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Hades hates Danny. All souls go to the underworld (aka the Ghost Zone) eventually and become part of his domain. But not Danny. He straddles the two worlds like Persephone (side note: holy shit halfa!Persephone can you imagine?), eternally just out of Hades’s control.

So Hades takes matters into his own hands. Every now and then, a portal to the Ghost Zone will appear next to Danny and Hades will try to lure/drag him in. It’s gotten to the point where Danny just carries around a broom and hits Hades with it whenever he tries to start shit.

Mr. Lancer’s class is confused the first time Danny brings a broom to class, but they’re absolutely dumbfounded when he hits the god of the underworld with it and says “shoo.”

I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that this shot made me cry actual tears

I have never seen three characters more in love with each other. Honestly, Dorian x Celaena x Chaol or nothing. 

So, serious talk.

How is anyone supposed to both have a full time job and be a solo 1d fan?

Like… how?


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And here I am.... *looks at the chapter count of One Life For Them All* .... Waiting... Hoping...

me too.

Anyone else just… tired of Tumblr’s black and white thinking?? IDK it just feels like things have to be perfect or irredeemable, and honestly next to nothing is either of those. Y'all need to just chill and learn how to see the complexity in things


You and I share a bond in Theo Galavan. A passion if you will.

My Experiences with the Types


***I am only referencing people who are CONFIRMED as these types, not people who I THINK are these types***

***Also, I’M NOT EXPERT. I just find MBTI to be an interesting way of understanding people***


  • well fuck you guys are great
  • you’re strong where i’m weak and weak where i’m strong
  • i always find i’m so drawn to you guys and your energy and i hAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHY AND IT SCARES ME
  • every person i’ve become really really fast friends with have always ended up being enfp, go figure (which is a total of 5 people now)
  • anyways you guys are super whimsical and random and quirky and it’s infectious
  • your minds aren’t always super grounded but your hearts are, and that’s why i love you
  • never fail to flip my perspective on something, or at least shake things up for me
  • always fuel me with great ideas (that i end up having to integrate because bOY do you guys hate organizing thoughts)
  • seemingly random and wild but you really have hearts of gold
  • if i piss you off, though, it’s silent treatment for a whiiiiile
  • and passive aggressive disses
  • it’s low-key scary because i can just tell you’re not unleashing their full wrath on me lmaooo
  • never have i ever seen an enfp that doesn’t care about society at large; my enfp friends are so passionate about liberalism and how everyone should be accepting of people despite race, sexuality, gender, etc.
  • and they’re totally right, but it’s just rare to see someone who’s an outspoken advocate for such people


  • i’ve only met two intj’s and it’s always a deep mental connection
  • we both tend to think the same way but in completely different spheres of life, so when we get together we just get glimpses of these other areas of life that we never would’ve given thought otherwise
  • that te though
  • that tE THOUGH
  • y’all efficient and cutthroat (in the nicest possible sense of the word) as fuckkkkk
  • you can analyze events like nobody’s business; people tend to confuse this as an infj trait, but i’ve noticed that i’ll recognize what a PERSON will do next rather than what will happen next
  • i can sit in complete silence right next to you and not feel obligated to fill that silence, and that’s the introvert’s dream right there
  • you teach me how to be more goal-oriented and get things done, and i do my best to teach you the beauty of relationships and people
  • the intj’s in my life have given me the best advice on how to just go after something that is important to me, and i find myself coming to you guys a lot if i’m feeling insecure or my fe starts to turn unhealthy again
  • as much as we bicker about things (anyone with strong te tends to trigger my trickster te and makes me paranoid, so intj’s aren’t an exception), we will always come back to that little nest of comfort that we have


