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I dated a guy for 8 years before we decided to get married. He dumbed in the alter where I waited for two hours without him or one of the bridesmaid whom he apparently eloped with. We had sex the night before so it shocked me to the core and I only knew what he did because of a snap he took in Las Vegas about it. What would RFA + V + saeran react to that when the have crush one me. Sorry it's too personal but I'm hurt and I don't know how to cope. I know it's full of typos please ignore them.

*cracks neck* A few of these characters may beat up the fictional equivalent of that douchebag for you. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I don’t know if I can properly convey to you the sadness and anger I feel at your story. So I’m just going make sure that our MysMe friends take care of him.

Also, I make an exception about pronouns for you. It’s all you/yours for this HC.

I’m actually surprised this one flowed out so naturally… enjoy!


  • When he hears what happened, he’s like a deer in the headlights
  • How is supposed to respond to that?!
  • You’re crying, and it breaks his heart to see you cry, but he’s also angry that that douchebag hurt you so badly
  • And underneath it all, even though he tries to squash the evil little voice, a part of him is singing “Ode to Joy” because you’re now single
  • But not ready to mingle, so he keeps his distance in that way
  • He’s there for you, holds you, does his best to cheer you up


  • if she ever sees him again, she’s going to Judo kick him so hard in the head, his skull will fracture
  • When she finds out, she gets you out of the church as fast as possible, helps you change, and takes you somewhere safe from prying eyes, private, and takes your phone away
  • She calls the RFA (still at the wedding) tells them what happened, and asks everyone to clear out the guests
  • Zen’s so angry on your behalf that you even hear him yelling through the phone, swearing up and down that if he ever gets his hands on DB, he will kill him
  • She will bring you anything you need, tea, coffee, pastries, ice cream
  • Jaehee has warm blankets (fresh from the dryer), dvds, and time, so she stays with you until you need time and space, then leaves, and comes back when you call
  • You need to work your way through this? She understands if you need to take a quick cry break in the back
  • seriously, though, if she ever sees him again, she will probably Judo kick him into the sun


  • He.
  • Is.
  • Ready.
  • To.
  • Kill.
  • Zen’s never exactly been shy about flirting or expressing his feelings for you, even if it was one-sided, not taken seriously, and he never intended to seduce you away from your beau
  • But Zen is a hopeless romantic, so someone spitting on the name of love like that, regardless of you, pisses him off
  • He doesn’t play around with women’s emotions (not on purpose, anyways)
  • When he hears the two of you even had sex the night before, he’s so angry he wants to hit everything
  • But he’s here for you, and so he drags you out of the church, takes you either to a bar or his apartment (that way you don’t have to look at the place you shared with him and be reminded)
  • Zen ignores the looks two get while riding his motorcycle
  • Once your safely hidden away in his apartment, he isn’t afraid to hold you, give you anything he has- 
  • -in his fridge! That’s totally… what… um… h-he meant…
  • He has a ton of beer, and is more than willing to knock a few back with you and play games or watch TV
  • In the end, you play drinking games and watch bad TV
  • Years and years later, your in a happy relationship, married to Zen, you’re walking down street and see the guy the left you at the altar, and Zen bull rushes him and throws a few punches
  • Dude holds a grudge


  • We all know Jumin Han and how quick he is to jump into relationships
  • He wanted a relationship with before he found out you were engaged, and was only okay with letting you go because you seemed happy
  • So, with everyone waiting in the pews at the church for over an hour, he knows something is wrong and goes looking for you
  • When he finds you crying, he asks what’s wrong, and you show him the snap of DB in Vegas, eloping, he’s furious
  • Jumin immediately tells you deserve so much better, and if you’d like, he’d be more than willing to step in as the groom for this wedding
  • If you say no, he will accept your answer, but will be there, supporting you and hoping someday you’ll say yes to a spontaneous marriage proposal
  • However, if you say yes, he walks you out there, head held high, heart soaring, a small smile on his face
  • No matter what you say, he’ll probably send a security team after him to beat him up


  • Will do anything and everything to make you smile after hearing that terrible news
  • Saeyoung will try to distract you, protect you from prying wedding guests, and hack your now ex’s life simultaneously
  • He’ll even drag Saeran into the fun! or just hand off the hacking so that he can focus on distracting you more
  • Saeyoung will try his best to protect you from the pain
  • He hacks DB’s social medias and edits  any picture of him so he has devil horns, a tail, and a hitler ‘stache
  • So when you inevitably check, possibly out of habit, you see a small part of what he did
  • Also, btw, Saeyoung hacked int DB’s credit scores, managed to drop the whole thing to zero and lock it there, and he also got the IRS to look into him, just to fuck with him 😈


  • When he hears what happened, he just asks what you want to do now
  • Is there anything he can do for you? To help you?
  • If you say, “Take me home” he will escort you home
  • If you say, “hold me” he will hold you and hopes never to let go
  • He take care of you anyway you ask him to
  • The only time V says no, is when you ask for something that’s bad for you (like your phone, because you keep staring at that picture of DB in Vegas for some reason, like you can’t believe your eyes)
  • V is just very compassionate and giving, and eventually helps you through things, even if it’s only piece by piece
  • might ask Jumin to get a security team to track down DB and do something about him


  • Oh, this guy is so dead
  • He took a snap chat? Well, guess what, Saeran is a hacker and can not only trace his location, but fuck with everything around him
  • This DB is going to pay for making you cry
  • Saeran takes all the guys money, uses it on things for you to make you feel better afterwards
  • Seriously, on DB’s dime, Saeran arranges an entire day at a nice, fancy spa with a massage, a facial, mani-pedi, haircut, the works, all for you
  • Of course he doesn’t tell you any of this because you wouldn’t approve
  • He also pays a few guys off (again, on DB’s time) to go “rough up” DB
  • He watches the whole thing from a distance, recording it all with his phone
Dead Girl Walkin’.

A/n: Yay! My first marvel fic, and of course it’s Frank, who else would it be? (Maybe Bucky….or Sam..) Points aside, I’m glad he’s the one to kick off this blog. Also big shoutout to @murdochinthetardis For beta-ing some of this. Anyway, Reqs are open, send in ask, blah blah blah.

Summary: (Set pre-season 2) After you get caught trying to do the unthinkable you get a thirty hour ticking time bomb of a punishment, and, yeah, It’s a miracle you’re not dead, truly, but come on.Thirty hours?That’s not enough time to do anything, well…maybe go see Frank. There’s time for that. Or, the one where the reader seeks a friend at the end of the world.

Word Count: 4.9K

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader.

Rating: E (for explicit, not everyone.)

Warnings: Violence, blood, Cursing, Frank is his own warning, Smut, I’m talking the freaky deaky. It’s rough, and Frank, bless his heart, is a dominant man if there ever was one. But also fluff, because he’s a sweetheart. Pining, God, you two are a mess of it I swear.

Author: Jada.



It was an absolute fact that you weren’t gonna die a peaceful death. Yeah no, you were gonna go out one of two different ways. One, a Bruce Willis, Die Hard type thing with

at least

two explosions. Or two, someone else is gonna punch your card for you. Full stop. Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars, that’s it.

Frank threw a guess in once. Said you’d probably go out saving a bunch’a kids from a burning building or something, because you’re a soft ass like that, Sunshine, that’s why. He was three stitches deep on his right arm, and shooting you looks from his side of the couch. Ain’t that right, Sunshine?

Nope. Nuh-uh, not even close. You get a grand total of thirty hours, all Courtesy of Mr. Kingpin himself. Fisk. What kind of name is Fisk anyway? It sounds too much like Fist, or fish, either way it’s awkward. You’re just being pissy, because you got caught, and Fisk is rubbing it in your face.

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Captured- an Elorcan fic

AN: I apologise for what I am about to do…

They were back. Finally. Lorcan got to his feet as they staggered in the door, watching each person carefully. Nesryn came first, bloodied and bruised. She was followed closely by Aedion and Manon in similar states, holding an unconscious Dorian between them. Lorcan glanced behind them, but no one else came through.
“Where is she?”
Manon and Aedion lowered Dorian to the mattress.
“I’ll go get Yrene,” Aedion muttered, quickly exiting. Manon bent over Dorian, not meeting Lorcan’s eyes. Dread pooled in his gut.
“Where. Is. She?” The growl in his voice echoing in the small space. Manon shook her head and quickly glanced at him before turning back to Dorian, the guilt in her eyes telling him everything before she even spoke. His heart dropped and he couldn’t breathe.

“She’s not dead.” Manon quickly clarified, “but she…”
“She sacrificed herself to give us our best chance.” Nesryn interrupted.
Lorcan growled and bared his teeth at the woman. To her credit, she did not back away or flinch, just looked up at him with that steely gaze of hers.
“You left her with Vernon?!?” he snapped.
She dipped her gaze. Affirmative. Lorcan stormed out of the tent without another word.

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my first request here, tell me if I'm doing something wrong. A headcanon where MC has a deadbeat parent whom they still love because lol she's too pure and kind for this world and the rfa+v+saeran see how excited MC is when she tells them her parent is coming to visit them. but it turns out that they only wanted to see her to ask for some money. MC gets really heart-broken after the short visit. Thanks! :)

how about a short little scenario instead?? :D:D:D i hope this is alright~

Eyeing the empty wallet lying lifelessly across the coupon covered desk, she sighed in frustration, fists tightening around her blanket. How was she going to pay the bills this time? Maybe moving away from her parents wasn’t that much of a good idea after all… though, at the time, it did seem like the only option that could improve their financial situation. How many years has it been since she’d seen them? Two? Three? No, probably riding closer to 5 years actually. After she left, they didn’t contact her no matter how many times she tried. Never replying messages, calls… they weren’t even home when she tried to visit. She loved her parents a lot - even more than she loved herself, and it hurt her to know that they were avoiding her. Was she that much of a hindrance?

