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Jade Lover Preview

Managed to make it work….

Dubbing feels really weird but not as bad as the LMH dubbing for Bounty hunters.  But it is seriously weird though.  It will definitely need some getting used for sure.

The drama seems to have charming elements.  There are no subtitles so, we have no idea what is going on but there is definitely some cute fun….

Actress is pretty cute.  Looks pretty charming.

LJS looks like he is doing what he does best…Romancing and being cute.

And there is fighting!!  I love it when he kicks some ass.  

But what is up with the music.  There is music from Pinocchio in there.  I think even IHYV BGS is in there.  I hope they paid for it…It is strange to hear all the music from his previous dramas in this preview.  It is actually quite distracting.  I wonder why they are doing that.

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Gotta disagree with that other anon. I really love how you write. You throw in a lot of descriptive details and metaphors (which I rarely see in fanfic) and don't use language in a purely utilitarian way to move the plot forward. It's a nice alternative, (not that the other stuff is bad, just different) especially for a character as gruff as Nevada. My only complaint is that I still have no idea what's going on with Nevada and Ninita lol. Seriously though, keep up the good work!

!!! <333 *heart eyes* thank you so so much for all your kind words and compliments, it really means a LOT to me!! And I knooowww I’ve been depriving people of the Nevada / Niñita fix! lol. A promise though- I am working on a draft for a Valentine’s Day edition to their story (much like I did with their Feliz Navidad little fic-y thing, since @marujovi said she wanted one and there’s another Anon in my inbox requesting the same) that I am HOPING to have out tomorrow (I’ve got two Nevada drafts going right now, that one and a Prequel to the Papi Ramirez stories) but I promise I haven’t forgotten about them!! <3.

Tyler Joseph Imagine (

This pic cracks me up for some reason, I giggle every time I see it, maybe it’s because of him being so cute idk :D

Imagine meeting Tyler at a college party and you two hit it off and get in bed that night, only for him to ask you out the next day

Warnings: smut (I seriously have no idea what else to write here, and honestly I really can’t be bothered, so let’s go with smut)

Word count: 995


Tyler was so excited to actually be playing this weeks college party. It was a huge opportunity, and his two friends and him practiced almost every day. There was this fear that they were gonna fail, even though they were a really good band, but it’s something that every person feels when they need to demonstrate something to a large group of people. Just imagine how many writers have written a few books, but are too afraid to publish them, not yet ready for the divided audience, everyone having an opinion of their own, that were bound to be different.

But luckily, Tyler’s family was always there to support him and have his back, so they gave him that extra boost every time he was feeling down about himself or his music. Finally, the night arrived and it was time for Tyler and his friends to show the people at the party what they had. And they loved them, especially Tyler’s voice, that is so much different then a voice people are used to hearing coming from a guy. His voice was much softer, however, that didn’t take away from the fact that it didn’t matter, he still sang better then a lot of men with deep voices.

His voice kinda gave it a more unique feel, because his dream was to mix genres and people were shocked at how good it sounded. The party was going very well and then Tyler noticed a girl, talking to her friends as she slowly swung her hips to the music. His eyes trailed her body from head to toe, taking in all of her features, and all that without skipping a beat in the song. The desire to meet this girl overtook his mind after the set was over, so he made the bold move and approached you. Your two friends saw him moving towards you, so they made their exit silently.

You two talked a little, getting to know each other, and soon the two of you were dancing. Tyler’s hands rested on you waist, but as the two of you started dancing dirty, they moved down, resting on your bum, giving it a light squeeze. There was some alcohol involved, but not so much you were completely drunk, just relaxed and in the mood for a little dirty dancing. You turned your back to Tyler and started grinding on him at one point, making him decide it was enough teasing for one night and the two of you left the party and went to Tyler’s dorm room. 

You were not even inside the room, but you were already taking each others clothes off, constantly continuing the kiss that was being broken with every article of clothing ending up on the floor of the dorm. Tyler somehow managed to lock the door, making sure nobody interrupted you. Slowly, you inched your way to the bed, as you tried to continue teasing Tyler for a little while longer. Once you reached the bed, he threw you on it, clearly realizing what you were doing. So he decided to tease you, slowly licking you and sliding his fingers inside, a smirk appearing on his face when you tilted your head back and your hand reaching for his hair, in hopes of getting more.

