seriously though how nice of her


Did you know that Jess never lets any of her electronics go below 25%, just in case someone else needs to use them?

(No, but seriously how does she even do that? How long is her battery life? Does she do nothing on her phone? What about when she’s at work? Oh- I just figured it out. Jess charges her phone at work. She probably has a backup portable charger and an emergency flip phone just in case though.)

(Also: Nick and WInston are wearing matching colours. Nice one, wardrobe team!)

6. Obsession - Halloween Special (1/2)  (ft. BTS 방탄소년단)

Genre: Romance, Angst, Thriller, AU af (but the scary and OOC type)

Warning(s): Not in this chapter (except that I didn’t proofread) 

“My mother always told me that I shouldn’t be afraid of ghosts because people are scarier. Needless to say, I never took her seriously.” You said slowly, your eyes trained on the white wall opposite your seat. The girl in glasses in front of you nodded in understanding. “That is until I experienced just how twisted and terrifying people could be.”

It’s been too long since you’ve had a breath of fresh air. As you unloaded the last box from your car, you put your hands on your waist as you took in your new neighborhood.

Though the weather was a bit too gloomy for your taste, the air was still nice and the breeze was still delightful. You must’ve lived in the city for too long already. You suddenly remembered your parents and your childhood in the suburbs, just like the one you’re moving into then. Your new house is different though. It’s a bit farther from the city and while your family lived in a small, nameless community. You were staying in an exclusive village. The security around the perimeter is so strict that they forbid houses from putting up fences.

You took in another huge breath; a brand new start, huh?

So this is what freedom feels like.

You started carrying the boxes inside the house one by one. You knew that patience was the key. After all, you cannot rely on anyone anymore. You shook your head, trying to chase away the memories that suddenly manifested in your head.

As you went out to get another box, you saw a car pull over in the driveway of the house beside yours.

It was a black sedan with dark tinted windows.

‘Just like Jungkook’s car.’ Your memories whispered. You shivered at the thought and watched as the driver got out and slammed the door shut. From behind, he looked just like Jungkook, which was impossible in more ways than one.

He whipped around to look at you, probably felt your eyes on him and he looked back at you curiously with keys in hand. You gasped when you met his cat-like eyes. Okay, he’s not Jeon Jungkook, but he was just as handsome and magnetic.

He looked at the boxes by your feet and then back at your wide eyes. After hesitating for a minute, he crossed the expanse of his front yard and stood in front of you. He smiled and extended his hand, “Hi, my name is Kim Taehyung. Nice to meet you. Just moving in?”

“Yeah, I guess we’ll be neighbors then.” You smiled as you shook his hand. “Nice meeting you too, by the way.”

“Sure.” He smiled, taking a step backwards. You saw how his eyes wandered over your disheveled appearance and the sheer amount of boxes left on the lawn, so you were already expecting his next words.

“Need help with those?” His head nodded towards the little pile.

“I can handle it!” you exclaimed, but in reality, you knew you could use a little help. “Okay, maybe a little help. You’re not some psychotic killer, right?”

He laughed and you thought that his deep voice was addictive. He grabbed a box and went ahead of you, muttering, “Not unless you want me to be.”

You sighed as you drove down the dark road, making a mental note to get your headlights fixed. Since you had moved so suddenly, you haven’t been able to wrap up your work and turn it over to someone else which is why you have to drive back and forth from your new house to the city. Pulling into your driveway, you spotted a white figure on Taehyung’s lawn. As it was dark, it was difficult to see, but for some reason the figure had a semblance to your ex-husband, Jungkook. You recalled that he was sometimes too lazy to get dressed, so he would just wrap a blanket around himself when he waited for you outside.

You took a closer look and realized that the figure wrapped in white was Kim Taehyung and as much as you were staring at him, he was also staring right back at you.

You parked your car properly and alighted, only to find that he had disappeared.

A coincidence, right?

