can go see out little human” Tom smiles down at you sending a wink your way.

“I miss her already” you pout at the pang that erupts in your chest. The thought of Nova’s sweet face pops into your mind.

“ I do too love, now lets go and enjoy the night with everyone else” His arms wrap around you pulling you into his embrace. The feeling of happiness fills your soul at the contact. It was the best feeling in the world,life was perfect with Tom and Nova. You couldn’t ask for anything more.

neighbor!monsta x

author’s note: let’s just blame @wangpuppo for enabling me to write this mess.

read under the cut for more~



  • the relatively quiet neighbor
  • very self-sufficient, can cook like eggs, bacon, and rice pretty well
  • does his own laundry and usually likes to kick back, watch some tv when he has nothing else to do
  • his friends love to come over and pester him so sometimes he pretends he’s not home
  • will even fall asleep when he’s hiding from minhyuk or jooheon
  • sometimes you forget he lives in the building bc literally no sound comes from that side of the wall
  • well, not always (you found this one out come about a week into your arrival into the complex)
  • so unknown to everyone else’s knowledge except his buds that inhabit the building, hyunwoo’s actually a dance instructor
  • a lot of the time he’ll actually do his routines at home, often having to rearrange furniture and play the dance song and all, and unfortunately, this means making a lot of…. sounds
  • this is the first time you’re experiencing this so you’re actually not sure what to think considering you’ve just moved in next door
  • all you hear is the furniture getting moved about and music starts playing and oh god you hear grunting too
  • you’re actually very sure you heard someone enter his apartment too though you can’t really hear their voices
  • it’s not like you tried to hear it or anything though you admit your neighbor’s extremely attractive you’re seriously not trying to think of what he’s doing and why he’s being so goddamn loud and oh god it’s like the fifth time in a row you hear the next bout of music and grunts and you’re actually a little traumatized
  • for the most part, you try not thinking about it whenever you see him but jesus it’s too hard when you’re grabbing your mail and he comes out looking all sweaty and exhausted and yeah nope abort
  • you do your best to avoid making eye contact with him even if he’s your super attractive neighbor with nice arms and a nice smile :(
  • the only time you’ll ever notice him is if he sees someone (either you or one of the elderly tenants) struggling to carry some things like groceries and he’ll be there in a flash
  • like you were at the entrance with like two boxes stacked from your old place and hyunwoo just appeared and said “oh!! lemme help you with that”
  • and of course you couldn’t really say no bc he’s already taking them from you and already making his way up the stairs since the elevator would be under renovation and he actually makes an effort to chat with you about life and how you like it in the building and even though you feel awkward about remembering that tidbit he apologizes for always dancing so late and probably blasting his music so loud
  • and you’re like “wait what”
  • and he goes “well, yeah i’m sure you’ve noticed the music! i’m a dance instructor so i practice a lot and my friends come by since they dance too so if we’re loud then i apologize-”
  • you’re just like “oh thank god”
  • him: o: “what”
  • you sheepishly admit you thought he was having sex for like five hours straight and he really almost drops your stuff in shock and he cheeks get all beet red and he’s stammering like that isn’t possible
  • and you just laugh, trying to calm him because you’re just grateful he wasn’t banging someone for that long so many times a night
  • and he goes “i assure you i’m very single” and oh dear lord he really actually set the boxes down at your doorway to facepalm
  • and you just wink at him and say, “well, i’m glad. i’ll see you around, hyunwoo! maybe you can teach me a dance or two~”

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Here’s a silly one. Rank Katie’s roles in terms of hawtness (@rtracker).

Alrighty. This killed me, because personally, I would just choose them all. Can’t I just have them all??? It was almost as difficult as having to decide which character I would date (a high point in my life), so thanks for that! But first I had to consider my criteria for Maximum Hawtness™. It was necessary. I mean we all know Katie is gorgeous and hot af no matter what. So instead I had to consider things beyond Katie’s perfect face.

Sooo personal style, attitude, the way she carries herself, innocence vs. …naughtiness? Sauciness? Can that be a thing? Sure! Oh, and chemistry and interactions with other characters. That’s a big one. Leaving out the usual characters. So here is my list.

1. Kate Foster (But of course!)

Pretty sure a lot of you have seen me freak out about Kate. When it comes to judging hawtness, I am all for the sharp and pointy. When did the question of wanting fries cause anyone to become uncomfortably aroused?? When Kate Foster asked the question, that’s when! Kate is smooth, seductive and she spends pretty much her entire date with Erica looking like she is ready to rip her clothes of with her teeth. …Yeah that’s pretty hot. Bonus points for the lingering touches and the sex hair the morning after. #shooketh

2. Lena Luthor

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The perfect combination of sharp and pointy and soft and squishy. There is definitely something about her that has drawn so many in. The heart-eyes, the perfect buns, the eyebrows, the lip-bite, the red lipstick… Then there is the fact that she dresses like she’s on her way to view the next big line during fashion week (That Magenta Coat™ tho). Speaking of the lip biting, heart-eyes, and eyebrows, is it me or is Lena more flirty than pretty much all of Katie’s characters combined? Throw all of that on top of the fact that she is an angel and classy af and you can just consider me deceased.

Pssst. If you are for any reason interested in more of Katie being hot and/or my somewhat warranted opinion/endless thirst, keep reading! Ok let’s move on.

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Hi I'm new to bts and I just found your blog (love it btw!) I want to get to know the boys more if you could describe each of them in a few traits what would they be?

Thanks for loving BTS and our blog, we’re all glad you’ve joined us ^^

Ahh, okay, hard question! I could describe them each as so many different things, and because we may perceive them differently, people might not agree with my opinions~ And there are things I could describe all members of BTS as. This includes (but is not limited to): hardworking, appreciative, hilarious, down to earth, sweet, genuine, etc.. But okay, the members. I’m going to try to use only three adjectives per member so it doesn’t get too long, haha:

Namjoon: Namjoon is so.. Ahh. I really fell for his personality. If I could describe him in a few traits, it would be introspective, open, and noodle. Yes, noodle. Though I haven’t been part of this fandom for very long, it’s not hard to see how much Namjoon has grown over time. He has learned a lot about the world and himself. Like any of us, he has struggled and made mistakes, but he always tries to understand and better himself as a result. He also constantly shares his thoughts with us all, which really makes me feel like he’s just one of us, taking life day by day. And he really never lets any of us feel left out, always being inclusive in speeches, learning languages, etc~ He really has a lot on his shoulders as the leader of BTS, but I think he’s doing an incredible job. I also described him as noodle because he’s really just so silly when he lets loose. Who remembers that VLive when he danced on his bed? ^^

Seokjin: I’m so happy and thankful the boys (and the rest of us) have someone like Jin to look up to, because he is truly amazing. To describe him, I’d say he’s reliable, generous and lighthearted. He’s always looking out for the members and keeping everyone’s spirits up, which isn’t an easy task. I’m positive he does a lot of things we don’t see as well. On the other hand, he also constantly gives to us~ for example, remember the list of things he did for his birthday? Just to share his time with us. My heart exploded. However at the same time, Jin is level headed and still manages to do the things he originally set his sights on doing, such as attend university and graduate! Being part of BTS was not at all in his plan, but look at him now! It says so much about his character~ Even though Namjoon is the leader of the group, Jin works really hard as the “oldest hyung,” who inspires the rest of us to not only dream big but also let life take you along for the ride. He truly leaves me in awe.