Suddenly he stopped and kissed you after putting his fingers inside your mouth and then his own, before he positioned himself and slowly entered you, your name escaping his lips. You dig your fingers into his back as he picks up his pace, both of you enjoying every second of it. Tyler thrusted in and out of you at a steady pace, only speeding it up once he regained his strenght from the previous time. You arched your back, felling Tyler’s thrusts pushing him deeper inside you. You felt a tingling sensaton and you knew you were close. You told Tyler that in an unsteady voice, and he nodded, that motion letting you know he was close too.

Both of your bodies froze once you reached your climax. You ride out your orgasms and Tyler collapses on the bed next to you, his breathing unsteady, just as much as yours. You smiled at each other and soon fell asleep. The morning after, you were woken up by the sunlight coming from the window, your head throbbing. Somehow, parts of the previous night were erased from your mind and you looked aroung your surroundings in confusion, trying to put the puzzle peaces back together, to form a clear picture of last night.

You jump a little once you heard the door open and you saw a black haired boy enter the room. You realized it was Tyler, the boy you met last night, and the last thing you remembered about him was the dancing. He was carrying a tray with an orange juice and a plate with two sandwiches on it. He placed it in front of you and you thanked him, taking a bite out of one of the sandwiches, your mind running wild as you tried to understand what happened. So you asked Tyler to give you some information about the events that took place the previous night.

“Only if you go out with me. I mean, it is kinda weird to demand that after what happened, but you intrigue me and I want to get to know you.” He answered, earning a small smile from you. He leaned in and took a bite of the sandwich you were holding as you thought of your answer. You giggled and jokingly moved the sandwich away from him, lifting your eyebrows at him. He let out an airy laugh and went back to looking at you intently, waiting for your answer. You nodded, agreeing to go out with him, to peace together the previous night and also because Tyler looked like he could be a really great guy and you wanted to see more of him. 

Heeey, I know I am a little late with the imagine, but here it is :D
I really hope you like it, I know that my smut is not exactly the best, but I’ll work on it if you guys don’t like the ones I write that much, just let me know :D

It’s just that I was raised a certain way and going to graphic with the smut is kinda new to me and is yet to me experienced in my writting. So I really hope you liked it regardless <3

EXO Reaction to Your Ex Confessing His Love For You Still

So I’m sorry but I don’t really make my reactions or scenarios super specific when it comes to the reader or girlfriend because I feel like it takes away from more people enjoying it. So when requesting, please keep that in mind. <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Baekhyun: He stared at the man as though he would kill him. “Who do you think you are? Do you seriously think she will go for you?”

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Chanyeol: He looked around in confusion. He had no idea what your ex was saying because he was speaking your native tongue, but he could have sworn he heard the word for ‘love.’ Did he say love? Isn’t he the ex?

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Chen: “Ah, you really think that will win her over? Love her my ass.” He said in a sassy tone as he rolled his eyes at your ex-boyfriend.

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D.O.: He grabbed your ex-boyfriend by the ear and started marching him away from you as he lectured you. “No, you do not confess your love to a taken girl. Especially one that you already hurt.”

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Kai: “Ha, jagi, come on. We don’t have time for this guy’s silly talk.” He told you as he gestured you to follow him. He couldn’t help but laugh at your ex-boyfriend’s attempt to win you back.

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Lay: “It is very nice to meet you. I am (Y/N)’s current boyfriend. Wait, did you say love?” He asked in confusion as he started to introduce himself. “But I thought you were her ex-boyfriend.”

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Sehun: He burst out in laughter, unable to even say a word as he just laughed at how stupid your ex-boyfriend was to be confessing to you while you were dating someone like Oh Sehun.

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Suho: He made a quick phone call. “Yeah, hi, I need to make someone disappear. Money isn’t an object in this case.” He said into the phone as he started guiding you away from the boy.

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Xiumin: “That is very cute that you think she still cares about you. Now run along little boy.” He said in a serious tone as he nudged your ex-boyfriend away from you; completely belittling him.

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Who allowed you to be this good at writing?

………………………………………………………………….You are far too kind to me. And also, don’t think I’ve forgotten about my biggest fan girl ily <3<3<3 I don’t know what spurred this comment but thank you so much!

Seriously though, I just write and stuff happens and if you like it then wow I am flattered because I honestly have no idea whether anyone is going it like it or not. And when I mean flattered, I mean smiling so hard my jaw hurts so thank you so much. You just made my night :)

First thing I want to do when Pokemon Go comes out is start my own Gym!