The cool breeze of the night flowed through her open window, temporarily relieving the stuffiness of her apartment bedroom. Mom, dad, when will I ever get to see you again? I miss you two so much… A tear slipped out of the corner of her eyes as her heart ached with loneliness. The next morning was routinely, at least, until she got text from an unknown number reading a short, simple message:

[Your father and I would like to see you today, when and where can we meet?]

She almost dropped her phone. She couldn’t believe it because after so many years she was finally going to see her parents. Tears of joy sprung to her eyes as she held back her squeal of excitement. This was the best birthday gift she could ever ask for.

Letting the RFA know was even better - they told her that they’d take care of everything as their gift to her. From the dinner reservations to her outfit to even being able to leave work early for this long awaited rendezvous… they were seriously the best people MC had ever met, and she swore that she would repay them big time by making the next party 100 times better than the last.


“Mom, Dad!” MC was too excited to see the nervousness spread across her parents faces as she invited them to take a seat. “How have you two been? I’ve missed the both of you so much! I’ll tell you everything- ah, wait, no, let’s order first, you must be starving. Don’t hold back, I just got my paycheck so-”

“MC… I’m sorry, but we need to leave soon.” her mom tightened her grip around MC’s wrist, “We… all we’re here for today is… well, you see-”

“That’s enough. I’ll say it if you can’t. Look, we just need some money, so hand it over before those guys chase us down.” her dad gestured towards the restaurant door. Two gruff looking men flipped off the security guard for not allowing them in, swearing to return. MC’s stomach dropped as her father’s words seeped deep into her mind. 

So that was all they wanted. They didn’t want to see her at all. They just… they just wanted money.

The pit in her stomach grew larger, threatening to swallow her up, but she held it back and forced a smile. She looked into her mother’s troubled eyes, realizing that they wouldn’t have contacted her if they didn’t have a choice. If they weren’t desperate, she wouldn’t have gotten to see their face - not in five years, not in forever. Maybe she should be thankful, but in that moment, the pain in her heart drowned any and every reasoning she had to make herself feel better.

“Okay. I understand.” She reached into her wallet and pulled out the cash she earned from this month’s hard work. Without a minute’s hesitation, her parents dashed out of the restaurant upon receiving whatever sum of money MC had handed to them. Perhaps never to return.


She asked for the check and payed the bill for the opened wine with her credit card even though she feared that it would be rejected. In a way, she felt like she was betraying the RFA, wasting all their efforts for tonight’s dinner. But they’d understand, right? That she had no choice but to save her parents, that she would have no choice but to return the dress Zen bought for her just so that she’d have enough to pay back for the wine. Of course, she hadn’t even thought of explaining how much she hurt and needed to cry and it didn’t make it any better when she found all of them at her apartment with smiles beaming on their faces, waiting to hear her gush about the night.

But it was easy to see through her, the way her hand clenched over her heart as if letting go would trigger it to fall apart let the cat out of the bag faster than she had intended to.

“MC, what’s wrong?” Zen stood up, approaching her with a puzzled look.

“M- My parents… they only came to see me because they needed money. I didn’t even get to eat with them. I’m horrible. I wasted everything you guys did for me-” her heart felt like it was about to break if she went on. Oh, how she didn’t deserve to have their care and love - it was all that floated around in her mind.

Without another word, Zen pulled her in for a hug, soothing her hiccups with light pats on the back. Jaehee and Saeran left to get MC a cup of water, it hit way too close to home for them to listen any further without bursting out in anger.

“It’s okay MC, we got your back remember?” Yoosung cautiously looked at MC through her tear filled eyes, offering a small smile of comfort.

“Yes, and if it’s about money, I can solve the problem.” Jumin added this in a rather emotionless tone, but he meant it. He’d do anything to see MC happy.

“And I’ll make sure those loan sharks never hurt your parents! I’m 707 Defender of-” he stopped short when he felt a someone squeezing his shoulder.

“Don’t worry MC, we’ll fix this. We’re the RFA after all.” V’s soothing voice allowed MC to calm down. As Zen wiped the tears from her face when he released his embrace, he allowed her to see all of them and their supportive smiles. Her parents were important, but she had failed to realize that these seven people wanted nothing more than to see her smile, happy and healthy. They asked of nothing in return because they loved her for her.

A cheeky smile from MC would work like magic. In an instant, the looks on their faces could change into something brighter than the sun because…

“That’s what family’s for, right?”

who said the last thing? you can decide <3

~Cherry L.

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Dean/Cas: Bright Star

Professor!Cas AU inspired by this post. 1.7K.

“Dr. Novak?” Dean calls quietly as he opens the office door. It’d normally be rude to walk in like this but he figures it’s an exception with Castiel.

The room is darkened save for the sunlight streaming in through the wrap-around window, and from the desk pushed up against the wall comes a low, warm voice. “Good afternoon, Dean.”

God, that voice. Dean blushes a little, then stammers, “Hey, thank you again for, um- For letting me make this up.”

“You’re welcome,” Castiel replies, and oh, so that’s what people meant when they said a smile could light up a room.

Okay, so maybe Dean’s got a crush but honestly, who wouldn’t after meeting the guy? With the gravel-rough voice and five o’clock shadow and nerdy ties that are always on backwards. He’s somehow hot and endearing all at once and Dean is basically a walking cliché.

To be fair, there were times when Dean felt like they could’ve been more in a parallel universe - one where they’re classmates, or childhood friends, or total strangers who meet on the street. Dean would have been infatuated either way and had something realistic to pin his hopes on.

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Interruptions by a Clown

So this is terrible but I like it.

Here is the summary~~

Jon and Damian have been happily dating for a couple months now.

There is only one problem.

The fucking Joker

Tagging @fishfingersandjellybabies cause I’ve tagged her in the other two and I think she might want to know what’s in store for our two dorks next.


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Blow On Me.

Drabble Challenge - Prompt 85 - “I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor” Filled for @zimdan19  

Thank you for the prompt, I tried to do caring Harvey for you, but it went a little more toward the dark side.  I hope you like it. :) 

“Mike, where the hell are you?  It’s 8 am,” Harvey lectured, not even bothering with greetings.

“Mm sick,” Mike drawled into the phone, sounding pitiful.

‘Well, I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor’, Harvey hears Rachel scold before she says her goodbyes.

“You better not be faking!” Harvey grumbled, starting to think of the enormous stack of work he left on Mike’s desk last night.

“Mm not, I had a fever last night, and my body was all achy, and now there are these weird spots on my chest,” Mike explained, yawning and snuggling back down under the duvet.

“Spots?” Harvey sputtered alarmed, “Mike have you ever had the chicken pox before?”

“Nope, why?”

“Put Rachel on the phone right now!” Harvey demanded.

There was some shuffling, and a muffled yell: “RACH, you still here?” More rustling and a moment later Rachel’s terse voice in his ears.

“Harvey, I don’t have time for this, I have a test this morning, and I’m already running 5 minutes late,” she ranted.

If Harvey’s wasn’t so worried about Mike, he might have pulled her up on her attitude and given her the watch yourself speech, but time was of the essence.

“You need to drive him to the Doctor, adult chicken pox can be deadly in some people,” Harvey insisted, now on his feet pacing his office, uncharacteristically unsettled.

“I can’t,” she spat, “I have to take this test today!”

Harvey hung up on her, grabbed his coat and told Donna he would be gone all day.


Harvey lectured Mike the whole car ride to the doctor about how chicken pox can cause pneumonia, encephalitis, and even infertility in some cases.  Mike tried to take his mother hen act seriously, but even Ray was rolling his eyes from the driver’s seat.


“Good thing you came in as soon as you did,” Doctor Lackett confirmed, “Because of that we can give you an anti-viral drug that should limit the severity and length of your illness.”

Harvey was smirking at Mike, so Mike did the biggest and most impressive eye roll he could muster.

“Antiviral meds three times a day, you can take an antihistamine tablet at night and Panadol if you need it,” he advised, turning to address Harvey,” Keep him hydrated, and you might want to dab some calamine lotion on his spots to stop the scratching.”  The doctor apparently concluding that he is Mike’s significant other.

Even in his misery, Mike didn’t hesitate to confirm that, “Yes honey, that would be amazing.”  Then sat back and watched as Harvey’s cheeks turn a dark shade of pink.

Harvey pushed to his feet, “Come on then, pumpkin, let’s get you home.”

Mike grinned at him and held out his hand.  That little asshole, Harvey thought affectionately as he grabbed the outstretched hand and pulled Mike out the door.

Harvey liked the feel of Mike’s hand in his, and for Mike’s part, he didn’t hold on loosely, his grip was firm and self-assured.   Mike’s hand remained in his until they entered the car, Ray flicking Harvey a knowing look.  Harvey directed Ray to drop them back at his condo, silencing Mike’s obvious half-hearted objections.


Mike looked at home in Harvey’s condo, he grabbed a glass of water and took his medication.  Moving to the living room he selected a Steven Segal movie from Harvey’s DVD collection, and flopped down on the floor, propped up against the sofa.  

Harvey changed into his sweats and joined him, instead choosing to stretch out along the sofa, his hand resting comfortingly on Mike’s shoulder and now and then pressing against Mike’s forehead to check his temperature.

As the credits rolled, Harvey noticed Mike was rubbing his back against the sofa.

“Getting itchy?” Harvey remarked.

“Yeah, I know I’m not supposed to scratch, but it’s so goddamn itchy!”  Mike grizzled, upping the ante and rubbing harder, letting out a sigh of pleasure at the relief it was bringing him.

Harvey couldn’t listen to Mike groaning like that for a minute longer.  “I’ve got some calamine lotion in the bathroom,” he recalled, dismissing himself.

In the time it took Harvey to grab to lotion and calm the hell down, Mike had taken off his tee-shirt and was looking expectantly up at him as he arrived back in the lounge area.  There were angry looking, red blotches covering his back and chest now.

“I’m not going to give this to you am I?” Mike asked, concerned.

“No, once you’ve had them you’re immune, and I had chicken pox when I was six,” Harvey reassured as he sat down behind Mike on the couch.  “Lean forward, and I’ll do your back.”

