seriously though it could happen to you

Cute OTP One Liners:

1.“I said I’m hungry, not horny. But now that you mention it…”

2.“Date night? Skate night? Same thing.”

3.“Did you or did you not just call me a weenie?”

4.“Kick me in the ding-dong, see what happens.”

5.“Why does this receipt say you ordered 60 chicken mcnuggets?”

6.“Your car reeks like Taco Bell and tears.”


8.“Did it grow two legs and move on its own?”

9.“Thank god you’re not a parent.”

10.“Seriously though…did your mom drop you on your head when you were a baby?”

11.“It’s Mario Kart…chill out.”

12.“I said I bought a dog…I wasn’t asking if you wanted hot dogs.”

13.“You could take me out tonight…or we could sit in our underwear and watch vines?”

14.“Awww, you eat your gummy bears by color!”

15.“Rainbow order…always.”

16.“If I had a choice to kiss you…or to breathe…well, I’d breathe.”

17.“The power’s out. We have two options. Have sex, or I got ‘Back to the Future’ on my laptop.”

18.“You stubbed your toe, you’re not dying.”

19.“Why won’t you let me see your yearbook?!”

20.“Can you explain why there are cheeto crumbs ON EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE?!”

21.“You contact ripped? I guess it’s glasses for you, nerd!”

22.“You ever wish you had a tragic life story so you could get on one of them singing shows?”

23.“Yes, I watch you sleep. No, not in a weird way!”

24.“Don’t you dare say another word.”

25.“Come near me and I swear, I will kill you.”


Like the way Bakugou turns around and is ready to beat the shit out of whoever is behind him

And is shook when he sees it’s Uraraka (he still swears at her cuz that’s just who he is, but still)

^^ Also the fact that Uraraka knows Bakugou’s looking for Midoriya without him having to say so


(I guess it’s pretty hard to miss but SHHHH LET ME HAVE MY MOMENT)

Bakugou can’t hurt her with his stank attitude:




(Note that the speech bubbles have a black background, which usually happens in manga when those words are important to someone.)

AND I CAN’T REMEMBER ANYONE ELSE STRAIGHT UP TELLING BAKUGOU TO HIS FACE THAT THEY THINK HE’S COOL (It’s probably happened before like with Kirishima or somebody but I seriously can’t remember it happening).






And after the whole thing’s over, she’s all like,

And even though he’s perpetually an angry shit, her words still made Bakugou calm down:

These two are just -



-he’s the most protective teddy bear ever

-being one of the only people who can get a rare smile out of him

-he gets so embarrassed by his love for you though

-like he’s supposed to be this tough guy and then he’s a puppy when you’re around

-lingering touches because every touch could be your last

-everyone getting adorable-overload when they see you together

-sharing a tent/room

-him being a human heater, seriously that boy is hot

-his hands are huge also so when he cups your face for kisses its amazing, or when his hands are on your hips, or just any time because hands

-hugs where he never wants to let go

-he’d never want you you go on dangerous missions though, unless he was there to make sure nothing happened

-he would not trust your safety to anyone other than himself

-sometimes he’d get you flowers from a nearby field

-or just any present he could manage

-he’d be a hand holder

-the happiest anyone ever sees him is when he’s with you

-private conversations in deserted corridors

-stolen kisses before missions

-yeah he’d be a face grabber for kisses

-sometimes you two have a day where you just lay in bed and try to forget everything else

-being good friends with Octavia

-Bellamy adoring you for being good friends with Octavia

-she’d constantly be bugging him about asking you to marry him

-he’d find little treasures, maybe a ring, and he’d ask you

-he’d always find cute dates for the two of you (because nothing but the best for his queen)

-him reading late at night while you sleep on his chest

-finding books for him because you know how much he loves to read

-him telling you stories about history

-reading in that voice of his to you while you try to fall asleep, his voice being the last thing you hear until you sleep


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Title: Rambling
Pairing: Moxiety
A/N: this is my first time writing these characters ever, so please tell me how i did!

“…and did you know that Drifloon has one of the creepiest dex entries, like, listen, the thing takes kids away and just floats off with them.  Of course, like, Phantumps are souls of kids that died lost in the woods. That’s pretty freaky, too…”

Patton had been listening to Virgil for over an hour at this point.  Somehow, they’d gone from a simple “hey, kiddo, how’s it?” to a full one-sided Virgil conversation about scary stuff and whatever edgy-ness the anxious side could think of.  And Patton was so happy.

Never before had any of them truly sat down and talked with Virgil, which Patton supposed was why he’d been hesitant to actual strike up a conversation that whole hour ago.  His remark of “you don’t actually care how I’m doing, so why do you ask?” stung a bit, and that hurt had apparently been very present on Patton’s face.

“That is so untrue!” Patton insisted, stamping a foot.  “Listening to you tell me about your day would be such an honor.”


From there, Virgil slowly started to tell Patton about what Roman had said that irked him that morning, which somehow lead to him beginning the rambling spiral that started in music and apparently transitioned to Pokemon at one point.  Patton simply took a seat across from Virgil and plopped his chin in his palms, attention (mostly) focused on what Virgil had to say.  And, you know what?  Virgil wasn’t squirming.  He wasn’t trying to hide, turn anything into a horrible scenario…he was even keeping the self-deprecation down!  Which was good, because Patton still was ready to fight him if needed.  But, Virgil seemed…well, not anxious.  He was so incredibly cute!  Look at that precious smile!  Listen to how passionate Virgil is!

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Chapter 4

╳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

╳ Genre: fluff, smut, angst 

╳ Summary: Being the Duff has really changed you.”“Excuse me, the Duff?” I asked, my voice rising a little at the end.“You know, the Designated. Ugly. Fat. Friend.”

It only takes 10 minutes to get to my house but it’s feeling like 10 hours. First of all, being in Yoongi’s car is enough to make me nauseous. Second, the fact that Yoongi was right here next to me made me almost pass out.

 The drive has been completely quiet, the only noise coming from the radio and even that could barely be heard. I wanted to say something, anything, but I couldn’t bring myself to speak. 

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That Dumb Idea

Requested By: @yoyococo18

Based off a prompt list linked here

#7 “I have a dumb idea!” “I love dumb ideas!” #11 “Put some clothes on already, jeez! We have company coming!” and #12 “Whoa what happened while I was gone.”

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x Reader

Description: You and Zendaya had gotten invited over to Tom’s house, he was throwing his first “party.” You both arrive, a decent amount of people there and end up loosing Zendaya, but find Harrison instead, making the party ten times more exciting.

Warnings: It’s really cute, slight swearing, mention of drinking, skinny dipping????

Word Count: 2,783

A/N: AHHHH first Harrison imagine and it’s for my bff so I hope you enjoy ilysm!!!

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“Hey Y/N, did you get a text from Tom too?” Zendaya spoke over the phone, her voice echoing throughout your house.

You had just woken up, you were currently doing your makeup, you know the usual girly things.

“Yeah, something about him throwing a party?” You laughed, blending the eyeshadow on your eyelid.

“I don’t know what he’s thinking, he’s never thrown one before, but I’m intrigued to see how it goes, care to join me?” She asked in an amused tone, making you stop blending and think for a moment.

“You know what, sure, why not, lets see what he’s got, it’s not like he could throw one better than us.” You joked, making Zendaya laugh, causing you to laugh along with her.

