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Hi, help me I watch Woman Wonder and my friend says that is biphobic (???) w these arguments: "there is no talk of about love w women on the island and everything Diana knows about sex is bc she has read it in a book " "she only beats the bad guy bc she sees the boy dies so she doesn't care about war only about him " "censored her bisexuality w women and racialized women are the ones who take the worst blows" I'm not good w words help me to counterargument bc we have seen two different movies.

Oh boy…. Alright so as requested, I come bearing counter arguments. 

(And by that I mean, mostly the amazing @kara-danvers-lena-luthor comes bearing them. This is mostly her with commentary and backup arguments from me because like 95% of this is her pure genius and I love her). Ahem! So tell your friend to pull up a chair.

1) “There’s no talk about love with women on the island and everything Diana knows about sex is because she has read it in a book.” 

Okay, but there’s no talk about hetero sex either. Even though it’s IMPLIED that Diana slept with Steve, they never EXPLICITLY talk about it. Also, which is more important to the story of Diana becoming the GREATEST WARRIOR of all times? Showing her growing up and training? Or showing her growing up and sleeping with women? I guess the answer is obvious, don’t you think?

Diana’s sexuality was not the focus of the film. Why would it be? Love and sex were not the elements that made these incredible women who they are. And just as it is implied that she slept with Steve, it can be just as easily implied that she and/or the Amazons were sexually involved with women. (More on this in a bit).

2) “She only beats the bad guy because she sees Steve dying.” 

Hon, sweetheart, pal, buddy… If your friend thinks that, they truly don’t know WW. Diana, in the comics, literally blinded herself to defeat Medusa. Do you really think she would have stopped fighting Ares? The entire movie is about Diana completing the Amazon’s mission, which is defeating Ares! Believe me, even if Steve hadn’t died, she would have found a way to defeat him. Losing Steve just gave her an extra push to finish him faster.

I argued in a previous post against the outlandish notion that Steve is the singular hero of this film. He helped save the day, she saved the world. It was Diana’s fight and strong faith in humanity that helped contribute to her victory over Ares. In her fight, she never gave up, she had a moment where some would say that hope seemed lost, but she searched within herself and fought for what she believed in. She didn’t just defeat Ares with her brute strength, just as she didn’t defeat him because the man she loved died. Ares attempted to use that against her – her anger and heartbreak. He almost succeeded but in the end she was superior because of how she was able to rise above that. Defeating him because she was angry (which was not the case) would have served your friend’s argument, but that’s simply not what happened. Next.

3) “Censored her bisexuality.” 

First of all, we need to stop with this notion that in order for us to believe someone is bisexual their dating history has to be 50% women, 50% men! (THIS!!!). Secondly, Diana herself says that men are unnecessary for pleasure! What more does your friend want?? But yes, they had to be careful, because there was a lot riding on this project: the first solo female superhero movie, the first superhero movie directed by a woman, first movie directed by a woman with over $100 million budget… so they needed to make bank!!! They needed to make sure they wouldn’t anger bigoted people, and they did an wonderful job, okay? They made it clear that Diana knows women give each other pleasure, and that she also can fall for men. It’s not erasure, it’s called playing it smart!

I’m just going to throw in the idea of the double standard here, because with arguments that get thrown around on here, we would have seen it. So stay with me. Yes, we would all love to see a wlw Wonder Woman in the movies. And it’s not too late! Who knows, maybe we will! But let’s be real here, if they threw in something really quickly about Diana actually being with a woman, or if she were in a relationship with a woman before leaving Themyscira, that would have received backlash as well. Because it would have been quick and probably only implied in the background of everything else going on. If executed poorly, it could have contributed to the stigma and one of the primary stereotypes against bisexual people! She’s in love with a woman, she meets Steve, has her canon interactions with him, leaves Themyscira (and thus the woman she loves) behind and falls in love with Steve in the short amount of time they have together? Fact: There would have been complaints there too. Sadly, you can’t satisfy all the people, all the time. 

4) “Women of color are the ones who take the worst blows.” 

What???? I’m sorry, but from all your friend’s arguments, this point is the most ridiculous one to me… Seriously, take your friend to the movie again. After the battle at the beach, an Amazon suggests killing Steve to be done with it, but it’s a black Amazon who is the voice of reason and tells the Queen herself that they should listen to what he has to say. 

