seriously though he's all like 'well hi'

@crucialandinert wanted me to write a ‘weird mediaeval porno’. And now I have about 18000 ideas I have nothing like the skill to execute. One of which is a Thomas a Becket/Henry II thing where Jared and Richard used to be the best of friends and Richard bullies Jared into being a puppet Archbishop but whoops Jared’s overactive conscience won’t let his king do whatever the hell he wants and he’s all ‘I could not love thee half so well, my prince, loved I not honour more’ and the king is all ‘WHO IS THIS HONOUR I WILL GUT HER LIKE A FISH’

|Soulmate| (Part 2) Peter Parker

Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: It’s been a couple months since you’ve started dating ‘Parker- P-Peter Parker’ so it’s normal for him to just stop by at night :3

Warnings: fluff?, kisses, cuteness, backstory-ish

Words: 1195 (i think I got carried away)

A/N: I HOPE THIS IS WHAT EVERYONE WANTED.(that’s not meant to sound aggressive) lol sorry if it sucked!

Part 1

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It had been a couple of months since I had met Spider-Man- well, Peter. Peter Parker.

As I descended down the stairs, walking away from my school, I saw a familiar brown haired boy. I rushed over to him and smiled.

H-Hi. I’m Park- P-Peter Parker. By the way.” He stuttered his words out. “But you know that I’m- you know.” I giggled. I couldn’t seem to wipe this smile off my face.

“Y-Y/N L/N.” We stood in silence for a moment. “Oh- that’s my name… By the way.” He laughed and stuffed his hands in his pocket.

“I told you I’d find you. Not in a creepy stalker way though- I jus- Uh do you want me to walk you home?” He smiled nervously. I pretended to think for a moment and put my hand on my chin.

“I don’t know. If you’re willing to. I live halfway across down soo-

“That is totally fine. Actually, I would prefer to walk you home now. To spend… More time with you.” He blushed a dark shade of red. My cheeks were starting to hurt from me trying not to smile so widely.

“Then yes- you can walk with me.” I bit my lip and walked down the steps, keeping my eyes on him. He walked down with me and we started on our way back to my place.

He didn’t head home until later that day. He stayed a while in my apartment. And that sure as hell wasn’t the first day he walked me home and then stayed over. He asked me out after about two or so weeks after that day. So that would mean we’ve been together for about three months now. And I feel like ‘soulmates’ is just and under statement. It’s like Peter and I were made for each other. I mean we were… But that’s not the point. A knock at my window wiped my mind of what I was thinking of before. My head turned and my eyes connected with Spider-Mans eyeglasses. Peter. I honestly do not know what they’re called, his eye glass things, but he looks cute in his mask so I don’t care. I jumped from my bed and lifted my window up. He slid inside my room and I closed the window after him.

“Hello- Spider-Man. Is there a reason such a marvellous hero has come to see me! Y/N! What a gracious-”

“Babbee-” He tore off his mask and chuckled at me. “Spider-Man was just lonely and wanted to see his beautiful girlfriend.”

“Like… Lonely lonely?” I looked up and down his body and exaggeratedly winked. “Or just lonely.” I laughed putting my hands around his neck.

“I think a little bit of both. I mean our four month anniversary is coming up soon.” He kissed my cheek.

“Yeah, in like three weeks. Also, why celebrate a four month anniversary. Why not celebrate at like six months and a year?” He grinned down at me.

“Why not celebrate every day.” He shrugged and leaned down, pressing his lips against mine. I pulled my head back.

“Because if we celebrated every day I would be broke. Hate to break it to you Spidey-Boy but you’re expensive.” I smirked up at him and he sighed.

“I’m not that expensive… I just like things that cost a lot of money. I’m tired of digging through dumpsters!” He pushed away and pressed the button in the middle of his suit. With that, his suit fell to the floor revealing his half naked body. I could never get over how good he looked.

“I know- that’s why I’d suffer bankruptcy for you.” He laughed at my comment. My eyes trailed to his chest. He was ripped and I don’t know if it was from working out by saving all those people or from the spider bite.

“Seriously though, Y/N, don’t buy me to much stuff. Like my limit is 100$… A year. So no more. As for you, your limit is like 300$ cause you deserve everything.” He grabbed one of his sweaters off my floor, that he left from the last time he was over, and slipped it on.

“Everything, huh? Well, thank you, Baby.” I smiled and hopped on my bed. “Does that mean I can get one of Starks-”

“Nope. Ok not everything. Cause if I take or borrow or give you anything of Mr. Starks I might get tracked down and hunted.” He crawled into bed next to me and wrapped his arm around my waist.

“True- True. Maybe you could introduce me to Mr. Stark sometime tho. I mean I’m just your girlfriend so it’s not that important.” I sighed dramatically while smiling.

“I mean I probably could-” I turned over to face him.

“Wait- really? Like actually? You would introduce me to Tony Stark?”

“Yeah I mean you are my girlfriend, as you just said, so he might be glad to put a face behind a name… I seem to talk about you a lot on missions.” I giggled.

“I would hope so. I wouldn’t want you talking about any other gorgeous and amazing girls.” I yawned as he spoke.

“Ah, but you see-” He dropped his voice to a whisper. “- you’re the only gorgeous and amazing and stunning girl I know. And the only gorgeous and amazing and stunning girl I know seems to be a bit tired.” I giggled at his words.

“Very, I mean it is-” I turned my head to face my digital clock next to my bed. “12:46.” I said. “On a school night.” He groaned.

“I really don’t want to go to school. My back hurts. Oh! Did I tell you that that one robber came back and he tried to rob the same bank and I tried-” I tuned out his voice and just looked at the features on his face. I loved it when he talked about his day as Spider-Man because he was always so happy while explaining everything, but sometimes I just liked to look at his facial expressions while he explained everything. I tuned back into what he was saying.

“-and I was like-” He made a web shooting sound “-and then he was like 'ahh!’ then I left him there all webbed up so the police could take him in- again!” He laughed. “It was a crazy day.” I nodded and then snuggled my head into his chest.

“It seems like it.” I mumbled against his shirt. I heard him shoot his web somewhere in my room and when my room became dark I put two and two together, figuring out he turned off my light.

“Hey Y/N…” He whispered.

“Yeah?” I asked and leaned my head up to meet his face.

“I love youuu.” He said, dragging the 'u’. I giggled and nestled my face in the crook of his neck.

“I love you toooo.” I replied, copying him but dragging the 'o’ instead. He chuckled, causing my body to shake with his.

“Night, Babe.” He mumbled quietly. I made a 'mmh’ sound against his chest and slowly drifted to sleep to the rhythm of his heart beating.



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Richie HC where he's super flirty and affectionate with the losers and shit but whenever it's just him and Eddie he finds it hard to let go so he's always overcompensating and makes it seem like he can't take anything seriously. Constantly making a joke out of everything and deflecting when things get too serious. So Eddie is the one initiating kisses and holding his hand + after a while Richie will let himself be vulnerable but only for like .002 secs. Eddie gets it + thinks it's fucking cute.

This is so incredibly true though??

-he’s directly flirty with the other losers all the time. He’s always hugging, kissing cheeks, and calling them names like “beautiful, love muffin, hottie”

-he quotes all these love poems to Beverly with his arms around her. Ben used to get jealous “oh my god he not only is flirting with her but stealing my damn idea” but then richie swoops in and says a love poem to him as well and he’s stopped taking richie seriously

-“Bill, you’re the handsomest Frankenstein I’ve ever seen” followed with a pinch to his ass. Stan knew the first time that richie is all laughs but that doesn’t stop him from shoving richie away from his boyfriend “go flirt with your own boyfriend!” And richie coughs and automatically goes back to flirting with Mike who is closest

-“Mike, you’re like how I like my coffee. Tall, dark, and handsome” Richie coos fanning his face with his hand.

-Richie goes up to stan sometimes and twirls around his noodle hair with a finger. With a smirk, he flirts “since you’re a man now…” “oh my god leave me alone for fuck sake”

-everyone feels sorry eddie who doesn’t get any of this flirting directed at him, but Eddie doesn’t seem like he cares which confuses them because didn’t they get together???

-“yes we are together” Eddie answers casually whenever one of them asks. Eddie knows it’s all for show, and he grins at the fact that richie is actually incredibly and ironically shy.

-whenever they’re alone, Eddie goes up to richie with a pout (and full of things to tease richie) “why don’t u ever flirt with me?” richie gets all wide eyed but quickly quips “well I thought since I flirt with another kaspbrak-”

-“you’re so cute, Richie” Eddie coos as he wraps his arms around richie to pull them closer. He grins when richies face turns as red as a tomato.

-“…y-yeah I know, Eds! All the girls say I am”

-Eddie tilts his head “can I kiss you?”

-“get in line, eds-”

-Eddie kisses all over his face from his cheeks to his nose to his eyelids, and then to his lips. Richie is quick to kiss back

I’m rewatching Riverdale S1 and it’s genuinely painful to see what Betty goes through re: Archie and infuriating to see how he responds to her getting over him. 

This is a girl who has pined for the boy next door since she was a child. She tells him something deeply sweet, and intimate, that she has this fantasy of them as a couple. It’s not something that’s easy to say – especially for a girl like Betty who is consistently drowning in good girl expectations. 

She doubts that he feels the same for her, she clearly struggles with self-esteem, but she goes for it. She tells him. And the night she takes the plunge, just in that one night alone, he’s too busy trying to get his hands on two other women to even see it coming.

Betty doesn’t even register to Archie when she’s telling him he can have her, she wants him to have her, she wants to have him. Then, he just takes her claim that she’s fine, already over his rebuff of her romantic feelings, which, dude, Archie, how stupid can you be? He dismisses her concerns and ignores her advice and instinct re: Grundy even though she’s known him basically his whole life. He’s so involved in his own stuff that he has no idea what she’s going through with Polly, and her parents, and her crumbling mental health.

He takes her for granted, in every single way a person can take someone for granted, throughout the entire season. It’s not until he can’t have her, until he sees how head over heels she is for Jughead, that he sees her. 

