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Spin The Bottle - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Anonymous said: hi! please do 99 for Sebastian :) LOVE your writing!

“I don’t think I’ve ever played spin the bottle.”

It was just one of those days on set. You were all in costume, waiting to go back on set but also having to wait for them to sort everything out. This led to you, Sebastian, Chris, Anthony, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth and Jeremy just sitting together outside. You all wanted to hang out but the trailers were all too small for your collective to fit in, so you sat in what can best be described as an empty parking lot.

Though you were in each other’s company that didn’t stop any of you from still being bored, you were laid on the floor looking up at the sky whilst also resting on Seb’s lap (you told him you didn’t want to get all of your costume dirty). “That cloud kind of looks like a dog?”

Sebastian looked up and followed to where your finger was pointing, “really? I think it looks like a dolphin.”

“Oh my god, this is the most bored I’ve ever been.” Anthony whined, causing both you and Sebastian to both look down and towards him, scarily synchronised in your movements. “Let’s play a game or something?”

Sitting up, you grabbed your bottle which had been rested beside you and proceeded to take a drink. “Like what?” You asked, just before putting it against your lips.

The rest of the cast looked towards each other for better ideas, Elizabeth shrugging her shoulders whilst continuing to pick at the gravel on the ground. Jeremy abruptly reached out and pulled the bottle away from you, managing to only drop a bit of water onto your chest. He also took the cap out of your hand and put it back on the bottle, “I have an idea,” he declared as he placed the bottle on the ground and spun it. “We’ll play spin the bottle.”

“Could have asked for it you know,” you grumbled, wiping away the water whilst also glaring at Jeremy, he gave you an innocent look in return. “I don’t think I’ve ever played spin the bottle.” The bottle slowed to a stop and landed on Paul Rudd, “so who asks the question?” You asked.

“I spun it, therefore I should get to.” Jeremy decided for the group, “truth or dare?”

“Truth,” he replied, “wait no, dare. No truth… Dare. Okay dare.”

The group chuckled at his indecisiveness and then promptly awaited whatever Jeremy was going to force Paul into. “Okay, I dare you to go up to someone and ask to hug them.” It was a simple request, the perfect icebreaker for the game.

Rudd seemed to have no problem with what he’d gotten as he stood up instantly, “I have no problem with going and spreading a little love.” He quickly charged over to the first person he saw, you and the cast watched the entire altercation. He opened his arms and requested the hug, luckily it seemed like he’d managed to approach a fan who quickly accepted the offer and then requested to take a selfie with him. Rudd reappeared after another minute with a skip in his step, dropping back to the floor with a look of accomplishment on his face, he then spun the bottle.

It eventually came to a stop on Sebastian who instantly said, “truth.”

“How dull,” you laughed and he stuck his tongue at you. Your relationship with Sebastian had certainly transformed during the shooting of Civil War, he’d become a lot more playful towards you and you’d become a lot more comfortable around him. Hence why you had no problem simply laying down on his lap earlier on. “Real mature, Sebby.”

Lot’s of people offered questions to ask Seb, Anthony was the first to ask a sexual question, Elizabeth agreeing with him and giving you a pointed look as she did so. Elizabeth was another person you’d grown close to during filming and she knew all about your attachment to Seb, though she was great at keeping the secret. In the end it was up to Paul to decide and he settled on the question: “How do you get your hair to look good, seriously, what’s your secret?”

Automatically, Sebastian ran his fingers through his hair and shrugged his shoulders. “I honestly don’t know, I think I was just born with it this good.” He joked, a smirk displayed on his lips.

“Maybe it’s maybelline,” you whispered mostly to yourself but everyone else heard it and burst into laughter. That little comment earned you a nudge from Sebastian but his wide smile told you that he, too, had found it amusing.

When he spinned the bottle it landed on Chris, who threw up his hands into the air. “Oh no,” he moaned, instantly regretting being a part of this game. “Dare,” he eventually decided, making numerous mixed expressions before he came to the decision.

You were quick to lean towards Bucky and whisper into his ear, suggesting your own dare. He thought over it for a second before nodding and turning back to the cast who were very curious to know what you’d said, “give your phone to Y/N and let her make one tweet.”

“What?!” He huffed, “that’s so unfair, it’s not her dare.”

