seriously though gets me every time omg

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yes!! I bias him and taeyong~~ but ten is seriously so cute, he makes me melt every time I look at him ngl his smile and his nose and his voice all get to me and he’s so good at dancing ;; nct has made me so weak because all the boys are so cute rip

1:30 this morning
  • Me: (o-_-)o zzzz....zzzz....
  • Hormones: Did you know that night sweats are a thing? [turns internal temperature up to Ludicrous Heat]
  • Me: (oO.O)o OMG WTF [removes all blankets]
  • Brain: Oh, you're awake? Cool, let's run through every worst-case scenario that could possibly happen to you. You are SO CLOSE to getting so many things you want, let's see how that could unravel.
  • Cat: Oh, you're awake? Cool, feed me.
  • Dog: Oh, you're awake? Cool, rub my belly.
  • Hormones: Time to turn down the heat.
  • Me: [piles on all the blankets]
  • Brain: But seriously, though, there are SOOO many ways you could screw this up, we should probably stay awake and think about all of them.

Holy crap… I can’t believe that there’s three hundred and fifty one of you following me. I never expected this gross blog that I made out of pure boredom to get so popular, honestly. Once I hit three hundred followers about two weeks ago, I got really emotional and extremely excited because I’ve never had this many followers on any of my old blogs. Every time I gain a follower a smile comes onto my face, because the thought of someone actually enjoying my posts and being on their dashboard just makes me so ecstatic. 

To be honest, I thought that no one liked my blog or my Tanaka muse in the beginning.. When I first made this blog I’d only seen about ten episodes of the first season of the anime and had yet to read the manga. I was really insecure in the beginning and was pretty sure that no one wanted to roleplay or even talk to me. But as soon as I started gaining followers and actually started to talk to people, my self esteem really started to go up (and still is!) I look up to so many of you and always looked down at my writing, but hearing encouraging words from some of you.. it’s really improved my self esteem. Those little compliments or comments you guys write.. they just make my day! 

I honestly just appreciate every single one of you so much, even if I don’t talk to most of you. Once again, thank you all so much for everything <3. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this blog.

The tags are down under the cut and are in no particular order! There are both mutuals and non mutuals, because you all are just awesome blogs no matter what! There are also a few side notes for those who I’ve grown really attached to.

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Honeymooning in Florida

Ashton: He’d be so excited omg. I mean he would’ve been excited at the wedding but now that you guys are married holy cow. Everywhere you went he’d introduce you two “Hi I’m Ashton and this is my gorgeous wife Y/N. We’re newly weds!” Then he would walk you around the city even though you don’t know where anything is (he says that’s the adventure part of it). But then he’d get you guys lost and you’d end up just walking along the beach holding hands. 

Calum: This little puppy would be glued to ever since your first kiss as a married couple. Seriously just whining for your attention every time you weren’t near him. You would want to go and do things though like go to the beach and go to the boardwalk. Lots of attempts in public to try and get you guys alone but you wouldn’t let him. Finally though at the end of the day you guys were back in your own suite. Cal would have something special planned too omg. He’d be like “now that we’re alone Mrs. Hood the fun can begin.” Rip me. 

Luke: okay lil Lucas would be so lovestruck he’d be so romantic and lovey dovey. Sooo many kisses and snuggles!! He’d take you to these fancy restaurants and he’d be talking nonsense about the future. Saying how you’d get this glorious house and a lovely pet to have around and eventually tiny Hemmings’ running around. But you’d tell him to hush and just enjoy the time now and he’d nod shyly and give you more soft kisses on every part of your face. 

Michael: okay this boy is basically a cat and isn’t gonna go near the beach. Maybe the pool once in a while but it’d have to be just you two. So with that it’d be really late at night and you’d both be tired after your long day of newly wed things. So Michael’s like “let’s go to the hot tub!” And so you’d both be relaxing in the hot water and Michael would just ease you into his lap. Then he’d softly kiss you and say “I can’t believe you said ‘I Do’.” :((((