I know some people love the “don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone” trope but I hate it, I always have and I especially hate this potential incarnation of it. 

Because on top of Archie being an idiot, there’s Jughead. Who knows Betty well enough even before we’ve seen them interact to tell Archie to get his head out of his ass and go talk to her if he wants to fix things. Who values her opinion so much that he goes with her pick for the drive-in’s last screening. Who trusts her enough to join the school paper at her request even though he’s obviously reluctant to get involved in, well, anything. Who senses that she needs support on multiple occasions and seeks her out to provide it - when he is going through some seriously dysfunctional shit of his own, mind you - not like “Oh I love girls and football and music all at the same time this is hard” dysfunction but “My home life is a nightmare and I live in the janitor’s closet” dysfunction. Who opens up to her, who gives her a safe place to open up, too. Who is passionate about her – wants to kiss her, to touch her, to tell her how good and smart and strong she is. Who sees her every time. 

Like there’s just no competition, even. It’s not a love triangle. It’s two people in a wonderfully healthy relationship and there’s Archie who derps on in at the 11th hour because he realized he missed out on something great. And I’ll be really, really frustrated if they actively pursue something that even resembles a triangle in S2 because there is nothing valuable in that story to tell, they’ll wind up sacrificing a really fantastic piece of character development for both Betty and Jughead for some ginger manpain and I’m not here for that. 

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There is already that great Asylum AU you wrote for, how about we add Nogla and Lui to the mix?!

Of course! Here you go, the long awaited part 2 that’s kinda long. I hope you enjoy it!


The three doctors met up once again that their usual spot. “So, Evan, how was your one day off?” Tyler asked.

“Pretty good, actually. I didn’t have to deal with your asses,” Evan chuckled. Bryce put his hand to his heart.

“Rude.” They all started laughing after that.

“Anyways, do you know how Delirious was?”

“I heard that he didn’t cooperate with your replacement really well. I don’t think he tried to hurt him, but he didn’t tell him anything,” Bryce said, pulling out a piece of gum and starting to chew on it.

“Seriously?” Bryce nodded, causing Evan to sigh.

“It’s a good thing that I’m back then.”

“Um, excuse me? Am I at the right place?” A thick foreign accent from behind them spoke. They all turned around to see a man with messy Brian hair and glasses standing over them. Well, standing over everyone except Tyler.

Bryce’s face lit up suddenly and he put out his hand. “Oh, you must me the new guy, Daithi de Nogla, right? I’m Bryce.” Daithi smiled and shook his hand.

“Thank god I found d the right place, I got lost like, three times already.”

“It always happens on everyone’s first day,” Evan spoke up. “I’m Evan, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, too.”

“Sup bitch, I’m Tyler.” Bryce lightly smacked Tyler’s arm.

“Tyler! Don’t be rude!”

“I’m not being rude!”

“He’s really not; that’s just how he greets the newbies. He greeted you like that.”


Nogla had started to laugh, which caused them to stop arguing. “Nah man, it’s okay. It’s nice to meet you all. But uh, can we go in, or…?”

“Oh! Yeah, you can go in. We just wait out here for a bit before we go in. Good luck!” Nogla nodded before smiling and waving at them before going in.

“Well he seems nice,” Evan chirped.

“Yeah. Hopefully he doesn’t get one of the bad ones,” Tyler sighed. They all nodded in agreement before going inside.


Tyler walked into his patients room unwillingly. He honestly was just not in the mood that day. “Good morning Mini. How’d you sleep?”

When he didn’t get a response, Tyler looked around the room. Mini was sitting in the corner, facing the wall. “Mini?”

“Mini isn’t here today. Come back tomorrow, maybe he’ll answer.”

Great. Now Tyler had to deal with Pablo.

“Oh, Pablo, good to see you again. How’ve you been?” ‘Pablo’ turned around with a smirk on his face as he stretched and yawned.

“Tired. Mini wouldn’t let me out last time, y'know. Said it was because of you. Mind telling me what that’s all about?”

“I’ve told you once and I’ll tell you again: You’re corrupting his head. He’s already more like you than he was, and we can’t do anything about it. Why don’t you just bring Mini back so we can talk.”

“Hmm, let me think… No. I’ve been gone for way to long. Won’t you let me be out, just for a little bit?” Tyler’s jaw clenched. He hated being tested like this.

“Alright, alright, fine. But promise me this: you’ll start taking the medicine that you hate again.”

Pablo’s grin faded. “You wouldn’t do that,” he whispered.

“Oh I think I would. In fact, I’ll go do it right now-”

“No! No, no. I’ll bring Mini back. Just, don’t make me take that awful shit again.” Tyler crossed his arms and lifted an eyebrow, waiting. Pablo sighed and rubbed his forehead. “I really hate you, you know that?”

“Feeling’s mutual.”

Tyler watched as Pablo’s eyes fluttered shut, falling onto his side as well. Tyler knew that Mini wouldn’t be up for a while, so he just picked Mini up and put him on the bed before leaving.


Evan walked quicker than he normally did to his patients room. He quickly entered the door and shut it behind him.

“You seem hurried. Excited to get me out of here?” Delirious asked with hopefulness in his voice. Evan straightened himself up and sighed.

“I heard you didn’t cooperate with the replacement yesterday,” Evan said, his eyes flickering to the paper in his hands before going back to Delirious.

“And why would I?”

Evan sighed and started writing down on the clipboard.

“When you’re the only one I want~”

Evan froze and nearly choked on his own spit. He felt a blush creep up on his cheeks as he looked up. Delirious had a smirk plastered on his face.

“Shut up,” Evan mumbled, causing Delirious to laugh. Evan quickly finished his writing and left the room, not wanting to feel Delirious’ smirk any longer.


Bryce hummed as he waited for the files to be printed out. He already had checked up on Ohm, and to say the least, nothing had changed.

The last copy was almost done when a pair of arms wrapped around his waist and he felt someone’s breath on the back of his neck.

“Hello, Brycey-poo~”

Bryce gasped in shock and dropped all of the papers in his hands. He glanced around frantically, only to see no one else in sight.

“O-Ohm, how d-did you-”

“It took a lot of skill, trust me.” Ohm laughed and pulled back before turning Bryce around and trapping him once more. “But I think it’s worth it~”

Bryce stared at Ohm, terror settling in more and more. “Don’t be scared, Brycey. It’s only me. I’m not gonna hurt you,” he lifted Bryce’s chin up with his finger. “You’re too pretty for me to want to do that.”

Bryce’s heart pounded in his chest as sweat rolled down his face. He swallowed and tried to look anywhere but Ohm’s eyes. It was extremely hard to for some reason, and he kept finding himself looking into those brown eyes that screamed insane.

Ohm was suddenly pulled back, and someone pulled Bryce to the side. Bryce was snapped back into reality as he looked over to see Evan holding onto his arm and calling security.

When he looked back to where Ohm was, he found Tyler holding him up against the wall. Bryce’s blue eyes met Ohm’s brown ones. Ohm grinned at him, seemingly not caring about the current situation. Security soon came and got Ohm, leaving the three doctors to themselves.


Daithi awkwardly stood in the break room, wondering where he was going to sit. He saw the top of Tyler’s head and decided to go sit with them, since they were the only people he knew.

When he got there, Bryce had his head in his arms while Evan patted his back. “Hey guys! What’s up with Bryce?” He asked, sitting down.

“Bryce’s patient, Ohm, somehow got out of his cell to go and ‘visit’ Bryce,” Tyler explained.

“I don’t even know how he did it! Or how he wasn’t caught!” Bryce groaned, finally lifting his head up from the table. Nogla’s eyes were wide.

“Seriously? Oh man, that’s gotta be terrifying.”

“Eh, not really. It happens all the time,” Tyler yawned, taking a bite out of his sandwich. Nogla’s eyes widened even more. Evan shot Tyler a glare before rolling his eyes.

“No, it doesn’t Tyler, stop scaring the newbie. It happens like, once every couple of months. This is just the first time it’s happened to Bryce. Though, he has only been here for 2 years now.” Nogla relaxed after that.

“So how’d your first day go?” Bryce asked.

“Oh, uh, I have a patient named Lui Calibre. He’s got multiple personalities- well, personality, I should say.”

Tyler’s eyes lit up a bit when he said that. “Your patient had multiple personalities too?” Nogla nodded.

“Yeah, the other personality is a five-year-old which I’ve decided to name Squeaker.”

“Why squeaker?” Evan asked, chuckling a bit at the name.

“Cause that’s what he sounds like! Plus, I had accidentally called him that, and he seemed to like it, so I stuck with it.”

“Man, you’re lucky. Mine’s got the personality of a creepy Mexican guy named Pablo. You should be grateful you got a good one,” Tyer said.

“I mean, Lui is a bit of a smart mouth, but squeaker seems to like me a lot, so I guess you’re right. I’m still not sure why it’s a five year old, but, y'know.”

“Well, you see here, they can’t choose their other personality. It was one that started to form into their head. With most personalities, it’s something that the person started to do as a way to protect themselves, and it eventually became it’s own thing. Lui probably pretended to be a five-year-old so whoever or whatever was hurting him would stop, and it must’ve worked. It’s like Mini’s case, who’s my patient. He was bullied, and thought up of Pablo to help him. When Pablo finally came out, however, that’s when the problem started. But don’t ask me why it was a creepy Mexican guy.”

Everyone stared at Tyler, surprised by the sudden lecture.

“Damn Tyler, you sure you’re not some sort of psychiatrist or something?” Even joked. Tyler rolled his eyes at the comment before stealing one of Evan’s fries.

“Hell no! Me listen to people complaining about their problems all day? I’d probably shoot myself before I got finished with the first person.”

They all laughed and finished their lunch before going back to their jobs.

Playing Games

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Summary: You and Seth have been playing this game for months now with neither of you truly admitting your feelings for one another. Though, now that you’ve been called up to the main roster from NXT, some things are going to have to change.

A/N: I have no idea if Seth Rollins is actually allergic to peaches or not, but like if he was, that would honestly be torture because I fricken love peaches and he’d really be missing out on the best fruit ever. 


