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Story of the Year: Part Two

So here is part two of this fic.  Enjoy!  Have lots of Alya.  I love Alya.

Three hours later, the bell finally rings for lunch.

Marinette has barely closed her bag when a vice-like grip clamps around her wrist and she’s being dragged away.  She just has time to wave and mouth “Bye!” at Adrien before they’re in the corridor outside and Alya hasn’t even slowed.

Resistance being futile, Marinette allows herself to be towed out of the school gates and around the corner to her street.  

Of course, Alya was bound to interrogate her in her own home.

“Hi Mme Cheng!”  Alya shouts as she throws the door to the bakery open with a crash.  

A customer looks startled, but Sabine is used to the juggernaut that is Alya and smiles indulgently. “Hello, girls!  Are you home for lunch?”

Before Marinette can speak, Alya is answering for her.  “Can’t, Mme Cheng.  We’ve got some serious gossip to discuss!”

Sabine nods knowingly. “Ah, something to do with the Ladyblog?”

Alya seems momentarily confounded, as if she had completely forgotten about the Ladynoir development in the wake of her latest earth-shattering discovery.  

For a second, Marinette feels her heart freeze.

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dolgorukov  asked:

What does Sansa think about LF in your opinion?

Hi! Sorry it took me a while to answer :) I think she’s naturally wary of him and finds his mannerism and behavior unsettling in an unpleasant way, and she knows he’s fundamentally a liar, but she’s Very Confused rn because the deep ties that currently bind her to him are clouding her judgment.

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Summary: Phil works as an Internet security officer whose job is to read flagged emails and send out warnings for a magazine company. Little did he know, he’s about to get hooked on emails from a certain someone. Based loosely on Rainbow Rowell’s Attachments.
Genre: AU
Word count: 1.4k
Beta: Lily aka beta-extraordinaire 
A/N: I can’t believe how many notes the first chapter got! I’m so glad you guys are enjoying it. And by the time you’re reading this, I’ll be on vacation to celebrate my 19th birthday, and that’s why this is posted earlier. Regardless, I hope you like the chapter :) On we go!

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One Last Kiss

Summary: Blaine is running late one morning, but he always makes time for his husband and their little girl. Married!Klaine.

A/N: Thank you for the prompt crazycarebare! I hope you like it!

Words: 831

“We’re out of milk,” Kurt said, closing the fridge door with a sigh.

Blaine’s head poked out of the bathroom. “What? I bought milk two days ago.”

“Tracy knocked her glass over twice yesterday, and she kept asking for a refill.”

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