seriously though i'm really proud of this

Did a little drawing for @fireflyfish ’s “Tano and Kenobi” fic which is incredible, everyone should go read it. It has Ahsoka Tano being a bamf, Obi Wan as a baby padawan. Action! Adventure! Fluff! Romance(?) regardless, she’s a fantastic author and you should go check her out!

Ninette Day 7 AU

From this prompt list.

“We live in adjacent apartments and our bedrooms are on opposite sides of a very thin wall and one night I heard you crying and talked to you through the wall” AU

Marinette stared down at her phone, thumb hovering over her best friend’s picture as another quiet sniffle filled the quiet night air. Alya had promised she could always call after a bad day, but she also knew Alya wasn’t sleeping much as it was and a call at 3:00 might not be best for her best friend’s health.

So, she turned off her phone and tossed it onto her rug. Alya deserved at least one decent night of sleep, and Marinette reasoned that she’d probably feel better in the morning anyway. She swiped away at the tears trickling down her cheek and took a shaky breath. All she needed to do was calm down enough to sleep.

The bass of her neighbor’s music trickled through the thin walls, covering up her hiccuping sobs. She buried her face in her hands and tried to distract herself by thinking of something else. Anything else. Anything but her exceptionally bad, somewhat soul-crushing day.

She hardly noticed when the sound behind her stopped, so her neighbor’s voice through the wall caught her by surprise.

“Hey, are you okay?”

She nodded. “Um, yeah, sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. You sound kind of upset.”

“A little, but it’s nothing.”

She could hear his footsteps creak closer and then something, probably his back, slid down the wall. “Well, wanna talk about it?”

“No, I’ll be fine. Just-”

“Seriously. I’m gonna be up for a while.”

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I am really getting the hang of digital art lately, so here’s another one of my babies! Can you tell Voltron’s season 2 really got to me yet? I’m way too invested in Galra Keith…

This honestly started out as a doodle I did while bored in bed cuz I was sick, but apparently I have no chill when I’m bored because this got detailed really fast. :X I ended up liking it so much that once I recovered enough to use the computer again I immediately started working on turning this digital and BAM! I love it even more now! :D Kinda wanted to add both the Voltron and Blade of Marmora symbols, but with one in horizontal and the other in vertical it wasn’t working out. So I had no choice but to exclude them. I cry. 

Seriously though if nothing else I want to at least see Keith with yellow, pupil-less eyes. Literally if that’s the only Galra trait he ever gets I’ll be happy. I really like the eyes okay?


petty competition [ michael mell x reader ]

Summary : Michael Mell is a friend of yours, but you’ve never had much luck with friends of yours. Agreeing to meet Michael, you are nervous at first. You soon warm up and are delighted to find out that what he has planned for your hang out is sitting in his basement playing one of your favorite video games. A friendly competition eventually turns into two teens in a basement both in fits of giggles, and, despite your previous reserves, you end up having most amazing time.

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Everyone in my family is from a different house, and really show it too. I'm a hufflepuff, my twin bro is a ravenclaw, my older sister is a gryffindor, and my oldest sister is a slytherin. My mom's declared herself hogwarts. It's super great, but like, my siblings haven't taken the pottermore quiz, so they aren't so sure. Except my oldest sister who declared everyone's houses after a HP marathon. I'm seriously a proud hufflepuff though!

Sounds like so much fun! I don’t have a Ravenclaw sibling. That House is covered by my mom. My brother and dad are Gryffindor. @incorrect-slytherin is obviously a Slytherin, and I am the lone badger. We make up quite the interesting crew.

  • <p> <b>Me:</b> (at the end of Age of Youth) Wow that was a pretty good conclusion to the end of the show. I really like how all of the girls managed to solve their problems one way or another and they're all able to do things they wouldn't have done in the beginning. I'm so proud of them all. They really are strong women.<p/><b>Also Me:</b> WHAT THE HECK WERE THEY THINKING, MAKING THIS ONLY 12 EPISODES LONG? DID YOU NOT SEE MY YE EUN AT THE END? I WANT CLOSURE ON THAT ASAP. AND WHAT ABOUT JI WON? WHEN IS SUNG MIN EVER GONNA TELL HER ABOUT HIS FEELINGS? IN FACT, I WANT TO SEE MORE OF THEM. AT LEAST GIVE THEM ANOTHER SEASON OR SOMETHING!<p/></p>

I was rly hesitant to upload this >_<; Since I rly don’t want to butt into every damn G!sansverse there exists…but thought this might be funny (and G looks good here). Inspired by something @elicitsins said on one stream chat, reacting to my words that I’d throw out G! outta’church because…you know….. WHO SMOKES IN CHURCH? Also…U SINPILE PRIEST …no way I can let this slip!! I’m a religious person afterall, ‘s no way this getting unpunished :’D (hahaha not that I could do much against him anyway….that’s a very scary thought there O__o;;; I hate this)

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Hi, new followers! I don’t know why you’re here when you could be following cooler blogs but can I just say that I’m really feeling flattered that you guys thought that my blog was worth following?

A few little victories for today

1- I managed to get out of bed even though I really didn’t want to. As in, I seriously considered staying in bed the whole day.

2- I went out for coffee with my sister and her son. Even though I kinda wanted to say no so I didn’t break my routine. I even had fun.

3- I did one last rainbow look for the last day of pride. I’ve posted a lot of selfies this month. It’s unusual for me. I barely looked at most of them too. Which is even more unusual for me since I hate my face and I hate photos usually. Even selfies, unless it’s a picture of a new makeup look.

Shoutout to my smol beans!

@bimyotherside @fxngrell @luciliannova @heartfelt-trash @pandora-hearts18 @italktomymadness @ally-fr

All of you are:

  • funny and talented?? you make me smile????
  • working so hard and doing so well???
  • total cuties???? like what?????
  • young but fierce and honestly worth so much????
  • too good??? for this world????
  • seriously why do you follow me?????
  • except @bimyotherside she has no choice
  • you’re all really great though?? ???? keep doing your best!!!

I love you all, and I see bright futures ahead for each of you. If you need any advice on school or life or whatever, you can always come to me! I’ll try to be the best role model I can for you. :’D


me: you know what would be a really original idea? a “this is war” amv! nobody has ever done that before in the history of video editing.

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I just imagine what Harry is saying to Louis about the press conference tomorrow (fingers crossed MM doesn't pull a dick move). Like Lou, i'm really proud of you, but Lou when are we going to start on our football team? Then Louis just laughs at him and cuddles. Then harry is like I'm proud of you but seriously though, give me a baby.

imagine him sitting behind him at the press conference like 

Admitting that you need help is incredibly difficult. Seeking help and/or therapy for the areas of life in which you need that help is arguably even harder. Working on finding healthier and more effective coping strategies for those struggles and fostering an understanding of the underlying causes of those struggles is harder still. If/when you add mental illness to this equation of sorts, everything becomes seemingly impossible. If someone you know has the courage to say, “okay, so, things are really not okay right now and I need help finding a way or a reason to get out of my bed in the morning so I’m going to take this humongous step and give this fight for happiness/contentment all I’ve got,” please respect them and cheer them on. Support them! If you are one of those people who’s said that and is seeking a solution: I am so proud of you, I believe in you so much, and I know that you can do this, you can fight this. We will get through it all and we will be okay. We are strong. We are important. We are good enough. We really, really are. Promise. <3