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20 Reasons to Watch ProZD's Kingdom Hearts Let's Play

1.) *quietly* Now it’s time to *loud shouting* PRESS BUTTONS AND TALK

2.) Racing Riku to the star for Dickcheese

3.) Are you Maleficent? “Bitch, I might be.”

4.) Fickledick’s Pickle Dick

5.) *to the tune of This is Halloween* pickle dick, pickle dick - pickle dick, pickle dick

6.) Handsome Ansem

7.) #letOogieBoogieSayFuck

8.) Tyrant, Racist King Mickey

9.) Sabor Discourse™

10.) Five million mummy men

11.) RIP Wendy

12.) Bad English Accent

13.) Big Billies

14.) Maleficent/Jafar Shipping

15.) 10 Million Mummy Men

16.) That’s too many Mummy Men

17.) “Fuck you, Sora.” - Goofy

18.) Riku’s bondage outfit

19.) Under Sea, the best Little Mermaid song

20.) Riku’s perfect teeth

Seriously though, go check out @prozdvoices Press Buttons ‘n Talk YouTube channel and see for yourself.

Did a little drawing for @fireflyfish ’s “Tano and Kenobi” fic which is incredible, everyone should go read it. It has Ahsoka Tano being a bamf, Obi Wan as a baby padawan. Action! Adventure! Fluff! Romance(?) regardless, she’s a fantastic author and you should go check her out!


After seeing that we were given the ok to color these, I’ve been wanting to color this for awhile now and finally did.Characters and line art belongs to the lovely @thisiskindagross​.  I wanted to stay as close to her style as I could possibly get while keeping my own little coloring touches.

I did a screenshot redraw and, woah, what’s that? By the Keep Reading… I think there’s a playlist! Did I make that playlist? Hell yeah! (with help, thanks piggymintz) Does it follow Zuko’s entire redemption arc from the series with indie, folk, and alternative music? Listen and find out! (the answer is yes)

When Your Hope’s On Fire // LISTEN

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anonymous asked:

hi! I love your Oliver Queen imagines and was wondering if you could do more?! Maybe where you and Oliver are in a relationship, ( not set in a certain season or anything), and Laurel keeps throwing shade at you but Oliver's there defending you? Anything like that or whatever comes in your mind would be greatly appreciate!! Xx

This is a really interesting idea :) Hope you like it :)

Also because you didn’t specify a season, I’m making it in mid-season two so that Roy, Dig and Sara were on team Arrow and Laurel knew about it, but wasn’t a member.

Also this is inspired by the show Bull, mainly because I had just watched an episode before writing this… seriously though, check out Bull it’s really good. Anyway….


You loved your job. You really did, but sometimes you doubted the constant torment from one person in particular was worth it. You were a defence attorney for a trail science firm and you loved it.

Unlike what most people believed, you only took clients who you genuinely believed were innocent or were being trailed unfairly. That was how you met Oliver Queen. When Laurel refused to represent Oliver back when he was being charged for being the Arrow, he went to your firm and you got assigned to his case.

You believed that was why Laurel always hated you, you defended him when she refused to. As a result, he told you he was the Arrow almost immediately (let’s be real here, you knew from the moment you took his case) while he didn’t actually tell Laurel himself.

You often got called down to the Arrow Cave when they were hunting a suspect and the police had the wrong man, so that you could take the poor man’s case and make sure they didn’t lock him away for a case he didn’t commit.

You honestly loved going down to the Arrow Cave and helping out, also Felicity occasionally needed help with the tech and let’s be real everyone down there was useless with that kind of thing.

That day you had received a call from Diggle telling you to come down so you made your way there, praying that Sara’s sister wasn’t going to be there. She hated anything and everything you did. Especially since you had beaten her on a case last week.

When you arrived, you honestly considered turning around when you saw Laurel but Felicity was already waving you over so you couldn’t just walk out.

“What happened?” you asked as you put your bag down and leaned against one of the tables.

Before you could continue, Oliver and Roy walked in (still wearing their suits). Oliver smiled when he saw you and happily strolled over to give you a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey,” he said before giving you a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey yourself” you replied, not missing the death glare you received from Laurel, “What’s going on?”

He gave you a small smile before nodding to Felicity to let her know she should begin explaining, “Okay so I’m sure you’ve heard about all the stabbings.”

You nodded, “Yeah the police arrested a suspect didn’t they?”

“Yup,” Roy said, “but they got the wrong guy.”

You nodded, “You want me to take his case?”

“We want you to get him to tell you is really behind them,” Diggle as he walked around to join Felicity by the computers, “he may not have done them. But he knows who did.”

