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Hades hates Danny. All souls go to the underworld (aka the Ghost Zone) eventually and become part of his domain. But not Danny. He straddles the two worlds like Persephone (side note: holy shit halfa!Persephone can you imagine?), eternally just out of Hades’s control.

So Hades takes matters into his own hands. Every now and then, a portal to the Ghost Zone will appear next to Danny and Hades will try to lure/drag him in. It’s gotten to the point where Danny just carries around a broom and hits Hades with it whenever he tries to start shit.

Mr. Lancer’s class is confused the first time Danny brings a broom to class, but they’re absolutely dumbfounded when he hits the god of the underworld with it and says “shoo.”


An afternoon date~

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So, serious talk.

How is anyone supposed to both have a full time job and be a solo 1d fan?

Like… how?


medaloop  asked:

And here I am.... *looks at the chapter count of One Life For Them All* .... Waiting... Hoping...

me too.

I have never seen three characters more in love with each other. Honestly, Dorian x Celaena x Chaol or nothing. 

Anyone else just… tired of Tumblr’s black and white thinking?? IDK it just feels like things have to be perfect or irredeemable, and honestly next to nothing is either of those. Y'all need to just chill and learn how to see the complexity in things


You and I share a bond in Theo Galavan. A passion if you will.

When you realise season 5 of AOS has to fit in

-Emotional Healing

-A Proposal

-A Wedding

-A Move To Perthshire

-And Children

Seriously I need all of this to happen and will be sad and upset if it doesn’t. After that season finale its at least what the Fitzsimmons fandom deserve.

Silent Treatment (OS)

After your heated argument earlier on this morning, you were sure that a little time away and a cuddle tonight would make everything better. No. You’d made Harry some extra nice dinner that you knew he’d love. You brought it up to his studio where you knocked on the door and had no answer. You called his name and you were ignored. You opened the door to find him watching TV. “Didn’t fancy watching TV downstairs?” You asked. Ignored. “H, I brought you up some dinner. Spaghetti and meatballs, your favorite.” You smiled placing a kiss on his head. Ignored and shrugged away with the kiss you so generously gave. “H, are you still mad? I said I’m sorry.” You spoke. He simply lifted the Sky button and flicked through the channels. You put the plate on the coffee table and sat next to Harry. You wrapped your arms around Harry and tried to pull him close, he shrugged you off. “Harry! Please!” You pleaded. You were still ignored. “Silent treatment? Really? Harry really your being that silly about it?” You groaned. His eyes glued to the TV. “I can’t believe you H” You sighed.

Feeling a little shitty about yourself you got yourself a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs and went and ran yourself a bath. Bubbles filled to the top and a few candles loitering and your favorite jazz playlist going, you felt a little more happier. But you craved a word from your boyfriend. It was a silly argument, the lack of you being together and his stress caused it. You prayed that he’d come talk to you before you went to bed, but you had a hard time believing that it would actually happen. You and Harry were normally so happy but the stress of the album was beginning to take a toll on his health. Bringing this up wasn’t a happy topic for your both. You ate another meatball the door opened to the bathroom. There stood your boyfriend. A bowl of what you presumed was the one you gave to him earlier. He gave you a soft smile as he cheeks reddened. He sat down on the floor head against the tub. “I’m a dickhead.” He muttered. You sighed and a small smile graced your lips. “Sometimes.” You replied. You placed your bowl on the side and ruffled your hand through Harry’s hair. “I love you pet” Harry said. “I’m sorry” you smiled. “It’s okay, I’m just worried about you sweets. If this album is taking a toll on your mental health then you need to calm it. You’ll drive yourself insane. You can’t be doing that.” You said. “Can I get in?” He asked. You nodded. He stripped himself of his grey joggers, sports top and boxers. “Squidge” He muttered. You moved forward in the tub and he stepped in and you leant against him. “Love you petal, I really do” He smiled pressing a kiss to your neck. “H, I seriously think you need a break.” You said. “I think I need to get away from London and L.A.” He spoke. “Like a holiday?” You asked. “Like a holiday.” he stated. “Maybe like just chilling and writing in a different environment.” He said. “For a week?” You asked. “No, maybe just until I’m ready to come home, won’t be for too long though.” You frowned. “H, I don’t think I can go that long without seeing you, I need you here with me, I know that selfish but, we are barely talking much now, let alone what will happen if your not even in the country!” You exclaimed. “No, pet, I’d want you to come with me petal, we can chill for the days by the pool, have some good old food and a good tan to us.” He smiled. “So somewhere hot?” You asked. “Jamaica maybe?” He asked. “I’d love that!!” You smiled.