Seriously though, just think;

  • Travelling around to catch a specific type of Pokemon
  • Making Facebook pages to tell people what city you are in
  • Posting on social media when and where you will be for battles
  • Carrying a little bag of tokens to give out to people who beat you
  • Coordinating with other Gym leaders for large meet-ups
  • Online Pokemon League forums which track Gym battles, with the top ranking members in an area being considered the City Elite
  • Open for everyone who wants to play >_<
  • Just everyone coming together to play Pokemon!!

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hamstcrmatsu replied to your post:              ❝Hey all my HAM HAM heros, just…


#WHO DO YOU HAVE TO PAY TO RP HAMTARO??? tbh I always thought your ooc FC was going to be hamtaro hamster. Seriously though mORE RP anIMAls is GOOD wE cAN have MY GYM PARTNERS A MONKEY AU dAMN IT. Although hamtaro is afraid of cats. 

A Campaign Slogan Idea:

When a little kid is worried about a monster eating them in their sleep, even though the parent doesn’t believe it exists, they’re still going to check under the bed anyway. And you’re kind of a shitty parent if you don’t do that, right?

Well, my idea is to encourage parents to apply that same attitude to their child worried about mental illness. Even if you don’t think your kid has one, you should still take their concerns seriously and find them help, just to make sure.

I call it #CheckTheBed.

It’s meant to raise awareness that saying things like, “Oh, what do you have to be depressed about?” is dismissive and dangerous. You don’t tell a kid the monster isn’t real and close the door without checking, and you especially don’t do it when the monster could very well be real.

The boogeyman doesn’t go away until someone pokes their head under and shines a light on him. Someone always needs to #CheckTheBed.

  • Archer: Seriously, these potato heads have to be the un-sexiest mob of all time.
  • Mobster 1: You know who you're messin' with boyo? You have any idea who our boss is?
  • Archer: Nope. But 100 people surveyed, number one answer's on the board. Name the douchebag who's in charge.
  • Mobster 1: Vincent. Van Go-fuck-yourself.
  • Archer: Hmm, Vincent Van Go-fuck-myself. Survey says... *shoots mobster's kneecap*
  • Lana: Jesus, Archer!
  • Archer: What, Lana? I said it was a rampage.
  • Lana: Still though.
  • Mobster 1: *groaning in pain* Oh, you son of a whore!
  • Archer: Save it for the fast money round, Paddy. *turns to next mobster* 100 people surveyed, number one answer still on the board. Name the douchebag who's in charge.... Uh-uh. Need an answer.
  • Mobster 2: *spits*
  • Archer: Hmm. Cock-flavored spit. Well, you never know what's gonna be on the board. Lemme see 'cock-flavored spit'... *shoots mobster's kneecap*
  • Archer: Guys, that's two strikes. One more and the innocent Honduran janitors get a chance to steal the bank.
Stupid Appendix! (part 2)

Part 1

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

(Wanda and Clint are also slightly here.)

Word count: 2,998

Genre: Fluff, angsty

Warnings: Swearing (seriously, I’m unstoppable when it comes to swearing, I’m sorry), pain?, hospital, some needles, slight angst

A/N: So, here is part two! It’s a little longer than the first part (sorry, I got carried away). Hope it’s not a problem though. I tried my best to describe what happens at the hospital when you have appendicitis, as detailed as I could, but seeing as I’ve only been to norwegian hospitals, I don’t know if some things are going to be a little different (I have no idea how things work in american hospitals). I tried to make this cute and add as much fluff as I could fit. Hope I succeeded!

Part 2

Seeing his love in such agony was almost too much to bear. The whole drive, Pietro had listened to your cursing and whimpering every time there was a bump in the road. Hell, you even moaned when he took a turn. As he pulled into the parking lot of the hospital, he let out a breath he didn’t realize he had been holding in. He was relieved that the drive was over, both to the fact that you were one step closer to getting help, but also because the drive had been freaking torture! Pietro hated going slow, and he had to physically restrain himself several times to avoid slamming his foot on the gas pedal.

Opening the car-door to the back seat, he gentry picked you up, and carried you bridal-style through the hospital doors. Your eyes were wide open, and your nostrils flared. An occasional ‘ouch’ or 'AHH’ could be heard from you. Pietro carried you to the reception, and spoke in a desperate tone. “Please, we need help. She has stomach pains and we don’t know what it is.” The receptionist picked up a phone, and he requested two nurses and a hospital bed. After what seemed like an eternity, you felt yourself being laid down on something soft. You felt Pietro’s arm leaving your body, but they soon returned as he stroked and kissed your head, mumbling sweet words in Sokovian. “Vei fi bine, eu sunt aici. Te iubesc.”