Mike bent forward and Harvey slid a hand gently from his shoulder blade, down his flank, there was no reason for the action, Harvey needed both hands to apply the lotion.  Mike sighed and leant into it, silently admitting to himself that it felt amazing and for those brief seconds that Harvey was touching him, he felt nothing else.

Using a cotton ball, Harvey pressed the lotion onto each spot in thick blobs that wouldn’t dry right away; he was quick and methodical, all the while Mike was sighing and arching like a cat underneath his hands.

Harvey filled his lungs to the brink and then started blowing air over the wet lotion, know the cooling sensation would feel magical.

“Ohhhhh, Oh God that’s good,” Mike moaned unabashedly. He sounded like the star in every porn, ever made.  “Do it again, Harvey,” he begged, head flopping back between Harvey’s legs, staring up at him with pleading eyes.  “Please blow on me?” He asked innocently and then grinned when he realised exactly how that sounded.

Harvey looked down and met his gaze with a smirk.  Mike was urging him to blow on him, not blow him but his thoughts had already deviated to the idea of having Mike in his mouth and even though it was a long shot, he was hoping Mike had missed him harden in his briefs, right next to Mike’s head, at the thought.

“Mike,” Harvey muttered breathlessly.

He watched Mike’s bright blue eyes morph into dark pools of lust, his tongue darting out to lick his lips as he started back up at him.

“Harvey,” Mike whispered.

Authors Note:  The end is ambiguous on purpose, I’d like to think that Harvey would put the brakes on because Mike isn’t single, but I also like the idea of bow chicka wow wow.  Also, I’m pretty sure there are a few unlucky people that do get chicken pox more than once.  This is drabble number 4/8, you can find the rest here - Millie’s Mini Marvey Musing’s.  Thanks for reading and supporting me.

soft lizzington headcanons
  • drinking coffee and doing the sunday crossword in their pajamas as they share a grapefruit and wait for agnes to wake up
  • red making an old family cocoa recipe only for lizzy to ruin it by dropping a candy cane in it and then laughing at his disgust
  • red letting agnes paint his nails and shooting the next criminal who makes fun of it in the foot  
  • spooning.  most nights, red is the little spoon because he likes the security of having elizabeth “octopus” keen hanging all over him, but every now and then, lizzy is feeling insecure and asks to be the little spoon and red can deny her nothing  
  • saying ‘i love you’ in different languages (and teaching the phrases to agnes)
  • picnics in the park or in the mountains or off hiking trails
  • massages. red gives the best foot massage liz has ever had and she always sneakily finds a way for him to give her one. (like, coming home and sighing as she takes off her shoes just loud enough that he can hear it.  and then sitting at the kitchen table and propping her foot in his lap.  wiggling her toes when he ignores her at first and then poking him with her toes until he grabs them and tickles her.  only then will he rub her feet.)
  • red makes these elaborate dinners for lizzy until she’s finally like “please can we just get take out like i cannot handle any more five course meals i just want noodles lol”
  • red tucking a blanket around liz on the plane cause he knows plane air makes her cold
  • he also keeps bottles of lotion cause he knows the air makes her skin dry
  • trips to the farmers markets in the summer to get fresh peaches
  • red keeping bananas on the kitchen counter at all times because he loves to watch lizzy eat them the dirty old pervert
  • liz installing hooks by the doors of every safe house for reds hats
  • making sugar cookies once a month and letting agnes decorate some and taking them to the post office (aram loves them and samar thinks they’re endearing and harold always compliments the ones that agnes decorates and ressler never says anything but he eats like three times as many as anyone else cause he has a terrible sweet tooth)
  • red and agnes doing puzzles lol
  • red just like touches lizzy all the time like he cannot keep his hands to himself. it’s not like hugs and stuff but he’ll rest his hands on her shoulders and like hold her hands. when they’re on the couch he encourages her to put her legs on his lap so he can hold them. she always takes advantage by angling for a foot massage
  • liz isn’t totally into all the touching but will straight up hold his hand when prompted. and she’s like proud of it too.  he initiates but when he tries to let go she’s like “nah we’re in this now handholding or bust” and he just goes with it.
  • they share a body wash lol. liz starts out with her normal body wash but runs out and just uses reds instead. he’s totally into the fact that she smells like him that he buys bottles in bulk and is just like “we have so much lizzy why do you need to buy more” and she’s just like “fine whatever” but she totally loves it
  • she steals his button downs all. the. time. he wants to be mad because certain shirts look best with certain suits and it never fails that she’s lounging around the house with the one he needs but every time he’s like “i need that shirt” she’s like “well come and get it then” and then neither of them can wear it cause it’s suddenly missing buttons
  • red buys her things like all the time. books he thinks she’d like and clothes he knows she would look good in and albums from artists he hears in little clubs he frequents all over the world and too expensive jewelry that she always scoffs over but he catches her looking at the pearl earrings he brought back from greece and she has this tiny smile on her face
  • red loves to play with liz’s hair and she’s fallen asleep more than once to him running his fingers through it
  • red’s even worse though cause he just about purrs when she scratches at the short cut of his own hair

anonymous asked:

this may sound random but I'm just really curious... RFA finding out MC used to be in a gang

(my friend buddy pal you have NO idea like omg this is my FAVOURITE SCENARIO EVER literally I COULD WRITE A 10K fanfic about this bc I love Gang!MC So. MUCH!)


  • MC never really considered telling him
  • sure, it was part of what MC had been in the past-
  • but damn
  • Yoosung is just, so pure and nice
  • maybe he’d feel put off by that?
  • it just seems like he has this image of MC
  • where he sees them as an innocent and precious being who came from the heavens to help
  • and something tells MC that being part of a gang isn’t something he’d ever fathom
  • they know that if Seven didn’t reveal it when he had the chance, it means they’re being given a chance but still
  • eventually, as their life advances, MC just forgets they never told Yoosung?
  • they’d been having such a normal relationship they just forgot?
  • and they probably wouldn’t have ever told him
  • until one day, MC and Yoosung are at the mall
  • there’s a creepy person trailing behind them, and MC suggests they leave
  • the creep follows them out the mall and MC acts on reflex when they see the creep’s hand reaching for Yoosung’s shoulder
  • Yoosung is in shock
  • MC just aprehended this person and is holding- a knife? MC flipped the creep over and is holding a knife to their throat?
  • MC had just followed their instincts and did to the man what they’d do back then when someone from a rival gang tried to attack
  • suddenly MC realizes they’re doing this in front of Yoosung
  • let go of the man, throw the knife elsewhere, take Yoosung’s hand and run
  • “Woah… Where did that come from, MC?”
  • MC bites their lip, but hey, what’s even the point of hiding it anymore?
  • “… Well, I was in a gang when I was younger. It was, er, just something I remembered from back then.”
  • Yoosung is… Well, he’s shocked
  • “Are you still there?”
  • “No, I left when I joined the RFA. Figured we had enough of a dangerous person with 707.”
  • MC is not in danger, so he’s really not angry or anything
  • Mostly surprised, and as long as MC promises to stay out of dangerous stuff like that, he’s seriously not worried


  • MC could see Jaehee not trusting them in the first days
  • I mean, she had her reasons not to, but it still felt a bit fishy to MC
  • for all Jaehee knew they were a normal person right??
  • but then MC realizes
  • that’s exactly why Jaehee doesn’t trust them
  • because they could be anyone
  • So, MC decides to just drop their personal information (besides, that hacker dude probably already has their info, no?)
  • When Jaehee connects, MC just drops a huge list
  • Full name, birth date, birth place, gender, family, education, past jobs, hobbies, height, etc.
  • Just thing after thing
  • “MC? Why are you telling me this?”
  • But MC is not done
  • “also to top it off I was in a gang. Not in it anymore, so please don’t worry. I’m not doing anything that could damage the RFA now”
  • Jaehee just assumes gang as in, y’know, some teens drinking liquor behind 7/11 and driving underage, egging houses and stuff
  • “… I’ll add all this to your file. Thank you, I suppose?”
  • from there on though, Jaehee does seem to trust MC more- I mean all the lowkey flirting in the chatroom probably happens due to MC’s blatant honesty the first day
  • In the party, Jaehee mentions how surprised they were to see MC was in a gang
  • “You didn’t seem like that kind of teenager to me, to join a gang and all. It’s amazing how time can change a person, right MC?.”
  • Teenager?
  • “Actually, I was in that gang up until I joined the RFA, and then I left.”
  • what
  • Jaehee realizes that was no small fry gang when MC explains a bit more
  • “Yeah… I guess it wasn’t the healthiest group, and all. I- I didn’t do anything too illegal, and my criminal record is clean though. I didn’t get caught doing anything and now I never will, so don’t worry Jaehee.”
  • um
  • she worries for like, half a week and then calms down because if MC smuggled weapons and now invites people to parties maybe they’re safe now


  • did someone mention Zen was in a motorcycle gang??
  • MC reads that and they’re pleasantly surprised
  • “ahaha wow same I used to be in a gang too!”
  • Zen also finds this amusing and starts telling his experiences in the gang
  • “Yeah the only parts that sucked was when your leader was mid-deal with another gang and you were guarding, and the police showed up so you had to run from them making sure they didn’t shoot ur boss ;;”
  • Zen is. Sure this is not what they did at his old gang
  • running away from police??
  • sure but they did that to avoid being given tickets for speeding and stuff
  • “what do you mean avoiding your boss being shot?!”
  • MC realizes hey maybe your gang was nearly a mafia and not everybody has that kinda experience
  • “oooooh wait nvm forget that”
  • Zen never really forgets
  • but MC never brings it up again so???
  • he’s just a bit scared MC would get into shady businesses again
  • luckily, MC can tell he’s worried when they meet him
  • If I did that, I’d make you look bad no? I don’t want to harm you, Zen. I’m out of that, mkay?”
  • reassuring words work miracles for him
  • so now when he’s telling his old gang stories MC always one-ups them with their actually dangerous real deal gang stories


