seriously though anymore tag suggestions go for it

Oh hey that’s not a bad idea as well. I was thinking maybe parachutemusic (because that’s their snapchat) but apparently there’s a “Parachute Music Festival” that took over that tag.

And someone suggested using Sparky’s Flaw but I feel like they’re no longer associated with that name so why use it. Surprisingly Paracute has other stuff in the tag, as well as Chuters and Flight Crew (obviously). as you can see, I’ve been doing my research…

After some thought (I’m trying to keep it simple and close to the actual band name. Nothing like song titles or whatever) I decided the two possible new-ish (because there are some posts already in them, all Parachute related though!) tags are: weareparachute or your idea Julia, pchute.

So, if people want to give suggestions or whatever as to which one should be used let me know. Also I don’t even know if this will become a thing (maybe it’ll die out and be forgotten forever) but let’s find out!