Zendaya was your best friend, you both met on the set of Spider-Man Homecoming and instantly clicked, just like Tom did with Jacob.

However, Tom already had a best friend, who also was kind of his assistant, and that would be the famous Harrison Osterfield.

“I’m pretty positive Harrison will be there tooooooo.” She teased, making you scoff as you applied your mascara.

“I wouldn’t doubt it, they’re best friends Z.” You replied, this time making her scoff, which you weren’t going to lie, made you feel good in a way.

Ever since the filming of Spider-Man Homecoming, you started to have a thing for Harrison, you weren’t really sure at the time what it was exactly, but apparently to Zendaya it was obvious that you liked him.

“I’m just saying that maybe at the party this could be your chance to you know..” She trailed off, making your eyes widen and a laugh to escape your lips.

“ZENDAYA!” You screeched, making her laugh loudly, as you laughed along with her.

“I’m just saying!” She laughed, making you shake your head, even though she couldn’t see you, Zendaya had a good idea of what you were doing.

“I’m not sure if he even would feel the same, I mean he’s like Tom, they could get whoever they wanted, why would he want someone like me?” You questioned, applying foundation onto your face, before blending it in with your beat up beauty blender.

“Y/N, please, you’re gorgeous, he would be an actual dumbass not to want you.” Zendaya spoke seriously, making you sigh and shrug into the mirror, looking at your reflection.

“I don’t know Z, I just don’t see it ever happening.” You pressed the powder onto your face, locking in your foundation before adding the last few steps, before spraying your face with setting spray and spraying some perfume.

“I will take this challenge, and I will win.” Zendaya declared, making you roll your eyes and laugh.

“Alright Z, we’ll see.” You smiled into the phone, as you put your shoes and glasses on, grabbing your wallet.

“I’ll pick you up around seven thirty, so be ready, love you boo!” She spoke excitedly into the phone, making you laugh as you responded with an ’I love you too boo, bye!’ before hanging up and going on about your day.

You went out and got a smoothie and a bagel, before shopping for an outfit for tonight’s party, you wanted to look good.

You ended up getting a nice pair of jeans and a crop top, you knew it was a basic outfit everyone wore, but you couldn’t help but fall in love with it.

You then continued on with your day, buying some groceries since you were out, before heading home and getting ready for the party.

You decided to shower before the party, then put on your new outfit you had just bought, a smile on your face as you saw how it all looked on you.

You weren’t going to lie, you looked good.

You then did your hair, deciding to give it some volume by curling it, then touched up your makeup a bit.

You felt your phone vibrate, letting you know Zendaya was here, before you rushed down to meet her.

“Y/N! Damn you look like a million bucks!” She smiled widely, making you wave your hand, dismissing her comment, laughing.

“Thanks Z, you look amazing yourself!” You complimented, making her twirl and laugh.

She wore a vibrant red dress, making her look even more beautiful than she already was.

“Alright, lets blow this popsicle stand.“ She shouted, making you cheer along with her.

It took a good thirty minutes to get there, traffic being a pain, but you both soon arrived, the sound of music erupting from the house, along with chatter from people.

“You think he invited enough people?” You joked, making Zendaya laugh and loop her arm with yours, before walking up to the door, opening it and entering, seeing lots of people scattered everywhere.

“Wow, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be, but we’d still do better.” Zendaya smirked, making you laugh and nod your head in agreement.

You both walked into the kitchen, grabbing a drink and sampling a few snacks along the way, observing all the people around you.

Your eyes soon spotted Jacob, a smile forming on your face as you waved to him, making him rush over in excitement.

“Y/N! Z!” Jacob cheered, making you both laugh and hug him.

“Hey, what’s up?” Zendaya asked, taking a sip of her drink from her red solo cup.

“Not much, Tom’s party is kind of lame, I like yours better honestly.” Jacob admitted, making you both cheer and laugh.

“I knew we threw better parties, Tom just can’t beat us.” You dramatically flipped your hair over your shoulder, making Jacob laugh.

“But since you both are here, come with me so Tom and Harrison can talk with you guys too.” Jacob smiled, making your stomach tighten up a bit, you gave Zendaya a look, but she gave you one in return.

Jacob lead you across the house, out to the backyard where Tom and Harrison were talking to a few other people.

Jacob called out to them, catching their attention, smiles forming on their faces.

“Hey! You guys came!” Tom grinned, walking up to the three of you, Harrison following behind.

“Yeah, but it’s lame Holland, you tried to beat us, you failed.” Zendaya smirked, taking another sip of her drink as Tom gasped, placing a hand on his chest.

“I am offended.” Tom declared, looking between the both of you.

“Jacob even admitted it to us.” You teased, making Tom’s eyes widen, looking at his friend.

“What! Jacob!” Tom shrieked, making Jacob laugh and rush off, Tom following after him.

“I’ll go after them to make sure Tom doesn’t kill him.” Zendaya smirked, winking at you as you pleaded she wouldn’t leave you alone with Harrison.

But she did.

You then decided to down your drink, it was going to be a long night if that was the case.

“Hey Y/N, enjoying the party?” Harrison asked, his drink in his hand as he looked over your outfit, making you blush slightly.

“Eh, it’s alright, but it’s better now that you’re here.” You shrugged, the alcohol starting to kick in.

“I can agree on that one.” Harrison winked, making you giggle, which Harrison loved.

You both eventually sat on the edge of the pool, your feet in the water, drinks by your side the both of you just talked.

People had slowly merged to go inside, Tom was apparently doing Karaoke with Jacob, which was horrible.

“Oh my god, you’ll never guess what I just thought of!” You squealed, making Harrison laugh, turning his head to look at you.

You were clearly buzzed by this point, and so was Harrison, mainly why you both were so open with each other.

“Spill.” Harrison grinned, making you smirk and turn to look at him.

I have a dumb idea!” You smirked, wiggling your eyebrows making Harrison laugh.

I love dumb ideas!” Harrison cheered, raising his cup into the air, before taking a sip of it.

You bit your lip, a mischievous glint in your eye, which didn’t go unnoticed by Harrison, he knew you were up to something.

“Well you see, this dumb idea, it involves us,” You giggled, setting your cup on the ground, turning to face Harrison completely, “We’re going to go skinny dipping!” You smirked, watching Harrison’s eyes widen at your words.

“A-Are you sure?” Harrison stammered, unsure if this was the best idea, but you nodded rapidly, the smile never leaving your face.

“I’ve always wanted to do this, and what better person to do it with than you?” You questioned, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Alright then, lets do this.” Harrison grinned, pulling his shirt off, then his pants, as you did the same, until you both were completely in the nude.

“Now lets pray we don’t get caught, but that makes it even more of a thrill.” You laughed, before grabbing his hand, the both of you jumping into the pool.

You both returned to the surface, smiles on your face as laughter erupted from the both of you, you’d never been so happy in your life, and from what you could tell, neither had Harrison.

“Cheers to skinny dipping!” You shouted, as did Harrison, clinking your cups together before taking a drink.

You turned around to set the cups back on the concrete, only to be turned back around by Harrison, being trapped between his arms, your back pressing against the side of the pool.

You both looked at each other, emotions clear of how you both felt about each other, you didn’t need to use words, you both already knew.

In a matter of seconds you went from laughing and having fun, then to Harrison having his hands in your hair as yours were wrapped around his neck, your lips locked together.

You didn’t know how long you two had been making out for, you felt as if time had stopped.