You went inside and grabbed a glass of orange juice for yourself before going upstairs to your room. You were sipping the cold drink when you noticed, through the window facing Taehyung’s house, you can see the interior of his house. In fact, you can see a chair propped up against the window as if… as if he was going to sit there to watch something.

Suddenly, he passed by the said window and you muffled a gasp. He must’ve seen you in the corner of his eyes because he did a double take and waved at you through the window. He was smiling and though there really wasn’t anything about his smile, it unnerved you. You raised a hand, in an attempt to wave back before you closed the curtain on him.

Chills immediately run down your spine. The reason why such a smile was so unnerving was that it was just like how Jungkook smiled at you all those nights ago.

You closed your eyes trying to keep the memories under wraps when the phone rang, startling you more than necessary.

You looked at the phone curiously. You haven’t been able to configure it since it belonged to the previous owners, so there was no way you could have told people about your phone number. It kept ringing incessantly, so with trembling fingers, you picked it up.

“Hello.” Your voice was breathless and trembling.

“Hi, Y/N?” The cheerful voice on the other line comforted for a bit.

“Yes, who is this?” you asked, somehow feeling the need to check your immediate surroundings.

You heard a click in the background, before he replied, “It’s me, Taehyung!”

You took the phone and went to the window you just shut. You pushed the curtains away and just like you expected, he was sitting on the chair, looking at you with a relaxed expression. You held a hand over your mouth to muffle the gasp that escaped it.

“H-How did you know my number?’ you asked, not even aware that tremors were raking through your body.

“Oh, I didn’t! I just took a chance, really. I had the old owner’s number and figured that you might have chosen not to disconnect it.” You saw how he shrugged and continued conversationally.

You sighed, maybe you really were overthinking this. “I see, did you need something?”

“Oh, right!” you saw how he raised his finger and it made you smile a little because he looked like a kid. “Uhmmm… So I was talking to some of the neighbors earlier and in the spirit of community, we kind of want to throw a welcoming party for you?”

You were stunned again, but in a good way this time. “A what?”

“A welcoming party. We did it too when a couple moved in a few months back.” He raised his eyes and met yours, making you look away.

You nodded in contemplation. “A party, huh?”

“It’s just a dinner really. There’s this restaurant downtown that serves really hearty food and we can just book a table, so that we could get to know you better.” He paused and you knew he was trying to gauge your reaction from where he sat. “Why? Not your kind of thing?”

‘Why? Not your kind of thing?’Jungkook asked as he handed you his present for your first anniversary.

It echoed in your head and your eyes shot to Taehyung. He was looking at you intently, but it was difficult to read anything more from the distance.

“It’s cool if you don’t want to. I can just tell them that you’re still settl—“

“No! Uhm, sure. I can do dinner.” You stammered out and you heard him laugh.

“Okay, I guess I’ll let them know.” Taehyung said as he stood up, so that he was a bit closer to the window. “I really hope you can make it, Y/N. I wanna know you better as well.”

You nodded. “Me too, bye.” You ended the call, but both of you lingered by the window until you waved and closed the curtains again.

You sighed, ‘He’s not Jeon Jungkook. Maybe it’s time for you to move on, Y/N.’

The weather had changed and it was getting more chilly. The air had gotten much colder and the nights were longer. There were more cloudy than sunny days, but honestly, you were one of those girls who liked autumn and winter more than summer and spring anyway.

That night felt like a hot chocolate kind of night, so you heated up a mug and sat at your front porch, just listening to the mundane sounds of the night.

You were halfway through with your mug when a bundled up man passed by on a twinkling hoverboard. You almost laughed because that was the last thing you expected.

The man turned and stopped just where your little lawn ended.

“Y/N-ssi? It’s late what are you doing out?” Taehyung was smiling as he pulled his scarf below his chin. “Want a ride?”

“Jagi! It’s so late why are you still out?” Jungkook said as he skid down the street on his skateboard. “Want a ride?”

“On your hoverboard? No thanks, I’ve seen people break their arms doing that.” You smiled as you took another sip, letting the thick liquid trickle down your throat.