“You too, Pietro.” you whispered back, cracking a little smile. Even though you didn’t understand everything he said, you were still glad he tried to calm you down.

“Okay, sweetie, if I can just borrow your hand for a moment.” Pietro sat himself up as a smiling nurse approached with the BIGGEST FUCKING NEEDLE you had ever seen. You stiffened as she got closer. Hell no!

“Actually, I am feeling a lot better, thank you.” You tried to get up from the bed, but your stomach protested, and as punishment for moving, it caused  you to double over again, gritting your teeth and hissing. Pietro was right by your side, leaning you back down.

“It’s okay, sweetie, nothing to be afraid of. I’m just going to take a little blood from you. It will be over soon.”

You looked desperately at Pietro. He reached out and squeezed your hand, gently gliding his thumb back and forth over the back of your hand in a soothing manner, as the nurse drew blood from the inside of your elbow.


“Please, no more.” you moaned, as another doctor came in with a clip board. After waiting for nearly five hours in an examination room, you had finally been assigned to a room. Countless of doctors and nurses had pressed their hands on the aching spot on your stomach, and you were growing tired of it. They had talked to Pietro while you had been sleeping, telling him that they suspected appendicitis. Which meant that you needed surgery to have it removed. All they hoped for, was that it wasn’t ruptured. Therefore, they had sent you to ultrasound,  which was hell. But it was confirmed that it was in fact appendicitis.

The doctor reached into his pocket, and pulled out a black marker pen. He took a quick look at the clipboard.

“Y/N, how are you feeling? Has the painkillers kicked in yet?” You looked over at Pietro, who had just woken up in the chair next to your bed, before answering.

“I don’t feel it as much now, thank you.”

“Okay, that’s good. Would you mind pulling up your top?”

From the corner of your eye, you saw Pietro tense, and shoot an angry glare at the doctor.


“I have to mark you stomach, so the surgery doctors can see where they are going to cut.” He was completely oblivious to the fact that he had managed to piss off your boyfriend.

“OH! Okay, I guess…” you said as you pulled your hospital gown up, making sure that the duvet was covering from your panties and down. You heard Pietro silently growling to himself. The doctor popped the cap off of the sharpie, and started drawing lines on your stomach. “Okay, so there will be a section here-” He drew a small line above your left hip bone. “there… AND right there.” He drew another line just below your bellybutton, and you saw Pietro stand up, seething with rage as the doctor pulled your panties slightly down, dotting a line on your pelvis. If this was a normal day, you would probably have blushed, but right now, you didn’t care. You just wanted to get the surgery done and go home.

“Do you know how much longer I’ll have to wait?” you asked the doctor. You had already been in the hospital for roughly eight hours, meaning it was now midday.

“Well.” The doctor scratched the back of his head. “We have two surgeries scheduled before yours, so it might not be your turn until late in the evening.”

Your heart sank. Pietro scoffed. “You can do nothing to make it happen faster, no?”

“I’m afraid not. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some other patients to take care of. If there is anything you need, just press the buzzer.” he said, pointing to a red button on the nightstand.

“Okay, thank you.” you said as he walked out.

“This is stupid, yes? Stupid appendix!” You could tell Pietro was restless, and you didn’t blame him. He had an unsatisfied expression, and he was walking in circles. You were actually surprised that he had managed to sit completely still for eight hours. You had thought he would have been bouncing off the walls, or gotten kicked out by now.

“Pietro-” He was with you in an instant. “I appreciate you being here with me, I really do, but… You should take a break. Go for a run or something, before you drive yourself completely insane.”

Pietro stubbornly shook his head. “I’m not going to leave you here.” You smiled, touched by his urge to protect you.

“Pietro, you don’t have-” “No, Y/N. I’m staying! I will make sure my prințesă is safe. Because you mean so much to me, dragul meu.” Thanks to his words, you felt the blood rushing up your neck, painting your cheek in a deep red color. One of Pietro’s many talents. You hid you face in your hands, but Pietro gently, yet forcefully, pried them away, kissing them in the process. Due to the fact that his face now was so close, you flung your arms around his neck, and kissed him. Hard. You poured every emotion into the kiss, making sure that he felt how grateful you were for having him. Not just for having him with you in the hospital, but for him being yours and you being his. Your lips moved in sync, his hand cupping your cheek in the process, while you had snaked your hands to his head and was now tugging at his hair.