You had even forgotten you both were completely nude, in the pool, at Tom’s house.

You both didn’t even heard the door open, that is until you heard someone clear their throat, startling the two of you.

“Oh my god, guys really? I know I told you to get some Y/N, but I didn’t mean in the pool!” Zendaya laughed, but was serious at the same time, her eyes wide at the scene in front of her.

You both hide behind the wall, both your faces flustered, but you both couldn’t help but laugh.

You heard Zendaya let out a gasp, finally noticing both of your clothes scattered along the pool, her eyes widening even bigger if that was possible, her mouth hanging open slightly.

She turned around, noticing Tom was on his way out to the pool, making her spin back around quickly.

Put some clothes on already, jeez! We have company coming!” She shouted, making both of your eyes widen as you both quickly scrambled out of the pool, doing your best to dry off, before putting your clothes back on.

You both rushed to get everything on before the back door opened, Tom walking out along with Jacob, who looked around skeptically.

Whoa, what happened while I was gone?” Tom questioned, noticing how you and Harrison were soaking wet, while Zendaya looked stressed as hell, unable to believe you both clothed yourselves that fast.

“U-Uh, nothing?” You questioned, glancing at Harrison who nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, w-what she said, nothing.” Harrison shrugged, watching Tom and Jacob to see if they’d believe them.

“Why are you guys soaking wet? Did you go in your clothes?” Tom questioned, raising an eyebrow, making Zendaya laugh, which resulted in you and Harrison both glaring at her.

“No, something definitely happened here.” Jacob nodded, looking between the three of you.

“Guys can I just tell them? Please!” Zendaya pleaded, but you both shook your head no.

“Will someone please tell me what the bloody hell happened?” Tom groaned, looking at his best friend then at you.

“If we tell you, promise you won’t kill us?” Harrison questioned, making Tom narrow his eyes.

“What did you two do?” He noticed Zendaya start laughing again, making his stomach churn.

“You see, it’s a funny story actually, uhm, well, you see…” Harrison stammered, looking at his feet, while you were biting your lip hard.

“They went skinny dipping!” Zendaya blurted out, making Tom and Jacob’s eyes widen, looking at the both of you in shock.

“Oh come on!” Tom shouted, covering his face in his hands as Jacob busted out laughing.

“It was the heat of the moment! We had a little too much and well, things escalated!” Harrison tried to explain, but Tom was already muttering curse words.

“If it helps, we realized we both really like each other.” You commented, laughing slightly as Harrison wrapped his arm around your shoulder.

“Dude I’ve never felt more alive, especially when we kissed, it was so good.” Harrison grinned, making your cheeks hot with embarrassment.

“Oh gross, shut up, I don’t need to hear anymore, I don’t want to know anymore, I just know I need to drain my pool now and get it cleaned instantly.” Tom whined, glaring at the both of you playfully before going back inside.

Jacob followed after, still laughing along with Zendaya, while you both stayed outside.

“I really like you Harrison.” You smiled, making his heart melt, he’d fallen for you since the first day you arrived on set.

“Trust me Y/N, I really like you too.” He murmured, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you closer, pressing his lips against yours.

You both stood outside for a bit, just kissing, while everyone else inside was dancing and singing.

You eventually pulled away, resting your forehead against his, smiles resting on both of your faces.

“Round two?” Harrison grinned, making you roll your eyes playfully, but nod in response.

You both started walking to the pool when the back door flew open, revealing an out of breath Tom.


You Don’t Know Me | 2

Request: I can’t really think about an actual story plot but maybe yoongi getting you pregnant and he chickens out… Aw This is such a bad description but since you’re an amazing writer ypu can pull it off better ☺💖 thank you!

Originally posted by sugaglos

Pairing: Yoongi + Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1.922

Warnings: swearing, numbers (lolol)

A/N: gosh I suck at math so I hope the numbers are right… also please leave feedback if you want more!

Part 1 | Part 3

A month.

4 weeks.

31 days.

744 hours.

44.640 minutes.

2.678.400 seconds.

155 breakdowns.

49 panic attacks. 

12 sleepless nights. 

That’s how you counted the time since you had last heard from Yoongi. All that time passed without him answering your calls or messages, leaving you on read and declining every single one of your calls. 

He wants me to feel ignored, otherwise he’d just let the phone ring - or not click on my messages.

He wants me to know he’s there but not ready yet.

That’s his game.

You didn’t want to give up on him. He was everything you had, everything you had counted on. He was your best friend, your partner in crime, your lover and your other half. You had hoped for a future with Yoongi. Always supporting him and his moody behavior. Being there for him no matter what because you knew how stressed he was and how burdened he felt. So you didn’t stop leaving messages, as random as they were. You knew he was just being stubborn, you knew he would never leave you just like that.

He loves me.

He does.

He’s just having a hard time.

You started coming by their dorms every second day, hoping to get Yoongi out of his box. Being friends with the boys as well, they didn’t really mind. It was weird for you in the beginning because you two had been dating for so long, yet you had never really been at the dorms that often. Dating Yoongi meant spending more time with him at the studio than at the dorms. It was a nice change to be able to spend time with the others as well but you always knew in the back of your mind that the actual reason behind that situation was everything else but nice. And Yoongi knew how to remind you every time you visited - not once had you seen his face or heard his voice. He disappeared as soon as he knew you were coming over and wouldn’t come back until you had already left. You weren’t even the one telling him that you were coming over, hoping that one day he’d be there to talk things out face to face but he always found his ways to be gone before you could even notice. You still saw his things lying around, things he usually had lying around at your dorm. Familiar pieces of his, spread around the dorm, reminding you how his things were here but he would never be.

He’s just not ready. He needs time.

The boys knew what had happened between you two and you felt their pitiful glances they threw your way when they thought you weren’t paying attention. But you saw. They were always there. During dinner. While playing video games. Helping with the chores. Watching a movie. Going over their choreographies. You saw and it broke you more each time. Even they knew how pathetic you were behaving. 

And that’s what it was - pathetic. You knew it, Yoongi knew it, the boys knew it, everybody knew it. Still, you couldn’t give up because in the end of the day, it wasn’t only about you and Yoongi but about the baby. Your baby needed a dad, not only a father. And you were just as stubborn as Yoongi, so you wouldn’t give up so easily. Your child was not going to be raised by a single mom, a college student who could barely take care of herself. It was going to live better than that.

He’ll give in. I know he will. 

At that moment, a soft pillow hit you in the face and screams erupted through the living room. Before you could realize what was going on, Taehyung had ducked behind you, making Jungkook run around your tiny figure in circles, making Taehyung shove you around like a shield to protect himself, earning screams of confusion from you.  

“You coward, move away from (Y/N)!”, Jungkook screamed and laughed before jumping forward, taking you to the ground with him as he landed on Tae, pinning his figure to the ground in a merciless grip.

“Jungkook, let go, you’re gonna break my arm!”, Taehyung laughed while screaming out in pain, making Jin rush into the living room to your side. Stretching out his hands for you, you thankfully grabbed them and he helped you up before parting the two boys in one swift move.

“Are you two crazy?! We have a pregnant woman here, you could have hurt her and the baby! Stop running around like that or you’ll be cooking your own meals until this baby decides to break free”, Jin scolded while sitting you down on the couch, handing you a pillow and a blanket. You raised your eyebrows at him in confusion and laughed at his choice of words.