  • being in a gang was… Well, not something MC was ashamed of
  • it did shape them a bit as a person
  • but also not something MC wanted to bring out about themselves
  • and since nobody ever asked they never said anything
  • still, after the party and once they’re in a secure relationship with Jumin, they’re still on that “ask no questions receive no answers” mindset
  • on a miscellaneous day MC is walking down the streets with Jumin- probably after MC insisted on walking around after a long day 
  • suddenly, out of an alley a suspicious looking individual comes towards MC
  • it’s a woman, dressed in short ripped shorts, wearing a fishnet shirt with a black bandeau underneath, a handkerchief covering her mouth, many strange tattoos, and a knife in her belt
  • Jumin’s bodyguards start getting ready to act up
  • Jumin slowly wraps his arm around MC in case the woman tries to do anything funny
  • but MC just slips out of his grasp
  • and walks towards the woman with a large smile??
  • “Boss! It’s been a long time!”
  • the woman smiles and bumps fists with MC
  • “MC! Darn, how have ya been? I was scared somethin’ had caught ya, dropping out so suddenly!”
  • Jumin is, with good reason, confused
  • MC talks a bit with this boss woman, asking things like “how was everything running without them”, “if any new members had joined”, and “if the police had stopped trying to track down the hideout”
  • eventually they say goodbye and MC returns to Jumin’s side
  • “MC… Who was that…?”
  • “Oh, the boss of a gang I used to be in.”
  • back at home, Jumin tries to ask more
  • MC replies truthfully to his questions because what’s the point in hiding it??
  • Jumin is a bit surprised MC would ever join such dangerous people
  • also, he increases the amount of bodyguards for MC because what if an old rival gang attacked them?? 


  • he knew it was a bit more intrusive than he should be, but he needed to make a background check on MC
  • he enters their old chatting app acount and find some rather interesting chat logs
  • messages such as
    • “can’t hang out today, the boss has a deal w another gang and I  have to help out”
    • “can you believe I get to teach newbies how to shoot this is amazing maybe I’ll be the next boss!”
    • “be careful, the police are searching for our hideout and they’ve been lurking near. wear something that covers ur face and don’t bring guns today because if they catch you with those u r in trouble”
  • clearly not just, normal standard texting with friends
  • he can figure out pretty easily what they mean
  • he decides to bring it up on a call out of sheer curiosity
  • “MC, what did you do before the RFA?”
  • “I used to be in a little gang thing back then, also a couple odd jobs…”
  • he insists on knowing the gang name
  • and when MC tells him, he quickly makes his research
  • ok maybe not that bad but the gang is not rainbows and sunshine
  • he’s actually worried MC left the gang and now they hold grudges to them?
  • leaving organised crime organisations is never easy
  • still, MC insists it was just a small little side thing
  • Seven knows it was much more than that but he can tell MC doesn’t want to creep the others out
  • when he comes over to Rika’s apartment to fix the whole fiasco with the hacker thing, he actually scares MC
  • they didn’t expect him to get there so fast
  • he’s shocked bc when MC senses danger their hands move on their own
  • where a gun holster would usually be
  • MC admits that they’d been pretty used to having their gun handy-dandy 
  • also when he starts with all that “stay away from me I’m dangerous” MC is like
  • boi
  • “listen up if it weren’t for the gang’s shady contacts I can assure my criminal record would be the worst and I’d probably be in jail so don’t even try to tell me that”
  • eventually he’s like… chill?
  • like it’s in the past sure ok maybe MC was in a gang but he’s a dangerous hacker so who is he to speak

My Girls | Stiles Stilinski Imagine

request : hi! can you do an imagine where Y/N finds out she is pregnant with Stiles’ baby but they are best friends (not dating) and she has to tell him but is afraid and Stiles freaks out and idk make something beautiful of it. ❤️ thank you xx

a/n : and the award for going overboard with requests goes to… me. ofc. note; the reader and stiles are a little older in this, and allison is alive bc her being alive and happy gives me joy. 

One of your hands kept a firm grip on your cell phone, the other holding your positive pregnancy test. You placed the phone on top of the counter, turning on the speaker option. Allison’s voice rang out over the phone, concerned. “Well? What does it say, Y/N?” You knew Lydia, Kira, and Malia were all crowded around the phone, listening anxiously to your answer, which you sighed out in defeated. 

“It’s positive.” There was silence on both ends, ruptured by Lydia’s sharp intake of breath. “I’m pregnant,” you repeated, more to yourself than to the girls. You could hear them whispering on the other end, telling each other to be quiet in not so hushed voices. You grabbed your phone off the counter, slumping down to the floor and holding your head in your hands. “I have to tell him, don’t I?” 

“Well… yes,” said Kira hesitantly, causing you to groan into your hands. “He won’t take it bad, will he? Stiles isn’t like that. I’m sure everything will be fine,” she reassured you, always the optimist. Then came Malia, voicing your innermost thoughts in her blunt manner as per usual. 

“Or he could flip out and run away screaming.” You heard someone groan loudly, probably Lydia, and then Allison took the phone away from all of three them. “Malia is just joking, Y/N. Everything is going to be perfectly fine. And even if things don’t go exactly as you hope, we’re here for you. Always.” 

“What would I do without you girls?” You wondered, pinching the bridge of your nose. “Probably explode,” you told her, earning a laugh on the other end. “Stiles is coming over in a little while, anyway. We were going to hang out. I guess I have to change the plans now, right?” You laughed nervously. 

“It’ll be fine, Y/N,” Allison repeated, and you knew she was smiling comfortingly like she always did even though you couldn’t see her. “Good luck, love you.”

“Love you, too.” You opened the bathroom door after hanging up, pulling your hair up into a ponytail and beginning to freshen up. You did your best to pull off the look that said, ‘No, I wasn’t just flipping the fuck out an hour ago, what are you talking about?’ You washed your face, took deep breaths. 

There was still no way to calm you down. You were pregnant. You were nineteen, you were pregnant with your best friend’s baby, and you had absolutely no idea how he was going to react because he was unpredictable and crazy relatively all of the time. There was a part of you that knew he wouldn’t totally abandon you… but there was another part of you that disagreed. Stiles was almost twenty, you both had your whole life ahead of you, this could ruin everything. You absentmindedly rubbed your hand along your stomach. You didn’t want to give up your baby. 

You heard the sound of keys jingling in the doorway to your apartment. Stiles had his own key, and used it frequently. “Y/N? You didn’t ditch me did ya?” He called, smiling broadly when you walked out of your bedroom. You forced your own smile, hugging him hesitantly. He pulled away slowly, his face scrunched. “What’s wrong? You feeling okay?” His hand still cupping your face, he leaned in unwittingly, examining your expression for any sign of illness. “Are you sick?” 

“No, no, not really,” you replied uneasily, taking his hand in yours and leading him to the couch. He looked thoroughly confused and somewhat alarmed, which was pretty understandable. “I-I just need to, um, you know… tell you something. About me. And you… if you want, of course, I mean… I can’t force you to do anything but you know, um, i-it’s not a big deal. I mean, it is… but, I don’t know-” He gently covered your mouth with his hand, amusement in his eyes. 

“You can tell me anything,” said Stiles. “Is… is it about what happened at Lydia’s party? Listen, it doesn’t have to mean anything… we were drunk, ya know? Really, really drunk. Things happened, but we don’t have to discuss it further. Unless you want to.” 

“I know, but… it did mean something. I didn’t mean for it to mean something, but then other things happened, and now there’s this whole thing…” you trailed off, sighing. He waited patiently, smiling encouragingly at you. “Um… Stiles, I’m, um, I’m pregnant.” 


More silence.

He stood up from the couch, dropping your hand abruptly. He took a step back,  his lips parted slightly. He couldn’t breathe for a second. You were pregnant. Pregnant. With his child. Oh god oh god oh god he couldn’t breathe at all. His throat felt as if it were closing, and it took you a moment to realize what was happening. You pulled him back onto the couch, hands on his face as he continued breathing heavily, brown eyes wide and fearful, his heart pounding in his chest. He was freaking out. You stroked his face soothingly, cooing in a soft whisper. “Hey, hey, Stiles look at me. Look at me, Stiles.” He did. You had never seen him so nervous; at least, for a reason having to do with actual human problems. His breathing slowed slightly, but he still couldn’t talk. “It doesn’t have to mean anything, okay? You- you don’t have to take care of the baby. I understand, all right? I understand if you don’t want the baby… but I do. I’ll raise the baby by myself if I have to, I just thought you had a right to know.” 

He swallowed thickly, his hands shaking still as he answered you. “What are you talking about? Of course I’m going to help you take care of them. It’s just… you know, you’re pregnant. It freaked me out. It’s scary. You know? We’re like, adults, that are going to have a baby.” You laughed shakily, nodding before taking your hands off his face. A small frown appeared on his face at that, but it was gone as quickly as it had come. 

“Yeah, yeah I know. It’s scary. Nerve wracking. But… kind of exciting?” He nodded eagerly as well, smiling. 

“And hey, listen, I’m going to be with you. For everything. We don’t have to pretend to be a couple or anything, not if we don’t feel that way about each other, but I’m still going to be with you. Always. Got it?” 

You sighed in relief, glad you didn’t have to go through this alone. You wrapped your arms around him, your head on his shoulder as he lightly squeezed your waist. He placed a gentle kiss to your temple. “Got it.” 

Two Years Later. 

Your daughter sat on the floor, cheerfully playing with the rose petals that sat in the small white wicker basket. She threw them up in the air, giggling loudly when they fluttered all around her tiny body. You crouched down on the floor next to her, white flowers woven in your hair. The little one had a certain innocent fasciation with those flowers that only one years could have. 

“What are you doing, Claudia?” You cooed, chuckling as she blinked up at you with big brown eyes and an adorable little smile. You took her teddy bear out from behind your back, and she snatched it almost immediately, her eyes shining with delight as she gnawed on its ear. “Couldn’t find your bear so you started playing with your flowers, huh?” She nodded slightly, kicking her feet in the air. “You have to save those for the ceremony, Clauds. C’mon, daddy is waiting for us. You remember what to do?” 