A black Amazon, Artemis, is portrayed as the strongest among them. She’s the one who hits Diana in the face during Diana’s last training. She’s the one that you see in the first scene of the Amazon’s training shaking off her attackers like they’re nothing. That’s the point! She’s a brick wall! The one to beat. And that isn’t racist. Honey that’s goals. As a black woman I was proud to see that bit! (Not to mention, Artemis was white in her original comic book appearances. She was portrayed as a black woman, I believe in later editions and in a 2009 film. The issue would have been making Artemis the pony-tailed redhead we see originally, but instead we got the amazing Ann Wolfe. So~)

Also after they listen to Steve, and Diana asks her mom to send the Amazons back with him, one of them asks, “What are you talking about, child?” To which Diana replies, “Forgive me, Senator” and guess what? That Amazon is black as well, meaning that they hold high ranks in their society. So I really don’t know what your friend is going on about.

This is a good segue to return to the issue of erasing the Amazon’s sexuality and still tying it in with issues of race. Fun little fact that I learned today:

Why is this important? Who is Phillipus? 

☝☝She is☝☝

Queen Hippolyta and Phillipus are lovers in the comics. Anyone that knew that probably would have been looking for it after finding out Phillipus was in the film. I know I would have been if I knew this sooner. Now it is true, that it is not blatantly obvious that the two are involved in the film. But complete erasure would have been ignoring Phillipus altogether. Instead, they had her, she was STILL a WOC, and in a position that would have more or less kept her at Hippolyta’s side. See where I’m taking this?

So anyway, woc were not just there to take the heavy hits. They show a woman of color with brute strength, they show a woman of color being the voice of reason, they show a woman of color in a high ranking position. It was multifaceted.

So there it is. Anything else? Did we help? 😃

TL;DR: NO. Literally no to everything your friend said. Just… no. kbye

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i.m x reader ➠ requested by anonymous—”fluffy changkyun scenario.”

warnings: none. genre: fluff. word count: 989 a/n: this was super vague so i just ran with it the only way i know how… with stupid humour and dumb scenarios.

Originally posted by iamonstax

After a week of rain you were overjoyed to wake up one morning and find sunlight streaming through your blinds. Usually you aren’t much of a morning person but this morning was a special one–you had to call Changkyun and make sure he was free to enjoy the sunshine.

Do you have any idea what time it is?” is the first thing he said to you that day.

“It’s not like you’re a stranger to waking up early.”

There’s silence on the other end and for a moment you’re worried he’s fallen asleep but– “Yeah, I know, I’ve been up for an hour already.” He laughed loudly and you realised that the other members must be awake too. “Figured you’d call me when you saw the weather so I didn’t bother waking you.

“How do you know me so well?”

You could actually picture his exaggerated shrug before he replied. “I love you, don’t I? Anyway, am I picking you up or what?

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Band Yarouze FES! - Report

*Please do NOT repost any parts of my report anywhere*

Date: 2016/11/20
Venue: Nissho Hall
Casts: Aoi Shouta, Ikuta Youji, Kobayashi Masanori, Kurosawa Tomoyo

As usual, my reports will focus on Shoutan, also I’m not really familiar with the other groups apart from Fairy April, I don’t really know the other Seiyuus either

Band Yarouze goods sale started at 10:00, I never went as there wasn’t anything I wanted.

Doors opened at 16:30, I arrived at the venue just a few minutes before then. Doors was already opened so I joined the queue to get in and made it into the venue pretty quickly.

Flower stands inside

I was near the back, but since the venue was small it was fine, I also had a clear centre view which was awesome :D

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repierced  asked:

Let's say Netflix approached you for advice because they saw you owned a Pretty Little Liars blog and they were rebooting Pretty Little Liars after Free Form's finished with their show and perhaps films. They want a darker tone, more of a murder series then a teen series. If you had the chance to start PLL from fresh, who would you make A and what motive would you give? Also what changes would you make? Please answer, I'm really interested in this concept :)

Wowww this is such a good question! I’ve never answered anything like this before! 

To be honest it’s quite easy to answer though: NO HIGH SCHOOL.

I would’ve started season 1 from the age they’re at now in this time jump. Of course that would mean Aria would not have been Ezra’s student which is a major story line of the show, but that’s okay, I would put them in a work environment where it is still considered inappropriate to have that relationship.

I would start from them all being 22/23 because it’s the high school vibes that really have prevented this show from being bigger than what it is. Without getting into exact ages, I can image that the whole “ABC Family” thing and “16 year old girls” and “queen bee goes missing” and “mysterious anonymous stalker by text” is really what restricted the show to this younger audience. 

I would get rid of that all. 