He got off the board and picked it up. In the midst of walking away, he halted and turned back to you. “Can I sit with you for a while? The monster under my bed is scaring me.”

You laughed and tapped the space beside you. He crossed the expanse in three steps and landed on your porch. He sat a step lower than yours so you were almost at eye-level. He smiled at you, breathed deeply, before looking at you again. You were facing forward, but you could see his movements from the corner of your eye.

“So… have you settled in?” he asked, glancing at you and you can’t help but wonder why his voice reminded you of melted chocolate.

“I think so.” You replied with a curt nod.

You saw him rummaging through his pocket, so you observed without a word until he pulled out an e-cigarette. “Would you mind?” he gestured.

You shook your head. “No, please go ahead.” You sipped your drink again and remarked, “I didn’t know you smoked.”

He laughed as he took a hit. “I stopped for a while. This girl that I dated wanted me to stop, so I stopped. When we broke up, I couldn’t handle cigarettes again, so I chose e-cigarettes instead. You know, it’s not as bad for your health.”

“Do you smoke?” you glanced at him as you both watched the music video where he was smoking.

He shook his head. “No. Smoking is bad for your health. Those are just effects.”

At this point, the similarities that you saw before have deviated. The more you looked at Taehyung, the more that you were convinced that your little theory about Jungkook was wrong. How can he be the same person?

“Why?” he asked.

“Huh? Sorry, what did you say?”

“Nothing, it’s just… why do you keep looking at me like that? It’s been bothering me.” he turned to you this time, the e-cigarette hanging delicately between his fingers.

“You just… remind me of someone.” You muttered, putting your mug down.

“Who? Like your ex-boyfriend or something?” he laughed and took one last hit before he kept in his pocket again. He turned to you again and saw how your expression changed. “Shit. Did I hit a bullseye?” He gritted through his teeth. “Can I ask what happened?”

“He… He disappeared.” You chuckled almost bitterly and sighed. You looked at the sky as you spoke your next words. “Or something like that.”

“Sorry.” He muttered as he side-glanced at you.

“It’s fine.” You tried to shrug it off.

He was quiet for a second and you decided to divert your gaze to him. He was fumbling with his fingers, looking for something to say.

“Just say it. You’re curious, I can hear it from here.” You quipped and you saw a small smile smear on his face.

“I don’t know how you’re going to take this, but…” he hesitated. You knew he was checking if you were really alright with what was going on. “Is the boyfriend the reason why you’re kind of… closed-off?”

“Yes and no.” you sighed, suppressing the memories behind your lids. “It’s kind of complicated, but really? Closed-off? Am I really…?”

“Kind of? Like you’re wary of everyone.” He was speaking slowly, being extra careful with his choice of words.

“My mom always told me that people are scarier than ghosts.” You whispered, repeating it for yourself.

“But you can’t live the rest of your life like that.” You felt his warm hand on your shoulder. “Maybe you just need a friend.”

You glared at him through squinted eyes. “Are you implying that this friend that I need is you?”

He laughed and it made you smile. “Yes and no.”

And this conversation became the catalyst of several late night talks with Taehyung. Be it on your front porch or his, over the phone or in some small café.

The end of the week came and it was time for the little party that your neighbors threw for you and though the initial goal was to get to know Taehyung more and the others, you were pretty confident about knowing Taehyung a little bit more.

Somehow, you might just be able to forget the ghosts from your past.

You did a little review of the people who were seating around the large table of the muted diner that Taehyung kept talking about for the past week.

The couple in front of you was the newlyweds who moved in a few good months before you did. Kim Namjoon and Kim Seokjin were the power couple that you never thought you’d become friends with. They were in dapper outfits and you thought it was cute that they kept trying not to touch each other the whole night. The way they look at each other though.

Sitting beside you was Min Holly, Min Yoongi’s daughter. She seems to adore you because she kept playing with the dainty lace on your dress. Her father, Yoongi acts like he couldn’t care less about the whole affair, but he was actually doing much of the talking. Every now and then, he would glance at his daughter to make sure that she wasn’t accidentally falling asleep on your lap. Though it was never mentioned over dinner, you remember Taehyung mentioning before that Yoongi’s wife had died in a fire.