“No, it’s mine, and that’s the dare.” Sebastian sassed quickly, the argument all in jest.

Chris mumbled begrudgingly as he went and got his mobile phone, unlocking it and then handing it to you. Sebastian leaned over you to look at what you were writing, and it felt rather comfy having Seb’s head placed on the top of your shoulder, his warm breath pressing against the bare skin of your neck. He laughed out loud once you’d finished typing it, and then you sent it, handing the phone back to Chris so he could read it out loud for everyone to hear. “It’s true guys, Stucky is real, has been for a while now.”

“The fangirls will go wild,” Jeremy laughed boisterously, almost falling backwards.

Once the laughter had subsided it was Chris’ turn and his victim ended up being Sebastian, there was some debate that it was unfair Seb going twice before anyone else but he decided to be the bigger man and accepted the challenge. “Dare.”

Chris had a sinister look on his face immediately, obviously he was plotting revenge. “I dare you and Y/N to go into the tiny trailer for seven minutes.”

“So you basically want us to do seven minutes in heaven, yeah?” You laughed, knowing that you and Seb were so comfortable together that you’d practically already done it. Plus, you were adults, not teenagers, you doubted that any sexual attention would overwhelm you. Once Chris nodded your head, you stood up and waited for Seb to join you. “See you guys in seven minutes then.”

The trailer was only a short way away, and the closer you got to it the more you realised that it had been aptly named. It was used only for probes, and not anyone’s actual trailer. The door was unlocked as expected, and Seb was the first to enter and you followed. “I feel like this’d be easier if we weren’t in costume.”

“I feel like this would be easier if you didn’t beef up for the role.” You added, placing your hands against his chest. “Am I hurting you?” You asked after you were forced to stand on his feet.

Seb shook his head, “you’re actually quite light.”

“Really?” You asked, shocked because the previous night you’d treated yourself to a mcdonalds… and ben and jerry’s… and skittles. Seb had been there too.

“We could probably start dancing right now,” he chuckled, remembering the overused cliche in some romance movies where girls that can’t dance stand on their partner’s feet so they can do all the dancing.

You giggled with him, “I don’t think that’s what people normally do in these situations, I bet they’re all sat out there expecting us to make out.”

“Would you like to?” He asked casually, though he did look away as soon as the question slipped out of his lips. There was very little lighting coming from the small window on the door, but you were still able to see how a blush formed on his cheeks.

This caused you to blush as well, “no,” you answered honestly, believing that he probably wanted an honest answer. “Not yet anyway,” this seemed to catch his attention away from the embarrassment he was feeling and he returned to staring down at you, “I like you, a lot, but I don’t want to rush into something. Especially if it’s being forced by our friends, let’s just… wait for the moment. You know?”

His head slowly began to nod, “yeah, you’re right.” He leaned down and pressed a kiss to your cheek, a symbol that he’s cool with just cheek kisses as long as you are. And that he’ll be cool with mouth to mouth kiss when you are as well. He was so slow with moving away though, and it actually turned out you were wrong.

Perhaps on the inside you actually were a teenager, as Sebastian being so close to your lips drew you instantly. “Fuck it, life is short and you are hot.” You whispered before meshing your lips against his. It was a surprise for Seb, but not necessarily a bad one as his response to your lips was practically instant. You were pushed further against the wall as his hands pressed against your skin, the metal one going underneath your shirt and causing you to gasp. He took this as permission to add tongues to the mix, which again, wasn’t necessarily a bad surprise.

You weren’t sure how long you were in there just making out, but a knock awoke you from the passionate exchange and you saw Elizabeth’s head bobbing beneath the small window. The smirk very clear from the way her eyes squinted slightly, “you guys have been in there for thirty minutes and they want us on set now.”

“Right,” Seb said, noticing how you were quite breathless.

He went to open the door but you quickly pulled him back, “wait you have ‘I just made out in a trailer’ hair,” you whispered, unaware whether Elizabeth had gone yet. You tried your best to sort out his hair seen as it was mostly your mess, you just couldn’t resist tugging on it. The sounds he’d made had certainly helped continue the make out session and keep it exciting. Once you were done you almost allowed him to leave but then you pulled him back, kissing him again. “That was for luck.” You excused shyly, proceeding to leave the trailer and catch up with Elizabeth who instantly knotted her arm with yours and asked for details.