I would have promos everywhere like “you won’t believe what happens in the final minute”, as opposed to a scene of a teenager sitting on a chair saying “#AliTellsAll, watch and tweet live with us!!”
How To Get Away With Murder did that above promo one of their finales, and wow, that final minute deserved to be emphasised in the promo trailer.

I would seriously just ‘go there’. I really feel like the writers hold back. Spencer was A for only one episode (because ABCF told Marlene no). Toby was A for only 12 episodes! No!! Ezra was revealed as possibly A but later was just writing a book. They start some amazing story lines and pull out before they can fully execute them. 

I wouldn’t be afraid to get the audience talking, even if it’s in a negative way like “why would Toby do that to Spencer!!!” Oh, he did it to protect her? How cliche. I would go full extreme like Toby legitimately fell in love with his step sister Jenna and he thought Spencer blinded her and he really needed revenge, and he never really loved her, until Jenna tells Toby that it was actually Alison who was behind the Jenna thing, but by then it’s too late because Spencer is in hospital because of a seriously dangerous stunt, end the finale with Spencer possibly dying before Toby can truly say sorry and “I love you”, then we come back in the premiere and Spencer is alive but A has taken Toby away, etc.

There’s sooooo many possibilities to make the show more mature, extreme, dark and mysterious! Also I would not have pulled out from the storylines where Byron is involved. That had sooooo much potentional; maybe he got her pregnant and killed her. Yes that’s extreme for 16 year old Alison and Byron who is a father in THIS show, but in my show Ali would be 24/25 and Byron would be divorced.

I seriously would make A be Alison. Not any of the other liars, I admit that is still too far and no matter what, the show should never go there. But Alison was so bitchy in her flashbacks when she was ‘dead’, so she has it in her. Why would Ali be A? All the girls were drunk that night and collectively, they all ‘killed’ her for her bitchy ways. And when I say bitchy ways, I don’t mean “I’ll tell Melissa you’re kissing Ian”. Step it up! Bitchy as in “I will tell the world you had sex with a cop and paid him to keep quiet”. That’s a bad example, but you know what I mean. These girls really wanted her dead. They got drunk, shit happened. They ‘hit’ her, and became A to get revenge. But of course, that’s just the beginning. It would stem off from there with twins, transgender secret children who are looking for Ali and think the liars killed her, etc.

I would add more swearing, too. The worst we’ve heard is bitch, and wow… in the finale they stepped it up when CeCe said bastard!!!

I would just give the audience what they want. Yes, have fillers, but make them sooooo interesting. Every episode, reveal something. And when I say reveal, I don’t mean ‘give an answer’ or else the show would be done by season 3. But reveal something in the sense of A sending a message that changes the game completely like A posting all over social media photos of the girls at Ali’s open grave. DO SOMETHING EXTREME! 

Make us legitimately feel like the girls are screwed. Check-mate. A needs to put them in a scenario almost every episode where they are so screwed and need all the luck in the world to get out of the mess. THAT would be entertaining, and if it’s done right, seriously… I would want a season 8.

I could write about this all day, as you can tell. There’s so many areas of this show I would love to change and it could literally be one of the best shows on television. The concept is there, but the excecution by Marlene and Freeform ain’t the best. They hold back. They restrict themselves from making it on par with HTGAWM. 

Overall, to sum it up in 5 words: I would make it super
sexy, scandalous, mature, suspenseful and mind-blowing.

WIP excerpt in honor of writing 1500+ words of it this morning, mostly inspired by the tweetflirting and essouffle’s art of them on the couch, which I’m totally headcanoning. 2700 words.

This is an older scene I really like, and I’m posting it because @whydisignuponthisgodforsakensite asked me if I ever post any meta about their relationship, and I don’t think I do (I mostly just wait for @fannishtalk‘s meta because she always states my thoughts with infinitely more clarity and elegance than I could ever manage). I think that my meta–in the sense of analysis of them and their relationship–is encapsulated in my fic. Probably ‘still into you’ more than the other longfics (I mean, I wrote the regency and Walls in 12-13, which is a long time ago now), but the current WIP has a lot, probably the most of all of them, as a canon(ish) fic, without any otters, hedgehogs, vampires, wolves, puppies, cravats, or temporary vaginas.

Anyway, here’s a scene. The lead in is that Jon smoked up alone (never a good idea, for him, anyway) so warnings I guess for drug use. Jonny’s referring to the ‘14-’15 season, since this is sometime in late summer 2015. At this stage of the fic, Jonny and Kaner aren’t involved yet, but for various spoilery reasons they’re spending a lot of time together.

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