Yoongi: Ah, where do I start!? I would describe Yoongi as passionate, complex, and a grandpa. He really puts his all into his music and as we saw in Agust D, he opened up a whole new side of himself to the world. He didn’t get to where he is easily, but he was patient and hardworking and now he’s even producing songs for other artists. He’s someone to look up to because he really needed to persevere to make his dreams a reality. And somehow he manages to go from pouty and tired to smiley and energized in seconds. He still surprises me, haha. There are many parts to him that I only wish I could get to know. He may not be as loud or constantly posting like other members, but he does cute things and posts selfies when he knows we miss him. Yoongi is honestly just so interesting to me and I may not be describing his character very well but just know that I love and appreciate him so much~

Hoseok: Ohhhh boy. Where does one even begin? Hoseok is inspiring, adaptable and warm (like the sun). For someone whose specialty was dancing, he’s become quite the amazing entertainer, who can now rap and participate in the music making as well. I seriously admire him so much, as everyone should. He had a dream and worked his butt off to acquire other talents to make that dream come true. Now he’s on stage, performing MAMA and making me cry in the crowd! This is kind of why he is (in my opinion) adaptable. He can take part in many different things and show the best of himself no matter what. Also, though he apparently has a more serious character than what we see, he has done really well with his bubbly and angelic “J-Hope” stage presence. Honestly, I think he’d be a really amazing friend that I wish I could have irl. I also said he’s warm, but I don’t think that needs any explanation. He’s so lovely and he truly radiates light~

Jimin: Jimin, our sweet boy! I would describe him as compassionate/affectionate (I think they go together when describing him), thoughtful, and smol (hehe). Does compassionate/affectionate even need explanation? Jimin is the most outwardly loving towards his members, whether it be on stage/in person (what stands out to me is when he hopped over to Tae after he spoke about his grandmother at Muster) or his posts every time someone appears on a show/releases something (Jin on LOTJ, Yoongi releasing Agust D). He’s so supportive and always makes the members feel appreciated. It’s like he does the things we wish we could do for the members. I have no doubt that he’s this way in their home, talking to the members who are going through a hard time and helping them get through it. He’s also just so thoughtful when it comes to us. We see a lot of their perspective thanks to him, as he always shares videos of himself or other members. He keeps us close, and for that I’m so thankful. Jimin has a pure heart and though he himself has struggled he has always stayed true to who he is. I also described him as smol, because he’s so good at being cute. When he smiles his eyes light up and somehow manages to radiate love~

Taehyung: Aw, my heart. Open-hearted, multi-faceted and youthful. Similar to Yoongi, Tae is also one who seems to have many sides to him, some that I’m just so curious about. He has a really open mind, and with that, open heart, and I think that’s why he has so many friends. I think he must be really good at finding a way to connect to people, and that leaves me in awe of him.Tae also has many interests and sometimes a deep way of thinking. I wish I could get to know him on a personal level just to hear his thoughts on art, the world, everything. I think there’s more to him than meets the eye. He’s also very youthful, as I’m sure we all can see in Bangtan Bombs and Bon Voyage. Remember when he got lost and was sooo okay with it? And when he spent forever flipping the water bottle? I know I don’t know him personally, but I think Tae really tries to make the most of life, living it to the fullest day by day, like kids do. I love that about him.

Jungkook: Aw man, what do I even say.. He’s amazing, to say the least. I’d describe him as courageous, relatable, and charismatic. He started this idol-life when he was really young, and that must be a lot to deal with and grow up into. He didn’t get to do a lot of the normal things that I’m sure we all did in middle/high school, but he’s really made the most of it and now is thriving and has even made friends outside of Bangtan. He’s also trying so hard to expand his skill set, trying to practice writing and producing even though it’s hard for him. For that, he’s courageous. Somehow, though, he still is just like the rest of us. He’s seemingly introverted, is a bit shy, and can be a total fanboy (GD, IU!?). There’s something so relatable. All in all, he’s really grown into who he is today. His loud laugh, competitiveness and his silly facial expressions are all parts of him I love.

WOW I said I wasn’t going to make it long asdfghjkl; !!! Why am I like this.. Apologies. When I start talking about them, I can’t stop. Anyways, here are some of my thoughts on each of the members. This took me two days to write~ I don’t even know if this is the answer you expected but thanks for asking, since it was fun talking about them. ^^
- Kristi

Art credit: @pidge-rinbalt​.

So, April Fool’s is pretty much over, or at least I’d say it is, since it’s night now here. I’m sorry for anyone that had to deal with the ones who pointed it out. Unfortunately you’ll have to deal with those people who like to ruin jokes in life, even if they’re obvious ones.


That’s right, Fresh will be able to possess ANY Sans follower of your choice (excluding mercenaries, except unlocked follower mercenaries), taking over their body. This allows him to combine their skills and stats with his, allowing multiple combinations to suit any sort of combat environment. This is his special skill, and he can take over any Sans you’d like, or just be himself if you prefer.

That isn’t the best part, though. He’ll be in the UPCOMING update SO YOU CAN SEE FOR YOURSELF! Now, the update isn’t as close as I said in the April Fool’s day post, it’s still a month or so away from true completion.

Imagine Fell!Sans’ voice speaking in Fresh’s lingo, or Swap!Sans’?

More information on Fresh will be added to our What is UNDERFELL? page soon.

Do You Think I'm Ok?

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Request: Yo, how’s it going?? I read you wanted requests and I got oone✌🏻!! :D could you do like a teamiplier x fem!reader thing, where the reader comes back from vacay and their car breaks down half way home, nobody’s picking up their phones (+she has no cash) and it’s raining like crazy? Reader is pissed, gets home and everyone is scared/confused as why Reader is completely soaked but then smbdy makes a sassy remark and they all laugh? This is so specific Aah sorry Love your fics ❤️

Summary: Fem!Reader gets stranded because her car just craps out on her so she walks home in the rain and fights the whole squad.

A/N: Hello!  Wrote this at like 3am last night and I feel ok with it. As always anything italicized is the inner thought of reader or any other character (except for the part about the voicemails obviously)! Not much to say about this one except it was so difficult to find a gif of the entire team. This is the best I could find and Kathryn is barely visible :( Seriously though why is the teamiplier tag so empty when it comes to gifs? Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Wordcount:1232, not too long I guess

Request some more! I don’t have class unil later tonight so I have plenty of free time and hope to post a couple more times today! Then after today spraaang breeeak sah dude keep me busy over break pls

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tetrisandwanderingowls  asked:

WHAT IS HAPPENING?! (is tony confused/conflicted because he was forced to marry for politics and he doesn't want that for peter but it's his duty and it was tony's duty and even though he loves steve/bucky, he didn't get to choose not to fulfill his duty and it's all messed up in his head nOW?!)

the-flightoficarus said:I’m literally sending you this because I seriously love your writing and the regency AU is taking over my life I’m going to die of feels and suspense!

Anonymous said:You can’t leave that succession dribble there!! My heart!! ☆

The best part of this argument is literally no one understands why Tony is so dead-set against Peter marrying Matt.