“Because you hold great power, you gradually fail to understand the importance of things that cannot be recovered.”

And last but not least, our most well-known renegade, Undertaker. His hair was fun to color, though some of the panels were tricky to clean.

I don’t have a lot of theories about Undertaker. Not ones that I take seriously, anyway. All I know is that I don’t think he’s the endgame villain. He doesn’t seem to have any ill will towards Ciel personally, so I can’t see him being the endgame villain at all. I still think it’s Druitt. Fight me. XD But whatever his deal is, I hope we find out soon. It seems like something big is coming.

(If you want to use these icons for anything, just ask first, please!)

Sascha || Grell || Rudgar || Ronald || William || Undertaker || Eric || Alan || Othello

Wicked Games (5SOS - Part 1)

A/N: This is way different from the fluffy things I usually write. I wanted to make something different and ended up with writing this at 3am. There is no love interest as such, I want you guys to suggest who it should be as we get more into the story and see how it develops.  

Rating: Mature

(Future) Warnings: graphic depictions of violence, strong language, and/or other mature themes.

Request: No

Summary: Y/N, a part time smuggler who gets the task to work undercover for a drug company to get under the shell of the biggest smugglers of all time, 5SOS. Having to change out her hardcore attitude with innocence to get into the role of one of the 5SOS’ boy’s cousin she’ll have to impress them enough to crush them. She’ll be on a mission she’ll never forget. A mission that will leave perminent scars on her mind for life. 

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anonymous asked:

Can I have some Baseball!RFA? Prefferably where MC is a fan of the team but when they notice her at a game she gets a bias?

(This was a little difficult to do, but I hope that I got some of it right! I wasn’t  sure if they should all be on the same team, or if the bias should be negative or positive, but I had fun!)

- MC goes to one of the games after finally saving up enough money to to get a ticket!
- They are a huge fan! they have T-shirts, and hats with the team logo on it
- They are absolutely ecstatic when the game begins
- Yoosung is nervous being new to the team
- His anxiety is apparent, hes careful and apprehensive at first
- MC doesn’t think he’ll do very well, hes too cautious, if he really wants to make a difference for the team then he’ll play to win!
- Something chances though, halfway through the game
- MC makes eye contact with Yoosung, and suddenly the game turns around
- Yoosung is diving to catch, and when hes up to bat, he sprints from base to base, avoiding the opposing team
- MC is shocked! they didn’t think he had it in him! but here he is! almost bringing up the scores all by himself
-MC starts attending all the games from there just to watch yoosung pull amazing stunts

-Zen isn’t too great of a player, but damn is he hot
- MC knows this, and so he becomes one of their secret favorite players
- Seriously though, have you seen his hair? and his eyes?
- MC is a fan of the baseball team but honestly they started attending games more often because of zen, not that they’ll ever admit that
- Honestly they weren’t always super into zen, but after running into him in the street their opinion changed
- He complimented them on their outfit and they honestly haven’t stopped thinking about it since
- They attend every game hoping that Zen will talk to them again
- And one game their dream does come true! Zen looks right at them from the field, and gives a wink
- Mc fears that their soul left their body at that point 
- They’ll definitely have to find a way to stand out at games so that Zen will notice them

- MC was surprised when they let a woman be on the team!
- Jaehee had a lot of talent and seemed to be a pretty independant person
- Which was bad in some ways because it is a team sport
- But she almost seemed to pick up the slack for the team every game
- Seriously, when they would fall behind she would score mad points for the team!
- And she seemed to be a good motivator too!
- Even though she was tired, she would always push through, and the others would take note of that
- MC just loved the determination she brought to the team! 
- So they end up going to every game to cheer her on
- They’ve only exchanged glances a couple times, but each time MC swears that they could do anything after!
- They always get inspired, maybe they should send a fan letter!

- He terrifies the opposing teams to be honest
- He just has a very dominating personality, that sort of scares the other team into submitting
- Some people claim that the only reason he’s on the team is because he’s rich and paid his way in
- But MC believes differently
- He does his best to serve his team well
- And there is always news stories about how he got new equipment for the team, or rents out a better gym for them
- That how MC knows he cares for his team
- As much as he is scary, he also cares about the state of his teammates
- And that’s kind of what drew MC in!
- So they go to most games and have a blog dedicated to convincing people that Jumin is not all that mean at all!