Connor MacManus
character sheet

Murphy’s (x)

inspired by: (X)

If I wasn’t filming in London, I would’ve gone to prom with Jacob. His prom proposal was honestly the best and I’m very upset with myself that I had to turn it down. How come this kid doesn’t have a date, can someone please explain this to me? His name is Jacob, and looks like Ryan Gosling and he’s adorable. Get this kid a date, please! Help a sista out. 


First of, just to be clear let me tell you guys that I don’t certainly hate Furuya. Its just that, with the happenings in the recent chapter, I don’t know if Furuya’s character is a progress or regress?

In the recent chapter of DNA 2, we can see Furuya’s internal monologue about the ace duty. Let’s start with how he praise Sawamura’s pitching.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it that this is the first time he praise Sawamura’s pitching at the end of the game considering his aloof personality? when I read this, I feel proud of him. I said to myself that he really is changing for good but then this happen.

I was surprise. I honestly don’t know what to think, don’t know what to feel. I don’t know how to interpret this coming from him. Does this mean that all this time he didn’t think Sawamura as his rival for the ace number? I hope not. Or is his confidence that great and think that he is better than him all this time? I truly hope not.  Anyway, its interesting that Yui thinks that Furuya is acting tough(lol).  

Let’s talk about his internal monologue about ace duty “according to him”.

Its interesting to note that both Furuya and Sawamura considers the team when pitching (pitching for the team) but with different approach. According to Furuya’s monologue, being ace is someone who brings victory to his team. IMO, this is an arrogant definition of being an ace. Let’s not forget that baseball is a team game. You can’t play it by being alone and most importantly you can’t bring victory by being/playing alone. Its truly good that he want to pitch for the sake of the team and I give him a credit for that however  its undoubtedly that he stops seeing everything else. Is he starting to be self centered brat?

Honestly I was truly hoping for Furuya to self destruct in this practice match just like what happen with Sawamura in his yips arc. Why? IMO he needs to struggle to properly develop his character. From being a starting member(1st string) in act 1 to obtaining the ace number, its like it was given to him in a golden platter. Both Miyuki and Coach Kataoka spoiled him. Seriously, I feel sorry for Furuya for being a plot device. 

Anyway the way he is now, there’s no way he can catch up to Sawamura much more to be the ace this summer. There is so much to fix with Furuya and first in his list is to gain control. He also need to gain stamina though even if he has stamina he needs to learn how to pace himself if he doesn’t, his stamina is useless. Most especially his breaking balls is way too sloppy to use (they break too early).

In any case, I think we don’t need to worry for Sawamura. He knows his wrongs. He knows he is still lacking. He will surely be harder on himself again and certainly he will improve in a best way possible. We can look forward to his majestic improvement. He will surpass our expectations to him.

All in all, its really good game for both Furuya, Sawamura and the team . At the very least we finally know what Furuya is thinking in the last few chapters. 

Well this teaching job has gotten to the checking references point, so I’m hopeful. And I really want it. So if any of you have good vibes, karma, are in good with whatever God you pray to, etc… I’d appreciate you sending any of that that you can spare over here.

Ok at this point I have like 1.6 tumblr friends and may never really blog again so idk why I’m sharing this here before I like, speak to my loved ones except that it can be nice to feel like I’m not just yelling into the abyss…

Feel free to read, please don’t re//blog

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Locked In (Part 6)

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Summary: Detective Winchester has been out of reader’s life for a month now but they manage to find themselves forced together again…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Pairing: Detective!Dean x reader

Word Count: 3,300ish

Warnings: language, mild violence

A/N: Took this in a slightly different direction than previous parts…

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