“Yes!” She cheered, proudly showing off her use of one of the words in her very limited vocabulary. 

“Good girl!” You grinned, just as you had been doing for that entire day. You weren’t sure if you were going to ever stop smiling. You didn’t think you could. You picked her up, making sure to pick up her little basket and teddy bear in the process. She stuck the bear in the basket, showing you with another proud smile. You walked out of the room, careful not to trip over your excruciatingly long dress. You made your way to your mother, who was waiting for you both and was already tearing up. She held up her camera the moment you walked into the room, snapping a picture with the flash shining directly in your eyes. You winced. “Ma! No pictures unless you give me a warning,” you groaned, rubbing your eyes as Claudia did the same, whining. 

“Let Auntie Lydia see the baby,” Lydia commanded, strutting over to you and Claudia with Allison, Kira, and Malia in tow. They all crowded around you and your daughter, cooing loudly at how adorable she is. “She has Stiles’ eyes, how did I not notice before?” Allison admired, poking Claudia’s cheek, making her giggle. 

“Make sure she doesn’t wander off while doing her job, she kept getting distracted during the rehearsals,” you sighed, shaking your head as you handed her to Lydia. 

“She’s fourteen months old, you seriously expect her to have concentration skills?” Kira laughed, adjusting the baby’s little shoes. Malia helped her steady herself on the floor, fluffing up her dress and handing Claudia the small basket of rose petals. 

“Considering Stiles is her father, I’m not sure if she’ll ever develop those skills,” you smiled down at her, kissing the top of her head. The girls made sure you dress didn’t wrinkle. Your mom walked back in again, a sad smile on her face. “Don’t cry, mom. Really.” 

“I know, I know,” she shushed you, giving you a small hug. “It’s time, though. Scott’s waiting.” You nodded anxiously, and you could hear the music outside beginning to play. You took a deep breath, your best friends and your little girl assembling in a neat formation behind you. Your veil in front of your eyes, bouquet in hand, it was time. 

Scott stood just before the entrance, arm extended to you and a beam on his face. “You ready, Y/N?” He asked, glancing at you. 

“Yeah, definitely.” 

You kept your eyes closed almost the entire time you walked shakily down the aisle. You could hear Claudia giggling wildly as she amiably threw her rose petals around, bouncing up and down as Lydia and Allison tried to keep her quiet. And then, you were up there, under the little archway, and your veil was being lifted up by none other than Stiles Stilinski, the widest smile to ever grace his lips planted firmly on his face, his eyes bright with intense happiness. His face was flushed slightly, but so was yours, and he looked so god damn handsome in his suit and tie that he swore he was never going to wear again after graduation. Claudia was watching you both with fascination, sitting impatiently in the seats with your mom, who was sniffling loudly and obviously. Stiles’ dad was doing the same, rubbing at his eyes constantly. 

Stiles’ groomsmen were all smiling, even Derek. Scott was shamelessly tearing up. Walking the girl he had known his entire life down the aisle so that she could marry his best friend tended to be a little emotional. Just a bit. The entire ceremony went by in a blur, up until the part where Stiles took out his crumpled piece of paper where he had written his vows. He cleared his throat, still beaming at you, but nervously. 

“Y/N, you were always, always my best friend. You and Scott have always been there for me, but of course, I’m not marrying Scott today. I’m marrying you. To be completely honest, I’ve pictured this moment in my head a million times this past year, and never could I have expected it to come so soon. I never always thought of you in this way. A lot of people here today think that I’m only doing this because we have a beautiful daughter. That I feel bad because we weren’t together when you got pregnant. That’s not the case. I fell in love with two years ago, a little after you told me about Claudia, and it wasn’t because you were pregnant. It was because my eyes were open, finally. Realizing that I loved you was like waking up from always being half asleep. It’s like… it’s like I’m awake now. I told you that I would never leave you, or our daughter. Ever. I plan to keep that promise for as long as I can, because I love you both so fucking much- wait, am I allowed to say that? Ignore that, ignore that. Anyways, I love you both so, so much. I hope I can continue to do that for the rest of our lives.” 

“Stupid idiot, always making me cry,” you mumbled, taking his sleeve wiping your eyes on it. He laughed, a few tears running down his own face. A little while later, when you spoke the words “I do,” he kissed you so forcefully, with so much more love and passion poured into it than you had ever felt before. You both forgot you were in public, your hands tangling in his hair before you could stop yourself, the whistles of the crowd echoing in your ears as you were officially declared Y/N Stilinski. 

You felt a sharp tug on your dress, and you broke apart from your husband, red faced. You looked down, lifting little Claudia up in your arms. Stiles grinned, moving forward to wrap an arm around your waist and cup the back of Claudia’s head. He stroked her cheek with his thumb, staring adoringly at her as you stared adoringly at him. “Hi, my princess,” he murmured to her, kissing her gently on the forehead. He looked back up at you, at the ring on your finger, savoring the thought of you as being Mrs. Stilinski for a lifetime. God, he loved the sound of that. It was just him, you, and Claudia. His girls. 

He never wanted that to change. 

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm having really bad anxiety attacks because it's finals week and I'm afraid of failing a class I should've done really well in but didn't because the professors a dick and tests on tiny little details that shouldn't be important anyway I'm ranting a lil how would the RFA handle MC freaking out over finals

Hiya anon we are so sorry to hear about rough finals and your dick of a professor and we really hope this helps you!  - Mod DK

Hope your finals week ended up going smoothly! We’re both college students so we know exactly how rough it can be. Good luck to anyone still dealing with finals! Love you guys. - Mod MC


  • Finals are coming up and after events that happened with the RFA your grades may have slipped a little and now you’re in full freak out mode.
  • 2 weeks before the finals start you have a mental break down.
  • Zen considerably flips out, he’s never seen you like this before.
  • Hell you barely batted an eye when Saeran attempted to kidnap you but this brought you to your knees.
  • Seriously, grades suck ass.
  • Zen calms you down and gets you a cup of your favorite tea and gives you an amazing back rub.
  • “ZEN THE KNIGHT WILL SAVE HIS PRINCESS” he proclaims as he opens your calculus textbook
  • With one look at the first page he slams the book shut and looks at you with newfound respect in his eyes.
  • He tries to help you by tutoring you but since he isn’t familiar with the subjects you were studying he can’t help much.
  • So instead he makes flashcards with you and quizzes you on said flashcards.
  • He brings you coffee and tea constantly.
  • Even though he knows pulling all nighters is bad for your skin he will still stay up with you because he loves you that much.
  • And then he promptly puts strawberries over his eyes to help the swelling
  • he is an actor after all.
  • He constantly tells you how much he believes in you and how smart you are.
  • You are tempted to just study for hours on end but he always gently reminds you to take breaks and short naps because Jahee gave him all these tips on how to study like a pro.


  • Your professor reminds you that finals are coming up in a week and like every normal college student you freak out.
  • You end up on the floor of your shared apartment with Yoosung just rocking back and forth.
  • Yoosung comes back sees you on the floor and sits down and starts rocking back and forth with you.
  • You both are so screwed.
  • After hours of having a crisis you try to get your shit together.
  • You know that if you try hard enough both you and Yoosung will be able to make passing grades.
  • Every free time you both have you are studying.
  • Coffee cups are everywhere and chocolate milk cartons because at one point Yoosung remembers the pass out after drinking caffeine syndrome and freaks out again.
  • You and Yoosung make a pact to not play LOLOL until finals are over.
  • It’s hard and sometimes you catch him playing but you let it go because he is doing his best and needs some time to just relax and have fun.
  • You both somehow pass and you both end up crying and have a marathon of playing LOLOL and eating the perfect balance of junk food.


  • Finals. Are. Coming.
  • You are freaking out and seriously reconsidering dropping out and moving to New Zealand and becoming a sheep herder for the rest of your life.
  • After a horrible nightmare where your final exam comes to life and tries to eat you he figures out what is going on and intervenes.
  • He is kinda offended that you didn’t come to him first but
  • You are kinda doubtful of his teaching methods when his first “brillant idea” is to eat a shit ton of Honey Buddah Chip and chug PHD Pepper but you have no other choice.
  • You already knew that Luciel was a genius but damn this boy really knows everything.
  • And even though some of his teaching methods were unconventional he was a really great tutor.
  • When he wasn’t working he would be reteaching you the shit you didn’t understand which really makes you wonder about why you are paying your really expensive school fees.
  • Seven already has really bad habbits of not eating right and pulling all nighters so he never discouraged you from the same
  • There were many timesyou woke up from falling asleep on your very uncomfortable textbooks.
  • Even though you looked and felt like shit when finals finally came around you passed all of your classes and then fell asleep for 24 hours straight right after.