- He is sort of the wild card of the team
- He’s usually an average player
- But every once in awhile he’ll really drive the team home
- He doesn’t seem particularly athletic, but holy smokes can that boy run
- MC was super interested in him as he seemed like he could be holding back every now and again
- But the mystery has never been solved!
- They just got to games, hoping that they’ll get a chance to ask, to see if his face betrays his words when they ask
- They go to the games out of curiosity, or at least they did at first!
- Now their pretty much a fan, having merchandise, collectible cards…
- But its a secret! 

Mr. Moonlight

Another late night staying up was really getting to you. You wanted to go to sleep, but you just weren’t tired. Maybe it was too hot upstairs. You know how the summer heat could get in Liverpool. You lie awake, all sprawled out in nothing but a longer shirt and underwear, any more clothing and you would be sweating worse than what you are now.

To pass the time away you decide to run downstairs real quick to get a glass of water. You tip toe downstairs as quiet as you could since you knew that your brother, John, had his best friend over tonight. And that best friend just happened to be the one and only Paul McCartney. Your crush.

You’ve known Paul forever, since he was only a year older than you. He just turned 17, gaining more muscles and a manly voice that says your name in that sweet Liverpudlian accent that he has. You being 16 and John 18 makes it almost impossible to have a boyfriend, especially Paul. You knew boys liked you. You were always asked by the cutest boys to all the dances and all the dates. But none of them compared to Paul. None of them.

You finally make it downstairs and tip toe your way to the kitchen. As you grab a glass from the cabinet, you hear mumbling from the living room. You ignore it, knowing John talks in his sleep. You turn on the sink to fill up your cup with sweet, cold water. But once you turn off the faucet, you hear the mumbling again. This time-curious what John was saying- you sneak into the living room to catch a few words. You stand in the doorway opening to the living room and lean against the frame, still holding your glass of water.

It’s dark but you can see the make out of the two boys. John on the couch and Paul on the floor. But, John wasn’t the one mumbling. It came straight from Paul, who seemed he was gyrating in very weird movements. Almost as if he was rocking his hips? You smirk as you soon realise what he is doing. You can’t see anything, unfortunately, due to him being submerged under blankets.

He has to be hot under there, you think. You stay there for a while, still leaning against the frame wondering what you should do. This is wrong you think. You should go and let his own thing. You giggle as you turn around, but you heard the most beautiful noise as soon as you moved.

From Pauls lips you heard him say your name. “Y/N.” He moans. Again and again and again. All at once, in higher and lower pitches. Stretching out your name, or sometimes saying it faster. He has to be awake you think. There’s no way he’s dreaming.

Not knowing what to do, you freeze. Pinching yourself every now and then to see if you are dreaming. Nope. Frozen in place, you see Paul stop. The only thing moving now was his chest, sucking in deep breathes, the blanket still over top of him. Hide, you think. Run, you think. But you don’t move. Paul then throws the blanket off of him and sits straight up, fanning himself with both of his hands.

He was drenched in sweat and still out of breath when he finally spotted you, standing there watching him. His eyes go wide, as they stare into yours. “Y/N. Um. Good evening. No um is it good morning? Ummmmm?” He chuckles awkwardly. You just smirk, more confident for some reason. Knowing you make him nervous gives you some reassurance in yourself. He was Paul McCartney you know.

“Good Morning, I think.” You giggle. This brings a smile from his face, feeling a little more comfortable. You step forward a few steps once he gets up from his place on the floor. Once he stands you see that he’s wearing nothing but his boxers. His body is drenched with sweat. The moonlight from the window makes him glisten as he steps right in front of you, his face only inches from your face.

You lick your lips, just wanting to taste his sweat on your tastebuds. Pauls eyes follow your tongue as it slides from one end of your lips to the other, then makes his eyes back to yours. Trying to see what you are thinking about. If only he knew. The cluelessness on his face gives you the impression he doesn’t.

Paul finally breaks the silence. “You heard me. Didn’t you?” You smile. “I’d be lying if I didn’t.” Paul looks down, obviously disappointed and rejected. He must think that you were smiling with the intentions of making fun of him. You lean down to meet his gaze until he is looking back into your eyes. “But I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t like it.” You say. Paul’s smile quickly appears, followed by a step closer. Just when you thought you couldn’t get any closer, you did. His face now only millimeters to yours.