“Is it that you don’t like him?” Peter asks.
Tony frowns, as if the thought had never occurred to him. “I like him just fine.”

“Is it that you think other countries would think less of us?” Steve asks.
Tony frowns, as if he’s surprised Steve would think that. “Nobody we know is that much of an asshole.”

“Is it that Matt has nothing by way of material possessions?” Bucky asks.
Tony frowns, as if he’s offended anyone would think him so shallow. “I want my child to be loved.”

“Is it that you’re worried about the children they’ll have?” Sarah asks.
Tony frowns, as if he’s so, so tired of this. “I will love any grandchild I have regardless of who their parent happens to be.”

“Is it that you want better for Peter?” Harley asks.
Tony frowns, and sighs, long and slow, and says, “Who am I to measure how good someone is or isn’t for someone else?”

Everyone keeps telling Tony it’s not about duty, why does he keep talking about duty, their duty is to their people and no one else. Tony remains stonily silent. So silent that he starts secluding himself to avoid everyone. So silent that he creeps into bed after Steve and Bucky are asleep and sneaks out before they wake. He stops going for morning rides with Bucky, stops showing up for sparring practice in the afternoon with Steve. They look for him, but they always somehow seem to just miss him. Bruce says Tony drank his tea and left ten minutes ago; Pepper says that Tony discussed some changes to a treaty with Odinsons with her but left immediately after; Jarvis says Tony came ‘round for a hug earlier and had seemed morose but hadn’t wanted to talk about it.

It’s Rhodey who looks at them, angry and sad all at once, and spits, “Duty to his people is the thing that kept him alive under Obadiah’s reign. Duty is the reason he married you.” And then he flings a stack of letters at them and wheels away, snapping, “He wrote a lot of those thinking I was dead.”

Rhodey, do you think if my people weren’t depending on me, would I be wrong to end my life leave?

Sometimes I feel so hopeless, Rhodey. I miss you and Pepper. I’m so tired. I just want it to end want to stop being alone. I wish you were here.

Why me? Why does it have to be me? I didn’t ask for this. I don’t want to let my people down, but why did it have to be me?

I wish I hadn’t been born. Not like this.

I’m going to be married, Rhodey. To the people we went to war against. They don’t like me. I know they don’t. I wish I’d killed myself before they arrived run away I don’t even know. They don’t want me. I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t want to marry me either.

I think I tricked them into loving me, Rhodey. Maybe they’re just pretending because it’s our duty to marry and they don’t want me to feel so useless needy burdensome lonely. That’s probably it. They’re just trying to be kind.

Do you think they could ever love me for real, Rhodey? Do you think I’m lovable after Obadiah’s abuse? Do you think I could be loved after everything I’ve been through?

What if they never love me back?

Steve and Bucky cry over this because Tony has never mentioned his doubts and fears from back then, would never even think to voice them–he’d say “it’s improper” or “I didn’t think it mattered” or “I didn’t realize this was something that people talked about.” He wanted to die and duty to a crown placed on his head too soon was the only thing that kept him going. And they’d brushed duty aside as if it didn’t matter. As if it wasn’t important. As if it didn’t matter that it kept Tony alive.

As if they didn’t care about Tony’s struggles.

anonymous asked:

Hello!! You are an incredible writer and you're characterization is on point!! Could I please have The US,UF and SF skelebros reacting to accidentally hurting their so badly, like accidentally knocking into them hard and they get a bad bruise on their head or something? If you are not comfy with injury, feel free to ignore this ask, if not, thank you! Either way, have a wonderful day~


US!Sans: Most likely a training accident. He’s usually in very tight control of his magic but sometimes it can get away from him. Ironically he’s one of the most calm? This has happened between him and Alphys hundreds of times and while obviously he’s concerned, he knows panicking won’t do anything. He does what he can to clean and dress the wound, and calls Undyne or the Bunny Shopkeeper if it looks too serious. Afterwards he apologizes profusely and makes up for it by being at your beck and call for as long as your recovery takes. He’s blanket burrito-ing you and bringing you all the food, drinks, and even sweets you could want. Expect him to insist on extra training sessions to get you both back to perfect health after though!

US!Papyrus: FUCK. Holy shit, he’s so sorry. He opened the door too fast and ended up clubbing you with it, hitting you right in the eye with the edge of it and knocking you to the ground. Once he hears your cry of pain he whirls around, expecting to see an attacker….only to see you curled on the ground, clutching your eye. He momentarily freezes. Once he gets his head back together he’s kneeling down, asking you if you need anything, holy fuck, he’s sorry, he’s….ice? Do you put ice on this thing? He leaves you on the ground and comes back with an ice pack in a towel, pressing it to your eye and telling you to hold it in place. After that he manages to get you on the couch, the entire time looking like he’s dying for a cigarette. 

The resultant black eye freaks him out even more. He doesn’t quite have Blue’s experience with injuries, especially  when there’s skin and blood vessels involved. He calls his brother, trying to keep his voice calm so he doesn’t scare you too, but Blue can tell he’s pretty shaken. He tells him to keep the ice on. He’ll be home in a minute. Stretch sits with you the whole time but the second Blue’s home he’s going outside for a smoke. He needs it. Every time he sees the bruise he winces slightly in guilt. You notice an uptick in gifts. Trying to buy off his conscience.

UF!Sans: His worst nightmare is you getting hurt. Injuries slow you down. Slowing down makes you an easier target. Easy targets don’t live long. Even accidental hurts can overload him with stress for a minute or two. The fact that in the end it was him that did it….

He’d been having a nightmare. Nothing new, but his tossing and turning had woken you up. You’d shaken his shoulder, probably trying to wake him up so you could calm him down. But before his conscious mind could kick in his instincts did. He grabbed the front of your shirt and hurled you off the bed, slamming you into the wall and sitting up, breath heaving and eye glowing.  When he fully woke up he realized you were unconscious. He yells for Papyrus and somehow manages to revive you. Somehow you made it out without a concussion but there’s a mass of bruises on your back.

It drives him out of his mind. He refuses to sleep in the same bed as you for a couple of weeks and even when he relents he keeps waking up in the middle of the night. Every time he forgets himself and wraps an arm around you only to see you wince in pain the guilt settles in. The next time he gets drunk he’s gonna be clinging to you, whispering tearful apologies over and over. While he’s sober, though, he turns more guard dog than ever, snarling at anything that gets too close to you.

UF!Papyrus: He’s warned you once, he’s warned you a hundred times not to get too close when he and Undyne are sparring. Both of them can get very locked into battle mind set, they’re not good about watching where their attacks are going. Evidently you thought you could get away with it. They were looking worn out, dinner was almost ready… walked over to tell them when Undyne dodged, leaving a clear path between the bone attack and you. A rush of glowing red, a searing pain, and you’re on the ground, blood seeping out of your side and soaking into the snow.

His mind goes blank. By the time he’s aware of himself he’s somehow managed to pick you up and carry you into the house. He starts screaming for Undyne to find Gerson, he doesn’t care what the old bastard wants, he’s coming down here now! When she takes off he sets you on the couch, for the moment not even caring that the cushions will be soaked in blood. He’s chewing you out, cursing,  while he rips away the lower half of your shirt and wrapping the wound up as best he could. Its only about twenty minutes later that he realizes he’s been crying. 