- Mod DK


  • You are the best procrastinator in the world.
  • Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow
  • That’s been your motto for the past few years of college.
  • You’ve never had a significant other around finals time to encourage you to get your work done at a reasonable hour
  • Jumin has never had a significant other
  • And he’s never seen you during finals time
  • He didn’t know how bad your habit of procrastination was.
  • It was the night before your portfolio of work was due for your writing class and you hadn’t even started.
  • Jumin was frustrated because it was already 2am and you had yet to come to bed but he understood you were busy.
  • When he heard something thud in the bathroom and your muffled curses follow he was out of the bed in a flash.
  • He whipped the bathroom door open only to find you in the tub
  • Not taking a bath though (ya perverts)
  • You were in the tub scrubbing away with cleaning products.
  • Cleaning was one of the most effective ways you had to procrastinate.
  • Jumin was a little miffed to say the least, “MC, we have a maid for that.”
  • Then the tears started to fall as you began freaking out.
  • You explained that you were procrastinating and after a short lecture from Jumin he made you get to work.
  • He called out of work the next day, much to Jaehee’s chagrin just so he could stay up and make sure you kept working.
  • You did however get the best back rubs ever while you were typing away
  • The two of you took a bath together the next day to relax ;)


  • He cracked his knuckles and stood up from his desk chair, he was done working for the day.
  • He walked to your shared room only to find something strange.
  • When he found you asleep in a pile of papers on the bed he knew something was up.
  • He blew his bangs out of his face and walked over to you quietly
  • He saw how tense you looked and shook you awake
  • You jerked awake, eyes flying open as you realized what happened.
  • “No, no, no. This isn’t happening, Shit!”
  • You frantically shuffled through the papers attempting to get them in some sort of order.
  • He saw the beginnings of a panic attack
  • He was so not okay with you doing this to yourself.
  • In a move somewhat unlike him, he wrapped his arms around you and pressed you to his chest.
  • He wasn’t going to let you have a total meltdown.
  • “MC, tell me what’s wrong, I want to help.”
  • You didn’t want to burden him but you couldn’t afford to turn down the help.
  • You explained that you had a really hard final first thing in the morning and even though you’ve been studying like crazy for the past few weeks you still feel like you aren’t getting the content.
  • He’s immediately ready to help
  • He’s super smart just like his brother so tutoring you is no problem.
  • The two of you make flashcards and he teaches you everything as you make them
  • You’ve never understood anything so well in your life.
  • You thank him with an A1 makeout session before the two of you go to sleep


  • He noticed you were slightly wobbly when you came home from school
  • “MC, are you drunk?”
  • You explained that you were not in fact, drunk, just very sleep deprived.
  • You had finals all week and you hadn’t slept the night before because you were studying.
  • V remembered those days.
  • You went to make yourself another cup of coffee
  • He straight up confiscated your cup and ushered you to bed.
  • “Nap time, MC.”
  • “But, V, I have to study.”
  • “No Ifs, ands, or buts MC. You’re taking a nap and once you aren’t completely out of it I’ll help you study.”
  • You slept for five hours
  • When you woke up you smelled food
  • You went to find V and were pleasantly surprised to find V with a plate full of dinner for you and neat stacks of flashcards sitting on the coffee table.
  • “I hope you don’t mind but I used your textbook to make flashcards while you were napping.”
  • You felt so guilty and told him he should have woken you up.
  • He was so not having it tbh
  • “You needed your sleep MC, besides I’ve gotta keep my darling healthy and happy. What sort of lover would I be if i couldn’t manage that.”
  • You knew he wouldn’t let you refuse to you just went along with him spoiling you while you studied.
  • You made sure that he got all of the cuddles and spoiling he could handle once your finals week was over.

- Mod MC

OK so………… there is no self control and can’t stop thinking so have a few more random Ageswap AU ideas and thoughts in no particular order from me and @guardianlioness because YEAH WE’RE STILL GOING WITH IT 

(and we don’t plan on stopping either! I mean, probably not. So drop by, say hi, and talk to us about it because seriously we’re not running out of material any time soon it would probably make our day)

Ageswap AU Part 1 (Read This First)

  • So Toshinori obviously grows up to be big buff massive All Might, and even though he doesn’t remember his parents he did pick up a love of affection and hugs from his one american parent! Massive Toshinori loves giving his smaller-than-him dad (and Inko, and all his friends) big hugs that sweep them off the ground
  • He gives the best hugs but he’s very skittish about actually giving them out because he’s very aware of the difference in culture between Japan and America, and refuses to hug others without asking unless he’s certain already that it’s okay
  • A hug/request to hug from Toshinori means Toshinori is comfortable enough to actually ask/do it, plus Toshinori gives the BEST HUGS so all that combined mean a hug from Toshinori is like a gift (and literally nobody ever says no)
  • Everyone knows Toshinori has a crush on Inko except for Inko, and everyone keeps trying to tell her about it except she doesn’t believe them
  • “I’m telling you, he has it bad for you!” “and I’m telling you, Nana, there’s no way that’s true.”
  • Enji doesn’t really have the chance to become the massive jerk he is in canon so instead he’s just an awkward teen?? In a way Enji is kind of like the Bakugou of the whole AU, he can never catch a break and can easily come across as an ass (he’s really not)
  • in lieu of Todoroki’s hand curse, he instead gets unintentional truth-telling. Every time Enji makes a statement as a joke it ends up coming true in some way
  • Things like “Yeah right, that’s about as likely as Inko not being Deku-sensei’s biological kid” or “Man, those Midoriya’s. It’s like Deku-sensei’s quirk is Dad for All and it just passes on to all his kids” end up being unnervingly accurate or true, no one misses a chance to bug him over it.
  • There’s a (very, very awkward time) time when he briefly thinks he developed a crush on Inko and he honestly freaks out over it for weeks before he realizes it’s actually kind of nothing
  • Also: ageswap Enji would absolutely kick the ass of canon Enji. Ageswap Enji is an advocate for the Todoroki Shouto Protection Squad.
  • Toshinori and Izuku worry endlessly over each other whenever one or both of them is hurt. They’re just too dad for each other. Neither of them would get anything done without Inko around tbh
  • Izuku cannot handle babies at first because of the whole “oh god I could kill it” mindset, which is why so many of his friends and the teachers at UA helped him take care of Inko. But he’s a godsend with fussy toddlers and up, much to the bewilderment of absolutely everyone (Todoroki counts his blessings that Izuku was there to help with Enji, the little hellion)
  • All the staff at UA are UTTERLY BAFFLED as to how Class 1A didn’t turn out spoiled in some way as they watch Deku run across the lawn with half the class hanging onto him, jungle gym style
  • Since Bakugou is the English teacher he handles announcements much like Mic does in canon
  • “GOOOOOOD FUCKING MORNING, KIDS- WHA- oh. I’ve been told I can’t say that. Morning, brats. Here’s the announcements for today- WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN’T SAY THAT EITHER”
  • Uraraka visits the school as a guest teacher and gets all the kids to call her “auntie” by acting scandalized when Toshinori fails to call her aunt - This eventually bleeds into the kids calling everyone else aunt and uncle too
  • The only exceptions to this rule of aunt and uncle are Deku and Todoroki, who are Dad #1 and Dad #2 respectively.
  • “Dad 1 can’t help you with this, you’ll have to look for Dad 2.”
  • Mic and Toshinori are the best at english in their grade, so they help everyone study and speak in full english during those classes when they can.
  • Toshinori swears sometimes when he’s speaking english though and Mic is fully against it, so whenever he does Mic is always scandalized.
  • Toshinori: “Oh shit.” Mic: *dramatic gasp* *covers Aizawa’s ears* “there are children around, Toshinori, how could you?”
  • But in reverse - One day Mic says something, and it isn’t even an actual curse but everyone is just *puts hand on chest* much to his eternal irritation
  • Present Mic: “Aw, darn.” Everyone: *loud gasp* *covers each other’s ears* “LANGUAGE”
  • Aizawa also takes part in this and does it when they don’t expect. Mic feels so betrayed
  • So when Toshinori first got taken in by Izuku he was super skittish and leery of him bc Izuku had to use the villain as a chunk of his reason for taking Toshinori in?? and he was concerned that Izuku would drop him if he found out he was Quirkless so he hid it
  • But the villain gets caught and days come and go and Toshinori is still being taken care of by Izuku, he’s still living in the same house as him and his daughter.
  • Toshinori expects to be kicked out any day, but he doesn’t expect to catch Izuku with papers for filing guardianship over him.
  • Izuku is baffled when Toshinori asks him why he’s doing this, because he doesn’t understand why he wouldn’t take care of this fantastic kid he happened to pick up and that he legitimately cares about?
  • He ends up telling Toshinori about how he used to be quirkless too (although he doesn’t yet mention OfA’s true nature) in order to reassure him that he will always have a place in their house and they’ll never kick him out
  • though his words are taken with a grain of salt it big step towards Toshinori accepting that he really does belong there.

anonymous asked:

I love MG to pieces but do you think it's just a lack of chemistry between him & MD? Truthfully, I'm not sure Mary x Henry's writing was all that much worse than Mary x Matthew and Tom x Sybil post S2e1 but the couples had chemistry. Although maybe we were all bought in because of the groundwork in Series 1 and when the writing started to go south we overlooked it...

Goddammit I just lost half my reply. Here goes rewriting it!

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I think the lack of chemistry is part of the problem. I didn’t “feel” it even in the first introduction in the CS though I really wanted to. However, plenty of people do find chemistry there and the reviews I’ve seen (though I haven’t seen any for the latest episode yet) have talked about how good they are together, so I think perception and appreciation of chemistry is pretty subjective. If it wasn’t, there’d never be shipping wars! (And wouldn’t that be nice…)

However, I think there’s more to it than that. I 100% take on board what you say about the writing both of their scenes and past romance. (I thought M/M in S03 was terrible, I was never much of a T/S shipper and I was so bothered about gaps in M/M’s story in S01 that I wrote Consolation Prize to try to explain it!) In fact, I like a lot of their scenes. And I quite like Henry. Barring the oddness of how that staircase scene came across, I like his confidence, his wit, how open he is about his feelings, his drive. We get as much of him as we do of any of the rest of Mary’s suitors really and there was just as much that was problematic about their interactions. And yet I fell for Charles Blake and not for Henry.

The problem for me was the construction of the story. It wasn’t what Henry said or didn’t say in any one scene because everyone says bad things occasionally (remember Matthew basically telling Mary it was their fault Lavinia died, right?), it wasn’t Mary choosing to move on, it was the way the whole thing was put together.

I’ve said it before but - Mary was never so convincing as when she said she didn’t want something. Now, I know Mary. She’s absolutely excellent at saying the opposite of what she means. She has been since S01. But what has always made her such a nuanced and sympathetic character has been that even when she’s saying something biting or shocking or emotionally reductive, there have been signs so that the viewer knows what’s going on under the surface. This has always been a strength of Michelle Dockery’s acting and it has been helped out by the direction of her scenes. Think of how many times all the emotion was conveyed by one shot of something behind her eyes, a glance down, a particularly deep breath - these are the things that tell us that even though Mary is waspish and snappy and dismissive, there is so much going on under the surface. This is why I spent years of my life writing her and trying to understand her! If we’d seen any of that at all going on during her scenes with Henry or when other people are talking to her, then I’d be able to believe the inner conflict we’re meant to assume was going on. But I saw none of it. All I saw was a miserable, bad tempered woman being harassed by literally everyone in her life to marry a man she continually denied she cared about more than finding him attractive and a decent human being. I got nothing else. Perhaps it’s me; perhaps I should rewatch and I would then find all these hidden signals of Mary-ness that I’m missing and all would be well. Then again, I can’t be bothered. There have always been gaps in the narrative in Downton Abbey but previously we’ve had material with which to plug them imaginatively. My imagination after episode 8 can be represented as, “????????????” So there’s that. 