At one end of the table, Jung Hoseok and his wife were doting on each other adorably with Hoseok caressing his wife’s visible baby bump repeatedly. They also seem especially close with the server, whose name you learned was Jimin. He kept glancing between you and Taehyung, but you chose to ignore it.

“So, Y/N-ssi. How long have you been dating Taehyung here?” Seokjin suddenly spoke over the noise that Hoseok was making and for a second, everyone just froze in place until both you and Taehyung raised your hands defiantly.

You shook your head as you vehemently denied his inquiry. “W-W-We’re not together!”

Everyone saw the horror that crossed Seokjin’s face and Namjoon burying his head into his palms.

Seokjin began laughing awkwardly. “Of course you aren’t! You would make a cute couple though.” He remarked before changing the subject with the help of Yoongi.

You glanced at Taehyung and caught him staring at you as well. Hoseok’s wife caught the blushes on your cheek, but she just smiled.

The night flew by and you’d be lying if you said that you hadn’t wish it would end, but Hoseok’s wife needed to rest and Holly was practically sprawled on your lap.

Namjoon and Seokjin had been laughing when Yoongi peeled his daughter off you just as the Jung couple began saying goodbye. You saw them off and waved at them as they drove away.

“You guys wanna go for drinks?” Seokjin asked and Namjoon sighed.

Sensing the mood, he grabbed Seokjin’s hand and said, “I think we have to go too, Jin. Since you ate the whole table, we should start walking home.”

He wanted to protest, but his husband pulled him away. They looked back to wave at you and Taehyung from a good distance and from where you were standing, you could see that they began bickering.

Now that you were alone with Taehyung, the night suddenly grew too quiet, too chilly. You rubbed your arms with your palm and realized that you had left your coat.

“Oh, okay! Go get it and I’ll get my car.” Taehyung smiled and you turned your heels back to the direction of the diner.

A few people were still inside, so you inconspicuously walked through to the table you had occupied and saw that it was completely empty. You chewed on your bottom lip and frowned as you tried looking around for it. You tried walking around the table to see if you had missed any spot when someone suddenly pulled you aside by the elbow. Your eyes widened when they met the eyes of your server, Jimin.

“Y/N-ssi?” he gripped your arm tight.

You tried shaking him off, but he kept you in place, angling you in a way that your eyes never left his. “What do you want?”

“Listen to me very well.” He looked around warily before turning back to you. “Taehyung, that Kim Taehyung, you have to get away from him.”

“What are you talking about?” you shrieked and tried to look for anyone who can help you.

“He’s not the real Kim Taehyung. I don’t know how he did it, but he’s a fraud. I’ve been friends with Taehyung for a long time, so I know that this person trying to act like him is not Taehyung.” His voice was trembling and the intensity of his gaze was making it hard for you to call bluff. “I don’t know what his reasons are, but I’m sure that he’s a dangerous man. You have to be extremely careful.”

“You must be out of your mind, Jimin-ssi.” You clenched your jaw and Jimin let go of you. He grabbed your coat and put it over your shoulders.

“I’m not your guardian, but don’t say that I didn’t warn you, Y/N-ssi.” He remarked before disappearing into the back of the diner.

When you stepped out of the secluded corner, you almost collided with Taehyung, making your shriek out.

“Sorry, did I scare you?” he grinned.

You shook your head, feeling a little uneasy with your little encounter with Jimin. “Not really, let’s go?”

He offered his arm like a gentleman and you rolled your eyes.

When you exited the diner, Taehyung’s car was already in front. He went ahead to open the car door for you, but you simply stood in place.

“Why…” Jimin’s earlier warning seem to resonate in your head. “…why are you doing this?”

“Doing what?” he tilted his head to the side.

“Being nice to me, opening doors and introducing me to other people.” Your eyes were glued on the pavement, maybe because you were afraid that of what you would see if you were to meet his eyes.