“Brought you, your favorite, regular Peach Beach with vitamin blend and whey protein enhancers”. 

“Ugh, Lopez, you are far too good to me”. 

“Hey, don’t say I never gave you anything”. 

Gladly, you reach for the smoothie cup placed on the table in front of you and stick the straw between your lips. Seth Rollins - who was always the people pleaser - stands across the table with his arms crossed over his chest, patiently waiting for that sigh of content that always comes from your mouth after gulping down the first sip of your favorite drink. Soon enough, the cold liquid slides down your throat and you move the straw from your mouth, throwing your head back, and letting out a long, satisfying groan. 

God, I can’t believe you’re allergic to peaches, you are seriously missing out on the best fruit”. 

“Eh, I’m more of a pineapple guy myself really.”, Seth shrugs with a growing smirk to match his teasing behavior. 

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Imagine being in a secret relationship with your father’s best friend, Dean Winchester.

Originally posted by frozen-delight

A/N: Just making it clear, Reader is 19+ although I have not specified it. This is clearly an AU.

“No sweetheart, we won’t need anything.” your father said as you dried your hands with a towel.

“Really? I mean dad, I could easily make something for you to eat. You order pizza and burgers practically every time and-”

“(Y/n)” your father cut you off with a small smile that you didn’t get to see often as his blue eyes focused on you “We will be just fine. You know the Winchesters, they never really have any preferations.” he shrugged just slightly and you chewed on your lower lip.

“It’s just- all I’m saying is I have time, no homework or anything.” you said as casually as you could. You didn’t want your father to start doubting you even for a second and you’d risked too much already.

“I know, angel.” he placed a hand on your shoulder “But you’re on your first year of college, just enjoy it you deserve this. And by enjoying it I don’t mean spend hours upon hours cooking for me and my friends.”

“You know I wouldn’t have a problem anyway.” you shrugged and he nodded his head.

“I know, but it’s alright. We will be fine.” he rubbed your arm and you sighed in defeat.

“If that’s what you-” you didn’t get to complete your sentence as the doorbell rang and – you tried to hide it as best asyou could – but your breathe hitched in your throat.

“I’ll go get that.” you said a little too fast for your liking but maybe you were thankful for how clueless your father was at times- alright maybe all the time. There were moments you thought he just couldn’t be from this Earth, from his awkwardness to his lack of knowledge about human norms and references you couldn’t help but think that he was an angel or something.

“Hey” you heard the person say as a big grin spread on their face as soon as he looked at you.

You couldn’t help the skip of your heartbeat “Hi” you said a lot more shyly than you wanted to “Come in Mr Winchester. I-” you glanced around “I thought that- that-” you started saying, more like stuttering as you let him in and he let a soft chuckle. Gosh that deep, rough, manly laugh of his that made the butterflies go crazy.

“That Sam would be coming?” he asked but shook his head “Nah he’s too busy being a nerd as usual.” he laughed softly and you smiled. Dean stood there for a moment as you fidgeted with your hands, he glanced around him for a second before opening his mouth to speak but was cut off before he could utter a word.

“Dean?” you heard your father call out and immediately you took a step backwards, almost without realizing it, and putting more distance between you and the older Winchester.

“Hey Cas” Dean grinned, a different kind of smile than he had previously given to you. So much different. A grin that was always different from the one he’d give to people, because the smile he’d give you always meant a lot more than he’d say or feel for anybody else. Oh yes you were screwed.

“Long time no see, buddy?” he chuckled as the two men hugged and for a moment you just looked at them with a fond smile on your face. You loved their friendship more than anything. Your father was not one to open up easily, and with all the family drama that you’d found out went on in his life, you were surprised at how close he was with the Winchesters. He considered them family and you’d learned to consider them as such to once you got to meet them.

“It certainly has been, Dean.” your father said in his usual deep and calm voice “Please come on.” he motioned for him to get in the living room as you followed behind closely, head almost bowed down; therefore missing the look dean gave you.

“Is Sam not with you?” he asked as Dean took a seat on the couch and your father on the one right in front of him.

“No, too busy with a case or something. Usual lawyer stuff.” Dean shrugged.

“Uhm” you spoke up a little hesitantly “Would you like anything to drink Mr Winchester? A beer or something?” you asked as he looked up at you.

“A beer would be great sweetheart, thanks.” he winked at you, giving you that signature Dean smirk and you nodded your head.

“Dad?” you looked at your father who nodded his head.

“A beer, thank you angel.” he smiled softly at you and you gave him a small smile. After a final glance you turned to make your way to the kitchen, unable to shake of the feeling of a pair of eyes following your every movement until you were out of sight. If only you could spot the way Dean was biting his lip then.


“Mhm damn (Y/n) you really outdid yourself with this one.” Dean said or more specifically moaned, practically through a mouth full as he ate on the apple pie you had just served them.

“Thank you Mr Winchester.” you offered him a small smile, sitting down next to him as you glanced down at your book.

The book whose one sentence you had been reading for the past hour or so. Your father insisted you could stay in your room or his office if you wanted some quiecy but you claimed you could still read and stay with them in case they needed something. Truth was it was just another excuse to steal glances at the insanely handsome man sitting next to you. Insanely handsome and… much older. Well, he was your father’s friend too but- you didn’t want to get started with that too. Truth was that just that’s what you had been doing the past hour, sneaking glances of the man and trying not to let it show how you practically melted on the inside every time he laughed or grinned. And as if that was not enough, he had to make all those sounds while you ate that just were so not appropriate. Your father didn’t think much of it but you

“She always makes sure to save a piece or two for you every time she makes pie.” your father said with a small smile and your eyes practically widened in shock.

“Really?” Dean asked, a sly and almost satisfied smirk slowly spreading on his lips “Wow (Y/n) that’s really thoughtful. Thanks sweetheart.” he winked at you as he licked his lips.

You almost choked on plain air so you only cleared your throat, giving your father a glare before shrugging as casually as you could “It’s no problem Mr Winchester. I know how much you like pie and since dad is not such a fun- I don’t really need to gain any more weight.” you tried to play it off with a soft laugh.

“Bullshit.” Dean scoffed “You’re gorgeous either way.” he said without almost realizing it, only seemingly speaking his mind. Fact that made you smile, blush and at the same time feel completely uncomfortable considering your father was standing right there.

“Thanks I guess.” you said with a small smile, not looking at him or anything for that matter but your book.

“Mhm” Dean hummed, as he still winked at you and didn’t say anything more as he kept on making those… so not appropriate for public noises as he ate on his pie. You just couldn’t help but admire for a moment the way he licked his lips and threw his head back for a moment. Boy and were you hooked on his lips in that moment. Those fully, rose, soft lips of his that- How was it possible that this man could turn eating pie into pure porn?

“If you’re done flirting with my daughter-” your father said a little more pointedly than you’d ever heard him before as he gave a look to his friend “-And making all these sounds-” he added and for a moment you held your breath, thinking that maybe he’d caught onto more than he let it show that he knew.

Dean merely grinned and shrugged “You know me man, I love eating a little too much.” he chuckled as he ate the last of his pie.

Well, that could have more than one meanings.

The mere thought made you shake your head and try to focus back on your book. You felt your cheeks burn but you only hoped to anyone that would listen that they weren’t paying any attention.

“That I do know.” your father sighed with a shake of his head and you sneaked a glance at him over your book to see that he indeed had not suspected something. Or at least not understood what Dean was implying.

“Alright-” he cleared his throat “-Remember that client I talked to you about that I met last Tuesday?”

“Uh blonde, short shorts, 5'9, C cup and-” he glanced at you as he started saying the next, obviously, asset but stopped himself when he saw the hard look on your face. He cleared his throat as he tried to fight off his own smirk.

“Yeah” he looked at Cas “I remember her. You sold her the house by the center, right?”

“Yeah. Well, she has this friend that has a great interest in cars. He wanted to talk with someone that specifies in them, since some of them have a few problems. He sells most of them but every time has to do a check first so he asked me if I knew someone and I thought about you. I have his phone and number would you be interested?” he asked and Dean nodded his head at his friend.

“Yeah, Cas. You know I am all up for cars.”

“Good because-” you stopped listening after that as you collected their plates, goosebumps forming as your fingers brushed with Dean’s, and made your way to the kitchen a little too fast. You need a glass of water, as cold as possible to get all those ideas out of your mind and of course the sounds he had just been making.


“Uh where’s dad?” you asked, your pace slowing down as you came back to the living room and noticed your father’s absence.

“He went to get the phone number of some guy in his office, not sure where he’s put it though.” he said slowly, glancing in the hallway that lead to your father’s office.

“Right. The bimbo’s friend.” you said through pursed lips as you practically snatched the book from the coffee table and all-but-glared at the page in front of you. And your anger – well, let’s be honest it’s all called jealousy – didn’t lessen in the least bit when you heard him laugh. He was seriously laughing at you? What the hell was this man even thinking? This was not amusing, like at all. You thought that for a moment he was mocking you for being jealous over another woman. A woman that without any doubt he could have all over him in second and- damn it. You felt jealousy burn inside you like a fire.

“What?” you almost snapped at him but were only met with raised arms and an adorable smile.

“It’s just-” he grinned, gosh that boyish grin would be the death of you “You’re so fucking cute when you’re jealous.” he confessed and you scoffed, looking back at your book.

“I’m not jealous.” you mumbled but where only met with some silence and shuffling. Before you could look up you felt two fingers grab your chin and another hand grab your book and take it away, almost throwing it on the floor. Dean made your head turn to look at him and you realized just how close your faces were.

“And even cuter when you blush while denying it.” he said and you shivered when he ran his thumb over your lower lip.

“Mr Winchester” you whispered, eyes furiously jumping around in alert; mostly behind him scared your father would show up any given second.

“Sshh” he leaned closer “Relax. We’ve done this plenty of times, haven’t we? And I’ve told you many times, it’s Dean.” he smiled softly and you held your breath.