  • okay not gonna lie my first impression of the esfj’s that i’ve met were that they were kind of ditzy AHAHA
  • that inferior ti is a pain in the butt when i’m trying to help them with something, but that fe is so charming that i just keep helping them
  • besides that, though, literally the sweetest human beings ever
  • the stereotype of being the mom friend is totally true
  • honestly the type of people to make you a care package or bake you cookies if you’re sick, upset, sad, or any other situation where you’d need a pick me up
  • no matter who you are, THEY ARE YOUR BIGGEST CHEERLEADER
  • they know they’re not good at the nitty-gritty, logical stuff, but they make up for it with a whole lot of smiling, good times, and good feelings
  • the BEST house party hosts because they make it a point to make everyone feel like they’re part of the group and make sure everyone’s enjoying themselves
  • that one person at a party who insists everyone eats at least two plates before they even start piling up their first one, even if they’re starving
  • love anything cute and fluffy, or something that reminds them of their childhood
  • FOR SUUURE one of those people who dress nice and put makeup on to spend 10 minutes at the grocery store
  • always look good, always make you feel good… just good people in general


  • you guys. are. adorable.
  • it’s so cute seeing you so passionate about so many things and it’s SO CUTE that you have all these little interests that you spend so much time learning about
  • that friend that always motivates me to get organized at school but honestly are just as much of a mess themselves AHAHAH
  • but when you’re in a funk though, or someone decided to piss you off…
  • i feel like i need to hold my breath and back away, making no noise
  • otherwise, they’re mushy-gushy and easy to please
  • most of you are disney fanatics… and you probably love rapunzel or mulan
  • you guys have cool creative outlets like poetry and music and it’s so cool to see how much you guys express through them
  • ESPECIALLY poetry
  • you guys are so passionate about your ideas and passionate about your values that it’s infectious
  • it’s hard for me not to care about them too
  • 10/10 would recommend being friends with an infp


  • mom friend 2.0 (sorry, isfj’s, esfj’s still got ya beat in that regard)
  • have like two planners that are color coded and colorful to keep your schedule in check and make sure that you maintain your little system
  • you guys are so hardworking and grounded and i fucking live for it
  • not typically into school and learning, but you’re super task-oriented and will get a job done no matter what it takes
  • great integrity too
  • as long as your fe isn’t unhealthy or doesn’t get carried away, you guys are the most responsible and dutiful people i know
  • you guys will have like ONE dish at this ONE favorite restaurant in this ONE specific location (no other locations if it’s a franchise)
  • or like ONE specific way your food needs to be made or it’s not the same for you
  • one of the two isfj’s i know irl needs to have red apples and rainbow carrots in her japanese curry or she will literally make a face and almost refuse to eat it
  • also if you’re an isfj and aren’t in love with puppies i seriously think you’ve mistyped
  • ^jk but really, you guys love cutesy stuff haha

That’s all I have for now! As you can see, I’m usually attracted to the same types of people, haha. I really need to work on that.

Until then, enjoy this completely useless and probably boring post about my take on the types! :)

Seriously, though, if we don’t get anymore isolated Weiss and Yang interactions this volume, I’m going to be disappointed as heck. Weiss was the one to say, “It’s okay if you’re not okay,” so I need Weiss to be the one Yang goes to when she’s finally ready to break down. I need Weiss to be the one Yang goes to for anything about their current situation, because they’re the only two who have seen things from Raven’s side, who have been to her side, who know now that there’s more to the story than Oz is letting on. I need more Freezerburn before this volume is over! PLEASE LET MY TWO FAVES INTERACT!

It’s been 3-4 years since Awakening came out and I still have trouble believe Validar and Robin are related.

When you realise season 5 of AOS has to fit in

-Emotional Healing

-A Proposal

-A Wedding

-A Move To Perthshire

-And Children

Seriously I need all of this to happen and will be sad and upset if it doesn’t. After that season finale its at least what the Fitzsimmons fandom deserve.

  • Me: *starts to write a one shot*
  • Me: "i'm going to keep this simple..."
  • Me: gets 5k words into it and isn't even halfway through the plot
  • Me: *cries*

Seth and Dean tried guys

They tried to protect raws honour (and got a pretty good cheer for it). Then they made Angle watch his two partners from TLC crawl on the floor. I hope the shield (or the entire raw roster for that matter including Asuka, Kane and Braun) turn up on raw and beat the fuck out of everyone.

