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Shape of You [Kyle Spencer x Reader]

Warnings: SMUT, alcohol, unprotected sex (remember kiddos, wrap it before you tap it), gross bar & grill bathrooms (pretend this one isn’t gross)

Word Count: 1,301

A/N: Aye I’m back with some Kyle Spencer smut (yes please excuse how ?? it is, all of my smut is like wow?) Surprisingly, I haven’t gotten any smut requests for him, but I needed this in my life, so I wrote it. And quickly, let me fucking share this with you. Like c’mere Eddy, I’ll ride your pony. Just hit me up. Also, the fact didn’t proofread this and it was written at 3:45am might lead to things being a little off.

But seriously, no glove no love. Special circumstances only.

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sweet on you

BAKERY AU. Mark is Mark, Eduardo owns a bakery/café near the Facebook offices. Mark does not have time to have a thing for him, but he totally, totally does. Sadly for Mark’s continued enjoyment of a harassment-free existence, Dustin is still Dustin and is entirely devoted to his causes of a) getting Mark laid, b) acquiring all the gossip, and c) acquiring all the baked goods he can. Featuring novelty shaped cookies, frosting in places frosting should never be, and ~feelings~. Cakes are baked, feelings are felt, and Mark makes his known - eventually.

YEARS AND YEARS LATER, I have FINALLY got round to putting this behemoth on AO3. HAPPY EASTER and also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to alexandraptor. Without writing this I might never have met her and she is worth more to me than a billion pony cookies. <3