Then there’s the issue of how little substance the relationship has. Like, I genuinely don’t know where it’s meant to go (perhaps that’s for the CS, IDK) or what it’s based on. With Tony, I understood that he represented somebody who understood Mary’s status and way of life, would provide a safe pair of hands to bring up George and would fit in easily at Downton at a time when Mary needed that stability and to find her feet as part owner. With Charles, I understood that his modern ideas challenged and matched Mary’s hopes for the estate moving forwards into the future and we saw this in practice on numerous occasions and we also saw that he was engaged and interested in George. I shouldn’t even count Evelyn on this list because I don’t believe he was ever in the running, but even with him, I got the appeal of a long-standing friendship. With Henry there is… he’s attractive and they talk about their feelings in a witty way. But, like, seriously, what else is there? That we are shown in their scenes and in how he presents himself. His passion is something she despises and fears. He has shown no interest in her son and while I don’t doubt someone with his levels of drive and intelligence could take an active part in running the estate, we have no on-screen evidence that he has an interest or aptitude for doing it. Blake we could believe could be a good father and a good partner on the estate because he was shown clearly in those roles. (I’m not saying this to push a Team Blake agenda which is irrelevant anyway, believe it or not, but the facts are self-evident!) The only thing Mary and Henry seem to have in common is, well, Tom. And that’s a bit of a problem. (I know I’m going to alienate people here, but I realise I feel for Henry/Mary similarly to how I feel about Ron/Hermione. I don’t dislike them as a couple who dates for a bit but I am really struggling to see them last as an end-game romance. Anyway, that’s just me.) And 90% of their conversations are about their feelings. Which isn’t actually very interesting if it isn’t supported by shared values and mutual interests and good chemistry. I just end up going, “BUT WHAT IS THIS GREAT LOVE YOU KEEP TELLING ME YOU SHARE?” Which leads on to…

The third and probably the major cause of my feeling that this relationship is just bizarrely constructed. It feels like it’s almost entirely based on other people’s opinions. There’s the continual interference of Tom which is… well, ridiculous. The shafting of Tom’s character to “Henry’s biggest cheerleader” even when that puts him over considering Mary’s happiness whom he apparently loves, I mean what. I suppose the kindest reading of it is that he knows Mary better than she knows herself and just wants her to be happy at the expense of, well, himself, herself, consistency and understanding. AND HE BROUGHT VIOLET BACK FROM THE SOUTH OF FRANCE PURPOSEFULLY TO TELL MARY TO MARRY HENRY. I mean. Let’s just let that sink it. IDEK what to say about that. As for the rest of the characters, none of it made sense. One minute they were talking about how Henry was unsuitable because he was a racing driver, the next they were saying Mary ought to marry him because she loved him! I mean, what? What changed? If Mary gave some indication using Dockery’s excellent subtle acting skills (see above) and there was some scene where she dropped her guard and let slip something that suggested she loved Henry and was terribly miserable about it, their turn-around would make some sense. Unfortunately there wasn’t. 

So I’m left with nothing but an entirely superficial reading of the relationship. Mary is attracted to Henry and quite likes him. However, his involvement in cars is an insuperable barrier and as they have nothing in common and his profession really distresses her, she would really rather just get rid of him because it’s never going to work, even though she feels kind of bad about it because, hey, she does like him and he’s super hot. Then everyone in her family keep telling she ought to marry him and how much he loves her and that she loves him too over and over again until she suddenly realises that love conquers all??? Including the fact that Henry’s profession will always remind her of Matthew’s death but she can get over it because love means being hurt over and over again apparently????? So she marries him in five seconds flat without having told him any of her scruples or fears or reached any catharsis. This isn’t just a gap in the narrative, this is the Grand Canyon of narrative holes!

And that’s not even covering the fact that part of the reason everyone seems to want them to marry is because a) Mary is miserable (because she loves Henry IDK); b) miserable Mary is a bully; c) Henry is a bigger bully therefore d) Henry can sort Mary out.  WHICH. IS. GROSS. GROSSSSSS. AND MISOGYNISTIC. AND DISGUSTING. AND A TOTAL AND COMPLETE BETRAYAL OF MARY’S CHARACTER FOR THE PAST FIVE SEASONS. I CAN’T EVEN. I’M REDUCED TO CAPS LOCK ON THE INTERNET.

And I’m a girl who happily ships Richard/Mary and can deal with the blackmail as something that needs to be worked past. 

In fact, you know why that’s okay? Because that is the characters. That is something the characters do and they can work out between them and move past. Just like Henry’s comments on the stairs. If I were a Mary/Henry shipper, I’d write fic in which they deal with that and talk about it and work towards an equal footing. Because these things are always achievable. Saying Mary needs to be stamped on by a bullying husband is 10000000000 times worse because it is the judgement of characters extraneous to the relationship itself making a commentary on the relationship that is proved to be valid because after hearing these comments they get married without them being addressed. This is the opinion of the show! This is the Greek chorus’ closing statement! JESUS CHRIST I CANNOT GET OVER THIS.

And that is why I think that while better chemistry would certainly wipe away some of my objections, I have waaay more problems with this relationship than the fact that their chemistry isn’t as great as it could be.

*drops mic*

You know what's great about Angel?

Angel was the only member of the original X-Men who didn’t need Charles Xavier to convince him to be a superhero. He didn’t need anyone to tell him he could use his power for good. He just saved some classmates from a burning building and realized, “Hey, I have this mutant power, I can use it to help people, so that’s what I’m gonna do.” And then he just… went out and did it. Got an apartment in the city, came up with an alter ego, made himself a costume and some gadgets, listened in on police radio, and started busting bad guys.

And he’s the least powerful of all of them! Literally all he can do is fly! There is not a single original X-Man who is less equipped to go out and fight crime! Any of them could have become solo superheroes with a greater chance of success and less risk to themselves, but who actually went out and freaking did it? Warren goddamn Worthington the Third.

And why? Why the hell did he do that? Did a mugger kill his parents in front of him? Nope. Did a criminal he could have stopped kill his beloved uncle? Nope. Had he ever been a victim of crime, or even KNOWN a victim of crime? Had anything ever gone wrong for him in his entire life? Not that we can see! His wealth and privilege insulated him from the mid-century crime wave that terrorized everyone else. He had no personal motivation to fight crime at all. He just noticed that he had a slight advantage, a power that few others have, and immediately recognized that he could use it to help people, SO HE DID.

What kind of a person does that? Did his parents tell him about noblesse oblige, and they meant that he should occasionally go to fancy fundraising banquets (where coincidentally he could rub shoulders with The Right People), but he listened more closely than they wanted him to and he took it all DEADLY SERIOUSLY?

Totally ignoring the fact that dressing up in spandex and beating up criminals individually is of course the least effective use of his resources if he actually wants to end crime on a systemic level, within his fictional universe it was The Thing to Do, and HE thought it was effective. And he put himself in danger again and again to do it. I feel like that decision alone speaks to a real sense of altruism on his part. It also speaks to a certain level of arrogance and blind optimism, not to mention thrill-seeking, which of course are also in his character.

There are so many missed opportunities with Angel. Before Apocalypse, before he becomes Archangel, it’s like the writers actively avoid throwing any obstacles in his path at all. He’s just, like, the team wallet. With no challenges to overcome, he has no chance for growth, which makes him boring. Everything is easy for him until Apocalypse, and then everything goes wrong all at once, in the most histrionic way possible. But there’s a middle ground there.

Extreme wealth can be as much a curse as a gift. Growing up in that blue-blooded old-money milieu, there are certain expectations that must be fulfilled. You have to go to one of maybe four acceptable colleges, to pursue one of three acceptable professions - if your parents don’t pressure you into going to THEIR college and inheriting the family business. Which, I mean, his name is Warren Worthington III. His dad runs Worthington Industries. His very NAME speaks to the burden of this inheritance, this huge expectation that’s been dropped on his shoulders. And what does he do with it? Swap that loaded name for “Avenging Angel,” hide his identity behind a mask, drop out of his elite boarding school, and get a crappy apartment to do a job that literally COSTS him money, for nothing in return! It’s as far away from WASPish respectability as you can get!

His parents should have freaked, or at least he should have struggled to hide it from his parents. He shouldn’t have had unlimited access to his parents’ money to do with as he pleased; that money should have come with strings attached. Why did his parents just let him leave Phillips-Exeter for no apparent reason? Why did they let him then go to this weird-ass boarding school with five students that some random shut-in ran out of his house instead of, like, Harvard? Why did they never demand that he become a doctor or lawyer or CEO instead of this stupid, dangerous nonsense?

I mean, Jesus Christ, his dad was a member of the Hellfire Club! What were the repercussions of that? NOTHING! His dad’s membership got other X-Men into the club so THEY could fight them while Warren hung out in New Mexico with his girlfriend! Was Warren Worthington II involved in any Hellfire Club conspiracies, forcing Angel to fight him? Did his father’s involvement in one of the X-Men’s greatest enemy organizations have any personal implications for him, or impede the X-Men in any way? Of course not! WHY? Why was this left completely unexplored?!

And yes, okay, it’s a little weird to complain that the rich white guy doesn’t get enough credit or attention when there are approximately five billion X-Men, many of whom are members of underrepresented minority groups AND more popular with the fans. But I just feel like there’s so much wasted potential in Angel. Everyone assumes he’s inherently boring, so even though he’s one of the founding X-Men, fandom ignores him and directors of film and TV adaptations relegate him to marginal roles when just a little bit of thought could reveal that potential. And that makes me sad.

