seriously though i find it hilarious how they do this

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Hello this is my final ask for now, but I was wondering if I couldget a imagine for Sebastian x female reader who LOVES horror movies and unlike most people who gets creped out she absolutely loves them and likes to try and figure out why the serial killers kills and gets mildly irritated when the characters make a stupidmistake that could have been avoidedAnd if there's a demon hound/cat she finds it oddlycute when its first shown. Also accidentally lets out a giggle if something stupid happens

Okay but seriously, this is how I watch horror films… I once watched a disembowelment scene while eating spaghetti bolognese. The typical ‘they get killed off one by one’ films are hilarious xD I do get scared by the paranormal horror films though and tend to watch those through my fingers…

Also, trigger warning for descriptions of violence!

Intrigue was his first reaction.

Sebastian arched an elegant eyebrow at his s/o, who was flat out laughing at the latest predictable slaughter that had just taken place. 

“Are you quite all right, my dear? Is this one of those human panic responses? You have nothing to fear.” His lips quirked up in amusement and his eyes held a sadistic gleam despite his tone of mock concern. 

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just - he was stupid! The killer was obviously under the bed and he didn’t think to check? What an idiot! He deserved to die! Honestly, if horror film characters listened to viewers, they’d still be alive. Ugh, they must live in a world where horror films don’t exist because they’ve fallen for every damn cliche. Ugh.”

Sebastian couldn’t hold back his chuckle at your outburst, which was punctuated by screams coming from the screen and the sounds of a sharp knife slicing through flesh like it was butter.

Just then, a mutated form jumped up on the screen and ravaged a woman’s neck, orange blood spurting unrealistically. You giggled. “Ahhh, it’s so cuuuute!!!! Sebastian, can we get a demon hound?”

Sebastian chuckled again, more amused by you than he was the film. “No, dearest. The pets in Hell leave much to be desired.”

“More’s a pity. Well, I’ve had enough. Fancy watching a more realistic one?”

Sebastian smirked. You continued to amuse him. “As you wish.”

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