He let out a short laugh, as he eyed your expression. “I can’t do that? I told you, I want to be your friend.”

You heard his footsteps as he closed the distance between you two. He took your face in his hands and looked at you straight in the eye. “But if you let me, I’d like to be more than just your friend.”

His lips was just hovering above yours, but he placed a kiss on your cheek instead.

You closed your eyes and counted all the reasons why your next words could be the beginning of the worst decision of your life, but when you finished counting, you realized that the words already left your mouth, “Your place or mine?”

Taehyung kept glancing at you as he fumbled with his keys until he swung the door open.

His place was a lot darker than you thought it would be and a few nooks were quite messy. There was a weird odor pervading the air, but it was expected since he was a guy after all. Just near the door, a vintage shotgun was hung high up on the wall and it pricked your interest.

“Is that yours?” you pointed at the gun.

“No! It was… It was already here when I moved in.” you heard him discard the keys somewhere and close the door behind him.

You heard the lock click in place and somehow, that made your heart pound. You continued to survey the house as you made slow steps over the wooden floor. The living room was as dimly lit as the entrance, but through the dim lighting, you saw several peculiar things on his coffee table.

Binoculars, a bag of zip ties, keys, glasses and… a knife stabbed into the wood. You inched closer to see what it was pinning down and you felt your breath hitch in your throat when you saw that it was a photo of you taken while you weren’t looking.

You hadn’t heard that Taehyung was behind you until you felt him breathe down the back your neck. “I’ve been watching you closely, Y/N-ssi. Very closely.”

You felt all the hairs in your body stand and though the first instinct was to run away, you were rooted in place. You felt a blunt object hit the back of your head and you collapsed on the cigarette-stained couch. Just before your vision disappeared, your eyes raked over the table again and realized that you missed one thing.

A silver wedding ring.


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2017.02.07 Good Time Music 1/7

Good Time Music was nice though I expected it to be longer. Basically, it was pretty much a show promoting NEWS. They surveyed fans and made a lot of VTRs which took about a half of the show. It was funny tho, how seriously the members watched it, like they were doing some legit analysis.

Apparently they found and surveyed 600 fans but honestly I’m not sure if it was necessary as they only had shown about 20. But those fans were hardcore. They stated with fans talking about NEWS changing their lives and some stories were nice like one girl said NEWS motivated her to change occupation and it made her happier. Others were foreign fans who came to Japan and learned Japanese driven by NEWS. But then there was this girl talking about how she heard NEWS discuss what colour of female underwear is good on the radio and how she brought white because Koyama likes white. Umm. Some things better remain between the band and the fans. 

anonymous asked:

Idk if it's just me I mean I loved the Daughters DLC but really wanted to see more. How'd the Bakers react to Mia's violence after they turned? What happened after Eveline "met" Zoe? I wanted it to go further into the gap between that and the main game. but holy crap the bakers before infection too

Seriously though like what the h Capcom I need a little more than that!! Like it was nice to see those final moments before the Bakers turned but still I needed more after that like I just need a whole DLC going from where Daughters ended and where RE7 begins cause I feel like I didn’t learn that much. I still want to see how Zoe made it so long without becoming like her parents.

30 Day Warrior Cats Challenge
Day 3: Favorite Female Character || Cinderpelt

I love her she’s so cute and she never ever lost all hope and she’s just,, too good for this cinderpelt let the angsty warrior amv makers not overuse your apparent love for firestar as an amv plot

if anybody knows how i can sell these as keychains or something pls tell me because they’re all pretty merchandise worthy so far

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I seriously stared over 10 minutes at your latest (beautiful) Noragami mermaid AU drawings and wondered how the hell Hiyori is transforming between 1 and 2... What happened? Why? Can Yato create mermaids by hugging them xD, I have no idea, would you be so kind and explain this AU to me, I'm desperate :'D


Originally posted by the-moonlight-witch

alright so 1) no he cant create mermaids by hugging them. that would most likely end in disaster

putting explanation under read more bc it’s a rambly one

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“Oi, beardie. What’s going on? Telepathically controlled any other assassins lately?”
It could’ve been meant as a joke, but her inflection is a tad off. Though, she does seem to grin at that. Wasn’t something she should look back on as fondly, but shortly after she had gotten her freedom. That was nice.