“But- but my father could just walk in any moment.” you whispered, your voice not daring to get any louder than that. You shifted slightly to get him off you but it was impossible. In a swift and quiet abrupt move he grabbed you by your waist and made you lay down on the couch so that he was on top of you. Your bodies were pressed as he sandwiched you between his body and the couch, his weight resting on you and making you unable to swallow as he put a leg between yours.

“Come on sweetheart-” he whispered, his lips brushing past yours “This wouldn’t be the first time, would it?”

“But- but we’re on the couch and he could just-”

“And last time we were in his own closet, not remembering we even had any clothes on when we got in it.” he grinned with a simple shrug and you bit your lip at the memory. You had forgotten a notebook in your father’s bedroom and while there to fetch it Dean had found you – claiming to your father he was going to the bathroom. And to top it all? Your father had decided to venture in his bedroom for whatever the heck he wanted.

“And the time before that we were in your room that just so happens to be next to your fathers while he and Sam were still awake talking about whatever lawyer-y stuff Sam could help your father with the houses.” he added before you could utter another word.

And the time before that- we were in the shower together while your father was in his office and I supposedly asleep on the guest room.” he continued and you had never felt your face heat up more than this very moment.

“Alright!” you said a little too loudly “Alright I get it.” you cleared your throat, and lowered your voice tone “I remember that.” you bit on your lower lip and he chuckled softly, his chest vibrating.

“This is not the same, Mr Winchester.” you mumbled and he gave you a hard look at which you just shook your head “What if he walks in? What would you do then? What would I do then? He’s my father- he’s your best friend!” you tried to reason with him.

“That would understand. That will understand when the time comes.” he said firmly and you only sighed with a shake of your head “Besides- We’ve talked about this, and we’ve been through with it. Yes, you are my best friend’s daughter. And yes there is no fucking way I’d let any other boy touch you the way I have and you know it too.”

You just couldn’t help the shiver that ran down your spine at the way he said those words, the posessiveness and passion that laced his voice made you bite your lip. This was probably wrong- Hell, it was wrong. You were in a secret relationship with you father’s best friend, he was so much older than you and the things you did with him were not all that innocent. You knew that what you felt for him, and what he felt for you, was true but that didn’t take away the fact that thisshouldn’t be happening.

“That doesn’t mean you had to break his hand either.” you mumbled, looking up at him shyly and he grinned satisfied with what he’d done at a bar he’d spotted you with some friends once.

“You told him you were not interested and he kept touching you. I told him he should back off and he didn’t. What was I supposed to do? He was asking for it.” he shrugged and all you could do was stare up at him as you slowly brought a hand up to cup his cheek. Sure you had a hard time explaining why Dean had been so possessive and so angry at the guy hitting on you.

“You just can’t help it, can you?” you whispered and he grabbed your face with one hand grinning that same predatory smile that had you most of the time bare and shaking his arms in the very end.

“Hell no.” he growled as he looked down at you and without even giving you a warning he crashed his lips to yours. A gasp left your lips as you almost lost it when he attacked your mouth not only with kisses but also bites.

You shivered as his hands ran all over your body. His one hand ran down your thigh, his fingers digging into your flesh and you cursed yourself for wearing shorts. You almost moaned into his mouth when he grabbed your ass and gave it a squeeze and you felt his other hand move from your face down to your chest and to your waist. He didn’t hesitate to yank your shirt a little upwards almost tearing in the process as he ran his hand over your waist, your belly and up to your chest. Your breathing became heavy swallow as he pressed harder on you, especially with his leg. You grabbed onto his hair, hearing him growl in the meantime and bite harder down on your lip. Even if you didn’t want to you opened your mouth and felt his tongue battle with yours as he kissed you hungrily.

“De-Dean” you almost moaned but mostly whined as he let out a soft growl, rubbing himself on you as his teeth grazed over your lips. Your fingers now dag onto his back as you fisted the flannel in your other hand and arched your back to get as much friction as you could. Dear you couldn’t be seriously thinking about things like this this very moment but he could take your breath away and have you all over him with such ease.

Your breath got caught in your lungs when you felt his hand trail from your ass to your thigh again and up to your waist. Until of course he started lowering it and fidgeting with the buttons of your shorts. You shifted in your place, eliciting a groan from him and you mumbled an apology for making his work harder. You just found it impossible to not move in anticipation. His fingers felt to be making goosebumps form every time they accidentally touched your skin as he struggled to free you. For someone that had done this plenty of times it always made you smile how nervous he could be with you at times. Gosh, you loved this man so fucking much. You panted as you arched your your hips so that you’d help him and you felt him grin into the kiss when he actually succeeded.

He managed to unzip your jean shorts and just as his hand finally came in contact with your skin, just before he could move it lower-

“Found it.” your heard your father say, his voice sounding far distant but certainly getting louder as his footstep.

You gasped and immediately pushed Dean away, him scurrying to get himself off of you. Not that it was so easy considering the mess of limps and shakiness you both were. You cleared your throat, smoothing down your hair and clothes – not missing the small rip Dean had managed to cause on your shirt – and hurried to grab your book from the floor. Dean himself cleared his throat and fixed his hair as fast as he could. He glanced at you though and saw you were actually shaking a lot more than him. He held your hands for a moment, steadying them to hold the book properly and leaned in to kiss your forehead tenderly.

“Relax. Everything’s alright.” he whispered and you gave him a weak smile, feeling your entire face burn and your lips tingle. You had no doubt they looked all red and kiss-swollen. You gave him a small smile and nod of your head, your head already burying in your book as you heard your father walk into the living room.

“I had been searching everywhere on the desk and papers but it was on the drawer.” your father sighed as he sat on the couch “I really need to clean up in there.” he sighed as he finally looked at you.

He frowned for a second “Everything alright?” he asked, looking between the two of you. Dean grinned, glancing at you before finally looking at his best friend.

“Just perfect

things i’m never going to be over: how GOOD Burn Gorman looks in the trailer for PR2

cause um WOW

Hermann Gottlieb is BACK, y’all, and he ditched the BOWL CUT and diversified his WARDROBE also possibly got punched in the MOUTH and I would just like to take a moment to thank whoever’s responsible for all that!

Well, not for the punching, maybe. Who hurt you, Herms? Whom do we have to kill??

Seriously though, he looks great. So does everybody, really. Newt Geiszler?

Dapper! Breathless! Crazy as ever! Looks great!!!

Mako Mori: regal, powerful, dignified, as usual looks absolutely GREAT

Jake we barely even know you yet buddy but GOLLY you sure do look great!!!

Given how dear Pacific Rim is to my heart, I’m still pretty nervous about Uprising living up to the original, but this trailer’s got me excited, and if nothing else, at least we can say that everybody & everything in it looks g r e a t!

BTS React to S/O being insulted by idol MC

@shyreas :  I don’t know if you have done it but what about a reaction to their s/o being insulted by an idol they are going to be an mc with does that make sense I hope it does


Namjoon is usually laid back when he has to appear on tv / radio. When he overhears a younger idol talking shit about you, he would put them in their place. 

He may not outright curse them or bring it up explicitly, but he would make them suffer. 

They would run errands for their ‘hyung’ the whole time. And Namjoon would definitely strictly enforce the ‘your’re my dongsaeng’ card.

“Yah, go get this for me.”

“Hey you, why are you just sitting there? Don’t you need to help the crew? I think they’re tired. Go help them.”

He would make the experience as miserable for them as possible. 

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J Hope:

“Ok, you wanna talk a lot of shit about people you don’t even know, huh?”

“Well, I just want you to know that Y/N is a wonderful person, and she doesn’t deserve to be talked about like that.”

He would make it short, and to the point, then turn around and walk away. 

As he was about to walk out the door he would briefly glance back, eyes cold “Oh, and for the record, I won’t be working with you today, under no circumstances. Good luck finding a replacement.”

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Jimin knows exactly how popular he is, and that one lackluster appearance won’t damage his or BTS reputation. 

So when he hears the hateful things the other idol said, he would do his best to ruin the whole performance. 

He would make it awkward for the other, not answering questions and being difficult. 

When confronted about it he would brush it off. 

“What are you talking about? This is how I always act. Do you have a problem with it?”

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He would be the type to wait for the perfect moment to avenge you. He would wait until they were mcing together and at every opportunity would roast the fuck out of them. 

“You don’t like Baekhyun’s comeback hair? How can you talk? Your hair looks like it was cut with a lawn mower.”

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Jungkook takes his career and reputation very seriously, even though he’s the youngest.

He wouldn’t say anything about it head on, even though he really wants to.

He would just make a point to avoid that idol at all costs in the future, not collaborating or working with them again in any fashion. 

“Why won’t I work with him? I just don’t like what he does. We’re too different.”

“There’s no way you’re going to convince me to make an appearance with him, so you might as well stop trying.”

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He tolerates no disrespect to his girl at all. The only one aloud to roast his jagi is him himself. 

He would confront them about it head on, as soon as he heard them about you. 

“Who do you think you’re talking about? huh?”

“I’ve never worked with such disrespectful dongsaeng in my whole career.”

“Is this how you treat people? No wonder no one wants to work with you. I heard they were having trouble filling this slot with you, and I thought I would help you out with it a bit.”

‘This will be the last time I EVER work with you, and you better believe I’m going to let everyone know how disrespectful and ungrateful you are.”

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He wouldn’t hold a grudge against the idol, he recognizes that everyone has bad days and sometimes says things they don’t mean. 

He would not let it pass by without saying something about it though. 

“I’m just going to let you know, that the person you’re badmouthing is my girlfriend.”

“I don’t tolerate those kinds of things, especially from people that don’t even know her. Have you even had a conversation with her? Then why are you being so hateful?”

“If it happens again, I won’t forgive you.”

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a scenario with RFA + V and Saeran where MC is told that she is being let go from a her job and is upset?

