seriously though i love this picture

Somehow 1 photoshopped picture of everybody’s favourite stardew valley characters turned into me writing fanfiction at 1am. Someone send help. I’ve gone too far.

I’m supposed to be working on my sims story

Seriously, though. There are not enough fics of Sam/Sebastian/Abigail getting  into shenanigans (no smut, sorry) for my liking. I need to correct this. I might post it on ao3 if it doesn’t totally suck? If anybody’s even remotely interested, please let me know. I love encouragement.

Happy New Year from some of the Kirkwall crew! This is really just a redraw of a picture i did last year but that’s something to post another day :))


@leonoved You might as well as whether I love Salted Caramel Fudge or Black Sesame Mochi, ie. an impossible choice ;A;

Seriously though, I actually like them both equally? Awakening because it’s my first FE game, and Fates because of the Japanese High Fantasy aesthetic (in Birthright’s case at least) which ya don’t see erryday in an English-language RPG.

Also, because of my best husbandos as pictured above >3> 

$ Tree Finds

I picked up just a few small things at the Dollar Tree today, for use in my witchcraft…here goes.

I’m REALLY excited about these spray bottles. They’re fairly small, though they have bigger ones, but these little ones are perfect for dispersing small liquid spells and they’re faceted to look kind of like jewels? I think they’re really cute (not pictured: blue bottle, which my roommate was already using to spritz a cleansing solution all over the house).

Bath salts! I LOVE bath magic, and my whole little family here has been seriously struggling with anxiety and self-love lately, so I picked up the lavender for an anti-anxiety bath and the rose for some self love. Things like this are so easy to charge, dump into a bath, and just get in and relax and soak in the magic! These ones are pretty and smell really nice, so hopefully they do well in the tub too. I may update. Not pictured: vanilla. I didn’t like their scent as much.

I feel like we’ve all seen these before, but these are soap roses. I’m excited to just peel a few petals off, float them on top of a bath with my rose bath salts, and watch them melt into the water. It’s excellent to help visualize the self-love and positivity soaking into the bath.

That’s all I picked up today, but I also recommend checking out what spices they have for inexpensive herbs and keeping an eye out for pretty bottles, jars, dishes, bowls, etc for containers and altars!

Whenever people draw Sportacus close to the same height or wider than Robbie I just wanna shove this picture in their face.

They are the same width almost.

And Sport is a -smol elf- next to Robbie.


(Don’t take this seriously 😂 I adore everyone’s art.)

Reasons to love this photo:

1. He’s wearing  hipster-like glasses

2. He’s wearing one of his own shirts

3. He’s Wearing shorts!

4. You can see his thigh tattoo 

5. It’s looks like an Instagram photo-Nice vintage filter there

6. Little makeup-only eyeliner

7. Him and Lily have the same face expression

8. Lily’s the only cat I’ve seen that can actually pose for a picture with their holder

9. It’s adorable


Newt Cosplay For 200… wait what.. oVER 300 FOLLOWERS????!

omg I don’t even know what to say I’m so honored like seriously ;u; thank you so much for your support and kindness as I continue my journey with you on the road to MORE NEWT. Seriously though. Thank you so so so much and I love you all ❤🌱

(ps if anyone caught my text post about Newt’s stick, I had fun laughing about it when I tried to take pictures with the wand in my mouth. It resulted in me dropping it a couple of times. Resolution: don’t make jokes about Newt’s wand and don’t put [the wand] in your mouth)

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AWA photos, part 2!

There were LOTS of other Mimikyu at AWA, so Kopikat definitely didn’t get lonely!!

If you don’t think that this is the coolest thing ever, you are so incredibly wrong! Ahhhh, I loved this so much. u.u

Seriously though, who do I need to talk to about getting a Mimikyu cloak made? I’ll wear it everywhere, seriously. Throw me a ghost bone here.

I’m not even gonna lie–I laughed way hard at this. It’s just so perfect. Kudos to you, ghostbro, for having the dedication to just kinda sit there for people to take pictures. I and so many others appreciated it! You’re awesome and clever!!

Another awesome thing about AWA is that I got to meet a long-time online friend of mine, @aoiskye (AKA, the biggest Mimi-cutie ever), in person!

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4

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Your drawing made me wanna watch Beauty and the Beast again and now I am and I'm picturing Lance and Lotor and Keith in Belle and Gaston and the Beast's places and I can't stop giggling thanks a lot! (Seriously though, I love your Disney AU artwork!)

THANK YOU!! My inner child is loving all these au’s 

Beauty and the Beast is gonna be a big post! I love the way the characters fit!

(I can’t wait to post the rest of the Disney Requests !!!)


