seriously though i laughed for like 10 minutes at this

I’m so damn lazy to watch anime so I started reading Bungou Stray Dogs and–HOW COULD I ALMOST MISS THE CHANCE TO SEE THIS MAJESTIC CREATURE



On to the next one,

super prickly redhead, tiny as fuck, will fucking fight everything with yells and fists and kicks (but still quite docile enough I guess), a bit pretentious too, and anti-gravity or some shit.

this guy reminds me of

FUCKING CHIHUAHUA!!! AND HIS NAME IS CHUUYA TOO! Let’s call him Chihuahuya from now on.

Dazai though, he’s definitely a part-time alpha male wolf and part-time fucking suicidal moon moon.

so Soukoku would be

can you fucking imagine a chihuahua trying to wrestle a wolf? because I did and I’ve been laughing for the past 10 minutes.

(dick move though, Dazai left Chuuya in the middle of fucking forest.

like, doesn’t he have a decency to at least put Chuuya in the coffin with an apple (or grapes, whichever)? like he fucking passed the Snow White joke with mafia underlings as the dwarfs, seriously that moon moon.)



I don’t even know man. he looks more mature than Dazai or Chuuya somehow.

it must be the angst and shadow capes.

must be.

anyway, I’m on chapter 35 now. While I don’t like some aspects of the story and I find it boring sometimes, it’s still intriguing enough that I’ll continue to read it.

plus, I already adopt the overgrown cat and the chihuahuya so yeah, gonna stick reading this

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I just realized that these three idjits are always laughing in real life, Jensen, Jared and Misha are almost always without a frown, but Dean, Sam and Castiel rarely truly smile or laugh during the series. I honestly think, that even though the show is of total seriousness (or so they say) that the boys deserve one episode that they really laugh. Hard. And their gut hurts, and for 10 minutes, they forget that their lives suck. That they fight monsters. For 10 minutes they can feel like they have a normal life. It’s sad that you can tell the second picture isn’t in the show because they’re all genuinely smiling.

Hockey Luke (Chapter One)

oh god, the first chapter is horrible im so sorry 

i just really love hockey luke so i decided to write this

tell me what you think if you want

part 2

“Y/L/N!” I spun around at the sound of someone calling my last name. I saw my friend Calum Hood walking through the halls towards me. I stopped in the hallway to wait for him, clutching my books to my chest and tried my best not to get run over by the other students.

He finally caught up to me, and kept speeding past me. “Where the hell are you going?” I yelled, now my turn to have to run to get to him. “I have hockey tryouts.” He told me, not stopping from walking. “What? Why do you have to tryout, I thought that the team was already made, I mean isn’t it the same team as last year?”

Calum nodded. “Yeah, so did I. But the coach wants to do tryouts this year to give everyone a chance or some shit, I don’t know. He said it not me.” Calum suddenly stopped waling, and turned to me. “Hey, you wanna come with me?”

He started speed walking again, and I had to get my brain to catch up with my legs once again to keep up with him. “Cal, I have shit to do.”

“So what? You always come to my hockey practices.” He said, trying to argue with me. “No,” I told him, “I always come to your games, not your practices.”

“Whatever, same thing. C’mon Y/N, please? You can cheer me on.” He said, a small laugh escaping his lips. “Okay, fine let’s go. How are you getting to the rink?”

Calum stopped once more, running his hands through his hair. “Fuck,” he muttered. “I didn’t think of that.”

“Seriously? Can’t we get a ride from Ash or something?” I asked, pulling out my phone to see who we can ask. “No, he and Michael skipped last block to get to the rink early.”

“Why didn’t you go with them?” I asked, I swear he was an idiot. “Because I didn’t realize that there were tryouts today until like 10 minutes ago.” He muttered, cursing to himself under his breath.

“Dumbass,” I said, laughing even though I was insulting him. “Fine, Calum. Let’s go. We’re taking the bus.”

Finally after at least half an hour of Calum complaining about waiting for the bus, the weird smells and the mean driver was we got to the ice rink. I went to sit in the bleachers; there weren’t too many people there, or too many people that I knew so I sat alone.

I looked up when I heard someone sit down next to me, and was shocked to see Calum sitting there, not changed into his gear. “What are you doing? Why aren’t you out on the ice?”

“Coach yelled at me for being late.” He explained, pulling out some food from his bag. “What, so you don’t get to tryout?”

He smirked, chewing on what I think were chips. “I don’t need to tryout; coach said that I’m already on the team.”

I bumped his shoulders with my own, congratulating him. “Good job man.”

We sat, watching the others play and be yelled at a judged by the coach, while chewing on our chips. “Who’s that?” I asked Cal, after the practice was almost over. I pointed to a guy I wasn’t sure I knew. I’ve spent so much time in this place, watching this same team play that I knew everyone by now.

“That tall guy? That’s the new kid.” Calum mumbled mouth full of chips.

“There’s a new kid? Since when?”

“I don’t know, he’s new this year. I wouldn’t expect you to know him Y/N, it’s only been like a month of school. I’m pretty sure I have second block with him.”

“He’s good,” I muttered more to myself, watching him. “Not as good as me though, right?” Calum asked me, teasingly even though I knew that he really wanted to know.

“Maybe, I mean you haven’t played in a couple months.”

“That’s a lie, and you know it Y/N. I’ve been practicing basically every day.” We sat there in silence for the rest of the tryouts, watching the players.

I watched the new guy intently, waiting for him to take of his helmet so I could get a better look at his face. I just wanted to see if I would recognize him from school, I just liked to know everyone.

Eventually, once the tryouts were over for the day, and the players started skating off the ice and towards the changing rooms. The new kid finally took off his head gear, blond hair slightly flattened against his forehead. I saw his eyes scan the basically empty bleachers, landing on me when he saw me looking back at him and the corner of his lips perking up in a smirk.

I saw a gleam of something on the corner of his mouth, realizing that he had a lip ring in. “You’re allowed to play with piercings?” I asked, turning to Calum.


“The new kid, he has a lip piercing.” I explained to him. Cal nodded, clearly already being aware of this rule. “Yeah, though you really should take them out for practices and games.”

“Are you already like in love with the new kid?” Cal smirked. “Hey,” I protested. “I’m just curious.”

The Ringtone

Michael knows he’s fucked the second Calum hands him another beer.

There’s no doubt that his friends want him to let loose, chat some girl up, possibly take her home, and, well, have sex. It’s probably what they’re planning on doing, what they always do. What Michael would do if it weren’t for the fact that he’d lost all interest in that since the last time they went out. He’s just not all there with that, mentally, physically too. There’s just something- some_one_- else taking up all his thoughts and interests.

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