Can’t really do a scenario for something like this;; Did a reaction instead  ( ̄▽ ̄)


Request Killing: 18/30

Reactions to MC Let Go From Her Job


  • He used to visit you at work after his classes were over… Disappointed he can’t do that anymore
  • Also angry for you
  • Why would you, of all people, be let go from your job?
  • He knew how much of a hard worker you were
  • “It’s okay, MC. It didn’t pay you that well, anyway,” he said, trying to comfort you.
  • When he passed by the building you used to work at, he’d stick out his tongue childishly every time.
  • Despite how he spoke ill of the place and seemed angry, he was upset that he couldn’t see you as much anymore, more than anything.


  • Probably the least helpful in this situation, to be honest
  • But he does get pissed for you—he knows how much you’ve been overworked
  • Gets in a fight with your manager
  • A brutal, physical, hands-on fight
  • (Also lands a hit on that one co-worker who was an asshole)
  • He risked getting caught by the police, but he fulfilled his promise to you of taking revenge.


  • His eyes actually light up when you say that you’re out of a job now
  • Which confuses you, because you thought that of all people, he was the most likely to sympathize and feel sad for you… and like, a pat on the shoulder or two…
  • But he looked happy?
  • “Be my model! I’ll pay you very well~” he exclaimed, beaming
  • ??? You didn’t think you looked the part for a model, though…
  • “Seriously, MC, you’re a work of art. You know that saying, beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Well. If you could see yourself through my eyes, you would see just how beautiful you are.”
  • Eventually coaxes you into modelling for him, on the condition that you may quit if you find a better job


  • Calmly processes the information that you tell her over the phone
  • Doesn’t want to get upset or anything, since she’s not the one going through this…
  • But she wants to help you as much as she can
  • Searches for jobs with good pay and management
  • Sends the best picks with advice on how to appeal to each company in your job application
  • “The least I can do is help you find a new job,” she replied when you expressed surprise from her actions


  • Worried about your living conditions as soon as he learns that you were let go from your job
  • Immediately offers for you to live with him temporarily
  • “You won’t be able to pay rent and take care of everything else until you’ve found another job, right?”
  • If you reject him, he’d still drop by with cooked meals and take-out everyday so that you didn’t have to worry about food expenses
  • You tried to reassure him that you had enough to take care of yourself for now, but he insisted
  • “I’ve been there before,” he explained. “I was careless with spending before I found my next job after I was let go from my first. It was harder than I thought… And I don’t want you to go through that same experience. Let me take care of you before anything can get worse, please.”


  • “No worries! I’ll help you take revenge!”
  • Spreads bad rumours online about the place you used to work at
  • Forces it to shut down due to the lack of popularity and profit
  • Secretly adds money to your bank account without you noticing, since you’ll be out of a job temporarily
  • Asks what you’d be interested working as
  • Sets up that specific job for you by kicking someone else out of that position… amongst several other dirty tricks
  • When you asked why he’d go so far for you, he simply replied, “You’re gonna be my Honey Buddha Chips supplier from now on! I can’t be bothered to go out and buy it myself, and I don’t have a legal bank account so!!”
  • SO. You’re gonna be his chip dealer. Should’ve known his generosity didn’t come for free…


  • He doesn’t seem all too concerned when he hears that you were let go from your job
  • Everyone else in the chatroom was worrying about you but all he said was, “Oh, is that so?” and then stopped replying
  • You didn’t expect him to show up at your door with a stack of papers
  • He handed them to you and turned on his heel to leave
  • “Wait! What’s this for??” you asked, confused by his sudden appearance
  • He furrowed his eyebrows, “The reports you have to hand in tomorrow, of course.”
  • “Huh?”
  • “…Didn’t I tell you that you’re my second assistant now?” When you shook your head, he chuckled. “There’s no way I’ll let anyone in the RFA be jobless, silly.”
Ivar Headcanons: Ivar and Pregnancy

After writing headcanons about Ivar with only daughters, I wanted to write some ideas about Ivar during his wife’s pregnancy (well, first pregnancy at least, you know there’s gonna be tons of babies though haha)

Read With Only Daughters here:

-When he finds out, his first emotion is shock. He’s going to be a father? Him, the cripple who was told he would never get that? The shock then melts into elation. Odin above, he’s going to have a child! Someone to carry on his legacy, his bloodline! But everything boils down into paralyzingly fear. Will he be a good father? Will the child be crippled like him? Will his love die giving birth? The questions are too numerous and he feels like he’s drowning.

- He definitely withdraws for the first little while. He doesn’t know how to process his fear, so he pushes his lady away. He spends a lot of time thinking and brooding and praying to the gods. Eventually, he sees how his withdrawn behaviour is hurting his wife (though she doesn’t say anything, she knows her husband needs time), he begins to once again grow excited about the coming babe.

- The prayers, however, do not cease. He prays for a healthy child, for the gods to spare him or her the infliction he suffers. He prays for a good birth that his wife survives. He prays that he will be a better father than his was. He sacrifices as often as he can, as well, just to be sure.

- And he hovers. Oh how he hovers!! He barely lets his wife out of his sight. He follows her absolutely everywhere. When he can’t be with her, he makes sure she has a companion or a trusted slave with her at all times. It annoys his wife to no end, but she indulges him, as she knows how scared he still is.

- He also gets even more touchy feely and possessive than normal. He often places a hand on her growing belly and glares at any man in the hall who dares to let their gaze linger too long on his wife. In the privacy of their chambers, he loves to run his hands over her belly and talk softly to it. He showers it with kisses and love and often falls asleep resting against it.

- He is is initially hesitant about have sex with his pregnant wife, as he fears he will hurt the baby. But the sight of his love growing swollen with his babe becomes too much for him to handle, and one night he simply snaps. He is careful to be gentler than normal, and when nothing bad happens afterwards, he happily allows himself to indulge in his newly discovered breeding kink as much as his wife will allow him to (which turns out to be quite a lot, his lady love is often hungry for him).

- There is a lot of arguing over baby names. His wife thinks they should name the babe after one of his parents, he thinks there should be no ties to names that carry such heavy weights on them. They fight about this right up until the baby is born.

- He doesn’t care if it is a boy or a girl. Children are blessed and precious and he’ll love and protect it no matter what it is (he secretly hopes for a daughter, a little girl with her mother’s eyes and his iron will).

- He constantly is bringing her food. I mean, all the bloody time. He wants his child to come out strong and healthy, so his woman will be well nourished, damn it! His wife eventually yells at him to stop “or the baby will come out walking like a grown child!”

- He is seriously the most attentive husband though. He rubs her feet, helps her bathe, combs and braids her hair. Behind closed doors, he turns into a mushy pile of goo, just so full of love and awe for this amazing woman and the gift growing in her womb.

- When she goes into labor, he doesn’t leave her side, despite the protests from the midwife. He lets her crush his hand and swear at him, wipes her sweaty forward and lets her rest against him between contractions. And when that first wailing cry pierces the still night air, his heart falters and his hands tremble.

- He’s scared to hold the babe, scared to even look at it. But his wife gently coaxes him to hold out his arms, and when he feels the weight of his child in them he wants to cry with joy. He looks at the little face, with her mother’s eyes staring back at him, and if a tear slides down his cheek, nobody has to know. He kisses her tiny nose and whispers a prayer of promise, of love and protection.
He is a father now, and he will do right by his daughter.

- “She’s so tiny, and strong, and beautiful. When can we get started on the next one?”

Another Livestream? Wyatt Oleff x Reader

Finn and Wyatt were doing another live stream. They were sat in your living room speaking to the camera yet again. Not that it bothered you all that much, you were used to it.

“Does Finn have a girlfriend?” Wyatt read with a smile, “No! Look at this ugly face.” He poked Finn earning him a punch in the shoulder. You laughed.
“Shut up Wyatt! You’re no better!”
Wyatt read another one of the questions and smiled. “Is Y/N there? Yes!”
He looked up at you and grinned. You stood up and plonked yourself between Finn and Wyatt.
“Heyyyyy!” Loads of comments from fans came rolling in. You saw one that made your heart stop. You had guessed that Wyatt had seen it too as he was silent. Finn looked at the two of you, smirked, and read it aloud.
“Are you two a couple because you look so cute together and I ship it with all my heart.”
“Uhhmm…” Wyatt brushed his hand through his hair and looked at the floor. It was known to everyone that you both liked each other. 
“I ship it with all my heart too.” You said out of nowhere

Wyatt snapped his head up and looked at you. Finn was screaming. He took the phone that you was holding and turned the camera so it was facing you and Wyatt.
“Seriously Y/N?”

During the middle of a live stream, Wyatt leaned in and kissed you. Finn was literally going batshit crazy, trying to get it all on camera for the fans that were also going crazy. It didn’t faze you though. You put your hands on the back of his neck and he put his on your waist. You were full on making out by this point. It was like Finn wasn’t even in the room. 


You pulled away from Wyatt and giggled.

“Well,” You said a little breathlessly, “I think it’s safe to say that the answer to that question is yes.”

Wyatt kissed you again, smiling against your lips.

Okay, this was really short but I just had this quick idea and had to write it. I’ll be posting something else tomorrow! Probably more Wyatt imagines bc he’s amazing in every way.

Did they seriously just do that….

They just cut this scene from the anime, didn’t they? 

They have a similar discussion towards the end of the episode in a different location, but half of it is missing and Mikasa only has one expression. This scene was small, but it was an important stepping stone in their development…

This looks like a very bad sign for how well they’re going to stick to the manga in upcoming episodes…

'The Fall'

Summary: What if the one threatened by Jim Moriarty on the rooftop were you and not Sherlock?

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Title: ‘The Fall’

Content: Tetralogy / First Chapter / Action / Angst 

Warning: If you haven’t seen the second season of Sherlock, please do NOT read this one-shot. (Unless spoilers don’t bother you.)

Word count: 2.245

A/N: This…this was a big challenge for me. A really big one. I had never mentioned ‘The Reichenbach Fall’ in any of my one-shots/drabbles/imagines. In fact, the chills always get me, that’s why I always try to skip that part, but this time was like: ‘Get the hell with it. I’m going to write it down.’