“For support. The baby needs it”, he simply answered and positioned it himself when you didn’t make a single move. 

“You can’t do that Jin Hyung! She’s not even fat yet!”, Jungkook exclaimed and earned a smack on the back of his head from his hyung. The maknae winced and rubbed his head in pain, whilst Taehyung laughed at the comical scene in front of him, earning a death glare from Jin.

“Shh, you don’t say that to a girl Jungkook. Don’t you have any manners?”, Jin looked angry but you just laughed and sat up.

“He’s right though, I’m not even fat yet. I’m just two months pregnant, Jin. Stop worrying so much”, you smiled at the older boy but he just shook his head and sat down next to you as the two others left the room to play video games in their bedroom.

“The first three months are the most critical ones (Y/N)! You should know that. Anything could happen”, he looked at you seriously concerned, so you grabbed his hand, rubbing your thumbs over his soft skin. You noticed him shiver and quickly look away but chose to ignore it.

“I know Jinnie. Thank you for taking such good care of me. I don’t know where I’d be without you”, you grinned foolishly but meant it. He had been there for you the second Yoongi decided to break it off and ignore you. In the heat of the moment you had called Jin right after you had calmed down from the first shock and since then he hadn’t left your side. He always made sure that you were doing okay, that you were eating and getting enough sleep, even bringing over food to your dorm himself if you couldn’t come over. He also made you tell him your check up appointments so he’d know if anything was wrong. He cared and you were truly thankful.

“You’d definitely be lost, I can tell you that”, he mumbled but smiled and pulled you into a hug. You were taken aback for a second as you inhaled his scent. He smelled manlier than expected and for a second, goosebumps arose on your skin before you heard a door being slammed shut and someone shuffling lazily into the room. You turned around, breaking free from the embrace and saw him. He was standing still in between doors, eyes glued to Jin’s hands on your waist.

“Yoongi”, you exhaled, eyes wide and watery as your heart started beating faster by every second that passed while he just stared. He looked exhausted, more than usual. Deep bags under his eyes, colored in deep purple and blue, signaling that he mustn’t have gotten lots of sleep in the past couple of weeks. His skin looked paler than ever and dehydrated, having lost all natural glow. His figure was skinnier than before and you were scared that he wouldn’t be able to hold himself up for much longer. At least he seemed to have taking care of his hair and clothes as his outfit and hair were styled enough to walk out of the house.

“I-I’m going to see what the others are doing”, Jin quickly got up, shooting you one last glance before walking out in the opposite direction of Yoongi. The boy’s eyes followed his hyung until he had left the room, basically shooting daggers into his direction before turning his gaze to you.

“Yoongi we-”, you started but he interrupted you harshly.

“Why was he touching you like that?”, his voice was icy like the last words that he had directed at you when he left you a month ago.

You were confused. “What?”

“Why was he touching you like that (Y/N)?”, his stare had something unreadable in it. Hands balled into fists on the sides of his body, his eyes didn’t leave your face.

“Touch like what Yoongi?”, Jin had only hugged you. You didn’t know what was going on. 

“His hands were on your fucking waist (Y/N)! Don’t act like I’m fucking blind”, he scoffed and rolled his eyes in annoyance.


He was jealous. Min Yoongi was jealous even though he had broken up with you. Even though he had ignored all your calls and texts, avoided you for a whole month and left you alone with an unborn baby. 

That’s when it clicked.

Calling your state furious would be an understatement.

“So what if his hands were on my waist? He takes very good care of me and the baby, so he’s allowed to touch me”, you spat in an attempt to let Yoongi feel what you had been feeling that whole time. Even though he looked bad, he couldn’t have been through half the stuff you had been through the last weeks.

In the end of the day, he was the one who broke it off right?

Yoongi huffed and went through his hair with one hand. “So what, Jin’s the baby daddy now? As soon as I’m not available, you run to the next best dude?”, he was practically screaming at this point and you heard a door being shut silently. The boys were trying not to listen.


“As soon as you’re not available? Are you fucking crazy? You broke up with me because I told you that I am pregnant. I tried to get you back because I knew you are stubborn and just needed time but you treated me like shit, Yoongi. Like literal shit. I come by every other day to get you to talk to me but no, mister fuckhead even knows a way to avoid me at his own home”, you had stood up and your face was red from anger at that point. Tears were streaming down your face uncontrollably. Your chest was burning from the heartache and all the pain he was making you go through again. Flashbacks from the painful words he had thrown at you, came rushing back, a new panic attack arising within you. 

Please not now.

“I-I didn’t mean to”, he whispered and lowered his head. 

“What?”, you weren’t sure if you had heard him correctly. Trying to calm down your breathing, you closed your eyes and balled your hands into small fists.

“I said, I didn’t mean to hurt you like that”, he lifted his gaze and spoke up, voice breaking as he looked at your state.

“Well surprise, you did it anyway”, you held back a sob, putting a hand over your mouth as soon as those words were out. You didn’t want to cry anymore. You had cried enough in the last couple of weeks. 

It just didn’t seem to end.

Bill Skarsgard Imagine

Bill Skarsgard x reader 

Requested: “Bill where he’s back home Sweden and you two have broken up because he thought he was being unfair to you but his family doesn’t know yet and when he tells them they’re really sad coz you were really close with them but you kind of make up things and get back”

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“How’s your girlfriend? How come she didn’t come with you to visit us. Des she not like us after all? I blame Alexander for why shes not here,” Valter thought out loud to everyone in the room.

“What did I do?” Alexander yelled from the kitchen. 

Bill looked down sad. She would have come so visit his family if they weren’t separated. He remembered the first time she met them. She was really nervous but everyone welcomed her with opened arms. Ever since, both her and his family would be excited to see each other. She enjoyed seeing all of them and they enjoyed her company. It was also the first time he took a girl home to meet his family. All the others, they just tagged along with him and his family or just didn’t meet them. 

But with her, everything seemed different. She made him feel different. He used to want to keep his relationship private. If you saw them on the streets holding hands that was fine, but don’t expect him to talk about it during interviews. But with her, he wanted to talk about her. He wanted everyone to know and he wanted to show her off, but he couldn’t anymore.

They had just broken up before his flight to Sweden. She was yelling at him on how she never got to see him and Bill just replied with that’s how life works. He said some not very nice things and they just decided to end it. He had to admit that when they broke up he acted like he didn’t care, but deep down he was broken.

“How is she doing though? I haven’t see her in a while,” Alexander asked his brother. All Bill could do was shrug. He didn’t want to know the pain he made you feel. It broke him that he hurt you so badly.

Bill grabbed a beer from the fridge. Alexander looked at him seriously confused. 

“Are you guys alright?” Alexander asked Bill, seriously. Bill sniffed, he could feel the tears coming. Thats all Alexander needed to see know what happened. He hugged his brother. 

“Oh god Bill, I’m so sorry.” Alexander told him. 

“It’s all my fault,” Bill cried. Valter stopped paused his game and looked to wear he heard Bill crying. He looked to Alexander. Alexander gave him that look and he knew. Everyone of his family now knew what had happened. Bill wished they didn’t know. Bill wished they didn’t ask him how you were doing because  you would be here to answer that question yourself. Bill continued crying. 

“Oh god, Alex, it’s all my fault. I should’ve tried harder.” Alexander held his brother, like they were kids again. 