Preference #206 Leave Your Lover (His POV)
  • Liam: (what use is money when you need someone to hold?) I sighed to myself, scrolling further down in my Twitter responses. It was the same thing I always got when I tweeted about being bored. Either a ‘THEN FOLLOW ME!’ or a, ‘you have so much money, just go buy something to do’. It was getting old. My money was going nowhere, yes, but that didn’t mean I wanted to blow all of it to entertain myself. I had plenty of things to do. Not at the moment, but that is beside the point. I tossed my laptop off my lap to open my phone to go onto instagram.It was sad really, I was a young, single guy alone on a Saturday night, worrying about whats on instagram. I really wish I hadn’t because as soon as my feed loaded, it was clear that ___ had gone out with her boyfriend today, and with ___ being who she is, this constituted at least three or four photos. I could feel my frown getting deeper and deeper as I scrolled past a few of them smiling and hugging, tossing the phone out of my hands as soon as I hit the picture of her kissing his cheek. I may as well just tweet ‘I am bored because the girl I love is with someone else and it’s all I can think about’. What the fans didn’t know was that my money meant nothing to me compared to her. All I wanted was her, I could live in a box as long as she was next to me, and she has not the slightest clue.
  • Louis: (just leave your lover, leave him for me) “So, how is the boyfriend?” I asked, sticking the burger into my mouth as ___ automatically glared at me, setting down her soda. “He is fine, Louis. Be nice.” I rolled my eyes, “I am being nice. I asked you how he was.” I shrugged. The two of us weren’t best friends for nothing, she knew just how much I hated her boyfriend, and though she has never addressed it, I know she knows how I feel about her. And even though it is foolish, I know one of these days she will feel the same. I’m not blind to how she acts around me and how she acts around him, it’s just different. It’s natural with me, and with him I can see the flashes of what she really thinks in her eyes as her politest response comes from her mouth. She sighed, shaking her head. “I am pretty damn unhappy, truthfully, but. Whatever.” I stopped my motions, gaping at her. “Your happiness is not a whatever subject. Why are you still with him then?” She shrugged, avoiding my eyes, “Cause where would I go? I mean, who would be with me?” She said, pressing her palms under her eyes to keep her from crying. I frowned further. “First off, you don’t have to be with someone always. Look how single I am, and I’m fine! And I know that you’re aware of at least one person who would welcome you with open arms.” I say quietly, getting a bit nervous. She studies my eyes for a moment, frowning, “What if we mess this up?” I shake my head ignoring her, “Just leave him, please. For me.” I ask as she smiles at me softly.
  • Zayn: (but if i can’t have you, i want this life alone) Niall frowned further as I shook my head one final time, focusing instead on the little doodles I had begun in my notebook as a result of boredom before the show began. “Not even one date? She is hot man, I’m telling you.” Niall asked yet again and I raised my eyes to glare at him as he slumped over. “Great, not interested.” I droned as Niall huffed, leaning in. “Look mate the lads and I have got a bet going that one of us will get you one a date and Louis already owes me 200 pounds so I would love if you helped me out.” I must’ve looked offended cause Niall chuckled, “Of course we are all really starting to worry about you and your dry spell, I mean ever since ____ started dating that-” Niall cut himself off as soon as it clicked in his head, which caused a blush to fan over my cheeks. “I get it. It’s her, isn’t it? You want her.” I nodded as Niall shook his head, “Wow thinking about it, it’s actually really obvious now.” I sat up further, worried. “It is!?” Niall shook me off, scoffing, “Not to her of course. But you know, I know how you act around a girl when you like her. So it really is just her, yeah? You don’t even want to try and go out on a date with someone?” I shook my head automatically looking down. “No, sad as it is, i really don’t want anyone unless it’s her. And I don’t think that will change anytime soon.” I said, swallowing. Niall hit my knee lightly, standing up, “You should tell her mate.” I smiled softly. “Maybe.”
  • Niall: (pack up and leave everything, don’t you see what i can bring?) I smiled at her again as she looked back at me for confirmation that she was really doing this. It was maybe 3 in the morning now, and she inserted the key into the lock as quietly as she could, gingerly turning the handle. “I thought you said he wasn’t home.” I said, placing a hand on her back as she was creeping into the house. “He’s not, I am just being stealth cause I think it’s funny.” She said, grinning back at me. I chuckled, shaking my head before pulling at her waist to drag her closer to press a kiss to her cheek. “I’m proud of you for doing this, not just because you know, we’re together. But just cause. I’m proud of you.” I explained, smiling a bit. She giggled, shutting the door behind us. We were here to gather her stuff up. It was her boyfriends house and she had kept a whole lot of stuff here. She had left him maybe two weeks ago, but he was angry and she was scared to come get her things because he never was the kindest man, so she decided we should grab her stuff while he was away on business. She would leave the key under the doormat. I was rocking on my heels in the foyer, waiting for her to come back downstairs when she appeared, a bunch of clothes in her hands. I furrowed my eyebrows at the bright teal sweatshirt on the top of the pile. “That’s mine!” I pointed it out as she shrugged, “I stole it ages ago. And I’m your girlfriend now, get used to it.” She grinned, which made me smile too.
  • Harry: (we sit in bars and raise our drinks to growing old, oh i’m in love with you, and you will never know) She had the entire table enthralled and I seriously doubt she even noticed. She was happy, really happy, which meant there was no point in me even trying to wipe the huge grin that I know is sitting on my face. It was her birthday and any time someone wished her a happy birthday, she’d lift her drink and grumble about how old she was getting. Everyone would laugh even though she made the joke ten times before, except for him. He sat stony next to her, looking annoyed. I believe she told me his reason was there was a match on. He couldn’t focus on his girlfriends birthday dinner because of a sport. It pissed me off, honestly. But what could I say? Nothing. She loves him, and I am so in love with her I don’t know what to do. I lean over to her, “You look very beautiful for an old lady.” I mumble as she is taking a sip of her drink. She chuckles into her glass, setting it down and I feel my confidence rise as I see the slightest bit of a blush on her cheeks. “You’re not so bad for a strapping young man.” She teased, pinching my cheeks. We are both silent for a moment before she speaks, “I know how busy you are Harry, thank you so much for bein-” I shook my head, cutting her off, “I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” I said, as she followed my line of vision towards her boyfriend. She frowned for a moment before studying my face closely and opening her mouth and then closing it, deciding against whatever she was about to say.
  • notes: sam smith is a god. that is all! hope you enjoyed!