‘The Fall: I Want To Find You’ [Second Chapter]

‘The Fall: Together Again” [Third Chapter - COMING SOON]

*gif not mine

 “This is serious. God, this is serious,” John exclaimed panicking.

“Of course it’s serious, John. We can’t find her!” he shouted desperately. “Moriarty is playing games with us, can’t you see?” He turned around to face John.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Second opinion. I need a second opinion, John,” he said in panic but his friend looked down and shook his head.

Sherlock was running out of patience. There was no time, no second opinions, no signs, not even a clue.

His heart was beating faster; he could feel adrenaline running through his veins, his mind was out of control. He didn’t know many things about Moriarty or your whereabouts. The only thing he knew was that the woman, who he wanted to propose to, was missing.

Five hours ago, you’ve been on your way to Scotland Yard. Lestrade needed your help with this ‘Moriarty’ case. You already knew that you were not capable of solving this case and that you’d have to call Sherlock, but Greg was your boss and since you were replacing Donovan you had to do what you were told.

Of course you knew about this little game of theirs, but you have never thought you were to become part of it. Kidnapping you was maybe Moriarty’s best way to get Sherlock’s attention. And it was obvious,  the consulting criminal was not going to play this game easily. Not with Sherlock.

Sending him messages, codes, calls or even paying Sherlock a visit was not enough for him. He needed to twist this game a little bit more. Why not kidnapping Sherlock’s girlfriend? Why not?

Jim Moriarty, the consulting criminal, was wearing a smart suit and overcoat as he was calmly sitting on the raised ledge at the edge of the roof with his phone in his hand while The Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive” played from it.

“So here we are, darling. You and me,” he laughed as you kept standing in front of him.”Stayin’ alive, isn’t it so boring?”

You frowned trying to decode what did he wanted to say. You were afraid, of course, but you’ll never blame your boyfriend about this. It was not all his fault, after all,  the one who wanted to play games was Moriarty, Sherlock just wanted to end with this.

“It’s just…” he said. “…staying.”

You glared at him but he grinned and laughed in amusement.

“Ironic, isn’t it?”

“Ironic what?” You inquired as you kept your eyes on Jim, who was pacing around you with a smile on his face.

“You getting involved with our final problem,” he says as he held his phone higher. “You know all my life I’ve been searching for distractions. Your boyfriend, the great Sherlock Holmes, was the best distraction and now I don’t even have him. Because I’ve beaten him. And you know, in the end it was easy,” he stated in a scary and chilling way.

Your head turned sharply again as he kept walking around you.

You were losing your hopes. It was almost impossible for Sherlock to deduce that Moriarty was threatening you on the St. Bart’s rooftop. You knew that he was the smartest person in the whole world but this, this was challenging. And when it comes to challenges, like catching this criminal, he needed time but there was no more left. You considered yourself dead by then.

“It was really easy. Now I’ll have to go and play games with ordinary people. That’s no fun, isn’t it?” He scared you more, Was he going to kill Sherlock? “And it turns that he’s ordinary too just like all of them.”

You were still shut up but your face said it all. You were confronting the devil itself. Jims stopped, lowered his head, shook it, rubbed his face and then started to pace around you again.

“What if he finds you and kills you?” You asked in a low but serious voice.

“Oh, no, no, no, this is too easy,” he smiled. “This is too easy.”

“What do you mean?” You looked at him with a pierce look.

“I knew he’d fall for it. He was always so weak,” he chuckled. “His weakness. Wanting to be clever al the time.”

“I bet he’s better than you are,” you roared.

“Oh, please. You’re talking to the king of the world,” he looked at you as he shook his head in amusement. “Now, shall would you end this game for us?”

“How?” You asked.

“You know how. By the way, nice place, isn’t it? A tall building – nice way to do it.”

“Do what? Do-?” Your face pale of horror. “My suicide.”

“Good. Sherlock picked a clever girl. What a pity,” he said and you fixed your gaze to edge of the rooftop. “’Genius’ girlfriend commits suicide’ ‘She died before the detective could propose to her,’” He whispered in your ear and you shivered.

“Propose?” You frowned in disbelief as you fixed your gaze to the city buildings in front of you.

“Don’t at look at me like that. You know who I am. I know everything. Well…at least everything about Sherlock, you know darling?”

“Stop calling me darling!” You scolded.

“Oh, yes…I’m so sorry,” he said with a maniac smile as he got closer to you to finally face you. “He’s the only one who can call you like you like that, can’t he?’ He inquired but you decided to shut up and keep him talking. “Oh, I see. His beloved girlfriend is brave as I expected.”

“My suicide,” you mumbled. Jim nodded and franticly smiled.

“You’ve gotta admit that’s sexier.” He said and then both looked down. “Oh, look. It seems you already have some audience.”

“And they’ll think I’d die in disgrace,” you said with a terrified and sad face.

Moriarty nodded. “There are snipers aiming with their guns at all of your friends and you know this is the only thing that will call off the killers. I’m certainly not gonna do it.”

“I would like to have…a moment. Would you give me a moment; a moment of privacy?” you begged him as you looked down to the street. You got scared and already thought you were dead. “Please?” you begged again.

“Of course, after all you’ll have to do it,” he said as he walked away.

You ignored his words, you needed to do it. If you didn’t do it things would get worse. He would kill Sherlock and all your beloved ones. But you changed your mind.

Jim was moving away across the roof while you lifted your gaze and slowly a smile appeared on your face and you start to chuckle. Jim was still walking away the roof but then he stopped. You were laughing delightfully and Moriarty started to get angry.

“What?” He inquired furiously but you were still chuckling.

“You’re not going to do it. You don’t have any killers outside there and why would I do that if I’ve got you.”

“Oh!” he laughed out loud. “You think you can make me stop the order? There are killers, dear,” he chuckled. “You remind me of your boyfriend. Naah. You talk big. You’re ordinary,” you glared at him. “He’s ordinary. He’s on the side of the angels.”

“And you’re the devil, itself,” you roared.

“Wow. You are seriously mad about him. What a couple!” He said chuckling sarcastically. Jim got a little bit closer to you stopping and getting into your face. “But you should know you’re dating a person like me,” he said with a pitchy voice.

“No, of course I’m not.”

“Oh, yes you are. Sherlock and I are quite similar, you know. So I thank him,” he offered his hand, though you didn’t know why. “Thank you too after all, you made me get his attention.”

You both lowered your gaze and you finally take his hand.

“As long as I’m alive you can save your friends,” he said. “Well, good luck with that.”

Suddenly Jim quickly raised his eyes to you, maniacally smiled, opened his mouth wide, took his gun and shoot himself. You released his hand, cried out and pulled back. You looked his body on the ground with horror. There was a victory smile on his face and blood all around him.

You tried to forget was just happened but it was impossible. It was something that you would never forget.

With your breath noisy, you paced around trying to think what to do. But there was just one thing to do: jump from the rooftop. Yes, it scared you but there was no other option otherwise everyone was going to die.

Meanwhile John and Sherlock were still looking for you. They took a cab and headed to the centre of London, they thought they might find you there.

“Come on, come on, come one…” Sherlock mumbled as he played with his fingers.

“She’ll be fine. We’ll find her. Just…”

Sherlock’s phone rang. It was you. He answered the call as fast as he could.

“Y/N,” he said breathlessly.

“Sherlock…I need,” your voice started to break.

“What do you need?” He asked worriedly. “Please answer me. Tell me where are you.”

“I’m…I’m…come to St. Bart’s. We need to talk,” you said almost crying.

“Talk? Please, Y/N. Tell me what’s going on.”

You closed tightly your eyes and hung up the call.

“Y/N?” Sherlock glanced at John. “Y/N?!” He shouted desperately. “She hung up.”

“St. Bart’s!” John cried to the cabbie and he nodded.

As the cab got closer to the hospital, you breathed rapidly and put one of your hands on your mouth so your cries couldn’t be heard. Tears were shedding on your face and you couldn’t help thinking how dying would feel. Your breath began to slow as you stepped up onto the ledge of the rooftop. You looked again towards the ground.

When you wanted to rise your gaze again you saw somebody’s cab pull up. There were they. Sherlock and John.

You took your phone again and selected the speed dial. Sherlock’s phone began ringing again. Without hesitating he took it from the pocket of his coat and answered the call.

 “Y/N?” he said as he looked around him trying to find you.

“Sherlock,” you said with your voice breaking.

“Where are you?” he inquired and then frowned. “Are you crying?” He asked as he started walking with John towards St. Bart’s.

“Turn around and walk back the way you came now,” you asked with tears on all your face.

“No, we’re coming in.”

“Sherlock, just do as I ask. Please,” you begged frantically.

“Where are you? Y/N?”

You paused for a second as you saw your boyfriend and your best friend walking abroad the road.

“Stop there and look up,” you ordered with your heart breaking piece by piece as you saw Sherlock’s face full of horror.

“Oh God,” he mumbled.

“What? No, please,” John said under his breath.

“What…what…please don’t,” he begged to you.

“I…I can’t come down. I’m sorry, but we’ll have to do this like this.”

“No, we won’t. Please, come down. Just come down,” he asked you trying to convince you but you shook your head. “What’s this, Y/N?”

“Trust me. This is…this is…” you burst out crying.

“Please come down, don’t do this to me,” he said as his eyes filled of tears.

“Let me do this. Just let me do it.”

“Not on my watch. No. Come down, please,” he said as his voice broke.


“Yes?” He asked worriedly. “Please, don’t,” he said under his breath.

“This…this is my note.”


“I’m gonna do it.”

“No, shut up. Don’t you dare. You are happy with me, aren’t you? I love you. Isn’t that enough, because I would give my life just to keep you safe.”

“I’m afraid that’s why I’m doing this,” you said crying.

“You know I love you, don’t you?” You sadly nodded. “Because all this time I wanted you to become my wife.”

“I know,” you gave him a sad grin.

“So then please come down,” you didn’t say a word so he reacted. “Ok, stay there.”


“Why are you doing this to me?” he cried.

“I don’t have any other choice,” you replied. Then you stretched out your free hand to Sherlock. “Keep your eyes fixed on me,” you asked.