Forgotten Hollow randomness <3 

I haven’t had the chance to play with this GP as much as I would have liked to, but so far I’m absolutely loving it *_____* the new world is stunning (why did they have to put only five lots in it, though? ;____;), for once in my life I find myself loving the new premades and the vampires themselves are just… well… everything I’ve always wanted and never dared to ask, lol. Seriously, they’ve really outdone themselves with this GP. Adding a “dark form” to vampires was a really neat idea (especially seeing how I’ve been considering about doing something similar for vampires in the Emergency Coven for a long time, although I have yet to come up with a final decision), the new skin details look pretty awesome (they even added a sort of scar! *O*) and those powers… gosh, the powers. Being the RPG sucker that I am (pun may or may not be intended), having the chance to choose both powers and weaknesses for vampires was something that made me ridiculously happy. I would have never expected EA to do something similar (although I do remember them adding that “fatal flaw” thing in Sims Medieval), so this was a really nice surprise. The new animations are pretty awesome too (sparring! bat transformation! blood drinking!) and I love how it now takes a while for humans to turn into vampires, à la Anne Rice :D 

Seriously, my only complaint so far is that, as with aliens, there’s no way to turn an already saved human sim into a vampire in CAS. Other than that, the GP is just perfect <3 

(Commenting on this new official art because holy shit)

Things I love about this picture: 

-Yamaguchi has a puppy sticker on his phone

-That eye contact though

-Tsukishima looks grumpy but Yamaguchi doesn’t care and talks to him enthusiastically anyway

-Tsukishima is hunched over so much that Yamaguchi looks taller

-They are sitting very close to each other

-Yamaguchi’s legs are toned af (maybe even more than Tsukishima’s)

-Yamaguchi looks like such a gentle creature the ways he’s sitting and holding that earbud

-It seriously looks like Tsukishima is longingly gazing at Yamaguchi

-Yamaguchi is probably telling Tsukishima about the music he’s listening to, and is about to share the earbuds with him (and that’s super romantic for real)

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But are they dating for real though? C & L I mean.

Nah they’re not, their friendship seriously reminds me of my friendship with my best friend. Everyone we know jokes around and says we are girlfriends because like we walk to class with her hugging my waist and once when she was sick I drove over to her house and gave her flowers and fruit and she took a picture of me at her door (I looked dorky af), we snuggle together a lot as well 😂
But cami and lili have a really amazing friendship and I love it

A Picture and a Story about a DnD/Pathfinder character of mine.

So the following is a sweet commission done by @winters-shade. After the picture is a random short story about the two characters and how they first met. To clarify, Dionaea is a summoner who was a fetchling (in the story she’s referred to as a darkling). She lived with her Shae father in the Shadow Plane rather than the material world for a great portion of her life. This story takes place when she’s about 7 or 8.

Woebringer lay unmoving, as he did most days. The moonlit sky barely illuminated the foremost passage of his massive cavern dwelling, but it was the darkness he prefered. Most creatures of the Nightveil prefered the dark. Came with living in a plane where things like suns were a legend brought from across the veil in Terra. In either case, even the pale moonlight that shone down over the lands was too bright to bother with.

He stared lazily out into the meadow before his lair. Water trickled down from a nearby cliffside until cascading in a full waterfall. The white-barked trees with purples leaves swayed in the midnight breeze. It was always midnight here. Always quiet. Few creatures of the Nightveil dared venture into his lands. It was well known that he hunted the other nightmares that thrived in the dark.

The noise of a stone skipping across water caught his attention. It was out of place in his placid world. He glided forward, swimming on the air itself and peered into his meadow with thirteen shimmering red eyes.

He blinked. Surely his ancient mind was playing tricks on him. Another stone splashed into the waters of the small lake his waterfall poured into. No, she was certainly there.

Standing next to the water was a young girl as pale as the moonlight that washed over the Nightveil. Her hair shone metallic silver, and when she turned to face him, her deep violet eyes stood stark against the rest of her. She was a darkling, one of the humanoid beings that lived in the small cloister to the south of his lair. He did not know a single thing about the ages of darklings, but she must have been very young to be so small. Not even a worthy snack.

He slid out from his cavern into the clearing while she watched him. In some worlds, he might have been called a shark, a fierce ocean hunter. During his perishingly short visits to worlds beyond his own, he had seen such creatures. They were predators. The rulers of their lands. He found the comparison apt enough.

Unlike the sharks that inhabited the seas of the world beyond, he bore thirteen eyes and no gills. His hide was black as the void and wisps of shadow rolled off him in waves as he glided through the air. He coiled around her, bending his fins down to lightly touch the ground. He must have seemed a massive monster to the youngling. She was barely over a meter in height and he more than a hundred times that in length. His tail flicked at the night air as he pulled free of the cave, his bulk taking up most of the meadow.

The girl-child did not flinch, she merely stared into his eyes as if she had been waiting for his arrival.