You nodded, “Alright, I’ll push to get him to tell me who is actually responsible and see if I can get him a deal at the same time.”

Oliver smiled and wrapped an arm around waist, “You’re amazing.”

You were about to reply, but then you caught Laurel looking like she was going to explode in the corner. Just as she caught your eye, she seemed to have had enough and marched over.

“What makes us think she can even get the information we need?”

Oliver piped in “Because she’s the best and because she’s been able to do it every other time.”

“She is not the best,” Laurel began, “the district attorney’s office could question him and find out everything we need to know. She doesn’t need to be here.”

Oliver was constantly fighting this battle for you, and yes you loved him even more for it but it was about time you finally stood up to her.

“Laurel,” you started, “first of all these murders have been going on for two months now and the DA’s office will want the case over quickly and you questioning him will just make them pin it on him even quicker. Secondly Laurel, you know I am the best defence attorney out there and yeah my methods are sometimes strange but I get the right result in the end. I don’t know what I did to you, but maybe one day you can get your head out of your ass and tell me what it was so we can get over this. But until then I don’t ask you to be nice to me even, but I damn sure expect you to treat me with the respect that you demand I treat you with.”

With that you told Felicity to email you the man’s case files and walked straight out the Arrow Cave.

About three hours later you heard a knock on your door and opened it to find a rather worried Oliver Queen.

“Why weren’t you returning my calls?”

“Sorry,” you responded as you let him in, “I was prepping for a case.”

He nodded as he sat down and pulled you against his chest, “You don’t believe any of that stuff Laurel said right?”

You shook your head.

He chuckled, “By the way Laurel looked so shocked that she just huffed and walked straight out. Sara said all she could get out of her was that she wasn’t interested in talking about it.”

You smiled and leaned back against him, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to ruin your relationship with Laurel.”

“Don’t be, that was ruined ages ago. I’m sorry I didn’t kick her out earlier.”

For a while there was silence before you simply said, “Jacob Sanders.”

“The stabber. His name is Jacob Sanders; Felicity has his address already.”

He chuckled, “How long did it take you?”

“About half an hour.”

“See? Told you I was dating the best lawyer in the city.”


That was horrid, I apologize. Better stuff coming tomorrow though, I promise :)

Feel free to request an imagine or a prompt. I write for the Chicago series all D.C. tv show characters :)

Shitty, Year 3

My answer to the burning question: Where is Shitty? 

7k, Jack and Shitty friendship centric, background Zimbits, canon compliant (as of year 3, comic 3)

Shitty, Year 3

Sometimes, Jack forgets that he and Shitty aren’t going back to Samwell. Because immediately after graduation, it seems that nothing has changed. Shitty is still blowing up the group chat with his thoughts on intersectional feminism and Jack is still getting chirped for not knowing how to send moving pictures (gifs, he thinks they are called gifs and there is some debate over the pronunciation that has Holster and Ransom at each other’s throats for a few days). No new frogs have been added in the months of June or July and it’s easy and familiar.

In their private text, Shitty is still sending him the titles of the textbooks he needs for his classes and ranting about how they are all by old white men and, there is a difference in that Jack doesn’t have any assigned textbooks to send back to Shitty but he still enjoys reading history books in his time off. So he sends Shitty those. Gets praised when he picks the ones not written by old white men.

Sometimes Jack has to remind himself. His practices with the Falconers are not just camps that he’s going to. His apartment in Providence is not temporary. He won’t be going back to the Haus. He won’t get to go to Samwell once August rolls around.

But, still, he and Bitty are skyping every night and he and Shitty are texting everyday (skyping about every third day) and it’s different, but not too different and he’s sad when he thinks of Samwell but also happier than he’s ever been in his life.

Which is why he almost misses it.

He’s not sure he’ll ever forgive himself.


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My thoughts while watching episode 1x07 of Riverdale

- ok that shoulder touch was cute though

- “no one can know about this” *proceeds to talk about it in the middle of the student lounge*

- Archie being jealous of Betty and Jughead is my aesthetic

- Veronica calling Betty “my girl” is also my aesthetic #teamberonica

- where the fuck is Valerie?

- this trend of Betty running off to be a detective every time Jughead tries to make a move is excellent and I would like it to continue all series. “Betty, it’s our wedding day.” “Do you think the person who burned the car left footprints? LET’S FIND OUT.”

- seriously though why did no one check the attic

- Everyone’s mum is The Worst, except Hermione Lodge, who is beautiful and kind and must be protected.

- Jughead’s dad is also The Worst but he is kind of a babe

- Like I’m not even put off by him being an outlaw alcoholic

- I make bad choices

- how does family law work in the US? Because in Australia you could not force your teenage daughter to give up their child

- look at you Fred Andrews, casually forging evidence in a murder investigation and making your son an accomplice

- thank god both Jughead and Polly have proper beds

- “Hope: a word so close to home.” Jughead. Bro. You’re cute but you’re a terrible writer.