Sans comes home from Grillby’s about the same time as Undyne.  Undyne forces Gerson to tend your wounds while Red does his best to get Paps calmed down. In the coming weeks he’s the only one allowed to caretake for you besides maybe Sans. He doesn’t say a word after that first day about how stupid that was. He just tends you best he can. He can’t believe he lost control like that. He’s more protective than ever for months after the incident.

SF!Sans: Its hard to remember that there’s certain things that hurt flesh that won’t hurt bone. Even with 1 HP Sans’ body is a lot sturdier than the average humans. Certain training exercises that don’t do more than nick him….well, let’s just say that they don’t turn out half as well for you. Deep cuts along both your upper arms.

Always the best man in a crisis, he’s quick to fix up the wound and move you to a safer location. Likely his room if he can’t find another spot. He refuses to let you leave until you’re completely healed and brings you every remedy he can think of. He’s a bit of an….aggressive nurse. More than once he very willingly force feeds you pain killers or food. He refuses to let you walk anywhere, you don’t go a step he doesn’t carry you. (”Sans, you know I hurt my arms, not my legs, right?” “HUSH”). Most of this is guilt. He knows he goaded you into that situation and he can’t believe he was so careless. The other part is just a lack of trust. Obviously no one else can be trusted with his mate! 

Seriously, though, you will have him wrapped around your little finger for the entire time of your convalescence and some time after. Rasp doesn’t seem like it but he knows when he’s fucked up and he takes it quite hard. 

SF!Papyrus: Its extremely rare something like this happens because Syrup is excessively careful with you in day to day. He’s very vigilant for any possible way you could get hurt and prevents it as best he can.  The sight of you in pain takes actual years off his life and he’s got enough stress as it is. 

How this happens? Well….when you’re starting to get physically intimate he kind of gets into a headspace. When things get heated, even just a simple makeout session can cause him to turn off a good chunk of his conscious mind. He just focuses on touching you how he wants, and only explicitly telling him “no” or using a safeword can snap him out of it. You’re likely pretty used to bite marks but when he clamps down deeper than usual and he hears you give a shriek, not  the good kind, and pulls back to see way too much blood trickling out….he kind of panics. He’s putting something on it, cleaning the bite out, all the while shaking. You may want to swallow your pride and ask his brother to do it because his hands are way too unsteady to not probably hurt you even more. 

He tries lighting a cigarette but about near lights his jacket on fire so settles for chewing on a hoodie string, asking you over and over if you’re sure you’re okay or relapsing into total silence. Which, hey, a bite, even a deep one, isn’t that serious an injury if you’re careful. But he’s hesitant to so much as touch you over the next few days. This relationship….it means something to him and the fact that he can so quickly shut off and hurt you that easily….it scares the hell out of him and he doesn’t want to deal with it. Not right now. 

The Proposal: Nino had never thought Chat Noir might turn up in his room. Ever. He just didn’t know the hero that well. So why would Chat Noir come to him with something like this? (primarily DJWiFi)

For @miraculousfluffmonth Day 19: Best Friends

Nino had thought that he had his life more or less figured out for now, all things considered. School was going as smoothly as could be expected, he was able to hang out with a great group of friends this year, there had been no major family disasters, and he was actually getting a little bit of recognition for his talent as a DJ.

And, despite the Bubbler incident, he’d adapted pretty well to the whole idea that anyone could be turned into a supervillain until Ladybug and Chat Noir managed to save the day.

That had actually been easier to roll with than he’d expected, and some good things had come out of it, like his almost-relationship with Alya.

Sure, he’d been crushing on Marinette, but that had started to change after the incident at the zoo, and while he was definitely not an expert when it came to reading women, he was fairly certain Alya wasn’t opposed to the idea.

He was also fairly certain that Alya knew how he felt without him even really having to say anything, because she was Alya, and he doubted anyone could sneak anything past her.

At least, that’s what he’d always thought.

But the day Nino came home to find Chat Noir in his room, he was forced to re-evaluate a few things.

The discovery would be disconcerting for anyone and would’ve been really disturbing were Chat Noir not a superhero, but for Nino…. It was also weird.

“Nino, I’m sorry,” Chat Noir blurted before Nino had fully registered the intrusion. The hero was sitting crosslegged on his bed, and if Nino had to guess, had sneaked in through the window.


Chat Noir nimbly sprang up, closed and locked Nino’s bedroom door, and then turned to face him. “We need to talk.”

“Uh….” Why did Chat Noir want to talk to him? Nino didn’t think he’d done anything to merit the hero’s attention. He definitely didn’t think he’d done anything to merit a home invasion. Or anything that would cause Chat Noir to figure out who he was and where he lived or, more to the point, which room was his.

“Everything’s fine,” Chat Noir said, as if he could read Nino’s mind. “Just hear me out. I have a proposal for you.”


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Only One - Jaehyun [1]

A/N: I was gonna wait to post this but…. its been sitting in the drafts waiting to be published so here we are. Part 1 is kinda short, just to kinda get things going.  I hope ya’ll like drama bc you’re gonna get a good amount in this series heheh

-Admin Kay

Prologue   Pt 1   Pt 2   Pt 3   Pt 4

Part 1 - Head Over Heals

Genre: Drama

Rating PG

(slight language)

Word Count: 1,535

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Abby Appreciation Post

re-reading the entire series in order to write this was totally a legit reason fight me
so i’m sure this has all been said but i love Abby so much????
like she seriously cares for her Foxes so much and tries her best even though as she says, she’s always too late and like??? she respects their boundaries so much, she so tender w them and protective over them and just
 Actual Fox Mom Abigail Winfield. this got heaps long oops

have some favourite parts/quotes bc i can:

  • that entire scene at her place in The Foxhole Court where she’s just taking none of anyone’s shit, not Nicky, not Andrew, not Wymack. 
    • she has to do this a lot tbh
  • “Abby jogged the last couple steps to Kevin and crushed him in a fierce embrace. Kevin held onto her for dear life
  • the fact that on multiple occasions Abby’s medical bag contains booze. i know that’s also bc wymack but whatever im behind it
  • this entire thing: 
    • “Sometimes I think this job is going to kill me,” Abby said. “Seeing what people have done, what people continue to do, to my Foxes. I wish I could protect you, but I’m always too late. All I can do is patch you up afterward and hope for the best. I’m sorry, Neil. We should have been there for you.”
    • “I wouldn’t have let you be,” Neil said. Abby folded her arms around him and pulled him into a hug. She tried to be careful, but it hurt regardless. It wasn’t pain that made Neil go still, but uncertainty. The only people who’d ever hugged Neil were his teammates, and those were quick squeezes throughout a good game. His mother had pulled him close before, but… She’d never held him like he was something to be sheltered…Even if she was here, she wouldn’t have comforted him for this. She wouldn’t have held him like he was a hard breath away from shaking apart.”

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knight in soaking wet school robes

summary: when all Lily wants to do is to sit in the rain and let the droplets of water wash away her troubles (and herself if she’s lucky), she finds an unlikely friendship with her knight in, uh, soaking wet school robes?
“So, what are we looking at?”