The sweet moment was abruptly stopped when the painkillers suddenly wore off.

You groaned, and scrunched your face together in pain, trying not to alert Pietro. He, however, felt the change of atmosphere, and looked down to you, seeing that you were holding back the tears that were pooling in your eyes. A single tear escaped, and he caught it with his thumb.

“Does it hurt?”

You nodded, unable to speak. Pietro kissed both your cheeks, before he landed on your mouth, trying to kiss the pain away. He lingered for a moment, before he sat up.

’'I wish I could do something to help you, Y/N.”

’'You did drive me here.” You reminded him, out of breath. He smiled, but then turned serious again. ’'Do you want to call a nurse?”

He didn’t wait for your answer, before you saw a blue and silver streak, and felt a gush of wind whip from the side of your bed. He pressed the red button, and before you could blink, he was back in his chair again.

Within a minute, a nurse enters with a big smile on her face. What was with all the smiling, you thought. ’'Hi Y/N, is there anything I can do for you?” When the only response she got from you was a nod, she looked helplessly at Pietro. He cleared his throat.

’'Um, yes. She needs more medication for the stomach.” he simply stated. ’'Okay. More painkillers coming right up!” the nurse chirped. You did not like this nurse, she was too happy for your liking. You didn’t know if it was her, or if it was caused by the pain that you were in. You just didn’t like her.

’'Ugh! Why are they always smiling? It’s sickening.” you complained after she left.

’'Maybe they have a competition? Who can smile most get a raise.” Pietro suggested.

’'Hah- ouch! Pietroooo, stop trying to make me laugh, it hurts.” you whined, clutching your stomach.

’'Sorry, prințesă. It won’t happen again” he said with a chuckle.

There was a knock, and the annoying, smiling nurse came with a plastic cup filled with water, and a slightly smaller cup with some pills. After you gulped them down, she decided that you were going to like her even less.

’'You should probably try to go to the bathroom.” she said.

’'No, I think I’m fine.” you shot back.

’'Since you are going into surgery, I recommend that you do it.”


’'You’ll have to do it before the surgery anyway.”

’'Okay, fine.” You gave in, hoping she would stop bugging you about it. Pietro started to pick you up, but you protested. ’'No, I’ll walk myself.” You slowly began to sit up, wincing from the pain, while Pietro supported your back. One foot was placed on the floor, and as you put your weight on it, it gave out from under you. Hadn’t Pietro been there to catch you, you would have ended up in a heap on the floor. You held back the tears that were threatening to fall.

’'Try this.” You looked up to see the nurse holding a plastic chair with a pear-shaped hole in the middle. Slowly, you tried to stand up straight, while she wheeled it behind you, so you could try to sit down. After a lot of crying and screaming, you were able to do your duty, and get back to the bed.


Some hours later, as Pietro was sitting beside your bed, admiring your sleeping form, his phone buzzed. He had texted Wanda earlier about what happened, and assumed this was her reply.

'Hei, frate. Sper că totul este în regulă cu Y/N. I și ceilalți nu vor putea să viziteze, dar ei toți trimite dragostea noastră. Aveți grijă de ea, frate dragă. -Wanda’ 

He chuckled to himself. Even though he was 12 minutes older than her, Wanda always acted as the most responsible out of the two of them. He sent a quick reply, jokingly reprimanding her for not having much faith in him. Tossing his phone on a nearby table, he focused his attention back to you.
He always thought you looked adorable when you were sleeping, with your mouth slightly open. If he listened close enough, he could normally hear light snoring as well. You were usually so peaceful. 

But seeing you now, his heart broke. You wore a constant frown, and dark circles under your eyes. Your skin was sickly pale. Sometimes you whimpered from the pain, which made him want to take you with him and make sure that nothing would ever cause you pain again. He took your hand in his, and kissed it multiple times. There he sat, motionless, for what felt like an eternity. 

A knock startled him, and woke you up in the process. In stepped a tiny nurse and a doctor. ’'We are ready for the surgery now.” the doctor bluntly announced, before walking right out again. You took a quick look at Pietro, who was already looking at you, concern written all over his face. The nurse started pulling the bed out of the room, and Pietro soon helped wheeling you to the operating room. The entire way there, he muttered sweet nothings to you, holding your hand in an attempt to calm you more. He knew you were nervous, but you could see that he was barely holding it together himself. 