Under the Hood; Into the Heart [chapter ten]

Summary: A love story of motor oil and telepathy.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Dean/Human!Impala (Female)

Prologue, Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine

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cauldron-cakkes  asked:

Do you have any recs for other Johnlock fics with similar levels of hurt/comfort or injury/illness? I've read just about everything you've written twice and Breakable 3 times and I'm kind of stuck.

Well, I am actually a terrible person to ask for fic recs, because when I first started reading Sherlock fic a couple years ago I read a lot, but then after a few months I started writing it and the number of fics I read dropped way down. Also, I have a terrible memory—I looked at my bookmarks to see what I could recommend that was heavy on the hurt/comfort or illness/injury and had a hard time remembering what a lot of the stories were about—and those were the ones I liked enough to bookmark. :)

More disclaimers: when I started looking for hurt/comfort, I found a lot of stuff ended with the injury/illness being completely cured, which annoyed me, and also the majority of what I found was Sherlock being the one hurt and John the one who comforts, which is fine, but not quite as interesting to me. But those are just my personal preferences.

Anyway, here are a few that I have enjoyed enough to bookmark:

After-wise by Cathedral Carver  OK, let’s get this out of the way. This is just the saddest story ever. It’s so good, it’s horrible. Seriously, it will stick with you and if you are looking for an unambiguously happy ending, this is not the place to look, but at the same time it is so, so good.

The Imposter by PoppyAlexander This and After-wise are my two favorite short angsty fics. This one has the advantage of a happy ending. :) Dissolution: Our Plague Days by the same author is another excellent story that I think is underappreciated.

And a Doctor by stillwaters01 This is another one where the details stuck with me even though it’s been a while since I read it. Not Johnlock but excellent use of medical details. (Unlike certain other writers who fake the medical stuff. *cough*me*cough*)

The Road of Bones by J_Baillier is another fic that is clearly written by someone who knows what they are doing medical-wise. There are also a number of other stories by the same author with medical whump, I believe.

Argh! I wanted to recommend Synthesis by LapOtter  because it was the first fic I read where an injury  was truly permanent with long-term consequences—it gave me hope that I was not the only person in search of such stories. But it looks like it’s been taken down by the author. :(

Electric Pink Hand Grenade by BeautifulFiction  and Ink Your Name Across My Heart by prettyvk are both well-known enough that you‘ve probably already read them, but if not, you should. Ink Your Name is actually almost a little too angsty for me—I can’t imagine living with the level of impairment inflicted on Sherlock in this fic—but it’s an excellent story.

The Ground Beneath Your Feet by Chryse Sherlock with PTSD as well as physical injuries. I’ve liked everything I’ve read by this author, but this one stands out for me because of the hurt/comfort angle.

I’m tickled to hear you’ve read Breakable three times and still seem to enjoy it. I definitely wrote it because it was the story I wanted to read: John being the one hurt with Sherlock having to care for him, a permanent injury that doesn’t get cured but is able to be lived with, and also a physical/mobility type injury. For some reason there seem to be a lot more deaf/blind fics out there rather than mobility impairments. Also there are a lot of brain injury/illness fics, which tend to be a little bit too much angst for me.

If you are looking specifically for Hurt!John, try ConstantlyFreemaned’s Hurt!John Rec List  or SwissMiss’s list John!Whump with Sherlock as Caretaker.

SwissMissFicRecs also has a list of favorite Sickfic as well as a number of other rec lists and I have found a lot of good stories through her site.

So yeah, I’m the type of person who will say they can’t rec stuff and then write 600+ words reccing stuff.

Creepypasta #805: I'm A Search And Rescue Officer For The Us Forest Service, I Have Some Stories To Tell (Part 3)

Length: Super long

Alright, let’s move on to the stories:

The first happened on a case that I went out on right after I got out of training, and was still pretty new to everything. Before I took this job, I was a volunteer, so I had a basic idea of what to expect, but on those calls you’re mostly dealing with finding lost people after vets have found signs of them. As an SAR officer, you go out for all kinds of cases, from animal bites to heart attacks. 

This case got called in early in the morning, from a young couple who were up on one of the trails that goes by the lake. The husband was completely hysterical, and we couldn’t really figure out what was going on. We could hear the woman screaming in the background, and he was begging us to come up there right away. When we get there, we see him holding his wife, and she’s got something in her arms. She’s screaming these awful, almost animal-like screams, and he’s sobbing. He sees us and he screams at us to help them, to please get an ambulance up there. 

Now obviously we can’t just drive an ambulance up the walking path, so we ask him if his wife needs help, or if she can walk on her own. He’s still hysterical, but he manages to tell us that it’s not his wife that needs help. I go over while one of the vets tries to calm him down, and I ask the wife what’s going on. She’s rocking, holding something, and just shrieking, over and over. I crouch down and see that whatever she’s holding, it’s covering her with blood. That’s when I notice the sling on her front and my heart sinks. 

I ask her to tell me what’s going on, and I sort of pry her arms gently open so I can see what she’s holding. It’s her baby, obviously dead. His head is caved in on one side, and he’s covered in scratches. Now, I’ve seen dead bodies before, but something about this whole situation hits me hard. I have to take a second to compose myself, and I get up and go get one of the other vets, who’s standing by. I tell him that it’s a dead kid, and he sort of pats my shoulder and tells me he’ll deal with it. 

It took us over an hour to get this woman to let us see her kid. Every time we try to take him from her, she flips out and tells us we can’t have him, that he’ll be okay if we just leave her alone and let her help him. But eventually, one of the vets manages to calm her down, and she gives us the body. We took it back to the med area, but when the EMTs showed up, they told us that there was never any hope of saving the kid. He’d died instantly from the trauma to his head. I was good buddies with one of the nurses who met them at the hospital, and she told me later what had happened. 

Turns out the couple had been walking with the baby in the sling, and they stopped because the kid was fussing. The dad takes the kid and is holding him, looking out over this little gully by the path. The mom comes to stand next to him, but she ends up stepping on a loose patch of soil, and she trips. She falls into the dad, who drops the kid, who ends up falling about twenty feet down this little gully onto the rocks at the bottom. The dad climbed down and recovered the kid, but he’d fallen right on his head, and was dead by the time he got there. The baby was only about fifteen months old. It was a total freak accident, a series of events that coalesced into the worst possible outcome. Probably one of the more awful calls I’ve been on.


I haven’t seen a lot of animal bites in my time as an SAR officer, mostly because there aren’t that many animals that come around the area. While there are bears in the area, they tend to stay pretty far away from people, and sightings are highly unusual. Most of the animals you’ll see are small ones, like coyotes, raccoons, or skunks. 

What we do see frequently, though, are moose. And let me tell you, moose are nasty fuckers. They’ll chase after anything for any reason, and god help you if you get in between a female and its baby. One of the more amusing calls was of a guy who’d gotten chased down by an absolutely massive male moose, and was stuck up a tree. Took us almost an hour to get him down, and when he was finally on solid ground again, he looks at me and says: ‘God damn. Them fuckers is big up close.’ I guess that’s not really a scary story, but we still laugh about that one.


I honestly don’t know how I’d forgotten this story, but it is, by far, the scariest thing that’s happened to me. I guess maybe I’ve tried so long to forget about it that it just didn’t come to mind right away. As someone who spends literally all of their time in the woods, you don’t ever want to let yourself get scared of being alone, or out in the middle of nowhere. That’s why when you have experiences like this, you tend to just forget about them and move on. This is, to date, the only thing that’s ever made me really seriously consider if this job is the right one for me. I don’t really like talking about it much, but I’ll do the best I can to remember it all. 

As I recall, this took place right at the end of spring. It was a typical lost-child call: a four-year-old girl had wandered away from her family’s campsite, and had been missing for about two hours. Her parents were completely despondent, and told us what most parents do; my kid would never wander away, she’s so good about staying close, she’s never done anything like this before. We assure the parents that we’ll do everything we can to find her, and we spread out in a standard search formation. 

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Do we have two grooms?

Reaction fic to 6x08. Missing scene after the “but what“ (that damn commercial break), drunk parents and married fluff. PG-rated.

Go be lucky. Don’t waste time double-guessing. Don’t waste time behaving yourself. Don’t let go.

“I mean… come on, there is no possible way that, that – I mean… right…?” Kurt stutters and turns to Blaine, sure to find a mutual understanding in his eyes but instead spotting something very unexpected there. “Blaine?”

Kurt’s not sure what that face Blaine is making is supposed to tell him but he detects a defensive attitude in the way he is holding himself with his arms crossed. His mouth opens a little hesitantly.

“I- I don’t know,” Blaine says, his eyes looking anywhere but Kurt’s and his face full of vulnerability that Kurt really should have expected. After all, Kurt had been the “voice of reason” to call the whole thing off. What if Blaine had never given up on the idea of marrying him?

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terriblebeastie  asked:

'ELLO GORGEOUS ;) Am I too late for prompts? Shucks, I'd sure love some mormor Potterlock with animagus!Seb... Though, while we all love to headcannon Sebastian with a tiger animagus, I'm curious to know what animal you think he'd become! (Extra smooches for ridiculous out of control teenage boy hormones) <3 **By the waym NadineRoseM and I freakin LOVED the Richard Brook and headscritches prompts. AMOR.**

Jim tilted his head back and took in the smells of the forest. Moss, wet rot, dirt and animals. Not the kind of environment he enjoyed, really. He’d always preferred the indoors, the cool stone walls and luxury and comfort. He’d been delighted when he’d first stepped foot into the Slytherin common room, just because it had matched so well with his own preferences - and because it’d been so different from where he’d grown up.

But needs must, and there was no way they could do this inside.

A deep growl interrupted his thoughts. He raises his head and smiled into the darkness. 

A dark shape padded into the clearing and dropped something dead and steaming not too far from Jim’s feet. Jim scrunched up his nose. “Really?”

There was a whine. 

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