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A Bearded Christmas

Title:  A Bearded Christmas

Character(s): Actor Tom

Chapter Number/One Shot: One Shot

Rating: M

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Summary: Gemma and Tom spend a very special first Christmas together as a couple.

Warnings: Cute fluff ahead. Also some minor smut.

Author Note: I was seriously so excited to write this. Especially since I haven’t posted any Gemma and Tom lately. Thanks to everyone for reading everything this past week. I hope everyone has has a wonderful holiday. This is the most writing I’ve done in ages, but it’s definitely sparked my inspiration. So there might be lots more to come.

“Are you almost ready?” Gemma called down the hallway as she finished wrapping the treats they were bringing to her parent’s Christmas Eve dinner.

“I’ll be right there,” Tom called from the living room.

Checking the time, Gemma grumbled and quickened her pace. They were going to be late and her mother wasn’t going to let them hear the end of it. If she was desperate, though, she’d have to throw Tom under the bus and blame his tardiness. It was Christmas with family, after all, it was everyone for themselves.

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Reasons why I Love Parker (Leverage)

@liveandletrain this is your fault

  1. She’s Parker.
  2. She jumps off of high stuff.
  3. She has no feelings. Wait is that a feeling?  What are feelings? how does one feel?!?!?
  4. She once blew up her foster parents’? house for a stuffed bunny. (possibly incinerating her foster parents idk it’s very unclear)
  5. She still has that stuffed bunny.   SHE STILL HAS THAT STUFFED BUNNY.  i just. I can’t.  I have all the feels.
  6. I feel like the Christmas episode could be it’s own list.
    • She still believes in Santa
    • She believes in Santa even though as far as I can tell she has never really had a parent tell her about him so she just learned about him as a child from other children/general cultural osmosis
    • She believes in Santa even though I don’t think he’s ever really given her anything.
    • She believed in Santa and still believes in Santa and that actually makes sense because her belief would never be seriously challenged because she never got to catch her parents in the act of faking it and the fact that she never gets anything from him makes sense because obviously she’s on the naughty list.
    • She believes in Santa and thinks she’s been on his naughty list her whole life.
    • Even Santa was never there for her.
    • But she thinks that’s okay because she deserves it.
    • She loves Santa SO MUCH.
    •  And it’s a 100% altruistic love for the sake of other people because she was never really a part of it.
    • But she still cares about Santa and everything he represents.
    • She believes so hard in the importance and innocence of children even though she never really got to be a part of that.
    • Maybe she believes because she never got to have it.
    • She just, she loves Christmas.  Even though she doesn’t really have a reason to.  Because she still believes in goodness, and she believes that kids, everybody should have one good day.
    • She just loves Santa.  Even though he never did anything for her she loves him, for what he does and what he represents.
    • This post has been thoroughly highjacked but that’s okay.  

9x07 “Bad Boys” // 12x07 “Rock Never Dies”
“I don’t get it, Lucifer could be taking over Heaven and Hell right now, but instead he acts out some rock god fantasy?”

I know I already talked about this during live watch, but I just wanted these moments side by side as they lie exactly three seasons apart. And like last season one may see this small moment here as a possible loose “alignment” between Dean and Lucifer. Though of course Dean’s wish to be a rockstar was and even at present still be much purer and more more innocent than Lucifer’s could ever be. Because for Dean it would mean people looking up to him, people liking him and seeing him as a hero (that he is but never would see himself as) and feeling like he matters (seriously, we have to get a scene of Dean with a guitar and singing at some point now, because I bet he can play real damn well - maybe Cas and Sam can give him a guitar for christmas? - Someone write me that ficlet! ;))