“It’s all right Bill, everything’s going to be alright.” Alexander now had tears in his eyes. He really liked you. They all had liked you. You kept his brother happy and that was all he could ask for. He saw how you made him go weak in the knees and he enjoyed seeing his brother go speechless. Bill cried harder. He wished he fought harder. 

Alexander carried Bill bridal style to his bedroom. Stellan had just walked into the room and snickered . He saw Bills face and Alexanders and his smiled turned to a frown. He looked at Alexander, Alexander just shook his head and walked away.

Alexander walked into Bills bedroom and layed him down and walked away. Bill just layed there. He decided he was going to take a bath. He went into the bathroom, beer in his left hand. He turned the water on, tears coming back. The day you guys fought, you were in the bathroom taking a bath. He remembered he walked in the hotel room, called for you but you didn’t answer. He explored and found you in the bathroom sitting in the tub, knees to your chest and you arms around your legs. Thats where it all started.

Bill got into the bath tub and just layed there tears threatening to spill down his face. He sat there for a few minutes just thinking about you. Thinking if you were okay or if you were a mess like him. 

Alexander walked back into the room and into the bathroom where he was.

“I’ve had my share of heartbreak, Bill. Trust me, things will get better. You might not see it now but know that things will get better. Slowly but it will. I know your in pain right now, so why don’t you go to the bar with me tomorrow. Get your mind off this and just have some brother time.”

Bill thought. He was in pain, yes he’s been heartbroken before. He knows the pain won’t last forever but right now it will hurt badly. He couldn’t keep dreaming of happiness he had to make it.
He looked towards Alexander and nodded. 

“I would really like that Alexander, thank you.” Alexander nodded and walked away. Bill just sat there thinking. Was trying to get over you already a bad? or should he wait a little longer?

Bill and Alexander were now at the bar. For the first time in the past couple days, he felt happy again like he was never hurt. 

But when he looked up from his pool game and just looked at the bar his face softened and he was sad again. You and him had met on the set of Atomic Blonde 2. You were going to play a girl he was attracted to. Thats how you guys met in the movie, he was at a bar and he saved you from a guy that was hitting on you by pretending to be your boyfriend. 

He looked to the left of the bar to see a guy and girl making out in the corner. He remembered when he had to do that with you in Atomic Blonde 2, make out with you at the bar which would lead to you two having a love scene which also lead to Charlize’s character almost killing him for not answering his phone while making love to you. Atomic Blonde 3 was when you guys were boyfriend and girlfriend and it wasn’t until after one of the scenes you guys had to shoot for it, that he finally had the balls to ask you out. 

Everything reminded you of him. Everything. It reminded him of the scenes you had to shoot for the movies you both were in. All the memories you made when you guys were off work. He wished you guys hadn’t separated. But instead of have a sad attitude he put a fake smile on his face and continued to play pool with his brother. 

Alexander could see his brother and his mood falter. Unbeknownst to him, his brother Alexander had reached out to you yesterday just after Bill feel asleep, explaining the conditions he was in and how sad he was. Right now you were on your way to Sweden, hopefully, that’s what you told him. 

As it reached almost 12 at midnight, Alexander gave up hope that you would show. Why would you? His brother hurt your feelings and basically acted as though he didn’t love you. 

Bill was growing tired he had played Pool with his brother all day, Alexander beating him everytime.
“Can we go home now?” Bill asked his brother.
“Let’s just play one more. This time I’ll go easy on you.” Before Bill could reply he heard a voice from behind him.

“You really need your brother to go easy on you for you to win?” He turned around and he saw you. You stood there with a tight black dress and teary eyes with a small smile across your face.  

“No, if anything I was going easy on him,” Bill said to you softly. 

You smirked and walked closer to him, to where you guys where chest to chest.
“I doubt that,” you replied and took his cup of beer away from him and started drinking it. Heartbroken but here you both were flirting with each other as if nothing had happened.  

“You know thats one of the things I love about you, you don’t go down with out a fight.”
Bill smiled, “You didn’t use past tense." 

You just shrugged, still holding his drink. 

"Funny how feelings work.” Bill smiled at you.
“Are you guys going to kiss or not?” Alexander interrupted the both of you. You smiled and looked down. Bill smirked, he grabbed your chin and tilted your head up. 

“I never stopped loving you either.” With that Bill kissed you. He tangled his hands in your hair. You set Bills beer down on the pool table and put your hands on him arms. Alexander was just smiling and fangirling.
You guys pulled away and smiled at each other. 

“I’m so sorry,” Bill told you.
“I’m sorry too.” Bill shook his head.
“I promise to make more time for you. Will you take me back?” You smiled and nodded. Bill leaned in again kissing you. When you guys pulled away for breath you heard Alexander speak up. 

“And where are my flowers for bringing by far the cutest, hottest couple of all time back together?” Alexander asked. You guys turned to look at him and just laughed. 

He loved it like this. He loved having you in his arms. He loved how his family embarrassed him in front of you. He loved kissing you. He seeing you smile and he loved being the one to make you smile. But most of all, he loved mending you heart back together.

luke + bodhi | rebel pilots on hoth au

“I was a cargo pilot,” Bodhi mumbles. “I can’t—I don’t know that I’m the right person to pilot an X-Wing.”

“It’s not that hard,” Luke says breezily, even though he’s gotta admit he’s sweeping over some details. “Some different controls, tighter maneuvering. Weapons. Look, I bet you’d be great at it.”

Bodhi lets out a breath, a shaky laugh. “Thanks.”

“Seriously! Hey, I could teach you some stuff, if you want?”

Bodhi’s head snaps up, eyes wide. “You’d do that?”

Luke smiles, reaching out to grip Bodhi’s shoulder. “I’d be honored.”

Never//Shawn Mendes

I tried my best, this isn’t edited oops:)

Requested by: @letsstarsfalling

It had been years since you and Shawn had first got together, yet those butterflies from when you were a teenager still linger in your stomach, Shawn truly was the one for you, you two were the perfect match, but someone lit a flame and everything went up into smoke.

You knew the consequences of serving your country, you knew there was always a chance you would never come home, you could handle it but Shawn couldn’t.
He couldn’t see why you were so desperate to save people, if others could risk their lives to protect the ones they loved why wouldn’t you? It was your duty after all.

When you were called back to go fight in Iraq Shawn didn’t speak to you, maybe it was out of anger or possibly fear but in the weeks leading up to your reparture he only spoke to you when you had to say goodbye, leaving him was your first mistake, not telling him how much he meant to you was your second.

“You’re seriously going?.” Shawn asked, while you drove to the airport. It was clear he was hurt by this, you could see it on his face. But you needed to go and serve your country and save people. It’s your job.

“What do you expect me to do Shawn?” You sighed, an argument was bound to happen soon, this wasn’t the way you wanted to leave things

CHOOSE ME!“ He screamed, the anger in his voice made you jump, Though he wasn’t angry, he was distraught. There was a chance you would never return home and that scared Shawn more than anything.

You did the only thing you could in that moment, you
wrapped your arms around him and he hugged back tightly. His head flew to your shoulder in hopes of being closer to you, and maybe just maybe you wouldn’t leave him. You ran your hands through his curly hair, You placed a chaste kiss upon his forehead and prayed to god that you never had to loose this boy.

That day at the airport was the last time you saw Shawn for 7 months, the worst 7 months of both your lives.

When you and your team didn’t respond back to the calls your commander knew something was wrong, you had been gone for far too long and it never registered in her mind that you could’ve been dead, you weren’t though. But nobody knew that, they didn’t Know where you were or if you were okay. They had no choice but to declare you missing in action and leave it at that.