“Why are we looking at nothing?”
“Because nothing matters.”


“Now, don’t get me wrong, looking at nothing is really interesting, but don’t you think we can look at nothing, you know, somewhere dry? Warm, perhaps?”

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Soft droplets of rain fell to the ground, making a light ‘splish’ sound as they hit the concrete floor of the courtyard. The courtyard had long been abandoned, the dismal British weather forcing everyone inside for the sake of being dry.  

Well, almost everyone.

Lily Evans sat alone on a bench on the far right side of the courtyard, her robe draped across the seat, as she stared blankly forward, as if focusing on everything and nothing all at once. She didn’t appear to notice the fact that her clothes were thoroughly soaked, and that her hair was so wet it clung to her face and neck.  

Petunia had gotten engaged.

Petunia was going to be married by the end of the year.

Petunia didn’t want Lily at the wedding.

Lily knew that her and her sister were no longer close, but Lily always tried. It was Petunia that shut her out, pushed her away, repulsed by the magic that flowed through Lily, the magic that Lily could not give up, no matter whether she wanted to or not.

Then there was the issue of Severus Snape. He was a dickhead, an absolute bastard and yet she still couldn’t find it in herself to hate him. God, she wanted to hate him, he hated her and every other muggleborn alive. So why couldn’t she?

“Evans?” The deep, rich voice floating across the courtyard belonged to Lily’s third (but by no means final) problem, but she didn’t react to him. She carried on staring blankly forward, as if the rain would miraculously was away every worry and every piece of herself so she no longer had to deal with any of the problems and prejudices and misguidances that her world was built upon.

“Evans, come on, you gotta get inside. You’re gonna catch a cold if you stay here. Can’t have the best student spending time in the infirmary for doin’ somethin’ stupid, that’s my role.” Potter was suddenly right next to her, and if she’d cared about anything in that moment, she probably would have jumped at him getting so close in such a short amount of time. Instead, she just slowly turned her head towards him, and told him, “I’m not going anywhere.” Then turned her head back around.

Potter sighed, before moving her robe to the side and settling himself down next to her.

“So, what are we looking at?”


“Why are we looking at nothing?”
“Because nothing matters.”


“Now, don’t get me wrong, looking at nothing is really interesting, but don’t you think we can look at nothing, you know, somewhere dry? Warm, perhaps?”
Lily turned to him slowly, as if any sharp movement would jolt her to the core, but her eyes had a hard gleam when she stared at him. “I didn’t ask you to sit with me, Potter. If you’re that bothered about getting dry, you’re free to leave whenever you wish.”

Potter looked at her, with an expression she could only describe as incredulous.

“You really think I’d leave you out here alone, so you could get hypothermia and potentially die alone? No, Evans, I plan on sticking this out and being your knight in, uh, soaking wet school robes.”

Lily’s lips quirked up slightly at that, though only for a second before she let her somber mood reclaim her facial features (but not before James saw). He smirked slightly, counting it as a win, before continuing.

“In all seriousness though, you didn’t think I’d really leave, did you? I mean, I understand we’re not exactly the best of friends, quite the opposite if we consider our history and the way you’ve practically always hated me, but I quite like you Evans, even when you’re shouting your head off at me. I don’t actually like the shouting part, mind you, so if you want to stop doing that I’d be quite content, but I do like you so I guess I’ll put up with it if you decide to continue.”

His words took Lily by surprise, and she looked over to him, shock evident on her face. “I was under the impression that you hated me, actually. You seem to have gone out of your way to avoid me this year, so I assumed that at the very least you disliked me a great deal, enough to warrant a need to see my face as little as possible. I mean, you leave a room almost as soon as I enter. It’s not like you’ve been very subtle about it.” She mumbled the last sentence, suddenly realising what her words signified. James’ grin grew wider at her words, taking the opportunity to tease the thoroughly drenched redhead.

“You’ve been paying close attention to me, eh Evans? I didn’t know you cared.”

Potter laughed, his eyes twinkling as raindrops fell on his glasses, distorting his view. “Actually, Evans, I’ve been avoiding you because you have made it quite obvious, in recent years, that you hate every single bone in my body, so I thought I’d make it easier on myself, and on you, and just avoid you. If I avoided you, I avoided a conflict with you, and we both avoided a situation that would make our moods plummet for the rest of the day.”

Lily took in his words in what James deemed an awkward, unbearable silence. The longer she went without uttering a word, the more uncomfortable he felt, and the he started to regret his word more with every minute.  

When Lily eventually spoke, her voice was no louder than a whisper, and in the pouring rain all around them, James had to really strain to hear her words.

“I don’t hate you.”

It was Potter’s turn to be taken by surprise, as that was the last thing he expected to come from Lily’s mouth. His smile immediately grew wider, even as he questioned the sudden change in attitude.

She explained to him that she had never hated him, not really, but Snape had hated him, so, by principal, she had to hate him too. That’s what best friends do, of course. Originally, she had nothing against him personally, but Severus had always held a grudge and they had often gotten into arguments over the people Lily was friends with, so she had decided that the easiest route to go down was to hate you as well, to avoid more arguments with her then best friend.  

“In retrospect, the fact that he was against so many of my friends should have been a warning sign that that friendship was not good for me. Hindsight is 20/20, as they say.” She shrugged.

As they got older, and James started to play more and more pranks on Severus. Lily began to dislike him, because he was always picking on her best friend. She couldn’t hate him for it, she admitted, because everyone, including herself, goes through a phase of wanting to pick on people, of being the bystander, but she wasn’t happy that his main target just so happened to be her best friend.

After the whole fiasco with Snape the previous year, she hadn’t liked anyone involved. She blamed Potter and Black, for provoking Snape, for making the situation worse, but she didn’t blame them for what Snape did. Only Snape was to blame, no matter who he tried to pin it on.

She had come to the conclusion this year, that Potter and Black weren’t as bad as she had previously thought, that they were just idiotic boys with too much testosterone (“What’s testosterone?” “I’ll explain later, Potter, just shut up for now.”) and that she shouldn’t hold their actions against them if they were trying to be better, and from what she had observed this year, they were definitely trying.

James had a massive grin on his face when she turned to look at him. “So the tables have turned huh? You hate Snivellus now instead of me?”

She shook her head softly. “No. I don’t hate him.” When James looked at her incredulously, she amended her statement. “I’ve tried so hard to hate him. He’s an absolute bastard, the biggest dickhead known to wizard kind, yet I still can’t hate him. Maybe there’s a part of me hoping that the ten year old, pre-Hogwarts Sev is still in there, as stupid as that may seem. But my brain seems to believe there’s something good left in him, so I can’t bring myself to hate him. Though, just so we’re clear, I do thoroughly dislike him.”

James nodded, looking off to the other side of the courtyard, his eyes darting all over the place. “So, Snape’s the reason you’re out here, freezing your arse off?”