Bam Bam’s Twin Sister part 10!

“Okay, since Jaebum and Jinyoung have decided to make lunch everyday this week, you guys can each pick out something you’d like for dinner,” Papa Tuan told us just before we left the van to head inside the store.

“Alright!” Bam Bam cheered, quickly jumping out of the van.

“Yah, wait a second!” Jaebum called after him. “Let’s figure what we’ll all get first so we don’t choose the same thing.”

Mark nodded, as he spoke up. “How about this, Team JJ and Team YuJae, you guys pick out Korean dishes. Jackson, you and Bam pick out a Chinese dish and Y/N and I can pick out a Thai dish. That way we’ll have something different each night.”

Yugyeom and Youngjae glanced at each other before mumbling something under their breaths. “We decided that we want In-N-Out for our meal,” Youngjae finally announced.

“For some reason, I’m not surprised,” Jinyoung sighed.

Papa Tuan laughed, “if that’s what you two choose, then alright. You guys have two hours to shop for whatever you need before lunch. So go have fun and please, don’t break anything…”

We send him promises as we pile out of the van and head into the large supermarket. Bam Bam, Jackson, Jaebum and Jinyoung head immediately towards he food section to get their ingredients. Mark grabs a cart and starts walking by me.

“So, what would you like to have?”

“What about you?” I ask, glancing at him. “I’m really not all that picky.”

“Neither am I,” he smiles, his eyes crinkling in a way that warms my heart in a strange way. “As long as it has meat in it, I’m okay,” he promises. “But you’re the guest, so you choose.”

“Hm…” I think about it, my brain going to all of my favorite spicy foods back home. I wonder if an American store would have a wide variety of ingredients for most of them so I decide to choose something that would hopefully be easy to find and make. “Pad kra pao?” I raise an eyebrow towards him.

He knits his eyebrows as he thinks about it. “Is it the dish with the stir fry over the rice?”

“Something like that,” I let out a small giggle before I realize what I’m doing and stop myself. What the heck is wrong with me? Did I seriously just giggle at Mark?

“Alright,” he nods, completely unaware of the little freak out I’m having inside my head. “Want to get the stuff now?”

I shake my head, “can we wait a little bit? I want to look around.”

“Do you need anything?” He asks, raising an eyebrow.  

I shake my head. Even though I didn’t have a whole lot of time to prepare, I made sure I had everything I could possibly need. The only thing I could need is snack food.

Before I know it, we’re out in a garden center of the store. “I love flowers,” I smile, picking up a small pot that had a few colorful daisies in them. I glance at the tag, noticing at all the information is in English and I furrow my brows together. “Deize…” I say slowly, trying my best at the English pronunciation of it. 

Mark doesn’t laugh, which I appreciate. “Day,” he says clearly.

“Day…” I repeat, smiling softly.


“See… Day-see…?” I raise an eyebrow. “Daisy…”

He nods, a proud smile on his face, which makes me beam. “You did very good.”

“Thanks, I’m still learning,” I laugh softly. “Bam speaks English a lot better than me.”

“Just keep practicing,” he tells me softly. “I’ll help you if you need any,” he grins.

We look at the rest of the flowers, and patiently Mark helps me pronounce all of them in English correctly.

“Orchids,” I laugh as we get to the last flower. A very pretty pale pink orchid. It’s so different in English, but it still sounds pretty. “They’re so beautiful,” I tell Mark softly.

“They’re not nearly as beautiful as you,” he speaks in English, so the only thing I really understand what he said is ‘you’.

I knit my eyebrows and glance up at him. “What did you say?”

“Secret,” he grins, proud of himself. “Learn more English and I guess you’ll figure it out.” With that, he laughs and begins to rush away with the cart.