 ’'I love you, Pietro.” you said as you squeezed his hand. He squeezed back.

 After a short but painful elevator ride, with bumps and shaking, which had you moan in frustration, the three of you arrived, where another four doctors were waiting for you.Pietro quickly stole a kiss from you, before he stepped back, letting the professionals take over. They immediately started talking to you, wanting you to move from the comfortable bed, and onto a hard table-like bed. Due to the fact that you struggled to move, and spent a lot of time trying to even get one foot over to the table bed, the doctors grew impatient. ’'We’re taking the slide!” one of them announced, and before you knew it, two doctors grabbed you, and lifted you, so you were laying on your side. You screamed out in agony as they placed a hard, yellow mat under your back, and proceeded to pull you to the other bed with help from it. As you were wheeled into the room, you tried to sneak a glance at Pietro. He yelled for you.
’'Y/N! Te iubesc, dragul meu!” 

The operating room was bright. You were placed under some big lights, and you had to squint your eyes to see. You had trouble registering everything that was going on around you. One doctor stuck a needle in your arm, and started sliding a cannula into it. Another doctor put a breathing mask over your nose and mouth. It was hard to breathe with it over, but you were informed that this was normal. Suddenly, someone attached some pads to your chest, and wired you up to a computer screen. Someone said that they started injecting the narcosis. That was the last thing you remembered. 


 In the waiting room, Pietro sat with his head in his hands. Although he knew that your condition wasn’t very serious, he couldn’t help but to feel slight panic. He had already lost so many loved ones, he didn’t know what he’d do if he lost you too. He pulled out his phone, and looked at the time. 6:10 pm. Even though he was tired as hell, he couldn’t sleep until he knew you were safe out of surgery. So instead, he scrolled through his contacts, and called someone he knew would ease his nerves. 


’'Clint!” Pietro said. ’'I hope you are not doing anything, because I need some help.” He had learned to trust Clint during the few years he and his sister had been staying with the Avengers. Clint was the man with all the answers. 

’'Sure, Pietro. What can I do for you?” 

’'You have kids, yes.” It was more a statement than a question. Clint chuckled on the other end. 

’'Obviously. Why?” 

 ’'I need to know how you can calm down when you are worried about someone you love.” 

’'This is about Y/N, isn’t it. Is she okay?”

’'She is in surgery now, and I keep thinking that I’m going to lose her. I know it’s stupid, and that she is not in danger, but I feel helpless when I can’t protect her.” Pietro stopped to breathe while waiting for Clint to answer.

” Hmm… You really love her, don’t you? Well, what I can say for starters, is that you will never stop worrying. I always worry about my kids. Are they happy? Will they be okay when I’m not there anymore? Are they going to fall and scrape their knees if they climb that tree?” He chuckled. “The thing is, it’s normal to worry, but don’t let it consume you. Let the people you love live their own lives, and don’t let your fear control them. You cannot protect everyone all the time, Pietro. Just know that Y/N will be okay, and you will see her again in a few hours, and everything will be back to normal.” 

Pietro felt himself beginning to calm down. ’'And now, I’m about to give you the best, most important advice you will ever get. Go for a run, Quicksilver. I know that you’d rather not leave her, but i think running might clear your head. If I guess, you have probably been sitting still for about 14 hours, am I right? Anyways, promise me that you’ll go for a run, and have the hospital call you when they are waking her up. Oh! And grab something to eat as well.” Clint knew Pietro too well.

’'Thank you, I feel a lot better now. I will tell you all when she is awake. See you later, old man.”

’'Haha, yeah, talk to you later, Pietro. Good luck.”

Pietro hadn’t even put away his phone before he zoomed out of the room, and out of the hospital.


’'Y/N? Prințesă, wake up.”

You felt yourself being lightly shooked by someone. As you hesitantaly slid your eyelids open, you saw Pietro hovering over you. You saw relief washing over his face, as he planted a kiss to your forehead. You smiled slightly, still a little loopy from the narcosis. ’'Hello, Y/N, how are you feeling?” the nurse that was with you asked. You tried to clear your head, see if there was any pain. The only thing you remembered, was that you hadn’t eaten in roughly 22 hours.

’'I just really want some fucking oreos.”