Shawn was the first person to be told, two tall broad men knocked on the door of his condo, Shawn opened the door with a kind smile, not knowing he would Receive the worst news of his life. But he wasn’t alone, Karen manny and Aaliyah had come to visit Shawn, they could hear the conversation and Shawn’s blood curtling scream, it wasn’t an angry scream, more of a plea for help. At first he thought it to be a sick joke, but nobody was laughing. Tears fell from his eyes and found Home on his hardwood floors, the floors you picked out..

Nobody spoke. it was so silent you could hear a pin drop, the silence was eating him from the inside out. But he had nothing to say. Tears fell from his eyes like waterfalls. Yet he had no energy to stop them.

The words played on a continuous loop inside his mind, mocking him. Making him into a fool.
“Y/n L/n never came back to camp. We spent a fortnight looking for her and the rest of the missing soldiers. There was no sign of them anywhere. I’m sorry to announce but she is MIA.”

He wanted to scream, to shout and to cry. But he didn’t.
It felt as though he world had drained him of everything, leaving nothing but a broken heart behind.

“is y/n ever gonna come home?” aaliyah’s worried voice rang in Shawn’s ears. If his heart wasn’t already broken he swore he heard it crack.

He wanted to say yes, he wanted to believe that She would come home to him. Fuck, he wanted that more than anything but he knew the chances of her still being Alive were slim to none, but he didn’t want to lie to Aaliyah either.

“We don’t know love. All we can do is pray and hope for the best.” Karen’s voice piped up. Rubbing her hands along Aaliyah’s back, they were worried. Not only for y/n’s safety but for Shawn’s sanity.

Time ticked by and people stopped wondering if y/n was ever coming back and started moving on with their lives, the only people who wouldn’t were the ones who desperately wanted too. Months had past but Shawn never thought of anything other than his lover. He went to bed every night without her and awoke without her.
Everyday was the same draining cycle. Until one day it ended.

Shawn had been on tour for 2 weeks, it had been a good distraction so far, it was your 5 year anniversary and Shawn wanted to give a big speech about how much he missed you. Tonight was not only special because of that but because you finally came home, Karen manny and Aaliyah greeted you at the airport with tears and hugs, Aaliyah didn’t want to leg go of you, Incase you left again but that wouldn’t happen. Your commander had granted you leave, you would never have to be put into that danger ever again.

It felt so good being home, but you missed Shawn more than anything, you would finally be with him again after so long.

The plan was simple, you would wait backstage for Shawn and when he was done his set you would surprise him. The thought of being in Shawn’s Arms again made all the time apart worth it.

Though Shawn has no idea you were safe and okay, his day so far had been painfully slow. The same old routine, he ate, showered and rehearsed. Put on a few fake smiles and shared some fakes laughs, thought about you and went to sleep. He wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take.

“You alright man?” Geoff asked Shawn, as he helped him with his mic, knowing it was your 5 year anniversary he didn’t want to sadden Shawn with too many questions.

Shawn replied with his usual fake smile. “Yeah I’m fine. Just nervous about tonight.”

Geoff pat Shawn on the back, bringing him into a short hug. Shawn wanted to fucking cry, he needed a hug so badly yet nobody once offered to hold the sad boy.

“Go out and do her proud.”

Cheers erupted when Shawn stepped out on stage, he gave a smile smile and looked around, all these people were here to see him. That made his heart swell.

He looked up to the sky and smiled, hoping that wherever y/n was that she was safe and happy. Silent tears made their way from Shawn’s tired eyes gliding down his cheeks and wetting the fabric of his favourite dress shirt. The one she loved so much.

“Hey guys! I need to ask for silence-thank you! I just wanted to say thank you for coming out it means the world to me that you all support me even after all this time, as most of you know today marks 5 years that I’ve been with my beautiful girlfriend Y/N. unfortunately she can’t make it tonight because she’s MIA. Although she isn’t physically with me she will Always be a past of me. So I dedicate my first song "never be alone.” To her.“ Shawn paused and looked up to the sky. "Baby where ever you are just know I’ve never stopped loving you. I adore you with my entire soul. I love you more than words can anything.”

a series of awhs and “I love yous” echoed through the gigantic arena, and for the first time since he lost y/n Shawn smiled a genuine smile.

Not knowing you were backstage crying your heart out into Karen, you were just so happy to see him again. You were terrified of loosing Shawn, he was your everything. You’d go crazy without him.
Time seemed to be ticking away slowly, each minute longer than the last. Shawn was so close you could smell him, that familiar scent you loved so much mixed with sweat and emotion.

Once he finished the last song he handed his guitar uncaringly to Geoff and walked into his dressing room.
He picked up a picture of you while you were in Paris last summer. He ran his finger over the photograph, it held so much meaning to him. He Hugged the picture frame so tight. “Wouldn’t you rather hug the real deal?” An oh- so familiar voice said.

Shawn thought he was going crazy, there was absolutely no way you could be here talking to him, though he wished you were. Arms wrapping around him pulled him from his thoughts, his eyes widened and his heart started beating like mad.

“y-y-y/n? Shawn stuttered, he could barely speak, so he did what he always did when words failed him, he Hugged the shit out of you.

You were both sobbing messes, Shawn had placed his head in the crook of your neck, his sweaty hair tickled you and you giggled like a school girl. You forgot how much you had missed Shawn’s warm embrace.

"I missed you so fucking much please never do that to me ever again, I wouldn’t be able to live without you.” Shawn choked out, his eyes were red and puffy but you knew he was crying happy tears.


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Do you have some drawing tips to share? I would like to draw like you, but the more I study, the less it looks like the things you do. You know, bold lines and no unecessary details, simplification of complex anatomy and textures... That coupled with the eventual detailed still life that I lack the patience to draw. You make it look so effortless and fast...

This is that social media thing happening, where I only share my good works and ppl get some wrapped sense of how talented I am. The solution is to draw a lot. Get to a ‘monkeys and typewriters’ situation where the sheer amount of doodling you do means statistically you have to strike gold 1ce or 2ce a week. Post those doodles on your blog and convince people you’re a genius.

Seriously though: starting out with the goal of making simple, seamless stuff is really making things difficult for yourself. I was there as a teen, when I thought I could skip past the boring part and learn to draw like Hugo Pratt. But it was frustrating because I wanted instant gratification and had no patience with my own drawings. And I’m probably there again now, thinking I can somehow transfer my dubious storyboarding skills into comics. It’s never effortless. You have to start out with the clunky anatomy studies, sketches that don’t look like anything, over-rendered fruit etc. Go look at some old paintings, maybe from the turn of the last century or so. Go to a museum and find some ancient things to study. Don’t expect the drawings to turn out perfect and don’t feel like you have to share them with anyone.