Still looking into your eyes, Paul asks, “Can I try something?” “Yes.” You answer, almost too excitedly. Paul glances at your lips as he slides his hands around your waist, feeling the warmth from his fingertips on your skin since you were only wearing underwear. You slide your hands into his hair when you two finally break the space between each other’s lips.

Staying in sync with each other, your lips are soon worked up enough for the real makeout session. Paul, being the gentleman he is, slides his tongue along your bottom lip for entry. You allow his tongue to slip into your own mouth. He lightly explores as a low moan comes from his throat. This makes you moan. Both noises completing each other.

Your hands find the nape of his neck where you circle your finger around little strands of black locks. Smooth tongue and smooth hair? This boy is amazing. Pauls hands finds the lace on the side of your underwear, where he gently plays with the lace and slowly pulls the sides up and down, driving you crazy and turned on at every slide down.

Just as you are about to pull away, he grabs your bottom lip with a pull between his teeth. Paul McCartney: A+ kisser. After the amazing lip bite, you both pull away and rest your foreheads against each other. Mind blown, you can’t comprehend what just happened. You. Kissed. Paul. McCartney.

“Maybe I should wank off thinking about you more offen.” Paul says, breaking the silence once he catches his breath. You giggle. “Honestly, I was so turned on.” You say. Lost in each other’s eyes, you almost forgot that John was just sleeping about ten feet away. Glancing over Paul, you notice John still asleep.

“If he won’t wake up to me screaming your name, then he won’t wake up from a couple of moans.” Paul chuckles, which elicits a smile from you. “Even though this make out session was a great way to say how our first date went, I really don’t want me wanking to be the start of it. So how about I take you out to eat tomorrow for our real first date?” Paul asks.

“Only on one condition.” You say, with your hands still playing with his hair and Paul’s hands drawing circles on your outer thigh. “And what’s that?” Paul asks, all seriousness in his voice, like he actually thinks you are going to turn him down after that amazing make out session.

“You help me pull that shaving cream prank on John when he wakes up.” You say giggling.

“You pull a hard bargain, but I guess.” Paul says rolling his eyes sarcastically then giving you a peck on the lips before you run to go grab the shaving cream.

“You’ll be fine. Raising girls is easy. Just remember: no tattoos, you’re going to want to threaten the boyfriends or girlfriends but don’t, and for god’s sake, keep them away from Stark’s son. Eight years old and that kid’s already trouble… Seriously though, you’re gonna be great.” - when you wake, by sevensneakyfoxes

Surprise fanart for my dear friend and super talented author, Sevenfoxes. Her Avengers fanfiction deserves its own fanfiction, no joke. Go immediately to AO3  and read all of it. 

The Future of Us

A Joshaya fanfic

Written by: @hoffkk

Written for: Joshaya Week (Day 2 - Josh finds out about Maya’s talents)

Summary:  Josh learns something new about Maya…and perhaps himself.


Josh was halfway through his first semester at NYU, and he was having the time of his life, meeting new people, trying new things, and just being a part of something new.  As fun as college life was, the work load sucked. It wasn’t particularly hard, he just had a lot of menial assignments that he had to do pretty much all the time.

It was a Wednesday evening around 7:00pm and Josh had just completed a couple of the aforementioned assignments when he decided he needed a pick me up.  There were a couple coffee joints nearby, but Josh decided to take the long walk to Topanga’s.  The walk would be a good refresher, and it would be nice to see his family.  In fact, maybe he would stop his brother’s place afterward.

Josh was contemplating the idea as he waited in line for his coffee.  Once he received his order, a large cappuccino, he headed toward the door. He was about to make his exit when a familiar mane of blonde hair caught his attention.

“Maya?”  He called out in question toward the blonde who sat in the corner booth, hunched over an array of papers.

“Huh?”  She said, snapping her head upward to locate the voice she knew all too well.  "Oh, hey, Josh.“

"Hey.”  Josh smiled.

“What are you doing here?”  She queried, knowing that there were coffee shops much closer to campus that he could go to.

“Need some coffee…and a change of scenery.”  He answered.

