seriously though folks

If next season of the 100 shows that Bellamy and Raven had a baby together over the time jump then I’ll take back every bad word I ever said about this show just tbh

  • ESTP: You say you can't drive because of your fear. It's something you can get over with by just doing it.
  • INFP: I. How do I explain this to you. It's not thaaat simple, my son. It's not just the car, it's also the things all around. Like. Other cars. The road. People. Rules. Too many things to pay attention to, too much responsibility, too much sensorial information to process in so little time.
  • ESTP: You literally won't go anywhere like this. Let's get in the car and drive around the industrial area.
  • INFP: *feeling nauseated and about to die* No.

Seriously though, the folks who work at literally every fast food place I ate at during my undergrad are the people who kept me going?? Like. I can’t imagine how many people they literally do that for in a day, but they’re the ones who honestly feed you in some of your shittiest moments, and they’re the ones who took the stress out of having to worry about eating or preparing food, which was honestly one less thing for me to worry about, so like. I don’t understand how or why they get the disrespect that they do, but I know for a fact that they don’t deserve it, considering what they do for people, so.

Don’t knock the people who provide a service for you. No matter how much you want to think that what they’re doing is useless, if you need them to do it for you, it can’t be that useless.

- Mod A

Forever pretending this bit was not cut from 2x07.

Seriously, though, when US folks say something incomprehensible in English, I Google, guess or live in ignorance. Same goes for any other English dialect.

When non-US folks say something incomprehensible in English, US folks comment in multiples on the post saying that you don’t understand. Usually until someone translates the dialect for you.

I can’t help but feel that you’re so used to media being for you and in your dialect that you have to react when it isn’t, whereas we’re so used to it not being for us or in our dialect that we don’t bother.

This is what I mean when I rant, every so often, about US-centrism. We have to learn to understand you because you dominate our media, including conversations on this website, but when we talk amongst ourselves in our own dialect, you expect us to translate—or comment as though our dialect is so strange and incomprehensible. Often hilariously so. Why is our dialect strange and funny but yours normal?

I wonder how you’d react if we treated your dialect the way you do ours?

By the way, I’m observing this trend of Tumblr as an English-speaking Australian; I imagine the situation is a thousand times more difficult if you don’t speak English as a first language. In that case, ALL English-as-first-language speakers are in the annoying “explain this to me because I expect the internet to accommodate me at all times” camp.

i just saw a dress rehearsal of probably the most amazing shakespeare production ever and i’m screaming oh my god

this amazing production of a midsummer night’s dream is going up at the monomoy theatre in chatham, MA, tomorrow, and runs through the 29th. if anyone is on cape/wants to take a trip down, you need to see this show. i’m going again thursday afternoon, so if anyone’s around, hmu ✌🏽️✌🏽✌🏽


This is actually true!  Nintendo played a very big part in Rayman Legends for Wii U and a lot of people think that may have had something to do with how he ended up with a Trophy this time around.  Honestly, it’s really a bit of an honor for him!  We feel as though if Ubisoft were to contribute any character it WOULD have to be Rayman, and even if he’s not really looking too good for Smash 4…heck, that trophy alone is actually a phenomenal point in his favor whenever Smash 5 rolls around.  It might even stick him at the very head of the Third-Party potentials.

But that’s next time.  For now?  He’s getting Ranked at #4.

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You know that thing I do where I repost a recent video of mine for the sake of spreading it like some kind of despair-inducing illness? This is that thing, right here.


No but seriously though just for those folks who didn’t catch it during December ‘cause YouTube’s current system is actually balls, this is my latest episode. It took way too much work to finish.