seriously though i'm bored as crap

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Omg really? Heartbroken anon here, holy crap dude you're so great! Um, I'm not sure though, anything romantic, sweet and fluffy with Suga, thank you so much, I need romance without actually having any romance, if that makes sense, I'm actually watching the Korean drama 'I Need Romance'. Holy crap you're so sweet, I would go off anon but I'm so embarrassed -.- seriously though that's so nice of you to do that for me.

Anything for you! Darby is here to love you!!!


There would be times throughout the day where you could tell that Yoongi was getting a little bored; a little anxious so to say. He would putz around the house, make weird noises and shift in his seat. You would look over at him every once in a while with one eyebrow raised and he would stop what he was doing, acting as if it had never happened. As soon as you turned your gaze, though, he would begin his little noises again.

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