“Ah.”  She nodded, understanding the feeling.

“Where’s Riley?” He inquired, suddenly aware that his niece was nowhere to be found, which was weird because the two girls were pretty inseparable.

“She’s at the movies with Lucas.”  Maya replied. “So, I figured I would just hang out here for a bit.”

“Cool.”  Josh smiled then took a sip of his coffee.  "So, What exactly you working on there?“  He added with a nod of the head toward the table top, which was covered in different half-finished drawings.

"Just  a few sketches.”  Maya tried to act nonchalant about it.  "They’re rough…really rough.“  She explained as Josh stepped forward to get a closer look.

"No,”  He assured.  "They’re good…really good.“

Maya could feel her cheeks flush at his compliment, which only made her blush more.

"Thanks.” She smiled.

“Are they for school?”  Josh wondered aloud.

“More like for work.”  Maya responded, and when Josh gave her a confused look she went on.  "I’m too young for an actual job, but I wanted to make some extra cash, so Topanga offered to pay me for my artwork.  She wants to decorate the bakery with a few of my pieces.“

"Wow.”  Josh replied.  "That’s awesome.“

"I’ve only done one so far, the one on the wall beside the register.”  She clarified, gesturing to the picture on the wall.  It was of a family of four, two parents and two kids, a daughter and a son.  The resemblance was uncanny.  Josh could clearly see likeness of his brother’s family in each of the people in the drawing.  They were all smiling and having fun, playing a board game in the living room, the Family Game he presumed.

“That’s amazing, Maya.”  He told her once he managed to pull his eyes away from the piece of art he somehow missed before.  "It looks just like them.“

"That was the goal.”  Maya stated, tucking some hair behind her ear.  "I figured since the store is called Topanga’s, the first picture should be of Topanga…and her family.  Then, once Topanga saw it, she insisted the next one be of my mom and I, since we are a big part of the store and their lives…her words, not mine.“

"Well, she’s right.”  Josh affirmed, making Maya’s cheeks turn pinkish yet again.

After giving him a shy smile, she said, “I, um, I’d also like to do one of you.  I mean, you and your parents, and maybe one of your sister, Morgan, and your brother, Eric.  To me, you Matthews are what make this place and the people inside it feel so special, and I’d like to show the customers that through my artwork.  Do you think, they’d mind?  Your family, I mean?

Josh just stared at her a moment.  Maya was something else.  She was clearly very talented, and the way she was talking about his family was incredibly sweet.  He didn’t seem himself as special, but Maya…she definitely was.

"Josh?”  She questioned when he didn’t reply right away.

“Hmmm?  Oh, no, they wouldn’t mind at all.  In fact, I’m pretty sure they’d love it.”

“Cool.”  She said, her nervousness suddenly gone. “Now, I just need to find the right inspiration.”

“How about some live inspiration?”  He asked tentatively.

“What do you mean?”  She retorted with a quirked brow.

“I mean, I could be your model, and you could draw me.”  Josh offered.

“If I say yes, you’re not gonna rip of your shirt and make me draw your muscles, are you?” She queried only half-joking. Let’s be serious, if he did do that, she would be drawing him in a heartbeat with incredible detail.

Josh burst out laughing before responding, “Yeah…no.  I was thinking I could just sit here and smile.

"Okay then.” Maya smiled.  "Why, not?“

"Cool.” Josh smiled back, then slid into the booth so he was sitting across from her.

For the next twenty minutes Maya began working on a portrait of Josh, while they talked aimlessly about anything and everything.  The weird part was…that it wasn’t weird at all.  They were completely comfortable chatting and joking with each other like they were old friends…or a couple.

“Okay, I’m finished.”  Maya stated matter-of-factly, then turned her sketch book around so Josh could see.

“That looks great,” Josh complimented.  "though you could’ve made my hair look better.“  He added jokingly.

"Hey, I just draw what I see.” She teased back.

“Ouch.”  He feigned hurt, then proceeded to laugh.

“Seriously, though, that picture is pretty incredible, especially since it’s the first one you’ve ever drawn of me.  You’ve got some serious talent, Maya.”  Josh enthused, raking his eyes over the portrait once more, taking in every detail from the curve and structure of his jaw line to the gleam and smile of his eyes. He still couldn’t be she could draw like that; her work looked so professional.