“Hey!” I pout after him, but no matter how much I ask, he still won’t tell me what he said…

“Well you guys certainly got a lot,” Papa Tuan smiled at our carts.

Jackson and Bam’s was practically full, because my twin, although so very extra, had forgotten many things back home. Jackson, just kept seeing stuff he wanted. Jaebum and Jinyoung’s had a nice amount of food in it, as well as things such as socks, gloves and were those band-aids? I wanted to giggle- the parents strike again. Yugyeom and Youngjae’s cart was full of nothing but sugary, American junk food. Mine and Mark’s cart was the least full since the only thing in it were the bags for what we had chosen for our night and me. I had climbed in when Mark kept teasing me and running off without me.

“Yo Mark,” Jackson walked up to him, getting into a stance. “Let’s race!”

My eyes widen, and I grab the side of the cart. “Let’s not,” I say quickly.

“Awh, come on Y/N!” Jackson laughs, pushing his cart back and forth quickly. “It’ll be fun!”

“Okay,” Mark nods, and I sneak a glare up at him.

Is he trying to kill me?! All I can think of is the cart tipping over and me breaking a bone.

Quickly, Mark walks in front of the cart and grabs the few bags that has our food in it before placing them in Jackson’s cart before turning around and pointing towards his back. It takes me less than a second to realize what he means as Jackson asks what the heck he’s doing. I climb onto Mark’s back and I barely have time to hold on before he takes off running through the parking lot.

“What the hell!” Jackson yells, and faintly I can hear him running with his cart behind us.

I’m too busy laughing and trying not to fall off Mark to care what we must have looked like to strangers.

Mark makes to the van, a proud smile on his face as he huffs lightly and holds onto my legs. “We win!”

Jackson arrives just a few seconds after us. “That… totally isn’t fair,” he pants as he catches his breath.

“You said a race, you didn’t say a cart race,” Mark reminds him.

Jackson just shakes his head, trying to catch his breath.

“That was fun,” I tell Mark with a smile. “I wasn’t expecting that…”

He laughs and I can feel his body rumbling against me. It sends a strange shiver down my back. “I’m glad I can surprise you, Little One,” he mumbles softly.

“That was quite entertaining,” Jinyoung smiles as the rest of the group finally walks up.

“It made me wish I still had all that energy,” Papa Tuan chuckles as he opens the van’s back latch.

“Yah, but Mark and Y/N cheated,” Jackson grumbled.

“Geeze Y/N, you haven’t broke Mark’s back yet?” Bam teases and it’s then that I realize that I’m still on his back…

My face heats up, and I can even feel my neck growing warm. I’m suddenly all too aware that my arms are wrapped around his neck and that my head is practically leaning against his.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I say, starting to lean back, but Mark doesn’t seem bothered.

“Yah, Bam Bam hush it,” Mark scolded, “she’s lighter than you and that’s saying something since you’re so tiny.”

Bam pouted and Yugyeom started to snicker. “How do you know he’s not big?” Yugyeom asked, deepening his voice.

The whole group erupted in loud laughter as Bam made a face of distress. “Can’t you guys just forget that, please?!” 

Eventually we get the groceries piled into the van and we take off back to Mark’s house. Jaebum and Jinyoung fix us a simple rice dish for lunch when we get back and I’m surprised that I’m not as nervous to eat it was I thought I would be, perhaps it was because I was starting to get hungry. The rest of the day was filled with even more laughter from the day before, and we decided to have Yugyeom and Youngjae’s request of In-N-Out.

All through the night, I find myself drifting towards and staying near Mark mostly. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve become partners or what, but I can’t help but want to be around him. We’ve clicked so quickly, more so than any other time we had before. And when he smiles at me, my heart starts to race. I’m not sure what’s happening with me, but one thing is certain, this was going to be the best vacation ever.

–Yiiiikes, so sorry it’s so late! >< I hope you all enjoyed it though!

 Next part: Beach time!! 

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