And actually in some way that isn’t too different to Lucifer, just that Lucifer tries to find “love” in all the wrong ways and all the wrong places (kind of like Crowley actually - since just like the King of Hell, he just “needs love” and maybe that realization could get him to truly change at some point…). Doesn’t he remind you a little bit of Metatron? He after all admitted to God last season that all the horrible stuff he did was just to achieve one thing: Draw God out. After the entire speech we heard from Lucifer, his identity crisis, the feeling of being abandoned yet again by his father - I think him trying to kill as many people as possible actually could be seen as a way of him trying to get his father to interfere and maybe yes, to end it even, because he is lost and really, being bad and causing bloodshed and all that, he says he does it for fun (which of course is awful), but in the end isn’t it also somehow Lucifer kind of “going through the motions”? He does what he always has, but he feels he matters less than ever before….

anonymous asked:

Hello and Merry Christmas! I hope you're having a lovely winter break :) Can you please do headcanons on how Genos and Saitama would react with an extremely affectionate s/o? Thanks!

Merry late Christmas!! (Seriously it’s been two months HAHA). Sorry for the late answer! I hope you like these though!


  • He would be slightly uncomfortable at first, especially in the very beginnings of the relationship. Genos would be more reserved about physical contact, and his s/o would probably need to slowly ease him into it.
  • Once they manage to accomplish that, however, Genos would be one of the best people to cuddle with. He’s always warm — perks of being a cyborg — and would squeeze you just right so that it’s neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Genos would love to always be with his s/o. Even if it’s just short walks in the neighborhood or going to buy groceries, just having his s/o around would make those mundane tasks so much more fun. So, he definitely wouldn’t understand the concept of “clinginess”. In fact, even if his s/o chose to always be with him, Genos would end up accepting them with open arms.
  • The only times he would rebuke his s/o’s affection, however, are when he’s fighting a monster or if Saitama is in the middle of something extremely important. For the former situation, Genos just doesn’t want to risk his s/o’s safety. For the latter situation, since he believes in showing his Sensei the utmost respect, he would also ask you to do the same.


  • He wouldn’t particularly care, even from the get go. If his s/o wants to hug him all the time, that’s fine by him. If they were constantly calling him or messaging him just to talk, he doesn’t mind. All in all, Saitama would be extremely laid-back with an affectionate s/o.
  • Sometimes, it would also be very helpful to have such an expressive s/o. Since Saitama isn’t the most in tune with his feelings, if his s/o was able to freely and openly express theirs, it might help Saitama get a better grasp on his own thoughts at that moment.
  • Honestly, since he works out so much, it can be safe to say that his wide expanse of muscles doesn’t make up the softest surface for cuddling. However, he has a way of pulling his s/o into his arms and laying them over him just right, finding a perfectly comfortable position for the both of them.
  • Saitama may occasionally be embarrassed if his s/o is extremely affectionate in public. And, while he would turn away to hide his blush or start walking faster in an attempt to get away from the crowd, he would find it impossible to lie and claim that he didn’t like the attention.
Christmas Party (IchiHime)

Christmas Prompt: Christmas Party
Pairings: Ichigo/Orihime
Word Count:
 T in general

Orihime had flushed at this. It wasn’t that she had done anything particularly significant. They had taken a nice leisurely stroll which had subsequently lead them back to her apartment.

For @aondeomundovaiparar-blog 

Warning: Post!Canon, set during the few years in between the timeskip

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Everyone’s trying so hard to make Mark look bad and I can’t deal with it anymore. It’s almost christmas. He’s on vacation and he’s with his family. LEAVE.HIM.ALONE.

If you have a problem with him, at least wait until after the holidays.
How would you guys feel if you were trying to enjoy some much deserved relaxation and time with family, and you come on here and see people bitching at you? I’d be willing to bet it’d make you feel horrible and ruin your holidays. But what, because he’s famous it doesn’t matter that you guys could be ruining his? That’s bullshit. 

I know I’ve been posting a lot about this, but I am honestly so beyond annoyed with some of you. 
I get that you guys have things you want to bring to his attention. And even though I don’t see how he’s done anything wrong, I know that some of you do. And that’s fine (as long as you guys can bring it up to him in a mature and non-mean way). But seriously, wait until after his vacation. Mark has dealt with so much this year. Let him enjoy his christmas with family.