“Uh, right. Thanks.” Maya stumbled through her thank you.  The truth was, this wasn’t the first time she had drawn him, or the second, or even the third.  Let’s just say she could give Riley’s “Bowl of Lucas”  a run for its money… and then some.  However, she wasn’t about to tell Josh that.

The two got to talking some more about school, friends, family, and a bunch of other stuff.  Josh found Maya very easy to talk to, the conversation just flowed so naturally between them.

“So, are you sure your family won’t mind me drawing them?” Maya asked once more, not wanting to make anyone uncomfortable with her portraits.

“I’m sure.  Trust me.”  Josh confirmed.

“I do.” Maya said with a sweet smile, and Josh smiled back.  They were getting lost in each other’s smiles was Maya decided to come back to reality.  "Um, do you think you could do me a favor?  For the portraits, I mean.“

"Of course,” Josh answered without missing a beat. “Name it.”

“Well, my drawings come out much better when I have a model to look at.”  Maya began.  "So, would you mind lending me some family photos to look off of for my portraits?“

"No problem. I’ll bring some by this weekend.” Josh promised

“Thanks.  I owe you one.”  Maya responded.

“Seeing you amazing work displayed in here will be thanks enough.”  Josh replied, placing his hand on top of Maya’s to show he meant it. The world deserved to see a talent like hers.  The touch sent a tingle up his arm and straight to his heart, catching him off guard. They way Maya stared back at him with stars in her eyes made him wonder if she felt it too.

“Well,”  He began to add, breaking contact to check his watch and collect himself.  He couldn’t believe it, but apparently he had spent a whole hour chatting with Maya. “I should probably get going. I didn’t realize how late is was getting.”

“Okay.  See you this weekend?  For the photos, I mean.”  Maya rushed to add, not wanting to seem too eager or anything.

“Definitely.” Josh answered, tossing her one of his million watt smiles, then stood and made his way to the door to make his exit, but not before tossing one last smile over his shoulder.

Maya just smiled and gave a small wave back.  Once he was out of sight, she put her nervous, excited energy to work and started sketching.  Her hand flew across the page of her sketch book a lightning speed, guided by pure passion.

After what felt like hours, Maya was finally done with her drawing and could finally look at it as a whole.  It was of a couple, a short, blonde woman and a tall, brunette man with a boyish grin. The wore wedding rings and played with a small child.  They were all having a picnic in the park.  Maya bit her lip then made one last addition to the woman’s stature, a small, protruding belly.

With a small smile, she signed her name in the bottom right corner and scrawled a title at the top:

“The Future of Us”


30 day RAMMSTEIN challenge

Day 8 - Favorite Member

You may have already guessed hence my username, my text posts, my blog and so on…
It’s that sarcastic amphibian and keyboardist  Doktor Christian Flake Lorenz.

I’m seriously not sure. I just like his behaviour, the costumes on stage, his keyboard skills, how that guy lives his life and of course all his hatred for stupid people and television, I really can relate to.

He’s great. Has been my idol for a long time already.

Thank you, Flake, for joining Rammstein even though you first didn’t want to!!! Really. Thanks!


More selfies! And the last of my pics for rtx ♡ (I always forget to take lots of photos lol TvT) Went to badgersinbowties meetup and got pics with pics with the bae!! ♡ during that I happened to spot Josh and snagged a selfie as well!

 I also took a pic with my hair twin! Apparently both my brother and my dad mistook you for me with our majestic hair similarities XD

 I’m so happy I finally got to meet fafnyr too! Whose cosplay was of course incredibly amazing. I seriously gotta take some cosplay tips from you! ♡ On the last day we finally spotted the ever elusive buttsmut! And had a good solid hang out sesh which was great TuT

 That’s it for my rtx spam though! I want to just say it was so awesome meeting everyone who came to day hi or hung our with me and I miss you all already!! TvT ♡♡♡ Until next time! !!


A/n: this is jumping my queue soo much, but I am totally loving this idea. Cathia you are amazing! This is requested.Btw i made up your tweeter name :} tehe its weird to.

Your p.o.v
“Hey guys, I’m back again with somebrand new shizz” I laughed at the camera. “so today is just dance Tuesday”. I clapped my hands together, “let’s do it!”. i stood and turned on my speakers, it was about 1:00 in the afternoon so it was perfectly fine to turn it up as loud as it could.