This is for Prince.“
"So I usually tell this story after another song that’s coming up in the set that has to do with Prince. But I think tonight… it’s better… because we are in Minnesota to tell it now… Prince and I were friends. And I think… I think the saddest thing about the whole thing with Prince is that he always worried about me, he thought I was not gonna make it. Seriously. And I always you know, though, ‘of course I’m gonna make it, nothing is gonna happen to me’, but he really worried about me a lot. And it’s so weird to think that something happened to him, which is the absolute opposite of anything I thought could possibly happen, because of who he was and what he believed in. So now when I sing this song, even though it was written about the ‘Twilight’ saga, about Bella and Edward and their whole love affair, it makes so much sense now… this song, more for he and I, and I wanna to tell you about is… I only dedicate it and say "this is for Prince” in a few cities… And sometimes when I’m really nervous or I’m upset about something, I say “Prince, walk with me” before I walk out, and I’m telling you from my heart, he walks with me, up here, on the stage, and stands right behind me until I feel ok. So that who he really is, he’s not even really gone, he’s right here with all of us, especially in this city.
—  Stevie dedicates ‘Moonlight’ to Prince, 24 Karat Gold Tour, St. Paul, MN - August 25, 2017.

(Yeet, y’all getting another pregnancy imagine. Sorry-not-sorry. Seriously though, I gotta get a little fluff in my blog. Can’t all be insane.)

You held the test tightly between your fingers. Nearly cracking the plastic. So many emotions ran through you. Confusion, anger, fear, it was all one big jumble. How could this have even happened. It didn’t make any sense. Pennywise was not like you. He wasn’t human. It was impossible. Wasn’t it? You had to confront him on it. And that’s what you were doing.

Standing in his lair. You waited for him to come back. Most likely from luring in a new victim. It was about twenty minutes before he came waltzing in. A disturbing smile spreading across his face at the sight of you. “Well, hello, doll face. Wasn’t expecting you! Though it is a welcoming surprise.” His voice cracked and he giggled. Wiping a bloody hand onto his outfit. “What’s wrong? You seem upset.” He gives a playful pout.

“Pennywise-“ He straighten out a bit, knowing you were serious by not calling him the usual ‘Penny’. “I took a test today. A pregnancy test. It came back positive… actually no. I took three. They all came back positive. Which means I am pregnant and I have no clue why.” Panic was in your voice. You nearly choked on your words. Seeing you so scared made Pennywise feel ill. Guilty. Not his usual hunger. This wasn’t the same type of fear he was used to. “Please tell me. Am I gonna be okay? What did you do? Is that even possible.” Your eyes swelled with tears.

The clown leaned against the door frame. His eyes avoiding yours “Maturin created this universe, yet he is a fool. An idiot. He says we are equal and I am not going to stoop that low. If he has the power to create life, who says I can’t?”

“So this was out of spite? You did it to make a point? Dammit! Will it even be human? Will it be an actual baby?” You convulse slightly. Hot tears burning your face. Suddenly Pennywise’s eyes flashed in anger. He was now in front of you. His arm wrapping around you and pulling you to his chest. The grip tight and solid so you couldn’t escape. “Don’t you ever say that!” He snarled. “I have been alive for a long time and I picked you. Just you. I don’t want anyone else. If I didn’t do this I would have lost you. You are human. Fragile. You will die and I’ll have nothing. I want to have a part of you forever.”

“And… a baby will solve that…” You whisper softly. Not knowing what to think of it. He pulled back placed a kiss to your forehead. The sweet gesture making you blush. It wasn’t often he did stuff like that. “No, not entirely. I want you to be mine forever and always. I thought that you being pregnant would solve that.”

Shaking your head, you look up at him. Your face red from crying “You are an idiot. If you wanted this than you should have said so. Save me the trauma…. I wonder if it will be male or female…or human nonetheless.”

“Duly noted…And I have no clue. It might just end up like me and eat everyone in its way. Not even born yet and I’m a proud father.” Pennywise dramatically whipped a fake tear.

“Oh my god… that’s it, we are gonna have to homeschool.”

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Hi, can you do a got7 reaction where their girlfriend is kissing another member for a dare? Thank you


He’d huff and puff but wouldn’t ever tell you no, since the repercussions for not taking a dare was taking your clothes off. He’d look away for the short kiss you and Jackson shared awkwardly and you could bet he’d smack Yungyeom up the back of the head for daring you to do something like that. 

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Nope. Not happening, there was no way he’d let you. He’d put up enough of a fight that the dare would have to change. Even though he got what he wanted, he would still be grumpy for the rest of the night. How dare BamBam try to pull that shit. 

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He’d laugh, assuming Youngjae was joking when he dared you to kiss Jaebum. A ‘Seriously?’ would leave his lips and he’d shake his head leaning back, looking at you to see if you were actually going to do it. But you knew him and a tiny, barley touching peck was better than having you sitting there shirtless. 

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He’d get quiet, not really wanting to talk to anyone about the fact you either had to kiss Mark or take a piece of clothing off. It made him happy that you were so torn, constantly looking to him for some sort of sign on what he’d rather have you do. He’d laugh though when you took your shoes and socks off and argued that it counted with BamBam. There was no way you’d ever let another member touch you. 

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He’d grow silent and a fake smile would appear on his lips as you argued back and fourth with Jackson. He’d start to over think everything. Did Yugyeom secretly have a crush on you? Was that why Jackson dared you? So you would secretly get a crush back? His heart would sink when you reached over to peck him quickly, but seeing how things just got awkward and you wouldn’t unfold your arms or stop your pouting he’d feel better, knowing that even if that were the case it didnt matter.

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He’d try to pretend it wouldn’t bother him, encouraging you to do it and calling you a chicken if you didnt. A series of thoughts would run though his head. First, he’d realize how hot you looked while kissing. Then he’d realize you must look that hot kissing him in front of the others. But then he’d stagger onto that fact that Youngjae had seen the two of you kissing multiple times and now he was kissing you. At that moment he’d pull you back, saying that was enough. He’d hold you by his side for the rest of the night, scoping to see if anyone else looked at you weird. 

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He’d watch as you argued and when he realized the boys weren’t going to budge he’d put his foot down. He didnt care if he was the youngest and the tone of his voice was rude, you kissing another member just wasn’t appropriate and he’d make it very well known he wasn’t comfortable with that at all and it was obvious you weren’t either. He’d get the others to move on, but not after deflecting the punishment on him instead of you. 

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Reasons why I think people ship Syndisparklez part 2:

Part 1 here

1. Reactions to the first kiss:

- Jordan’s reaction included noises that sound like he didn’t think he’d like it and then it was surprisingly pleasing (at 15:05, the link already has the time built in):

Also here’s the excerpt:

Another important thing is that Jordan said he wasn’t drunk, which made us realize that it was a lot more consensual then we thought in the first place (yes, there were posts talking about how the whole thing was problematic and people wrote fics about how Jordan was so drunk he couldn’t even stand up. So knowing he was fairly sober made me and a lot of people feel much better about the whole situation). Also Tom said he didn’t have a hangover, which made us believe he wasn’t really drunk either ( - at 3:46).

- Tom’s reaction was that he really liked it:

2. New York:

- Unfortunately those who missed the livestream probably won’t ever see all the Syndisparklez moments that happened that night. The audio was terrible (I mean seriously, the organizers of the event were really unprofessional) so Jordan decided not to upload his stream even though he had better audio than Tom. 

Tom did upload his: (there’s also a part 1 that’s only 24 minutes long cause his stream crashed, I don’t remember if there are Syndisparklez moments in there, you’re welcome to check), but just beware of really bad audio quality, you can barely hear him and Jordan even less. The bummer is that on Jordan’s stream you could hear both of them but he didn’t upload it. If anyone recorded the stream that night, could you please let us know?