“Why have you come into my domain?” he asked, surprised to find himself genuinely curious. He rarely bothered hunting or eating the darklings from the south for they were small and bony, but he thought their legends of his presence more than enough to keep them away.

“I was bored,” she said. The rock she held in her hand tumbled to the ground. She walked over to his head until was a mere meter from his jaws.

“It seems an ill reason to wander to your death.”

She cocked her head to the side. “You aren’t going to kill me. If you were, you’d have eaten me already.”

“Perhaps I enjoy playing with my prey,” he growled.

The ends of her mouth pulled up, an expression unknown to him. She was taunting him, standing so close to his maw.

“What are you called?” she asked.

Faster than naturally possible, his jaws were around her. His teeth brushed her skin and shadows from his throat curled surrounded her. Again, she did not move.

He withdrew, thoughtful. “Woebringer is what I have been named by the creatures I hunt and the Night Lords that call for my assistance.”

“That’s a rather dour name, don’t you think?”

He blinked his thirteen eyes once again. What was it about this girl-child that enthralled him. Her fearlessness?

“You do not fear me,” he said.

“Of course I do. You’re the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.” She was sincere in the way that children often are.

“You hide it well.”

“Fear is important, but superfluous. That’s what my daddy says, so I ignore it.”

“I think your…daddy, would be upset to know that you’re here.”

“I told him I was bored and he said to go play. If he wanted me to stay around his castle he would have said so, right?”

He didn’t answer, though he believed she was asking him the question in truth.

“Can I call you something else?”


“A different name. I don’t like Woebringer.”

“It was merely a name given me.”

“Then I’ll call you Wobbe.”

“Wobbe…” his voice echoed through the meadow. “What does it mean?”



“No, silly, it doesn’t have a meaning. I made it up.”


“I’m Dionaea.”

“Like the murderous plants?”

Her lips pulled back revealing her teeth this time. Here was an expression he was familiar with. Part joy, part threat.

Wobbe’s laugh shook the cliffsides. “And you claimed my name to be dour.”

“Will you play with me, Wobbe?” Dionaea asked.

He glanced up at the ever-present moon hanging in the sky then back down at the crazy child. She had made him laugh. He hadn’t laughed in centuries, of that he was sure.

“Very well, but you will have to show me how.”

She showed her teeth once more and in return he showed her his, every gleaming row.


dude i’m super obsessed with the possessed!sans au and @sushinfood’s voice acting clip of it (found here: it was literally all i could think about all day so i drew this like a werido

i haven’t really posted a comic to tumblr before cuz i draw comics like a maniac and they make no sense unless i make a million individual pictures… but hopefully this makes sense and someone likes it :) 

Shitty, Year 3

My answer to the burning question: Where is Shitty? 

7k, Jack and Shitty friendship centric, background Zimbits, canon compliant (as of year 3, comic 3)

Shitty, Year 3

Sometimes, Jack forgets that he and Shitty aren’t going back to Samwell. Because immediately after graduation, it seems that nothing has changed. Shitty is still blowing up the group chat with his thoughts on intersectional feminism and Jack is still getting chirped for not knowing how to send moving pictures (gifs, he thinks they are called gifs and there is some debate over the pronunciation that has Holster and Ransom at each other’s throats for a few days). No new frogs have been added in the months of June or July and it’s easy and familiar.

In their private text, Shitty is still sending him the titles of the textbooks he needs for his classes and ranting about how they are all by old white men and, there is a difference in that Jack doesn’t have any assigned textbooks to send back to Shitty but he still enjoys reading history books in his time off. So he sends Shitty those. Gets praised when he picks the ones not written by old white men.

Sometimes Jack has to remind himself. His practices with the Falconers are not just camps that he’s going to. His apartment in Providence is not temporary. He won’t be going back to the Haus. He won’t get to go to Samwell once August rolls around.

But, still, he and Bitty are skyping every night and he and Shitty are texting everyday (skyping about every third day) and it’s different, but not too different and he’s sad when he thinks of Samwell but also happier than he’s ever been in his life.

Which is why he almost misses it.

He’s not sure he’ll ever forgive himself.


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It’s been a while since I changed my phone background, and for the first time in ages it’s not Scott Caan (though I can almost guarantee he’ll be back on there in the future)

But seriously though, how good is this picture? (I’ve been on a Miss Fisher binge in the last week, and damn I love Jack Robinson)

Durarara!!/Izaya analysis/meta

Musing time!
I’m so sorry…this is long….
Ok, I realize the things I’m about to say may be unpopular opinons, but just remember that they are only my opinons and of course I cannot say anything for certain since I’m not Narita, but I thought I’d put this out there since I don’t see that many people considering it.
First of all, a large part of this fandom ascribes to the headcanon that Izaya is a sociopath as well as asexual/aromantic or just plain “incapable of falling in love” or loving any human above another.
But consider if none of that is exactly true.

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