seriously though all of his hair is so great


More selfies! And the last of my pics for rtx ♡ (I always forget to take lots of photos lol TvT) Went to badgersinbowties meetup and got pics with pics with the bae!! ♡ during that I happened to spot Josh and snagged a selfie as well!

 I also took a pic with my hair twin! Apparently both my brother and my dad mistook you for me with our majestic hair similarities XD

 I’m so happy I finally got to meet fafnyr too! Whose cosplay was of course incredibly amazing. I seriously gotta take some cosplay tips from you! ♡ On the last day we finally spotted the ever elusive buttsmut! And had a good solid hang out sesh which was great TuT

 That’s it for my rtx spam though! I want to just say it was so awesome meeting everyone who came to day hi or hung our with me and I miss you all already!! TvT ♡♡♡ Until next time! !!


Seriously though.

This is Bog. I absolutely head-canon that he’s secretly great with kids.
100% happy to join in tea parties and dress-up, let them paint his nails and put make-up on him, climb all over him for a better vantage point, do his hair (in an au where he has hair), use his staff and arms as swings.

People are worried at first about the Big Bad Bog King scaring all the fairy and elf kids but they absolutely adore him because he’s so good with them.
And he doesn’t even care too much about people seeing him with flower crowns or painted nails because if they dare upset the kids they’ll have him to answer to.

His patience with adults and goblins who should know better is incredibly short because he has to deal with their crap all day long, even though he’d NEVER admit that he’s fond of them all anyway, but with kids his patience is seemingly endless and the only time he panics at all is when one is hurt because oh god what do i do okay you’ll be fine marianNE HEL P DAWN SOMEONE P L S.