seriously though folks


I applied for a couple positions at Powell’s City of Books and their Hawthorne location. Now that I have job experience, maybe these applications’ll get somewhere. Last time I applied at Powell’s was in 2011, before I had any job experience.

I should turn in an application to Dutch Bros. too, just because it’s within walking distance - but I hate applications that ask for your high school and college GPA. D:<

I keep reminding myself these apps are for temporary jobs. 

Johanirae’s first giveaway, and it’s a free pamphlet. She is so generous (LOL)
Seriously though folks, I got two extra copies of the pride month playbill from The Crucible! Anybody who would like it (sent via mail), please reblog the post. (No following necessary)
Unfortunately I am too shy to stage door more than once, and in any case I haven’t the slightest idea how Ben ninja’s himself out of the theatre, so sorry, no autographs, but is genuine article! :)

i just saw a dress rehearsal of probably the most amazing shakespeare production ever and i’m screaming oh my god

this amazing production of a midsummer night’s dream is going up at the monomoy theatre in chatham, MA, tomorrow, and runs through the 29th. if anyone is on cape/wants to take a trip down, you need to see this show. i’m going again thursday afternoon, so if anyone’s around, hmu ✌🏽️✌🏽✌🏽