Okay I just want to discuss something real quick. The band in the gif your are looking at right now is called Too Many Zooz, a group that started in the NYC subway system and still plays there sometimes but also plays at other venues now. And their bari sax player is one of the biggest badasses this world has ever seen First, he does some real kick ass dance moves all while playing. Do you realize how heavy that thing is? Bari saxes ain’t light children. Imagine how in shape he must be not only to dance with that but also consistently blow enough air (since they have a lot of tubing they need a lot of air just to get through) Also this whole time he keeps his lips just right. Doing all sorts of hella crazy moves can make keeping your lips on the mouthpiece in the proper way tricky. But no, this guy is flawless. Oh, one more thing. He uses a neck strap instead of a harness. You non sax players may or may not know, but neck straps are normally needed for proper support, but you normally wear a harness if you play bari so the weight goes to your back instead. Not this guy. I play alto, something significantly lighter, and I can still sometimes get neck aches from it. This BAMF doesn’t even flinch Leo P from Too Many Zooz everyone.

How much is too much?
  • INTJ: So, this sounds ridiculous but I think I got too many books at the library...
  • ENTJ: *spits out his coffee*
  • ENFP: I think my ears are playing tricks. Mind repeating that?
  • INTJ: Seriously though! When I was checking them out the librarian made a silly comment that alluded to the fact that I may have chosen too many.
  • ENTJ: Well, there has to be more than that. A single comment made in jest doesn't usually provoke a response like this. What else happened?
  • INTJ: Um... well... I started really wondering when he offered to help me carry them to my car so I didn't have to make a second trip...

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I never thought I’d get so many followers that enjoy my content in such a tiny amount of time. I’ve had this blog for less than a month. But I’m glad that so many of you like the stuff I post. To show my appreciation you should also check out these blogs that I love. If you aren’t in the list of people don’t take it to heart these are blogs that I have had the pleasure of following.

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Seriously though I’ve just checked out the first few chapters and UHM ALL THE YES??? I JUST LOVE THE AMOUNT OF VIOLENCE AND THE BLOOD AND THE ORGANISED CRIME IT IS SO INTENSE OMG  Istg my crops are watered thanks to this rec and this fic

Only Let Me Look At You

{jun + reader}

jun got a little over protective over you

“Are you cold?” jun asked as he wrapped his arm around your waist and you felt his warmth against your skin.

“Babe, this is the 5th time you’re asking me if I’m cold. What’s wrong?” you asked and looked at him with concern.

You were wearing a black cami crop top with high waisted shorts and sneakers, and you didn’t bring a jacket along because the weather was hot. Your boyfriend, jun, wore a black sleeveless tank top that showed his tanned skin and biceps. He had a jacket hung over his shoulder, just in case he was cold; but rather, he just wanted to cover you up. Jun didn’t fancy the idea of you wearing too revealing clothing because other guys would take second glances at you and he didn’t want other men to be looking at you, and that explains why he kept asking if you were cold so he could let you wear his jacket.

“Guys are staring at you.” jun pouted, his arm not leaving your waist.


“And I don’t want them to stare at my girlfriend. Only I can look at you.” he whined.

You let out a laugh and he stared at you and asked what was so funny about other guys looking at his girl.

“Hey wen junhui, do you not notice that girls are looking at you as well?” you raised a brow and teased.

“Well, how would I know that when all I’m looking at is you, you, and only you?” jun smirked.

You rolled your eyes dramatically at his greasiness and continued, “but seriously though, you have girls checking you out but I ain’t complaining. Look. you’re wearing a sleevless tank top, everyone can see everything.” you folded your arms and pretended to be mad.

Jun looked away and kept silent because he realised that he was attracting attention as well, and he shouldn’t restrain you from wearing what you want, since you didn’t restrain him. You saw him biting his lower lip and looking down, and you found him so cute at that moment.

“Give me.” you said, sticking your hand out to him.

“What?” your action made him raised his head and he asked in confusion.

“Your jacket. Let me wear it.”

“Why..? You aren’t even cold.”

“Just give it to me.” you said and took his jacket without waiting for him to reply.

You wore his jacket and it draped onto you loosely and perfectly, and it matched your outfit.

“Are you happy now?” you smiled.

“Babe, you don’t have to do this…” jun said and his eyes softened.

“I was just joking, I’m not mad or anything.” you let out a giggle and wrapped your arms around his. “I really like you in sleeveless tops by the way.” you continued.

“I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or tease.“