“No, not really. I guess, in part, he’s to blame for my current situation, but I’m out here mainly because of my sister.” At Potter’s inquisitorial glance and the quirk of an eyebrow, she continued with a sigh. “You see, my sister and I used to be quite close. We would even plan our future weddings, where I would be the maid of honour for Petunia, and vice versa. She started hating me when I found out I had magic, and she didn’t. She’s been calling me a freak for around 6 years. Anyways, she’s just got engaged. Well, she’s been engaged for about 6 months but she’s only just decided to tell me. I always thought, despite the fact that we no longer speak, she would still have me as her maid of honour. I’m her sister! But no, she doesn’t. She doesn’t even want me at the wedding.”

Potter looked disgusted with her revelation, then, when she asked him why, he simply responded that he didn’t like people who shunned members of their family simply for being different.

“Plus, Evans, everyone should invite you to their wedding. You’re so beautiful that you could be a centrepiece.”

Lily actually laughed at that one, which prompted James to start laughing with her, because it was Lily Evans and her laugh was contagious. The thought struck him that they looked like a right pair of lunatics, as they sat in the middle of the rain whilst their laughter got more and more hysteric by the minute. And in that moment, there was no where else he would have rather been.

After what seemed like hours, days even, but was probably only a couple of minutes, their laughter died down, and Lily went back to staring blankly ahead, though a small smile stayed on her face. James decided it was time he tried to get her inside again, seeing as he couldn’t physically see anything due to the rain on his glasses. He stood up, held out his had to her (well, it was more to the space beside her but she leaned over and took it anyway, taking pity on the practically blind boy) and led her inside. At least, he led her the best he could. She had to manoeuvre him around some obstacles, but she let him lead most of the time.

She let go of his hand when they were inside the castle, and both felt the loss of contact keenly, though neither of them showed it. Silently, they made their way back to Gryffindor tower, the only time the silence broke was when Lily would warn James about certain things he was likely to trip over.  

When they got back to the tower, James nodded at Lily, then moved to go to his dorm.
“Potter,” her voice called him back. He looked her way, and she leaned over, whispered 'Thank You’ in his ear, then kissed his cheek softly, before running off towards the girls dormitory.

James had never smiled so widely before.

okay, so I wrote another thing! it’s been a while, i know, but finally i did it. thoughts and reviews are welcome/appreciated!!

Space and Half Drunk Secret Spilling - Bucky x Fem!Reader

Warning: couple of swear words, alcohol, drunk bucky

A/N: double post ayeee :D

It wasn’t very often that you got days off without any training, no fighting goons, nothing, but when those days did come your way, you tried to enjoy it as much as possible by doing absolutely nothing.


You’d bring all the food you’d need by ordering takeout or eating cereal, but the rest of the day you’d just sit around and watch Netflix or something.

And so far, your day had been going fucking spectacularly until you reached the home stretch.

That’s when you got the phone call.

“Heyyyyy there.” Bucky drunkenly giggled into the phone, making you sigh.

“Where are you right now?” It took all your effort to push yourself off your couch and not cry about it.

“I think I’m in space. There are so many sparkly lights.” He gasped. “So pretty.”

“Bucky, I’m sure you’re not in space. Where are you? And where’s Steve?” you mumbled tiredly, rubbing your forehead.

“I’m in space! I’m an assss-tronaut.” He giggled uncontrollably like a small child. “My name is not Bucky. It’s Becky. Beck. Christopher Beck. Because Chris is a nice name.”

“Where’s Steve?” You resisted to urge to make a pun, which came out anyways. “Tell him to bring you beck home.”

“He went off with this really pretty girl who had fire for hair. Like, her hair was on fire. It was so red. She didn’t like it when I touched it though.” The only explanation you had for this was that Thor had probably spiked his drink with some godly alcohol and Steve went canoodling with Natasha.

“Is anybody else there with you?” You turned off the TV, yawning a bit to yourself.

“My bestest friend- what’s your name again?” he asked someone behind who you heard give him an answer -“my bestest friend Asher is here with me. She’s the best. Like, the best friend I’ve ever had.”

You could faintly hear someone say their name was Ashley, not Asher.

“We can talk about your best friends later, Bucky.” You grabbed the keys before leaving your house.

“WE CAN TALK ABOUT [Y/N]?!” he let out a deafening yell which made you flinch, but smile all the same.

“Sure. Now give the phone to Ashley,” you demanded, smiling when he noisily handed over the phone to ‘Ava’ who grumbled about her name.

“We’re on the 52nd street. Funky Buddha nightclub,” she informed you as you thanked her, starting up the car to drive to there.


You soon reached there and were met with the face of poor annoyed Ashley who looked so done with Bucky that you gave her a $20 tip just for putting up with him.

“Alright there you big baby. Let’s go home.” You gave out a small ‘oof’ as you draped his gigantic fucking arm over your shoulder, almost immediately feeling his muscle weight take a toll on you.

“Are we going in a spaceship?” he asked in wonder as you navigated him through the people.

“Well, close enough.” You stopped outside the car, fumbling for keys.

“This is so cool!” He squealed, stumbling over himself to touch one of Tony’s shiny ass cars. 

“It is,” you agreed, opening up the door for him on the passenger side, almost stuffing him inside before joining him but in the driver’s seat.

“Are we going to Budapest?” he asked you, eyes wide open. You genuinely had no clue how the fuck he assumed that you both were going to Budapest of all the fucking places.

“Nooo?” you tried carefully, unsure of his reaction, “we’re going home so you can sleep.”

“Oh my God, yes!” he exclaimed excitedly. “Home!” 

“Home,” you agreed, leaving you both in silence.

“I like home,” he mumbled after some time. You didn’t respond to that, because you didn’t actually know what to say.

Instead, you pulled up into the driveway of Stark Towers after giving a finger print scan and voice recogniser, watching as the basement gate opened up. You parked the car and got out, checking the time. 

1:24 AM. Dammnit.

“Come on.” You opened the door and he jumped outside, almost immediately tripping over his own feet and fell to the ground.

You facepalmed and shook your head, grabbing a hold of his hand, helping him to his feet as he laughed again, almost unable to breathe.

After what seemed like an eternity, you managed to get him to his room and to his bed, after about 10 stumbles and 500 giggles.

“Thank youuuuu.” He stretched it out smiling like a dork as he planted a large kiss on your cheek, lingering there before he pulled back and brought a finger to his lip, telling you to ‘shh’.

“Don’t tell [Y/N],” he said seriously before grinning again.

“Why not?” you played around, helping him to pull off his jacket.

“Because I really really really really-” his eyes got wider and brighter with every word which got louder and louder- “like [Y/N] .”

Even though that part was softer than the rest, you still heard it clearly as your heart sped up incredibly.

“I’m sure [Y/N] likes you too.” You assured him- and it was true.

“Really?” he asked you in surprise as you ruffled his hair, “Like, [Y/N]’s really really pretty. And funny. And makes the best waffles.”

“I make the best waffles huh?” You gave him a smug smirk.

“Oh my GOD, [Y/N]!” he shrieked, attacking you in a hug, knocking the breath out of you, “I missed you so much, baby!”

“I missed you too, Bucky.” Your heart thumped loudly at the nickname he gave you.

“Where’d that other pretty person go? I can’t remember if it was one or two.” He looked around, genuinely confused.

“We’ll look for them in the morning,” you assured him as you helped him to get into his bed, tucking him in.

“Are you sure?” he asked you, yawning.

“Yup. Now go to sleep.”

“Goodnight [Y/N]. I love you.” 