“Seriously though. I was wondering… Your magitech… How close is it to what I can do?”
Areum pauses, then adds, “I can summon shit by making stuff, I mean. Not that I got a chance to do that when we first met, they confiscated my shit. Otherwise… Well, it would’ve been a fun time.”






* …


I just saw someone on Instagram say he probably looks miserable cause of the cameras bothering him yet Danielle was literally smiling at the camera?

And no hate to her, but personally, if this is real, I wouldn’t let my newly found father boyfriend go out with me if he had a newborn baby.

Sorry but I just can’t get over the fact that the Game Grumps call us “lovelies” as the official fandom name. Like, they’ll always talk about meeting lovelies at conventions or talking to lovelies on Twitter or something, and it’s the sweetest thing in the entire world.

Actually, it’s not just that. I’ve watched a couple of their panels on YouTube, and the way they talk to and support their fans is incredible. There’s this one question that always sticks with me, I think from Pax; a girl asks for advice on getting confidence to post her singing videos on Instagram, and at the end of the question Danny says, “who cares what strangers think? Do it for yourself, and we’re behind you.”

Like how fucking sweet is that, seriously? I could go on and on about this but it’s just so awesome the way they care about their fans. It’s nice to know that even though we don’t know each other at all, they still support what I want to do.

Seriously, though like

When Jasper was screaming at Steven about Pink Diamond, there was more than just rage. There was pain, despair… What Jasper felt for her planet, the colony, and Pink Diamond seemed to be SO MUCH more than simply loyalty. Did she love Pink Diamond? I don’t know (I sure as fuck would NOT be against it), but whatever she felt, Rose Quartz destroyed everything she held dear.

How could she NOT hate Rose or the Crystal Gems? How could she not be filled with as much fury as she is? It’s nice to show a glimpse of Jasper’s side outside of “she is a bad guy, watch her be bad.”

On a side note, Jasper’s voice actress did a DAMN good job in this episode, give this woman an Emmy. 

Seriously though, if we can trust the Story for Steven preview that we got to be an accurate flashback of how things were when Greg met Rose, I’m shocked that he didn’t have any fans other than her.

His songs are nice, his singing voice is great, he looks just like a grown up Steven (which is always good because Steven = cute) AND he has a majestic and fabulous flowing mane of hair. So really, h o w

I love how Ishida had that competition for fans to get themselves drawn in the manga - only they just end up getting killed off in horrible ways. Truly the greatest honour.

I mean we have:

Super humiliating and derpy death

…RIP these guys’ balls. 

…and then her face was eaten.

Seriously though, they look pretty distinct from the other characters, and it’s nice to have some variety in the faces.

into a fantasy // kyoya + chigusa


Despite Kyoya’s incessant need to keep Chigusa to himself - and though even he could admit it was incredibly controlling - Chigusa still agreed to go on their date. And Kyoya was relieved. Incredibly so. He couldn’t imagine how embarrassing it would be (or how the twins would treat him) if Chigusa had shut him down immediately. 

He had asked her to be ready at six - giving them enough time to eat before their showtime. Kyoya hoped that Chigusa took his words seriously when he said wear something nice. He would hate to be overdressed. 

He straightened his tie, and adjusted his coat before grabbing for his keys and making his way toward his car. For the first time in a long while, Kyoya would be driving himself and his date. And he didn’t want his driver barging in on his date. 

Punching the address of her home into his GPS, he began to drive to pick her up. He was going to do this right. Show up at the door, meet her parents, and promise to take good care of their daughter. 

But he definitely wasn’t going to tell them that he was at their house in the middle of the night before. 

As he pulled up to her house, he fixed his hair and then he got out of his car. He knocked hard on the door twice, waiting patiently for her to answer.