seriously though come on now

I have never seen three characters more in love with each other. Honestly, Dorian x Celaena x Chaol or nothing. 

Christopher Chant and Howell Jenkins
Chrestomanci and Howl Pendragon

I’ve always wanted a crossover with these two. They’d either get along famously or try to destroy each other out of vanity, probably both… 

When you realise season 5 of AOS has to fit in

-Emotional Healing

-A Proposal

-A Wedding

-A Move To Perthshire

-And Children

Seriously I need all of this to happen and will be sad and upset if it doesn’t. After that season finale its at least what the Fitzsimmons fandom deserve.


And just like that, my first year of teaching is done. Is this real life?

Our classrooms are getting painted this summer so we had to 100% pack up our rooms. I’m a rebel though and left washi tape on my board for learning goals, and a bit of fabric on my back wall because it goes in between our thinking maps and those things were jerks to put up.

Two students have already emailed me and I am feeling pretty bittersweet right now. A year ago I didn’t know where I would be teaching or if I’d even have a job come fall and I was in one of the worst financial positions I have ever been in. It was all worth it though. Grad school and my surgery are two things that have made me stronger and I learned a lot from both of those choices.

Good things are still coming, I can seriously feel it. For now though I definitely need some time to relax and recharge. There’s no way I could have continued working 65+ hours a week much longer.

So now that we have Lightning doing Louis Vuitton commercials can we finally have:

  • Sephiroth as the new face of L'oreal  ( “Believe me, I put my hair through alot everyday! *shot of him in burning Nibelheim* And look at this shine! Crazy!”)
  • Cid starring in a series of funny Lipton tea commercials just going “Shut up and drink your *blip* tea” at the end
  • Zack doing Calvin Klein underwear
  • And Cloud making men worldwide question their sexuality by doing this

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(Since I keep seeing asks that end up with Wilford being sad, or it sounds like he is, I'mma do this for him.) WILFORD. GET OVER HERE, AND LISTEN TO ME. IT'S NOT OKAY TO BOTTLE UP YOUR EMOTIONS LIKE THIS. NOT ALL BUBBLES CAN SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS. YOU GOTTA COME OVER HERE, HUG ME, AND LET ALL THE TEARS OUT. LET THE EMOTIONS SHOW FOR ONCE. Seriously, though. Trust me. Letting your emotions out is healthy. Now, come over here and hug me while you sob. You lil' precious pink and yellow show-off. :)

Wilford inches over to you and gives you a quiet hug. “I’m supposed to be one of the strongest Egos. I’m not supposed to cry,” he says softly before backing away. “I’m Wilford Warfstache, after all.” He puts his hands on his hips defiantly.

Big news today:

1) it’s actually fucking chilly here in texas.  like… not-even-60-degrees chilly.  it’s fuckin’ rad.

2) i think i might be the only person who wasn’t that impressed with the last jedi trailer?

3) that said, the marvelous mrs. maisel trailer is everything i want out of life right now, and also there’s a release date!

4) i kept myself up last night thinking about what’s going to happen next in a story nobody but me and wlg likes… but it means i’m actually feeling inspired so that’s fuckin’ something, right?

5) no but IT’S ACTUALLY COLD HERE!@!!!!!

Felt like redesigning some characters from an old comic idea of mine. This is Jack, a classless civilian of the City without Limits and his partner, Ripper, a living remnant of the world devouring war that took place over a millennia ago. I often think about digging up the idea again. It has a really cool world… 


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Donna: “How do you think [being cheated on with Katie] makes me feel?”

Roberto: “Lucky? To get a slice of the action while you still could”

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Anything I can do to get more masculine, man, I’ll do it.  Startin’ to get hair on my chest to go with the thick trail I’ve got below my belly button now.  Gonna put on another five pounds this month.  Think I might stop shaving my face if I can get away with it at my lame summer job, too.

I didn’t used to be like this – thin, glasses, bangs, sweaters, not a tat on me, never even tried alcohol.  Hated sex, just was a good student mostly, pretty vanilla, liked Pikachu and Harry Potter and shit, whatevs.

Then I heard my best friend Jesse was moving back into town.  I was really excited because we’d been friends since five and had always been so close until his family moved him away.  Well, Jesse wasn’t the same guy.  He’d turned into this sorta skater dude who even drank and smoked.