“Will you do this for me, please?”

“Please,” he muttered crying.

“I love you,” you said crying.

“What?” He asked in disbelief and frowned.

“Goodbye, Sherlock,” you said and hung up the call.

You looked down at Sherlock for a few seconds, lowered your arm and dropped the phone away with your gaze ahead yourself.

Sherlock lowered his phone and accidentally dropped it to the floor. His heart was beating so fast that he hadn’t had time to think. What now? His girlfriend was about to jump from a hospital rooftop and commit suicide. If only he could stop the time and save her.

You spread your arms to either side and fall forwards. John and Sherlock stared in terror.

“Y/N!” Sherlock cried out as he saw the love of his life falling down from the rooftop.

That was it. You saved all of your beloved ones, but who saved you? Did you die? Or did someone save you?

‘The Fall: I Want To Find You’ [Second Chapter]

‘The Fall: Together Again” [Third Chapter - COMING SOON]

Half of my gift in the @opmsecretsanta for @theclichefortunecookie – the SFW side! [NSFW side is over here]

Pairing is Mumen/Saitama/Genos, and I like to think Genos is the doting overprotective boyfriend while Saitama’s mostly all “he did well, though!” and taking it easy unless Mumen is seriously wounded.

Mumen is very dedicated to his job, so lots of their dates get interrupted in order to get his scraps and wounds wrapped up!

(Also Genos totally dresses Saitama for their dates, but Saitama still has footwear input, sadly).

Imagine Nick’s daughter, Zara, letting it slip that he likes you

(A/N: To Anon, sorry for the wait. I hope you enjoy. Only 4k so a bit on the short side than usual but hopefully, you all still enjoy it. Had to take a half an hour break from writing though after hearing SENSE8 is getting a special! Needed to celebrate!) 

Imagine Nick’s daughter, Zara, letting it slip that he likes you

“Well,…um…you aren’t who I was expecting,” Nick commented as he opened the door which consequently revealed you standing on his doorstep.

“Who were you expecting at this time?” You smirked, leaning casually against his doorframe.

“The pizza guy,” He nodded, seriously.

“But you’re more glad to see me, right?” You grinned, playfully.

“Did you bring a pizza?” He asked seriously.

You hit him with the files you were carrying in response.

“I’ll take that as a no,” He quipped as he dodged the final sing you took at him.

“Are you going to let me in?” You sighed, shaking your head.

“Depends,” He dragged out, leaning against the doorway you just pushed off from and folding his arms, “Tell me what brings you to my apartment at this time on a Thursday night?”

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It’s 2.15AM. Bryan is still working his way round the tables. There are two tables left, and he’s still spending at least half an hour with everyone.

Seriously though. 2.15AM. This is unheard of at these events. Half 11, midnight maybe, but never 2.15AM.

He’s not paying lip service to us when he claims he loves us as much as we love him, he genuinely does, and he really wants to be here. He’s still super excited and enthusiastic as well, doesn’t seem to be flagging like we all are.

Bless his heart.

♢Between the Seams (1)

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(( Time Travel AU ))  

(A/N): I’ve never been so excited to start a series in my life. I hope everyone enjoys reading as much as I had fun writing this! Heads up though, I have no idea how I’m gonna end this. Just get ready for a lot of emotional pain. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Jimin 

Genre: Expect lots of angst and smut, if I dare

Trigger Warnings: (For now) Strong language, very suggestive themes. 

Word Count: 4058

Description: ‘Travellers’ are a rarity in this world, and so are the two men you treasure the most; your best friend, Jeon Jungkook and boyfriend, Park Jimin. They are the constant in your life that you’re never ungrateful for and you’ve never felt happier with both of them always by your side. 

But everything as you know it changes entirely the day the universe decides to gift with you a nasty surprise, and for the first time in a long while, the future scares you. Your life gradually falls apart in front of your eyes, and there’s nothing you can do to keep it from crumbling away altogether.

Or is there?

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(warning: longpost)

JBJ is a fan-made name for a group of 7 eliminated trainee from Produce 101 Season 2 in the top 35. JBJ stands for Just Be Joyful as we all know but it’s actually stands for Junyoungheega Beorin Jashikdeul which means “Kids Abandoned By Junyounghee(Ahn Junyeoung PD)”, then later changed to Jeongmal Baramjikhan Johab which means “A Really Desirable Combination”. JBJ start off with KenCallTaeGyun because fans thought they would fit in the same group together. Sooner, Donghan was added and form KenCallTaeGyunDong. Then Hyunbin and Taehyun was added and JBJ was formed. xx

Fans didnt put them together in random they see potential in the seven of them through produce 101. 

Noh Taehyun, who came out as a member of HOTSHOT, make a big fuzz with his dance skill. He gained attention after choreographing legendary stage Shape of You and acknowledge for his crumping dance. He’s approved as JBJ’s leader because he has such an amazing leadership skill (also let’s thank him because without him shouting “JBJ GATHER” we wont have ot7 selfie). Though he’s bullied a lot by the younger, seems like they listen to him well too. JBJ’s eldest. Also the shortest.

Kim Sanggyun, who came out as a member of TOPPDOGG, displayed an amazing rap skills and got known for his “ano, ano, hajimemasite”. Though he’s really charming on the stage, he’s also showing a really cute personality. Everyone seriously think he’s the cold hyungline and wont talk much unless it’s unnecessary, turns out he’s the narcissist and most confident one. Don’t forget he’s also savage and cute. (the point is whatever you thought him would be, you’re wrong lol)

Takada Kenta, he’s an all-rounder. Dances well, has gotten a vocal part and rap part and manage to do all of them perfectly. He manage to go this far to top35 with almost none screentime (like seriously, bless kenta’s stan). He’s JBJ’s hyungline but he gave a fake-maknae vibe. But also (probably) the most normal one among them. They need kenta to make everything sane.

Kim Yongguk (Chinese-Korean) also known as Jin Longguo, is acknowledge as a hidden gem, gained a lot of attention for his amazing vocals in If It’s You and also his iconic introduction video “call me yongguk”. Though we all know his voice crack a lot (ask shihyun lol) but he’s the highest potential to be JBJ’s main vocal. He was supposed to be the “im-so-done-with-all-of-you” member but instead he’s probably the reason for one to be so done. He’s 100% proofed as a living meme. A sunbae for them (except taehyun) because he debuted first. Confident af. Tsundere.

Kim Taedong, we all know the kid deserve to debut since the beginning of produce 101 because he’s the only one who went from F class to A class (it’s a no-joke achievement like seriously) he gained nickname “miracle trainee” (because boi he’s a miracle). He’s also an all-rounder, manage to show his dance skill in Shape of You, get to be a center twice (among 7 of them), and get to pull refreshing concept and dark/gloomy concept perfectly got him nickname “Day Taedong and Night Taedong”. Among them all, Taedong’s company is a pain in the ass the most because they didnt give the kid any schedule after pd101 ended even though taedong has all the potential, even until now we haven’t heard any update from TVL regarding his situation (let’s hope for the best). 

Kwon Hyunbin, who supposed to be a model trainee yet here he is wanted to achieve his dream as a singer, gain a lot of attention for his visual. Even though in earlier episodes his image is bad but he show how he improved a lot and showed how serious he wanted to be a singer. He’s doing a great job in hyping JBJ up in SNS and also made us went through a dramatic story about his dream and his duty (lol the kid wanted to debut but ygk+ wanted him to be a model he’s like a teenage whining on SNS) tall af and like to teased donghan a lot (not anymore since donghan’s turning evil now).

Kim Donghan, underrated visual, who was slow to be recognized yet he manage to make it to top 35 even when he’s in the cutline. He shows amazing dance skill in Shape of You and did a great job as Call Me Baby’s center. He’s the savage maknae of JBJ who said that their relationship was only business relationship (like damn kid yongguk and kenta almost choke lol) who also a 100% maknae who needs love from his hyungs. Tall af (2), currently fighting hyunbin for the main visual position lol. 

But what’s more important here is ATM. ATM stands for Amazing Team Maker, is JBJ’s stan. Without ATM, JBJ wont happen. And without JBJ, ATM wont exist. 

There won’t (shouldn’t) be any akgaes in ATM because all we want is OT7 to debut. Since if it’s not OT7, it’s incomplete, something is missing, something is left out. We wont fight among ATM, but we’re gonna stand for JBJ against haters who said they dont deserve to debut BECAUSE THEY FREAKING DESERVE IT. 

stan. jbj. now. (sorry not sorry for longass post)

Would You Be So Kind - Peter Parker

Your name: submit What is this?

“Y/N, where do you even go?” Peter asked me as I quickly packed my things into my bag. I shrugged at the boy in response to his question.

“You have your Stark Internship, Spidey, and I have super secret missions of my own,” I answered, purposefully being vague as I put my bag around my shoulder.

“You mind telling me what it is?” He asked, chuckling.

“Nope,” I answered nonchalantly. “See you tomorrow, Peter.” I began to walk out of the classroom when I heard him shout.

“This is so not fair!” I chuckled at his reply, but I continued walking.

I took my guitar out of its hard case and took my usual seat on the stool on the stage. Here I was in a very small and quaint coffee shop that not a lot of people knew about, sitting in front of a microphone.

I performed here thrice a week, basically using the money for books and school supplies since my mum never got them for me when I needed them. I tested the mic and the amplifier of my guitar quickly before beginning to perform.

“Hey guys. If you’re new, I’m Y/N. I perform here every so often, and… yeah… I guess that’s all I have to say. Tips are much appreciated; there’s a jar off the stage to your left, but you know, tips in general, constructive criticism and such are also greatly appreciated,” I smiled. “So, the first song I’m going to sing is called Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop.

I sang like I normally did and allowed myself to get lost in the music and not too wrapped up in the fact that I was singing in front of a crowd. My eyes, I admit, were closed for much of the song or I was looking down, or I wasn’t paying attention to the audience all that much.