Vei fi bine, eu sunt aici. Te iubesc. - You’ll be fine, I’m here. I love you.

Prințesă – Princess

Dragul meu – My love

Hei, frate. Sper că totul este în regulă cu Y/N -Hey brother. I hope everything is okay with Y/N.

I și ceilalți nu vor putea să viziteze, dar ei toți trimite dragostea noastră - I and the others won’t be able to visit, but we send her all our love 

Aveți grijă de ea, frate dragă – Take care of her, dear brother.

(I used Romanian as Sokovian. Keep in mind that I used google translate, so some things might be incorrect.)

Seriously though DO NOT let anyone try and convince you Jupiter Jones is a weak, useless, damsel-in-distress type of character. She is randomly thrown into the middle of a chaotic, intergalactic sibling rivalry/civil war, she has no idea what’s going on 75% of the time, she has no ass-kicking training, but she’s curious and resourceful and a total sentimental nerd, in addition to being reincarnated space royalty.

She has had quite a rough couple of days, okay.

But she still manages to fuck up some Abrasax shit and make really tough choices for the good of mankind and, like, female characters don’t have to be the Black Widow to be considered good female characters.

All hail the Russian Housecleaner Space Princess, long may she reign.


Barry: “I have an idea…” *commercial break*

Me: “Oh shit! What’s Barry gonna come up with?! I bet it’ll be so smart and genius and nothing I could ever think of. Like traveling to Earth 2, and then combining his speed-force with Zoom’s to tear through the space time continuum on that planet, causing them to go back in time so he can just unplug the electric chair that gave Zoom his powers in the first place! Oh, Barry’s a genius, I’m sure he’ll come up with something better than that.”


Me: “Oh.”

i…i just…i don’t…i can’t…so now people think taylor’s instagram post was a part of a stunt…because in the left hand corner… it said ‘search’… instead of ‘notes’… which apparently can only mean it was written months ago?? even though it was topical?? and addressed events merely hours old???…i just…first of all do you even know what pr is? like this is not a good situation for her. why would she create a negative pr situation. second of all do you have any idea how many notes she probably has in her phone??? maybe she had multiple versions of what she wanted to say??? i can’t expect people on tumblr to have heard of proofreading so i won’t even go there…but seriously?? do you not see how unfair this is??? the sky high standards she is held to??? is this all an elaborate ruse???


A/N: I have no idea what Mod M has planned for Ian, but even if everything turns out well and Bill is defeated the events of Reincarnation Blues will seriously color Dipper’s relationship with Toby…

The worst part was how innocent Toby looked, especially while he slept. Small, and fragile, and peaceful, as though the universe hadn’t dealt him a bum hand early on in life, as though it hadn’t then proceeded to burn cards right out of his fingers in the years after. As though his soul had never been that of the craftiest demon Dipper had ever known…

Innocent, weak, fragile – someone to be protected and sheltered and loved. But he couldn’t afford to think of the boy that way. Not after what Bill did to him – not after what Bill managed with Ian.

No soul should be able to reach across lifetimes and pull the strings of their future selves. No soul should escape being washed clean in rebirth on purpose – yet somehow Bill had, or so he claimed, and now Dipper wrestled almost daily with the deep fear that he was, once again, playing directly into the other demon’s plans.

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it’s occurred to me that until I get better at colors (read: happier with my skills) this is as finished as this animation is going to get

so uh, here it is


Trailer of episode 31 is out, candies!

There’s not much to be said about this one, everything seems kinda obvious. Lysander seems pretty much alive for me, anyways! :D Maybe a broken hand and bruises that ruin his beautiful face, but I can live threw that. The episode seems to center around Lys’ arc and obviously as we know Lys and Leigh’s father is very sick, so I think that by the end we’ll know if he’s gonna make it or not. If yes, awesome. If not, well… episode 32 will be very dark

The trailer is so vague, though, almost surprisingly vague. I seriously have no idea what we’re going to do in this episode, if there is gonna be - or not - romantic events, also if there’s gonna be any other plot except this one. Cause, let’s be real, it’s not like Candy can help the doctors find a diagnose or do a surgery or anything; not more than they can ask her to go fetch to things. So I’m really eager to know what this episode is gonna be all about. I think I’ve never been so lost and so confused and so impatient, so good job, guys!

Also, making this final paragraph to salute Chino and the Beemov team for their amazing background work and the creation of all these new characters: those doctors are hot, man 100/100, it must have taken for ever.