“I love you too, James.”


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Jocks on Clay and All His Girls

Request: I need this to be a thing . Can we get some headcanons about how guys like Monty, Jeff, & Justin react & think about Clay “ Casanova-heart throb- Daddy ” Jensen & his skills with the ladies thinks he needs help (dyin while I wrote that sentence) Like jeff is over here all I will coach u in girls & u call ur love life a c-, but lets be honest he is encouraging him to ask Angie “ best lip” for her #, ask hanna out, I bet he heard sherri talk about clay. Jeff knows & wouldn’t set him up to fail lol


A/N: I really hope you like this, sorry for the delay :)


Warnings: Angst.


Jocks on Clay and All His Girls…

  • Okay so you can guarantee Monty didn’t believe it at first, he totally thought that Jeff was just playing him. There’s no way that little Clay kid could be getting more than all of them combined. How could Monty not have a single girl to get with and Clay had multiple? Then it turned into jealousy as he really did discover Clay could score anyone he wanted. There was a little extra hostility as a result of it, and Monty couldn’t help but just search Clay with his eyes every time he was around trying to find the fascination.

  • Zach on the other hand did believe it. Of course girls would go for the sweet kid who sat quietly in the back of the class. He was smart and had that stupid nervous stutter that girls seemed to adore. That didn’t mean it didn’t annoy Zach slightly, of course it did, it just made sense to him was all. He knew Clay was better than the rest of them, he was the boy who actually loved these girls, and never wanted to hurt them. Zach was in a way kinda glad that Clay got all the girls, it gave him hope that his sister would choose a Clay instead of a boy like his own friends.
  • More than anything it just annoyed Justin. How could little Jensen have so many girls hanging off him? What was so special about Clay? He wasn’t even jealous, he just hated the fact that this little shit could get attention anywhere he wanted. He knew it was petty, but he couldn’t help it. Justin would watch on with his friends just glaring at Clay, confused. What exactly was it they could get from Clay that they couldn’t get from the others? As far as he was concerned, Clay was still yet to grow up, it wasn’t fair that he got the girls when he wanted nothing to do with any of them.

  • Once Jeff realised how many girls Clay got he was so proud. He still continued to give Jeff advice on girls, because Clay’s dating life was still a mess no matter how many girls kissed him. He was always looking over his shoulder and encouraging Clay to just go for it with a girl that he likes. Their little deal continued, and Clay got the hang of some polite pickup lines to use the girls that he really did like. He was like a proud Dad, watching his little boy succeed for the first time.
  • Alex was honestly stunned, but a little proud of Clay. He couldn’t help but watch the brunette boy fascinated- Clay didn’t even have to try and get the girls, it somehow just happened. It was almost too effortless, and Alex didn’t understand how he did it. Sure, he understood Clay’s appeal to some girls, but he was even getting the ones who usually dated jocks. He was somehow every girl’s type, and Alex loved the way it seriously pissed off the jocks. Clay had caused a huge stir in school and the boy didn’t even know it. The brunette was seriously talented.

  • Tony found it funny. Clay wasn’t the boy you’d expect to have a lot of girls at his side, and yet here he was. The best part was he was totally clueless as to what to do with them. He watched the boy stutter slightly and look to him and Jeff for help whenever one of them got too close, and he loved watching Clay learn how to actually have a conversation with them. He always knew when enough was enough though, and of Clay really looked like he was begging, he’d go rescue him. His little baby of the friend group was growing up though, and Tony could only smile.

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...are you ready? part 2

A/N: Well, I guess some of you (you wonderful, wonderful people) really liked …are you ready? so, even though I hadn’t really planned on doing any follow up (because seriously I was like very nervous about posting it in the first place) I wrote more. 

Thank you all for being so very nice to me. Really, you guys are the best.

“Alright, everyone out. Come on.” You sent a silent thank you to Jamie, your second favourite Benn. Sure you’ve only met Jordie, but by default that made Jamie your second favourite.  Once everyone was out and the door was closed you let out seven years of frustration.

“You don’t get to do that. You don’t get to get mad about anything I do.” You had a million thoughts running through your head. Your head was flooded with all the memories you had of Tyler. You could feel the panic setting in. Not again. Not now.

“What the fuck do you mean? I don’t get to do—“ He stopped and reach out for you. “Hey, what’s happening? (Y/N)? Babe are you— Hey breathe, just breathe.”

He wrapped his arms around you. One hand brushing though your hair. You could feel him lead you to the sofa to sit, never letting go. Suddenly it was like it was before. Before you ruined everything.

“Why?” He whispered.
“Why what Tyler?” It felt like an out of body experience. You were here but at the same time you weren’t.
“Why did you leave? Was it me? Did I do something?” He sounded broken.

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Essays in Existentialism: Shopping

Want a prompt? While strolling down the busy streets of Polis with Lexa, our favourite Sky Girl sees something she absolutely wants in a shop and argues with Lexa about buying it.

The streets were so full, so busy, that Lexa and her guard only attracted a small amount of attention. Clarke marveled at how this could be, but gave up, eager to see everything. Though she was the spectacle, now, the word of her arrival in the capital sparking a flurry of interest in the ones that survived the greatest fall of all time, she was too feared to be approached. The shooting star, the asteroid, the one who brought down the Mountain. She had many names whispered in her wake, many eyes curious as to how someone so young, so normal looking, could be so mighty.

And so they rarely stopped moving on their excursion through the city. Only for Clarke to admire and ask questions, to smell and touch and taste. Lexa slipped coins to vendors for tiny pieces of breads and meats and fruits, most met to Clarke’s enjoyment, a few falling grossly short.

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Smoaked 3/?

Summary: Felicity and her young daughter Molly move to Star City to escape a stalker ex-boyfriend.Thank you so much for proofing @almondblossomme!

All chapters are available on AO3.

The long weekend gave me extra time to write. Thanks to all those who have taken the time to read, like and comment on this story - it means so much!


                                                   3. Daddy’s Girl

“In summary, keep your head on a swivel. All intel points to Cooper Sheldon arriving in Star City any day. Agents Queen and Diggle will run point on protecting the Smoaks with support from lower level agents but I think we all agree we’d rather bring Sheldon down before he interacts with the Smoaks.” Amanda Waller, the head of ARGUS, closed her briefing book and exited the room.

The squad assigned to the Sheldon case, which consisted of six men and women in total, nodded in agreement.

“The sooner we bring this guy down the better,” John said turning to his partner.

“Agreed. Can you head back to my office with me? I have some things I need to fill you on.”

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anonymous asked:

More little mermaid au please 😍

Sure! I’m happy you liked it! I really had fun writing this part of it! I had to include Hekapoo because the Hekapoo hype is so strong right now lmao! Enjoy!

Read the first one here!


Tom lifted the rock up and poked his head up out of the underground; he smiled when he saw Marco sit down to look at him face-to-face. “You came back.” Marco mused. Tom nodded. Marco looked closer. “Don’t you talk?” Marco asked. Tom gave him an odd look. “Are you just shy?” Marco asked. “Am I the first human you’ve ever spoken to?” Marco asked. Tom nodded again. “Well you don’t have to be scared! I’m friendly, you can talk to me.” Marco assured. Tom stuck his head out a little more and looked around to make sure they were both alone.

