seriously though ignore me


Episode 82 | Deadly Echoes

Bonus Percy and Travis:

Yes, I keep coming back after you ignore me. But do you think I like it ? Do you think my weakness makes me happy ? Do you think I’m proud of my tears ? Do you think I’m okay with what I am ? Oh no, sorry. I forgot. You don’t care.
—  Another heart-broken girl

do you ever get such strong feelings for a pairing that you want to write something about them or draw something or read something about them but then you just don’t have the talent and so then you just get really really frustrated?

yeah. me too.

Can We Talk About The Fact That

In I Do Riley is worried that Shawn marrying Katy will reduce Maya’s Status in her life. Riley is worried she won’t be close enough to Maya relation wise (Does that make sense? Anyway…)

If this isn’t the perfect lead up to them being Girlfriends/Getting Married I don’t know what is. It’ll be such a missed opportunity if they don’t tbh. I mean how do you get closer than Marriage.

Why do some people view sharkbait as unhealthy????? Haru and Rin bring out the best in each other, push each other to their limits, they light a fiery passion in each other, that’s the kind of thing that I’d think you’d WANT in a relationship, right? They obviously care about each other, I mean if they didn’t their eyes wouldn’t sparkle every time they looked at each other, they wouldn’t REACT to the each other Haru wouldn’t have cared that he made Rin cry and would’ve continued swimming competitively, he wouldn’t have been worried about Rin when he wasn’t acting like the Rin that he remembered, Haru wouldn’t have invited him to swim on their team S1EP12 and Rin wouldn’t have worked so hard to rebuild the bridges that he burned, he wouldn’t have apologized for forcing his own feelings onto Haru, wouldn’t have dropped whatever he was doing to take Haru on a trip to Australia so that he could figure out what he wanted to do with his life, with his FUTURE. And what did Haruka decide to do? He decided to go headfirst into the world that Rin was going into, he decided to join him in that word, decided to build his future with Rin how is that an unhealthy relationship???

Seriously though I will never be over “I should say, if you come in, you can never leave.” “That’s alright, I haven’t got much on.” like wtf that’s so fucking sweet that’s something straight out of the start of a rom-com where the two people meet and person A is acting like they’re above all romance and this is just friendly teasing while person B is already staring at them like the stars shine out their every pore honestly what the hell Barratt who let you be that dorky yet that smooth all at once and don’t even try to look shocked Noel you 10000% set him up for that one all that’s changed is now you’re certain he loves you too now just fuckign kiss already and leave my brain alone