Lalafell Magazine Needs YOU!!

Recently, in the LalaShell on Lich, I mentioned making a lalafell magazine. Random ideas were thrown around, and though no one took it seriously at the time (including me), it does seem like it’d be something fun to do (and hopefully read). So I’ve decided to give it a go.

In short, it will be a magazine made by lalafell for lalafell. But that doesn’t mean we’ll exclude the other races when ideas/stories come up, of course.

What I’d like to do in this post is just highlight some of the features I’d like to have, as well as invite you to all to get involved with them. It’s all about having fun, so whilst things will be in-character, they don’t have to be deadly serious (you’ll see what I mean futher down the page).

Appologeses for how long this post might get, but I want to gve out as much information as possible so that you guys can see if there’s anything you might be interested in contributing to (information on how to get in contact will follow further down the post).

So, some features I would like to include in our lalfell magazine are:

Cover Story
I’m hoping to make a pretty cover for each issue, which will mention some of the contents, focusing on the main story. Said story will get a full page dedicated to whatever it’s about, and featuring both pictures and text. I’d also like these stories to be written by a wide range of lalafell. So I’m thinking, one main guest blogger, and some quotes or shorter stories/views related to the issue on the page too.

“Free Company In Focus”
Every month, I would like to highligh a different Free Company. This feature will be written by a member of that FC and can, of course, include photos.

FC Recruitment Ads
Not sure how much space this will have yet, but I invite everyone to send in a short description about their FC.

“Minion Of The Month”
A just-for-fun feature where we focus on a particular minion, and we’d love to have photos of you with the up-coming MofM.

Personal Ads
Another just-for-fun feature. Looking for love? Advertise it here! I’m hoping for some really funny content here. :p

Shout Outs
An opportunity to send out congrats to recently married couples, happy birthday messages, thank yous for people who helped you out – whatever you want.

Open Invites
A place you can invite people to your events happening in the next month.

Reader’s Polls
A little feature where we’ll ask you for your vote on certain things.

Competitions / Give-A-Ways
I’m torn between having just the one competition featured, and having a page of several. I think we’ll go by ear and maybe pick one main one for a half-page feature, and then have others listed under it. So if you’ve got any competions or giveaways going on; get in touch.

Reader’s Photos
I would like a place where we can feature as many photos as possible of our readers. :)

Agony Aunt
If this feature goes ahead, we’ll be looking for a regular Agony Aunt to read our reader’s letters and help them with their problems. So if you’re interested, please let me know.

Thsi is another poition we’ll be looking for a regular writer for. It’s just-for-fun, so it’s fine to make it all up (but taking inspiration from existing monthly starsigns would be cool). It would also be super cool if you’re a AST. ;)

—– —– —– —– —–

Any features not in quotation marks are title-less, so if you think of any cool or catchy names for those features; let me know. For example, the personal ads could be simply “Lonely Hearts” or “Lonely Lalas”, etc.

I’d love to make this a weekly thing, but I think monthly is already pushing it due to my illnesses and such. I’m hoping to have the first issue ready for October. I think that will give this post plenty of time to do the rounds and generate some interest, and lots of time for those interested to submit their emails.

Regarding October’s Issue:

As it’ll be the month of All Saints’ Wake, I think the cover story will be focusing on that. So stories and photos relating to that would be great. Perhaps share your past costumes, your thoughts on past All Saints’ Wake events, your view on All Saints’ Wake in general, etc. And as the magazine will have to be put together before this year’s All Saints’ Wake event, we may do a small follow-up in the November magazine featuring your costumes and letters regarding the event. :)

October’s Minion Of The Month is really stumping me as I think it should be something relating to Halloween, but I can’t choose between the Baby Bat, Black Coeurl, or Mummy Little Mummy. So I’ll leave that one to your vote. Get in contact, send me your pictures of yourselves with your chosen minion, let’s go!! :D

Oh, and one more thing! We need a name for this magazine! So far we’ve got:
Lalafell Monthly
LaPo (Lalafell Post)

So if you’ve got any ideas for a name; get intouch.

Also, if you’re interested in sending in any stories, ads, photos, etc for any of these features, or have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please contact me at my character email, with the subject title “LALAFELL MAGAZINE”: kikilukilu[at]hotmail[dot]com

Requirements for every feature are that you write in-character, and include your character name and server. Photos (unedited) would be perfect too (though not nessecersary for features such as the personal ads, open invites, and shout outs).