- But there’s one screenshot I took at the end (which isn’t on Tom’s stream but was on Jordan’s) where Tom couldn’t hold back any longer and tickled Jordan’s shoulder:

Screenshots of the tickle that smorescake took (at least I think so; it was posted on their blog):

- Tom’s vlog of the day they spent together at New York is full of Syndisparklez stuff:

Video highlights of the vlog:

Look at his pants, they’re ridiculous:

This is the most romantic walk to the toilet:

Other highlights: 

  •  I love you to pieces:
    Tom: Jordan listen, listen, listen alright? I love you to pieces…
    Jordan: By the way…
    Tom: No green shorts, but… *zooms in on Jordan’s ‘shoes’*
    Jordan: What are thoooose?
    Tom: *What* *are* those*? I’m not even doing the ‘what are those’. I’m genuinely asking. Are they loafers?
    Jordan: I don’t know what you call them.
    Tom: Loafers. You’re a loaf of bread.
  • Tom searching desperately for Jordan cause he loses sight of him for a second.
  • Tom zooming in way too close on Jordan’s face quite a few times.

3. Conventions in June 2016:

- Tom texted Jordan while drunk asking him to loan his house for a party (2:27):

  • Tom: Hey, if I did ever do it I’d give you buttery nipples all night long.
    Jordan: Mmmmm, oh that’s…
    Tom: In a sexual term.
    Jordan: That’s more tempting.

- He asked Jordan to give him a return kiss and looked really bummed out when Jordan backed out and walked away (6:14):

Excerpt instead of whole video:

  • Tom: sneaks up behind Jordan with his phone recording so Jordan sees the phone right in front of his face before he sees Tom
    Jordan: Oh! Hi!
    Tom: laughs
    Jordan: That was abrupt.
    Tom: Do I get a kiss now? turns his cheek to Jordan You gotta return the favor. taps his cheek
    Jordan: stares at the camera awkwardly
    Tom: Jor… looking dejected
    Person behind camera: Ooh, ooh…
    Jordan: opens mouth as if to say something, still looking really awkward, then closes his mouth and backs right out of the frame and walks away
    Tom: walks forward looking really sad

4. Pokemon GO:

- Highlights from the Pokemon GO adventures that Jordan and Tom had with their friends:


Tom comes back to Los Angeles and Jordan stars in two of his vlogs. In them they both act like boyfriends.

Highlights from the first video (

  • Tom: (sees Mclaren) Oh my gosh Jordan you fucking sexual man!
    Tom: Can I have your baby?
    Jordan: Um if you want…
    Tom: Can I have your baby?
    Jordan: I know a lot of…
    Tom: Dude we’ve already been shipped. We’ve already been shipped!
    Jordan: A lot of people on tumblr would love that.
    Tom: Yeah, can we have babies then? (Jordan: ye, yeah) Can I have your babies (Jordan: yeah) and can this (points at Mclaren) be my, be my present to be your husband? (Jordan grins and nods: yeah)
    Miniladd: Can I be in the background to make weird faces again?
    Tom: God you shit! (I think? I didn’t hear it well)

    (conversation copied from my post on my main blog:

  • They act soft around each other.
  • Jordan grinning when Tom points the camera at him and then laughing in happiness at the grin:
  • Tom has visible hickeys at the end of the video:

Highlights from the second video ( - 9:49, before that he goes iceskating with other people):

Bonus stuff:

- Twitter since December:

‘Get a cleaner side shave and I’d fuck you (no homo)’ -

‘You look like Dwayne Johnson’ -

‘I’d love to skeet with you’ -

‘Will gladly compare dick sizes’ -

‘Thanks bae’ -

‘Date night *smirk*’ -

*kisses pp better* -

pp kissing ship support -

‘Will you be my valentine?’ -

- Tom feeling Jordan’s abs:

- Tom kissing other men (plus being extremely flirty and making gay jokes - not the homophobic kind - throughout the videos):

Also here’s a playlist I made of all the Syndisparklez vlogs:

Plans for Seduction

Reader x Hank McCoy
Warning: Smut. This is pretty much just smut and some cursing.

Summary: Reader attempts to seduce Hank McCoy.

A/n: My second attempt at writing smut. I think it turned out pretty well. This features blue, furry, Beast Hank. Comments are always appreciated.

Originally posted by claracivry


You had some serious doubts about what you were about to do. But you had needs, and right now those needs were taking priority over your better judgment.

So what if you’ve never dated or kissed the man you were currently about to seduce? He was so damn self conscious, that even if he felt attracted towards you, he’d never pursue it. You were tired of admiring him from afar.

You had asked Charles, God knows how many times, to read Hank’s mind to see if he had feelings for you. Of course he always refused, because of the principle of things.

It was always, ‘Y/n, it’s not right to invade his private thoughts like that.’ or ‘I’m sure you’d be rather upset if I read your mind without permission.’

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9S realizes suddenly that he’s crying. He’s not sure when exactly he started, but now the tears are simply pouring down his cheeks, and it doesn’t seem as if they’re going to stop any time soon. He gasps.

What is this? he thinks. What’s happening? This can’t possibly be real. This can’t possibly… He can’t possibly be going through this again. A 2B model acting so tenderly towards him… Was this some new torture those girls in red had devised for him? Or his punishment, for stepping too far out of line? Something in his chest feels so strained, as if it’s going to break in half. He raises both hands and presses them against his eyes.

“Please,” he breathes. “Please don’t do this to me.”

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Requested by anonymous

“Good morning,” Steve greeted you, still tired from sleeping. He leaned down to kiss you, then started towards the door.

“And where are you going?” you asked.

“My morning jog,” Steve replied.

“Are you forgetting something?” you asked.

Steve glanced down at himself and checked his pockets. “Nope, I think I’m good,” he replied, before heading out the door.

You glared after Steve. You couldn’t believe he forgot your anniversary. The two of you picked a memorable date for a reason, exactly a week after Valentine’s Day.

You decided to go up to the roof of the facility, where you could see the full grounds, including the path around the building that Steve used to jog. You shot your powers out to Steve, seeing the bolt of black smoke hit him. The moment it did, Steve slipped and fell. You knew he didn’t get seriously hurt, but you were a little miffed that he forgot.

A few minutes later, Steve came back into the building with dirt on the knees of his jeans. “What happened?” you asked, feigning ignorance.

“A rock slipped under my foot and I lost balance,” Steve said. “I was able to finish my run, though, so it doesn’t hurt too bad.”

“Well, that’s good,” you said.

“I’m going to make breakfast. Want anything?” Steve asked, heading to the kitchen.

“Scrambled eggs?” you asked, sitting at the counter to watch him. Steve gave you a nod, and started making eggs for both you and himself. You knew he liked his eggs sunny-side up with an in-tact yolk to dip his toast in, so you sent another bolt of bad luck at Steve when he wasn’t paying attention, causing him to break the yolk.

“Dang it,” Steve grumbled. He then turned to you. “I am forgetting something, aren’t I?”

“What do you mean?” you asked innocently.

“I know when you’re using your bad luck powers on me,” Steve pointed out.

“What’s the date today?” you asked.

“It’s February- oh,” Steve said, finally realizing. “I’m really sorry. Happy anniversary!” He walked over to kiss the top of your head. “Anything I can do to make it up to you?”

“There’s plenty you could do,” you replied, kissing Steve’s cheek in return. “But a fun anniversary date would be a great place to start.”

“How about we start with a breakfast date at a diner?” Steve suggested. “Since the eggs I was making are burnt now.”