“Are there others?” Tom asked. Marco shook his head.

“No, I remember that you seemed withdrawn, I know you guys like to hide. So it’s just me.” Marco promised. Tom smiled a bit. “I’ve never seen a demon before, I seriously thought you were all dead.” Marco admitted.

“No, we’re around, just scarce.” Tom explained. “They like to hunt us off.” Tom responded, moving a little deeper into the hole. Marco leaned closer.

“How come?” He asked.

“A long time ago they would sell our eyes.” Tom explained. “Humans would hunt us and sell our body parts on the black market. And because of that we died off rapidly… even though humans don’t really do that anymore, we’re still dwindling because of it. And humans still fear us. It’s best if we stay down here.” Tom told the human. Marco felt a bad feeling in his gut.

“I’m so sorry.” Marco whispered.

“It’s okay, I sneak away anyway.” Tom laughed a bit. “You know, I really shouldn’t be here.” Tom admitted, he was smiling mischievously, like he took pride in his little act of rebellion. “I wish I could come up there though, not just peek, I want to see what’s so special about this place.” Tom mused.

“I can show you.” Marco promised. Tom fell back.

“Oh no. I can’t leave; if somebody sees me I’ll be killed or worse! And if my father finds out I left!” Tom got a look of anxiety. “There’s no way I could.” Tom admitted and his ear dropped sadly. Marco frowned. He really liked this kid, and he wanted to help him out.

“Well what if you looked human?” Marco asked. Tom looked up curiously. “Don’t demons have powers? Maybe there’s a spell that could make you look human.” Marco suggested. “And then I could show you around!” Marco offered. Tom looked up with wonder in his eyes.

“You’d do that for me?” he asked. Marco blushed and looked away.

“Well… yeah! You seem really nice and I don’t think it’s right that you’re forced to live in the dark. I want to help you.” Marco responded. Tom blushed and thought for a moment.

“Maybe there could be some way to bend the rules, even a little bit.” Tom thought out loud. Marco perked up. Tom opened his mouth to say something but they heard more voices coming from the far end of the yard. Tom gasped. “Meet me here tomorrow!” He said quickly, and darted away. Marco sat there, about to say something but the demon dashed off to fast.


“Hekapoo?” Tom called. He walked into the cavern and called the girl’s name again. “Hekapoo? Are you home?” he asked. A girl dropped down from the ceiling and looked at Tom. “Hekapoo! You scared me!” Tom exclaimed.

“What are you here for?” She asked, knowing he wanted something. Tom made a face.

“Can’t I ever just stop over to say hi?” He asked. She shook her head.

“No you can’t, now what do you want?” Hekapoo asked again. Tom made a face at her.

“I was wondering if you had a spell I could use.” Tom asked. He rubbed his hands together nervously. “A transformation spell… that could make me look human?” He asked. Hekapoo dropped the pair of scissors she was crafting and almost fell to the floor.

“Keep your voice down!” She hissed, and pulled him closer by his horn. “Why would you want that sort of spell?” Hekapoo asked, they had all been banned for decades. Tom bit his lip.

“I just want to see! Don’t tell me you’ve never been curious about what’s up there!” He asked.

“Why would you want to go up there when everything if fine down here?” She asked. Tom rolled his eyes and clasped his hands together.

“Please Hekapoo! There must be something you can do!” He begged. Hekapoo sighed and patted the demon’s head.

“Let me see what I have.” She told him. Hekapoo went over to a large shelf of potions and books. She took down a large book and a bottle of some mysterious liquid. She then went over to her drawer and took out some sort of pink pendant. “I’ll do it, but you need to tell me the real reason.” Hekapoo dared, narrowing her eyes at Tom. She knew he was hiding something.

“There’s a human… he’s really nice and I-“ Hekapoo’s whisper yelling cut Tom off.

“You SPOKE to one!?” She hissed. “Are you INSANE!?” She cried.

“Maybe?” Tom shrugged. “But we’ve been talking through the ground for a few days now, and he said he wants to show me everything!” Tom exclaimed.

“Have you ever thought that he just luring you out of the safety of the underground so he can turn you over to someone? Or kill you for himself? Sell your eyes and wings?” Hekapoo asked.

“No!” Tom snapped. “He wouldn’t do that! Besides, I don’t have wings.” He reminded. Hekapoo looked him up and down.

“You’re young, you’ll grow them.” She told him. Tom rolled his eyes.

“Hekapoo, please, I’m old enough to take care of myself, and I can make my own judgments. Please?” He asked. Hekapoo sighed and opened the vile.

“I now understand what they mean when they say love is a sickness. You, Tom, are sick as hell.” She told him. “And this comes with a catch.” She added. “I need something of yours in order to sat the spell.” She told him.

“I don’t have anything valuable to give, I could get something from the castle-“ Hekapoo cut Tom off again.

“Not that type of thing.” She corrected. “I need something of you. Like a piece of your soul, or essence.” She explained.

“Like what?” Tom asked. Hekapoo thought for a moment.

“Your voice would be the easiest.” She explained. Tom fell silent, not sure of what to do. “And that’s not the only thing.” Hekapoo added. “The fact that you’re in love with the guy plays a big role in this spell. If you don’t earn his affection in three days, you’ll turn back into a demon and I won’t be able to return your voice.” Hekapoo warned. “You know I don’t want to do that, but I’ll have no choice.” She explained to him. Tom looked away, contemplating.

“I only have three days?” He asked. Hekapoo nodded.

“You wanna back out?” She asked. Tom took a deep breath and shook his head.

“No, I’ll do it.”

anonymous asked:

So, say someone finally does claim the throne and becomes the new king/queen. But, say that you had to give this ruler one trait from all the current claimants/powers behind the throne. (So. Dany, Stannis, Tommen, Aegon (F?) Varys, Cersei, Jon Con) What one trait from each would you give to this ruler to make them the most effective.

Daenerys - Dragons. This is a unique trump card, and represents overwhelming military power. That might be a cheat though, since it’s not actually a ‘trait,’ Assuming, of course, we can’t use dragons and we have to use something else, I’d say idealism. As we see with actors like Baelor Breakspear, idealism is a great foundation for building toward good government.

Stannis - Commitment to his duty. Stannis emphasizes the best part of a functioning government, where it takes its obligations seriously. This is the second part of building toward a good government, by following through on commitments,

Tommen - Compassion. Few monarchs in the series are as good-hearted and well-meaning as Tommen.

Aegon VI - Intellect. Aegon has a very broad education, and this serves him well for higher-level discussion and building common ground. Much the way Eddard spoke to his master of horse about the stables, and his master of hounds about the hounds, Aegon’s ability to interface with his staff in their area is a uniting factor.

Varys - Image politics. I’ve made it plain that Varys is one of the masters of symbol politics in the series, and using that helps, especially in a preliterate society like Westeros.

Cersei - Conviction. She might be committed to power at any cost, but that drive re-oriented towards a better goal would serve a monarch well.

Jon Connington - Tactical ability. Connington might still be a terrible strategist, but he’s learned from his tactical mistakes. No longer seeking glory, he looks more toward victory, and any monarch needs to have victory in mind when it comes to war.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King