*moments later* 

“whoo! now that was a workout” i stood right in front of the camera and spun around. “i hope you lovely people enjoy my random dancing and dont forget to subscribe, like and all that good stuff” i laughed with a big thumbs up. “i love yous and i hope you enjoy the rest of your week”, i finished off with my signature ‘blow a kiss a the camera, with a little wink’.

“Finally done” i mumbled, uploading the video. I glanced up at my clock only 5:00 o’clock. “aghh, lets check my news feed, HUH” i said to myself. I checked vine, like all my favs. i went on tumblr, liked all my edits. Now check twitter.

I logged in and was bonbed by millions of tags. I click the it, and found out it was a #ASKcam. I scrolled through and found out i was mentioned in quite a few.

“what do you think of @thebiggbooty and her new video?”

“Do you think @thebiggbooty is cute?”

“What do you think of @thebiggbooty fullstop?”

I laughed at the posts and thought ‘aint nobody got time for that ‘. I decided to tweet “#ASKcam hey i was wondering if you would do me a shoutout? love yous xx” I posted it and laughed AGAIN at my stupidity.

*Next day*

I awoke frm my slumber. And being the scial media freak i am i went straight my laptop. I immediately had my eyes pop out of my head.


I chocked on my own spit. I went and clicked on the link and was directed to camerons youtube page.

*third person p.o.v while filming the boys video*

The boys watched as Cameron set up his camera, in the hotel room. The red light flashed, indacating that the camera was on. Camern sat on th bed and introduced the gang. “Hey guys, so its video time! Im here with Johnson, Gilinsky, Caniff and Mendes” “AND TODAY WE ARE DOING A ASKCAM!” Taylor screamed, buting in. “So lets get started” shawn said clapping his large hands together.

“How many nipples do you have? asks @Minnikar, Uhmm two” Cam said chuckling.

“Ooh now things are getting interesting” Cameron laughed.

“What do you think of Cathia? Asks well everyone” Gilinsky said smiling.

“That’s the new youtuber right? The one that does just dance Tuesday? Or something” johnson said slapping cam in the chest.

“The one with the really nice voice? And crazy dance moves?” Mendes laughed.

“I think so?” Cam answered.

“I’ll check” Caniff said clicking the link to Cathias tweeter.

“Zayum! It is” Taylor started “well my opinion is…… Well it can’t be said on YouTube so” he said.

Shawn laughed along and shoved Taylor a bit, ” I know that booty had me like” he said slipping off the couch.

“WHOO Shawn! I knew it wasn’t her voice that impressed you!” Taylor said mock girly voice.

Shawn’s face burnt a bright red. “Honestly though guys, we have to answer this” cameron said in all seriousness.

“Well the jacks aren’t aloud to answer, or they could get dumped, we don’t want that now do we?” cameron started “so that leaves Shawn, Tay and I, Tay you first” he said, finishing his sentence.

“Well first off that booty is like wow! And her moves are crazy, good crazy, she’s got great legs, oh and her hair! Is like whow” Taylor laughed, flinging his arms around.

“Well I think her voice is beautiful, like her name and her. She has a great style in music, uhmm and like Tay said her hair is so cool, she has a great bum too” he finished light tinge of pink on his cheeks.

“Zayum!!!” Was all cameron screamed.

What do you rate it? Flashed on the screen. The boys all had signs and giant smirks. “Ready? Go” with that the signs flew up and numbers were revealed.

Cameron: 9.5

Shawn: 10

Taylor: 9.9999999999999999

The jacks (they both had one big one): nothing compares to the baes.

But in small writing on the jacks was a 9.

“So that’s it for now, but give it a thumbs up, subscribe and stuff. And boys say goodbye.” Cameron said clapping his hands together.

They cut it out and left static.

*Cathias P.O.V*

OMG! I can’t believe this! I am so loving them right now! Wait… My bum is not even.. Oh wait yeah it is. Hahaha I left a comment that would surely make them laugh.

“Now, now my bottom definitely dissevered a ten! God yous are blind!”

A/n: I had/have no idea what is wrong with me. Cause this sucked! I’m sorry but it’s really late and I’m kinda tired
Xx love yah