It took a lot of convincing but one night he got me to smoke some Swisher Sweets for the first time – he told me it’d open up my mind.  A week later we went out by the railroad tracks and cracked open a couple cold cans of his dad’s beer for me.  Wasn’t long til I moved onto weed and even harder stuff.

I was sick of getting picked on in school and Jesse was my key to getting cool, I figured.  Only with all the running around outdoors I started to notice my body was changing, too.  My legs got stronger and I started busting out this hair around my crotch and in my armpits.  I’d started to stink.  It was embarrassing but it was really happening to me.  Also I was starting to get a lot of hardons and was always jackin’ off.  It was hard to be a good student with all this exciting shit happening to me, and pretty soon Jesse and I started experimenting with kissing and jacking each other off.  That was the end of it for me, I was soon on my knees sucking dick and I even begged him to call me ‘punk’ and 'faggot’.  At first I thought it was just a hot game, but pretty soon I decided why not become it.

So I started changing my clothes, bought a skateboard and a BMX bike, experimenting more with weed and whatever else Jesse got his hands on, and the whole time Jesse and I were getting dirtier and more daring with each other, too.  I’d learned to lick out his pits and even opened my ass up for him one night to try fucking.  He was licking my ear and calling me his boy and calling me a punk-ass faggot and I was so hard that I started cumming before he even got to suck me off.  He got a tattoo first and talked about how hot I’d look with some, so I started getting em too and soon had three.  When he got his second, I got a few more and every time was so hot.  He looked so hot getting all tatted up and I loved how I looked in the mirror now too.

We loved how each other looked in tank tops, dog tags, shirts with the sleeves cut off.  Jesse died his hair blond, got his tongue pierced and a chain on his wallet.  Making out all the fucking time now, and fucking – like, serious fucking.  He told me I could fuck him if I learned to lick out his ass real good, so I did after getting wasted together.  I seriously had to get off every day now, I was so motherfucking horny, especially after I started doing pushups.

Look how fucking hairy my pits are getting – I swear they’re twice as hairy as they were a few years ago already.

Jesse’s already got more hair on his chest than me and I worship it and lick it sometimes.  Mine’s starting to come in though.  My legs are seriously hairy by now, which everybody notices when I wear shorts.  I let my tank tops ride up sometimes so people can see the trail I’ve got, too, scratch it all casually.  We love teasing each other and already might do a threeway if we get drunk enough with the right boy, we decided.

You think I’d look hot with ten more pounds of muscle?  Thinking of using Minox on my pits and chest too just to see if it works.  It’d be pretty sweet if I could get as much fur on my pecs as Jesse has.  Love those pecs.

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Got any headcannons for a certain ghost king?


  • Nico hits a growth spurt when he turns 15 and he always forgets that he’s tall now and hits his head on everything
  • He becomes really super close to Annabeth and Percy
  • He and Reyna talk to each other as long as possible and as often as they can
  • He doesn’t like PDA
  • One time Percy and Annabeth were getting a little bit too affectionate a little bit too close to him for comfort, so he sprayed them with the garden hose that was (conveniently) right there.
  • Nico then proceeded to shadow travel away before Percy could throw him in the lake in retaliation. 
  • You need to tell Nico straightforward if you’re hitting on him because for the life of him he can’t tell.
  • One time he was too close to one of Leo’s fire balls (“OF DEATH!”) and his hair got singed, which finally forced him to get a hair cut.
  • Hazel sent him a brand new limited edition Mythomagic card pack for Christmas
  • Will drags Nico onto the stage to sing when it’s karaoke night
  • Nico is the best at holding his alcohol
  • Nico is the one who sees through Percy’s bullshit immature attitude and is the first one Percy really talks to about how he’s feeling.
  • Nico curses in Italian. A lot.
  • He smiles a lot more after the giant war
  • He tries to only shadow travel if it’s an emergency after being badgered so much by Will (“How am I supposed to get around?” “Oh I don’t know, you could wALK LIKE A NORMAL PERSON” “But-” “NO BUTS”)
  • He really likes detective stories.

Oh man I could go on and on but I think this is enough for now. Seriously though if you want to come talk to me about headcanons please do. Like at any time just go for it.