I couldn’t help but think about a certain person who wasn’t in this coffee shop that I was singing about. The only reason I knew about this coffee shop was because of all of Peter and I’s midnight conversations. This was the closest coffee shop to my apartment. I think Peter and I’s conversations were one of the things that kept making me come back.

“Where do you keep getting this coffee? I’ve been to every coffee shop in Queens, but I still don’t know where you find this one,” he chuckled, taking a sip as I dressed a wound on his back.

“Clearly, you haven’t gone to every coffee shop in Queens,” I commented with a giggle of my own.

“Seriously though, where do you get it? It’s delicious,” he told me, “It’s my favourite coffee. And it actually keeps me up, too.”

“Well, I’ll never tell you, so you’re just going to have to keep coming back to me if you want coffee,” I chuckled, looking at him when I finished dressing his wound.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop I love so much,” I sang. “All of the while, I never knew… All of the while, all of the while, it was you,” I sang, finishing the song with one last song. I opened my eyes at the sound of applause. I began to blush and grin and I scanned the crowd.

I felt my heart stop when my eyes locked on a pair of chocolate brown eyes staring into mine with a look of surprise and amazement. My mouth had gone dry and I cleared my throat beginning to speak, looking away from him. “Thank you. Now, I need to have a bit of water and I’ll be right back.”

I stood up, putting my guitar on a stand. I walked quickly to the barista and asked for a bottle of water, my fingers playing with each other nervously as I prayed Peter wouldn’t come and talk to me.

“In all of the months I’ve known you, I’ve never seen you this nervous, Y/N,” said the kind, old Barista. “You’d think a bomb was about to go off just by how stressed you are. You alright?”

I bit my lip and leaned closer to him. “You know that guy? The one that I buy coffees for?”

“Midnight coffees guy? Yeah!” He exclaimed.

I widened my eyes and shushed him. “Please be quiet; he’s the brunet one, brown eyes. The one that was looking at me all shocked.”

Keith, the Barista, just gave me a look. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, sweetheart, but there were a lot of brunet, brown-eyed boys looking at you all shocked.”


“Y/N?” Peter called.

I closed my eyes and bit my lip, silently cursing the heavens as I faked a smile and turned around. “Hey, Peter! What are you doing here?”

Oh,” Keith commented.

“I… Well, I think I fi-figured out where you get the-the midnight coffee,” Peter stuttered.

“Well, seeing as you’re here, you have,” I chuckled. Keith gave me a water bottle and I smiled at him. I took the bottle in my hands.

“So,” Keith cleared his throat, “Who was that song about?” He asked. I turned to glare at him. He put his hands up in surrender.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I replied, my voice strained. “I never said it was about anybody.”

“Well, your songs are always about somebody,” he replied.

Let me explain what was going on here. See, Keith has shipped Peter and I ever since the third time I bought coffee at midnight. He’s been constantly trying to get me to confess. To tell you the truth, I’ve tried several times and I’ve screwed each attempt up.

“Peter, I need to tell you something urgent,” I told him bravely in the halls.

Peter, confused at my sudden outburst, turned to look at me, eyebrows furrowed. “What?” he asked.

I bit my lip and clenched my fists so hard that I was sure I was leaving wounds on the palms of my hands from my nails, which weren’t even that long. “I like… I like… I like tacos!” I told him.

“What?” He asked after a silence. He raised his eyebrow at me and smiled a little.

“I like tacos. And cheeseburgers. You know, as one meal. Like, you get the insides of the cheeseburgers… and put it into the taco… like… I love it,” I began choking up a bit, both from frustration at myself and embarrassment. “I love it so much,” I lied.

“Okay, Y/N,” he laughed. “I have to get to class now, okay? See you later.”

“Peter, you know what a ship is, right?” I asked.

Peter gasped at me, putting his hand on his chest and feigned offence. “Do you even have to ask?”

I laughed and rolled my eyes. “Well, okay. I was just checking. ‘Cause I ship two people, and I wanted you to know.”

“You ship a lot of people, Y/N.”

“Yeah, I know, but this pairing’s in real life!” I laughed, nudging him.

“Okay, then who is it?” He asked.

I bit my lip a little before opening my mouth to speak, but the words I wanted to say didn’t come out and instead what came out was, “Tony and Steve. The ultimate bromance.”

“What?!” He exclaimed.

“Yep,” I said, a bit bitterly. “Fantastic. Yep. Totally.”

“Tony would freak out if he knew.”

“I trust you with my life. Literally. If you told him, I’m pretty sure he’d kill me. Do me a favour: incase he finds out, I want to be cremated. Keep my books, too, would you? Don’t damage my babies. Keep them in good condition. They deserve to be read…”

“My songs aren’t always about people, Keith. What are you talking about?” I asked, trying to sound incredulous.

“So it wasn’t about that guy you have a crush on?” He asked.

“What guy?” Peter asked. I looked at Peter, then at Keith.

“There’s this guy who she just cannot shut up about. She buys him coffee all the time. Seriously, it’s both adorable and incredibly frustrating. She can’t seem to tell him about her feelings,” Keith continued.

I put my hand on my head, feeling a migraine coming on. “Please just stop talking,” I begged.

“She thinks he’s too good for her, could you believe it? If anybody’s too good for her, they’re probably too good to be true,” Keith chuckled.

I looked up at the ceiling. “Please kill me. Let the light fall on me or let there be poison in my water. Please kill me,” I pleaded.

“That’s crazy,” Peter said after a moment. “Y/N, you’re a great person. Whoever it is, they’d be incredibly lucky to have you.”

“Open a pit beneath my feet and let it eat me, I don’t care just kill me,” I whispered.

“So, who is it?” Peter asked, either ignoring my pleas or not hearing them altogether.

“Funny you should ask,” Keith commented.

I slammed my hands on the desk, surprising myself and I looked at Keith. “Do you want to tell him?” I asked.

Keith’s face lit up like he was a child on Christmas morning. “Can I?”

I put my hands up in exasperation. “You know what, I’ve tried too many times. Far too many. More than I’d like to admit, so you know, you can do it. I’m seemingly unable to,” I chuckled. “I’m gonna go and perform and you can tell him,” I took a swig of my water and walked back to the stage, leaving Peter confused.

“Hey guys. Let’s start with the next song. This one’s called… This one’s called Would You Be So Kind. I found it on Youtube while I was studying. It’s by Dodie Clark, and I think it’s really cute, but I don’t think I’m gonna think that in a few minutes, so I’m gonna sing it while it’s still cute. I hope you like it.” I took my guitar and began to sing the song.

“I have a question; it might seem strange,” I began, “How are your lungs? Are they in pain?” I kept singing the song, trying to get lost in the music, but I couldn’t help but feel nervous. My eyes locked on the scene unfolding in front of me with Peter and Keith. I could see Keith whispering while Peter’s eyes were locked on me.

“'Cause mine are aching… think I know why. I kinda like it, though. You wanna try?” I smiled before continuing, “Oh, would you be so kind as to fall in love with me? You see, I’m trying. I know you know that I like you, but that’s not enough, so if you will please fall in love. I think it’s only fair - There’s gotta be some butterflies somewhere, wanna share? ‘Cause I like you, but that’s not enough. So if you will, please fall in love with me,” I sang, now finally getting lost in the words because I understood them well enough. I was in that situation right now.

“Let’s write a story. Be in my book. You’ve got to join me on my page… At least take a look,” I pleaded as I sang, “Oh, where are your manners? You need some time? Let’s swap chests today; that might help you decide.”

“Oh, would you be so kind as to fall in love with me? You see, I’m trying. I know you know that I like you, but that’s not enough, so if you will please fall in love. I think it’s only fair - There’s gotta be some butterflies somewhere, wanna share? 'Cause I like you, but that’s not enough. So if you will, please fall in love with me.”

I surprised myself, and him too, when I began to cry. “Oh, do me a favour, can your heart rate rise a little? Do me a favour, can your heart rate rise a little?”

“Oh, would you be so kind as to fall in love with me? You see, I’m trying. I know you know that I like you, but that’s not enough, so if you will please fall in love. I think it’s only fair - There’s gotta be some butterflies somewhere, wanna share? 'Cause I like you, but that’s not enough. So if you will, please fall in love with me,” I ended with a final strum, my gaze not leaving Peter’s. I cleared my throat again, looking down as I wiped my tears.

“I think I’m gonna stop for the day. Thank you for listening,” I looked at the other audience members. I quickly packed my things and waved at Keith, who waved back before I left.

I walked quickly, navigating the streets of Queens as I arrived back at my flat. I walked in, putting my guitar on case on the floor as more tears spilled from my eyes. Peter knew; he had to. He just… he didn’t like me that.

That’s okay. That was okay. It was okay for him not to like me. That’s fine. It was fine. I was going to be fine. Peter could fall in love with whoever the hell he wanted to fall in love with-

My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on my door. I wiped more of my tears and opened the door to find Peter standing in my hallway, two cups of coffee in his hands. I bit my lip, letting him in silently. He walked in and put the coffee on my desk.

“Okay. I know. I screwed up and I’m a coward, I know. I get it. I’m a complete idiot and I know that you’re Spiderman and that, you know, you have better things to do than girls-” I paused, “Not that I’m insinuating that you should do girls, I mean- agh, why is this so hard?” I shook my head as I rambled on and on about phrasing and words and how I struggled with them. My eyes couldn’t seem to settle on Peter.

“Anyways, the point is: I know I screwed up by liking you, and I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you or that Keith did or that I even ended up liking you and complicating things for you. So, here’s the deal: I know you don’t like me, so I’ll help make this a little less awkward for you by telling you that it’s okay; it’s fine. You don’t have to say it; I know. Okay? Good? Is that out of the way?” I asked, finally looking at him.

Upon looking at him, I saw that he was smiling at me. “What?” I asked, “Why are you smiling?” He walked closer to me. “What… what are you doing?”

He kissed me.

Peter Parker kissed me.

And when he pulled away I said, “Holy crap.”

He laughed. “I really like you. So, could you do me a favour and just accept that?”

“Yeah,” I choked out, beginning to grin, “Yeah, I think I can do that.”