seriously though everyone needs to watch that movie


Yes, actually. They are jokes. You’ve never seen Hercules where Scar’s skin is seen or how Sebastian makes an appearance on Aladdin or how the carpet from Aladdin can be seen in The Princess and the Frog, or how Wreck it Ralph can be seen on the animation preview of Big Hero 6 among so many others like Mrs. Potts in Tarzan? 

They are jokes and not errors. They were put there on purpose and it’s part of the Disney magic. Pixar does it too, like how A113 can be found in all of their movies. 

And error would be a glitch (not Vanellope), like how Elsa’s braid goes through her shoulder. I’m pretty sure they planned Rapunzel and Eugene to be there. 

I agree with you too anon, and say that I do believe people take it too seriously. Everything in the movie is taken too seriously. Like everyone wants to know where do Elsa’s powers come from (even though it’s stated she was born with them) but they want to know and there needs to be a logical explanation like “they’re genetical” when movies that people here at tumblr watched when they were kids like Beauty and the Beast, to name one, have errors but no one talks about that. Why does a flower has the power to turn everyone permanently in objects and a beast. No one questions that. Because IT’S JUST DISNEY MAGIC.